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Can health care executives help with physician burnout?

The National Academy of Medicine has launched an Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, but there is one missing stakeholder. On July 14th, NAM hosted its first public meeting on establishing clinician well-being as a national priority. Show More Summary

Do we really have a choice in health care?

As every physician practicing today knows, health care is in a constant state of flux. The latest news from Washington creates even more uncertainty. What we do know is that, for the foreseeable future, there will be an emphasis on team care, coordination, technology and, of course, meeting the requirements of the ever-expanding alphabet soup […]

A physician doesn’t hide his depression

A colleague said earlier this week, as he bravely disclosed his journey with anxiety and depression that he had “become excellent at hiding [his] depression, especially as an extrovert.” My colleague brings others along into a wake of happiness he trails but is also able to sit knee-to-knee with the parents of dying patients and […]

Growing and Testing Drugs on Dozens of Tiny Guts at Once

In a demonstration of where the field of organ-on-a-chip technology is inevitably going, MIMETAS, a company developing organ-on-chip technology out of Leiden, The Netherlands, and Roche, the giant pharmaceutical company, teamed up to grow and test 350 perfused gut tubes within a matter of days. The gut tubes replicate the basic structure of an intestine and […]

Gold Nanostars and Immunotherapy Combined for a Cancer Vaccine

Researchers at Duke University have combined an FDA approved immunotherapy and a gold nanostar/laser treatment to completely eradicate tumors and vaccinate against the cancer. The team’s technique involves injecting gold nanoparticles into the bloodstream. Show More Summary

9+ Health Systems Switch to Nuance for Improved Radiology Reporting

Nuance Communications announced that nine U.S. healthcare organizations have adopted the company’s radiology solutions to enhance clinical collaboration as well as deliver more complete, timely and higher quality radiology reporting....Show More Summary

Let’s change the mediocre status quo of health care

On a daily basis, I am introduced to new people from all walks of life. Some sit on the board of directors, some are CEOs, some are presidents, some are middle managers and other administrators, some are investors, others are entrepreneurs, and some are physicians, nurses, case managers and even patients. I listen to people […]

Literacy is a health care problem no one talks about

Just as summer is in full swing, the back-to-school advertisements are running. This time of year can be exciting for many — the first day of elementary school, high school or college. For the rest of us, we try to be lifelong learners: learning from our successes and failures, learning from others and if we […]

Analytics Market Trends Webinar Next Week—8/24

Join us for our next webinar on Thursday, August 24 at 1pm ET with analysts Brian Murphy and Ken Kleinberg […] The post Analytics Market Trends Webinar Next Week—8/24 appeared first on Chilmark.

Doctors: Don’t emotionally detach

“He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge I was a third-year medical student on a Sunday morning when the reality of what I had chosen as my life career truly hit me in the gut. At that moment, I realized how intimate the practice of […]

Some Thoughts On How To Ease The Usability Crisis With Electronic Health Records.

This appeared last weekCerner's John Glaser: How to finally fix the EHR usability problemElectronic Health Records (EHR, EMR)The veteran executive proposes a multi-pronged approach to ending the tyranny of wasted time and effort created...Show More Summary

Building Unity Farm Sanctuary - August 2017

I’ve put down the pitchfork and shovel, returning to the keyboard to update everyone about our Sanctuary progress. Here’s what’s happened over the past few weeks.As Kathy wrote on Facebook on July 25, Pippin, our 30 year old Welsh Pony passed away from cancer. Show More Summary

7 ways to combat compassion fatigue

This is the patient’s eight admission over the course of two weeks. The patient is a heroin abuser and has bacteremia and endocarditis. Their heart valve is failing and they are in and out of congestive heart failure. Every day, dozens of medical professionals converge on the patient to give treatment and advice. And every […]

Doctors: Are you employees, business owners or entrepreneurs?

Hate your job? You may be in the right profession, but the wrong position for your personality. Want to love your life and career? Step one: discover whether you are an employee, a business owner or an entrepreneur. Here’s how to figure it out: Employees are risk averse and like to know the rules. They […]

PTSD can happen at the end of life

Sheila’s jaw is clenched. Sweat is beading on her forehead. I make a slow audible inhale, non-verbally inviting her to do the same. We’ve been talking about the nightmares which started shortly after she began receiving help with personal care. I remind her that she is safe — the day she was raped is decades […]

Stimulating the Brain with Magnetic Fields Can Control Movement

Scientists have developed a method to stimulate small clusters of brain cells using magnetic fields. Using this technique, they were able to control movement in mice. Understanding how the brain works is an ongoing effort, with a huge number of research teams working intensively to unlock its secrets. As part of this effort, an international […]

Micromotors Powered by Stomach Acids Lower pH, Safely Release Antibiotics

Researchers at University of California San Diego have developed tiny micromotors that propel themselves around the stomach, neutralizing the acids within, eventually releasing a cargo of drugs once the pH is at a desired level. This approach can change how antibiotics and other pH sensitive drugs are delivered, as currently proton pump inhibitors have to […]

PhRMA May Be Shooting Itself in the Foot by Criticizing FDA DTC Studies

As reported by RAPS (here), the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is "harshly criticizing the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) research focused on prescription drug advertising and promotion and calling...Show More Summary

A Mystery Mission in LA: Aetna, Apple, and a Vision of Digital Health’s Future, Part 1

By LYGEIA RICCIARDI It was an invitation too intriguing to refuse: fly to LA to participate in a “top-secret mission” related to digital health. Instructions? Bring workout clothes. Don’t disclose your location. “We can’t say much. Just enough for you to quickly pack your bags, fly to California and participate in an exclusive Apple Watch

Is it OK for a physician to retire early?

This is a tough post to write. I struggle with this issue daily. Is it OK for a physician to retire early? The obvious answer is: yes. Each individual should live their life as they see fit. But with a continued shortage of physicians (granted this is more in rural areas and not big metropolitan […]

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