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Verisk Analytics to Sell Its Healthcare Business, Could Sell for $1B

Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK), a data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, energy, healthcare, financial services, government, and risk management has hired Morgan Stanley to sell Verisk Health, its healthcare division, according to three industry bankers, The Deal reports. Show More Summary

Geisinger Health System to Utilize Cerner’s HealtheIntent PHM Platform

Geisinger Health System has announced it will collaborate with Cerner to use Cerner’sHealtheIntent? population health management platform to further extend Geisinger’s data-driven population health capabilities. In a proof-of-concept...Show More Summary

Article Draft - It Is Starting To Look Like The Federal Government Has No Really Viable Plan To Properly Reset National E-Health For The Future.

With the appointment of Ms Sussan Ley to replace Mr Peter Dutton as Federal Health Minister - and the even more recent replacement of Mr Abbott by Mr Turnbull - there was some increasing expectation that effective remedies for e-Health woes and better health information use would emerge. Show More Summary

Wellness 2.0:  Better Health, Better Coverage

By JIM PURCELL Just what on earth are businesses thinking?  Companies pay too much for poor quality health care coverage. If this were any other business expense, this wouldn’t be tolerated. Yet, expensive, sub-standard healthcare is something U.S. companies roll over and accept.  There are many reasons why, all unacceptable. Fortunately, there’s a path that companies

We need full transparency for hospital chargemaster prices. Here’s why.

If she had been eligible for Medicare, the hospital would have charged the government $10,000 for the services it provided to her, with Medicare picking up most of the tab. But lacking insurance, she was billed directly from the hospital, and not for a mere $10,000. The total charge: $120,000! That 1,200 percent markup is […]

Hyponatremia, he fell, the answer

To recap: 78-year-old man admitted after a fall – no fractures. His labs on admission 125 89 33 128 5.2 22 2.1 He has a history of B-cell lymphoma. His serum osm are 273 and urine osm 263. Clinically he is euvolemic (i.e., not orthostatic).  He is bradycardic (we stopped his beta blocker given for […]

A nurse by herself. At the end of a life.

I softly scrub blood from the teeth of a man who died moments ago. From the chair where I sat quietly writing nursing notes while he quietly ended, my patient’s sallow skin and sunken cheeks looked so peaceful. But the weeks of stagnant residue on his teeth bothered me. To brush the teeth of someone […]

Pfizer’s CEO Faces The Drug Pricing Firestorm

The price of Viagra--and other older drugs--is going up. Pfizer's Ian Read insists the problem is health insurance, not pharma.

ResQCPR System Partially Inspired by Toilet Plunger Now Available in U.S.

10 hours agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Advanced Circulatory, a division of ZOLL Medical, having received premarket approval from the FDA in March, is now releasing its ResQCPR system to the U.S. market. The system consists of the ResQPOD Impedance Threshold Device and the ResQPUMP Active Compression-Decompression device. Show More Summary

Consumerizing Healthcare: Talk is Cheap, Work is Hard

Lots of talk these days about the consumerization of healthcare. But what happens when the rubber hits the road? Read more ›

Scoring the Surgeon Scorecard

By MARK W. FREIBERG Mark Freiberg, PhD is an author of the recent RAND analysis of the Surgeon Scorecard. He wrote us in response to Ashish Jha’s post “Misunderstanding ProPublica.”   I don’t disagree at all with the idea that providers should release their own performance data, to the extent that they have it. Free

HeartMate III Left Ventricular Assist Device with MagLev Technology Cleared in Europe

11 hours agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

St. Jude Medical landed European regulatory approval to introduce the HeartMate III left ventricular assist device for patients with heart failure that are waiting for a transplant, are not eligible to receive a transplanted heart, or those undergoing myocardial recovery. Show More Summary

The people who changed the world may surprise you

Patients are cool.   I did a colonoscopy on a hospitalized man who was saddled with the ravages of obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea and respiratory disease.  My partner had performed the initial consultation, and it was my task to bring light into a dark place by performing a colonoscopy.  I engaged in some conversation prior to […]

Testing The Scanadu Scout

I’ve been following the Scanadu Scout since their successful Kickstarter campaign. There were significant delays when they tried to ship the first devices to early backers, but finally a prototype version came out. This is what I tested. According to their website: Scanadu Scout™ is being designed to provide you with access to valuable data which […]

Advisory Committee – Vacancies and Transparencies

The FDA has a total of 33 Advisory Committees, 17 of which are focused on Drugs and 5 of which are focused on blood, vaccines and other biologics. For our purposes today, we are going to focus on those dedicated … Continue reading ?

Today: Live Hangout with Dr. Henk ten of Underground, a Laparoscopy Wii Game

15 hours agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

Today (Tuesday, Oct 13) at 2pm EST we’ll be hosting a hangout with Dr. Henk ten of Undeground, a Nintendo Wii game that lets you practice laparascopic skills in a fun environment. The game utilizes the Nintendo Wii U controllers that pop into a device that replicates a laparoscopy toolkit. Show More Summary

Employers Get Tougher About Pharmacy Benefits and Specialty Drug Management

It’s time for our annual review of the Kaiser/HRET 2015 Employer Health Benefits Survey, which you can read online for free. The survey delves into employer-sponsored health coverage at 2,000 companies. Today, I profile the 2015 pharmacy benefit highlights from this well-executed survey. Show More Summary

MOCAheart Consumer Cardiac Monitor: A Medgadget Review

16 hours agoIndustries / Medical : medGadget

About a week ago we received a small heart monitor called MOCAheart that’s intended to allow people to easily monitor their cardiac health. We took it for a spin to evaluate its capabilities and to see whether the MOCAheart can really do what its developers claim it can. Show More Summary

Causes of sudden cardiac death in athletes

p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } From a large NCAA database as reported in Circulation: Conclusions—The rate of SCD in National Collegiate Athletic Association athletes is high, with males, black athletes, and basketball players at substantially higher risk. The most common finding at autopsy is autopsy-negative sudden unexplained death. Media reports are

The world of the eager medical intern is one that I am accustomed to

He squeezed into the elevator just as the door was closing.  There was a lightness about him, an excitement.  His jacket was newly pressed and uncomfortably free of nicks or stains.   He stood at attention with perfect posture.  There was no sign that working at this early hour on a Sunday morning, nor even […]

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