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Why are Americans wary of advances in biotechnology?

We are truly living in a remarkable era of biotechnological progress. Emerging nanotechnologies and immunotherapies offer the possibility of the targeted destruction of cancerous cells. 3-D printing of living cells is on the horizon, engendering the hope of a future with fully printed organs. And simultaneous advances in neuroscience and bioengineering have given rise to […]

Interview with Mark Pauly: Part 2

President Trump and Obamacare By SAURABH JHA, MD     Healthcare reformers, like the wives of King Henry the 8th, have a thankless job. In a curious inversion of the Tudors, President Trump, who has promised to make healthcare great again, finds himself in the same predicament as the King’s sixth wife who knew what she

Draft Strategy Submission for Comment - 22 January, 2017

National Digital Health Strategy - Submission - DG More - January 2017 IntroductionThe following submission has been prepared to offer some commentary and input to the Strategy process, now underway, and to assist in the ongoing development...Show More Summary

What a psychiatrist learned when she tried to connect with her colleagues

Over the past couple of months, I have had the privilege of meeting with several colleagues in my community. When I contacted them, I offered to bring them lunch if they would give me a few minutes to share an idea about a project that I am really excited about. However, what I really wanted […]

A bloody baptism into emergency medicine

It’s the first day on my 4th-year elective in the emergency department. I had orientation in the morning and just my luck I am scheduled for a night shift. I had the good fortune of finding an emergency physician in New York who let me shadow him before my rotation, but the truth of the […]

AusHealthIT Poll Number 354 – Results – 22th January, 2017.

Here are the results of the poll.How Confident Are You Greg Hunt Will Make A Good Health Minister - Especially Regarding The myHR?Very Confident 2% (1) Confident 4% (2) Neutral 51% (23) Not Really Confident 27% (12) He Is A Bad Choice...Show More Summary

Trump Executive Order: Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal

By JONATHAN HALVORSON My quick take: Section 1 is warm up. Section 2 sets the stage for non-enforcement of individual mandate, employer mandate, and any other requirement/tax/penalty in the ACA. Section 3 is more throat clearing Section 4 sets the stage of selling insurance across state lines, weakening the power of state insurance regulators and

Online Rankings For Hospital Executives?

By BRADLEY FLANSBAUM, MD This week’s NEJM features an article on hospital-sponsored online rating sites for docs.  The author, Vivian S. Lee, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, a prominent health services researcher discusses the adoption and success of her program at the University of Utah and how the system uses a portal open to patients to evaluate staff.

Confessions of a former TV doctor

I was the “TV doctor” at the CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates in Minnesota and Chicago for 25 years. I was on air several times a day and anchored my own news block. I did some good. I organized a colon cancer early detection campaign while presenting a series on the illness. One-hundred thousand viewers picked up […]

MKSAP: 24-year-old woman with sickle cell anemia

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 24-year-old woman undergoes routine evaluation. She is pregnant at 12 weeks’ gestation. Medical history is notable for homozygous sickle cell anemia (Hb SS). Show More Summary

Weekly Overseas Health IT Links – 21st January, 2017.

Here are a few I came across last week. Note: Each link is followed by a title and few paragraphs. For the full article click on the link above title of the article. Note also that full access to some links may require site registration...Show More Summary

The “Why Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism” Papers

PLOS NTDs co-Editor-in-Chief Peter Hotez lists the key scientific papers refuting the myth that vaccines cause autism I have a unique perspective on the recent headlines surrounding vaccines and their alleged links to autism. I

Interview with Mark Pauly: Part 1

Community Rating – the worst possible way to do a good thing By SAURABH JHA     I have a grudging respect for health economists, “grudging” because, like many doctors, I want my pieties unchecked. Health economists check our pieties with quantitative truths. They describe the way the healthcare world is – a view from

I demand you consider us humans: A medical student poem

Slave, I am not Servant, I may be Arrogant, I am not Ignorant, I may be Un-engaged, I am not However, Quiet, I may be. Your coat is long, mine short Your knowledge mile deep, mine mile wide You have seen 100 patients this week, I have seen 10 You trained for 10 years, this […]

ABIM Stationary Sidebars: MOC and UCSF

I attended the University of California, San Francisco's (UCSF) electrophysiology program from 1993-1994. As I continue to explore the myriad of conflicts of interest inherent to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Maintenance...Show More Summary

Making Research Suppressed Again - US Secretary of Health Candidate Accused of Suppressing Clinical Research at Behest of Campaign Donor

Introduction - Research Suppression An early impetus for us to start Health Care Renewal in 2004 was our perception that the integrity of clinical research was under threat. In particular, we noted increasing number of cases in which...Show More Summary

OSSDSIGN Cranial Patient-Specific Implants Cleared by FDA

OssDsign, a Swedish firm, received FDA clearance to introduce its OSSDSIGN Cranial patient-specific implants for cranioplasty procedures. The implants are made based off of individual patient CT scans and are manufactured using 3D printing. Show More Summary

MedTech Innovator Applications Are Open!

The premiere medical technology start-up competition has just announced they are accepting applications for their next batch of world changing companies. Medgadget had the chance to be present at the last MedTech innovator finals held at AdvaMed in Minneapolis this past October, which was clearly the highlight of the entire conference. Show More Summary

What this physician learned from being a doughnut waitress

In high school and college, I waitressed in a Dunkin’ Donuts shop that sat between Boston Common and the Combat Zone’s porn shops, strip clubs, and bars. The wages paid for school, clothes, rent, and food. At the time, I didn’t realize this job would provide useful skills for my later medical career, an early […]

Patients are evaluated for assisted suicide the wrong way

Laws that allow assisted suicide restrict the provision of “aid-in-dying” drugs to patients whose mental status is not impaired and who are capable of sound judgment. Medscape recently featured a video interview of Timothy Quill, the palliative-care specialist and long-term assisted suicide activist. He is interviewed by the ethicist Arthur Caplan, and the two discuss […]

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