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The problem with wedding planning when you’re a surgeon

The other day, I got into an argument with my parents about choosing wedding décor — and I blame it on my surgical training.  My parents had borne the brunt of the work for the previous eleven months. allowing me to focus on my elective surgery rotation, flying to fellowship interviews, publishing my first article, […]

Hygeia H1 Clinical Kiosk Hopes to Speed Patients Through Vitals Measurements

Patients coming in for a doctor’s visit are often put through a battery of tests to gather data on their vitals. This usually involves a nurse taking the time to go through the steps, often a time-consuming process that can benefit from a bit of automation. Show More Summary

All online physician ratings are not created equal

Just yesterday I was searching for a local surgeon, and on one website he had 2 out of 5 stars.  Hardly anyone was recommending him.  Yet prominently featured on another site he had 4.7 out of 5 stars.  Both sites had a good number of reviews.  What’s going on?  Is one site cherry picking the […]

Blood-Brain Barrier Opened With Ultrasound Implants to Let Drugs Through

The blood-brain barrier is a defensive mechanism that protects our most distinctive organ from toxic materials present in blood. It is also the same mechanism that prevents therapeutic drugs from being able to access the brain. There...Show More Summary

Berkeley’s Autonomous Surgical Robotic System

While so-called surgical robots have been around for a few years now, they are really not robots at all, but rather remotely controlled machines that faithfully execute the commands of their masters. For robots to be real robots, they have to be autonomous and able to do tasks without much operator input. Show More Summary

The giants of medicine: An appreciation

The present time has one advantage over every other – it is our own. - Charles Caleb Colton The cherubic young man smiles from the black-and-white class photo. His open, relaxed appearance captures my attention. He sits on a wooden bench at the far right end of the front row, his sharp white shirt and patterned tie cinched […]

Skin Patch Detects Multiple Protein Biomarkers for Blood-Free Disease Detection

Blood draws are often the first step in diagnosing all kinds of diseases, but many people, especially kids, just can’t stand the process. Moreover, taking blood samples requires having trained staff performing the procedure, often a rare commodity, especially in underdeveloped nations. Show More Summary

Technique Keeps Tumors Alive in 3D to Test Individual Cancer Therapies

Knowing ahead of time how a tumor will respond to a specific chemo drug would go a long way toward improving individualized therapy while preventing many from needless suffering, and even death, caused by ineffective chemo. To that end,...Show More Summary

Soft Exosuit to Help Soldiers Run Up Mountains, May Herald Next Gen Rehab Devices

The U.S. military is keen on developing powered exoskeletons that may one day help soldiers run faster, carry more weight across difficult terrain, and help reduce fatigue during long missions. While those are proper goals for a military,...Show More Summary

Liquid Crystal Polymer Capsules Deliver Targeted Chemo to Brain

Intracranial neoplasms are notoriously difficult to kill. Part of the problem lies in delivering chemo drugs to the brain, currently done by injecting the compounds into the blood stream with the hope that enough will cross and reach their targets before causing too much damage to the rest of the body. Show More Summary

Amiko Automatic Inhaled Medication Tracker (VIDEO)

Remembering to take medication at the right time every day is a challenge for a lot of patients, often leading to poor treatment outcomes when a proper regimen is not followed. There are a number of tools out there that can help youShow More Summary

PENTAX’s i10 HD+ High-End GI Endoscopes Released in U.S., Canada

PENTAX is releasing in the U.S. and Canada its i10 Series HD+ line of endoscopes. The devices provide a high-definition look into the colon and upper GI tract with an “Effective Field of View” of 140 degrees. There’s also a macro-like feature that lets you bring the lens as close as 2mm to the intestine wall to carefully inspect suspect lesions. Show More Summary

Nivolumab Racks Up Another Success

I'm always happy to highlight impressive clinical data, and this is impressive. Bristol-Myers Squibb's nivolumab (which has been doing very well in clinical trials so far) apparently has very significant effects in refractory squamous cell lung cancer as well. Show More Summary

Medtronic’s New Pericardial Aortic Valve Going on Trial

Medtronic has announced that it’s begun testing a new surgical aortic heart valve in a global prospective clinical trial. The investigational device was implanted in the first patient at the ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Ohio. The bovine pericardial valve features a low profile and leaflets mounted on the interior of the device. Show More Summary

Covidien’s New ReliaTack Fixation Device for Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Covidien has just launched the brand new ReliaTack articulating fixation device for laparoscopic hernia repair procedures. The business end of the unit can swing up to a 65-degree angle for easier access within the abdominal wall when...Show More Summary

Ethicon Launches ECHELON FLEX GST Stapler with Gripping Surface Technology

Ethicon, a part of J&J, today unveiled its ECHELON FLEX GST powered stapler and reload system. The device was developed to reduce slippage across tissue when firing off the staples. The device features Ethicon’s “Gripping Surface Technology,” which the company claims leads to four times less slippage compared to a couple competing Covidien devices. Show More Summary

Easy to Use Nucleic Acid Detector for Cheap Diagnostics Anywhere (VIDEO)

Biomarkers for cancer and other diseases that are present in urine can be a great target for early diagnostics. Nucleic acids, particularly microRNAs (miRNA), are interesting because they’re present in all living things and signal the on-goings of specific activities or presence of certain types of cells. Show More Summary

Do EMRs improve patient safety? A debate.

“I’m here to say ‘Yes, they can,’ which is different from ‘Yes, they always do,’” says James Moore, MD, president-elect of the California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA). To the contrary, enthusiasm for electronic medical records (EHRs) is part of a “syndrome of inappropriate overconfidence in computing,” argues Christine Doyle, MD, the CSA’s Speaker of the […]

Microsoft Health + Microsoft Band, new insights on health and productivity

Late last evening, Microsoft announced a new platform called Microsoft Health. Microsoft Health is designed to give people a holistic picture of their health, fitness, nutrition and work life to help them live healthier and achieve more. For the health...(read more)

Why company-paid egg-freezing threatens medicine and motherhood

Recently, reports surfaced that two Silicon-valley giants, Apple and Facebook, are covering elective ooycte cryopreservation, a.k.a. egg freezing, for its female employees.  Silicon Valley, like medicine, has a shortage of women at the top and it is presumed that this move will attract more women to enter — and stay — in the field of technology. […]

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