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Defending the call for a cancer moonshot

In his last state of the union address, President Obama reinvigorated the nation’s interest in a long-sidelined disease/s: cancer. A call for a moonshot was announced, and the president in his address said, “I’m putting Joe in charge of mission control.” The last time such a national commitment towards this illness was announced was by the […]

10 tips to handle the media as an academic researcher

As a researcher, there may come a time when you interact with the media. It may make you cringe; for traditional research publications, we have the protection of editing, and feedback from mentors and colleagues. Interviews feel much more risky: Questions are unpredictable, and there is seldom an opportunity to polish the product before it […]

Retraction and the Rise of the Truth Jihadis

By SAURABH JHA, MD A petition to the British Medical Journal (BMJ) asking for Makary’s paper on medical errors to be retracted has received over 100 signatures. I, amongst others, criticized Makary’s analysis. But I shall not be signing the petition. I applaud the editor of the BMJ, and the section editor, for publishing Makary’s analysis. The

Transparency in health care: Here’s why we need to let it be

Transparency — or its absence — continues to fascinate health care analysts and health care economists.  A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine addresses the effects of public reporting of hospital mortality rates on outcomes. Show More Summary

How Tylenol may relieve both physical and emotional pain

Last week, when I stubbed my toe on our family room coffee table, a throbbing pain ensued. Over the next two to three days, as the bruise turned pink and then purple, the pain persisted. During the same time, I had a case of the blues. I am overstressed at work with several staff on […]

Environmental etiologic factors for eosinophilic esophagitis

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } Like many chronic conditions EO represents an interaction between genetics and environment. From a recent review: Few studies have been conducted, however a consistent inverse association between EoE and H. pylori has been described. Several studies suggest a weak association between season and EoE diagnosis, but the evidence is

The AMA Clearly Has A Different Vision For The My Health Record Than The Government. More Discussion Is Needed!

The AMA came out a week or so ago regarding the My Health Record. Here is the introduction and conclusions (the rest is on their web site at the link below):Shared Electronic Medical Records - Revised 2016AMA Position Statement on Shared Electronic Medical Records - Revised 2006. Show More Summary

Just-in-Time Healthcare Information

By HANS DUVEFELT, MD One of the things that can cause physician burnout is the arcane way information flows in medical offices. In essence, due to EMRs we are the recipients of increasing amounts of unfiltered data without context. Pre-EMR, team members sorted incoming data, which allowed us to deal with it more efficiently. We

The Orlando Shooting and Homophobia in Healthcare

By CRAIG KONNOTH After the horrific shooting in in Orlando, the conversation has turned to homophobia—specifically, the homophobia of a man who sees two men kissing, buys an AR-15, goes to a gay nightclub, and killed 49 individuals.  But homophobia does not always come with a high capacity rifle—sometimes it comes with lab coats and

The path to becoming a physician is not easy

As a member of the general population, we see physicians as those who were born with a calling. Though society acknowledges that becoming a doctor is difficult, it is near impossible to fathom exactly what that title entails. I was raised in a small rural community in which resources were quite limited. The nearest grocery […]

AusHealthIT Poll Number 325 – Results – 26th June, 2016.

Here are the results of the poll.Are You Expecting The New Australian Digital Health Authority (ADHA) Will Be A Major Improvement On NEHTA In Terms Of Usefulness, Value Added, Openness And Transparency?Yes 8% (12) No 77% (117) I Have...Show More Summary

PTSD was the illness I couldn’t see

I grew up thinking an “illness” was either a fever or croup. Illness was a stuffy nose — a sick day, an excuse to miss a day of school. At 18 years old, “illness” took on an entirely different meaning. Illness meant waking up from a coma, learning that my stomach exploded, I had no […]

Does publicly reporting hospital mortality rates improve outcomes?

Get a group of health policy experts together and you’ll find one area of near universal agreement: We need more transparency in health care. The notion behind transparency is straightforward; greater availability of data on provider performance helps consumers make better choices and motivates providers to improve. And there is some evidence to suggest it […]

MKSAP: 52-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 52-year-old woman presents for follow-up evaluation after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus 6 weeks ago. Her initial HbA1c level was 8.0%. Management at this time is with lifestyle modifications. She has worked closely with a diabetes educator and […]

Mineralocorticoid excess and related syndromes

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } This was the topic of a recent review in Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease. Below are some take home points. Hyperaldosteronism has deleterious effects beyond hypertension and hypokalemia such as hypertension independent LVH, myocardial fibrosis and an increase in other organ manifestations (eg hemorrhagic stroke) compared to the

Finally Seem To Have A Working System And Plan To Return Tomorrow.

Computers and connectivity permitting! David This is the initial part of the post - read more by clicking on the title of the article. David.

A false positive is precaution by another name

Diagnostic tests such as CT scans are not perfect. A test can make two errors. It can call a diseased person healthy: a false negative. This is like acquitting a person guilty of a crime. Or a test can falsely call a healthy person diseased: a false positive. This is like convicting an innocent person of a crime […]

Google, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Team Up for Easy Symptom Search

  Roughly 1 percent of searches on Google are symptom related. Starting  this week, when consumers access Google’s mobile search for information about certain symptoms, they will quick, accurate facts on relevant related medical conditions up front on their smartphone or other mobile device. Show More Summary

Telehealth Provider American Well Appoints Freshman as New CTO

Telehealth provider American Well has appointed longtime executive team member and engineering lead Jon Freshman to become the Company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In his new role as CTO, Jon will oversee the three arms of American...Show More Summary

Premature ventricular contractions: everything you wanted to know and more

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } A detailed review was recently published, which should be read in the original. Below are a few key issues covered. Mechanisms: Known or purported mechanisms include automaticity, triggered activity and re-entry. Automaticity causes ventricular ectopy (VE) by premature depolarization of pacemaker cells. This results from a

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