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Dissociate EMRs from billing. Here’s how to do it.

The idea of starting over with computerized electronic health record (EHR) systems and doing them right as mentioned in a previous post has struck a resonant chord. Unfortunately designing an EHR that works may be a fantasy, due to one huge hurdle that would have to be overcome first. But it is fun to imagine an alternative […]

Eric Betzig, 2014 Chemistry Nobel Laureate for High Res Microscopy, Improves Technique Again (VIDEOS)

Eric Betzig, who just won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, and colleagues at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, have developed a new 3D microscopy technique that can provide high resolution videos of living cells, embryos, and even large molecules without disturbing their natural activity. Show More Summary

Paralyzed Man Walks Following Cutting Edge Therapy (VIDEO)

In 2010, a 40-year-old Polish man named Darek Fidyka sustained multiple stab wounds that rendered him paralyzed. Today, Mr. Fidyka is walking with the aid of a frame, following a cutting edge treatment performed by a UK research team and Polish neurosurgeons, led by Prof. Show More Summary

Bioinspired Blood and Bacteria Repellent Coating for Medical Devices (VIDEO)

As Don Ingber, M.D., Ph.D., Founding Director of Harvard’s Wyss Institute stated, “Devising a way to prevent blood clotting without using anticoagulants is one of the holy grails in medicine.” Even devices that have been properly analyzed and engineered to serve their purpose can run into problems once implanted into the body. Show More Summary

MusicGlove Hand Rehabilitation System Now Available (VIDEO)

Flint Rehabilitation Devices (Irvine, CA) is bringing to market its MusicGlove rehabilitation device for people recovering from a stroke and other conditions that affect hand movement. The device has sensors built-in that detect the movement of the fingers. Show More Summary

How to Work with an Analyst Firm

An analyst firm’s purpose is, through its research, to provide guidance on technology adoption. Providing that guidance requires absolute integrity and objectivity, for without such, a firm quickly devolves into just being a shill for the vendor community. Having been in … Read more ›

UberHEALTH Now Bringing Flu Shot Armed Nurses to Your Home

Doctors’ house calls used to be a common occurrence, but over the decades this amiable arrangement fell apart and the sick are now expected to make it to the clinics. Certainly a lot of folks remember those days fondly and Uber, the company famous for flipping the taxi industry on its head, hopes to bring it back. Show More Summary

HAMILTON C-1 Ventilator with Neonatal Function Stays Tuned to Child’s Breathing

Hamilton Medical, a Swiss firm, is now offering the Neonatal option on its HAMILTON-C1 ventilator. Providing tidal volumes down to 2 ml, the device prevents damage to the tiniest of lungs while delivering life-saving ventilation to the smallest patients. Show More Summary

BITalino Helps You Build Your Own Body Monitoring Device (VIDEO)

It seems like nearly every week we see multiple new health and fitness trackers hitting the market. Each has some unique features intended for specific applications, whether you’re running, swimming, tracking food intake, or watching your body temperature. Show More Summary

BostonSci’s CoverEdge Surgical Leads with 32 Contacts for More Effective Pain Control

Boston Scientific received U.S. and European approval to bring to market the world’s first 32-contact leads, the CoverEdge 32 and CoverEdge X 32. They are compatible with the company’s Precision Spectra spinal cord neurostimulator and...Show More Summary

New Trial Testing Benefits of Tablet Ultrasounds in Ambulances (VIDEO)

Six ambulances in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area have been equipped with Samsung tablet ultrasounds to see what benefits this modality can bring when responding to medical emergencies. Since the start of July, the ultrasounds...Show More Summary

Assimilating independent physician practices: Is resistance futile?

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation will recall that the most disturbing aliens encountered by the Federation were the Borg, a part-cyber, part human collective race that functioned as an integrated and cyber-connected whole that existed only for the good of the collective, rather than as distinct individuals with their own thoughts and personalities — much […]

#WWBR Week of October 20, 2014

Ebola in the United States: EHRs as a Public Health Tool at the Point of Care Ken Mandl for JAMA “Ken Mandl’s layout of EHR shortcomings is written with public health in mind – but just as readily applies to … Read more ›

WWBR Week of October 13, 2014

Reference Pricing: A Small Piece of the Health Care Price and Quality Puzzle Chapin White and Megan Eguchi for The National Institute for Healthcare Reform “Researchers who examined applying reference pricing to ~530k workers in 19 metropolitan markets in the … Read more ›

Quit smoking: It takes a community to spread the word

You never know when something special is going to happen, as in one of those times when you just wish you had a camera rolling to capture a moment, a comment, a statement about the way the world is — and the way the world could be. This past weekend my wife and I were […]

Patient Engagement: Who's the Engager & Who's the Engagee? #Pharma or Patient?

"There is a subtle form of power-politics implied in just about every deployment of 'patient engagement' you're likely to encounter that can serve to deprive the patient of authority rather than promote the autonomy of the patient,"Show More Summary

Weekly Roundup – 10.24.14

Autumn is well upon us.  Nature is showing us how diverse her color palette really is and it is always important to take some time and stop and enjoy it — sometimes hard to do when the demands of world … Continue reading ?

The Boehringer Ingelheim Social Media Team Receives 5th Annual PharmaGuy Social Media Pioneer Award!

Yesterday, at Digital Pharma East Mobile Day, I officially announced the recipients of the 5th Annual PharmaGuy Social Media Pioneer Award, which recognizes a pharmaceutical executive or team who has “pioneered” in the use of socialShow More Summary

A Formula for Creating Patient-Centric Mobile Health Apps

On Mobile Day at the Digital Pharma East conference (October 21, 2014), I presented a "formula" for creating "patient-centric" mobile health (mHealth) apps. My presentation focused on what I learned from comments made by REAL patients...Show More Summary

Francis Collins Knows Why We Don't Have An Ebola Vaccine

NIH Director Francis Collins has been saying that if only the agency's budget hadn't been cut, that we would already have an Ebola vaccine. He tried this line out during recent Congressional testimony, and apparently liked it enough that he expanded on it in an article for the Huffington Post. Show More Summary

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