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Dear Jenny McCarthy, Here’s How Many Lives Could Be Saved Cheaply By Making Vaccines More Widely Available

I usually prefer not to post graphics sent to me by groups that are trying to make their own political points. I’ll make an exception for Unicef. Some of the best evidence that vaccines are effective comes from the fact that we know what happens when they are not available. We know that 453,000 children [...]

And they try to tell you Big Pharma's Misdeeds Are All in the Past!

Whistleblower Lawsuits On The Rise Posted on April 16, 2014 in Risperdal Lawsuits, Whistleblower Whistleblower claims, or “qui tam” lawsuits, brought under the federal False Claims Act, increased to 753 in 2013, an increase of almost 20% over the previous year. Show More Summary

Force Sensing Prosthetic Let Liner Measures Pressure to Better Fit New Devices for Amputees

Lower limb prostheses have become quite advanced lately, in some cases they have capabilities that rival those of natural legs. Yet, no improvements are of any use if the prosthetic doesn’t quite fit, a common problem for amputees. This...Show More Summary

Magnets Lure Multi-Drug Ferrying Nanoparticles to Tumors for Targeted Combination Chemo Therapy

Attacking tumors with multiple drugs can profoundly increasee the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Nanoparticles are rapidly being developed that seek out cancer cells and drop their deadly cargo precisely where needed, but combining multiple chemo agents in the same nanoparticle can be difficult. Show More Summary

The role of integrative medicine in primary care

Next in a series. Beginning with a deep understanding of medical science and years of training and experience, the primary care physician (PCP) needs to delve deeply into the patient’s personal, family and social setting in order to fully understand the context and causes of the patient’s illness. The PCP also needs to know when it [...]

Delete This and Delete That, Says Novartis to FDA Regarding Recent Social Media Guidance

The comments are in! As usual, the pharma industry waited until the last second to submit comments to FDA Docket 2013-N-1430 regarding "Guidance for Industry: Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements for Postmarketing Submissions of Interactive...Show More Summary

One and Done

Matthew Herper has a good piece in Forbes on Robert Duggan and Pharmacyclics. In the course of it, we learn this interesting (and perhaps disturbing) bit of information: Second acts in the biotech business are hard: 56% of the drug firms...Show More Summary

The Latest Protein-Protein Compounds

Here's a review of protein-protein interaction "hot spots" and their application to drug discovery. There have been several overviews like this over the years. This one doesn't break much new ground, but it does provide a number of recent...Show More Summary

CMS does not have any information that supports or refutes claims that a broader adoption of EHRs can save lives

From the April 2014 newsletter of the American Association for Physicians and Surgeons (, an organization that is dedicated "to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine":CMS Claims to Have No Information on EHRsOn Mar. Show More Summary

Why you need to hear from miserable doctors

Is being a physician a good gig, or not? In a piece that’s gone viral, internist Daniela Drake writes a strongly-worded column in the Daily Beast about how miserable it is to be a physician: To be sure many people with good intentions are working toward solving the healthcare crisis. But the answers they’ve come up [...]

Professor Fukuyama's Solvent Peaks

See Arr Oh expresses some doubts about all the NMR spectral corrections we've been seeing lately: If your group focuses on "clean up your spectra" more than "purify your compounds better," that's a communications issue. If a professor with a large group sees nothing but perfect spectra all day, two thoughts should crop up: 1. Show More Summary

Teaching doctors: Learning to learn in new ways

In my transition from pure learner (i.e., the med student role) to teacher-learner (i.e., the attending), I’ve actually found myself focusing more on the learner than the teacher part of my dual existence.  Strong learning seems to be requisite to strong teaching, and I am realizing that succeeding on the next level requires some extra [...]

A Lucky Drug Made Pharmacyclics’ Robert Duggan A Billionaire. Will Long-Term Success Follow?

A combination of management smarts, providence and a breakthrough treatment made Robert Duggan a biotech billionaire. Long-term success? That's another story.

Pre - Budget Review Of The Health Sector - 16th April 2014.

As we head towards the Budget in Early to Mid-May 2014 I thought It would be useful to keep a closer eye than usual on what was being said regarding what we might see coming out of the Budget.According to the Australian Parliament web...Show More Summary

Three Interesting Privacy Related Events Are Happening For Privacy Week Next Month - May 2014.

I was let know about these earlier today.There are 3 very important privacy events happening in May to celebrate Privacy Awareness Week. Two of them are in Sydney and there is one in Brisbane. The events on data breaches and vulnerabilities would definitely be of interest to those who read this blog.Dates and links are below. Show More Summary

Terrific Southwest Airlines safety briefing video

Beats the others:   I think using humor to keep peoples’ attention beats all the pre-recorded announcements hands down. Related posts: My new ER, in a video It’s really well done.... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

Why should practicing medicine be compared to any other occupation?

A while ago, Atul Gawande, the noted surgeon-author, wrote a long piece in the New Yorker on why health care should look to a restaurant called the Cheesecake Factory for some guidance on how to standardize things. This was met with some derision by a number of physicians who pointed out, among other things, that the food [...]

When Surgeons Can See Tumours

Writing my book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine, means that I come across hundreds of innovations day by day but this one really caught my attention. Patients are injected with a special dye containing peptides that can attach to cancer cells. These dyed cancer cells then emit light at a wavelength that cannot be seen […]

Gentle Sequenced All My Genes

Years ago, I had two direct-to-consumer (DTC) genomic tests. One with Navigenics and one with Pathway Genomics. Both tests gave me great insights about how this industry works and it was really exciting getting a clear picture about them as a geneticist myself. Although, when I saw the FDA-23andMe battle and the results, I was […]

Gamifying Asthma Education with Wellapets [INTERVIEW]

Gamification is one of the trendiest topics these days within healthcare. Supporters believe that it can change the game (pun intended) for how we engage and motivate patients, because ultimately that will be how healthcare becomes more...Show More Summary

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