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Heart and Respiratory Rate Detectors Integrated Into Seat Belts, Car Seats

Readers of Medgadget are well aware of non-invasive heart and respiratory rate monitoring, but the technology that’s been getting popular for clinical patient monitoring is now being used to detect when car drivers are getting drowsy. Show More Summary

Don’t turn primary care into General Motors

When Uncle Will needed a hip replacement, he chose an orthopedic surgeon, Jason Brockman, and Mountain Memorial Hospital because of their excellent reputations for low complication rates and satisfied patients. The process reminded him of when he bought his first brand new truck. Continue reading... Your patients are rating you online: How to respond. […]

Wildly differing prices for the exact same medical service

Before losing my health insurance in 2009, it never occurred to me to be concerned about a little thing like a blood test.  Since 1986 I’d been having three vials of blood drawn each year during my physical.  My doctor would authorize it, the nurse would draw the blood in the office and send it […]

New 3D Tissue Printing Technique Being Adapted to Culture Adult Neural Stem Cells

Adult neural stem cells are thought of as having a lot of potential for therapeutic applications, but they are fragile and difficult to keep alive in cell culture media (Petri dishes), making them a challenge to study. In order to provide...Show More Summary

Population Health Management in Real-Time

Real-time population health usecases are everywhere in healthcare. Imagine a patient recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF). As soon as his physician saves the new diagnosis within the EHR, the patient is automatically enrolled in a program and sent … Continue reading ?

Boston Scientific Releases POLARIS Intravascular Ultrasound System

Boston Scientific has announced it’s releasing the POLARIS Imaging System, a device used with the company’s intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) catheters. It’s designed for use with the company’s existing coronary, peripheral, and intra-cardiac...Show More Summary

Incredible New 3D Imaging Technique Provides New Way to Study Beating Hearts (VIDEO)

While we know quite a bit about the heart’s dynamics, there are a lot of details that we surely are still unaware of that can be gleaned only if we could see inside the beating organ in situ. A team of researchers at Max Planck Institute...Show More Summary

3 ways to master the art of teaming in medicine

A guest column by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, exclusive to As a physician anesthesiologist in a community hospital setting for more than 25 years, the quest for mastery keeps my practice from getting stale or boring. Show More Summary

The Facebook Emotions Study

Over at my Business Ethics Blog, I just posted my thoughts on the recent controversy over the Facebook / Cornell study. I look at the question not of the ethics of the Cornell researchers, but of Facebook as a corporation I basically argue that: a) the risks involved were trivial; b) the commercial context matters, […]

Phenotypic Assays in Cancer Drug Discovery

The topic of phenotypic screening has come up around here many times, as indeed it comes up very often in drug discovery. Give your compounds to cells or to animals and look for the effect you want: what could be simpler? Well, a lot...Show More Summary

Unity Farm Journal - 4th week of July 2014

Just as running a winery isn’t all romance, art, and elegance, running a farm is not all romping with your animals, a joyful harvest, and making a profit from the fruits of your labor.Farming is hard work year round, during the hot humid days of summer, the wet days of Spring/Fall and the chill of winter. Show More Summary

Moving annual visits into the 21st century

A guest column by the American College of Physicians, exclusive to The recent uproar over the American College of Physicians’ recommendation against routine pelvic examinations made me think about the status of the annual visit (a.k.a. Show More Summary

IVC filters for patients with unstable pulmonary embolism

PE of such severity that another one is likely to be fatal has been a popular, though not strictly evidence based, indication for IVC filter insertion. However accumulating lower level evidence and opinion increasingly favor such use. Here's such an opinion recently published in the American Journal of Medicine.

Question your medical tests? Oh yeah, it’ll make you happy!

Who knew questioning medical tests could be so much fun? Watch Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” with lyrics that advocate more sensible medical testing. James McCormick, co-host of the Best Science Medicine Podcast, wrote this pitch perfect parody. Show More Summary

Top stories in health and medicine, July 24, 2014

From MedPage Today: Weight Watchers Tops in Efficacy Vs. Cost. Among the most popular diet programs and drugs, Weight Watchers trims the most bulge for the buck, according to a new cost-effectiveness analysis. Probiotics: Moderate Impact on BP? Probiotics cut blood pressure by roughly 4 mm Hg systolic and 2 mm Hg diastolic on average across […]

Reinventing The Medical Curriculum

Medical curriculum worldwide cannot meet the needs of today’s e-patients and technologies any more, therefore there is time for a substantial change. Good examples are sporadic but at least exist. At Monash University, they developed a kit of 3D-printed anatomical body parts to revolutionize medical education and training. I studied anatomy when I was a medical student […]

Review Of The Ongoing Post - Budget Controversy 24th July 2014. It Is Sure Going On and On!

Budget Night was on Tuesday 13th May, 2014 and the fuss has still not settled by a long shot.It is amazing how the discussion on the GP Co-Payment just runs and runs.Here are some of the more interesting articles I have spotted this eighth week since it was released. Show More Summary

Balancing activity and restfulness in retirement

As a doctor, I’m trained to do many things: I listen. I ask. I examine, order, and test. And then I assess. I certainly try to treat. All too often, this includes prescribing. What frequently gets obscured in this paradigm is that, on many occasions, the listening part is enough. Continue reading... Your patients […]

Watch medical students sing The Book of Mormon! Frank Netter will indeed change your life.

Another year of medical school soon begins.  There’s no better way to greet incoming students than this The Book of Mormon parody from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine (who also brought you their gone-viral rendition of Let It Go).  Good luck, first-year medical students: The book of Netter’s will indeed change your life. Your patients are rating […]

Big data in health care: Are we measuring the wrong things?

We believe in data. We are scientists after all. And yet in this new era of big data is it possible we are measuring the wrong things? Most measures of physician performance are process or intermediate outcome measures aimed at a production line model of care. Was an A1c done, did the physician use a […]

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