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Northwestern Upholds its "Brand," Never Mind Free Speech and Academic Freedom

Threats to free speech and academic freedom in health care were a major concern when we started Health Care Renewal. Such threats may now be less anechoic, but do not seem to have diminished.Censorship and the Resignation of Alice Dreger The latest example was at Northwestern University. Show More Summary

Bringing Enthusiasm to the Consumer Health Tech Revolution

You can’t travel too far on the Internet without tripping over an article, report, survey, or commentary lamenting the state of engagement in the healthcare industry. A lot of this talk focuses on the poor quality of technology that healthcare … Read more ›

3D Printed Microscopic Microfish to Swim Through Blood Delivering Drugs, Clean Up Toxins

At the University of California, San Diego, researchers have 3D printed tiny “microfish” that have propulsion mechanism, navigation, and even detoxification capabilities that may allow them to swim through blood and maybe even deliver targeted drug therapy. Show More Summary

Eko Core Stethoscope with Novel Digital Capabilities FDA Cleared (VIDEO)

Physicians in the U.S. can now get their hands on the new Eko Core digital stethoscope thanks to an FDA clearance announced today. The device is actually a snap-on attachment for just about any analog stethoscope that provides advanced audio processing, recording, and sharing capabilities. Show More Summary

The World In 2016: Health Care Edition

By MATTHEW HOLT We’re taking your predictions for what 2016 will hold in store for health care.  A President named Trump? The much-rumored Uber for Healthcare? The end of Meaningful Use? The beginning of the ACO era?  New incentive payments? New penalties?  Something else nobody has thought of yet? You’re invited to a special online

Kim Kardashian’s first trimester nausea: The truth behind Diclegis

It was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her Instagram account with a bottle of Diclegis, basically announcing her brand partnership with Duchesnay, the manufacturer of the prescription medication for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Duchesnay had been tweeting for ages that they were so relieved Kim had found […]

Solving the Provider Directory Problem for the Country

In many previous posts, I’ve written about the importance of enabling infrastructure to accelerate interoperability. The standards are not the rate limiting step, but the lack of a provider directory, patient identifier, and consentShow More Summary

7 Videos About The Brave Future Of Medicine

When I receive questions about how healthcare and the practice of medicine will change due to the technological explosion we are living in, I like to be brave and assume that all stakeholders will move into the right directions if they are provided with guidance. As a proof, here are 7 videos about a brave […]

Will the REAL Nexium Facebook Page Please Stand Up?

My friend Zoe Dunn (@zdunnhealth), a digital marketing consultant to the pharma industry, wrote a piece in MM&M titled “Is It Finally Time for Pharma to Change the Way It Uses Facebook?” (see here). In that article, Zoe chides the pharma...Show More Summary

Which PBM Best Managed Drug Trend in 2014: CVS Health, Catamaran, or Express Scripts? (rerun)

This week, I’m rerunning some popular 2015 posts, so I can work on the forthcoming 2015-16 Economic Report on Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Specialty Distributors. Click here to see the original post and comments from May 2015. Three...Show More Summary

It’s time for physicians to be leaders in corporate medicine

“I want to explore employment opportunities with you.” He is looking at me. Trying his hardest. Passion, yet anger, in his eyes. Everything I know about him and his tenure in the community helps me understand how difficult this conversation is. Everything I see in his eyes helps me understand how painful this is. Private […]

Doctor On Demand Named Preferred Telehealth Provider for Blue Cross Minnesota

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota has named Doctor on Demand the healthcare plan’s preferred telehealth service provider, starting in 2016. Beginning January 1, 2016, a Doctor On Demand video visit will be an affordable and convenient telehealth option for Blue Cross members, as an extension of the provider network. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota... Read More

Mayo Clinic, Hootsuite Debuts Social Media Training Credential for Clinicians

Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (MCCSM) and Hootsuite, a widely used platform for managing social media has debut a new social media training credential for medical and health care professionals. The training certification program is...Show More Summary

Telstra Pushes Into Asia In A Serious Way In E-Health. Sounds A Little Risky To Me.

These release appeared last week.Telstra Health Expands Presence in Asia with Hospital Contract WinsBusiness | August 24, 2015 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Telstra Health, a division of Australia’s largest telecommunication...Show More Summary

Medfusion Raises $3M to Advance Mobile Strategy for Patient Engagement

Medfusion, Inc., a patient engagement platform dedicated to facilitating the relationship between doctors and patients has raised $3 million in funding from two Durham, N.C.-based venture capital firms. Medfusion has evolved from a patient...Show More Summary

Cleveland Clinic Unveils $302M Expansion in Florida

  On Monday, Cleveland Clinic announced a $302 million expansion plan for Cleveland Clinic Florida that will include capital improvements to its campus in Weston, and a new clinic and ambulatory surgery center in Coral Springs, Fla. In Weston, the expansion will include the addition of three operating suites and additional inpatient hospital beds, as well... Read More

ICD-10 Readiness Survey: Only 43% of Providers Currently On Track

Only 43 percent of healthcare organizations feel they are currently on track with their preparation, according to key findings from Navicure’s fourth ICD-10 readiness survey. Navicure and Porter Research deployed the survey in August...Show More Summary

CVS Health Establishes Clinical Affiliations with St. Luke’s University Health Network and TriHealth

CVS Health has established new clinical affiliations with two leading health systems, St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and TriHealth in Cincinnati, Ohio. These affiliations will help enhance access to high-quality, affordable health care services for patients. Show More Summary

The FDA approved Addyi. But was there a hidden agenda?

Ladies, the moment you have all been waiting for is here!  No, not affordable childcare.  Not equal pay for equal work. Not gun control.  Not abortion rights or paid maternity leave or a female majority in Congress or a constitutional ban on the words “chick lit.”  Girls, it is so much better than all that.  […]

DynoSense To Bring Tricorder-Size Health Scanner to China

DynoSense, developer of the world’s first fully integrated multi-function health scanner has announced a strategic partnership with JKOM Cloud Health Technology Co. Ltd to bring its digital health solutions to the Chinese market. Under...Show More Summary

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