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Two New Independent Reports on the Death of Dan Markingson, But Now What Will Happen?

Years after his death, there is now a little more clarity about why Dan Markingson died. Whether this clarity will have any impact remains to be seen.We most recently posted about the aftermath of Mr Markingson's death here, (and see...Show More Summary

San Francisco may be First Major U.S. City With a Drug-Take Back Program

San Francisco may become the first major U.S. city to require drug makers to fund and administer a citywide take-back program in which consumers can bring unused and unexpired medicines to drop-off destinations for disposal

A Giant Genetic Portrait Of Iceland Gives A Glimpse Of Medicine’s Future

It’s the most complete genetic map of an entire country yet completed – and it could show clues of what medicine could look like in the coming age of big data. Researchers working at DeCode Genetics, a unit of the drug company Amgen, have sequenced the genomes of 2,636 Icelanders and used genealogical records and […]

Remember the psychological harms of cancer screening

Several years ago, a few colleagues and I performed a systematic evidence review to help update the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendations on screening for prostate cancer. One of our key questions asked about the harms...Show More Summary

EchoPixel True3D Viewer Puts Patient Data on Interactive Stereoscopic Display

EchoPixel, a fresh company based in Mountain View, California, just announced it received FDA clearance for its True3D Viewer system that converts clinical imaging data into 3D models that are displayed on a stereoscopic display. They...Show More Summary

Fake Nose Helps Prevent Nausea in Immersive Video Games

Video games are getting more immersive these days thanks to cheap virtual reality goggles, and even movies optimized for such displays may soon be coming out. In medicine, virtual reality has actually been used successfully for years in a number of applications, including reducing pain during bandage changes of burn victims. Show More Summary

Coping with a move: A medical marriage Q&A

Question: My family (including two small children) and I are relocating this summer for my husband’s new job after seven years of living in the same area for residency and fellowship to a city where I know no one. I am scared about leaving our support network of friends and family nearby. Can you offer […]

Scary Pharma/Drug Ads in Medical Journals

Drug print ads aimed at patients are usually upbeat showing the benefits of the pill. Print ads intended for physicians on the other hand are often dark and downright scary. I came across this medical journal print ad about "poorly controlled LDL-C" yesterday: Click on image for an enlarged view What's up with this? Read more »

Attending #e4pbarca Remotely: Second Day

There's been a lot of tweeting during the eyeforpharma Barcelona conference yesterday and today. I summarized a few of the issues being discussed that were of interest to me during yesterday's session (see here). Here's some impressions...Show More Summary

FDA Scolds Another Indian Drug Maker for Quality Control Problems

The FDA has scolded yet another Indian drug maker - this time, Aarti - for violating manufacturing practices and, as a result, banned shipments of its medicines from the U.S.

Why I started a cuddling program in the NICU

When I was in kindergarten, my school bus used to drop me off at the hospital where my mother worked.  My older sister and I would sit quietly in my mom’s office and do our homework while she finished up her work.  Most of my friends would get stickers or McDonald’s for their good behavior, […]

What you and I want, and will, see at HIMSS this year

So you’re getting ready for the annual trek to HIMSS which this year is being held in Chicago, April 13-16. That means, at least compared to last year’s event in Orlando, you’ll need to pack your suitcase a little differently. You’ll need to be prepared...(read more)

Diagnostic errors are nothing new

JAMA went into their archives to publish this 100-year-old article – Why Physicians Err in Diagnosis (subscription necessary) Abrahams classifies errors on the part of physicians into two groups, social and clinical. Social errors, under which are listed (1) bad deportment and (2) lack of tact, affect chiefly patients suffering from such functional disorders as […]

Samsung, TeleHealth Services Unveil Smart TV Patient Engagement Solution

Today, TeleHealth Services, a provider of hospital televisions and interactive patient engagement solutions, announced through their partnership with Samsung, the completion of a new patient engagement solution called SmarTigr. The solution...Show More Summary

Metformin for Aging in General?

Here's an interesting report in the Wall Street Journal on plans to run a large clinical trial with metformin. That compound has a lot of effects, and many of them seem as if they could be beneficial in an aging population. Dr. Barzilai...Show More Summary

Transcelerate Status Report

Here's a followup to something I wrote in 2012. That was when a joint venture called Trancelerate was announced to address precompetitive drug development issues, clinical trial design, and so on. Someone asked me the other day what had come out of this, and I had to admit that I was stumped. Show More Summary

Waiting for Godot? FDA Defends Time Needed To Finalize a Draft Guidance

The FDA defended the time it takes to finalize draft guidances for policies and procedures.

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