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Sleep deprived and exhausted? These tips will help.

I’m just coming out of two years of sleep deprivation. Due to some sleep apnea issues (hopefully finally resolved), my now two-year-old daughter slept like a newborn until this summer. Which means, like the mom of a newborn, I was up every three hours at night for the last two years. This has given me […]

Where does health care IT hurt? Everywhere.

  Over the past few months, I’ve been in England, China, Denmark, New Zealand and Canada. Each of them is rethinking their health care IT strategy and is not entirely satisfied with past progress. I’m often asked by senior government officials to help harmonize IT strategy at the country level. That — I can do. […]

Reminder: Keep it simple for outpatients

As a clinical student, I’ve been a part of dozens of outpatient clinic visits, but several days ago, I witnessed a clinic visit much unlike the others. For one, our patient arrived not for a 20-minute appointment, but for a three-hour one. As a hemophiliac, this patient came to Stanford once a year, for a […]

Propeller, MIR Integrate Mobile, Clinic-Based Spirometers into the Propeller Platform

Propeller Health, a digital solution for respiratory medicine has teamed up with Medical International Research (MIR), a global leader in spirometry, oximetry and telemedicine to integrate several of MIR’s mobile and clinical spirometers...Show More Summary

Something Not So Terrific

By MARGALIT GUR-ARIE The brand new President Barack Obama, whether wittingly or not, invested his entire political capital in reforming health care in America. He gambled and he lost, not because he had nefarious intentions, but because he left the gory details to a corrupt Congress and a shady cadre of lying and conniving technocrats,

The Price Is Basically Right

By NIRAN AL-AGBA, MD Recently, President-Elect Trump selected Rep. Tom Price, MD to lead the Department of Health and Human Services.  Suffice it to say, this signals Mr. Trumps’ resolve and commitment to definitively repealing and replacing.  Dr. Price has already sunk his teeth into health care reform, having proposed alternative healthcare solutions in every

The Macro View – Health And Political News Relevant To E-Health And Health In General.

December 1 Edition.Again, only one real bit of news dominated again this week, and continued to rattle around was the election of President Trump. We Our parliament finishes up today until some-time in February 2017, which will be after...Show More Summary

Tyto Care, American Well to Integrate Telehealth Visits with Remote Exams

Telehealth company American Well has partnered with Israel-based telehealth company Tyto Care to combine telehealth visits with comprehensive remote examinations. As part of the partnership, Tyto Care’s examination platform and clinical...Show More Summary

FDA Compliant Diclegis Instagram Promo by (Good) Emily Maynard Johnson Can't Compete with (Bad) Kim Kardashian's Violative Post

About 22 weeks ago, Emily Maynard Johnson, who appeared on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, posted the following Diclegis promotion to her Instagram account: I assume you've noticed that all the ISI (Important Safety Information)...Show More Summary

One Rather Has To Feel Sorry For The SA Health CIO. He Seems To Have Beed Dropped In it!

Despite my hopes – SA Health has dropped back into view again this week.SA Health's Bill Le Blanc hits back at EPAS criticsHealth authority CIO responds to electronic records system doubtersGeorge Nott (CIO) 25 November, 2016 13:17 It’s been a trying few weeks for SA Health CIO Bill Le Blanc. Show More Summary

Get disruptive: 8 ways doctors create change at work

“If you do not cooperate, doctor, we will have no choice but to label you as being ‘disruptive’ and take whatever steps are necessary to remedy the situation.” What physician does not dread hearing these words? Over the past several years, the term “disruptive” has been increasingly used to characterize and intimidate a physician who […]

Waverly Labs: Breaking Down Language Barriers to Improve How Healthcare Providers Deliver Care

Waverly Labs, a New York City company, hopes to create a world without language barriers through Pilot, the first smart earpiece language translator. Language barriers in healthcare lead to poor patient satisfaction and reduced health outcomes. Show More Summary

Doctors are teachers too

Madame Theriault refused a rectal exam but agreed to get me some stool cards, the first one the next morning, Saturday. Sadie, the lab tech, had enough blood to send off a B-12, folate and iron studies. We agreed to be in touch Saturday morning and Tuesday. If she gets worse, she will go to […]

What this medical student learned after being diagnosed with cancer

We as humans start learning new things since we are born and continue learning until the last breath we take on this earth. We learn lessons that are essential to our lives such as walking and talking, all the way to life lessons that we learn when we face death. I learned a lot through […]

Modernizing Medicine Unveils New Apple Watch App, Pop Health Platform

Specialty-specific EMR provider, Modernizing Medicine has unveiled data analytics and Apple Watch functionality to its specialty suite of products and services designed to improve quality reporting and increase physician mobility. Announced...Show More Summary

Blood-Monitoring Disposable Smart Patch Delivers Blood Thinners On-Demand

Thrombosis, the occlusion of vasculature by blood clots, is a precursor to debilitating conditions including stroke, pulmonary embolism, and heart attack. Blood thinners such as heparin or Coumadin are used to treat thrombosis, but necessitate ongoing blood tests for precise drug dosing. Show More Summary

ExactVu Micro-Ultrasound System for Prostate Imaging and Biopsy Guidance Cleared in Europe

Exact Imaging, a Canadian firm, won the European CE Mark to introduce its ExactVu prostate imaging and biopsy guidance system to the European market. It is a micro-ultrasound system that provides a resolution down to 70 microns, allowing a physician to visualize the prostate in real time and in high detail. Show More Summary

Dying holds as much meaning as living

When patients and their families seek hospice care, they are thinking about how they will die. They want to be without pain, shortness of breath, loneliness and, above all, fear. They want to end their lives with those they love, in a place they know, with respect and support. They want control. They want dignity. […]

Science in the Age of Trump

By DAVID SHAYWITZ, MD As Donald Trump seeks to build his administration, he will likely struggle with creating a science infrastructure, given his estrangement from the nation’s scientific community. The distance between Trump and scientists seems to reflect mutual disdain. Show More Summary

Innovaccer Unveils MIPS Calculator to Estimate Payments Under New MACRA Rule

Innovaccer Inc., a Silicon Valley-based healthcare analytics company has unveiled a Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Calculator, a free tool for healthcare providers to estimate the financial impacts of MIPS as per the latest MACRA rule. The MIPS Calculator has been designed with an aim to help all the providers planning to participate in MIPS... Read More

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