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So doctor, who’s your boss?

As a relatively young physician, I always enjoy my conversations with the older members of our profession, who’ve seen so much change over the last few decades. I’m fascinated with their stories about how different the medical world was when they were residents, how treatments were so novel, and how they used solid clinical skills […]

UCSD Mouth Guard Tracks Levels of Uric Acid Without Blood Draws

The saliva holds a lot of chemical cues about the state of the rest of the human body, so researchers at University of California, San Diego are working on sensor technology that can be integrated into mouth guards to track these cues. Show More Summary

8 Recent Trends on How Millennials Shop for Healthcare

Millennials overtook Baby Boomers this year as the largest living generation; and while Baby Boomers may currently consume most healthcare resources, the move to value-based care and increased focus on prevention is driving healthcare providers to better understand and reach Millennial patients.  As part of its ongoing research on the changing practice of the art... Read More

3D Models of Tumors Reveal How They Grow, Mutate

Tumors are notoriously difficult to control, spreading seemingly randomly in unexpected ways. Unlike healthy cells that mutate fairly frequently with each division, tumor cells tend to be nearly identical within large tumors and mutate only at certain rare instances. Show More Summary

Why physician assistants are critical as health systems evolve

I have a long history with family medicine as my father was an early pioneer – heading up the family medicine program at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital in the 1970s. Even back then my dad was using physician assistants (PAs) — many of them former military medics in the Vietnam War era — who were […]

NORD 2015 Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit

NORD 2015 Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough SummitOctober 21-22, 2015 | Arlington, VAThe ONLY Rare Disease Conference Co-Sponsored by the FDA: www.nordsummit.orgDrug Channels readers will save $200 off the standard registration...Show More Summary

Why #ILookLikeASurgeon resonates so powerfully

“A good surgeon has the eye of an eagle, the heart of a lion, and the hand of a woman …” – 15th century English proverb #ILookLikeASurgeon, a hashtag on Twitter and the movement it has inspired, has resonated deeply with me. I look like a surgeon. There is so much more behind this seemingly […]

Weekly Australian Health IT Links – 31st August, 2015.

Here are a few I have come across the last week or so.Note: Each link is followed by a title and a few paragraphs. For the full article click on the link above title of the article. Note also that full access to some links may require...Show More Summary

How CMS Is Redefining Telemedicine with Its Chronic Care Management Service Guidelines

Dr. Donald Voltz Telemedicine is about reaching out to patients in remote locations, but limited to videoconferencing between patients and health providers. It is similar to a face-to-face service with the exception that the patient and primary care provider are not physically together. Such efficient is limited in term of scope and only addresses the... Read More

Infographic: Why Healthcare Information is Valuable

Why healthcare information is valuable — KPMG infographic. (PRNewsFoto/KPMG LLP)

The Level 2 Inpatient Encounter

3 days agoIndustries / Medical : Dr. Wes

Ever what a doctor needs to type for a 20-minute inpatient visit? Here's what it took me: (Note: my poor typical skills are evident in the repetitive pounding on the "Delete" key...) -Wes P.S.: Here's the data from a carefully-conducted "study" on age vs. typing skills I conducted some time ago.

The Commonwealth Fund Gets It Wrong

By ROGER COLLIER A new report from the usually sensible Commonwealth Fund got lots of media attention this past week. The report –“Competition Among Medicare’s Private Health Plans: Does It Really Exist?” –quickly led to headlines like...Show More Summary

Dr. Google is in the house. All hail Dr. Google!

Dr. Google has been the brunt of numerous jokes and various denigrations from the medical community for some time.  The most recent such offering to come to my attention was from Tanya Feke who seems to want Dr. Google sued for malpractice.  As one who was instrumental in the construction of the Internet, which allowed […]

Unity Farm Journal - Fourth Week of August 2016

Often people ask me how Kathy and I are able to care for 126 animals, grow half our food, and continuously develop 15 acres of wilderness into a farm. My wife took this photo after my recent orchard work which seems to indicate we have supernatural help! Last year we started the summer with 20 guinea fowl and ended the summer with 70 guinea fowl. Show More Summary

Accountable Care Quality Measures

Accountable Care Quality... to measure or not to measure....

A neurosurgeon remembers the humanity in medicine

The vast majority of physicians enter medicine with an inborn sense of compassion. Junior residents, however, are the logistical workhorses of teaching hospitals — their north star is efficiency and they are measured largely on their capacity to “get things done.” The consequence is often a slide towards unwitting apathy. I, like all residents, have […]

This story will show you how doctors are like sidewalk jugglers

The job of being a doctor can sometimes be like that of your favorite sidewalk juggler. It used to be that a good family doctor would have to show up in the clinic for a couple of hours, make a few house calls, and be available if anyone needed him while he played a round […]

Why these medical interns did not die in vain

About a year ago, I wrote a piece on my blog called “How to Welcome Incoming Residents.” It was about my struggle with getting the right messaging, messaging about the reality of stress during residency and the necessity of incorporating self-care and outreach to others. This year at orientation, in addition to adding the great […]

A Senior Clinician Tries To Use The PCEHR And Discovers What A Heap Of Crock It Is!

This appeared earlier in the week:Ian Maddocks: Record of careIan MaddocksMonday, 24 August, 2015INTEGRATION of care is a common theme in health, with expectations that information technology will play a major part to bridge gaps in offering patients continuous, seamless care. Show More Summary

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