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Aptean Acquires Web-based Clinical Portal Connect to Expand Healthcare Offerings

Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, has acquired the Connect division of Influence Health to add to its growing suite of products that serve the healthcare industry and public sector. As part of the acquisition, employees focused on the Connect product have joined Aptean and will continue to work in their current locations.... Read More

OSF Innovation Partners with MassChallenge to Accelerate Digital Health Startups

OSF Innovation recently signed a one-year agreement to be a Platinum Sponsor of PULSE@MassChallenge, a program that specifically focuses on identifying and accelerating promising digital health startups. As a partner, OSF has the opportunity...Show More Summary

Secure your seat for live demos on precision medicine delivery at next week’s Tech Summit

Imagine if you will, a future in which a cancer diagnosis will be treated with a lifestyle change, like a chronic condition. Survivable. Manageable. Like Diabetes. Sure, to receive a cancer diagnosis today does not mean what it meant twenty years ago, but we are also unlikely to reach a point of ever acting casual

Five Radiology Artificial Intelligence Companies That Somebody Should Build and Invest In

By HUGH HARVEY I’ve previously written comprehensively on where to invest in Radiology AI, and how to beat the hype curve precipice the field is entering. For those that haven’t read my previous blog, my one line summary is essentially this: “Choose companies with a narrow focus on clinically valid use cases with large data

Seno Medical’s Imagio Combines Optoacoustics with Ultrasound to Diagnose Breast Cancer

At last week’s RSNA conference in Chicago, we got a chance to learn about Seno Medical Instruments, a San Antonio, Texas company, and its imaging technology that combines conventional ultrasound with a new modality called optoacoustic imaging. We spoke with Dr. Tom Stavros, Medical Director at Seno. The company’s Imagio system relies on a duplex probe […]

Samsung Develops App to Allow Color Blind Owners to Enjoy Their New TVs

New TVs were once again one of the bestsellers during the Black Friday sales. But an estimated eight percent of people who might have purchased a new TV this week can’t fully enjoy its vibrant 4K Ultra HD, HDR, OLED, melt-your-eyeballs glory because of color blindness. However, if you purchased a Samsung TV, you may […]

High-Tech Mobile Stroke Units Treat Patients Sooner

A stroke is one of the most time-critical medical emergencies. If not treated quickly, a patient can quickly deteriorate as brain cells die from a lack of oxygen. Doctors aim to begin treating stroke patients within an hour from the onset of symptoms, something that is often difficult to do when relying on conventional ambulances. […]

The CVS-Aetna Deal: Five Industry and Drug Channel Implications

Surprise? CVS Health and Aetna announced their long-rumored merger. Relevant links below. This transaction will create a healthcare organization with significant market share in the pharmacy, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), and health insurance businesses. Show More Summary

27 Top Cardiologists, Picked By Big Data

A company called Grand Rounds combs through data on physicians to match patients with, it claims, the best doctor for them. Here's who its algorithm identifies as the top cardiologists in the country.

Make a difference by being a vaccine insister

When a patient is diagnosed with a chronic disease, like diabetes or hypertension, physicians don’t merely suggest medications to lower blood sugar or blood pressure – they insist that patients take medications to protect their health. However, the recommendation to get an annual influenza (flu) shot to prevent flu is often not as emphatic. Research […]

Steward Health Care System to Implement MEDITECH’s Web EHR At 8 Additional Hospitals

Steward Health Care, the largest private hospital operator in the United States, today announced it will implement MEDITECH’s Web EHR at eight additional hospitals The implementation of MEDITECH’s Web EHR reflects Steward’s recent expansion...Show More Summary

Healthx, mPulse Mobile Partner to Provide Personalized Text Messages for Payers to Their Members

Healthx, Inc., a cloud-based portal and digital engagement solutions for healthcare payers, and mPulse Mobile, a mobile health engagement provider, today announced a partnership to offer personalized text messaging, email and IVR solutions through the Healthx member engagement platform. Show More Summary

Circulation and Lyft Team Up for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Circulation, the pioneer in on-demand non-emergency medical transportation, today announced a partnership with Lyft, the fastest growing rideshare company in the US. This partnership will expand non-emergency transportation options for Circulation’s clients nationwide, which currently number more than 1,000 healthcare facilities. Show More Summary

New Dental Material Can Resist Biofilm Growth And Kills Bacteria

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed an antibacterial resin for dental procedures such as cavity fillings. They hope that the material can provide improved fillings that resist tooth decay and last longer. Conventional materials for dental fillings are prone to being covered in plaque, a sticky biofilm that can lead to tooth decay […]

Cells Powered by Magnetic Nanoparticles Help Heal Post Infarct Hearts

Heart attacks result in dead myocardial tissue that forms a scar, and so patients are left with a chronically weakened heart. Replacement heart cells or stems cells that can become desired cardiac cells can be grown in the lab and injected into the dead tissue, but it’s a major challenge to keep them in place […]

How to Perform Effective Reference Checks

In an increasingly litigious society, performing reference checks has never been as important or as challenging. When you’re hiring someone who will work with controlled substances, patients, children, or is in a position of financial authority, gathering as much background […]

To stop the opioid crisis, the war on physicians must end

The present state of our nation can be traced back over the past five decades to the concerted efforts of specific entities, their goals based on profit and power, who set specific plans in place to maximize their control of same. Over the past 40 years, two such plans were woven together as they brought […]

10 things you might not know about the emergency department

Despite the fact that most people will have had the misfortune of visiting the emergency department (ED) at some point in their life, I find that many folks do not really understand what happens in the ED. 1. Emergency medicine is a specialty. Yes, we actually did residency training to learn how to work in […]

Is MRI contrast a dangerous threat?

In early November, Chuck Norris filed a lawsuit against medical device manufacturers involving gadolinium-based contrast media, a chemical used in MRI imaging scans. The lawsuit stated that the gadolinium that doctors injected into his wife Gena to improve the clarity of her MRIs have left her “weak and tired and with debilitating bouts of pain […]

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