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Having a baby during medical school wasn’t such a bad idea

My stomach had been in knots that morning. “Are you pregnant?” my classmate laughed after I returned to the gross anatomy lab for the second time after leaving for fresh air. “No,” I spat, dissection through fat and fascia, teasing out muscles from nerves. But, I wondered. After lab, I bought a pregnancy test. I began […]

Medisafe Rolls Out Alert Feature for Harmful Drug-to-Drug Interactions

Medisafe, a provider of personalized medication management platform has unveiled a new feature to alert users of possible drug-to-drug interactions that may cause unexpected side effects and/or alter the way the medications perform.Show More Summary

Options For Replacing the Cadillac Tax

By As policymakers debate repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”), disagreement remains over how to address the ACA’s “Cadillac tax.” Rather than repealing the 40 percent tax on high-cost insurance plans outright, many advocates of “repeal and replace” have proposed replacing it with a limit on the tax exclusion for

Donald Trump Can Do a Lot With the “Deep State”

It’s a hallmark of the Trump era is that fringe ideas are now at the forefront of American politics. Such has been the trajectory of the phrase “deep state,” which has its origins in Turkish politics (it described the entrenched secularist...Show More Summary

How to publish as a medical trainee

With all this talk about medical student, resident, and fellow burnout, I thought we might take a break to discuss the small delights that sprinkle throughout medical training. This is not a “You should publish as a trainee” manifesto. It’s more of a DIY guide for those who are interested but can’t find the time […]

Dispatch from HIMSS 2017

As I wrote last week, I expected 2017 HIMSS to be filled with Wearables, Big Data, Social Networking concepts from other industries, Telemedicine, and Artificial Intelligence.I was not disappointed. 42,000 of my closest friends each walked an average of 5 miles per day through the Orlando Convention Center. Show More Summary

Get a Jumpstart on your HIPAA Compliance with legal advice!

Recently, the Digital Business Law Group P.A., Carlos Leyva, Esq., began providing legal assistance to customers of the HIPAA Survival Guide. Compliance with regulations is a non-trivial task and the ability to have legal guidance with regulations is valuable. Show More Summary

Ambra Health Unveils Cloud Development Platform for Medical Imaging

Ambra Health, makers of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite, announced the launch of Ambra for Developers, a cloud development platform for medical imaging. Built around modern, RESTful web-services, this is the first cloud development platform designed specifically for medical imaging. Show More Summary

New Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold from Meril, an Indian Multinational

Meril, a large Indian medical device firm, has developed a drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold, which looks like a stent but that eventually and slowly degrades is washed away by the body. The MeRes100 is made of PLLA coated...Show More Summary

Adaptive Virtual Reality Headset for People with Common Vision Disorders

Virtual reality headsets are expected to become very popular in the coming years. IMAX is even opening up theaters dedicated to this medium. A problem is that VR headsets are optimized for people with perfect vision, so those that wear glasses can have a lot of discomfort during long VR sessions. Show More Summary

Validic Integrates Personal Health Data into Salesforce CRM and HealthCloud

Digital health integration platform Validic has announced integration with Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to securely view patient-generated health data. With this integration, care teams can now manage their...Show More Summary

Deloitte Launches Care Connect Accelerator for Healthcare Providers Built on Salesforce Health Cloud

Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Deloitte Digital has announced the launch of Care Connect, an accelerator for health care providers built on Salesforce Health Cloud. Care Connect incorporates provider-specific user interfaces and use cases,...Show More Summary

CloudMine, Redox to Optimize Secure Sharing of Healthcare Data in the Cloud

CloudMine, a secure, cloud-based platform that enables healthcare organizations to build connected digital health apps has partnered with Redox, a cloud-based healthcare integration and API services to enable users to seamlessly connect to many clinical systems while keeping data secure in the cloud. Show More Summary

Teladoc, Kinsa Expand Partnership to Integrate Teladoc’s App With Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

Teladoc and Kinsa have expanded their partnership by integrating Teladoc’s app with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer to further drive engagement, quality and value in telehealth. With this integration, the Teladoc app automatically detects the Kinsa app on a user’s mobile phone, guides the user to Kinsa, and offers the option to import up to 10... Read More

Survey: 87% of Patients Believed Provider Access to Their Full Medical History Is Vital to Personalized Care

87% of patients believed provider access to their full medical history Is vital to personalized care, according to a new digital health survey released today by Transcend Insights, a population health management company. The report reveals that in the era of digital health, patients have very high expectations for medical information sharing, but they may... Read More

We need to pay better attention to medication side effects

Years ago, after I suffered a deep personal loss, my doctor prescribed Prozac, and I joined the millions of Americans who have taken an antidepressant. A few weeks later, I had my first panic attack — heart racing, sweating profusely, gasping for breath — sensations of terror normally reserved for life-threatening events. Attacks continued every […]

TinyLogics Memo Box Mini: A Mini Medgadget Review

The goal of every effective consumer medical product is to be that perfect balance of attractiveness, simplicity, and practicality. Even modernizing something as basic as a pillbox requires seamless integration and minimal distraction to effectively and consistently improve medication adherence. Show More Summary

The Top 15 Specialty Pharmacies of 2016

In 2016, specialty drugs became an even bigger part of the pharmacy industry. We estimate that in 2016, retail, mail, long-term care, and specialty pharmacies dispensed about $115 billion in specialty pharmaceuticals. Specialty drugs...Show More Summary

Every doctor needs a moment like this

My car says it’s 2:10 a.m., 17 degrees. I just left my warm bed — and snoring husband — threw on scrubs and my contact lenses and quickly brushed my teeth and hair. I’m shivering as the car warms up and I hear the crunch of the snow as the car rolls out of the […]

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