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A New Pothole on the Health Interoperability Superhighway

By ADRIAN GROPPER, MD On July 24, the new administration kicked off their version of interoperability work with a public meeting of the incumbent trust brokers. They invited the usual suspects Carequality, CARIN Alliance, CommonWell, Digital Bridge, DirectTrust, eHealth Exchange, NATE, and SHIEC with the goal of driving for an understanding of how these groups

Video Recognition System Tracks Washing Patterns of Hospital Workers

A team from Stanford University built and tested a computer vision system that uses cameras to track clinicians that wash their hands, helps to identify offenders that don’t do it often enough, and hopefully lowers the rate of disease transmission through a hospital. If the approach proves itself, it may convince hospitals to introduce this […]

Why pediatricians should not kick out unvaccinated children

We in the medical community believe wholeheartedly in the prevention of all illness, especially by vaccination. Science and history continue to show that vaccination dramatically decreases both the mortality (death rate) and morbidity (severity of illness) of infectious diseases. Show More Summary

Aledade Forms Primary Care Physician-Led ACO in New Jersey

Aledade, a leader in value-based care announced it is forming a primary care physician-led Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in New Jersey to deliver high-quality care and better outcomes for the state’s patients. Aledade’s new model of primary care partners with physicians to build and lead ACOs – networks of physicians who band together to deliver... Read More

Walgreens Launches Center for Health & Wellbeing Research Featuring More Than 50 Outcome Studies

Walgreens has announced the launch of its Center for Health & Wellbeing Research, a website that features more than 50 Walgreens outcomes studies completed over the past six years. Areas of research include access to care and patient experience, adherence and clinical outcomes, digital health and member engagement, health care costs, HIV and specialty pharmacy,... Read More

Lyra Health, Welkin Health Partner to Develop Personalized Care for Behavioral Health Needs

Lyra Health, a digital health company transforming access to behavioral health in the workplace, has partnered with digital health startup Welkin Health to develop an end-to-end solution that will strengthen Lyra’s work providing timely and personalized care for employers, and their employees in need of behavioral health services. Show More Summary

Happify Health Raises $9M To Expand Evidence-based Emotional Health Platform for Employers & Health Plans

Happify Health, a New York City-based provider of evidence-based emotional health software solutions for employers and health plans has raised $9 million in funding led by  TT Capital Partners (“TTCP”) with participation from existing...Show More Summary

HAART 200 Aortic Annuloplasty Device for Bicuspid Valve Repair FDA Cleared

BioStable Science & Engineering out of Austin, Texas won FDA clearance for its HAART 200 aortic annuloplasty device indicated for repair of congenital bicuspid aortic valve in patients with aortic valve insufficiency. A similar device, the HAART 300 for people with all three aortic valve leaflets, was cleared by the FDA earlier this year. The HAART devices […]

Injectable Tissue Patch to Fix Broken Hearts

Scientists at the University of Toronto have developed a bandage-like patch that can be delivered into the heart through a needle, in combination with stem cells allowing for minimally invasive cardiac tissue repair, currently an impossible task. After a massive heart attack, myocardial tissue damage can significantly reduce the cardiac output. One very promising treatment […]

Physicians should not tolerate racism from patients

It’s 7 a.m. We sit down around a table in the physician’s lounge to discuss and our patients.  I am a general and critical care surgeon.  Every fourth week I’m “on service” for the ICU.  This is my week. I was off over the weekend.  I’m refreshed and ready to go.  I’m excited.  I enjoy […]

Why Healthcare Professionals Are Killing Themselves

Working in the trenches of medicine requires stamina and mental fortitude. Fueling the body and mind is critical for optimal performance and patient care. Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals are killing themselves by what they put into their mouths.

Physicians are being murdered for not prescribing opioids

Good pain physicians are dying. Recently, Dr. Todd Graham was shot dead in a parking lot over refusing to prescribe opioids to a man’s wife. Physicians who care deeply and try to do the right thing are being murdered for not prescribing opioids. I prescribe very few opioids in my chronic pain practice. I do […]

How Frozen saved my son in a way medicine couldn’t

At 3 1/2 years old, my son was the picture of health. I have an actual picture. He is in jammies, wearing my sunglasses, laughing and chalk coloring the driveway while the sun is shining on his blond hair. That picture frequently flashes in my mind. I posted it on Facebook, my happy, healthy boy. […]

A physician struggles with customer service. Can she still be a good doctor?

I struggle with customer service. I truly never anticipated that it would be such a big part of my career. I never fathomed that it would be something that I struggle with on a daily basis. Well, honestly it does not happen every day and does not occur at every facility that I work at. […]

It Seems Victoria Is Being Sensible In Getting Going On The Prescription Monitoring System.

This appeared last week:7 August 2017Victoria goes it alone on real-time monitoringPosted by Julie Lambert The Victorian government’s decision to go it alone with a mandatory real-time prescription monitoring for high-risk medicinesShow More Summary

Chilmark: Healthcare Analytics Vendors Are Struggling to Exploit New Sources of Data

Analytics vendor solutions have matured; however, vendors are struggling to exploit new sources of data in a rapidly transforming industry, according to the latest report from Chilmark Research. The report, 2017 Healthcare Analytics Market Trends Report, assess critical changes in vendor solutions and how well they map to provider needs. Show More Summary

MIT Medical to Implement Cerner Millennium EHR to Interact Seamlessly With Patients

MIT Medical, an ambulatory care center serving the 25,000+ members of the Massachusetts Institute Technology community has selected Cerner to implement an integrated clinical, financial and population health management system. MIT Medical...Show More Summary

The problem with the free market in health care

Competition often works. Competing dry cleaners or donut shops must either improve the quality of their product or keep their prices low, or customers will go somewhere else for their cruller fix. In time, the better businesses — the ones that provide tastier pastries at a lower price — will thrive, and less-good, more-expensive businesses […]

Incentive-Based Systems to Improve Patient Compliance: Interview with Matt Loper, CEO of Wellth

Wellth, a digital health company based in New York, has developed a system that provides patients with daily financial incentives to improve their compliance with drug regimens. Low patient compliance results in significant issues in terms of patient health and increased financial costs. The company is particularly interested in targeting type 2 diabetes, congestive heart […]

Handheld Device Coupled with Tissue Clearing to Analyze Biopsy Samples

A team of researchers at UCLA may have come up with a method that will introduce tissue biopsy analysis to places where medical systems currently can’t afford conventional pathology lab equipment. The technology relies on Clarity, a way of removing fat and other materials from tissue samples while leaving proteins and DNA behind, as well as on […]

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