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How Ergomotion Technology is Changing Hospitals

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest in the nation. That is in part due to the industry embracing new technology. The healthcare industry values efficiency and tends to be at the cutting edge of technologies that often make their way to a consumer level. Show More Summary

Is The Health Minister Following The Evidence With Respect To E-Health In Mental Health?

This appeared last week:E-health key to mental health reform: LeySerkan Ozturk | 17 November, 2015 | The Federal Government wants digital programs to play a central role in reforming mental health care, despite growing concerns overShow More Summary

4 Ways Samsung Is Leveraging Mobility to Streamline Healthcare

Over the past few years, Mobile health solutions has become an essential part of healthcare – making it easier to engage with patients, streamlining the clinician workflow, improving regulatory compliance and improving healthcare delivery. Show More Summary

Who’s in charge of the patient? It’s a question increasingly difficult to answer.

I spent a couple of hours today discussing a topic that has become increasingly important in the world in which we live, and which would have completely mystified an earlier generation of physicians. The subject was attribution. Simply put, how should one decide which patients “belong” to which doctors? On a more technical level, what […]

Their Cheating Hearts - Latest Allergan Settlement Is a Reminder of Merger Participants' Sketchy Pasts

A Huge, but Sketchy Merger The announced merger and "tax inversion" of Pfizer and Allergan would be one of the largest corporate marriages in US history. It has drawn more than its share of criticism. For example, per the Los Angeles...Show More Summary

What medicine is really like isn’t seen in some medical schools

Any Stanford student knows all too well that the immense campus, with its seemingly eternal sunshine and endless rows of palm trees, can make it difficult to want to get outside and experience the real world. When it comes to medical education, this creates a very real concern: Is it possible to experience the full […]

Ingestible Sensor for Measuring Heart Rate and Breathing Rate

Researchers at MIT are developing an ingestible electronic sensor that can measure a patient’s heart rate and breathing rate. Current methods to monitor vital signs require physical contact between the device and the skin or at least constant nearby presence to the patient. Show More Summary

Boston Sci’s WATCHMAN FLX Left Atrial Appendage Closure Approved in Europe

Boston Scientific won CE Mark approval and is reporting first implantations of its new WATCHMAN FLX Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) Device. The implant is completely repositionable and removable, and is based on the original popular WATCHMAN, a device that’s been extensively used for LAAC procedures. Show More Summary

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Using Microsoft Kinect 3D Camera

Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLI) is a common laboratory technique used in the life sciences for analyzing samples based on how long fluorescent light is generated after the sample is illuminated. Because the time frames involved are extremely short, the illumination has to be very quick and the detectors quite sensitive. Show More Summary

Hangout at 2pm with Roger Smith, PhD on Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery Curriculum

Today we’ll be hosting a hangout with Roger Smith, PhD, CTO of the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, who will be discussing the FRS curriculum for standardizing robotic surgery. The hangout will appear at this very page at 2 pm EST....Show More Summary

The question about education that this doctor asks every new patient

“How far did you go in school?” This is a question that I ask every new patient as a matter of course. Granted, I have gotten some very odd answers, including hearing from a very successful businessman who only finished the seventh grade, or a very psychotic person who has a double master’s degree. Not […]

This is way medicine should be: It Was a Good Call Day

ZDoggMD’s latest! Feel free to share what would make your day, “a good call day.” Your patients are rating you online: How to respond. Manage your online reputation: A social media guide. Find out how.

Take the DCI Economic Reports Survey...and Win a Free Report!

I want to know what you think of Drug Channels Institute's (DCI) economic reports and how I can improve them. Click here to take the DCI Economic Reports Survey What's in it for you? Well, just answer a few brief questions—the survey...Show More Summary

Up Scope! Pharma, Periscope and Some Regulatory Questions

Back in June in a posting about the new (relatively) live streaming capability brought to use by Periscope. The app, acquired by Twitter prior to its launch early in 2015, allows you to live stream content from where you are to … Continue reading ?

A physician’s personal experience with evidence-based medicine

It’s no secret that I have a special place in my electronically-regulated heart for evidence. There’s a good reason for that. Our primary job as physicians is to avoid harming our patients, but it’s followed closely by our calling to help them in some way. The problem is that, until we test our theories, we […]

How sick are our sepsis patients? Not as sick as our coding says they are!

p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } There's been a push for “improved” coding in the last few years. Purported benefits include better accuracy in the medical record and improved quality of research that is drawn from administrative databases. The real effect of today's coding trends, as many of us already know on the ground, has been quite the opposite as

Pfizer Acquires Allergan for $160B, Biggest Merger in 15 Years

On Monday, drug maker giant Pfizer Inc. announced it would acquire Botox maker Allergan Pic for $160 billion that would create the world’s largest drugmaker. The combined company will be known as Pfizer Plc and move its headquarters to Ireland led by current Pfizer CEO Ian Read. With the addition of Botox to its portfolio, Pfizer expects... Read More

Report: Health Insurers Fueling Digital Health Transformation

Health insurers are actively deploying new types of digital health as a lever for needed transformation in operational efficiency and transformation to more consumer-focused business models, according to a recent report from Frost & Sullivan. Show More Summary

If It Was This Easy, How Come E-Health Has Not Already Demonstrated The Scale Positive Differences Often Claimed? Maybe In A Few More Years!

This report appeared last week:PANEL: How collaboration on data and technology is making medicine smarterChris Pash Today at 9:00 AM 11 Big data is more commonly associated with helping business make more profit but researchers are reaping...Show More Summary

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