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Addressing the Interoperability Gap in Behavioral Healthcare

  Dr. Edmund Billings What would you call a physician who sewed up a patient’s wound without addressing the depression, bipolar disorder or other behavioral health issue that led to the injury?  We might cynically label the doctor disinterested or inattentive; we might sympathetically call her distracted or overwhelmed. But it might be far more... Read More

A geriatrics-driven health care system

We have all seen the statistics; America is an aging country. The baby boomer generation is retiring, and families are having fewer and fewer children. In health care, we often hear about this issue in the context of an inadequate health care workforce. An aging population in conjunction with the ACA has created a quickly […]

Say Goodbye to Ouch with Painless Patch Measles Vaccine (VIDEO)

Measles has been in the news lately because many people choose not to have their kids vaccinated. Yet, there are many more folks around the world who would love to have the vaccine available but don’t because of lack of appropriate infrastructure. Show More Summary

I temporarily went back to paper records.  And it wasn’t so bad.

On Monday March 30, 2015 our Greenway PrimeSuite electronic health record had a system-wide failure at the level of the Edgemed Computer service center in New York State. It meant that I was back to using pencil and paper to interview patients and record the answers and physical findings. Continue reading... Your patients are […]

Architecture of Future Hospitals to Prevent Spread of Infectious Diseases (VIDEO)

Hospitals are very complicated environments for humans and pathogens. Think of all the long hallways, entrances and exits, air currents and pressure differences between rooms. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have partnered...Show More Summary

California Bill to Force Drug Makers to Disclose Costs Stalls Again

A vote on a closely watched California state bill that would force drug makers to disclose their costs was postponed yesterday, the second time this month the legislation failed to proceed after encountering opposition from the pharmaceutical industry.

Burnt out physician? Creativity can help.

Those of us in health care face tough decisions every day. Should we spend less time with patient A so we can have more time to tell patient B about a bad pathology report? Should we work through lunch to see a few more patients but risk burning out our office staff at a time […]

Smart Hydrogel Draws Special Repair Cells to Fix Broken Cartilage

Very sadly for many of us, cartilage is a tissue not known to naturally repair itself. That’s an important reason why so many professional sporting careers end abruptly and why knee replacements as common as they are. Researchers atShow More Summary

Some Sales Force

If you want to see the real underbelly of pharmaceutical sales and promotion, here it is. Insys Therapeutics makes a sublingual spray formulation of fentanyl called Subsys, and has been doing very well with it. But that seems to be, to a good extent, the product of, well, let's just call them extremely aggressive sales tactics. Show More Summary

Pixium Vision Implants Restore Sight in Rats with Retinal Degeneration, Humans Next (VIDEO)

Prima Vision, a company based in Paris, France, is reporting that its PRIMA wireless subretinal implants for people who lost their vision has show a great deal of promise in a pre-clinical trial. The technology is designed specifically...Show More Summary

FDA Approves Generic Abilify After Unusual Legal Battle With Otsuka

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals was dealt a setback yesterday when the FDA approved four generic versions of its best-selling antipsychotic pill Abilify, following an unusual and protracted legal battle.

Cox Enterprises Invests In Diabetes Management Platform Rimidi

By the year 2050, one in three Americans will have Diabetes. To help relieve the anxiety and simplify the management of diabetes. Cox Enterprises has announced a strategic investment in Atlanta-based Rimidi, a digital health company focused on diabetes and other chronic conditions. Show More Summary

Independence Blue Cross, TowerView Health Launches Medication Adherence Pilot Program

The Independence Blue Cross (Independence) Center for Health Care Innovation announced this week that it will collaborate with TowerView Health and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn Medicine) on a pilot program to help chronically ill people who have multiple prescriptions make sure they take the right medication at the right... Read More

Doximity Rolls Out “Apply Using Doximity” Tool for Physicians

Doximity, the leading online medical network with over 50 percent of all US doctors as members, announced a new, instant method for physicians to apply for career opportunities — “Apply Using Doximity.” With one click, Doximity members can quickly submit their verified online profile as a curriculum vitae (CV) for an open job opportunity, and... Read More

We’re going to need more medical chaperones.  Here’s why.

For my entire life as a physician, from medical school, through residency and now until this 22nd year in practice, I have subscribed to the idea that I should have a chaperone when performing breast, pelvic or rectal exams on women. I was taught to do this from the beginning, and I still do it. […]

PharmaGuy - the Book! "Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy": Coming This August

How Social Media and Mobile Apps Can Boost Health Outcomes Letizia Affinito and John Mack Read more »

What Meals? Pharma Will not Disclose all Payments to Docs Down Under

Australian regulators have approved a new code of conduct for the pharmaceutical industry that requires drug makers to disclose payments made to physicians for speaking and consulting, as well as travel.

What value do primary care doctors offer to our health care crisis?

When I was a resident at the University of Virginia, my wisest mentors gave me one piece of advice that far exceeded all the scientific and statistical jargon that others expected me to swallow. Consider this: When patients walk into your room and sit down, shut up and look into their eyes. When they are done talking, have […]

More on TC-2153

Yesterday's post on TC-2153 and its assay activity brought a note from Paul Lombroso at Yale, whose group is doing this work. With his permission, here's an update (slightly edited): We have now used the drug orally in nonhuman primates...Show More Summary

Pharmalot.. Pharmalittle.. Good Morning: We’re Catching up on Gilead, Merck and Lots More!!

Rise and shine, everyone, the middle of the week has arrived. This calls for a celebratory cup or two of stimulation. How so? Well, you made it this far, which can be an accomplishment, after all. Moreover, there is always good reason to forge ahead, given that there is so much more to do and the effort just might pay off. Show More Summary

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