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Grierson & Leitch Episode 18: Cannes Recap, Nice Guys, and Neighbors 2

Co-host Tim Grierson is back from the Cannes Film Festival. After shaking off his jet lag, he shares his best-and-worst list with Will Leitch (Sean Penn, you might not want to listen). T hey also discuss some of the reasons why this year’s top prizewinners were so wildly mismatched from many critics’s top picks. Show More Summary

Nothing About Trump Matters But the Racism

A fascinating 1964 New Yorker story from the Barry Goldwater campaign trail gives you the uneasy feeling that we’re trapped in an endless loop. It describes rallies that sound just like Donald Trump’s—absurd, crazy, weird, and big enough to fill a stadium. Show More Summary

This Is A Real Issue That Deserves Much More Coverage As Well As A Lot More Thought.

This appeared a last week:Goodbye Digital Divide, Hello Digital Equity (and why we need to go the extra mile to get it)Editor: Dr Ruth Armstrong Author: Lareen Newman and Mike Gurstein on: May 17, 2016In the third annual Gavin Mooney...Show More Summary

drchrono Integrates Heart & Lung Sounds into EHR for Clinical Documentation

  Three companies have teamed up to integrate a patient’s heart and lung sounds into the EHR for clinical documentation for the first time ever, representing a milestone in longitudinal patient care. The new partnership from Direct Urgent...Show More Summary

Intermountain Healthcare Pumps $12M into Machine Learning Startup Zebra Medical

Intermountain Healthcare has invested $12 million in strategic funding with Zebra Medical Vision, an Israeli medical company. The partnership will accelerate the creation of Zebra’s imaging analytics engine and create neural networks that will use Zebra’s vast imaging dataset to assist radiologists with automated diagnostic algorithms. Show More Summary

CareFirst Shells Out $3M to Deliver Telemedicine to Underserved Communities

According to a company statement, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) plans to shell out nearly $3 million dollars for regional telemedicine programs to 10 health care organizations in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

ZeOmega Integrates with McKesson’s InterQual Connect

ZeOmega Inc. has announced an agreement to integrate ZeOmega’s Jiva™ population health management solution with McKesson’s InterQual® Connect authorization and connectivity solution to fully automate pre-authorization for payers and providers. Show More Summary

Actiance Unveils Compliance Platform for Healthcare, Pharma

Actiance, a provider of communications compliance, archiving, and analytics has unveiled its new Actiance Platform for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to address changing regulations. Similar to financial services, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are highly regulated and highly litigious. Show More Summary

Systemic racism and racial bias in mental health care

Mental health issues are something I’m passionate about and have a lot of experience with, both professionally and personally. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years is how complicated and broken our mental health system is. When one or even multiple parts aren’t functioning at their highest level, we end up with […]

What it takes to be a great doctor: Master the fundamentals

Charles Bukowski once said, “Wherever the crowd goes, run in the other direction. They’re always wrong.” How does one become a master?  What process do we use to have the highest probability of success? Here are some examples. “Picasso was an extraordinary craftsman, even when measured against the old masters. That he chose to struggle […]

BIOTRONIK Releases CardioMessenger Smart Cardiac Implant Home Monitoring System in U.S.

BIOTRONIK is releasing in the U.S. its CardioMessenger Smart device for connecting patients’ implanted pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and insertable cardiac monitors to the firm’s Home Monitoring system. From there,...Show More Summary

Sensifree Lands $5M for Contactless Biometric Monitoring Sensors

Sensifree, an Israeli digital health startup provider of low power, contact free, electromagnetic sensors that accurately collect a range of continuous biometric data without the need to touch the human body, today announced it has raised $5 million in Series A funding. Show More Summary

Practice Fusion Founder and Former CEO Unveils iBeat

What if your personal tech had the power to help you lead a longer richer life instead of just connecting you to pictures and stories from friends? iBeat, a wearable technology startup launched by Practice Fusion founder Ryan HowardShow More Summary

The Domino Effect of House v. Burwell

By PAUL KECKLEY Last week, U.S. District Court of Appeals Judge Rosemary Collyer issued a ruling in House v. Burwell that could cripple the law. In her opinion, the President overstepped his Constitutional authority in granting cost sharing subsidies for those lacking insurance coverage since budgetary approval is required from Congress. The specific constitutional question

Spectral Triangulation, a New Method for Spotting Nanotubes to Help Detect Tumors

Rice University scientists have developed a way of tracking single-walled carbon nanotubes under the skin that can pintpoint the location of cancer tumors. The nanotubes can be made to gather within tumors in higher concentrations than the rest of the body using attached antibodies, but spotting these nanostructures in vivo can be difficult. Show More Summary

Boston Sci’s Precision Montage MRI Spinal Cord Stimulator Unveiled in U.S.

Boston Scientific announced FDA approval and market release of its Precision Montage MRI spinal cord stimulator. It’s safe for use while the patient undergoes a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, so long as certain precautions are taken. Show More Summary

The controversy that surrounds trigger warnings

A reader I respect asked me for my thoughts on trigger warnings. Per Wikipedia, trigger warnings are “warnings that the ensuing content contains strong writing or images which could unsettle those with mental health difficulties.” Let’s put aside the last part of that definition, “those with mental health difficulties”, as some articles suggest that trigger warnings […]

Practice Fusion Founder Launches Heart Monitoring Smartwatch – iBeat Life Monitor

After stepping down as the CEO of cloud-based EHR platform Practice Fusion in mid-2015, founder Ryan Howard is back with a new digital health startup focused on a life-saving Wearable-as-a-Service. The startup is currently developing...Show More Summary

Data Science Startup Apixio Nabs $19M for Cognitive Computing Platform

Healthcare data science company Apixio Inc., today announced that it has raised $19.3 million in Series D funding led by SSM Partners with participation from First Analysis, Bain Capital Ventures and Apixio’s largest angel investor. Apixio...Show More Summary

The enemy is not death. The enemy is needless suffering

Among hospice staff, it is called “getting it.” One says, “He doesn’t get it,” “I think she gets it,” or, “They definitely get it.” It is a little hard to define, but as with pornography, you know it when you see it.   Nonetheless, given the importance of “getting” good end-of-life care, let us take a […]

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