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Conflicts of interest aren’t only about financial incentives

Everyone has an angle. Everyone. Your doctor? Sure. But, he or she isn’t the only one. The pharmaceutical company? Of course. The medical device company? The hospital? The insurance company? You get the point. Everyone has an angle. Everyone has a conflict of interest. Know it. Get over it. It’s time to focus on something else. […]

HomeHero Raises $23M to Expand In-Home Senior Ca

40% of U.S. adults today are responsible for taking care of an elderly or sick relative, according to a 2014 study by the Pew Research Center and the California HealthCare Foundation. Despite this growing number, most caregivers do not want their aging relatives living with them. Instead, family members are seeking affordable caregivers to provide... Read More

News Roundup, June 2015: Diplomat, Burman’s, CVS, Target, and the Drugstore Outlook

Summer vacation is here! Before you launch your July 4 festivities, please enjoy these Drug Channels fireworks: The valuation behind Diplomat’s acquisition of Burman’s specialty pharmacy A Wall Street perspective on the CVS-Target deal The outlook for drugstore chains Plus, we revisit a stirring patriotic message from Sam the Eagle. Show More Summary

ViaOpta Nav for iPhone by Novartis Now on Apple Watch. Yes, but...

ViaOpta Nav for iPhone by Novartis Now on Apple Watch. Yes, but... There's only one problem... Read more »

This Article Was Going Reasonably Well Until I Arrived At The Last Paragraph.

This appeared a few days ago:Melbourne doctors take on Dr Google with new medical website Health& Brigid O’Connell Sunday Herald Sun June 28, 2015 12:15AM IF you turn to Dr Google more often than your GP, the antidote may have been found. Show More Summary

Wearables Are Our Foray Into Empowering A Healthier Population

  Image credit: forbesoste via cc   Dr. Nick van Terheyden In 1937, Sylvan Goldman, the owner of the Humpty-Dumpty grocery store chain, invented the shopping cart.  Determined to reduce the cost of having to staff his stores with enough clerks to personally help each customer with over-the-counter purchases, he changed the paradigm.  He created... Read More

ST elevation in aVR and left main coronary syndromes: addressing the confusion

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } Here are a case presentation and a follow up on a patient with diffuse ST depression and ST elevation in aVR from the EMS 12-Lead blog. A few learning points from the post: Multi-lead ST depression with ST elevation in aVR suggest global subendocardial ischemia due to left main artery stenosis or its equivalent (multi-vessel) but

Pneumocystis jiroveci in HIV negative patients

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } From the American Journal ofMedicine: We retrospectively analyzed all cases of documented pneumocystosis in HIV-negative patients admitted in our institution, a referral center in the area, from January 1990 to June 2010, and extracted data on their underlying condition(s)... The main underlying conditions were hematological

Doctor saves patient from harm after her insurer tries save money

The insurance company insisted that they would be saving money in the end.  So they sent the PA (physician assistant) to my patient’s house.  They didn’t take into consideration that I was just there a week before.  Or that I made home visits on a regular basis.  In fact, they didn’t even inform me about […]

The ABIM Controversy: A Brief History of Board Certification and MOC

By ROBERT WACHTER, MD What’s up with the ABIM?” “I just got a note about an alternative board. Should I join it?” “Aren’t you glad to be off the Board?” These days, I get these questions from friends and colleagues regularly. When I first joined the board of directors of the American Board of Internal

Optimizing for higher patient volumes in the ER while reducing wait times, controlling costs and improving the quality of care

The emergency room is often described as a hospital’s front door. A significant portion of any hospital’s daily unscheduled admissions flow through this portal. Without the ER, and a loyal community of referring physicians, no hospital can survive. Many...(read more)

HIT Newser: ACA upheld – Can We Talk Health IT Now?

By MICHELLE RONAN NOTEBOOM AMGA requests funds and policies to support care for chronically ill In a letter to members of the Senate Finance Committee Chronic Care Workgroup, the AMGA asks Congress to consider policies and financial and operational technologies that support care for the chronically ill. The AMGA stressed that clinical data from EHRs

A Next Generation Hearing Aid: Interview with Tetsuji Kunishi of DCC KK

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Tetsuji Kunishi, the president of Tokyo-based medical technology company DCC K.K, about his company’s innovative h earing aid technology. Unlike most hearing aids, which rely on air conduction, the DCC K.K.’s PRESTIN hearing aid relies on bone conduction and a technology called Giant Magnetostriction. Show More Summary

Are we ready for a single-dose HPV vaccine?

A new paper in the journal Lancet Oncology evaluates outcomes after vaccination with Cervarix, which is the HPV vaccine that is effective against the 2 most oncogenic (cancer-causing) strains: HPV 16 and 18. The paper is actually a compilation of results from two studies of Cervarix among women ages 15-25 and now has four years of […]

Don't Laugh! You Too Might Have Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA)

25% More People Think They Have PBA After Seeing Danny Glover Laughing Uncontrollably! See how "The Most Interesting Pharma Guy in the World" reacted to the PBA Assessment... Read more »

Artificial Neurons That Work Like Real Ones to Treat Neurological Conditions, Paralysis

Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have reportedly created an artificial neuron that apparently works just like our own living neurons do. It is made of organic bioelectronics and is able to convert chemical signals to...Show More Summary

Microfluidic Device Allows Study of How Individual Cancer Cells are Triggered to Grow

Cancer cells tend to grow in an uncontrolled manner, failing to respond to signaling molecules in the same way as healthy cells do. To help study individual cells’ chemical response to these chemicals, researchers at the University of...Show More Summary

Lilly is Fined by Brazil for ‘Sham’ Litigation Over a Cancer Drug Patent

Eli Lilly was fined $11 million by Brazilian authorities for pursuing “sham” patent litigation that was designed to extend exclusivity for its Gemzar cancer treatment.

Flexible Wiring to Make Garments Into Body Sensors

Wearable devices for measuring various diagnostic parameters are becoming more common by the day, but researchers at University of Tokyo are looking forward to a time when the very clothes we wear are outfitted with interconnected sensors. Show More Summary

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