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D-EYE Digital Ophthalmoscope Proving Itself in a Clinical Trial for Diagnosing Glaucoma

Last year we reviewed the D-EYE digital ophthalmoscope, an attachment for iPhones that rivals traditional devices in size, cost, and ease of use. We were very impressed by how little skill is needed to view the vasculature and the optic disc, even being able to do a self exam on an undilated eye. Show More Summary

I’m a doctor. And I love what I do.

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a doctor “I work at a hospital.” Those words had left my mouth a hundred times before, and yet on this late summer day, I paused to actually think about them. Why I was saying them, what I really meant, and what I should have said instead. I was making […]

New Generation PKG Watch for Tracking Movement Disorders FDA Cleared

Global Kinetics Corporation won FDA clearance for its new, second generation PKG (Personal KinetiGraph) watch, a tool that can help monitor patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and essential tremor. The new device was made to be smaller and more comfortable for its users. Show More Summary

Aer-O-Scope Colonoscope Now with Working Channels FDA Cleared

GI View, an Israeli firm, won FDA clearance for its Aer-O-Scope colonoscopy system with integrated working channels. The original Aer-O-Scope colonoscope was previously FDA cleared for colorectal cancer screening, but the new model now has two working channels that can be used to deliver things like snares and forceps for biopsies and polypectomies. Show More Summary

Radio Signals Measure Heart Rate, Its Variability Almost as Accurately as ECG

In a slightly disturbing development for poker players everywhere, researchers at MIT are now able to use a radio transmitter to accurately measure a person’s heart rate and heart rate variability, and to figure out whether that person is happy, sad, angry, or excited. Show More Summary

New Electrode Implants Wrap Around Nerves

Draper, an engineering company based in Cambridge, MA, has developed an electrode implant that may drastically improve how amputees control and feel through their prosthetic devices. Unlike other electrode arrays, Draper’s device is designed to have the electrodes wrap around the nerves and not simply be placed against them. Show More Summary

Is what is good for doctors always good for patients and public health?

The Haitian doctors’ strike ended recently, and it is unclear if there are any winners. The conditions in which the striking doctors — medical residents in Haiti’s public hospitals, to be precise — work are appalling, and the low pay was galling, but without the doctors, hospitals shut their doors and the poor were left […]

Catalyze Raises $6.5M to Expand HIPAA Compliance & EHR Integration

Catalyze, Inc., a Madison, Wisconsin-based provider of HIPAA compliant cloud services for secure healthcare data has raised $6.5 million in Series B funding led by Lewis & Clark Ventures, with participation of existing investors, Arthur Ventures, Baird Venture Partners and Chicago Ventures. Show More Summary

Beyond the Patient Portal: New Report on Improving Consumer Engagement Released

Join author Brian Eastwood October 4th, 2016 at 1pm ET for a free webinar highlighting some of the key findings of this report. He will also be fielding questions from the audience. Register today! For years – before the Affordable … Read more ›

Reducing my Digital Burden

Last weekend, I started a process that some may consider regressive. I began deleting my social media accounts to improve the signal to noise ratio in my life.10 years ago I wrote about the importance of social media and building networks...Show More Summary

A Fail For Activity Trackers: The I Told You So’s vs Need More Datas

By DAVID SHAYWITZ, MD Perhaps the normally measured physician-economist Aaron Carroll best captured the reaction and sentiments of the healthcare community in response to a recent JAMA article demonstrating that subjects in a weight reduction study using activity trackers lost significantly less weight than those in the control group: “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!” (Emphasis in

Fox’s Pitch Is Not Pure Fiction

In the opening scenes of Fox’s new high-concept sports drama, Pitch, commentators repeatedly compare Ginny Baker, a young, black pitching phenom played by Kylie Bunbury, to Jackie Robinson. She’s the first woman to join a Major League Baseball team, and the show—which was co-produced by the MLB—wants you to know that this a Very Big Deal. Show More Summary

On a Dirt Road Outside Oaxaca

The Mexican never said how long. ¿How long? Not long. ¿How much? Not much. Never told us we’d hide in vans like matchsticks. In our town, we’d never known Mexicans besides the women and men in soap-operas, so in our heads, we played the fence, he San Ysidro McDonald’s, a quick run, a van, then, ¡Eureka! Just like that. Show More Summary

Drug Channels News Roundup, September 2016: Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, Drug Spending, Theranos, and an EpiPen joke

Autumn is almost here! Curl up with your favorite extra hot skim grande Pumpkin Spice blog and savor our latest seasonal harvest of Drug Channels news: Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy tells us a teeny bit about its business Dispensing oncology...Show More Summary

Narrative medicine for social and physician wellness

Physician wellness begins in realizing our identity in medicine and society. Shamans, priest, and healers have existed in ancient times and in small and large indigenous tribes since man began to gather together in social packs. The unique role of tribal and community leaders who guarded health and wellness was understood as important for the […]

The Camus Investigation

Since his death in a car accident on January 4, 1960, Albert Camus has led a kind of double-afterlife. In the West, he is not only remembered as one of the great writers of the post-war era, but as a hero of the resistance, a celebrity intellectual, and a style icon—“the Don Draper of existentialism,” as The New Yorker once put it. Show More Summary

The CIA Road Show

“The American people have the right to know the types of activities that their federal government performs on their behalf,” CIA Director John Brennan said on Tuesday at the Ethos and Practice of Intelligence Conference. It was the third...Show More Summary

Primary Concerns Episode 29: Jamelle Bouie on How the White Media Minimizes Racism

Donald Trump built his political base on a foundation of racial agitation, from birtherism to labeling Mexican immigrants “rapists,” to proposing a ban on Muslim travel and immigration to the U.S. So it is fitting in a way that the most...Show More Summary

Third-Party Candidates Don’t Have to Be Spoilers

Donald Trump has between a 25 percent and 44 percent chance of becoming president—I’ll pause while you fix yourself a stiff drink—although he doesn’t crack 45 percent of the vote in prominent poll aggregators. One reason for this is an unusually strong collective showing by the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Show More Summary

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