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Patients Without Borders

By WHITNEY BOWMAN-ZATZKIN More about Jess Jacobs, who died on Saturday–also known as #UnicornJess. (That link will take you to the twitter memorial on Sunday night, but also check out remembrances from Ted Eytan & Carly Medosch). Today I’m re-running a beautiful, and very personal piece (on Medium) from her friend Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin who was a key patient

SAVI SCOUT Radiation-Free Breast Cancer Localizing Seeds Cleared for Up To 30-day Implants

Cianna Medical, a firm based in Aliso Viejo, California, won FDA clearance for its SAVI SCOUT system to be used to tag breast cancer lumps up to thirty days prior to surgical removal. Typically, lumps are first identified and localized,...Show More Summary

The Haunting of CVS - by the Ghosts of Its, Caremark's, MedPartners' and HealthSouth's Past

In our brave new neoliberal world of commercialized health care, many US health care organizations are products of numerous mergers, acquisitions, and other excercises in financial engineering. This makes it easier to obscure these organizations' history, especially their past sins. Show More Summary

Should guns be discussed in the exam room?

Let me preface this blog by stating that I write this to stimulate discussion and debate, not to sway opinions. Today, doctors are required to spend more and more time doing administrative work — including checking off electronic boxes in the electronic medical record (EMR) — the result is less quality time with patients. Now, […]

Retail Pharmacist Salary Growth Stalls, while Hospital Pharmacists’ Salaries Rise

There’s some bad news in our latest exclusive annual analysis of pharmacist salaries, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) recently released Occupational Employment Statistics (OES). In 2015, the average gross base salary for a pharmacist at a retail, mail, and specialty pharmacy was $119,517—up a paltry 0.1% from 2014. Show More Summary

The American Medical Association Goes Wobbly on Physician-Assisted Suicide

By RONALD PIES, MD Physician-assisted suicide. Physician-assisted dying. Physician Aid in Dying. All these terms have been used to describe a terminally ill patient’s use of a lethal, prescribed medication. Sometimes the medication is used to end the patient’s life; sometimes, it is held “in reserve” to provide a sense of control over the timing

Community Health Centers Are Essential to a Safety Net

By STEVEN FINDLAY Since we are in a political season, I’ll begin with one of the candidate’s positions on a facet of healthcare: Hillary wants to double funding for Community Health Centers (CHCs) over the next decade. Is that a good or bad thing?  If you’re inclined to think that’s good, please read on; I’ll

Please don’t take gynecological advice from Khloe Kardashian

The latest celebrity to use the internet like a a public speculum is Khloe Kardashian. I know this because my phone blew up recently with reporters texting, e-mailing and sending direct messages on Twitter asking about vaginal vitamin E. So I gave some quotes and thought it would all die down. But no. Kardashian vagina ranks […]

Unity Farm Journal - Third Week of August 2016

I’m on “vacation” this week, working remotely from the farm, so no Wednesday blog post, but here’s the Unity Farm update. I always tell my staff that management is balancing scope, time and resources. To much scope and not enough makes resources very grouchy unless they are augmented.The same thing is true about managing a farm. Show More Summary

This Is A Great Anniversary - I Am Amazed It Has Taken So Little Time To Get So Far!

This appeared late last week. #FHIR is 5 years old todayPosted on August 11, 2016 by Grahame Grieve Unofficial FHIR project historian Rene Sponk has pointed out that it’s exactly 5 years to the day since I posted the very first draft...Show More Summary

Highlighting notable helminth research and a PLOS Science Weds AMA preview for #WormWeek

Update 8/17/16: read the PLOS Science Weds discussion on this topic To many people, worms are considered harmless creatures, if not a little yucky. But don’t be fooled by their small and innocuous size, some worms

The Macro View – Health And Political News Relevant To E-Health And Health In General.

August 18 Edition.-----A fortnight where we have all sorts of macro-economic news dominating little Australia with the central banks in the US, UK and Japan all adjusting policy of leaving things as they are for now.Interest rates in Australia have dropped again and overseas we see ongoing issues with other economies. Show More Summary

Population Health in Crisis - Chapter 1: Healthcare’s Business Model Origins

Healthcare’s origins are obviously not as complex or as outrageously expensive as they manifest themselves today. Healthcare has evolved into its current state over the past 150 years with decisions that have altered its sole purpose of caring for the ill to an industry of skyrocketing healthcare costs and lower quality. Show More Summary

When should physicians lie for patients?

Even the most honest among us do not tell the truth all of the time.  We are flawed human beings.  We covet, we gossip, we steal, we lie, and we stand idly by. You don’t think you steal?   Have you ever “borrowed” someone else’s idea and represented it as your own? A few weeks before […]

Swarms of Bacteria Deliver Cancer Drug Directly to Tumors

Scientists at Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Montréal, and McGill University have tinkered with flagellated bacteria, to deliver drugs to tumors. Swarms of these bacteria (Magnetococcus marinus), each having an iron-oxide crystal that...Show More Summary

Kinect 3D Camera Used to Assess Walking of MS Patients

In a recent journal of IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, researchers from McGill University in Canada have described the development of a gait assessment system based on a Microsoft Kinect 3D camera. Intended to be used...Show More Summary

ImpediMed Introduces SOZO Bioimpedance Spectroscopy System to Measure Body Composition

ImpediMed, a company out of Carlsbad, California, has made a name for itself in the field of bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS). The firm’s devices make it easy to accurately measure a person’s body composition and hydration without using any invasive methods and in a short amount of time. Show More Summary

The evolution of a hospital admission

Once upon a time, a hospital was a place you went if you were sick. Doctors would (ideally) figure out what was wrong, offer treatment, and you would convalesce. The longer you stayed in a hospital, the more the hospital could charge you (your insurance, really — if you had it). This all changed in 1983, […]

European and American Efforts to Tackle AMR: Great Minds Think Alike (Almost Always)

By JIRKA TAYLOR and ELTA SMITH Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major threat to public health and the global economy. Indeed, a RAND Europe study found that failure to address AMR could result in worldwide economic losses of $3 trillion and annual population decreases of 10 million people every year until 2050. In May 2016, the UK’s Review

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