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IBM Watson Health, FDA Launch 2-Year Study to Explore Blockchain for Secure Patient Data Exchange

IBM Watson Health has signed a 2-year research initiative with the FDA to leverage blockchain technology to define a secure, efficient, and scalable exchange of patient data. As part of the two-year agreement, IBM and the FDA will explore the exchange of owner mediated data from several sources, such as EMRs, clinical trials, genomic data,... Read More

The one lesson I learned working in a psych unit

I was incredibly nervous going into my first day in the inpatient child/adolescent psychiatry unit. “Was this where the truly psychotic kids are? Am I going to be safe here?” I wondered as I casually introduced myself to the staff on the floor. After a morning of sitting in on group therapy led by psychologists […]

Medgadget @ CES 2017: ARA, a Toothbrush with AI

At the CES 2017, Medgadget had a chance to take a look at the new toothbrush from a French company called Kolibree. The sonic-based ARA is touted as the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence, which basically means the toothbrush...Show More Summary

The Unlovable Political Logic of Health Reform: Step Right Up!

By JEFF GOLDSMITH Every so often, voters conspire to hand unambiguous control over the federal government to a single political party.  It is rarely the unmixed blessing that party strategists dream it to be.  President  Clinton got a Democratic Congress, and promptly lost it two years later in the wake of the famously unproductive HillaryCare

Many think the Cures Act will halt progress.They’re wrong.

Recently, the U.S. Senate passed the 21st Century Cures bill with an overwhelming vote of 95-4 and was approved by President Obama. Yet, the controversy continues. Some people worry that this act is destroying our scientific process and sacrificing patient safety issues. Others proclaim that this is a win for the big pharmaceutical companies, who […]

Bozos on the Trump Health Care Bus: An Evidence-Denying Advocate, Former CEO of a Company Which Committed a $1.7 Billion Fraud, and An Internet Troll

Normally, the sorts of people who are responsible for health policy for the US government are not the most flamboyant in the world. Government advisers and officials show up on the Health Care Renewal, an equal-opportunity offender, usually because of conflicts of interest issues, particularly the revolving door. Show More Summary

Are you HIPAA Audit Ready?

Do you need help? There are 169 requirements within the HIPAA regulations for which a CE or BA must demonstrate compliance or face harsh OCR fines… Visit The HIPAA Survival Guide.

Samsung S Skin Analyzes and Improves Your Skin

At CES last week, Samsung showed off a unique handheld device called “S Skin” that uses a combination of sensors and therapy to help your skin. It’s a prototype from Samsung’s C Lab department that experiments with concepts that go beyond Samsung’s typical portfolio of TV’s, mobile devices, and other consumer products. Show More Summary

Why is my medical oncologist never on time for my appointment?

My daughter’s biggest fear before starting kindergarten was would she have enough time to finish her lunch in the time allotted. Luckily, she is not a busy medical oncologist in clinic. A medical clinic is not set up for those who take their time. Modern medicine is predicated that within a fifteen-minute visit, you are […]

Pubic hair grooming means more sexually transmitted infections. Why?

Anyone who knows me, knows I have long been skeptical of the safety of pubic hair removal. We evolved to have pubic hair, and we have no data to say that we have outgrown that need as we have wisdom teeth. The current thinking is that pubic hair plays a role in protecting the more […]

Nanodiscs Train Immune System to Attack and Kill Tumors

Immunotherapy has great great potential for fighting cancer, but controlling it is difficult. At University of Michigan investigators have developed an approach that uses specially designed nanodiscs to train the immune system to attack tumors. Show More Summary

Yes, Commercial Payers Are Adopting Narrow Retail Pharmacy Networks

ICYMI: CVS drugstores were booted from the pharmacy networks of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. It's more evidence for preferred and limited pharmacy networks in commercial plans. But how many payers are adopting these new narrow...Show More Summary

Mitral valve prolapse and sudden cardiac death

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } Here is an interesting case report in the green journal in which a patient presenting in cardiac arrest was found to have mitral valve prolapse (with a flail leaflet) and a markedly prolonged QT. Show More Summary

Hope: Where can I fill a prescription for that?

“I mean, ever since it happened, I just don’t feel safe anymore … they come out of nowhere … my heart will be pounding and pounding … they can get me at night, even if I’m in my mom’s house. I haven’t worked this whole month, and don’t know how I’ll go back.” Ms. Smith […]

Cash for Words: A Brief History of Writing for Money

Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin, by Ilia Efimovich Repin, 1884. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Humanities Fund Inc., 1972. Charles Dickens was paid by the word. This was junior high, we were reading A Tale of Two Cities, and this fact, when it was first uttered, raced like a rumor through the classroom, overtaking everything. Show More Summary

Ordinary Monsters

Alienation is as old as storytelling itself. In earlier days, we used to explore our feelings of isolation and disconnection through salivating monsters, because we used to think about the monster as a figure that hovered at the edges of human society, looking in. Show More Summary

Don’t Watch Donald Trump’s Inauguration

“What can I do?” That plaintive cry for guidance continues to echo throughout Liberal America. There is no perfect course of action. Many will protest on the streets, starting with next week’s inauguration. Online petitions will pile up. Congressional offices may find their phones ringing off the hook. Show More Summary

Democrats Should Run a Celebrity for President, Too

Meryl Streep’s rebuke of Donald Trump during the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday has revived the familiar complaint, heard from the left and right, that Hollywood’s liberalism hurts the Democratic Party. In Jacobin, Eileen Jones argued...Show More Summary

ResApp Expands Research Collaboration With Mass General for Diagnostic App

ResApp, a Australian-based digital health startup that has developed a smartphone app that can diagnose respiratory diseases based on the sound signatures of the coughs has entered into a two-year expanded research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Show More Summary

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