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Are patients really the problem?

“Doctors are not the problem. Patients are.” Anyone who has ever thought the above statement is true has not tapped into the vast well of knowledge and intellect found in their own patients. Training patients to be better patients brings the joy of medicine back into your practice. All of us, at one time or […]

Who Benefits from our Current Health Care Dysfunction? - Mallinckrodt's Leadership Maintains Impunity After Well Publicized Opioid Settlement

The Latest Mallinckrodt Settlement Jeff Sessions, the current US Attorney General, is ginning up a lot of press coverage of his recent crackdown on makers of narcotics. For example, per the Washington Post on July 11, 2017...The Justice...Show More Summary

Senator McCain has brain cancer. Here’s what that means.

By now, most readers already know that Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor — specifically, a glioblastoma.  I take no pleasure is suspecting such a diagnosis, as I wrote a few days ago, based on a bit of medical logic and observation rather than what the media reported. This is a devastating […] — the new way to think about health tech

By MATTHEW HOLT I’ve also been having a bit of fun with creating a new site called, which uses the domain extension. Well you knew you needed both a new definition to replace the fuzzy term “digital health” is so 1999! But what am I talking about when I use

A biker’s heartbreaking story

A lone figure stood at the entrance to bed 14, intensive care unit 2, floor 15-North. Though it was 2:30 a.m., he stood with rapt attention. He looked out over the hallway, eyes scanning. He looked like a gargoyle brooding over his castle, protecting it. He looked unlike anyone I’d ever seen in an ICU. […]

2016’s Top Retail Pharmacy Chains, According to Drug Store News

Drug Store News (DSN) has just released its latest rundown of the top pharmacy retailers in the mightily-titled PoweRx 50. (Links below.) I recommend the PoweRx list to anyone who competes with, sells to, or otherwise interacts with retail pharmacy chains. Show More Summary

A part of patient care that I was not taught in medical school

A guest column by the American College of Physicians, exclusive to Recently, I’ve been thinking about how physicians express condolences. This weekend, I attended calling hours to visit with the family of a recently deceased patient. As I drove back from the funeral home, I tried to recall when I started to attend my […]

Cheaper health care isn’t hard

I have never wanted to be the medical advice columnist. “Dear Dr. Leap: My feet sweat all the time. I’ve tried everything! What should I do?” Nope, I’m not your guy. Nor do I want to opine on study after study about statin drugs for cholesterol or discuss whether women should take estrogen. There are […]

Antiarrhythmic drugs in cardiac arrest: not dead yet

p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } More on a opic I recently blogged about.

The Macro View – Health, Financial And Political News Relevant To E-Health And The Health Sector In General.

July 20, 2017 Edition.It has been a big week with Trump Jr and his e-mails letting us know he was keen to dig dirt of Hilary Clinton and Trump himself having a sojourn in Paris with the French President and his wife.Just how illegal or not any of this is we will have to wait and see. Show More Summary

Trinity Health to Test Google Glass for Tablet-Free Virtual Care

This week, Trinity Health announced that they will soon be testing the capabilities of an initiative that combines home visits by secondary caregivers with the innovative internet capabilities of Google Glass, and the advanced video technologies of swyMed, a provider of video telemedicine technologies. Show More Summary

Mackenzie Health Goes Live on Epic End-to-End EMR in Canada

Mackenzie Health, a Canadian-based regional healthcare provider has announced the go-live of Epic across its enterprise, becoming the first full-suite Epic EMR to be implemented in a Canadian hospital. The new EMR implementation wasShow More Summary

Arcadia Healthcare Appoints Karl Stubelis As New Chief Financial Officer

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions, a electronic health record (EHR) and claims data aggregation and population health management technology company, has appointed Karl Stubelis as its new chief financial officer. Prior to Arcadia, Stubelis served as senior vice president and CFO at athenahealth. Show More Summary

bioAffinity Technologies Raises $4M to Early-Stage Cancer Diagnostics

bioAffinity Technologies, a San Antonio, TX-based company advancing early-stage cancer diagnostics and precision therapeutics has raised more than $4 million in Series A funding. The Series A fund reflects its progress toward commercialization...Show More Summary

Data Governance Australia - They Might Be Way More Invasive And Privacy Destructive Than It Seems

Recently there has been a new report released on the use of all sorts of personal data captured during ordinary daily life.The main players seem to be big business and they seem to want to make our life easier through mega-data capture...Show More Summary

A physician’s journey about the complexities of gender

Entering the dimly light room, I could hear soft music playing in the background. The laboring room was so peaceful, it was hard to believe the patient in the bed was in active labor. But once up close, you could hear her breathing become deeper and louder every three or four minutes as she rode […]

CAR-T Cell Therapy Is Here To Stay

After decades of research and development, we’re on the brink of a new era in the treatment of cancer, one where nearly every aspect—from the patient experience to the efficacy of treatments—may be upended.

What it’s like to be a doctor in the heroin capitol of the U.S.

I am a practicing hospitalist physician in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton has emerged in the last year as the city with the highest per capita death rate from opioid overdoses. When we measure the number of deaths here we talk about how many there are per day, not per week or month. We have been inundated […]

Vericred Announces Medicare Advantage Market Addition to Health Insurance Data Platform

Last month Vericred, a healthcare data services company, announced the addition of a provider-network notification capability to its suite of services, a first for the healthcare data industry. This week, Vericred took another important...Show More Summary

New Exhaled Breath Sensor to Spot Diseases, Monitor Health

At KAIST, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, researchers have developed a new breath sensor that uses protein-encapsulated nanocatalysts to spot certain biomarkers of diseases. While the breath can hold a lot of information about what’s going on inside the body, the variety of gasses present and the large amount of […]

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