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The Cost of Developing A New Drug

The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development has a new estimate for the cost of developing a new drug. Past estimates have been greeted with a range of reactions, not all of them favorable. In general, people who actually do drug...Show More Summary

Write a message to the NIH

Dear Friends Last month, many of you supported the WHO’s plan to call for the results of all clinical trials to be reported. Now we all need to support proposals from the US Government to improve clinical trial transparency there. The...Show More Summary

Try Some Reactions. Actually, Try Them All.

Here's a really nice example of high-throughput reaction discovery/condition scouting from a team at Merck. They certainly state the problem correctly: Modern organic synthesis and especially transition metal catalysis is redefiningShow More Summary

Pharma Mobile Ad Spend in 2014

I try to keep track of how money the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends on digital advertising to see if there are any trends. Of particular interest to me these days is mobile advertising. Below is some data from eMarketer. eMarketer...Show More Summary

Holiday Blogging

I'm doing research today and tomorrow, but after that I'll be taking the rest of the week off, so blogging will be intermittent. Wednesday I'll be home making the traditional chocolate pecan pie (recipe here, with many helpful suggestions in the comment section), along with some of the other Thanksgiving food that can be prepared ahead of time. Show More Summary

Reaction Discovery Reviewed

I've written several times here about reaction discovery techniques, going back to 2011. And I've been meaning to link to this recent review in Nature Chemistry, because it's an excellent summary of the field and the relevant literature. Show More Summary

Deadly Incompetence in India

Here, then, is the bottom of the drug-manufacturing barrel: the recent case in India where women at a sterilization clinic were poisoned by defective ciprofloxacin tablets. They were supposed to be getting 500mg of the antibiotic, but...Show More Summary

Get Your Team Ready for 2015 with the Drug Channels Institute

Do you appreciate Drug Channels’ complex, yet accessible content about the pharmaceutical industry? Are you looking for a thorough, cost-effective, and easy-to-use way to help your team grasp important industry concepts?Then consider...Show More Summary

R&D Cost for Generics is Zero. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. So Why are Their Prices Surging?

According to the latest estimate from Tufts economists, it now costs upwards of $2.6 billion to bring a new prescription drug to market (read "Cost to Bring a New Drug to Market Is $2.6 Billion According to Tufts - 3X More Than in 2003!"). Show More Summary

Virtual Covalent Screening

Covalent drugs have been a big item in R&D over the last few years, and I wrote here about covalent fragments. The whole topic of reactive groups in small molecules and their interaction with living systems and biomolecules is a complicated...Show More Summary

Amgen Claims It All

There's plenty of excitement about PCSK9, the latest LDL-lowering pathway to make it deep into the clinic. You can tell that companies (and investors) have high hopes for it, since it's heading right into a market that's dominated by generic statins. Show More Summary

Surprise? Once Again, FULs and AMP Final Rule Delayed

In what has become a semi-annual ritual, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) last night announced plans to delay the Federal Upper Limits (FUL) and the Final Rule on Covered Outpatient Drugs, a.k.a., the Average Manufacturer Price (AMP) Final Rule. Show More Summary

More From The Bottom of the Publishing Barrel

Now, if you want to get a paper published in a prestigious journal like The International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, you'd better make sure that you're up to it. You'd better make sure that you have good stuff to report, and that the paper is worth a spot in a venue like that. Show More Summary

Sanofi Beats the Drum

We saw AstraZeneca talking about its upcoming onslaught of drug approvals the other day, and not to be outdone, Sanofi is doing the same. Actually, they're seeing AstraZeneca's puny bet and raising them: Sanofi says that they could have...Show More Summary

News Roundup, November 2014: Salix, Merck, Co-Pay Cards, Part D Preferred Networks, and an Insurance Cartoon

Here's a pre-Thanksgiving news roundup, to stretch your mind before stretching your stomach next week. In this issue: Stuffing—Salix Pharmaceuticals reminds investors why wholesaler agreements matter Pumpkin Pie (in the Face)—How Merck...Show More Summary

Bind's Attempts To Remake Chemotherapy

There's a lot of effort (and a lot of money) going into targeted nanoparticle drug delivery. And that's completely understandable, because the way we dose things now, with any luck, will eventually come to seem primitive. So you used...Show More Summary

Dear Practitioner, You Say?

Spam mail is evolving: this afternoon I had one purportedly from the American Medical Association, although it was definitely not sent from their domain. In slightly ungrammatical English (but a cut above many other spammers), it informs me that they're sharing a document with me on Google Docs, and invite me to click a link. Show More Summary

AstraZeneca: How Many Approvals, Again?

So AstraZeneca says that they're expecting "8 to 10 " approvals in 2015-2016. Has anyone ever done that? Even close? I take it that this whole press release is there to pump up investors and keep Pfizer from coming back and making another bid for them, but although the company does have a lot of stuff going on, this just seems wildly optimistic. Show More Summary

Cost to Bring a New Drug to Market Is $2.6 Billion According to Tufts - 3X More Than in 2003!

According to a new study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD), which receives funding from the pharmaceutical industry, the estimated cost to develop a new Rx drug for marketing in the U.S. is $2,558 million or $2.6 billion (see press release). Show More Summary

Wait, We Didn't Tell You About That Endpoint?

Hmm. Via Twitter, we find this interesting example of moving the goalposts. NeoStem, a small stem-cell company, announced results the other day for a trial of their cardiac stem cell therapy. One bearish trader who'd been following them...Show More Summary

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