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Weekly Roundup 4.29.16

Goodbye April. It was nice knowing you. There were a lot of noteworthy developments this week and I would like to write about them all, but as usual, will pick only a few from the bunch. FDA Issues Complete Response … Continue readi...

Digital Patient Adherence Strategies for Specialty Pharmacy

Today’s guest post comes from Scott Prybil, CEO, mRx Ventures. Scott provides a useful primer on how patient care can be improved using coordinated, cloud-based technology. He explains how SamplifyRx, an innovative technology solution...Show More Summary

What Pharma’s Are Doing on Periscope – Update on the Landscape

If you have Periscope on your phone, you may find yourself doing something and all of a sudden, hear a little whistle that is the sound cue to let you know that someone you follow has gone live. I set … Continue reading ?

Biogen's Desperate & Possibly Illegal Attempt to Improve Tecfidera Sales By Reaching Out to Consumers and Patients Directly

It seems that $8.3 Bn in worldwide sales of Biogen's MS drug Tecfidera is not enough to satisfy Biogen's investor overlords. For the first quarter of 2016 Tecfidera brought in sales of $744 million. Analysts expected $750 million --Show More Summary

Drug Channels News Roundup, April 2016: Amgen, Biosimilars, Pharmacy Profits, Drug Pricing, and CVS

Spring has finally sprung here at the Drug Channels worldwide headquarters! Take your allergy meds and then enjoy this month’s selection of pollen-free news from the Drug Channels universe. In this issue: Amgen releases a nifty new report...Show More Summary

Did Pharma Really Spend $3 Billion on Internet Advertising in 2015?

According to FiercePharma Marketing, "Digital ad spending last year was just shy of $60 billion, with pharma accounting for about $3 billion of that, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual ad revenue report prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers" (read "Mobile Ad Spending Up, But Pharma's Share Remains Small"). Show More Summary

The 3 D's of Digital Pharma Marketing: Discover, Design, Deliver

The Wharton School, Google and McKinsey & Company have teamed up to write a new e-book entitled Pharma 3D: Rewriting the script for marketing in the digital age, which you can download here. The book notes that while the world has experienced...Show More Summary

Why European Pharmacy Markets Are Less Efficient Than the U.S. Market

The Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), a trade association that represents community pharmacies throughout the EU, recently released its 2015 Annual Report. (Free download) The report is filled with loads of interesting data about the EU pharmacy industry, which shares many issues with the U.S. Show More Summary

"Desperate Turds" Print Ad Added to Gallery of Drug Advertising Mascots

Are you constipated? Well, if it's caused by your opioid pain medication, you might need prescription Movantik (read "Cam Newton Was Not the Only One 'Blocked' During Super Bowl 50").But if it's just run of the mill "occasional constipation,"...Show More Summary

Commercial Contract & Chargeback Excellence

CBI’s 12th Commercial Contract & Chargeback ExcellenceJune 16-17, 2016 | Philadelphia, PACBI’s annual meeting on Commercial Contract & Chargeback Excellence focuses on ways to improve the wholesaler chargeback, navigate class of trade schema complexities, streamline membership management and optimize contract administration and operations. Show More Summary

PhRMA Intern Retrospective: Drug News Stories

Principle #14 of the final version of PhRMA’s Guiding Principles on Direct to Consumer Advertising about Prescription Medicines, which applies to both TV and print DTC ads, states in part: "DTC television and print advertising should...Show More Summary

It’s Past Time for a More Holistic Response to Malaria

On World Malaria Day 2016, Estrella Lasry of Médecins Sans Frontières calls for a more holistic approach if we are to make more than a dent in the malaria burden in areas most difficult to

Pfizer May Own Your Penis, But Allergan, Maker of Botox & Kybella, Owns Your Face

Allergan is beginning an aggressive sales blitz for Kybella, the first injectable treatment for what the medical industry terms “submental fat.” The first stage of the "blitz" is focused on dermatologists, the specialist physicians most...Show More Summary

Weekly Roundup 4.22.16

A few weeks ago it was snow, now it is pollen – laden everywhere. Dogs, cars, outdoor seating, all covered in a fine yellow haze. Or is that me? I have had such a busy week that the result has … Continue reading ?

It's Time for Pharmacies to Show Their Strengths Through Accreditation

Today’s guest post comes from Lynnae M. Mahaney, Executive Director at the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA). Lynnae discusses the benefits and importance of a rigorous pharmacy accreditation. She also offers Drug Channels...Show More Summary

Our 2020 Outlook for Specialty Pharmacy Revenues

It’s no secret that over the next few years, the pharmacy Industry’s revenues will continue shifting from traditional brand-name drugs to specialty drugs. The next-generation pharmaceutical blockbusters will primarily be specialty products...Show More Summary

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