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LM Gets $1.2B Contract Mod for 13 F-35s | USN: Summer RFP Release for MQ-25 Stingray | France Requests More Hellfire Missiles Under FMS

Americas Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $1.2 billion contract for the production of 13 F-35 Lightning II aircraft. Delivery of the fighters will see six F-35Bs sent to the USMC, three F-35As for the USAF and four F-35Cs for the US Navy. Work on the fighters is expected to be completed by December 2019. […]

Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Identified as Former Track Star from Arizona

PHOENIX -- The Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on Tuesday was identified as Charlie Keating IV, a former Phoenix high school star distance runner and the grandson of the late Arizona financier involved in the 1980s savings and loan scandal...

Navy SEAL Died in Combat Against ISIS in Iraq, Carter Says

The DoD said that a U.S. service member later identified as a Navy SEAL was killed by ISIS fire while assisting Kurdish Peshmerga.

Republican Infighting on Guantanamo Keeps Fanning Nomination on Hold

Eric Fanning will keynote a gay rights meeting while two senators battle over the hold on his nomination as Army Secretary.

Good Samaritan Killed Helping Wounded Woman; Fort Hood GI Charged

Army private Ricci Braddenwas being held Tuesday at the Hill County jail on a murder charge.

Soldier Hopes to Earn Medal at Invictus Games with Family’s Support

An Army physician assistant who won medals at the Warrior Games last year will attempt to repeat that success at this year’s Invictus Games in Florida.

Nine Soldiers Punished for Brawl in Seoul Entertainment District

The Army has punished nine soldiers for a brawl in Seoul's Itaewon entertainment district, a 2nd Infantry Division spokesman said.

Ohio Suing Wright-Patterson AFB Over Blind Vendor Contract Dispute

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is violating a statute designed to help blind vendors, according to an injunction filed in Dayton's U.S. District Court.

Family of Sailor Charged with Espionage Declares He's Innocent

The family of a Taiwanese-born sailor charged with espionage says he's innocent of the crimes the Navy has accused him of.

Airborne Fire Fighters Gather for Training at Peterson Air Force Base

Two enormous wildfires made Pikes Peak region residents grew painfully aware of what C-130 aircraft look like.

Belated Honors for a Hero

Not all who served in the Union forces during the Civil War were US citizens. It’s estimated that roughly 1/3 of those who fought in the Union Army were immigrants.  It’s also estimated that close to 10% of Union soldiers were Black. Joseph Benjamin Noil was both an immigrant and Black. Noil was an immigrant […]

USS Scranton Commanders Celebrate City, Submarine

Current and former commanders of the USS Scranton marked the 25th anniversary of the boat's commissioning and its ties to the city during events Monday.

New Fisher House on Fort Bragg Offers More for Ill, Wounded Soldiers

For more than a year, Lorie Southerland made so many visits to the site of Fort Bragg's new Fisher House that the project manager gave her a hard hat of her own.

Another casualty in the war against ISIS

CBS News reports that a US advisor to Kurdish forces has been killed in combat. The Pentagon was careful to add that he was killed a few miles from the very fluid battle lines; The U.S. military did not immediately confirm which branch the slain service member was serving with, but the American troops operating […]

Clayton Pressley III, steals troops’ IDs

According to, Senior Chief Clayton Pressley III stole the identity of two of his subordinates and used their information to get some pretty hefty loans; Senior Chief Pressley enlisted in 1997 and worked his way up to a specialized bomb disposal unit. He served in the war on terrorism and earned a Bronze Star, […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

Power and privilege = racism Et Tu Colin? What a load of Barbara Streisand Liberals abhor gun violence…mostly. Scattered and covered When you started calling them racists 24/7? Show me your papers, comrade. Shoved your head down under Sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money …a turd by any other name. What […]

Tuesday morning feel good stories

In Santa Rosa County, Florida, 21-year-old William Chris McClanahan-Spenler tried to attack a man with his sword. His intended victim was having nothing to do with a sword fight and instead, in a move reminiscent of Indiana Jones, blasted William with a shotgun. Bill was taken to the hospital until he recovers and begins his […]

Two Terrorist Bastards Bite the Big One

Some time back, an American married couple apparently decided to turn traitor.  Well, either that or they were just a couple of evil bastards who like oppressing or killing innocents. Why do I say that?  Because they traveled to the Middle East – and joined Da’esh.  There, they were known as “Abu Issa Al-Amriki and […]

GAO: Delayed Maintenance Threatens Navy's Ability to Meet Missions

The Navy's fleet of warships is behind on maintenance, possibly threatening the service's ability to meet future missions overseas.

Resetting the theater to equip rotational forces in Europe

When U.S. Army Europe’s (USAREUR’s) size peaked after the Cold War, it contained two corps headquarters, more than six divisions, two armored cavalry regiments, various enabling units, more than 277,000 Soldiers, and four divisions’ worth of equipment in pre-positioned unit sets. After the summer of 2013 and Armywide drawdowns that affected USAREUR, it was postured

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