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Sunday morning feel good stories

In West Palm Beach, Florida, four armed men forced their way into a home discharging their firearms. A resident returned fire and struck one of the thugs in the leg driving away the criminals. Police found them nearby and arrested all four. The wounded crook is recovering at the hospital. A check-cashing business manager in […]

Hans Rudolph Gresham; an update

Earlier this summer, we highlighted the work of Bulldog and the boys at Guardian of Valor on Hans Rudolph Gresham who served on the board of the worst rated charity National Vietnam Veterans Foundation with J. Thomas Burch. Gresham had claimed to be a Special Forces Captain in Vietnam, but his records say that he […]

Yet Another Update About That “Private” Email . . . .

Well, this should be no surprise.  Remember the other day that I mentioned the release of 725 pages of email from Clintoon confidante Huma Abedin? Well, they were indeed released.  Sorta I say “sorta” because it appears that roughly 250 pages “released” – or over 1/3 of the total – were heavily redacted.  Heavily redacted, […]

Thomas Reister is not a combat wounded veteran

Someone sent us their work on this Thomas Magnum Reister fellow. He also goes by the name Thomas Riester. He’s in San Antonio, Texas, and he somehow conned Service Dog Express out of a service dog “Connor”. He’s been homeless at times since he left the Navy and he blames PTSD for his bad behavior, […]

Another from Pearl Is Identified

DPAA has identified and accounted for the following formerly-missing US military personnel. From World War II • WT1c Walter Solle, U.S. Navy, assigned to the crew of the USS Oklahoma, was lost on 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbor. He was accounted for on 18 August 2016. Welcome back, elder brother-in-arms. Our apologies that your […]

Saturday morning feel good stories

An intruder in Oxford, Iowa was shot by a homeowner during the commission of his crime, but I’m not subscribing to the North Liberty Leader to get the details. The other day we talked about the shooting in Union County, North Carolina of 17-year-old Marquies Rason Waters when he broke into a home by the […]

Moscow Nights

--a serious Rosa Klebb ( From Russia With Love ) And now you've given me, given me Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams Feel like I could run away, run away From this empty heart --Shattered Dreams, Johnny Hates Jazz Anger is dangerous. Show More Summary

Report: Former Brigade Commander Led Double Life of Adultery, Swinging

Details emerged in USA Today this week about Maj. Gen. David B. Haight's secret swinger lifestyle.

Weekend open thread

This weekend open thread is brought to you by Roberto Duran whose biographical “Hands of Stone” opens in theaters this weekend. I used to watch him workout a few blocks from our apartment in Panama City before he was famous. My wife’s uncle, Fidel, trained him in the early years. We bumped into him when […]

The University of Chicago and free expression

The University of Chicago sent a letter out to it’s incoming students explaining to them that the University will be a forum for ideas, not a megaphone for students – that they shouldn’t expect “trigger warnings”. “Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do not support so-called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited […]

Army officers to be vetted before consideration for promotion

The Army had a “duh” moment last month when they released a directive to determine the suitability of officers for promotion before they are considered for advancement instead of during the process, according to the Army News Service; While the Army has always investigated officers to ensure they are suitable for promotion, in the past […]

Ernest Thompson; the Navy comes to him

OC sends us a link from Fox News about 98-year-old Ernest Thompson, a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. On that dark day in our history, Thompson was among the crew of the battleship USS Tennessee (BB-43) which was damaged during the attack but rebuilt and modernized and took part in the War in […]

UNSC, EU ambassadors briefed on human right violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Friday briefed the ambassadors of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the European Union regarding the human right violations being committed by the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. “The adviser deplored the lethal use of force by the Indian occupation forces

GAO scolds Air Force on plan to scrap A-10

Poetrooper sends us a link to a report by the Government Accountability Office entitled “Better Information Needed to Support Air Force A-10 and Other Future Divestment Decisions” in which the agency scolds the Air Force for it’s lack of a plan to replace close air support capabilities of the A-10 Thunderbolt when they finally scrap […]

Where there’s smoke…

The political genius who contrived Hillary Clinton’s response to the revelations of Clinton Foundation and State Department corruption that there may be smoke but there’s no fire should be, and likely will be considering who he/she works for, taken out to a park somewhere and suicided with several shots to the back of the head […]

Temporary Shelter at Fort Bliss Complex to House Immigrant Children

Children who immigrated alone to the United States will soon be housed at a Fort Bliss complex in New Mexico's Dona Ana County.

Chemical Leak in Fighter Plane Sends Six Airmen to Hospital

Six airmen at the U.S. Air National Guard's 177th Fighter Wing have been taken to the hospital after being exposed to a chemical released from a fighter plane.

DoD Security Cooperation Programs, & More from CRS

The Department of Defense has assumed a growing role in providing assistance to foreign military and security services over the past decade, often supplanting the Department of State. The evolution of DoD security cooperation activities is traced in a new report from the Congressional Research Service. Show More Summary

Friday morning feel good stories

In Horry County, South Carolina (scroll down to the “Longs man shot” story at the link), a homeowner told police that she shot a man who repeatedly attempted to break into her home. He got a free helicopter ride to treat his non-life-threatening injuries.

Vet's Suicide in VA Hospital Parking Lot Brings New Scrutiny to Agency

The suicide of a 76-year-old Navy veteran in the parking lot of a VA hospital has raised new questions about the federal agency.

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