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US Troops Move Down to Battalion Level with Iraqis

21 minutes agoMilitary / US Military : Army News

U.S. troops advising the Iraqis have moved down to the battalion level with the Iraqi Security Forces pushing toward Mosul.

She Stoops to Conquer

--Jim, staunch Bernie fan I understand; you took them in a round, while they supposed themselves going forward. And so you have at at last brought them home again. --She Stoops to Conquer, Oliver Goldsmith Yeah runnin' down a dream That...Show More Summary

Army Secretary's Pacific Tour Stops in Hawaii

New Army Secretary Eric Fanning is in Hawaii with an agenda for his first Pacific tour that includes robotic technology, jungle training and missile defense.

Sea Level Rise a Big Issue for Military in Hampton Roads, Says

The latest scientific conclusion echoes others: It's likely that sea level rise will eventually swallow huge swaths of Hampton Roads' military installations, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Wave-energy Tests Underway at Marine Base

The Navy, the Marine Corps, representatives from energy companies and local lawmakers joined together Tuesday at a blessing ceremony for a wave-energy test site at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe.

Greece’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft Competition

Greek P-3B(click to view full) Greece’s Hellenic Air Force currently operates 4 older P-3B Orion maritime patrol aircraft, which were delivered to the HAF from 1993 – 1996. They are reaching the limits of their airframe life, but Greece is nearing the end of their fiscal rope. In 2008, the odds appeared to tilt toward […]

Christopher Piro; phony wounded combat veteran

Our friends at Guardian of Valor send us their work on this Christopher Piro fellow who was an Air Force veteran after nearly four years of service as a communications guy with service in Korea among other places. But I guess that didn’t give him the leg-up that he thought it would. He began by […]

That’s Gotta Sting

Guess who wants to help “Make America Great Again”? Obama’s Half-Brother To Vote For Trump Malik Obama apparently is registered to vote in Maryland.  He says that he’s planning to return to the US to vote in November. He also says that he has “deep disappointment” in his half-brother’s Administration.  He’s particularly bothered by the […]

Soldiers killed while helping woman

Devtun sends us a link to the sad news that Staff Sergeant Charles Allen Judge Jr., 40, and Jonathon Michael Prins, 29 were murdered by Joseph Mills, 25 in South Carolina when they tried to help a woman who they saw being assaulted by Mills; Mills was physically assaulting a woman who several patrons at […]

EUCOM General Removed over Extramarital Affair, Misuse of Funds

Army Maj. Gen. David Haight was removed from his position as head of operations at U.S. European Command in connection with allegations that he had misused government resources while having an extramarital affair, the U.S. Army said Wednesday.

Medics at Fort Campbell Competing to Represent 101st

Medics from across Fort Campbell are competing to represent the 101st Airborne Division this fall in Texas.

Remains of Air Force Veteran Returning Home after 64 Years

On Wednesday, the remains of US Air Force Airman First Class George Ingram will return from the base of a snowy mountainside to his home in Beloit.

Tech Company Accuses US Navy of Software Piracy, Seeks $596 Million

A $596 million lawsuit claims that the U.S. Navy has engaged in software piracy.

Democrats convinced their gun control message can win

The Hill reports that the Democrats are going into the election thinking that, for once, their gun control message can help them win the election. So convinced that Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent Nanny Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City who sought to regulate the size of the sodas New Yorkers drank and whether or not they […]

Army Major General David Haight canned

David sends us a link to USAToday which reports that Army Major General David Haight has been removed from his post as the chief of operations for U.S. European Command because he misused resources while having an extra-marital affair; “Maj. Gen. Haight was reprimanded for failing to exhibit exemplary conduct by engaging in an inappropriate […]

PFC William Peters gets his Purple Heart

Someone sent us a link to the story of Private First Class William Peters who was awarded a Purple Heart just 70 years after his wounds; While on a mission in France in November 1944, his platoon was ambushed by a German army contingent. He was seriously injured and unable to walk after being hit […]

Flags at the DNC

The Daily Caller noticed that there were no American flags waving at the Democrat National Convention the first night. Our buddy, Tania found a North Korean flag; Some Che stuff with the Bolivian colors (where Che’s last revolution ended); Someone even found a Palestinian flag; We should probably be thankful that there are no ISIS […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

A homeowner, James Stewart, in Owsley County, Kentucky opened his front door when a woman knocked. Behind her was a man with a gun. Stewart, who had been robbed before and always takes a gun to his door these days, fired four times at the crook and the bad guy was DRT (dead right there). […]

Navy Chief: Russia, US Affirm Safety at Sea Pact amid Incidents

The United States and Russia agreed to uphold a Cold War-era pact to prevent incidents at sea and in the air after recent aggressive maneuvers by Russian planes.

US Navy Sued Over Live-fire Training Plan in Pacific

Community members and an environmental group on Wednesday sued the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense and the secretary of defense.

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