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F-22 Maintenance Improving, But Retrofits Slip | Su-24s Join MiG-29s on Grounded List | Crash Stats Grow for India’s HAL Licensed Manufactured Aircraft

Americas AM General was handed a $372.9 million Foreign Military Sales contract on Monday to deliver Humvees to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Ukraine and Tunisia. The contract details options for up to 2,082 of the vehicles, with a scheduled completion date of 2016. Afghanistan previously ordered 808 of the vehicles in 2010, with these delivered […]

Iraqi air force accidentally kills 8 with errant bomb

An Iraqi plane had a hung-up bomb that failed to fall on it’s target, but, proving that Murphy is alive and well in Iraq, it fell off of it’s mount over a Baghdad neighborhood killing at least eight people, according to the Washington Post; Iraq has just a handful of functioning fighter jets, which it […]

“Shelter in place” at Walter Reed

According to local DC news, someone heard a shot fired at the campus of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland (formerly the Bethesda Naval Hospital). According to the local media, there have been no casualties nor has a shooter been seen. I’m thinking that some joe set off a post-July 4th […]

Police Check Report of 1 Shot Fired at Walter Reed Hospital

Police say they are checking on a report of a single shot fired at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington.

Robert “Pegleg” Jones in the news

Back in March, we met Robert Joseph “Pegleg” Jones through our friends at Guardian of Valor. He pretended to be a wounded Army Ranger, when actually he was an entry-level separation after about a month in the Army who actually lost his leg during an accident at his civilian occupation. Well, Top Kone sends us […]

Obama to get update on war against ISIS

The Associated Press reports that the President, that Obama fellow. is going to make a trip to the Pentagon today to get an update on the war against those bloody murdering fellows in Iraq and Syria who we occasionally call ISIS. Oh, by the way, ten months into the deployment of US troops to the […]

Michael Linnington; DPAA chief wants closer ties to private groups

The Military Times reports that Michael Linnington, a recently retired Army Lieutenant General who took over the new Defense POW-MIA Accounting Agency DPAA sees value in his agency partnering with non-government agencies and private groups who are searching for missing military personnel like his agency is supposed to find. That makes sense, since they’ve been […]

John James Lavoie; revisiting the phony Marine

Last month we talked about John James Lavoie, the retired Marine Master Sergeant who claimed to have some valor medals from Vietnam and some schooling that didn’t appear on his FOIA, as you can see in the picture above. So, unsurprisingly, Lavoie has started pushing back against his detractors. He has presented the media with […]

Stolen Valor Can Also Be a Problem Among Active-Duty Troops

Damian Barbee was a model soldier, a highly decorated Ranger with nearly a dozen awards for valor and ribbons recognizing his overseas service. His story was too good to be true.

Horace Appleby gets his Silver Star

On January 6, 1945, Horace Appleby and his unit from Echo Company, 180th Infantry Regiment withdrew under heavy fire from their positions. When they got to cover, Horace noticed that one of his friends was missing, so he plunged back into the heavy fire and guided his friend to relative safety. For his actions that […]

Monday morning feel good story

In Bradenton, Florida, a serious chickenshit tried to rob a friends house armed with a knife. He pried a window open and climbed in. The homeowner merely confronted him and the little weasel ran off. Sorry, no guns, just courage. The police have been issued a warrant for the man’s arrest. However in New Orleans, […]

Marines Plug Away at F-35 Capabilities | Russia Encourages Arms Sales to Both Sides of Armenian Conflict | MiG 29s Grounded

Americas The Marine Corps conducted its first successful live ordnance drops from a F-35B in late June, the USMC announced on Friday. The Joint Strike Fighters dropped both inert and live ordnance, which consisted of JDAM GPS-guided munitions in both GBU-12 and GBU-32 configurations. The Marine Corps decided in May to push on towards the […]

Kris Paronto On Benghazi

  Bellevue Leader: A survivor of the 2012 assault on the U.S. consulate and annex in Benghazi, Libya, related a harrowing tale of bureaucratic indecision and desperate military courage Sunday. Kris “Tanto” Paronto, a native of Colorado who has lived in Omaha since 1996, spoke to a crowd gathered under a hot sun at the […]

Onward Christian Soldiers?

Yahoo News: Baghdad (AFP) – With wooden crosses around their necks and others tattooed on their arms, several dozen Iraqi Christians are training to recapture their homes overrun by the Islamic State jihadist group. A year ago, IS launched a fierce offensive in northern Iraq, quickly capturing second city Mosul, with its large Christian minority, […]

Airbus Wins South Korea Tanker Deal | Finns Buy More MANPADS | Kuwait Buys Dozen WMD Reconnaissance Trucks

Americas The E-2D Hawkeye has passed a Critical Design Review for its air refueling capability, following a successful Preliminary Design Review in September last year and a $226.7 million engineering, manufacturing and development contract in 2013. Huntington Ingalls Inc was handed a $75 million contract Wednesday for repair support for CVN-68 and CVN-70, including work […]

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