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Afghan Taliban Appoints New Leader

The Afghan Taliban have announced their new leader.  This was due to last week’s death of their former leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, in a US RPA strike. That new leader is Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, formerly one of Mansour’s deputies. Akhundzada is considered a “hawk” and a fundamentalist.  His selection is probably a signal that the […]

Navy Cross Citation Describes SEAL Nicolas Checque's Final Moments

A Navy SEAL killed during a 2012 rescue demonstrated "unhesitant commitment" and "undaunted courage" during his final moments.

Taylor Patterson; the reason for your safety briefing tomorrow

While you’re wasting your time off tomorrow afternoon getting a safety briefing from your commander, think of Taylor Patterson, a Fort Hood soldier who was found by Harker Heights, Texas local police unresponsive in his car. They put the young soldier in cuffs and strapped him into their patrol car. Somehow, Patterson got loose from […]

Eisenhower Strike Group to Fight ISIS with Cannibalized Parts

In coming days, the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower will launch airstrikes against IDID with the help of parts stripped off of other operational ships.

Six Decades after Crash on Glacier, Lost Waukesha Airman Laid to Rest

For more than six decades, Thomas Condon and 51 others aboard an Air Force cargo plane were lost on an Alaskan glacier.

Air War Rules of Engagement Tighter after Kunduz

The general in charge of the air campaign said the rules of engagement have tightened since the strike on the hospital in Kunduz.

Two F/A-18s Crash Off North Carolina Coast

Two F/A-18 Super Hornet fighters crashed Thursday off the coast of North Carolina, defense officials told Fox News.

Utility Rebates to Drop for Most Air Force Housing

A change to how utility use in Air Force privatized housing is calculated will mean that fewer residents will receive a rebate.

Hanging Hillary with her own ugly words

Donald Trump would do himself and this country a huge favor if he would do to Hillary what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to John Kerry in the 2004 election: bring together the people from her past who know the off-stage, off-camera, hard-focus Hillary, and let them share with America their experiences with […]

Corporate espionage honey pot operation

Bobo and Mick send us links to the story of Navy Captain Jeff Riedel who was lured into a “honey pot” operation conducted by an Austral USA executive, President Joe Rella, in order to influence Riedel’s decisions upon his inspection of the shipbuilding company in regards to the littoral combat ship the USS Coronado. The […]

Robert Brooks news

We first wrote about Robert E. Brooks last year when someone sent us his records. It looked as though he had pumped up his records while he was still on active duty, even though his records didn’t need any embellishment. After a year of denying any shenanigans, he finally pleaded guilty in court this Spring […]

Veterans Reflect on Importance, Beauty of Blue Angels

It was just after 2 p.m. Wednesday and the sun was beating down on hundreds of people. Spider-man Popsicles melted in kids' hands and dogs hid under bushes for the shade.

1st Lt. Donald W. Bruch comes home

Bobo sends us a link to AR Gunners which reports that U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Donald W. Bruch, Jr. a 24-year-old who was lost north of Hanoi on April 29, 1966, will finally come home to East Petersburg, Pennsylvania on May 29th. From POW Network; On April 29, 1966, 1Lt. Donald W. Bruch Jr., […]

Rene Quintana; Illegal alien steals vet’s ID for fun and profit

Instinct sends us a link to KGUN that tells the story of Rene Quintana, a man who has been in this country illegally for more than 50 years – he stole the identity of Ruben J. Gallardo, a veteran who has been dead since 1994, in order to get Social Security and Veterans Affairs’ benefits; […]

“He Knows How to Fix the Economy”? Yeah, Right. Bull.

One of the claims often made by Clintoon camp is that “the ‘Nice Lady’ of Benghazi” would put her husband in charge of economic matters.  After all:  he “knows how to fix the economy”.  Just look at how good things were while he was in office! Well, as they might say where I’m writing this […]

Thursday morning feel good stories

Jon the Mechanic and HMC Ret send us a link this morning about an incident in Coos Bay, Oregon where three 14-year-old boys called the police about their attempted burglary. It seems that the homeowner caught them in the act and held them at gunpoint while they made the call to authorities. Also rounded up […]

US Defense Secretary Calls for Faster Technology Development

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on Wednesday that a naval facility in Rhode Island is doing what the entire Defense Department should do: develop technology more quickly.

Guard Association Slams Army Investigation of Recruitment Fraud

The National Guard Association is criticizing as "shameful" an Army investigation into a fraudulent recruitment program recently investigated by the CBS News program "60 Minutes."

Pakistan Selects the AW139 Helicopters for SAR Role

ROME: Leonardo-Finmeccanica announced today that Government of Pakistan has signed a contract for an undisclosed number of AgustaWestland AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopters. The signing was held in Islamabad in presence of the H.E. Show More Summary

Pentagon Admits No F-35 IOT&E Until 2018 | USS John Paul Jones Validates Aegis MRBM Tracking | Chinese Not Keen on US Supplying Tomahawks to Japan

Americas It may have been coming for some time, but the Pentagon has finally admitted that the F-35 will not be cleared for full rate production until 2018. Frank Kendell, the program’s chief weapons tester, had been warning of delays for some time; however, it had been maintained by some that the jet’s initial operational […]

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