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NBC: At least 10 Brian William embellishments

While NBC fans are calling for the return of Brian Williams to the network, CNNMoney says that the network has found “at least 10? incidents of Williams embellishing his news stories; But The New York Times and The Washington Post reported new details on Friday night that painted Williams in a decidedly negative light. The […]

AEI's Mackenzie Eaglen and I Have Some Thoughts on the X-47B's Trip to the Boneyard

RealClearDefense has published a piece Mackenzie Eaglen was nice enough to ask for me to join in on, in which we criticize the Navy for planning (once again) to send the X-47B to the boneyard.

Nicki; Searching for justice

Our buddy, Nicki, bumped up against the Virginia justice system recently when she tried to boot some derelicts out of the house that she rented to them. I’ll let her tell the story; They’ve been renting from me since November 2013. At first, they paid 6 months in advance, and there were no problems, but […]

Petraeus sentenced

Well, if you live under a rock, you probably haven’t heard that David Petraeus, the former commander of US Forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan and the former Director of the CIA has been sentenced for giving classified information to his girlfriend, Paula Broadwell, when they were involved in an extramarital affair. He was handed […]

About God and Freedom

If it was a tall day, I could stretch myself all the way up to four feet. Big Rita had me by a head, maybe two. Hers was a big head too almost troll like in stature. Being cornbread fed, she easily had me by 30 pounds. Big Rita did not like me. On reflection, […]

The case for a professional standing Army; the Ukraine example

Richard Nixon ended the US conscription program in 1973 and we’ve had a large professional volunteer standing Army since then. When the old Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Jimmy Carter reinstated draft registration because he had made military service so unattractive it became clear that conscription would be the only way that the US […]


7 hours agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

Based on a earlier discussion, thought it would be fun to do a poll on the top twenty five war movies as voted by our readers.  I went to Wikipedia and pulled their list and then sort of picked and choose from about 500 movies to come up with the list.  If you think missed one put it in a comment.  You should be able to see the results after you finish.  Townie 76

From the Road, Two for Sunday

Spent a loooong time on the road this past week, and will be doing the same this weekend.  After today, I think I’ll have calluses on my ... well, let’s just say I’ll have some new calluses.  (smile) One of the good things about being on the road is the opportunity to listen […]

Keith Chandler back in the news

Last year we wrote about this Keith Chandler fellow who had forged his military documents in order to get Purple Heart license plates that he didn’t earn during his brief and tumultuous career in the Army. Well, he finished his 90 days in jail, I guess, but now he faces having his five years of […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

This morning’s tales of gun-wielding good guys begin with this one from Ohio; Around 5:30 Friday night, the man walked into The Wireless store on West Galbraith Road and pointed a gun at the clerk. The clerk had a gun in the store. The video shows him grab it, he backs into a back room […]

Running from the Police

--Night of the Living Dead (19 68) I ntelligence is a moral category --Theodor Adorno " Nay, I’ll not unvision A shape which, somehow, there may be. " So I went on softly from the glade, And left her behind me throwing her shade. --Shadows...Show More Summary

Michael Conley; phony Hamburger Hill hero

The good folks at Professional Soldiers send us their work on Michale Conley. Next month, Mr Conley will be the guest speaker at a “Welcome Home” event for Vietnam veterans in Bedford, Indiana; “Conley is probably the most decorated Vietnam veteran in Lawrence County, earning two bronze and two silver stars and a purple heart,” […]

Brian Wilson Jones; SFOD Delta Radio repairman

Scotty sends us his work on Brian Wilson Jones who uses half-truths to tell the story of his military career in order to hoodwink folks out of their money. He claims that he was a sergeant major, which is true, and he claims that he was in SFOD Delta, which is true as well. But […]

Stolen Valor in Australia

The day before ANZAC Day, two police offers saw this fellow at MacDonald’s in Robina, Australia. One of the police officers was also a 20-yeteran and a sergeant of the Australian Armed Forces and noticed several discrepancies on this yahoo’s uniform; The 41-year-old man failed to produce a military ID, but claimed he was a […]

Chinese Scientists Say North Korean Nuke Threat Worse Than Acknowledged

Fox News reports that Chinese nuclear experts have met with US officials to discuss North Korea’s nuclear program. And what they’ve told us is, frankly, a bit disturbing. Specifically, according to reports from those Chinese nuclear experts North Korea may already have produced 20 nuclear devices. By next year, those same Chinese experts predict North […]

Robert Fritts; phony Ranger/SF/Infantryman

Someone sent us a Facebook link to this Robert Fritts fellow. To hear him tell it, he’s “tabbed out”, he earned three awards of the CIB, Senior Master Jumpwings with a star for a combat jump; He also claims that he was a team leader in the 1/75th Rangers; Well, his records tell another story; […]

UNICEF: 115 children killed in Yemen in the last month

The humanitarian crisis continues in Yemen. UNICEF says, particularly disturbing are the number of children killed.

Phony financial adviser in Killeen

The Securities and Exchange Commission warns folks in the Killeen/Fort Hood area that there is a thief at work there under the guise of a financial adviser. He goes by the name of Leroy Brown, Junior and according to the article, he a former soldier; [T]he latest pretend adviser to emerge, Leroy Brown Jr., may […]

Saturday morning feel good stories

Our first stop this morning is in Texas, as it is so often. I’m surprised there are any criminals left in Texas; Officers responded to a shooting call in the 900 block of Highcrest Drive about 4:15 p.m., where they said a homeowner confronted two people who had broken into his home. The alleged burglars […]

CRAZIEST TRIPOD EVER! Space Age RPA “Rolatube” Super Lightweight Rifle Tripod

Need a tripod system for your M240 Machinegun, your.50 BMG sniper rifle, or for your Ground Laser Target Designator that you can ROLL UP and stick in a small pouch on your web gear??? Rex Reviews takes you to […]

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