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If Yer a ‘Nam Vet… And/Or Know What GQ means?

Yeah, I know… two  posts in one day… If Jonn don’t delete this you just might just learn something. An online pal of mine (TGYC) is mentioned is this story. Simply put… I was unaware of this event until he mentioned it. “Hannah Ackerman, a Cedar Falls High School graduate now attending Hawkeye Community College […]

Jumping Out of Perfectly Good Things

Some here have actually jumped out of perfectly good aircraft. I planned to do a tandem jump on my 65th birthday a few years ago and even invited Jonn to join me, but it never happened. I wanted to jump into my big field for my birthday party, but the cost was toooo steep.  I […]

Gaylord Stevens; phony SEAL, phony Vietnam vet arrested for child porn

Mary sends us a link to the Tyler Morning Telegraph article about Gaylord Stevens, aka Steven Hawke, who falsely claimed to be a Navy SEAL and a Vietnam veteran and then ended up in cuffs this week on federal charges of trafficking in kiddie pr0n. Gaylord Stevens, also known as Steven Hawke, was arrested in […]

Private SNAFU and other lost souls

Marks Survey/pop quiz the other day and the follow up post that called us all Savages got me thinking about old cartoons. When I started thinking about them I started looking for them on the interwebs. I found the entire private SNAFU Army training series from WW2. If you have never see it its worth […]

“This day is called the feast of Crispian”

Today is Saint Crispin’s Day and the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 during the Hundred Years War and immortalized in Shakespeare’s “Henry V” who gave us the “Band of Brothers” speech. This day is called the feast of Crispian: He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, Will stand a tip-toe […]

2LT Joshua Nelson saving the world

Zero and Ohio sent us links to the story of Second Lieutenant Joshua Nelson of the West Virginia Air National Guard who made a trip to Walmart to pick up some fish hooks, but it turned into something he’d never expected when he heard a woman in a near aisle call for help; “I could […]

Joseph Patrick Joyce, phony SEAL

Scotty sends us his work on Joseph Patrick Joyce who has been spreading the lies that he is a retired Navy SEAL around his hometown for several years; The Navy says that he attended training but never completed BUD/S, so I guess he means that retired from the SEALs when he rang the bell.

LTC Gerald H. Green III; questions about WTC’s former commander

SSG E sends us a link from the Army Times which raises questions about Lieutenant Colonel Gerald H. Green III who was the commander of the Warrior Training Center at Fort Benning from July 9th to around September 10th. Shortly before that, the Army Times staff had asked for documentation for LTC Green’s Ranger Tab. […]

Administration Considering Quarantining Healthcare Workers Returning from Ebola Outbreak Area

Well, it looks as if the      DC clown krewe     clueless fools and mendacious tools running the show     current Administration may finally be buying a clue, albeit a partial one.  It seems that they are now considering quarantining healthcare workers returning from the area of the West Africa outbreak area on return to the US. But […]

Saturday feel good story

Our feel good story this morning comes from California; Sheriff’s investigators say that 23-year-old Kristopher Randi was arrested after being sniffed out by a K-9 unit in a Jamestown home. As reported earlier this month, deputies were already on the lookout for Randi, who was wanted on several drug warrants. The incident unfolded last night […]

Three women Marines asked to leave IOC

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the three women Marines (WM) were asked to leave the course a few weeks after the completed the grueling test to qualify for their attendance at the Infantry Officer Course. They were physically disqualified from the training last week for falling behind in hikes while carrying loads of upwards […]

Weekend Open Thread

MCPO asked for the weekend open thread. And he sent this photo. I guess the culture marginally improved today when the Honey Boo-boo family had their show cancelled.

Rescuing the Warthog

Senator Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican who has no political dog in the fight is trying to save the A-10 Thunderbolt also known as the “Warthog” close air support weapons platform from the Air Force and the White House budget axe. Ayotte’s only connection to the aircraft is the fact that her husband was […]

Islamic State uses chlorine gas on Iraqi police

The Washington Post reports that 11 Iraqi police officers were hospitalized when ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State troops used chlorine gas in their battle for Duluiyah. The police officers, all members of the Sunni Jabbour tribe, which has turned against the Islamic State, were guarding a line in the town’s north. After an exchange of fire, they said, […]

Poland Poised for Realistic but Low Profile Posture?

Poland has adopted [Defence24] a new national security strategy, which explicitly recognizes “a risk of local and regional conflicts in direct vicinity of Poland.” The Economist profiles Ewa Kopacz, Poland’s prime minister since last month, as a pragmatic leader likely to play it safe rather than use a confrontational tone in her dealings with Russia. […]

“Toxic” LTC Tammy Baugh back on the job

The Stars & Stripes reports that an aviation battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Tammy Baugh was removed from her position, along with her sergeant major when the Fort Carson command structure received complaints that she had been verbally abusive to her subordinates, threw things at them and stormed out of events and meetings when she was […]

NY police officers attacked by fellow with a axe

A fellow by the name of Zale Thompson attacked a group of NY City Police Officers with an axe. In keeping with the training of the department, the officers shot a passerby while defending themselves from this fellow, and one officer, Kenneth Healey has a fractured skull as a result of the axe attack. According […]

Sergeant Major Robert Gallagher passes

Fox News reports that Sergeant Major Robert Gallagher has passed from a heart condition at the age of 52. He served as the command sergeant major for the Army’s Wounded Warrior Program, but had extensive experience in major combat operations, including Operation Just Cause in Panama and with Task Force Ranger in Mogadishu, Somalia, which […]

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