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North Korea's Satellite Launch May Spur Placement of US Missile System

North Korea's claim Sunday of launching a satellite atop what could be developed as a long-range missile capable of hitting the U.S. will likely set off debate on more spending for missile defense in the $583 billion fiscal 2017 Pentagon budget proposal to be released Tuesday.

Jihadist Shooter Was Going To Target A Church

Via Uncle, this from Dearborn: Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 21, was being watched by the feds since May 2015. He was even having online conversations with an undercover FBI agent. “I tried to shoot up a church one day,” Abu-Rayyan posted. “It’s one of the biggest ones in Detroit. I had it planned out. I bought a […]

Another Entry In The Annals Of Dumb Gun Laws

The Des Moines Register: Apparently, some members of the Iowa Legislature have far too much time on their hands. Despite all of the pressing issues facing lawmakers, including school funding and water quality, some of them are pursuing legislation that would make it legal for Iowans to carry loaded firearms while driving or riding on […]

Notes From HPS

David Codrea: Whether the ruling will be upheld or overturned on appeal is anybody’s guess. Still, this goes far in validating those of us who were arguing years ago not to listen to useless mainstream Republican squishes — who were adamant that the intermediate benchmark was the highest goal we could hope to attain. What this win-for-now does […]

MBDA Delivers ASRAAM Missiles for F-35 Integration

MBDA has commenced deliveries of a quantity of Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAM) for the forthcoming integration of this infra-red air dominance missile onto the UK’s F-35B. The first missile was delivered to the US during January in conjunction with BAE Systems (the UK’s F-35 weapon integration lead). ASRAAM will be the first UK

PLA’s First Military Exercise In 2016 Targets Full-Spectrum Operations

The Marine Corps of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy had the first trans-Theater Command (TC) realistic exercise in 2016 that involved nearly 6,000km of long-distance maneuver and power projection. Foreign media estimated that the PLA Marine Corps may shift to be an elite force that is able to carry out long-distance missions overseas. The

USAF Launches Final GPS IIF | Italian Made F-35A First to Complete Transatlantic Xing | S. Korea to Talk THAAD System With US

Americas The final block of the USAF’s Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellite has been launched, finally paving the way for the start of the next generation’s long overdue GPS III. The GPS IIF-12 satellite will join dozens of other satellites launched over the last 27 years as part of the GPS Block II program. […]

TPQ-53 Counterfire Radars: Incoming… Where?

EQ-36 concept(click to view full) Firefinder radars track the path of incoming shells, rockets, mortars, etc., and calculate the point they were fired from. Raytheon’s TPQ-36 radar is specifically designed to counter medium range enemy weapon systems out to a range of 24 kilometers, while the TPQ-37 can locate longer-range systems, and even surface launched […]

The Islamic State Is Running Out of Time in Somalia

The Islamic State wants to spread its influence wherever it can, and propaganda efforts aimed at the Somali insurgent group — and longtime Al Qaeda affiliate — Al Shabab have resulted in both high and low-level defections. Yet the Syria and Iraq-based terrorist army has failed to outbid Al Qaeda for...

One Hundred Twelve Years Ago Today . . .

... the Russo-Japanese War began. The first hostilities occurred roughly 3 hours prior to the Russian Empire receiving Japan’s declaration of war, when the Japanese attacked the Russian naval base at Port Arthur. (At the time, an attack prior to a declaration of war was not contrary to international conventions or law.) The […]

Do North Korean Missiles Really Threaten Japan?

On Feb. 7, North Korea launched a Unha-3 rocket from its launch site at Dongchang-ri on country’s northwest coast. The rocket successfully placed the Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite into orbit, but most foreign observers see the launch as an intercontinental ballistic missile test. Any North Korean weapons test comes with great concern...

There’s a special place in hell…

There’s a special place in hell for a Secretary of State of the United States of America who would stoop to such a needlessly evil deception as to lie to the grieving families of three fallen warriors, as those family members were in the process of receiving the bodies of their loved ones from the […]

Pentagon to fight “climate change”

The Washington Times‘ Rowan Scarborough writes that the White House has directed the Pentagon to consider “climate change” in it’s day-to-day operations. Climate change was formerly known as “Global Warming” and also the “New Ice Age”. But, in it’s endeavor to fight everything except our nation’s enemies, the White House has directed a new layer […]

NSC Staffer John Ficklin Retires

John W. Ficklin retired last month from his position as Senior Director for Records and Access Management at the National Security Council. In that capacity he was responsible for declassification of White House records, among other records management duties. Show More Summary

The Gig Economy, and More from CRS

A new report from the Congressional Research Service examines the “gig” economy and its implications for workers. “The gig economy is the collection of markets that match providers to consumers on a gig (or job) basis in support of on-demand commerce. Show More Summary

Fort Hood Looks to Renewable Energy as Part of Larger Military

Determined to cut its global electricity bill, the Army has embarked on an experiment at Fort Hood to pull in more power from renewable sources.

Purple Heart reunites family

The Associated Press tells the story of how our buddy, Zach Fikes who founded Purple Hearts Reunited, an organization that returns medals to families, set out to reunited a Purple Heart with a family and ended up reuniting families who had never met. The story centers around Eugene Victor Call, a soldier from New Hampshire, […]

Lance Whipple’s records revisited

Last year we wrote about Lance Whipple who claimed to be an Air Force Captain and a pararescueman. He’s been claiming that for years, I guess. We got his records from the National Personnel Records Center and they said that he had 35 days of service in September and October of 1979. A few weeks […]

“William” meets Don Shipley

You probably remember when we talked about Jon Mark Beilue the journalist in Amarillo who wrote the story, and I do mean story, about “William”, the first Navy SEAL who was ordered to training by President Kennedy himself. Beilue writes about his second visit with “William” and his first visit with Don Shipley and Hershel […]

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