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That stands for Improvised Rectal Explosive Device; Al-Qaeda's newest weapon.The suicide bomber who tried to assassinate a Saudi prince used an unusual place to conceal his explosive charge; his anus.Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned television network, said the attacker concealed the explosives in his anus, allowing him to evade detection. Show More Summary

Iraq approves Kurdistan oil contracts

According to Kurdish newspapers, Iraq has approved an oil production contract between Kurdistan and foreign oil companies.Iraq approved an oil contract in Kurdistan that was awarded to Chinese oil giant SINOPEC following its acquisition of the Swiss Adax Petroleum.Investments in Taq-Taq oilfield will amount to $500 million. Show More Summary

Saudi Arabia, Former Iraqi Officers Accused of Helping Yemen fight Houthi Insurgents

There are reports on some Iraqi websites about former Iraqi army and republican guard officers advising Yemen’s military in the ongoing campaign against the Houthi insurgents.According to Buratha and, senior former officers...Show More Summary

Candidate says competition for Kurdistan presidential elections unfair

Kamal Merawadli, 58 is a Kurdish academic who returned from a long stay in the UK to compete in Kurdistan first presidential election. In an interview with al-Sharq al-Awsat he describes some of the obstacle that he, as an independent candidate is facing.“without exaggeration, I got only 1% of my chances for an electoral campaign. Show More Summary

Kurdish opposition group: Kurdish authorities use double standards

The spokesman of the Change movement, an opposition group in Kurdistan accused the two major Kurdish parties of “systematic violations” against the group and its supporters. Shaho Saeed said his group will commit to civilized practices...Show More Summary

Iran Protesters: 'Death to China, Death to Russia'

Iranian opposition took to the streets again in massive protests after Friday prayers. For a change, an angry mob in the Middle East is not chanting "Death to America"!From AP:Some in the sermon and afterward chanted "death to Russia" and "death to China," referring to Ahmadinejad's alliance with both countries. Show More Summary

The ISX Phenomenon

I saw this graph on Iraq Stock Exchange and thought I should share. It represents the ISX index monthly closing figures between November 2004 and February 2009. The picture speaks for itself.Given the direction of developments in Iraq over the last two years there is no irony at all. Show More Summary

Iraq Requests to Buy $ 11 Billions Worth of American Arms

For the last few years, Iraq has been working to build its new armed forces with invaluable American support. In the course of the process Iraq purchased large amounts of arms and equipment from the US. But a tendency towards getting...Show More Summary

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