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Pentagon chief: US won’t reveal ‘mother of all bombs’ toll

In a refreshing change from the former administration, SecDef Jim Mattis does not intend to discuss BDA or body count from use of the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB, affectionately known as the Mother of all Bombs) on an ISIS tunnel complex last week. The Afghan government reports over 90 insurgents were killed, with […]

Manning anxious about release

David sends us a link from Fox News which reports that the fellow who was born a man and named Bradley Manning until he was sentenced to prison for being a traitor is real happy that President Obama has pardoned him; You know you've been in prison for a while, when the prospect of freedom […]

Augusto Alarcon; needless embellishment

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Augusto Alarcon. He tried to join a military veterans’ motorcycle club and they had doubts about him, so they came to us. He showed them this DD214 to join them; The trigger on this document, is down in block #25 where the separation code is “KFN” which […]

Brandon Blackstone sentenced for his stolen valor

We talked about Brandon Blackstone last year when he pleaded guilty for claiming injuries that never happened to him. He had appropriated the claims of of fellow Texan Corporal Casey Owens, Owens was evacuated from Iraq when his Humvee struck an anti-tank mine. Blackstone was evacuated when he had a case of appendicitis. Several people […]

Saturday morning feel good stories

AW1Ed sends our first story this morning from San Antonio, Texas; Officers at the scene said the man showed up outside a home on the 200 block of West High around 8:40 p.m. and got into an argument with the homeowner. We’re told that at some point, the man pulled out a weapon and the […]

NCIS: Navy SEAL Possessed and Produced Child Porn on Phone

Authorities say a Navy SEAL has been charged with producing and possessing child pornography.

Navy Increases Restrictions on T-45 Flights After New Cockpit Episode

A day after T-45 instructors took to the air after a 12-day grounding, two pilots reported headaches and oxygen deprivation.

Top Baghdadi Aide Killed in SpecOps Raid in Syria: CentCom

A top terror planner for ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed earlier this month in a special operations raid in Syria.

Weekend Open Thread

April 21, 2017 An inquisitive fox approaches Your Shot photographer Boris Barabáš’s camera in this exceptional wildlife image.

AF Master Sgt. Keary Miller and Staff Sgt. Chris Baradat get Air Force Cross

Devtun sends us the news that Air Force Master Sergeant Keary Miller and Staff Sergeant Chris Baradat have had their Silver Stars upgraded to the Air Force Cross for their service in Afghanistan; Retired Master Sgt. Keary Miller. a pararescueman assigned to the 123rd Special Tactics Squadron in 2002, fought in the 17-hour battle that […]

Lost Troops Released by Haboob

While the winds of the Gobi Desert normally blow toward Beijing, in a surprising twist, some fully-armed and armored survivors of the 53BCE Battle of Carrhae marched out of a westward-bound haboob on a bright, sunny morning, long after deploying eastward toward the ancient town of Liqian, a remote town in Yongchang province, just this […]

Jury selection begins for Shane Ladner

Our friends at Fox5 in Atlanta report that jury selection began yesterday in Cherokee County in preparation for the jury trial of valor thief Shane Ladner which is supposed to begin Monday; Despite Ladner’s so-called military “document” listing the Purple Heart award, Cherokee County prosecutors don’t believe him. He faces one count of making a […]

Mike Webb revisited

You might remember Mike Webb from last year when he ran for a congressional seat in Virginia. Webb’s strategy revolved around his military career, hinged on his time as the legal clerk for one of the Ranger Battalions. He became famous when he used screen shots that included his pr0n habits. He made an appearance […]

US Fighter Pilot Approaching USS Carl Vinson Ejects Safely

A pilot ejected an F/A-18E fighter jet on its final approach to the USS Carl Vinson, U.S. Navy officials confirmed Friday.

Fort Jackson Soldier Charged After 24 Dead Animals Found in Apartment

An Army staff sergeant was arrested after authorities found the carcasses of 24 dead animals in his abandoned apartment.

Claude Brown; phony SEAL, phony Vietnam vet

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Claude Brown from Lodi, California. The local media wrote about him a couple of times. Once in the Lodi News-Sentinel; “I was in the Navy special program. Now you call them the Navy SEALs, but in those days it was the Navy Special Operations,” Brown said. Once […]

A lesson in Democracy from Venezuela

The socialist government of Venezuela has just provided American gun owners with an excellent lesson in why it is of paramount importance to never let the government take our guns. Back in 1998 after four decades of the Latin American variety of democracy, military leader, Hugo Chavez, a moderate leftist, was elected president. From that […]

Friday morning feel good stories

In Jackson, Mississippi; 18-year-old Jabaris Mclin has been charged with attempted robbery of an individual. Mclin attempted to rob the victim at gunpoint. He fired shots and the victim returned fire, hitting Mclin in the shoulder. The suspect was arrested at Merit Health.

Bomb Threat Probed at San Diego-Area Navy Base

A bomb threat investigation forced a closure of the main gate at Naval Air Station North Island at Coronado on San Diego Bay.

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