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Pentagon announces arms packages for Lebanon | Germany kicks off heavy-lift helo comp | Myanmar inducts Yaks into service

Americas United Technologies Corp. will perform sustainment services on Pratt and Whitney F-119 engines used on Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor. The $6.7 billion agreement falls under the terms of an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract between the firm and the US Air Force (USAF), with work to be carried out at UTC’s East Hartford Connecticut office, as […]

The F-22 Raptor: Program & Events

Into that good night (click to view full) The 5th-generation F-22A Raptor fighter program has been the subject of fierce controversy, with advocates and detractors aplenty. On the one hand, the aircraft offers full stealth, revolutionary radar and sensor capabilities, dual air-air and air-ground SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) excellence, the ability to cruise […]

RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) Systems: Contracts & Events

Mk-44 firing RAM (click to view full) The Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) MK-31 guided missile weapon system is co-developed and co-produced under a NATO cooperative program between the United States and German governments to provide a small, all-weather, low-cost self-defense system against aircraft and cruise missiles. Show More Summary

By The Mouths Of How Many Witnesses?

When we discussed what I called the unbiblical idea that exculpatory evidence is excluded from the court because it’s “hearsay” evidence, it occurred to me that we could add more discussion to this.  From R. J. Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law, pages 566 -567. The Biblical law of testimony does not permit torture or […]

Jeff Quinn Reviews The CMMG .45 ACP Carbine

Watch in the coming weeks.  You may see another picture of a CMMG.45 gun, with a slightly different barrel length.

Where Is Open Carry In South Carolina Legislative Priorities?

The State: Four months isn’t enough time to get all the state’s business done. When South Carolina lawmakers wrapped the 2017 legislative session in May, they had approved a plan to fix the state’s dilapidated roads, including a higher gas tax, and shored up the state’s pension system. But some bills didn’t reach the finish […]

Civilians Don’t Need AR-15s

The Herald-Tribune: In 1949, the Soviet armed forces put a new, deadly assault rifle into general use, the AK-47. The Mikhail Kalashnikov design was soon disseminated around the world as a cheap, effective, durable military and police weapon. America’s answer came fewer than 10 years later in a modification of the AR-10, a selective fire […]

U.N. “Peacekeepers” In Chicago?

David Codrea: “Cook Commissioner Richard Boykin … flew to New York on Thursday to discuss what he described as a ‘quiet genocide’ in Chicago’s black community with the U.N.’s assistant secretary-general for peacebuilding support, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco,” The Chicago Tribune reports. Show More Summary

Current Events In The Annals Of Population Replacement

World Net Daily: The so-called “Trump effect” at the U.S. southern border is becoming a bygone memory as border agents are again being overwhelmed by foreign nationals of all stripes seeking asylum. It’s no secret the number of apprehensions fell sharply in the first three months of President Trump’s administration, bottoming out in April as […]

Tea Leaves And SWAT Raids

US News: WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A federal trial that begins Monday will focus on whether police lied about the results of tests on discarded tea leaves found in a Kansas couple’s trash to get a search warrant ahead of a SWAT-style raid on their home in search of marijuana. Robert and Adlynn Harte are […]

Thomas Norman; phony SEAL

Our partners at Military Phonies share with us their work on this Thomas Norman fellow. Apparently, he tried to join some stolen valor communities, hiding in plain sight, as it were, pretending to be a SEAL that served in Vietnam and suffers in silence. That backfired; The problem with pretending to be a Vietnam Veteran […]

Ben Franklin III; phony SEAL

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Benjamin Earl Franklin III who claims to be a former Navy SEAL and he pretends that as a Brigadier General in the North Carolina State Guard, he’s been called to active duty for deployments to the War Against Terror. That’s his Trident on the blurry screen shot […]

SFPD takes a “Bazooka” off the streets

Apparently, the San Francisco Police Department didn’t learn anything from their brothers in Los Angeles when they paid good taxpayer money for another fiberglass inert rocket launcher tube this weekend; A community leader believes San Francisco took a big step toward being less violent with the event. “We got a bazooka off the street. We […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

From Lexington, Kentucky; Officials say a woman in her 40s was home alone when a woman in her 20s came banging on her door, eventually breaking through a window. Police say the homeowner fired a shot at the intruder. The woman was taken to UK Hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening, and will likely […]

Texas and the Road to Secession

Texas has always embodied a fierce sense of independence that goes back to times before westerners settled it. Its rural and vast lands served as a home to tribal natives that valued their independence and typically resisted any... Read More

The Road to Annexation: Foreign Policy & The Quest for Recognition In the Republic of Texas

The history of Texas is well-documented in various forms and fashions. Texas independence is a frequent subject of research for historians due to the peculiar and unique nature of its path to statehood. Texas is the only state that was once its own country and it is also the only state that was annexed as such. Show More Summary

Dan Crenshaw, SEAL for Congress

The folks at Connecting Vets sent us a link to their bio of Dan Crenshaw, a real former SEAL officer who is running for Congress in Texas’ 2nd district. He lost his right eye in an IED attack in Afghanistan in 2012, but that hasn’t slowed him down; Under the spotlight that comes along with […]

Iraq relieves prison overcrowding

Mick sends us a link to Fox News which reports that Iraq executed 38 convicted ISIS and al Qaeda militants by hanging them from their necks at a prison in the southern Iraqi city of Nassiriya; Iraq’s justice ministry said all of the executed militants were members of ISIS and their appeal options were exhausted. […]

Drone collided with Black Hawk helicopter

David sends us a link to Reuters which reports on a collision between a hobbyist’s DJI Phantom 4 drone and a US Army UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter near Staten Island, New York while the Army aircraft was involved in security operations for the United Nations General Assembly; The helicopter landed safely but a 1 1/2–inch […]

Max William “Chip” Bayless; phony soldier

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Max William “Chip” Bayles. He’s been busy making a reputation for himself for being an expert in the area of personal security and contract paramilitary issues. He hasn’t been very successful in that regard. A number of complaints have been issued in RipOff Report; His latest endeavor […]

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