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Ralph Peters Does Gun Control: Hey Ralph, I Always Thought You Were A Crackpot And Liar

NYP: What enables this dictatorship of the caliber-iat? A spineless Congress that puts re-election ahead of children’s lives, safe schools and the right to safety of law-abiding citizens. The irony is that, if only members of Congress banded together against the NRA, they’d quickly find that the emperor-for-life has not only no hunting clothes but […]

Peter Toth sentenced

According to our partners at Stolen Valour-Canada, Peter Toth who was pretending to be a US Marine in a classroom last year, was in a Canadian courtroom today and convicted of violating two (of three) counts of section 419 of the Criminal Code of Canada, “Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates”. He was awarded […]

Final cure for Type 45 destroyer propulsion problems announced

In a modest ceremony held on board HMS Diamond in Portsmouth today, BAE Systems, BMT Defence Services and Cammell Laird […]

Risks or rewards? The Royal Navy in the South China Sea

HMS Sutherland, currently in Australia and on a tour of the Western Pacific, will conduct a Freedom of Navigation Operation […]

Designers of Hydrogen Fuel Cells Try to Overcome the $1 mln Technology Barrier

11 hours agoIndustries / Military : Mil.Today

The breakthrough in improvement of hydrogen powerplants for drones is to be done by participants of the First Element contest starting in April 2018 sponsored by the AeroNet National Technical Initiative. A designer whose multicopter stays in the air at least 3 hours will win, the event?s sponsors told Mil.Press Today.

Busted memes

So here we are three weeks after the tragic Parkland school shooting, three weeks of getting beat over the head with gun control bullshit from the media and some other illiterate goofballs. This week’s news items aren’t going to go over well with that bunch. In Maryland, a 15-year-old shooter was put out of action […]

Austin bomber was not a military veteran

This morning I heard someone on Fox News commenting on the unpackaged meat remains of the Austin bomber say something like “He must have been in the military, how else would he know how to make a bomb?” Well, the New York Post has identified him, and he wasn’t a veteran; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott…told […]

Israel admits to 2007 Operation Orchard airstrike on Syrian nuclear reactor

Fox News reports that Israel has finally admitted to that which the world already suspected – that they were the folks who took out the Syrian nuclear reactor in the Deir el-Zour region in the mission entitled Operation Orchard – also known as Operation Outside the Box. It was conducted by F-15s and F-16s of […]

Rudolph Johnson comes home

We get the news today that Private Rudolph Johnson, a member of Company K, 3rd Battalion, 365th Infantry Regiment, 92nd Infantry Division who was killed in Italy on February 1, 1945, has come home to Arkansas. Hondo told us that his earthly remains had been identified in August. The Texarkana Gazette tells us that he […]

Trident II D5 Missile: Keeping Up with Changing Times

Trident II D5 Test Launch (click to view full) Nuclear tipped missiles were first deployed on board US submarines at the height of the Cold War in the 1960s, to deter a Soviet first strike. The deterrence theorists argued that, unlike their land-based cousins, submarine-based nuclear weapons couldn’t be taken out by a surprise first […]

Army wants THAAD and Patriot connected by 2020 | Pentagon offers F-15 lease to curb Taiwan’s talk of F-35 | Navy wants pricing on two-ship carrier buy

Americas Shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls has been asked by the US Navy for a detailed pricing on the cost of two new Ford-class aircraft carriers as the service looks to see what possible saving could be made on a multi-vessel buy. Over the last several months the Navy said it has been working to estimate the […]

Did the F-35i Adir make a secret combat debut? | India to finally call winner on MANPAD competition | Kratos’ F-35 “wingman” given US export license

Americas Kratos Defense’s Mako High Performance Jet Tactical Unmanned Aerial System has been given clearance by the US State Department, allowing for the export of the UAS to certain European and Asian Pacific partners. In a statement announcing the approval, the firm hailed the Mako as providing fighter-like performance and is designed to function as […]

LCS: The USA’s Littoral Combat Ships

Austal Team Trimaran LCS Design (click to enlarge) Exploit simplicity, numbers, the pace of technology development in electronics and robotics, and fast reconfiguration. That was the US Navy’s idea for the low-end backbone of its future surface combatant fleet. Show More Summary

Salcido canned

Gregory Salcido, the teacher at El Rancho Unified School District in Pico Rivera, California who expressed some pretty vile opinions about folks in the military has been canned by the local school board, according to Board of Education President Aurora Villon as reported by Fox News; “His comments do not reflect what we stand for, […]

Austin bomber dead

We wake up to lots of good news this morning. First off, the fellow believed to be the Austin, Texas bomber pulled the trigger on himself, according to Fox News; The suspect, identified by police early Wednesday as a 24-year old male, was killed near the motel he was traced to by authorities using surveillance […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

From Travelers Rest, South Carolina; Deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of Blue Ridge Drive near Shelton Road around 10 p.m. last night for a report of a shooting. After an initial investigation, deputies allege that 30-year-old James Michael Smith, Jr. tried to enter the home through a window and was shot […]

Infrastructure Weak

The New York Times reported last week that the Russians have been hacking into U.S.and European nuclear power plants, waterworks, and electrical grids, with the aim of sabotaging or shutting them down at will. The front-page story sparked almost no follow-up. Show More Summary

YouTube Bans Firearms Channels

Those who follow firearms, shooting, and tactical channels on YouTube know about the travails of Hickok45 on YouTube.  Venerable and old school, Hickok45 tests and comments on firearms manufacturers send him.  Sometimes he shoots his own firearms, but always, he shoots, comments and often provides history and mechanical commentary on the machines he is using.  […]

Family turns in teen with guns and bombs

In Paw Paw, Michigan, police arrested a teenager who they suspect had planned an attack on his school, according to WNDU. His parents alerted police to the cache of explosives and weapons that he had amassed; A 15-year-old student was arrested Sunday. During a search of the suspect’s home, police say they found Molotov cocktails, […]

Robert Cascella; phony SEAL

We talked about Robert Cascella a few weeks ago, when he got into a barricaded stand off with local SWAT members in Churchill, Pennsylvania. For some reason, one of his neighbors thought that Cascella was a Navy SEAL and a combat veteran. The sound of gunfire was in the air as SWAT officers tried to […]

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