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Beyond Mere Shooting Practice

Ammoland: This is another one that is different for everybody. In the beginning, I went to the range every two weeks and put a couple hundred rounds at paper targets. I also practiced dry fire in my house (with no one home, because, you know, it feels kind of silly – even though it isn’t) […]

Christian Fundamentalism Is More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorism

Chicago Maroon (from reader Mack): A leading humanist scholar stressed symbolic Bible reading and warned of the radical right at a talk on Tuesday at the Seminary Co-Op. For Catherine M. Wallace, faculty member at Northwestern’s Feinberg...Show More Summary

The Twin Cities Are Lost To Islam

UTT: After spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this:  the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the “Twin Cities” – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a […]

Textron AirLand Accelerates R&D on Scorpion Program | Huntington Ingalls Looks at Camber Corp Purchase | Leonardo-Fin Unveils Centauro II Armored Vehicle

Americas In preparation for an imminent flight of the first production model of the Scorpion light attack plane, manufacturer Textron AirLand has accelerated research & development spending on the program. The move comes as the consortium,...Show More Summary

Operational Evaluation Commences for RAF Eurofighter Typhoon Fleet Enhancements

An initial phase of enhancements to ensure that the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Eurofighter Typhoon fleet is ready to take on the role currently performed by Tornado aircraft has entered the Operational Evaluation stage. Phase 1 Enhancements Further Work (P1Eb FW) is an evolution of the current Tranche 2 Typhoon aircraft in service with the

Key Navy Base at Risk from Rising Seas: Mabus

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told an audience that Naval Station Norfolk could be endangered in coming decades by rising seas.

Clayton Donoghue; back in custody

A few months ago we wrote about Canadian Clayton Donoghue when he was arrested for wearing military awards that he never earned as well as some kiddie pr0n. Well, our Canadian friends tell us he’s about to be back in custody after he violated the terms of his parole. Guess what those conditions were; As […]

First Transgender Soldiers Seek Formal Army Recognition

Army officials said 10 soldiers have formally asked to be recognized as their new, preferred gender.

Russian Chaplains to Change Robes for Cammies

13 hours agoIndustries / Military : Mil.Today

Field uniform for military chaplains was designed in Russia?s Central Military Command (CMC). Insignia and patches were recently presented at the Military Chaplains Congress, said Igor Agafonov heading the CMC confessional relations department.

Sailor Killed in Mosul Was Attached to SEAL Team

An EOD tech killed by an ISIS bomb in Iraq on Oct. 20 had been working with a Navy SEAL team near Mosul at the time of his death.

USS Enterprise May Hold Opportunities for Shipyard That Built It

You can make out their distinctive profiles -- massive, gray, flat-topped hulls, each with an "island" bearing big-block numbers -- from miles away, such familiar sights as to be nearly taken for g...

When The Troops Cry

In mid-2008, then-Senator Barack Obama gave an interview on military and troops issues. “Precisely because I have not served in uniform, I am somebody who strongly believes I have to earn the trust of men and women in... Read More

SecAF: US Could Create Syria No-Fly Zone While Fighting ISIS

The top civilian leader of the Air Force said she believes the service could "figure out" how to create a no-fly zone over Syria.

Taliban's Onslaught Across Afghanistan Draws Increased US Air Power

More than 700 U.S. airstrikes have been carried out this year against the militants, twice as many as last year.

Air Force Studying Ohio State Football Players to Aid Special Forces

Reports track biometric data like physical exertion and heart rate. The info is used to set workload and recovery plans.

DoD School to Let Transgender Student Use Girls' Restroom

The Department of Defense reversed itself and will allow a U.S. service member's transgender daughter to use the girl's restroom.

WWII Pilot, 101, Gets Last Flight in His 'Godsend' P-38

A vintage aircraft clawed through the air followed by two chase planes, one carrying a 101-year-old pilot.

Air Force Studies Show Danger of Foam that Contaminated Water

The Air Force ignored decades of warnings in continuing to use a chemical-laden firefighting foam.

Tom Hayden dead

The author of the 1962 manifesto Port Huron Statement, the second Mrs. Jane Fonda, founder of the misnamed Students for a Democratic Society and California Democrat Congressman has died. I was taught that if you can’t say anything good about the dead, you shouldn’t say anything at all. In that spirit…..

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