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Second LM T-50A Takes Maiden Flight | UAE First in ME to Operate RIM-116 RAM | Russia’s T-90MS Ready for Export and in Talks at IDEX

Americas Lockheed Martin’s second T-50A jet trainer has made its maiden flight. The trainer, based on the T-50, has been designed to bridge the gap between 4th- and 5th-generation fighter jet technology, and is being entered into the USAF’s T-X trainer competition to replace the service’s fleet of aging Northrop Grumman T-38 Talon aircraft. Lockheed […]

McMaster Would Need Trump's OK to Bump Bannon from NSC

McMaster has "full authority" over who sits on the National Security Council but would need presidential approval to bump Bannon.

Federal Hiring Freeze Suspends Some Army Child Care Programs

A federal civilian hiring freeze ordered by President Trump has forced at least two Army bases to indefinitely suspend some child care programs.

Can someone help me find where this Dog Tag should go?

Someone found a dog tag at a flea market or something of that nature in Michigan, and would like to get it back to whoever it belonged to. I know we have some amateur historians, anyway you could help? This is what the dogtag reads: CLIFFORD GEORGE SUMMERFIELD 946-97-91 USNR-B T-3-45-P

Fort Hood Soldier from Massachusetts Dies in Iraq

The Pentagon on Tuesday said the death Monday 21-year-old Pfc. Brian Odiorne was not combat related.

PFC Brian. P. Odiorne; Army identifies casualty

The Department of Defense announces the passing of Private First Class Brian. P. Odiorne; Pfc. Brian. P. Odiorne, 21, of Ware, Massachusetts died Feb. 20, in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, from a non-combat related incident. The incident is under investigation. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, […]

Right on Cue

Swedish authorities arrested a man in the predominantly immigrant Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby on drug charges yesterday. A riot then began. I hope the POTUS has the good taste not to smirk too much when he says, “I told you so” at his next press conference.

Barwan faces more charges

Last month, we told you how TAH contributed to the arrest of Kyle Barwan and the hits keep coming for the karma-impaired liar, according to WFLA; Polk County Sheriff’s deputies filed additional charges of soliciting funds/misrepresenting military service and tampering with a witness against Polk County Jail inmate Kyle Barwan. Barwan was arrested on Jan. […]

Pres. Trump Chooses Science Advisor

  I’ve been waiting to find out who will be Pres. Trump’s science adviser. It appears to be physicist Dr. William Happer, a physicist currently teaching at Princeont University, and former Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science from 1991–1993. He’s no slouch as a scientist. His work for the Air Force […]

White House: New National Security Adviser Can Run His Own Show

Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster is taking his go-against-the-grain reputation as an independent thinker to the White House.

Air Force One Crewmen Share Stories at Air Force Museum

Charles Palmer crisscrossed continents and flew to dozens of countries aboard Air Force One.

Major Work Period Begins on USS John C. Stennis

USS John C. Stennis sailors began the largest work package for a CVN-class aircraft carrier in a six-month period.

Vet’s stolen medals recovered

Mike Pomeroy left his home during the Oroville Dam spillway emergency last week. In his absence, thieves broke into his home and they stole his medals. Several of you sent us links when it happened. Well, the medals have been recovered and the thieves arrested, according to Fox News; Police had been keeping track and […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

Do your own damn homework, a-hole How is it moral to extort someone else’s labor for your benefit? You’re stupid and white Return of Sanders Claus Here we go with the immigrant stories again We don’t need no education When’s that Calexit thing again? Again with the treason crap Darth Chaffetz, your new Sith Lord […]

Tuesday morning feel good stories

Jon Tyson Goodlow married a woman last October and they were divorced soon afterward. He tracked her down and tried to win her back by beating her current man in Paris, Tennessee; He located his estranged wife’s car at the home with the help of a tracking device — a cellular phone that had been […]

Strong Global Demand for Bushmaster Cannons and Medium-Caliber Ammunition

Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, announced today that the company has booked approximately $600 million in orders during the past three months for the company’s medium-caliber cannons and related munitions. These orders were placed by multiple customers who have contracted for the popular MK44 and M230 link-fed Bushmaster®

Remington Recalls Yet Another Batch Of Rifles With Faulty Triggers From the Remington site, this. WARNING: STOP USING YOUR RIFLE. Any unintended discharge has the potential for causing injury or death. Immediately stop using your rifle until Remington can inspect it to determine if the XMP trigger has excess bonding agent used in the assembly process, which could cause an unintentional discharge and, if […]

Former “Red Team Planner” On Considerations For You To Ponder

David Codrea gives us the background, and then embeds a video.  I won’t bother to embed the same video since you can go to Oath Keepers or WRSA to get it. For the record, I don’t know if the voice you hear is the legitimate author of this discussion or not.  It might be someone […]

Poland launches new tender for military choppers

Poland on Monday formally launched a tender for 16 military helicopters following months of talks with aeronautics rivals Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Leonardo-Finmeccanica. The defence ministry began the talks in October after calling off formal negotiations with France’s Airbus to buy 50 of its Caracal helicopters for several billion euros (dollars) in a move that

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