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CNO Takes Blame for Deadly Destroyer Collisions: 'I Own This'

The chief of naval operations blamed a failure of command for deadly collisions aboard the destroyers Fitzgerald and McCain.

CTF-70 Commander fired

Commander Task Force-70 reports that Rear Admiral Charles Williams has been fired from his assignment as commander of the Carrier Task Force along with Captain Jeffrey Bennett, commander of the Destroyer Squadron – 15 (DESRON-15) because Vice Admiral Phil Sawyer, commander of U.S. Seventh Fleet says that he’s lost confidence in their ability to commander. […]

President Trump wants a military parade

Chief Tango sends us a link to the Washington Post which reports that the president’s visit to France’s Bastille Day parade which showcased France’s military might has influenced Trump to inquire to his military chiefs to organize a military-style parade on Pennsylvania Avenue. On Monday, seated next to Macron, he boasted about the levels of […]

Manning not a traitor

The fellow who was named Bradley Manning when he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for trading away our government’s documents while he was entrusted with keeping secrets claims that he is not an “American traitor” according to Stars & Stripes; Manning made the remarks at a conference in Nantucket that was one of […]

Rocket Man

Photo: USS Abraham Lincoln/USNAV Well, well, well. I knew that fat little toad was pushy and somewhat clever, and I also knew that his rapidly-promoted Kim Jong Sik was the genius behind improving the rocket science program. But the more recent news was that ND:tBF was using mostly solid fuel engines because they are easier […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

POW McCain – Not a hero Ramblin’ man 7th inning stretch The good news is that Europe is only a Delta flight away Liz, Bernie and Kirsten …since his name isn’t Clinton Butthurt Journalism Dindu Nuffins Dis Sanders You will be made to care Tap dancing “You can keep your doctor” Let. It. Go. Party […]

Gerald Fairman; phony SEAL

Once again, our partners at Military Phonies send thier work on a phony SEAL, this Gerald Fairman fellow. He’s also the Post Commander of American Legion Post 183 in Fern Park, Florida. You can see from his ribbon rack that he not only claims that he’s a SEAL, but also that he was wounded in […]

Tuesday morning feel good stories

From Backus, Minnesota; The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a suspect who was shot at after breaking into a home in rural Backus, Minn., Sunday night. According to a news release, deputies received a report of the intruder at about 11:18 p.m. Sunday. The suspect had entered the home, about 60 miles south […]

Fort Bragg's Wounded Warriors Compete in Warrior Games Trials

This week, 11 of Fort Bragg's wounded warriors and veterans are competing in the local Warrior Games trials.

Navy SEAL Ryan Owens' Dog Tags Missing from Memorial

Dog tags from a fallen U.S. Navy SEAL from Chillicothe went missing over the weekend, says the city's police chief.

Sustaining Royal Navy manpower – the greatest challenge

Despite his usual upbeat tone, the First Sea Lord recently admitted the RN still faces manpower challenges. Here we look […]

Guns And Torts

Via Eugene Volokh. Like Secretary Clinton, the supporters of the bills put before Congress to repeal PLCAA argue that no other industry enjoys the legal shield that the gun industry does — giving as counter-examples firms such as auto companies, pharmaceutical drug companies and even tobacco companies. They are right to some extent …. [But] […]

The NRA’s Idea Of Recreation: Assault Rifles, Armor-Piercing Bullets And Silencers

Dana Milbank: The days are growing colder, and soon millions of American hunters will pursue a time-honored tradition. They will load their automatic weapons with armor-piercing bullets, strap on silencers, head off to the picnic grounds on nearby public lakes — and start shooting. If you do not immediately recognize this pastime as part of […]

Approaches To Islam

NR: “A propensity to violence is embedded in the core principles of Islam,” he writes, demonstrating how this propensity repeats down the centuries and across borders. Every time and everywhere the violence is a phenomenon of the faith, not a reaction to poverty or to some wickedness supposedly imposed by outsiders and unbelievers such as, […]

The Fostech Origin 12

Would The Alaskan say this is enough 12 gauge for a grizzly?

Northrop Grumman to buy space firm Orbital for $9.2 bn

US defense group Northrop Grumman will buy out the rocket and missile maker Orbital ATK in a deal worth $9.2 billion, the firms said on Monday. The announcement comes around two weeks after industrial conglomerate United Technologies acquired aerospace supplier Rockwell Collins in a $30 billion deal. “Northrop Grumman will acquire Orbital ATK for approximately

US Senate passes $700 bn defense spending bill

The US Senate overwhelmingly authorized $700 billion in defense spending Monday, a substantial increase over 2017 funding and nearly five percent more than President Donald Trump had requested. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 allows for increased spending on new F-35 fighter jets, ships and M1 Abrams tanks, raises military pay by 2.1 percent

Qatar Signs LOI for 24 Eurofighter Typhoon Jets

Today the Defence Secretary has welcomed Qatar’s intent to proceed with the purchase of Typhoon aircraft and the further strengthening of the United Kingdom’s defence relationship with the State of Qatar. During a visit to the Gulf state today, Sir Michael Fallon and his Qatari counterpart, Khalid bin Mohammed al Attiyah, signed a Statement of

'Contested,' 'Congested' Syrian Airspace Poses Challenges: General

Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, the air war in Syria involves "multiple players," Lt. Gen. Jeff Harrigian said.

New Caliber-Armed Corvette to Become Versatile Platform for Mass Series, Designer Said

Designed by the Krylov State Scientific Center, the new advanced corvette for the Russian Navy will be a basis for several modifications of ships. The concept offered to the Navy implies seaworthiness, powerful weapons, mass production,...Show More Summary

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