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Israeli Arrow-3 Weapon System Enters Service

The Arrow Weapon System (AWS), the upper-most tier in the Israeli strategic capability, enters into a new era this morning in its defense from ballistic missiles threats. Before today, the AWS consisted of Arrow-2 interceptors, and has now added for the first time the Arrow-3 operational interceptor (made by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)/MLM). The Arrow-3

Alabama Constitutional Carry Wednesday, January 18, Senator Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) pre-filed legislation in the Alabama State Senate to allow Alabamians to lawfully carry guns without a permit. Allen’s permit less carry proposal would remove...Show More Summary

B-2 Stealth Bombers Strike ISIS Militants in Libya: Pentagon

Two B-2 Spirit stealth bombers together dropped a hundred 500-pound bombs against ISIS targets in Libya on Wednesday.

F-35 Costs Expected to Drop | Boeing-IAI Deliver First Arrow-3 to IAF | Turkey & Russia Conduct First Joint Air-Strike | Airbus Wins $2B A400M Buy from Indonesia

Americas Investors and traders looking to avoid/gain from the stock market turmoil caused by US President Donald Trump have a new best friend: an app that will generate trading alerts for shares based on comments made by the man on social media. Tweets sent by Trump in December, criticizing big ticket defense programs such the […]

Swiss Spend $$ on Updating Master Radars to keep FLORAKO Running

ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) received $120 million in contracts from the Swiss defense procurement agency, ARMASUISSE, to provide the Swiss Air Force with advanced Link-16 connectivity for their fighter aircraft. The funding represents a continuation of work by TRS on the FLORAKO command and control program. Phase VII will add voice and data transmission over an encrypted […]

Army Picks Sig Sauer to Replace M9 Service Pistol

The U.S. Army on Thursday awarded Sig Sauer a contract worth $580 million to make the service's next service pistol.

Trump Sweeps into Washington with a Wave And a Salute

Trump gave a salute to an Air Force officer, and later placed a wreath at Arlington Cemetery.

It’s Thursday – Recipe Day

Last one of the day, I promise, and with the weekend coming up, it may or may not be a weekend to be indoors. So I”m suggesting that you post a favorite recipe that is filling, flavorful, good for cold weather and can feed several people, requires no real cleanup, and uses simple ingredients. Mine […]

Manning’s sentence commuted

The President released a list of folks that he intended to pardon for their prison sentences. The list unsurprisingly included Bradley Manning, the soon-to-be man with a woman’s name and with male chromosomes. Manning admitted that he turned over 700 thousands of classified documents that he purloined from government computers while he was stationed in […]

Eight Airmen to Receive Valor Medal Upgrades

Eight airmen will receive some of the Air Force's highest valor medals after a review of awards from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Banning Manning and Freeing the FALN Guy

Well, now, it really is Good News Week.  The Platoon Sergeant appears to be fighting the Good Fight and good news has appeared on the horizon, as follows. As a great many people had speculated on what would happened to Mr. Manning, once he’s released from Ft. Leavenworth (or wherever he’s sitting on his bony […]

Ted Lieu refuses to attend Inauguration

KABC7 report that Ted Lieu, who represents California’s 33rd District in Los Angeles County, joins 60 other Democrats who are refusing to participate or attend the Inauguration this week; In a statement, he said it was a personal decision and that he doesn’t dispute Trump’s presidency. “Trump – who lost the popular vote – made […]

Jean Kerry revisits scene of crime

VN Express and other news sources are reporting that Jean Fraud Kerry has returned to the Mekong Delta, ostensibly on a trade mission (yeah right with only days remaining in office), but far more likely to revisit the scene of the war crime he tried to perpetrate against the American people when the criminal Democrats […]

Thursday Open Thread (Temp)

Putting another Open Thread here until Platoon Sergeant returns to duty station.  The flowers are for him, just in case he thinks anyone forgot to send him some.  

Thursday Morning Feel Good Stories

I see that the Platoon Sergeant has been busy ferreting out the whats, whys, wants and warrants on one of the better-known rascals in the AO of This Ain’t Hell, so the following is the regular Morning Feel Good stuff, courtesy of one Dave Hardin. (There can be Only One!)  Enjoy it, and if you have […]

Kennedy Plane Exhibit Closing at Air Force Museum for Upgrades

One of the most popular and iconic planes in the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force will temporarily close to public tours.

Navy Pilots Recovering After Crash Near Mississippi Airfield

Two U.S. Navy pilots are recovering after their jet crashed on a training flight near a Mississippi military base airfield.

US B-2 Bombers Strike Islamic State Camps in Libya

U.S. Air Force B-2 bombers attacked Islamic State military camps in Libya in a move aimed at eliminating extremists.

Daniel A. Bernath

Daniel A. Bernath, came to the military community’s attention when someone noticed that he had declared himself to be a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, claiming that he had been honorarily promoted by the National Association of Naval Photographers (NANP) to that rank. The NANP replied that they never bestowed that rank on anyone […]

One Year After Open Carry In Texas, How Is It Working Out?

We know it’s working out just fine.  That’s not what we learn from this most recent report.  The cited article is from “Everything Lubbock,” and what we learn from their LEOs is important and interesting. Assistant Chief Jon Caspell with Lubbock Police recalls similar “buzz” about the law and questions for the police department. “There […]

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