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Weekend open thread

So, here’s your weekend thread. Have fun.

Army Pays Woman $820,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Case

The Army has paid $820,000 to settle a lawsuit by a former military police trainee who says she was fired after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor, defense lawyers said Wednesday.

Girl Pleads Guilty to Plotting Mom's Death with Soldier Beau

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl accused of plotting with her soldier boyfriend to kill her mother pleaded guilty Thursday in a deal with prosecutors.

Air Force Removes Top Weapons Buyer for Not Disclosing Northrop Tie

The U.S. Air Force has removed its top weapons buyer for failing to disclose a financial connection to defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp.

Bergdahl Court-Martial On Hold

It appears that Bergdahl’s court-martial is now on hold. Bergdahl is facing court-martial for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.  His defense team has asserted that they need access to certain classified materials to defend Bergdhal.  The prosecution disputes this. Show More Summary

Carl Reiner talks with Conan about his WWII service

I guess that I grew up on Carl Reiner’s comedy, or at least the comedy that he influenced, so I feel fortunate that our friends at the Conan Show sent us this link to an interview that he did with Conan talking about his service in the Army towards the end of the Second World […]

Reginald Jeff Daley the phony SF Vietnam veteran

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Reginald Jeffrey Daley. He claims that he worked in Vietnam for two tours with Special Forces. Daley writes about his experiences in Vietnam on Rally Point He tells about his military career on his LinkedIn page; he claims these awards on his own website; As it turns […]

An Interesting Case – and Dilemma

I’m serious about the title. And I’ll admit I’m somewhat torn on this one. Decades ago, Otto Macias left Cuba. He came to the US, then enlisted in the Army. Macias fought in Vietnam. He returned from Vietnam in 1969, allegedly “broken and suffering from PTSD and schizophrenia” per his family.  It appears he really […]

3D Print a Russian Tank!

The Russian defense industry has been using 3D printing technology to create prototype components for the T-14 main battle tank and the rest of the Armata family of combat vehicles. Eventually, Russian industry hopes to be able to build production standard tank components for the Armata and other armored vehicles....

Radio Kul Broadcasts for a Free Syria

Working in media, it’s hard to imagine watching everything you say for fear the government will come after you. But that’s what it’s like inside Syrian state media, according to Mohamad Al Barodi, who once worked at a regime-controlled news station. His editors reported to the intelligence services. On T.V., “you can’t deviate from the...

Air Force Thunderbird Visits Robins Ahead of Show

An Air Force Thunderbird landed at Robins on Thursday in preparation for the upcoming air show in October. Maj. Scott Petz flew the distinctive red, white and blue F-16 jet around the base a few t...

Navy Medicine Issues Zika Virus Infection Guidance

Navy Medicine released Zika Virus Infection guidance in NAVADMIN 032/16, Feb. 10, communicating force health protection measures and travel precautions to Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

Arland Moss; phony SEAL

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on this Arland Moss fellow. His career as a SEAL is based on attractive ribbons, apparently, because the 53 year old displays medals from Vietnam and from before the Second World War as well as a SEAL Medal; Well, the truth is that no one can […]

Today’s shocker; women oppose being required to register for the draft

The Hill reports that Rasmussen Reports took a poll and found that 52% of women oppose being forced to register for the Selective Service. But 61% of men said that it’s only fair. Voters in surveys for years have supported women in the military being allowed to fight on the front lines and perform all […]

West Point Cadets Go Online, Undercover to Fight ISIS

A team of West Point cadets has found a better use for social media than posting selfies and 140-character witticisms: going undercover and online to steer young Muslims away from terrorist recruiters.

560 Shells, Bottles of Mustard Agent Destroyed in Colorado

U.S. Army officials say 560 shells and bottles containing mustard agent have been destroyed in the first round of a project to eliminate the nation's largest remaining stockpile of the chemical.

Tuskegee Pilot Fought Prejudice and the Enemy During 30-year Career

Early in George E. Hardy's military career, when he was flying strafing flights over war-torn Europe, the 90-year-old retired lieutenant colonel also fought an enemy that wore the same uniform as him.

Streamlining Declassification: Imagery and Image Products

A 2014 memorandum from Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, released this week under the Freedom of Information Act, drew a new distinction between intelligence satellite images and the intelligence products that are derived from those images. Show More Summary

“Notwithstanding Any Other Provision of Law,” and More from CRS

The phrase “notwithstanding any other provision of law” has already appeared in bills introduced in the current Congress more than 600 times, according to a new analysis from the Congressional Research Service. “Does the presence ofShow More Summary

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