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Thursday morning feel good stories

Jon the Mechanic and HMC Ret send us a link this morning about an incident in Coos Bay, Oregon where three 14-year-old boys called the police about their attempted burglary. It seems that the homeowner caught them in the act and held them at gunpoint while they made the call to authorities. Also rounded up […]

US Defense Secretary Calls for Faster Technology Development

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on Wednesday that a naval facility in Rhode Island is doing what the entire Defense Department should do: develop technology more quickly.

Guard Association Slams Army Investigation of Recruitment Fraud

The National Guard Association is criticizing as "shameful" an Army investigation into a fraudulent recruitment program recently investigated by the CBS News program "60 Minutes."

Pakistan Selects the AW139 Helicopters for SAR Role

ROME: Leonardo-Finmeccanica announced today that Government of Pakistan has signed a contract for an undisclosed number of AgustaWestland AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopters. The signing was held in Islamabad in presence of the H.E. Show More Summary

Pentagon Admits No F-35 IOT&E Until 2018 | USS John Paul Jones Validates Aegis MRBM Tracking | Chinese Not Keen on US Supplying Tomahawks to Japan

Americas It may have been coming for some time, but the Pentagon has finally admitted that the F-35 will not be cleared for full rate production until 2018. Frank Kendell, the program’s chief weapons tester, had been warning of delays for some time; however, it had been maintained by some that the jet’s initial operational […]

Navy Probes 'Discrepancies' in SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle's Medal Claims

The probe comes in the wake of a story that highlights Navy documents showing Kyle earned only one Silver and three Bronze Stars.

Chris Kyle’s records questioned

The Intercept, Glen Greenwald’s attempt at journalism, has, for some reason, entered the Stolen Valor realm, digging into Chris Kyle’s records. They seem to have uncovered the fact that he has fewer valor medals than he has claimed. “All told,” Kyle wrote in his book, “I would end my career as a SEAL with two […]

Jimmy Carter: Trump tapped a reservoir ‘of inherent racism’

So, this happened today – Jimmy Carter told the New York Times that “we haven’t resolved the race issue adequately” in this country since Obama became President; He said that Republican animosity toward President Obama had “a heavy racial overtone” and that Donald J. Trump’s surprisingly successful campaign for president had “tapped a waiting reservoir […]

Daughter Fights for Better VA Treatment for Father

Misdiagnoses, delays in treatment, incompetence, and lack of communication almost led to the death of Jeff Anselmo, a Vietnam veteran, family members said.

Hawaii to put gun owners’ names in a national database

Fox News reports that Hawaii is working on a law that would submit the island’s gun owners names to the FBI to be entered in the agency’s database so that if a resident is arrested any where in the country, local law enforcement will be notified; Even though other states don’t enter gun owners in […]

Riots in Albuquerque

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, folks got their panties wadded up over Americans speaking their minds and turned to rioting at a Donald Trump rally, according to Fox News; Hours after Trump and some 4,000 of his supporters left the Albuquerque Convention Center, approximately 100 demonstrators remained in downtown. Smoke grenades were used in an effort […]

Craig Carroll; phony Vietnam Marine veteran

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Craig Lee Carroll lately from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Folks in the Appomattox, Virginia area were curious about him ten years ago when he tried to join the VFW in the Virginia area, but he couldn’t produce a DD214 discharge certificate. Apparently, he’d been telling folks that, aside from […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

A plethora of stories this morning; Tom sends us a link to a story that happened in Detroit, Michigan where Daniel McNamara and his wife were being held at gunpoint in their home by two thieves. He had a gun stashed near where they were being held by the pair, but a sudden move might […]

Russia: US Military Flight in Sea of Japan Was a Safety Risk

Russia's Defense Ministry has spelled out why it believes a U.S. reconnaissance flight over the Sea of Japan was a safety risk.

Hurlburt Service Member Helps Save Woman from Potential Kidnapper

If you drive on or around Hurlburt Field, chances are you've seen some cars sporting a magnetic green dot.

Historic Naval Weapon Finds its Way from USS Missouri to First State

Decades ago, a stroll along the seashore off Cape Henlopen might have netted the casual visitor a trip to a military brig. Things are different now.

Womack Clinic Renamed for World War II Silver Star Recipient

In the weeks and months before Tuesday's ceremony to rename the Troop and Family Medical Clinic on Fort Bragg, officials with Womack Army Medical Center searched for the family of Pvt. Kelly W. Byars.

That gun debate thing again

The Washington Post has decided that we need to reinvigorate the the gun debate. Now, they’re wringing their hands over that fact that a five-year-old girl, Haley Moore, of LaPlace, Louisiana, got a hold of her father’s handgun and killed herself the other day. Apparently, her father went to take a shower and didn’t put […]

Tit for Tat

I and the public know What all schoolchildren learn, Those to whom evil is done Do evil in return --September 1, 1939, W. H. Auden ______________________ Everyone is in agreement that ISIS must be destroyed. Everyone except Ranger.To be clear, this is no apologia for the Islamic State. Show More Summary

Beale Airman Arrested in Child Sex Sting

A Beale Air Force Base airman was arrested Monday in a Sutter County District Attorney's child sex sting operation.

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