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Congressman Says Defense Bill Helps Robins Air Force Base

The House Armed Services Committee on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a defense policy bill that is good for Robins Air Force Base, said U.S. Rep. Austin Scott.

Jacksonville Avionics Tech Travels with Blue Angels

When Sgt. Adrienne Castillo woke up at 3 a.m. on Thursday, she anticipated the long day ahead, preparing avionics for The Blue Angels on the eve of the Cherry Point Air Show this weekend.

Senator Pushing Army to Make Plans for Pope Runway Extension

A North Carolina senator wants the Army to explain how and when it will extend the runway at Fort Bragg's Pope Field.

James Nieder; political career ends with medal lies

Someone sent us this story yesterday about James Nieder, a city counsel candidate and a parks department employee of Hampton Roads, Virginia who a few days ago, told a Hampton Youth Commission forum that he’d earned a Purple Heart in Grenada in 1983. A week later, he was admitting to journalists that no, he didn’t […]

Friday morning feel good stories

Two folks who were taking care of their mother’s empty unoccupied home, in Salt Lake City, Utah were tired of having the place torn up by thieves, so they laid in wait for the criminals. They were rewarded when two showed up in the dwelling. The victims ordered the pair to lay down and wait […]

Army Retains SFC Martland

Jonn and I have written previously about SFC Charles Martland and the attempt by the Army to separate him for “assaulting” a child-rapist in Afghanistan.  The earlier articles can be found here, here, here, and here. According to Fox News, the Army yesterday changed its mind. They have now opted to retain SFC Martland vice […]

USS Scranton Commanders to Visit Namesake City

The USS Scranton is known in Navy circles as the Iron Horse.

New Criminal Charges Filed Against Ex-Naval Academy Teacher

The military has reportedly filed two new criminal charges Thursday against a former U.S. Naval Academy instructor who insisted he had been unfairly convicted of sexual misconduct with two female midshipmen.

US Citizenship Clears Way for Potential West Point Appointment

Zachary Yearwood had everything he needed to be appointed to a 4-year term at the United States Military Academy at West Point -- almost.

Breedlove: EUCOM Must Get Back to War Planning

U.S. European Command's Gen. Philip Breedlove says the military here needs to get back to the business of war planning, a skill lost during the post-Cold War era and one needed again in the face of a resurgent Russia.

Fort Bragg MPs Continue Investigation of Special Forces 'Squatter'

The civilian who grabbed a room at a Fort Bragg Special Forces barracks and lived there for months unknown to the command is now on the run from a rash of unrelated civilian felony charges.

Army Reverses Decision to Kick Out Green Beret Who Confronted Rapist

The Army decided to retain a decorated Green Beret who physically confronted an Afghan commander accused of raping a boy.

Mandating Smart Guns

Smart ass Ron Conway is banking on your stupidity. In the 2012 movie Skyfall, James Bond brandishes his trusty sidearm, but with a high-tech twist: There’s a sensor in the grip that reads palm prints so only he can fire it. The souped-up firearm saves the secret agent’s life, and in the real world, similar […]

Time is Not on Our Side

A little over a week ago, a bomb rocked the city of Kabul.  As of April 25th, 64 are dead and over 300 were injured.  Despite the fact that the target of the attacks was a security team that protects government VIPs, the majority of the victims are reportedly women and children. In response to […]

Upgrade to Navy COOL Mobile App

Advancement exam bibliographies added to app, allowing sailors to access training materials anytime, anywhere - without a CAC card

Mission Impossible

--The bloom's off the rose His stop-loss odyssey went Kabul, morphine, Ramstein, Stateside, and back—round-robin desert wrestling, tag out, tag in --Welcome Home, Troops! Amit Majmudar Cause I gonna make you see There's nobody else here...Show More Summary

Will a Trump win grow a spine in Republican leaders?

Donald Trump appeals to a large segment of American conservatives because he is exploiting a weakness they have long recognized and grown increasingly angry over as the condition worsens. Republican Party leadership, especially in Congress, are a craven bunch who so fear the liberal media and the tyranny of political correctness that they have allowed […]

“And the Hits Just Keep On Coming” . . . for the VA

We all know that the VA has serious problems.  But this appears to be a new – and disgusting – issue that hasn’t previously surfaced.   Maybe you want to wait until well after lunch before reading the linked story from Fox. Whistleblower: Cockroaches served in food at Chicago-area VA hospital In this case, the “whistleblower” […]

US Airmen Support Earthquake Relief Efforts in Ecuador

The United States deployed 12 airmen to Ecuador this week to support ongoing relief efforts for victims of the earthquake that struck the country April 16.

Alleged Civilian Found in Fort Bragg Barracks Misses Court Date

Triston Marquell Chase, allegedly the civilian found living at Fort Bragg last year, did not appear in court Tuesday morning on six felony charges.

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