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More Comedy from the 9th Circus

Well, the      gang of fools called the Ninth Circus Clowns of Unreal       “august body” called the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals out on the Left Coast has given us all some new comic relief. It seems that a 5-member panel of that       clown Krewe      group of distinguished jurists has decided that it’s OK to be […]

Friday morning feel good stories

Our first stop on our tour of American towns that are marginally safer this morning is Pennsylvania where criminals are having trouble picking out prospective victims; Police say after work, the officer was walking his dog when the suspect approached the officer from behind. The officer then drew his weapon when he saw the suspect […]

Best War Movies of All Time

Over at the Telegraph they have selected the best war movies of all time.  I don’t disagree with any, although there are a couple I would add, to include In Harms Way and Lawrence of Arabia.  Of those on the list I am torn between Zulu and the Bridge Over the River Kwai as being the best. Show More Summary

Iranian ships bound for Yemen turn around

The Jerusalem Post says: Iranian ships previously bound for Yemen appear to have turned around back to port.

Russian hackers infiltrated Pentagon network: US

Russian hackers were able to access an unclassified Pentagon computer network earlier this year, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Thursday. “We quickly identified the compromise and had a team of incident responders hunting down the intruders within 24 […]

US drone war under scrutiny after botched strike

President Barack Obama’s admission that a US drone strike accidentally took the lives of two hostages has raised fresh questions about the limits and the risks of the country’s “targeted killing” campaign. Since taking office in 2009, Obama has relied […]

Exelis launches airspace surveillance and sense-and-avoid tool for UAVs

Exelis has launched its first airspace situational awareness tool designed specifically for unmanned aerial system (UAS), drone operations in the US. Symphony® RangeVue™ puts real-time Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) surveillance data, flexible background maps and weather information in the hands […]

If NATO Were A Computer OS It Would Probably Crash

In an article published yesterday in the European edition of Politico, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret.) attempts to make the case for a new NATO. To freshen up the idea, Admiral Stavridis asks the […]

US Army Looks to Composites for Tougher, Lighter Armaments

The Army is on the cusp of revolutionizing materials that go into armament construction, making for stronger, lighter and more durable weapons, Dr. Andrew Littlefield said. The key to this revolution is composite materials, said Littlefield, who is a mechanical […]

China’s Expanding African Relations: Implications for U.S. National Security

China’s rapidly increasing involvement in Africa has fed fears of renewed geopolitical competition with the United States, but the reality is more complicated and nuanced, according to a new RAND Corporation study. Activities by China in Africa have increased dramatically […]

Indian, French Naval Exercise Varuna Commences at Goa

The fourteenth (14th) edition of Indo-French naval exercise (VARUNA) started with the arrival of four French naval ships at Goa today. Representing the French Navy is aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, two destroyers Chevalier Paul and Jean de Vienne, replenishment […]

Russia and Indonesia Negotiating the Deliveries of Su-35 Fighters

Indonesia is interested in purchasing the latest Russian multi-role Su-35 fighter; the negotiations have already been started, Interfax reports with reference to President of United Aircraft Corporation Yuri Slusar. “Indonesian partners show interest in purchasing the jet. The negotiations are […]

Sweden Eyes Closer Defence Ties with NATO

A new defence strategy bid set to be unveiled by the Swedish government on Friday calls for increased co-operation with Nato, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reports. Nato membership is a long-running debate in Sweden, with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s ruling […]

The Fallacy of “Mutually Assured Economic Destruction”

In an excellent War on the Rocks article last week, Eric Lorber and Jacquelyn Schneider argued that economic sanctions cannot serve as standalone deterrents against aggression by another state. They noted in particular how prospect theory...Show More Summary

Army Tests MRZR-4 Buggies | Canadians Test Domestic UAV | Italy Probes Alleged Copter Bribes | Court: India’s Rifle a Stinker Too

Americas The Army is currently evaluating Ultra Light Combat Vehicles – the Polaris MRZR-4 – with a potentially large procurement in the pipeline. This acquisition is dependent on results of the testing currently underway, with the vehicles already used by Special Operations. The Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence wants approval for a plan to procure […]

Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Stumbled across this story recently and dunno quite what to make of it. NB: I didn’t fully deploy all of  my Google-Fu skills to completely confirm the story. Every easy search looped back to this, but it appears real. The Lede: Defense Secretary: 10,400 Male Troops Subjected to ‘Unwanted Sexual Contact’ Last Year. “Defense Secretary […]

Hunter: American drone victim could have been saved

Newsmax says: American hostage Warren Weinstein, whom the White House on Thursday announced had been killed in a U.S. drone attack on an al-Qaida facility in January, should have been released as part of the Bowe Bergdahl trade, said Rep. Duncan Hunter.

Drone victim’s families to be paid

The AP says: The U.S. government intends to make payments to the families of two al-Qaida hostages that President Barack Obama says were accidentally killed in a drone strike.

Room In Gross Disorder

Apologies for light posting on my part. I’ve got a lot I’d like to comment on but less time than I need. I’m moving– only 400 yards up the street from where I live now– but since I’m doing it in phases, my rooms are in gross disorder and the connectivity is too. Show More Summary

Full of Sound and Fury

Money, it's a hit Don't give me that do goody good bullshit I'm in the high-fidelity first class traveling set And I think I need a Lear jet --Money, Pink Floyd _______________________ Another Earth Day thought from writer I.F. Stone, on the inception of the holiday. Show More Summary

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