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Nicholson Pushes Two-Year Plan to Drive Taliban to Peace Talks

The U.S. commander in Afghanistan has a two-year plan to force the Taliban into peace talks.

Air Force Identifies Pilot Killed in T-38 Crash

Capt. Paul J. Barbour, 32, died in the trainer jet crash in Texas.

Laughlin AFB Suspends Flying Operations Following T-38 Crash

Laughlin Air Force Base has temporarily suspended all flying operations through the weekend following Monday's T-38 Talon crash.

German Police: “I Am Afraid Of My Islamic Recruits”

This is another must-watch video.  What a sorry excuse for police, but the example is in a sorry excuse for a country as well, with a sorry excuse for a leader.  It’s on par with what I would expect. It seems they need to be taught Herschel’s Dictum.

Can Anybody Help Me Find My Gun?

From a reader, news from Arizona: A red-faced Arizona police chief has asked the public if they can help find his handgun after her left it in a public library. Astonishingly, Prescott Valley Police Chief Bryan Jarrell said yesterday he didn’t realize it was missing until four days later. It now appears somebody picked up […]

Betio Island 74th Anniversary

David reminds us that the battle for the Tarawa Atoll began 74 years ago yesterday on Betio Island. It’s become better known to us because of the efforts of the folks at History Flight to recover the remains of US combatants of the battle. More than 6400 Japanese, Koreans, and Americans died during the 76 […]

Town Moves Navy Officer's Loudspeaker Broadcast of Taps to Local Park

A Pennsylvania town has reached a detente over a Navy officer's broadcast of taps through loudspeakers at his home.

Phony squaw derides “racist” comments

That senior senator from Massachusetts with high cheekbones, Elizabeth Warren, took to the late night shows last night to complain about the President’s “racist” comments about her, according to the Huffington Post; Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said President Donald Trump’s attacks on her will not stop her from criticizing his administration or the Republican agenda […]

Fire Burns Navy Dental Clinic in San Diego, 4 Injured

Officials say four people are being treated for burns after a fire broke out at a dental clinic at San Diego's Navy hospital.

Tuesday morning feel good stories

From Malibu, California; Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies say all this began at about 1:45 this morning … when a homeowner found a burglar at a house up in the Ventura county section of Malibu. The homeowner tells Fox 11 news that he went outside with a handgun to confront the burglar. But there was a […]

Experts: Lost Argentinean Sub Failed to Eject Emergency Buoy

Experts questioned by Mil.Today said ARA San Juan failed to eject the Cospas-Sarsat emergency buoy and to send any distress signal.

Counterinsurgency And Stability Operations In Baltimore

Via reader David Dietz, news from Baltimore: Five days ago, Det. Sean Suiter, a married father of five and an 18-year veteran with the Baltimore Police, was patrolling the streets of West Baltimore around 5pm last Wednesday when he saw suspicious activity. Suiter approached a man and was shot point blank in the head, in […]

Noises detected in Argentine sub search disappoint

Experts ruled out Monday (Nov 20) the possibility that noise detected at sea could have come from an Argentine submarine missing with 44 people aboard, in the latest bad news to hit their relatives. “The sound footprint could not correspond to a sub’s … it may have been a noise from a living thing,” said

NAVAIR Hosts First Orientation Flight In A CH-53K King Stallion

Naval Air Systems Command and Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, hosted a ‘first of its kind’ orientation flight in the CH-53K King Stallion for Brig. Gen. Nir Nin-Nun, Israeli Air Force, Commander, Air Support and Helicopter Division, during a test flight Nov. 7. The 90-minute orientation flight included various operational maneuvers, landings and takeoffs, providing

China Says Dongfeng-41 Missile to Enter Service In Months

China’s next-generation intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) – the Dongfeng-41 – could be in the People Liberation Army’s (PLA) lineup as early as the first half of 2018. Media reports say that the Dongfeng-41 ICBM recently underwent another test, the eighth since it was first announced in 2012. The missile must have matured considerably if it

S-400 Purchase Will Restrict Turkey’s Access to NATO Technology, US Official Says

Turkey’s access to NATO technology will be restricted if it acquires Russian S-400 air defense system as the current system is not “interoperable” with Russian missiles, a senior U.S. Air Force official said Thursday. Speaking to Defense News, Heidi Grant, the deputy undersecretary of the Air Force for international affairs, said the U.S might consider

T-38 Talon Crashes in Texas, Pilot's Status Unknown

The T-38 Talon crashed at approximately 4:00 p.m. local time roughly 15 miles northwest of the base in Del Rio, Texas.

Lawmakers to Army: Don't Award Bergdahl Back Pay

One hundred lawmakers are urging the U.S. Army not to award Bowe Bergdahl any back pay -- potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars -- for his time in Taliban captivity.

Air Force Aims for Laser Weapons on a Fighter Jet By 2021

The SHiELD seeks to equip supersonic warplanes with defensive lasers mounted in external pods.

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