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Saturday morning feel good stories

From Mobile, Alabama; The alleged victims said two men forced their front door open. Police say when one of the suspects kicked in the bedroom door, he was shot. Mobile Police say 31 year-old James Key was shot in the head and shoulder. Investigators say the other suspect, 26 year-old Tony Daniel Baggett, was arrested […]

Tuskegee Airmen Recall History-Making Service, Missions

They were among the men who became the first black pilots, navigators and support personnel to serve during World War II.

Looking Back at America's Entry into the 'Great War'

Woodrow Wilson's Memorial Day 1917 call to arms was framed as an effort "to serve mankind."

Chinese Fighter Jets Buzz US Navy Surveillance Plane

Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets flew within 200 yards of a Navy P-3 Orion surveillance plane in international airspace this week.

Weekend open thread

May 26, 2017 Bearing the Load In Bangladesh, a worker in a brickyard carries stacks of bricks out from the kiln. The nation is growing rapidly, and the need for construction materials is constant. Photograph By Apu Jaman

OK, Cotton, it’s your turn…

While all of the liberal media and, unfortunately, most of the conservative media as well, have their knickers in a real twist because the Republican candidate in a special congressional election in Montana decisively knocked a mouthy Brit reporter on his ass for the sin of being a mouthy reporter. As FOX News is at […]

Before VE Day, This Soldier Wrote Home on Hitler's Stationery

The Million Letters Campaign seeks to find and preserve at least 1 million articles of correspondence from every U.S. conflict.

SEAL defends “Go to Hell, Katy Perry” comment

I guess singer Katy Perry pissed a lot of people off the other day when she Tweeted this message to her fans in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack; “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to coexist.” Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie caught some flack for his response to Ms. Perry; “Go […]

Eric Clanton; College professor arrested for attack on Trump supporter

Eric Clanton, a former professor at East Bay Community College, was arrested for the above-linked attack on a Trump supporter last month at Berkeley. According to Heat Street, he used a bicycle lock as a weapon in the assault while he was bravely wearing a mask, because that’s how the anti-fascists roll; Following footage of […]

Walmart fills military pay gap

Donald sends us a link to Walmart in which the company announced their intention to fill the gap differential for their military employees who find themselves called to active duty and taking a pay hit between the military and Walmart’s wages; Today, Walmart announced expansions to its military leave of absence policy, offering differential pay […]

Joshua Jamesray Gueary

Earlier this month, someone sent us the tragic story of Josh Gueary published in the Topeka Capitol-Journal. Josh, here, shot his brother and two laborers before turning the gun on himself – and of course, his military service was to blame; On that day, Fletcher said, Josh Gueary displayed the paranoia and edginess that friends […]

New Dedication Date Set for Navy SEAL Monument in Virginia Beach

Capt. Rick Woolard hoped the Navy SEAL monument could be dedicated Memorial Day weekend, but he'll have to wait a little longer.

Clarence Medeiros; phony tunnel rat

Someone sent us their work on this Clarence Medeiros from Hawaii. He was featured in a story in West Hawaii Today about his time in the Army; He enlisted at age 17, a natural step for someone whose male relatives had served in the armed forces. But the U.S. Army was not going to send […]

Friday morning feel good stories

From Albuquerque, New Mexico; His break-in at the shop sent a 6 a.m. alarm to Maestas’s cell phone, and he took off immediately toward the store. He was ready for anything. “I snuck in the front door so he wouldn’t hear me, and I see his foot going up the hole,” Maestas said as he […]

Some 'Silent Service' Vets Cringe at Trump's Sub Disclosure

Some veterans of the Navy's "Silent Service" are cringing at news that President Trump disclosed the whereabouts of submarines.

No Health Survey Conducted Before Pentagon Built Gitmo's Camp Justice

Ten years after the Pentagon opened its war court complex at Guantanamo, there is no agreement that Camp Justice is expeditionary.

American Guns Are Fueling The Immigration Crisis

So says Alex Yablon at The Trace. When José Luis Hernández was a boy, his hometown of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, had its share of gangs, neighborhood toughs who used knives to claim turf and settle scores. As he came of age, a new generation of criminals took over. These crews worked with international organized […]

Black Bear Attacks Bow Hunter

I’ll leave it to readers to fisk this event.  This man is blessed to be alive, as far I can tell.

The New York Heavy Trigger Pull Law

David Codrea: One might if one had zero knowledge of guns, of gun design and of defensive gun uses. Left unacknowledged are inconvenient realities like the fact that the harder the trigger pull, the more inaccurate the gun, a problem the New York Police Department (and those they shoot and/or miss) has experienced since the […]

Aircraft Carrier IMAX: Dazzling Shots and a Chilling Plea for Peace

If anything is meant to be shot in 3D, it's the Navy's warships, with jutting decks, trimaran hulls, and catapulting fighters.

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