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LM Bags $331.7M FMS for GMLRS | Russia’s MOD Looks to Buy First Mil Mi-38 Helos | US Arms Embargo Lifted from Vietnam

Americas Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $331.7 million foreign military sales contract by the US Army. The sale will see the company provide the defense departments of Israel, Singapore, Finland and Jordan with the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) which includes 290 alternative warhead rocket pods, 34 unitary rocket pods and 529 reduced […]

Russia’s Mi-38 Stopgap Heli Getting Funding

Mi-38 dimensions(click to view full) Russian Mi-8 and its Mi-17 derivative have been familiar sights for several decades, and continue to sell around the world. These helicopters are significantly larger than the American UH-60 Black Hawk family, but have about the same carrying capacity, at about half the price. They are also far more commonly […]

McAuliffe is target of FBI investigation

Here’s a surprise, a Clintonista, the carpetbagger governor of Virginia from Syracuse, is the subject of an investigation being conducted by the FBI and the Justice Department according to CNN. This won’t surprise you either; it involves Chinese money that may have been donated to his gubernatorial campaign; Among the McAuliffe donations that drew the […]

Wait times, the VA and Disneyland

The Washington Post reports that Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Bob McDonald told reporters at the Christian Science Monitor that the amount of time that veteran waits to receive care from the VA shouldn’t be important to the VA, much like your wait in line at Disneyland isn’t important to the Disney staff; […]

This Just In: The Vietnam War Is Still Over

I visited Vietnam 11 years ago, and the deepest impression I took away was that the war had long been over, much more so for the Vietnamese people than for us. Except for a few tourist sites, there were no signs that there had ever been a war there, much less one that ravaged the country and killed at least 2 million of its people. Show More Summary

Biden Delivers Commencement Address at West Point

Vice President Joe Biden took time during his address to the West Point Class of 2016 on Saturday to praise some changes that he said will make the Army better.

Hill AFB has $3.3 Billion Economic Impact on Utah

A new report says Hill Air Force Base pumped nearly $3.3 billion into Utah's economy in 2015.

Felony Murder Trial of Robins Airman Hits a Snag

The felony murder trial of a Robins Air Force Base airman hit a speed bump in its first day Monday.

Ship Christened in Pascagoula without Mayor of Namesake City

Ingalls Shipbuilding christened its newest Navy warship Saturday — the Portland — despite the refusal of its namesake city's mayor to get on board.

US Veteran Seeks Asylum for Iraqi Man Who Saved His Life

For two years, Millsap has been fighting to gain asylum for the brother in arms he simply calls The Captain.

New York Times’ Untold Damage

The New York Times does a bit of lobbying for the gun control industry today with a piece entitled “Untold Damage: America’s Overlooked Gun Violence” in which they recount incidents of gun violence which they claim goes largely unnoticed because it happens in minority communities. Most of the shootings occurred in economically downtrodden neighborhoods. These […]

Former Army Ranger Surrenders after Tense Standoff with Police

A former Army Ranger who was armed with an assault rifle surrendered peacefully to police Sunday evening following a tense standoff at his family's farm in Shapleigh.

John P. Murtha Ship Delivered to Navy

The Pre-Commissioning Unit John P. Murtha has been delivered to the Navy.

5 New Aspects of This Year's Naval Academy Graduation

Commissioning week at the Naval Academy is largely the same every year: ring dance, Herndon Monument Climb, covers flying in the air at commencement.

Obama “removes a lingering vestige of the Cold War”

Thomas sends us a link to MSN which reports that President Obama announced that he’s lifting a weapons sales ban against Vietnam while he’s visiting that country; Obama announced the full removal of the embargo at a news conference where he signaled a desire to leave behind the troubled history between the former war enemies […]

Thomas Zuck; phony wounded warrior

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on this fellow, Thomas Alan Zuch in Fort Collins, Colorado. Zuck claims, according to the South Platte Sentinel, that he was a sniper and that he’s been wounded twice. That he was one of the first troops deployed to Afghanistan; The article says that he claims […]

Good Riddance (Redux)

Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security has announced that latest Taliban leader – Mullah Mohammed Akhtar Mansour – was killed this past Saturday.  He was reportedly riding in a vehicle in Baluchistan province, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, when the vehicle was destroyed by a US RPA strike. Senior Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Rauf confirmed to the […]

Monday morning feel good stories

HMC Ret and UpNorth send us our first feel good story this morning from Bloomington, Indiana where a couple caught 20-year-old Rey Cruz in their apartment. Things went downhill quickly for Rey from there. Behold the mugshot evidence of his tribulations; In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kenneth Williams should have stayed in bed yesterday. Instead, he […]

Navy SEAL Camp Fights Back against Criticism

Call it the Navy SEAL brass strikes back, after virtually unprecedented public scrutiny of the elite force's top ranks.

82nd Airborne Division Tests New All-Terrain Vehicles in Poland Jump

About 600 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division will drop into Poland next month after a 10-hour flight from Fort Bragg to demonstrate their readiness to meet any threat to NATO's eastern flank.

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