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Foreign Aid: An Introduction, and More from CRS

U.S. aid to foreign countries and populations takes many forms in support of a range of objectives, from strategic to humanitarian. A newly updated report from the Congressional Research Service illuminates the structure of U.S. foreign aid, and traces the evolution of U.S. Show More Summary

Charles Kettles to receive Medal of Honor

Last October, we talked a bit about Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles and his Distinguished Service Cross being upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Today, we hear from the White House that the President will award Kettles the Medal on July 18th; Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Kettles will receive the Medal of Honor for his actions while […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

Bobo sends us our first feel good story this morning from Gwinnett County, Georgia where a business owner and his wife were closing up their business at about midnight when they were confronted by an armed thief. The criminal got the first shot of and the business owner, Andrew Shin, fell mortally wounded. he got […]

Shocker! NY residents aren’t registering their rifles

The New York Daily News reports that fewer than 45,000 New Yorkers have registered their scary-looking black guns out of an estimated million actual modern sporting rifles in the State. “What these numbers expose is that, if there are people who are wilfully [sic] ignoring the law, that means tens of thousands of gun owners […]

Two Ways to Save on Groceries

Grocery bills can be a killer.  Still, you can’t really avoid them – though many of us eat too much for our own good, one does have to eat. Now, there are two ways to save on those food bills.  First:  you can shop smarter.  Apparently many stores and foods have multiple recurring sale “cycles”; […]

US Army Facility Cleared, Report of Gunman 'Unfounded'

Authorities lifted a lockdown order at a sprawling U.S. Army Reserve facility in Northern California after not finding anything suspicious Tuesday following reports of a possible gunman.

NY Army National Guard Hosting Honor Guard Training Program

Army National Guard members from across the U.S. are at a New York base for training in how to conduct military funerals.

U.S., NATO Allies Conduct Large-Scale Exercise to Defend Baltics

ADAZI MILITARY BASE, Latvia: A multinational force including U.S. Marines partnered together for a large-scale NATO exercise in the Baltics demonstrating their ability to defend the alliance. Exercise Saber Strike 16 included U.S. Marines from Black Sea Rotational Force based in Romania, and Combat Logistics Regiment 2 out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. “We fight

A-10 Warthogs Practice Landing On Estonian Highway

Michigan National Guard attack aircraft practiced landing on and taking off from the Jägala-Käravete Highway, a portion of the longer road known as Piibe Highway, in Northern Estonia on Monday. The maneuvers were conducted as a part of international military operation Saber Strike wherein pilots practiced operating in a region with few actual airstrips and

Russian Air and Missile Defense Force Launches Ballistic Missile Interceptor

A united crew of the Sary-Shagan Missile Range, Russian Air and Missile Defense Force and industry “conducted at 0700 hours a successful launch of a short-range antimissile of the Russian missile defense system,” the Defense Ministry’s press office told journalists. “The purpose of the launch was to prove the characteristics of the missile defense system’s

Dianne Feinstein’s Plans For Guns And The “Terrorist Watch List”

Remember when we said this: They will go after you by the terrorist watch list, the no-fly list, and any other assortment of executive powers and decisions and regulations and rulings.  They will never confiscate your guns.  They will prevent you from renewing your driver’s license, your hunting license, your fishing license, your professional license, […]

America’s National Security Is Controlled By Jihadists

Understanding The Threat: More precisely Mr. Higgins said, “To bring it back to the point earlier about the United States being put to work fulfilling the objectives of the Brotherhood:  the Brotherhood was killed en masse by Saddam Hussein – we removed him.  Qaddafi killed the Muslim Brotherhood – we removed him. We asked Mubarak […]

No More An-124s On The Way

Antonov AN-124:One rocket, to go…(click to view larger) Antonov’s An-124 Condor began as a Soviet super-heavy military transport aircraft that would be even larger than the American C-5 Galaxy. After coming out on top in that particular ‘mine is bigger than yours’ contest, the An-124 outdid its American rivals again by going on to a […]

Qatar to Get 7 Naval Vessels from Fincantieri | Solution to Refueling Problem May Soon be History for A400M | Japan on Alert for Potential Projectiles from Hermit Kingdom

Americas Raytheon’s high powered microwave demonstrator capable of disabling the electronics on small UAVs five-year sustainment package for its AC/RC-208 fleet that includes: operational, intermediate, and depot-level maintenance; spare parts; component repair; publication updates; maintenance training; and logistics. Show More Summary

Retired Army Vietnam Vet to Receive the Medal of Honor

President Obama will award retired Lt. Col. Charles Kettles the nation's highest award for saving 44 soldiers in the Vietnam War.

Code Pink protests NRA

The folks at News2Share send us their work from last night when they covered Code Pink who has gone from supporting terrorists in the Middle East to supporting terrorists inside the United States by protesting at the NRA’s headquarters in Virginia. They staged a “die-in” to blame the NRA for the deaths in Orlando last […]

The Rehabilitation of David Petraeus

David Petraeus is back. The former commander of Iraq and Afghanistan and most celebrated general of our times, forced by a sex scandal to resign his post-Army dream job of CIA director, shamed into retreat from political life, and criminally...Show More Summary

Retired Airman May Sue Air Force for Being Booted from Ceremony

The retired master sergeant was kicked out of an airman's retirement ceremony because he began making a speech referencing God.

Marine Officer to Face Second Trial Linked to Academy Sex Scandal

A Marine major who was convicted of fraternizing with two female Naval Academy midshipmen in 2011 faces another court-martial.

Supreme Court won’t rule on gun bans

AFP reports that the Supreme Court declined to listen to challenges to Connecticut and New York laws that specifically ban scary black guns in those states. The US Supreme Court on Monday effectively upheld state bans on military-style assault weapons, declining to hear a challenge to bans on guns like the one used to kill […]

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