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Royal Navy Tests Remote-Controlled Minehunter

A remote-controlled boat that can search, hunt and destroy mines will be tested by the Royal Navy before the end of the year. The motorboat called Hazard – currently being put through its paces by a specialist team of sailors […]

UAV Market to Rise Strongly Through the Next Decade, Unmanned Land & Sea Systems Also Growing

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan sent unmanned aerial vehicle production to record heights, but with the last U.S. military troops in Afghanistan slated to depart the country this year, the Pentagon’s demand for unmanned air vehicles is slackening. However, […]

What The Is A US Destroyer Doing In The Black Sea?

Things just got a lot tenser between the United States and Russia. Yesterday, a Russian fighter jet deliberately and repeatedly “buzzed” the USS Donald Cook, a destroyer that was transiting the Black Sea towards the Romanian port of Constanta. This […]

Estimated Impacts of Sequestration-Level Funding

The Department of Defense’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 budget submission provides the resources necessary to protect and advance U.S. interests and to execute the updated defense strategy, although at increased levels of risk for some missions relative to the planned […]

How It Will Happen For Cliven Bundy

Newsmax: Ron Paul is happy that the standoff between a Nevada rancher and the Bureau of Land Management ended peacefully last week, but he fears the federal government may return in larger force. “Governments don’t give up their power easily, and they may well come back with a lot more force like they did at […]

Another Sign That We’re Swirling Down the Toilet

2 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

That elected officials would give one minute’s serious thought to this.

Duane “Dina” Boyer; another phony in more ways than one

A few weeks ago, someone sent me some stuff on this Boyer person who was claiming to be a Navy Cross recipient as well as some stuff about being in Beirut during the bombing and taking part in rescue of the fallen Marines. Of course, research was made more difficult by the fact that Duane […]

NATO beefs up forces near Ukraine

In the Stars & Stripes, it’s reported that NATO is letting the world know that after weeks of diddling, they’re deploying more forces to the area around the eastern Ukraine. “We will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water, and more readiness on the land,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told […]

US Air Force Seeks Encryption Devices to Secure Field Operations

The US Air Force released an RFP for the development and production of “mini crypto” devices that meet both NSA approval and Size, Weight, and Power constraints in line with combat use. They intend to handle unclassified and Secret data, for devices that may be lost during operations that may be conducted with other services […]

Ukraine Pushes Back Against Pro-Russian Building Takeovers

Russia wants to keep the monopoly on the use of force in Eastern Ukraine, but Kiev’s interim government has reportedly started to launch a counter-attack to the pro-Russian “Occupy Donetsk” movement. Congressman Mac Thornberry [R-TX, contender for HASC chair]: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Russia? AP: Russian jet passes near US warship. Negative, […]

The Duffel Blog gets another one

Actually, this is the reason that I quit sourcing blogs, especially when it comes to the gun discussion and when it comes to veterans. People are getting sloppy and it takes too much of my time to check their facts. But, some place called Political Ears picked up on a satirical piece at our friends, […]

President Obama to Award Medal of Honor

On May 13, 2014, President Barack Obama will award Kyle J. White, a former active duty Army Sergeant, the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry. Sergeant White will receive the Medal of Honor for his courageous actions while serving as […]

The McVeigh zombie in the New York Times

In the pages of the New York Times, another Leftist egg head, Kathleen Belew reminds us of Timothy McVeigh and his military service in the wake of the unreasonable coverage that Frazier Glenn Miller has spawned with his killing spree last Sunday. Ms. Belew is apparently working on a book about Vietnam veterans and the […]

History of 1953 CIA Covert Action in Iran to be Published

In 1989, the Department of State published a notorious volume that purported to document U.S. foreign policy towards Iran in the early Eisenhower Administration. The volume triggered an avalanche of criticism because it omitted any mention of the CIA’s role in a 1953 covert action that helped overthrow the government of Iran. Show More Summary

Clearly I Am Not a Chosen One

3 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

From a source not connected with VMI, I learned, that the premier of the Field of Lost Shoes was reserved, “Two weeks ago, he informed me that V.M.I. had decided to buy out the entire theatre for its donors and supporters, so there would...Show More Summary

U.S. Prisons Are Bursting at the Seams, and More From CRS

The U.S. federal prison population has been growing steadily for decades, and it now exceeds the capacity of the prison system to properly house and maintain it, according to an updated report from the Congressional Research Service on the Bureau of Prisons [BOP]. Show More Summary

Our Stolen Valor knuckleheads in one video: The Futility of Existence

This reminds me of all of our SV peeps. It’d just be easier to do the things they claim than to worry about all the lies and getting caught. I don’t know why this video cracked me up so much, but it really did.

More Twists and Turns in the Ukraine

As Alice said:  “Curiouser and curiouser!” Fox News is reporting that a small column of armored vehicles sporting a Russian flag and troops in camouflage uniforms has been spotted in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slovyansk.   At least some of the troops claim to be members of the Ukrainian 25th Airborne Brigade that had […]

CNN: U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadists

Look! It’s an election year! Time for the media to scare the low-information voters again. CNN’s Peter Bergen and David Sterman from the “New America Foundation” write a piece at CNN which warns that right wingers are more dangerous than Muslim extremists based on a simple statistic; According to a count by the New America […]

DoD: Sequestration Cuts Reduce Nat'l Security

More than $1 trillion in sequestration-related defense cuts, slated for now through 2021, "would significantly increase risks both in the short- and long-term," according to a report released by the Pentagon.

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