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Why relocating Trident away from Scotland is virtually impossible

On 18th July the House of Commons voted to construct new Successor submarines to replace the current Vanguard boats that […]

What would a Donald Trump presidency mean for UK and European defence?

Donald Trump’s recent ascendency to the position of the Republican Party’s presidential candidate has been controversial to say the least. […]

Some immediate steps that would support UK plc and restore RN strength

This is a guest post by John Dunbar who argues that Brexit and the end of austerity mark a turning point […]

Brexit – possible impacts on the Royal Navy

On the 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom voted by a narrow margin of 51.9-48.1% to leave the European […]

Flat out: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary in 2016

Following on from the 2015 article about the stretched Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service, this is an update on current operations. Like the […]

Migrant boats crossing the Channel demands a measured response

Small numbers of migrants intent on entering the UK illegally have started taking to small boats in an attempt to avoid the strict […]

Sailor's WWII Letters Discovered in Antique Shop

A bag containing family photos and letters written to relatives by a sailor during and after World War II was discovered in an antique shop.

Clinton; “Insider” security risk

Our friends at the US Army WTF Moments Facebook page, posted the above slide on their page this weekend. They claim that it’s a slide from a series used to teach soldiers about threats to their operational security. According to NBC News; Clinton’s camp did not respond to NBC News requests for comment on the […]

VA OIG investigation of Director of Denver VARO

Someone dropped this document in our inbox this morning. It’s a report by the Veterans’ Affairs Department Office of the Inspector General of the time the current Director of the Denver VA Regional Office, Melanie Renaye Murphy, didn’t bother to show up for her work. VA OIG investigation I’ll summarize some of the findings; During […]

Take Another Look at This Incredibly Detailed Soviet Map of Washington, D.C.

The USSR’s mapmakers plotted America’s capital down to the last pumping station Continue reading on War Is Boring »...

Active Protection for Combat Vehicles, & More from CRS

Efforts to develop Active Protection Systems (APS) to defend military combat vehicles against rocket-propelled grenades or anti-tank missiles are reviewed in a new report from the Congressional Research Service. An Active ProtectionShow More Summary

Fort Carson Quickly Quashes Phony Martial Law Theory

Fort Carson officials didn't take long to blast holes in a phony memo circulating that claims its troops are getting ready to enforce martial law.

JBLM Airshow Features Thunderbirds, Golden Knights, 'Old Warbirds'

The Air Force Thunderbirds flight team and the Army Golden Knights parachutists are headlining the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Airshow and Warrior Expo this weekend. But Air Force Lt. Col. Paul Green...

The new normal

Yesterday, we talked about 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui in Roanoke, Virginia who attacked two folks with a knife while shouting “Allah Akbar”. Police say that it appears that he was trying to behead the man involved in the attack. Today we read that in Sydney, Australia a woman and a dog were killed and another man […]

Senior Chief Clayton Pressley III pleads guilty

We talked about Senior Chief Clayton Pressley III and his unique leadership style back in May when he was arrested on bank fraud and identity theft charges – he was using the identities of a couple of his subordinates to make loans with online lenders. Well, he pleaded guilty the other day according to WAVY; […]

Think Trump is losing? Get out of the City…

Salena Zito at the New York Post, a friend of TAH, I believe, has taken it upon herself to do what all political journalists should do and that is to get out from behind her desk and get away from the liberal echo box of New York City and go look at the political landscape […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

Several people sent us links to a story that happened in Eastpointe, Michigan where a 91-year-old man was approached by an erratically acting fellow. The victim warned him to stay back three or four times, that he was armed, but that didn’t seem to influence the fellow. The elderly man shot him in the neck. […]

Britain’s New Spy Planes Are Practically Spacecraft

Zephyr is a technical marvel, but can it do the job? Continue reading on War Is Boring »...

More Evidence of Clintoon “Pay-for-Play”? Sure Looks Like It.

I’ve written before about the Clintoon Foundation’s “interesting” financial dealings.  In fact, I’ve observed – on more than one occasion – that appearances indicate there could well be a “pay for play” component to the Clintoon Foundation’s dealings while Clintoon was SECSTATE. Well the news today to me seems, as Alice said in Wonderland might have […]

Lo que el libro “Sobre matar” [On Killing] puede enseñarnos sobre los tiroteos masivos

Un libro de 1996 sobre cómo aprenden a matar las personas supone una advertencia Continue reading on War Is Boring »...

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