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Iraqi Army -- And US -- Go Back to Conventional War Basics

The U.S. is retraining the Iraqi army in conventional warfare fundamentals, even as the U.S. Army re-focuses on core skills.

Monday morning feel good stories

Our first story this morning comes from a link sent by one of our countless ninjas. It happened in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Karen Dolley awoke and found Jacob Wessel in her room – she reacted by punching him about a dozen times. She reached for her gun, but opened the wrong drawer. Time being of […]

Poking The Dragon

The Remington dragon, that is.  Jack Belk, whom I have discussed before, sends this note concerning his most recent interactions with Remington. Remington served a subpoena on me Tuesday night that demands I show up for a video taped deposition in Twin Falls on Oct 21st.  My Supplemental Report tuned them up really bad and […]

The Idolatry Of Security

Baptist News Global: Of course, the problem with “the devil made them do it,” is that personal and social responsibility are minimized to the point that we are off the hook. There is no way to prevent every tragedy, but why the push-back against laws that might minimize tragedy? Can you imagine if that was […]

Best. Quote. Ever.

Mike Vanderboegh: This makes about as much sense as someone reacting to rape committed by a stranger in another town by cutting off his own penis. Yep.  That’s how much sense gun control makes.

Russia accused over use of new cluster bombs in Syria

Human Rights Watch on Sunday accused Russia of being behind the use of new advanced cluster munitions in Syria, by dropping them from its warplanes or supplying them to the Damascus regime. The New York-based group said that photographs it obtained showed that the cluster munitions were dropped on Kafr Halab, a village southwest of

Raytheon to Boost Jordan’s Border Security With Syria

Raytheon Company has been awarded an additional $18.6 million contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to help the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (GoHKJ) secure its borders with Syria. The award is for increment three of DTRA’s Jordan Border Security Project (JBSP). Raytheon expands border security work in Kingdom of Jordan

Russian MoD Details Syrian Air Strikes

This night Russian aircraft carried out 22 sorties from the Hmeymim airbase. Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25 crews engaged 27 terrorist facilities on the territory of Syria. The ISIS groups, which showed particular severity towards civilians, were subjected to massive bombing. Su-24M and Su-34 bombers attacked 8 militants’ strong points in Homs province. The engagement resulted

Leading Aircraft Manufacturer Poised to Export New Fighter Jet

China’s leading aircraft manufacturer is on the verge of exporting its fifth-generation fighter jet, according to industry sources. Aviation Industry Corp of China disclosed the technical specifications of the J-31 Gyrfalcon at an aviation expo even though the plane was still being tested, the sources said. During the four-day Aviation Expo China 2015, a biennial

Why more gun control?

The media is all a-buzz about more gun control for some reason. I guess that’s all of those journalism school graduates who want to change the world. Chief Tango sends us a link from’s Washington Post to an article entitled “Most gun owners support restrictions. Why aren’t their voices heard?” which concludes, falsely, that […]

Bergdahl lawyer says he’s recommended for Special Court Martial

The lawyer for Bowe Bergdahl, the private who walked away from his unit and his duties more than six years ago to live with his Haqqani network friends, says that Lieutenant Colonel Mark Visger, the officer who presided over the Article 32 hearing last month, has recommended a Special Court Martial for the special snowflake. […]

A Well-Lived and Honorable Life

I’ll go out on a limb and say we’ve all known a certifiable badass or two along the way.  That is, someone who – when push came to shove – kept their cool and performed an incredible, dangerous feat at the risk of their own life. Those kind of people seems to be relatively common […]

Russian Bombing Helps Islamic State Advance

Surprise, surprise — Russia’s intervention in Syria is backfiring, The New York Times reports. The Kremlin has said its military had entered Syria to fight the Islamic State, but the Russian forces have concentrated much of their firepower on insurgent groups aligned against President Bashar Al Assad, including the Nusra...

Iraq’s Chinese-Made Killer Drones

Iraq’s defense minister Khaled Al Obaidi visited Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah Air Base, a former MiG base in the eastern part of the country. A photo of the media event revealed a Chinese-made CH-4 drone — Beijing’s answer to America’s Predator — in the background, wearing Iraqi colors. The CH-4...

Sunday morning feel good stories

We start our tour this morning in Merritt, North Carolina where three people broke into a house. The homeowner corrected the situation with his handgun and made one of the home invaders DRT (dead right there). It looks like the other two made a dash for it. There was a self-correcting crime in Corpus Christi, […]

Elephant Rangers Die in Congo Gun Battle

Four wildlife rangers died and a helicopter suffered damage in a furious gun battle with elephant poachers in the Garamba national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. African Parks — the rangers’ manager — announced the deaths on Oct. 9. The incident occurred when the men, all members of...

Don Shipley meets Michael Orlando Hall in New Orleans

Don Shipley travels to New Orleans to meet Michael Orlando Hall and finds him holding court and pretending to be a Navy SEAL Captain with his big-ass Navy SEAL Tattoo. Hall tells Shipley to “do your homework”. Um, Language Warning. Here’s the homework that Hall never figured would get done; a felony conviction for sexual […]

Some Thoughts on Russia, Realism, and our National Security

3 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

Putin’s move into Syria is old-fashioned great-power politics. (Yes, people do that in the 21st century.) There is a domestic benefit to him, but he is not externalizing his problems at home. Russian domestic and international policies have always been inextricably linked. Show More Summary

Tiny Warships, Big Firepower

On Oct. 7, four warships of the Russian navy’s Caspian Sea flotilla fired 26 SS-N-30A land-attack cruise missiles at rebel forces in western Syria, a thousand miles away. The raid shocked foreign observers — not the least because the ships involved were so … tiny. “One of the biggest surprises...

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