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Grounding Bergdahl’s escape turkey

Now that Bowe Bergdahl is facing the prospect of prosecution by the Army for deserting his post and for misbehavior, his liberal defenders, those who swallowed whole Susan Rice’s assertion that he served with honor and distinction, will be raising defenses for his crimes. Aware of the leftist media support for its client, Bergdahl’s defense […]

Gee . . . That’s . . . Just . . . Too . . . Bad

Headline says it all: Senate Democratic Leader Reid announces retirement I guess not being in charge made serving the people of NV in the Senate not worth it any more. Good riddance.

Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III and his totally bogus uniform adventures

I’m sure you remember Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III in the picture above who was busted by folks when he was assigned as the commander of the Warrior Training Center at Fort Benning. Originally, he was busted for his Ranger Tab and his Sapper Tab. Investigators looked more closely at his uniform, according to […]

Listen: The Washington Report

Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones talks about Harry Reid’s retirement, the DEA sex romps with Colombian drug cartel-provided prostitutes and the proxy war in Yemen.

Obama’s Quagmire

America’s war against ISIS is quickly turning into a quagmire. A few signs of progress have sprung up in recent days. U.S. airstrikes have slowed down the Islamist group’s onslaught against the Kurdish town of Kobani in northern Syria. Show More Summary

How to Turn a Small Protest Into a Civil War

Last year, Brooklyn Brewery launched an interview series at its brewhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in conjunction with RISC, a nonprofit that offers instruction on life-saving skills for freelance war journalists. The conversations were an instant hit. For its second season, Slate partnered with the brewery to film the series. Show More Summary

And now, a look at the realities of war in Yemen for civilians

It always comes to this in war. What happens to the civilians caught in the crossfire? As always, they suffer. And, according to UNICEF, the suffering has already started in Yemen. Where, the agency says, a humanitarian crisis looms....Show More Summary

Chad Ward; phony LTC, Ranger

Scotty sends us his work on this Chad Ward fellow who claims “22 tours” in the Army rising to the lofty rank of Lieutenant Colonel, a Ranger and earning himself a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star along with Good Conduct Medals. Some how he thinks that will help him in his […]

Robert Joseph Jones; a phony because of his bad memory

Our friends at Guardian of Valor sent us their work on this unique fellow by the name of Robert Joseph Jones. He calls himself “Pegleg” because he lost the appendage in a work accident after he left the military. Of course, it helps him sell the “disabled combat veteran” story. He insinuated himself into a […]

3 released for Bergdahl try to reconnect with pals

A “very shocked” ninja sent us a link to Fox News‘ Catherine Herridge who reports that three of the five Guantanamo terrorists who were traded for Bowe Bergdahl last year have been trying to “reengage” with their old terror network pals; The official who described the attempts by three to make contact did not identify […]

A Leader’s Last Gift

Earlier this year, Dean Smith – former basketball coach at North Carolina – died. He was just short of his 84th birthday. Smith had suffered from dementia prior to his death. Regardless, in his will Smith still remembered his former players. Smith’s will directed the executor of his estate to send a check – in […]

The Day the Wall Came Down

On a Sunday afternoon 25 years ago, as a Boston Globe reporter, I strolled through the rubble of what had been the Berlin Wall, wondering how I might explain to a younger person, 25 years hence, that there ever was a 12-foot-high wall...Show More Summary

Military Services: Short-Term Budget Fixes Are Long-Term Headaches

The Air Force is again proposing to retire its A-10 fleet and the Navy has delayed buying Joint Strike Fighters and F/A-18 Super Hornets because of budget pressure, but those decisions do not come without risk, military leaders said Thursday.

The Unthinkable Scale of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Slate has partnered with Brooklyn Brewery to bring its hit war correspondent interview series to our readers. In this first installment, Steve Hindy, founder of Brooklyn Brewery and a former Associated Press foreign correspondent himself, sits down with Deborah Amos, NPR's Middle East correspondent and the author of Eclipse of the Sunnis. Show More Summary

Friday morning feel good story

Claymore sends us a link to our feel good story this morning from Georgia; When he realized another man was trying to rob a west Cobb County bank, one customer took matters into his own hands, police said Wednesday. He grabbed a handgun from his car and ordered the robbery suspect down to the ground, […]

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