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White House Seeks Third Attempt to Nominate Army Secretary

The Trump administration is reportedly poised to nominate a former Gulf War veteran to become the next secretary of the Army.

Michele Bocci arrested

We wrote about this fellow Michele (pronounced Michael) Bocci In January and February when Oregon law enforcement were trying to build a case against him for ripping people off. He used a number of aliases, according to KGW. As well as pretending to be a Marine, he also faked a career as a doctor; In […]

Air Force Reviewing Petition to Restore Rank of Vietnam-Era General

A Air Force case dating to the Nixon administration may again spur debate over whether to restore a disgraced general's honor.

Valor thief The Dick Blumenthal proposes $1/2b for Ukrainian wounded

The Dick Blumenthal, US Senator from Connecticut who claimed that he was a Vietnam veteran before the New York Times outed him in 2010, proposed that $500 million from the US Defense budget be portioned out for treating Ukrainian soldiers, according to Fox News; A Senate Democrat who once misrepresented his own military service record […]

The media notices “bacha bazi”

For the last eight years or so, the media has been ignoring “bacha bazi,” the practice of Afghan chiefs to keep young boys as sex slaves – a symbol of power in the culture. Well, now, suddenly, it’s a reason for concern at the Washington Post; As the United States sinks deeper into the Afghan […]

Peter Mims, the lost sailor

You probably remember Peter Mims, the Navy sailor who was thought to be lost at sea for a spell while US and Japanese Navy vessels searched the seas for him, but he was discovered below decks of the USS Shiloh after 50 hours. Well, David sends us a link to Good Morning, America which reports […]

Mo Brooks’ CIB

Last month, after Republican Congressman Mo Brooks helped wounded congressmen at that baseball practice in Arlington, retired Army Colonel John Reitzell of Huntsville bestowed a miniature Combat Infantryman Badge on Brooks, according to Alabama’s AL Online ; Reitzell told that he pinned the badge on Brooks’ lapel at a senate candidate forum at the […]

Juan Romanov-Pena; fake SEAL

Someone noticed this fellow, Juan Romanov-Pena on LinkedIn over a year ago. He was claiming to be the Ambassador to Austria as well as a Navy SEAL officer; At the time that he was claiming that, Alexa L. Wesner was the ambassador to Austria, but the post is unoccupied at the moment. The profile seems […]

Joseph Girvan; phony Army Ranger

Someone sent us a link to an article in AZ Central written by Joseph Girvan, an Army veteran. In the article he makes the claim several times that he was a Ranger while he was in the Army; I served in the U.S. Army as a Ranger for 11 years, stationed in Fort Lewis and […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

From Cullman County, Alabama; The Sheriff’s Office confirmed an intruder shot and killed the homeowner. They say someone else inside the home then shot and killed the intruder. From Duquesne, Pennsylvania; Police are detaining a 17-year-old man who was shot in the leg after allegedly trying to break into a home along Clearvue Ave. in […]

Couple in Fatal Norfolk Police Shooting Were Both in the Navy

The woman shot dead by police after she shot her husband was a nuclear technician who loved working for the Navy, her aunt said.

Jeff Sessions On Asset Forfeiture

Via WRSA, this from Reason. Speaking at a National District Attorneys Association conference in Minneapolis Monday, Sessions said state and local law enforcement could expect changes from U.S. Attorneys in several areas: increased prosecution...Show More Summary

Britain Planning To Outlaw All Knives

The Sun: Home Secretary Amber Rudd will today propose to make possessing them illegal everywhere, whether in public or at home. A long list of dangerous weapons that glamorise violence will also be included in the total ban, putting them on the same legal footing as unlicensed firearms. They include sword sticks, butterfly knives and […]

Gen. Selva: Hacker Tried to Breach My Bank Account

A senior U.S. military leader says his bank account was targeted as part of a government data breach.

No Special Treatment for Veterans on Gun Rights

I’m going to take a lot of heat for this, I predict. But, I say it as someone who actually benefits from these kinds of policies. I think the difference is that I don’t like it for practical... Read More

The Iran Trap

President Donald Trump is having, even by his standards, a very bad week. On Monday alone, quite apart from the continuing Russia scandal, he found himself blocked from fulfilling his dreams and campaign promises to repeal the two landmark...Show More Summary

Canadians donate to widow

We discussed Prom Minister Trudy Trudeau’s US$8 million gift to Gitmo grad Omar Khadr last week. It turns out that not all Canadians agree with the payment to the terrorist who killed US soldier Christopher Speer. According to Huffington Post, a radio host has attracted donors who are giving money to the soldier’s widow, Tabitha […]

The Complete Hater’s Guide to the US Air Force.

Last weekend I posted up a link to “We Are The Mighty’s Complete Haters Guide to the US Navy.” You didn’t think I’d leave it at that, right? The branches of the U.S. Military are like a very large family. They deal with one another because they have to, not because they always get along. […]

Maarik al-Tawaiha sentenced to life in prison

AFP reports that Maarik al-Tawaiha was sentenced to “hard labor for life” in a Jordanian court for the murder of three Americans. In its ruling, the court said the incident had happened when vehicles carrying the trainers approached the gate of the base. At that moment, there was “a low sound of gunfire from a […]

VA removes officials from Manchester hospital

The Boston Globe reports that two officials of the Manchester, New Hampshire VA hospital have been canned after the paper’s investigation of conditions there. The hospital’s chief of medicine, Dr. Stewart Levenson, said he had “never seen a hospital run this poorly.” The staffers, who reported the Manchester hospital to a federal whistle-blower agency, described […]

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