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Winchester SPX Shotgun Recall: Guns May Unintentionally Fire

In Defense In Depth In Firearms Design And Operation, I explained: This is why I have always been an advocate of professional engineering registration for firearms designers.  It has nothing to do with supposed qualifications to become a PE, but the legal liability associated with the license.  I can speak from experience.  This legal liability […]

Idaho Police Shoot Pregnant Woman In The Stomach With AR-15

MintPress News: The dashboard and body camera footage has now been released in the fatal shooting of Jeanetta Riley. Riley, 35, was shot and killed by Sandpoint, Idaho police after they were called to a hospital where she had been treated for mental health problems. The department has cleared its officers “of any criminal wrongdoing,” […]

Notes From HPS

David Codrea: “Terri and I made a decision to put this deal together [to] attempt to reconstruct our family’s lives,” Rick Reese noted, explaining to this column why a settlement attempt could spell the end of four years of torment and uncertainty wherein the family has received insufficient outside assistance to press on. Barring surprises […]

Post-Vietnam POWs: Addendum – the Iranian Hostage Crisis

On 4 November 1979, Iranian “student demonstrators” broke into and occupied the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran.  The Government of Iran shortly afterwards backed the seizure, and took the US Embassy staff – plus one private citizen – prisoner. The seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran was not a “terrorist act”, as many have […]

The World Turned Upside Down

My intention today was to tell you about me and big Rita. But, slowly returning from a life imposed exile there are other things on my mind. So in the interest of keeping this short, I will cut to the end. Big Rita changed her evil ways. Some other day, I may fill in the […]

Sharansky: When did America forget that it’s America?

Natan Sharansky, a former political prisoner of the old Soviet Union, writes in the Washington Post, “When did America forget that it’s America?” in regards to the way that the United States acted towards the Soviet Union during the latter years of the Cold War that resulted in the ultimate collapse of the Communist Empire. […]

Sunday morning feel good story

In Kentucky, you don’t come in unless you’re invited; The victim told police he had gotten into an argument with DeJuan White, who had left his home. White later returned and kicked in the door. That’s when police say the homeowner shot him. White was taken to UK Hospital where he was treated and released […]

US POWs Since Vietnam

Since the end of conflict in Southeast Asia, AKA the Vietnam War – and, in some cases, concurrent with it – US military forces have been involved in other conflicts. In a few cases, US personnel have been taken captive by America’s enemies. The numbers involved are not large. However, when there’s a benefit to be […]

Michelle Manhart; vet protests protesters

According to the Valdosta Daily Times Michelle Manhart, an Air force veteran, got a call from a friend about a group of protesters at Valdosta State College who were protesting something or other by walking on a flag, so Manhart went over there and took the flag away from them, you know taking advantage of […]

Escape from Yemen “harrowing”

McClatchy reports that hundreds of Americans have escaped the violence in Yemen to the relative safety of Djibouti and the US embassy there. Calling the flight from Yemen “a tough experience” for many of the evacuees, the U.S. envoy, Tom Kelly, said hundreds of Americans have arrived in Djibouti in recent days aboard foreign ships […]

Davidson: Band of sisters: Elite group of female Army Rangers battled under harrowing conditions

There is an article in the New York Times written by Janine Davidson entitled “Band of sisters: Elite group of female Army Rangers battled under harrowing conditions“. Davidson claims to be a Senior Fellow for Defense Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Air Force C-130 and C-17 pilot. She writes about […]

Heard From Today: John Noonan VMI ’03

3 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

Well now! They may have been mocked at the time, but the views Mitt Romney articulated on the campaign trail in 2012 about foreign affairs are now considered not just clear-sighted but clairvoyant. He said that the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake; that Vladimir Putin was a major threat; and that radical Islam was on the ascent. Show More Summary

ISIS Strikes In Afghanistan

3 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

Breaking this morning: Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN): A suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up in front of the Kabul Bank in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, early Saturday, a local government spokesman said. Terror group ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Show More Summary

Saturday morning feel good stories

Our first feel good story comes from Florida; Jordan Damato was inside his home, in the Lucerne Terrace neighborhood near West Gore Street and South Hughey Avenue, just before 1 a.m. Wednesday when the Thomas Berry, 48, broke into Damato’s apartment, police said. The victim shot the intruder multiple times, according to police. […] A […]

Weekend Open Thread

The picture for this weekend has been supplied by Hack Stone who is currently mourning his crack-head girlfriend who was rudely murdered in Philly a few weeks back. Hack barely escaped the same fate, but lucky for him, he’s a Ruthless SOB – Ruth was his girlfriend’s name. Yes, Frank Visconi has been back on […]

Country Music and Them Evil Gun Things

I’ll readily admit I haven’t really followed country music since it got all poppy, but this story is toooo good to leave alone. Still enjoy bluegrass and old country though. Almost by definition old “Country” music embraced a certain rural paradigm that included guns ‘n ammo as a part of life. However, some current country […]

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