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Army Announces 800-Soldier Aviation Unit to Deploy to Afghanistan

The U.S. Army has announced an 800-soldier aviation unit will deploy later this summer to Afghanistan.

Bar Owners Say Slain Soldiers Were Helping Woman under Attack

The owner of a bar where two soldiers were shot to death say the victims were trying to help a woman escape a man attacking her.

Four Soldiers Arrested in Colorado Home Invasion

Police say four Fort Carson soldiers have been arrested in connection with a home invasion involving a family they knew.

This Democrat Convention’s gonna cost me…

I made it all the way through the Republican Convention without getting so enthused that I ran to this computer and made a contribution to the Trump campaign. I usually wait until fairly late in presidential campaigns to donate because past experience has taught me the hard lesson that the first donation opens the floodgates […]

Sore Back? Try Viagra.

New research shows it just might help – especially if the issue is sciatica. No, I’m not joking. I’m dead serious. Here, apparently Viagra helps make one less stiff.  And in this case that’s a good thing.  (smile)

Veteran Looks to Strengthen, Protect Sheppard Air Force Base

Jon Larvick understands what it takes to launch a jet. That knowledge will come in handy as he leads the Sheppard Military Affairs Committee as president.

Fort Carson Soldier Collapses during Fitness Training, Dies

Fort Carson officials say a soldier died at a hospital after collapsing during routine physical fitness training.

ISIS kills priest in Normandy

French president François Hollande blames ISIS for an attack that happened in a French church in Normandy overnight according to the Irish Times; Two men armed with knives burst into the Catholic church in Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, in the southern suburbs of Rouen, during morning Mass on Tuesday. They took five hostages: the priest, two […]

Stolen Valor hunting is not for amateurs

CBS46 News Davy sends us a link about a story in DeKalb County, Georgia, where the County Commissioner race is heating up. It caused incumbent Sharon Barnes Sutton to accuse her opponent, Steve Bradshaw, of Stolen Valor for some of his claims during the campaign. Barnes Sutton claims Steve Bradshaw changed his story about being […]

That DHS report, once again

CPT11A sends us a link to Politico which drags out the discredited DHS report from 2009 that warned of crazed veterans creating terrorism. Actually, I kind of expected this after the murderers in Dallas and Baton Rouge turned out to be veterans. Everyone seems willing to accept any excuse besides the radical Black Lives Matter […]

Geraldo Vouches for US General Accused of Plotting Failed Turkish Coup

The retired U.S. Army general and former NATO commander accused of masterminding the recent failed coup in Turkey has an alibi.

Groups Reach Out to Help Veteran, 81, Held Hostage at Motel

Veterans' organizations have reached out to help a Korean War-era veteran who authorities say was held hostage in an upstate New York motel room.

US Naval War College Welcomes a New President

The U.S. Naval War College in Rhode Island is welcoming a new president.

Tuesdays with Claymore

Gas the messenger Nyet Even Alex Jones thinks this shit is paranoid Oh, so NOW they’re crazy Anyone who doesn’t toe the line = fake progressive Shut up Wesley Pain killers Everyone is racist. And by everyone, they mean white people. Democrats…it’s not illegal if really really promise to do good things Gettin’ huffy with […]

Tuesday morning feel good stories

It’s my sad duty to bring the sad news of the death of innocence. In one of my countless hometowns, Saint Albans, Vermont, a homeowner saw Gary J. Campbell, 36, of Swanton, Vermont stealing his leafblower and his chainsaw. The homeowner grabbed his.410 shotgun and confronted Campbell who tried to run the resident over […]

About That Bomber in Germany . . . .

Remember the low-life bastard in Germany that Jonn wrote about the other day?  The guy who bombed the Ansbach music festival? You know, the guy from Syria who’d been denied asylum in Germany, but was allowed to remain (presumably temporarily) due to ongoing hostilities in his home nation? Yeah, that guy – the guy who […]

Thunderbird Pilot Avoided Hitting Home before Ditching Jet

A Thunderbirds pilot who ditched his jet reported engine trouble and told air traffic controllers he was aiming the plane away from a home.

Semi-Automatic Versus Bolt Action For Precision Shooting

The Precision Rifle Blog has a very interesting piece up on semi-automatics (in this case, AR style rifles) versus bolt action rifles for precision shooting.  It is noteworthy that, according to PRB, “there isn’t a single shooter among the top 100 competitors in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) using a semi-automatic rifle. Why not? Even though speed, maneuverability, […]

North Carolina Teen Uses Rifle To Scare Off Three Intruders SNOW CAMP, N.C. (WMFY) — A teenage girl is credited for scaring off intruders at her parents’ home with a rifle. It happened on Lambe Road in Snow Camp around 12 p.m. Thursday. Kirk Puckett, a spokesperson for the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office, said two sisters, 12 and 13, were inside the home when […]

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