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Oh, For Pete’s Sake – “The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves”, Part 2

“Buy me drink, GI?” Well, from now on:  if you’re stationed in Korea, in those establishments known as “juicy bars” the answer damn well better be, “Sorry – no.” How so? Well, it seems that the USFK CG just made that against regulations – and thus unlawful under Article 92, UCMJ. Seriously. Why? It seems […]

Book Review: “No Man’s Land: Preparing for War and Peace in Post-9/11 America”

A great book review over at The New Republic on Elizabeth Samet’s No Man’s Land: Preparing for War and Peace in Post-9/11 America; I know from previous conversations with Mike Burke he was a colleague of hers at the United States Military Academy.  From the review I think this is a book worth reading.

Spain Announces Procurement Revival But Reportedly Faces Poor Jet Readiness

After years of belt-tightening by postponing procurement programs, Spain’s Defense State Secretary and former Boeing executive Pedro Argüelles announced a €10B investment plan that includes F-110 frigates and 8×8 infantry vehicles, writes La Semana [in Spanish]. Show More Summary

John R Acton; embellished military service for public office

One of our Facebook friends sent us a link to in regards to this John R. Acton fellow who is running for constable in Arizona. They investigated him in regards to his stated history in law enforcement and found his record wanting, so naturally, they doubted his military service as well; Over the last […]

DoD Corrects an Error

Everyone who serves in the military – well, everyone except those literally dumb enough to qualify as “rocks with lips” – knows that it’s a dangerous job. The Pale Horse and his Rider are constant companions; sometimes they’re near at hand, and sometimes they’re far in the distance. But they’re always there. Those serving accept […]

Dakota Meyer-designed 1911

Paul sends us a link to the Marine Corps Times article about a 1911 designed for Akai Custom Guns by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyers. At $3500, it’s a little out of my price range, well, that it would be hard to justify to Household Six since I already have six 1911s. Meyer, who […]

Pentagon Force Protection Agency warns military members of ISIS

Chief Tango sends us a link to the Washington Times which reports that the Pentagon Force Protection Agency has issued a warning to service members about their public behavior in light of the attack on a guard at the Canadian War Memorial last week; “Recent threats, revealed through various intelligence and law enforcement sources, indicate […]

David Nieland; Secret Service hooker hunter resigns

Stars & Stripes reports that David Nieland, the fellow investigating the Secret Service hooker scandal in Colombia was himself involved with prostitutes in Florida; Nieland has told congressional staffers that he was pressured to leave out of the report on the Secret Service scandal that a White House volunteer had brought a prostitute to his […]

Russell Richardson; stolen smarts

Pat sends us a link to the Stars & Stripes about Russell Richardson, who spent a few years as a defense contractor before taking a job with DoD as a science adviser based on his phony educational credentials; Russell Richardson, who earned a master’s degree from Ohio State University in 1984, says he never sought […]

On the hunt for Valor Thieves in Indianapolis

We haven’t heard much from TSO lately, but rest assured that he’s on the hunt for valor thieves in Indianapolis, using a clever disguise and his service dogs. I hope I haven’t blown his cover here.

Michael Harris in custody

We’ve been following the story of Staff Sergeant Michael Harris, the fellow who joined the Army’s Most Wanted list for being a child abuser. The Cambodia Daily Times reports that he’s been captured there; “The U.S suspect was arrested by Kratie provincial police on Tuesday morning while driving a Honda Rebel motorbike with packed [saddlebags], […]

Steve Cushman in his local media

We’ve been on this phony Air Force pilot, Steve Cushman since June. He claimed, initially, that he was an Air Force pilot for seven years, well, until we exposed him for lying (he was actually an Air Force ROTC cadet for a year and an Airman First Class in the Reserves). He said that he […]

Lermon: What those who serve their country deserve

The Washington Times invited our own Mike Lermon to respond to their October 19th article disparaging the traditional Veterans Service Organizations. If Mike wants to tell you his screen name here, he can do that in the comments. But he hit many of the points that I did, but he was much more artful; I’m […]

Army folks quarantined while nurse whines

The Stars & Stripes talked by videoconference with Major General Darryl Williams, commander of U.S. Army Africa, during the second day of his mandated quarantine period after returning to the western world from Africa, where he led soldiers who were trying to help the Africans fight Ebola. General Williams says that he was completely surprised […]

U.S. soldier’s Ebola quarantine in Italy causes alarm

US soldiers' Ebola quarantine in Italy causes alarm — FRANCE 24 (@FRANCE24) October 29, 2014

Report: Ex-Pentagon Wounded Warrior Boss Bullied Staff, Broke Laws

The former head of the Pentagon's Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy Office misused government resources, tried to influence a defense contract, bullied subordinates and even detailed a contractor to work as a caddy for a charity golf game.

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