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Specialist Jordan Olson; active duty stolen valor

From KOMO comes the story of Army Specialist Jordan Olson who dressed to impress when he stepped off the plane, back from a deployment to Afghanistan, unfortunately, he hadn’t earned everything on his uniform; When he returned home to Wisconsin, he got what every soldier expects – a family welcome – plus a little bit […]

Thursday morning feel good stories

Our first stop is Texas where it’s apparent to me that women can shoot as well as the men; The sheriff’s office said it appeared from their initial investigation that the suspect broke in through the front door, and confronted several people inside. One of the homeowner’s arrived home several minutes later and was attacked […]

US to sell bombs to Israel, helicopters to Saudis

The United States said Wednesday it plans to sell thousands of bombs and missiles to Israel as well as 10 Seahawk helicopters to Saudi Arabia, in deals worth about $1.9 billion each, officials said Wednesday. The US State Department informed […]

Tech firms, activists press US on encryption

Some 140 tech companies, civil liberties and privacy activists urged the White House Tuesday to pull back efforts to weaken encryption or include law enforcement “backdoors” on technology products. The effort marked the latest turn of events in a dispute […]

Why Remington’s Investors Should Not Sell

NYT: Cerberus Capital Management dodged a bullet with its recent decision to let investors sell out of one of the world’s biggest gunmakers, Remington Outdoor. It’s the company that made the assault rifle used to kill 20 children and six of their teachers in a Connecticut elementary school in December 2012. Cerberus’s chief executive, Stephen […]

Notes From HPS

David Codrea: It’s difficult to imagine a more torturous and horrifying realization than to know those you love more than life itself are in agony and terror, and are being slain, and there is nothing you can do to prevent their deaths or your own. If there is an approximation of hell on earth, that […]

Should Christians Own Guns?

After ISIS’ slaughter of Christians everywhere they go, the sufferings of the Coptic Christians in Egypt under the Muslim brotherhood, and the kidnapping of young Christian girls by Boko Haram for the purposes of sexual slavery, it may be tempting to ask yourselves, “What kind of an idiot would continue to press the notion that […]

F-35B Hopes to Dispel Operational Awkwardness Concerns on Wasp| Israel Requests 14,500 JDAM Tailkits | al-Abadi in Russia: What We Need Against ISIS is Weapons

Americas United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is reportedly in talks with potential buyers regarding its Sikorsky business, with Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed Martin all apparently angling for the sale. The maker of the Black Hawk helicopter,...Show More Summary

Fort Bragg Soldier, Others Pull Wreck Victims from Burning Vehicle

A Fort Bragg soldier is being praised for his efforts to free passengers after a fiery crash in Chatham County.

“Marine Comes Out To Father As POG”

3 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

Continued BRILLIANCE from Duffel Blog. BRYAN, Tx — Highly decorated military veteran Douglas Martin got the shock of a lifetime Sunday when his son, Lance Cpl. Shane Martin, came out of the closet as a POG. Lance Cpl. Martin, currently based out of Camp Pendleton, California, took leave to share the news in person. Show More Summary

China warns U.S. surveillance plane flying over man-made South China Sea islands

China warns U.S. military surveillance plane flying over man-made islands in South China Sea. — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) May 20, 2015

Russian military plane spotted flying over Lancashire, England

This is not what most people would want to see flying low over their back garden. The menacing Russian military aircraft, armed with five high-resolution cameras, was snapped by Steve Bradley, 41, from outside his home in Lancashire...

Beau Biden at Walter Reed

One of our readers sent us a link to Fox News‘ report that the Vice-President’s son, Beau Biden is being treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the world class hospital for the troops. Our reader asked a very good question; why is Biden being treated there? I can’t find anything that verifies that […]

SFA boots Joe Teti

Chief Tango sends us a link from the Army Times that announces that Joe Teti, the Discovery Channel personality on the cable TV show “Dual Survival”, has been removed from the rolls of the Special Forces Association; “He is no longer a member and cannot rejoin,” retired Army Col. Jack Tobin, president of the association, […]

ISIS gets resupplied by fall of Ramadi

Ramadi was a windfall for ISIS forces when Iraqi forces abandoned their equipment to flee the advancing thugs. According to the Associated Press; A Pentagon spokesman, Col. Steve Warren, estimated that a half dozen tanks were abandoned, a similar number of artillery pieces, a larger number of armored personnel carriers and about 100 wheeled vehicles […]

Air Force: Cyber Warriors Need Plenty of Rest

New guidance from the U.S. Air Force on the use of cyberspace weapons directs Air Force personnel to get a good night’s sleep prior to performing military cyberspace operations and to refrain from alcohol while on duty. “Crew rest is...Show More Summary

Average U.S. Troop Cost Nearly Doubled Since 1980

The average cost to the U.S. defense budget per individual troop member has increased sharply over the past few decades, a new analysis from the Congressional Research Service found, reflecting changes in the size and structure of the U.S. Show More Summary

Judge strikes down DC’s “good reason” gun law

According to Fox News, U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. called unconstitutional the District of Columbia’s requirement that an applicant for a permit to carry a concealed weapon must have a “good reason” in order to qualify for the 2d Amendment right. “For all intents and purposes, this requirement makes it impossible for the […]

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