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Exercise Marks Hawaii Brigade's Transition from Strykers

The Army's conversion of Hawaii's Stryker brigade into an infantry team is playing out in earnest with Exercise Lightning Forge.

Aerospace Companies Keep Geriatric Military Planes Aloft

Long Island's aerospace industry helps keep military aircraft aloft that have far surpassed their expected life span.

Sunday morning feel good stories

An off-duty detention control officer shot a would-be burglar when he forced his way into her home in DeKalb County, Georgia. Two others escaped and there is no word on the condition of the criminal. Updated: The injured thief has non-life threatening injuries and his partners have been arrested. In Dade City, Florida, three more […]

New Army Directive Officially Opens All Positions to Women

A new Army directive has officially given female soldiers a shot at every infantry, special operations and special forces assignment in the Army.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan planned terrorism in Michigan

The Detroit Free Press tells about Khalil Abu-Rayyan, a Dearborn Heights man who claimed to FBI informants that he supported ISIS and intended to commit an act of terrorism in the area. He hasn’t been charged with any terrorist-type crimes, but only because he’d already been arrested for possession of a controlled substance and an […]

Germans warn of terrorists among refugees

Fox News reports that German federal security agencies are warning of terrorists that have been smuggled into their country disguised as refugees; The announcement comes after Berlin police arrested three Thursday in an investigation of four Algerian men who are suspected of planning terror attacks in Germany and having ISIS ties. “We have seen repeatedly […]

Myanmar Has Forced Thousands of Rohingya Into a Virtual Prison

Myanmar’s Kaladan River widens as my ship nears the great Bay of Bengal, the horizons reaching out in every direction while seabirds swoop to snatch bread thrown by the passengers. I embarked on New Year’s Day 2016 from the medieval town of Mrauk U, a place known for its beautiful...

Saturday morning feel good stories

In Canada, Peter Khill, a reservist veteran, shot and killed Jonathon Dwight Styres when he was caught stealing Khill’s truck at 3 AM the other morning. Khill is facing jail time for second degree murder. At the link, Canadians discuss it on a call-in radio show, which is fairly interesting. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, police […]

Weekend Open Thread

Yes, we’re screwed. Here’s your weekend open thread.

Navy Celebrates 2016 African American/Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, the Navy joins our nation in celebrating the history and culture of African-American and Black Sailors during African-American/Black History Month.

The United States May Share Carrier Tech With India

Anyone who has been watching the United States try to pull off its much discussed “pivot” or “rebalance” to Asia knows one thing. The challenges of the day, from Russian moves in Eastern Europe and Syria to the threat of ISIS — or even just the steady stream of non-Asia-Pacific...

Navy: Former USS Anzio Skipper Committed Sexual Harassment

The former commanding officer of the USS Anzio could be kicked out of the Navy for sexual harassment, abusive sexual contact and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

SJW Haring sets the USMC up for female integration failure

We’ve discussed former Lieutenant Colonel Ellen Haring before. She once sued the Pentagon because she wasn’t qualified to lead a female Engagement Team in Iraq (my guess is that she was physically unable and mentally unfit) and so her dream of being the first SJW in combat went unrealized and her career was stunted as […]

Pilot Logs 500th Flight Hour in F-35

A pilot attached to the 61st Fighter Squadron made history here Feb. 2 as the first "Thunderbolt" to achieve 500 flight hours in an F-35 Lightning II.

Fort Sill to Trim Civilian Jobs, Some Military Positions

The U.S. Army artillery post is expected to trim some positions but still have a net gain of over 400 active-duty military personnel by the end of next year.

Fort Benning Soldier Now Faces 5 Counts Public Indecency Charges

A Fort Benning soldier accused of exposing himself on Jan. 22 to a 27-year-old woman was charged with four additional counts on Wednesday for similar incidents in Columbus, police said.

Former High School Band Teacher Now Navy Musician

Former Smith-Cotton High School Band teacher Brian Kloppenburg, now serving with the U.S. Navy, will soon be sent to Japan to serve in the Navy Band 7th Fleet.

JBLM Team Returns from Somber Mission at Delaware Base

For about five years during America's long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tech. Sgt. Loren Wells had what he called the "best and the worst job in the Air Force."

TCU boots vet from Journalism class for his opinion

GDContractor sends us a link to a story at Hypeline about a disabled veteran and student, Matthew Monahan, who was booted from a Journalism class at Texas Christian University because the teacher of the particular class decided that Matthew’s class assignment was “dark, offensive and inappropriate”. I’m not sure we’re getting the whole story, but […]

Fourth Circuit strikes down Maryland’s Scary Black Gun Ban

Remember when Maryland’s former governor, Marty O’Malley, currently one of the Democrat presidential candidates (in case you forgot), rammed his “Firearms Safety Act” in the middle of the night? It banned a number of modern sporting rifles (scary black gun) and magazines for weapons that stored more than ten rounds. Well, the Fourth Circuit Court […]

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