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Wikileaks On The Health Of It’s People

Wikileaks: NOTE: No present Wikileaks staff, including our editor, have medical, psychological or drug conditions which could lead to sudden death. For the record, neither do I.

Wyoming Gun Control Bill

Casper Star Tribune: CHEYENNE — A new bill would bar anyone on federal terrorism watch lists from buying guns in Wyoming. “We need to do something about people who are going to attack us getting weapons to do it,” said co-sponsor Sen. James Anderson, R-Casper. Anderson said he heard a presentation on the issue at […]

Letting Movies Dictate Your Gun Control Policy

Law Newz: The GOP has just risen to a whole new level of crazy. Last week, it introduced the Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act of 2017, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) and Rep. John Carter (R-TX). The bill removes gun silencers from the scope of the National Firearms Act of 1934, and refunds the $200 […]

Paul Ryan Fights Back Against The Voice Of The Voters

I don’t think there is any question that the voters put Donald Trump in office, at least in the main, because they’re sick and tired of seeing their jobs go to Hispanics and Latinos, all the while observing the cash-based society they live in where they don’t do business via official channels where they would […]

The Bad Actors In The Deep State

George Webb Sweigert, from Portland, Oregon, has an amazing video series that I’ve linked before and will continue to link.  I won’t embed every video since the last time I posted, but I will embed two, and in these two videos George outlines a number of bad actors in the deep state, including the Council […]

Retrofit of Nuke Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov to Finish by 2020

The Sevmash shipyard located in Severodvinsk, Russia, plans to complete overhaul and in-depth upgrade of the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov by 2020, said Capt 1 Rank Igor Dygalo, Russian Navy?s spokesman, on Friday, January 13.

Braulio Castillo; murderer with veteran small business

Braulio Castillo was sentenced to life in prison last summer for the murder of his estranged wife, Michelle a few years ago. He broke into her home and strangled her while their children were asleep just down the hallway. Before that, he founded Signet Computers (renamed Strong Castle in 2013) doing so with his status […]

Clayton Donoghue pleads guilty

We talked about Clayton Donoghue back in the Spring. He pleaded guilty in Orillia, Canada last month, according to the Orillia Packet; Clayton Donoghue, 62, entered guilty pleas in Orillia court to the possession charge along with charges of uttering a forged document and obstructing a public officer of the Armed Forces. While sentencing for […]

Captain Robert Russell Barnett comes home

Debra Coffey was 9 years old when he father, Air Force Captain Robert Russell Barnett was lost over Laos in 1968. On Friday, the Air Force met with her and her family and gave her details on the discovery of his earthly remains and how they will finally return those remains over to her according […]

Seventeen More Are Home

While I’ve been decisively engaged (and on the road) the past few weeks, DPAA has started 2017 with the proverbial bang. Since my last article, DPAA has identified and accounted for the following formerly-missing US personnel. From World War II • Mr. John D. Armstrong, civilian volunteer with Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company, American Volunteer Group, […]

The Closet Monsters

Now that we’ve all had a chance to dissect, point and giggle at Ned the Wannabe-a-Reporter For Real, if you go back to the text of his article and read it carefully, you can see a behavior pattern buried in it that we’ve seen elsewhere. Most of us don’t usually give away clues to our […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

In Montgomery County, Alabama two men kicked in the door of an elderly man who met them at the door with his firearm. A scuffle ensued and the pair disarmed the old guy, but they decided to flee before police arrived. A foot chase was on, but the officers caught up to the pair when […]

Military's Shift Away from Oil Clashes with Trump's Promises

Military leaders say alternative energy makes warriors more agile and effective on today's battlefields.

US Central Command Soldier Killed in Non-Combat Incident

A Facebook posting announced that memorial services are to be held Sunday at Camp Patriot, Kuwait and Fort Bliss, Texas.

Major General John Rossi’s suicide

Back in October, we talked about Major General John Rossi’s suicide. Folks speculated bout the reasons that he took such an extreme step. KSWO says it was merely sleep deprivation and fear of the Peter Principle that sent him off the edge; Former Fort Sill Commander Major General John Rossi struggled with feelings of inadequacies […]

William “Bill” Humphries; Marine Force Recon Phony

The folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this Bill Humphries fellow who really doesn’t understand how the military works, but that doesn’t stop from entertaining the civvies with his fairy tales. For example, this gem; Bill attended The University of Georgia became a member of The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, eventually president […]

Vets might get to shop at Exchange online

A couple of readers are excited that they might be able to shop at the Military Exchange system on line soon. From; After two years of study and debate, the Department of Defense has made a policy change, effective next November, to allow 16 million honorably discharged veterans to shop online for discounted military […]

Saturday morning feel good stories

In Bremer County, Iowa, John Eimers shot and killed intruder Steven Anthony, 46. Eimers was wounded several times by Anthony but still managed to keep up a rate of fire that left Anthony DRT (dead right there). EImers has been released from the hospital after being treated for his wounds. A family in Pleasant Grove, […]

12 Airmen May Get Air Force Cross or Medal of Honor Upgrades

The Air Force is recommending upgrading the awards of a dozen airmen for upgrade to the Medal of Honor or the Air Force Cross.

SEAL Killed Fighting ISIS Among Operators to Receive Medal Upgrade

SecNav Ray Mabus delivered 19 prestigious upgrades awards for current and former members of Navy special operations commands.

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