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‘Sicario’ Is a Nihilistic Thrill Ride

When the convoy of Americans crosses the border, an agent nods his head out the window. “Welcome to Juarez,” he says. FBI agent Kate Macer looks out at the city. Naked, mutilated corpses hang below a bridge. “It’s brilliant, what they do,” the male agent says. He explains that the cartels...

AP: […], Oregon shooter, was an Army entry-level separation

3E9 sends us a link to the Associated Press which reports that […], the Oregon shooter, did indeed have military training – about a month in 2008 (Nov. 5th to Dec. 11th) keeping with my prediction earlier today. [Lt. Col. Ben Garrett, an Army spokesman] did not say which standards […] failed to meet. Generally, […]

Army Family Proud of Hispanic Heritage, U.S. Citizenship

National Hispanic Heritage History Month gives Active Guard Reserve soldier Capt. Daniel Lopez-Guerrero a chance to reflect on his past.

The Destructive U.S.-Backed Campaign in Yemen

The killing earlier this week of at least 131 civilians at a wedding party was only the latest and deadliest event in a campaign of air strikes in Yemen by a foreign coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights reports that during a six-month period...

Even Animals Needed Gas Masks in World War I

There was nothing more terrifying in the trenches than the call of a gas attack — “GAS! GAS!” This warning cry sent men scrambling for their masks as the poisonous fog enveloped them. Soldiers succumbed to the strangling effects of chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas for years as the stalemated...

Marruecos se une al selecto club de propietarios de carros de combate M-1 Abrams

Marruecos está a punto de convertirse en nuevo usuario mundial del principal carro de combate estadounidense, el M-1 Abrams. Y Rusia se valió de esta venta como excusa para alardear de sus misiles, y realizar una amenaza velada. En 2012 la agencia estadounidense de cooperación para la defensa y la...

China Leads the Peacekeeping Surge

This week, Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping announced that Beijing is putting together a rapid response force to support United Nations peacekeeping operations, and is helping fund African Union efforts to do the same. The news was lost in the midst of major, global crises — but the expansion of Chinese troops abroad is...

Watchdog Says ‘I Told You So’ About New Carrier Costs

The Government Accountability Office has slammed the U.S. Navy for badly managing its plans to buy new Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers. Too late to do anything about delays and soaring costs, the top government watchdog hopes the boondoggle will at least be a teachable moment. In 2009, Newport News Shipbuilding...

Weekend Open Thread

Here’s your weekend thread with something that you’ve never seen before – an East European country that erects a fence to keep people out. We’ve seen fences to keep folks in that part of the world, so…. We’re battening down the hatches at the TAH corporate resort in order to welcome Joachim later this weekend.

And In the “YGBSM!” Department . . .

... it looks like the “best and brightest” working for the VA were at it again. It seems that some VA medical facilities recently distributed a flyer indicating prohibited items.  Bring them to an exam, and you would not be seen. The fliers were apparently mailed to some vets with appointment letters. The VA also posted […]

C-130 goes down in Afghanistan

The Associated Press reports that a C-130 crashed in eastern Afghanistan overnight. It looks like all 11 onboard, including 6 Air Force crew members, have died in the crash; The six U.S. service members who died comprised the plane’s crew. The passengers were civilian contractors working with NATO’s Resolute Support mission and were the only […]

Maurice Crutchfield; Army’s Most Wanted fugitive captured

Thomas sends us a link to the story that Maurice Crutchfield, one of the Army’s Most Wanted Fugitives was captured by the US Marshals in Detroit; According to officials, on Aug.17, 1990, Crutchfield allegedly fired six rounds from a Mac-11 9 mm semiautomatic pistol into a group of people while he was stationed at Fort […]

ANA takes back Kunduz

According to Stars & Stripes (by way of reports that US Special Forces joined with the Afghanistan National Army to take back the city of Kunduz on Wednesday and Thursday; The Reuters news agency quoted a senior Afghan security official as saying about 100 U.S. special operations troops fought off Taliban attackers threatening to […]

The Oregon shooting thing

This doofus took two handguns and a rifle to Umpqua Community College yesterday and if any of the news reports are to be believed, he killed about ten people and wounded a score. According to Yahoo News, he lined up his victims and asked them their religious preference and then shot all of the Christians. […]

New Details Question Validity of Marine Corps Gender-Integration Study

Emerging details of the U.S. Marine Corps study on the integration of women into direct-action combat jobs raise questions about the validity of its findings and whether the study was engineered to keep women out of infantry units, critics say.

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