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AF: Unpublished Guidance Allows for 'Unofficial' Flag-folding Script

The Air Force also says that guidance is consistent with subsequent federal law and Defense Department policy.

Welsh Retires as Air Force Chief of Staff at Andrews Ceremony

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh marked his retirement with a ceremony Friday morning at Andrews Air Force Base.

Weekend Open Thread

So, if you’re wondering about the remodel, the contractor said that we can move into the new bedroom on Monday – yes, it’s been going on for the last seven weeks. Those of you who have been here wouldn’t recognize the place now. The pictures this week are brought to you by Toasty Coastie and […]

Joseph Hirt; phony Auschwitz survivor

One of our ninjas sent us a link to the story of Joseph Hirt. He claims that he’s 90 years old (family members say that he’s about five years younger) and that he escaped from the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. He’s traveled the country weaving his tales for groups, until one day recently he spoke […]

Atlas Rocket Launches for 1st Time since March Grounding

America's Atlas rockets are flying again, successfully launching a communications satellite for the Navy.

There Are Now More Feds With Firearm And Arrest Authority Than U.S. Marines

Free Beacon: There are now more non-military government employees who carry guns than there are U.S. Marines, according to a new report. Open the Books, a taxpayer watchdog group, released a study Wednesday that finds domestic government agencies continue to grow their stockpiles of military-style weapons, as Democrats sat on the House floor calling for […]

Matt Bracken Essay

You really should spend some time reading this.  You won’t be disappointed. Part I Part II Part III Part IV

Navy Completes Iran Riverine Incident Probe; More Firings Possible

Adm. John Richardson was expected to make a public announcement detailing the follow-on actions before the end of the month.

Lindsey Graham On Guns

NY Daily News: Rifle-owning South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and a handful of his fellow Republicans are standing up to the biggest bully in Washington — the National Rifle Association. Graham and a growing group of GOPers are getting behind a burgeoning bipartisan effort to keep suspected terrorists from buying guns, and they’ve vowed they […]

The Second Amendment Grants Me Nothing

Monica Lindstrom: This week Arizona Senator Jeff Flake introduced a bill to prohibit the sale of guns to persons on the No Fly list. This comes on the heels of the deadliest mass shooting in America that occurred June 12 at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. It’s not surprising to see a flurry of proposals and […]

Brexit' shocked Germany and the rest of Europe

[A quick note from Michael] This is unbelievably huge and complex. Many people already are blaming the British. Especially the English are to blame, they think. But this is not their fault. This is the fault of the EU. British have been saying for years that they are unhappy, and they were ignored. Show More Summary

Rangel: Guns for me, not for thee

The Daily Caller‘s Kerry Picket cornered Charlie Rangel, a Democrat Congressman from New York City for a comment on the revelation that four New York Police Department members were arrested for selling gun permits for favors. When asked by The Daily Caller his thoughts on the difficulty of getting a concealed carry permit in New […]

Navy Lieutenant Jake Baker arrested

Mick sends us a link to to the Virginian-Pilot which reports that Navy Lieutenant and pilot Jake Baker was arrested for videoing an underage girl while she was in a store; Jake Baker, 31, of the 1500 block of Braishfield Court in Chesapeake [with the Navy’s Virginia Beach-based Strike Fighter Squadron 106], was arrested June […]

Report: Cybersecurity Jobs Jump in San Diego

San Diego's two-year effort to build a cluster of technology expertise around cybersecurity is taking root, with an estimated 14.7 percent increase in cyberjobs since 2014..

Hampton Roads Defense Economy Faces Major Challenges, Lobbyist Says

Anyone wanting to know if Congress will provide enough money to keep stable Hampton Roads' military-centric economy is going to have to wait until after the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Democrats “energized” by results of “sit in”

Politico says that Democrat lawmakers are pleased that their “sit in” on the House floor accomplished nothing, and they intend to do it more often; Already rank-and-file Democrats, energized by nationwide publicity and praise they received for occupying the House floor over demands for a gun vote, are saying they’ll likely use the same strategy […]

William Keebler and his foiled terrorist attack

Skippy sends us a link to the story of Bill Keebler and his elves who plotted to blow up a Bureau of Land Management cabin in Arizona. Keebler is the nominal leader of a band of misfits called the “Patriot’s Defense Force”. They wanted to avenge the death of Arizona rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum. According […]

Friday morning feel good stories

Aysel sends us a story about a 78-year-old homeowner in Portland, Oregon who encountered a naked burglar in his home and promptly shot him. The burglar was still naked and laying in the homeowner’s fountain when the police arrived. They took him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. According to an update from the Oregonian, […]

Iranian Capture of 2 US Patrol Craft Ends Yet Another Career

The Iranian capture of two US Navy patrol craft earlier this year has apparently ended another senior Naval officer’s career. The Navy has announced that CAPT Kyle Moses – Commodore of Commander Task Force (CTF) 56, the parent unit of the patrol boats captured by the Iranians in January – will be relieved of command. […]

General: Army's Training of Men, Women Held Up as Example

Fort Jackson has become a guide for other military organizations trying to expand training for women now able to enter additional combat-related jobs, the post's departing commander said.

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