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Joyelle Riley sentenced

We’ve talked about Joyelle “JD” Riley in Mansfield, Ohio, before, like last July and December. She told folks that she was a “highly decorated Marine” and she pretended to have the cancer in order to defraud folks. She was sentenced to 3 years probation and restitution to some of her victims. After that, the prosecutor […]

Wife of State Senator on Military Duty to Fill in for Him

Sen. John Braun's wife, Marlo Braun was sworn in by Lewis County District Court Judge Wade Samuelson on the Senate floor.

Feds: Ex-Soldier Who Ripped off Military Aid Groups Back to Scamming

Senior U.S. Probation Officer Jason Bissette wants Scott locked up amid a growing list of possible probation violations.

With friends like these….

According to the Military Times, Turkey’s state-run media broadcast the locations of our secret bases in northern Syria; Turkey’s state-run news outlet, the Anadolu Agency, on Tuesday published detailed information on the location of U.S. bases in northern Syria. The base locations that were disclosed are on the front lines of the U.S.-led effort to […]

James Elliot “Willie” Williams

Our buddy, Doug Sterner wrote an article about James Elliot “Willie” Williams in Vietnam Magazine, republished in History Net. Doug says that Williams was the most decorated enlisted sailor in the history of the US Navy. According to Military Times’ Hall of Valor, Williams earned three Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars for Valor, a Silver […]

Gary Wetzel’s homecoming from the hospital

Last year, we talked about Medal of Honor recipient Gary Wetzel, when he had a motorcycle accident. He’s been in the hospital nearly a year recovering from laying down his bike at 60 miles/hour. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he got a homecoming fit for the king that he is; It was a far […]

Some thoughts on John McCain’s pending demise

With the news that John McCain has a likely terminal form of brain cancer, the media is falling all over itself to heap sympathy, best wishes and praise on the octogenarian solon. While I am just as sympathetic to his family as I would be any other, I cannot play the hypocrite and act as […]

Mike Jolly; phony Marine

Some folks in Arizona asked about this David Michael Jolly, who goes by Mike Jolly in the martial arts realm. His organization is the Libre Fighting Systems Chapter Phoenix, AZ. He tells folks, and his students, that he did four years in the Marine Corps – it’s part of his schtick for teaching martial arts; […]

New wing for JASSM-ER | Gripen pulled out of Belgian fighter comp | CH-5 UAV available for export

Americas Lockheed Martin has been granted a $37.7 million contract for the continued development of a new wing design for the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile – Extended Range (JASSM-ER). The new wing design will provide greater range for the missile, which currently can strike targets more than 550 miles away. Speaking on the award, Jason […]

Thursday morning feel good stories

From Zachary, Louisiana; One person was shot and killed in a home invasion late Tuesday night in Zachary. According to the Zachary Police Department, the shooting occurred in the 4000 block of McHugh Road when a robbery suspect attempted to break into an apartment. The suspect was shot and killed by a homeowner. From Jackson, […]

Shanahan confirmed as Dep. Defense Sec. | USS North Dakota tests Tomahawk with Block III Payload Tubes | India gears up for LUH

Americas Leidos has received a $64 million task order for the integration and demonstration of three Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Enhanced (ARL-E) ground surveillance and intelligence aircraft. Work and testing will take place at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and will take part in demonstration flights prior to delivery to the US Army. The aircraft are the upgraded […]

Massachusetts Flirting With More Gun Confiscation

Ignoring the science that informs us that gun confiscations don’t prevent suicide, Massachusetts lawmakers are flirting with more progressive dreams of utopia. BOSTON — Supporters of new gun laws and opponents clashed Tuesday over a bill that would allow guns to be temporarily seized from people deemed at high risk of hurting themselves or others. […]

Navy Has First Female Applicants for SEAL Officer, Special Boat Units

Two women were in boot camp as candidates for the Navy's all-enlisted Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman program.

White House Seeks Third Attempt to Nominate Army Secretary

The Trump administration is reportedly poised to nominate a former Gulf War veteran to become the next secretary of the Army.

Michele Bocci arrested

We wrote about this fellow Michele (pronounced Michael) Bocci In January and February when Oregon law enforcement were trying to build a case against him for ripping people off. He used a number of aliases, according to KGW. As well as pretending to be a Marine, he also faked a career as a doctor; In […]

Air Force Reviewing Petition to Restore Rank of Vietnam-Era General

A Air Force case dating to the Nixon administration may again spur debate over whether to restore a disgraced general's honor.

Valor thief The Dick Blumenthal proposes $1/2b for Ukrainian wounded

The Dick Blumenthal, US Senator from Connecticut who claimed that he was a Vietnam veteran before the New York Times outed him in 2010, proposed that $500 million from the US Defense budget be portioned out for treating Ukrainian soldiers, according to Fox News; A Senate Democrat who once misrepresented his own military service record […]

The media notices “bacha bazi”

For the last eight years or so, the media has been ignoring “bacha bazi,” the practice of Afghan chiefs to keep young boys as sex slaves – a symbol of power in the culture. Well, now, suddenly, it’s a reason for concern at the Washington Post; As the United States sinks deeper into the Afghan […]

Peter Mims, the lost sailor

You probably remember Peter Mims, the Navy sailor who was thought to be lost at sea for a spell while US and Japanese Navy vessels searched the seas for him, but he was discovered below decks of the USS Shiloh after 50 hours. Well, David sends us a link to Good Morning, America which reports […]

Mo Brooks’ CIB

Last month, after Republican Congressman Mo Brooks helped wounded congressmen at that baseball practice in Arlington, retired Army Colonel John Reitzell of Huntsville bestowed a miniature Combat Infantryman Badge on Brooks, according to Alabama’s AL Online ; Reitzell told that he pinned the badge on Brooks’ lapel at a senate candidate forum at the […]

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