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David Willard; phony SEAL

Our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, David Willard. He claims to be a Navy SEAL, and he’s convinced a lot of his friends that he’s a SEAL. Willard even has a jeep with the Trident painted on the hood and a fugly cap that only pretenders buy; Well, he […]

Catalino Aguda; phony Air Force TACP

Someone sent us their work on this Catalino Aguda fellow. He claims that he was a member of an Air Force Tactical Air Control Party. A TACP travels with Army and Marine Corps maneuver units and act as advisors to commanders in the application of air power to the battle. They establish and maintain command […]

Friday morning feel good stories

From Lacanto, Florida; Citrus County resident Carmelo Marchese says he had no choice but to shoot a would-be home invader. “I was honestly and truly in fear for my life,” he told FOX 13. It started with his dog daisy barking wildly. A stranger was knocking on the door at 11:30 at night. Police say […]

Comment Of The Week

Darrell: As a former police officer I find you statement about police officers to be filled with ignorance and the same hatred and malice intent that the democrats have been spewing forth for years. 98 percent of officers would not react like this yet you paint them all with a broad brush and just like […]

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Hid Behind Column During Florida School Shooting

NYT has the story.  WRSA is also on it.  PJM is also on it (via reader TK). So what’s the big deal?  I see no problem here.  This might be what it takes to disavow Americans of the ridiculous notion that the cops are there to protect them. Castle Rock versus Gonzales and Warren versus […]

South Korea Launches KF-16 Fighter Upgrades Upended

ROKAF KF-16 (click to view full) In July 2009, The Korea Times reported that ROKAF was looking to upgrade its F-16C/D fleet’s radar and armament, as part of the 2010-2014 arms acquisition and management package submitted to President Lee Myung-bak for approval. Under the Peace Bridge II and II deals, The ROKAF bought 140 “KF-16” […]

“Swatting” in San Jose

KTUE reports on the latest incident of “Swatting” which happened in San Jose, California. Officers responded to a 9-1-1 call that claimed a home had been the target of a home invasion conducted by armed thieves. But the call ended up being bogus. It’s part of a new fad called “Swatting.” San Jose police units […]

America’s Voting Systems Are Highly Vulnerable to Hackers

After Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians last week, there can be no doubt that the Kremlin meddled with the 2016 election by spreading lies through social media that twisted voters’ judgments. But what about more direct forms...Show More Summary

Don’t lecture me

The days are gone when I tolerate lectures on gun control. We’ve been told that the country expects us to have a discussion about gun control, but mostly my side is expected to sit down and listen while we’re insulted and subjected to lies by people who don’t know the difference between stocks and flash […]

Darrin Sealy; phony Marine

Our partners at Military Phonies share their work on this piece of work, Darrin Sealy who used to be the CEO and President of the Collegiate Officials Group, an organization of referees and umpires. For some reason, he decided that he needed to be a former Marine, but, he couldn’t stop there. He claimed to […]

Anthony Vanderplow; phony SEAL

Our partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Anthony Vanderplow who claims that he was a “Naval SEAL” and claims that he served in Iraq; Yeah, well he was in the Navy for less than nine months and left the service as an E-1 Seaman Recruit and he trained as an Electronic […]

Weird Stuff You See While Traveling

Sometimes travel takes me near or through parts of the Appalachians. Recently it did again – though not near enough to Jonn’s part of WV to drop by. While driving, I saw something that made me do a double take. Then I had a damn good laugh. I saw an ambulance. It was from a […]

Thursday morning feel good stories

From Spanaway. Washington; Deputies said the male and female homeowners said they were sleeping in their house — along with their infant and toddler — when they heard noises of footsteps outside and saw an exterior motion light go on. “The husband went into their children’s bedroom and saw an unknown man standing in the […]

South Africa’s Paramount enters the US market with Bronco II | Erdogan wants unmanned tank | Raytheon announce Canada’s Phalanx CWIS upgrade

Americas Raytheon Canada will overhaul and provide in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Phalanx Close-In Weapon Systems. Valued at CAD$330 million (USD$260.1 million), the deal tasks Raytheon with providing “maintenance,Show More Summary

The US Military’s King Air 350ER Aircraft: Quietly Effective

MC-12 arrives (click to view full) Despite all of the high-tech fighter hours flown in theater, Hawker Beechcraft’s twin-propeller King Air 350 continues to gain traction as an affordable, long-endurance option for light cargo delivery in remote areas – and effective manned battlefield surveillance and attack. Iraq’s Air Force was the first to order them, […]

Leander concept for Royal Navy Type 31e Frigate inspires interest from British industry

Cammell Laird and BAE Systems have teamed up to compete for the Type 31e frigate programme with their ‘Leander’ concept. […]

Hero Citizen Stops Potential Mass Shooting, Amarillo Police Shoot Him

It happened in Independence, Missouri when a man saved his wife, daughter and thirty other people from a potential shooting, where the hero dropped his weapon, raised his hands, and the police promptly shot him after saving those people.  Now it’s happened with another potential mass shooting in Texas. As news of the tragic shooting in […]

John Kasich: Gun Controller

David Codrea: “If all the sudden you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose?” Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich asked on CNN, talking about new citizen disarmament edicts he’d favor in the wake of the Stoneman atrocities. “Would you feel your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God-darned AR-15?” […]

Here We Go Again?

I have had my attention drawn to a post in Defense One (No, not the Defense version of Police One) about the current situation in Afghanistan. Please go read it. If you don't, you will not necessarily understand some of the points I am going to make. Show More Summary

Attention on Deck! Listen Up!

In the wake of last week’s heinous episode of destruction of human lives, and the howling to “DO SOMETHING” that predictably succeeded it, I spent some time digging up some information. There are at least eleven (11 federal statues on the books regarding guns and control, including the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. – Source: […]

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