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Sunday morning feel good story

This one comes from Florida; Police said the homeowner, a 77-year-old man, was in the shower when he heard strange noises. Police said he went to see what was going on and came face-to-face with the burglars. Authorities said the victim opened fire on the men. One of the suspects was pronounced dead at the […]

RIP, Beau Biden

Dead of brain cancer at age 48. I didn’t agree with his politics, or care much for his dad. Reportedly he was a decent fellow and a good man. He was an officer in the Army National Guard. RIP, Mr. Biden. Gone far too soon.

WARNING – Technical Problem

3 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

DO NOT EXPLORE THAT OTHER SITE! One of our readers brought a technical problem to our attention and we are taking the issue up with our site administration. When the reader attempted to connect to Op-for on his mobile computer (smartphone), he was sent to another site. Show More Summary

Maintaining the Standard-The Final Eight Fail

4 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

You know? For a significant amount of time I believed the Army would fail in this experiment.  How do I define failure?  Failure would be degrading the standards of the school in order for a female Soldier to pass.  I thought that bringing...Show More Summary

The Problem With ISIS

How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? How do you find a word that means Maria? A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown! --Sound of Music I would remind you that extremism in the defense...Show More Summary

Spain approves new US rapid response force base

Andy11M sends us a link to the an Associated Press article which reports that the Spanish government has approved stationing of a US rapid response force at their base in Moron (it’s pronounced More-OWN, you moron). The deal approved by Spain’s Cabinet allows for the U.S. to station up to 3,000 troops at the Moron […]

Martin O’Malley is not the answer, unless it was a very stupid question

According to the Washington Times Marty O’Malley will announce his intentions to run for President next year. I don’t often get into politics that don’t have to do with people in uniform, but this is so ridiculous, I can’t help it this time. See that picture above? That’s O’Malley celebrating how he passed a tax […]

A new Iraq “surge”?

Michael Crowley at Politico speculates on what a new Iraq “surge” would look like. He says that Republicans, like Graham, Perry, Walker and Pataki, are warming up to the idea of sending tens of thousand of US troops back into the country. Yeah, well they’ll do it without me; And even though President Barack Obama […]

Kirjath Toney, the 4-star general

One of our ninjas dug up some more stuff, on poor Kirjath Toney who we’ve been victimizing over the year or so. We didn’t realize that he’s a 4-star general, according to his business listing on Yelp!; And we didn’t know that his lungs had “received” white phosphorus you know that stuff that we use […]

Reining in Executive War Powers

4 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

It may not come as a surprise that one of my two (2) U.S. Senators, Tim Kaine, is not I say again NOT one of my favorite political figures. (The other one isn’t anything to write home about, either.) Yet, I’ll gladly state that the man...Show More Summary

Saturday morning feel good story

This morning’s story comes from Mississippi and it takes two articles to tell the story because English is a lost language among journalists down there, I guess. First from WREG; Bernice Watson was having a cookout when she said she heard what she believed to be a Hummer pulling into her driveway, and then saw […]

A history of Utopias in America

4 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

A bit of light reading on 10 attempts to establish Utopia in America based on a conversation between frequent commenter George on one side, and three of us on the other.

After Divorce, Losing Veterans’ Support Along With a Spouse

Once you are divorced from a veteran, resources such as counseling go away, and many women who were dependent on their spouses' incomes find themselves financially in shambles.

???????????????????? Part2(?????

???? ????? The ROK Army Used Vietnamese Comfort Women Part2 ? No restrictions on retransmission) ???????????????????? Part1( ???? ) ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? How was the ROK army comfort station in Saigon that has come to light through a U.S. Show More Summary

Why Not? Who Cares Anymore?

Two question marks in the title. Yeah, that is to communicate my confusion in this matter. NASA Supports Replacing American Flag With A New Design, International Flag Of The Planet Earth May Be Used During Space Travel “Since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the iconic visual of the American flag […]

Washington Post; The U.S. must do more to help Iraq fight the Islamic State

I hate to say this out loud and in public, but the Washington Post’s editorial staff and I agree on something finally. In today’s edition, they take the Obama Administration to task on their handling of the war against ISIS. The Administration merely reacts to ISIS gains in Iraq and Syria, like their latest shipment […]

Lucas saving the world

Andy11M sends us a link to ABC News which tells the story of police dog, Lucas, who rescued his deputy sheriff handler, Todd Frazier who stopped at a remote, deserted rest stop to check on what looked like an unresponsive driver. The deputy was then ambushed; “Two individuals surprised Deputy Frazier from the shadows and […]

“Draw the prophet” contest in Arizona

So, this fellow, Jon Ritzheimer, who claims to be a Marine veteran, for some reason thinks that organizing a “Draw the Prophet” contest on the door step of a Phoenix mosque will prove something we don’t know, because a month after the Garland, Texas shooting, I guess we already forgot that Islam gets upset when […]

Osan Halts Biological Defense Program After Anthrax Incident

Osan Air Base halted operations at its laboratory biological defense program this week after 22 people were possibly exposed to live anthrax spores, U.S. military officials said Friday.

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