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El Ejército de Tierra estadounidense quiere derribar drones con una ametralladora eléctrica gigante

Hace tan sólo unos años EE.UU. tenía casi el monopolio en cuanto a drones. Ya no más. A medida que los diminutos vehículos aéreos no tripulados se extienden por los campos de batalla de todo el mundo, el Ejército de Tierra estadounidense está estudiando la manera de derribarlos con una...

South Sudan’s Civil War Killed All of the Country’s Rhinos

In 2011, South Sudan — then the world’s newest country — had as many as a thousand rhinos. Four years later there are none. The civil war that broke out in late 2013 gave poachers an opportunity to hunt down every single one of the gentle horned creatures. Rhino horn...

Even More Iraqi and Syrian Civilians May Have Died in U.S. Air Strikes

The United States has carried out thousands of air strikes in Iraq and Syria, and doesn’t know how many civilians have died in them. But now we’ve learned that the U.S. military’s top headquarters for the region is still investigating nearly two dozen incidents. Earlier in August, War Is Boring obtained an official spreadsheet...

Step by Step, Here’s How to Defeat China in a War

The air campaign in Desert Storm was a watershed for air power. It demonstrated the effectiveness of precision munitions, marked a high water point for electronic warfare and introduced radar stealth in a decisive manner. It also established a template for the application of air power that has taken root...

How Does the Government Decide When to Kill a Terrorist?

The White House and Pentagon are less than forthcoming about how they decide to send drones or commandos to kill or capture terrorists. In March 2011, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Historical Research Branch published a report called “Intelligence and the Challenge of High Value Targets.” The U.S. Air Force’s Intelligence,...

Weekend Open Thread

So, here’s your open thread for the weekend. I’m about half-way to Bethesda for my annual trek to look at the pretty nurses and doctoresses at Walter Reed. If you’re wondering what is happening in LA this week, your guess is as good as mine. I do know that a certain non-CPO has another pair […]

Well, That Didn’t Take Very Long

I’m guessing any number of people are saying or thinking “Told you so” right about now. ‘Sister Wives’ family cites gay marriage ruling in polygamy case Sheesh.  I don’t think I wanna know what’s coming next.  

Lieutenant General Frank E. Petersen Jr. passes

Fox News reports the sad news that Lieutenant General Frank E. Petersen Jr., the first Black Marine Corps aviator has passed at the tender age of 83. Peterson began his career as a seaman and a electronics technician in 1950, then he entered the Naval Aviation Cadet program which he completed in 1952, in time […]

Polaris delivering off-road vehicles to USSOCOM

USSOCOM has awarded Polaris Defense a new, sole source, firm-fixed-price contract for the MRZR off-road vehicle platform and vehicle delivery started earlier this month. The $83 million, five year, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, signed in July, continues delivery order options on MRZR 2 and MRZR 4 vehicles – along with contractor logistics support

Air Force Research Lab Announces MUOS Satellite Communications Testing in Antarctica

Instant and easy connectivity for mobile devices is often taken for granted, but modern cellular networks are tied to cell towers. How do you make a call when cell towers are not available? To answer this question, teams from the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate, the United States Navy and Lockheed Martin came together

More than 1,000 NATO paratroopers mount exercise in Germany

More than 1,000 NATO paratroopers jumped from aircraft above Germany Wednesday in one of the alliance’s largest airborne training exercise in Europe since the Cold War ended, the US army said. Amid a drive by NATO to boost its defences in light of the Ukraine crisis, 11 member countries are taking part in Exercise Swift

Carlos Mullen saving the world

David sends us a link to Fox News which reports that Carlos Mullen, an Army veteran is being credited with saving the life of a six-year-old when the child had drowned in the pool at a resort where Mullen and his fiance were staying; Carlos Mullen and his fiancée Christina Lamothe were on the third […]

Maybe we need a new law…

Maybe we need a new law banning mixed-race, homosexual ex-reporters from owning guns. Hey, a guy who’s pretty obviously mixed-race and openly homosexual, as well as a documented ex-reporter, killed two people in Virginia yesterday, and all the usual left-wing gun-grabbers are focusing on only one aspect of the crime: the inanimate handgun used by […]

Congressman Wants Carter to Intervene in Removal of Green Beret

In a letter urging Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to intervene, a congressman said that the Army went too far in reprimanding and initiating actions against a Green Beret who shoved an Afghan police commander after he allegedly admitted raping a young boy.

Washington Post; when statistics don’t work, change the parameters

There’s an article in the Washington Post in which Christopher Ingraham claims that there have been at least one mass shooting every day of 2015. You’d think that you would have heard about that somewhere before now, wouldn’t you? Well, you haven’t because those “figures” (247 “mass shootings” for 2015) comes from a subReddit group […]

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