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Logistics Is Everything: Lessons From The Ukraine

NYT: DNEPROPETROVSK, Ukraine — In a cramped kitchen that smelled strongly of cabbage and beets, a small army of women labored into the night, preparing what would become dried borscht to supply Ukrainian soldiers in the field. One Ziploc bag of the borscht, which looks something like wood chips, can feed 10 men and is […]

On the Hagel Firing

Secretary of Defense Hagel was shown the door today in one of those classic Washington scenes that reminds one of a Soviet show trial. We are led to believe that Mr. Hagel initiated this process himself, and that is entirely possible,...Show More Summary

A Velvet Hammer

Since others here are offering various tunes I’d like to offer something new that, for better or worse, captures a thing worth sharing. I’ve seen those faces, but some of the charities referenced  at the end are suspect –  to me anyway. Also I wanna hope that the numbers mentioned in this tune are way […]

Yes, Virginia, there was no Sandy Hook

In the spirit of the season of giving thanks, Veterans Today released the wonderful news that no one died two years ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but the same folks who have proved to us that there was no Holocaust, that aliens are making our foreign policy, […]

Just a brief update

I’m still not dead. But, were I afraid I might be, then I would go down like the Poxy Bastards. I will however be out all day tomorrow if anyone is looking for me, I’m alive and well, and probably at the police station filing a repo...

AEI/Heritage Project for the Common Defense Weekly Read Board

Navy: "The Large Deck Carrier: Doctrinal Roles and Campaign-Level Value," by Jon Solomon (Information Dissemination, 11/17/14) "Admiral Greenert Speaks: What Should the U.S. Navy's New Maritime Strategy Look Like?" by Janine Davidson...Show More Summary

With National Security in near ruins, Obama finally listens to GOP

4 days agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

Buttercup has been fired. This may be the only good news. The POTUS always triples down with anti-war and/or left of left politicians. Is tax-dodger John Kerry next?

US Defense Secretary Hagel resigns

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will resign on Monday, senior officials told reporters, as the White House faced mounting criticism over its handling of the war against the Islamic State group and the campaign in Afghanistan. The former senator, who […]

TSO’s Magical Mystery Tour of Classic Rock Concerts

As most know I got more death threats this weekend, which is always fun. So to take my mind off it I was constructing a list of the top 10 classic rock concerts I ever went to. It actually became 11, because I couldn’t find anyone of these I would drop from the list. They […]

My prediction for SecDef; Michèle Flournoy

It’s not that I’m all that smart, that I make this prediction, but reading Michèle Flournoy’s bio, she falls right in line with the President and she’d be a rubber stamp for him. According to the Washington Post in their rundown of candidates, she is the CEO of the Center for a New American Security, […]

SNL I’m Just a Bill skit

I literally don’t remember that last time I was awake late enough on a Saturday to watch SNL that I wasn’t wasted and out at an Irish Pub, but for the 1-2 people who haven’t seen this yet, it was genius. But no matter how good it is, no skit will ever match the More […]

Negligent discharge in Ferguson

A woman, 26-year-old Becca Campbell, died from a negligent discharge in Ferguson, while waving her boyfriend’s brand new gun around inside their car declaring that she was ready for unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. CNN calls it an accidental discharge, but clearly it was negligent; The boyfriend, who wasn’t identified, told police that the couple had […]

Hagel to step down? Already?

The broadcast news is reporting without any details that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is stepping down fro that position. Jennifer Griffin on Fox News reports that he tendered his resignation to the President this morning and that they mutually agreed. He never should have been the SecDef. His service in Vietnam was enviable, but […]

The Future of Chinese Missiles, Euro and Japanese Fighters

The latest annual report [PDF] to the US Congress by its US-China Economic and Security Review Commission notes that submarine-launched ballistic missiles give China its “first credible sea-based nuclear deterrent”: “The JL–2’s range...Show More Summary

Gerhard “Jerry” Smith; Major E-10 Marine phony

Scotty sends us his work on this fellow Gerhard Smith who was actually busted several years ago by our buddy, Doug Sterner. He was busted when he tried to join his local Marine Corps League with this obviously forged DD214; Yeah, I don’t know what a “Major E-10? is, but Scotty says that he tries […]

Bob Curtis; phony POW on Veterans’ Day

Average NCO found this guy, Bob Curtis, in the Lebanon Democrat. He was to speak at a Veterans’ Day parade for Wilson County, Tennessee; Principal speaker for the day will be Spc. Bob Curtis, who was a prisoner of war of the Vietnamese for a year, spending his time carrying a 4-feet-by-4-feet bamboo crate he […]

Fayetteville Feel Good Pointless Gun Buyback

From the Fayetteville Observer So many guns were collected during Fayetteville’s first gun buyback event Saturday that police had to start giving out IOUs after about two hours. More than 250 guns were collected, according to a Fayetteville police spokesman. The Rev. Mark Rowden, who was a driving force behind the event, said the response […]

Monday morning feel good story

Today’s feel good story comes from California and it’s brought to you by Chief Tango; El Dorado County Sheriff said the homeowner was driving home about 3:40 a.m. on Thursday when he spotted two men on his property on Calamity Lane. The homeowner told the sheriff’s department he thought the men were stealing from him, […]

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