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Harvard’s Shame

Harvard University, whose seal bears the motto “Veritas” (Latin for truth), is having a very bad week. First, on Wednesday, the New York Times and the Marshall Project revealed the damning story of Michelle Jones, a convicted murderer...Show More Summary

Flanked by Stealth Jets, Trump Confident in 'Options' for North Korea

Speaking at Joint Base Andrews Trump said the regime of Kim Jong-un showed "utter contempt for its neighbors and for the world."

Op-Ed: Collisions Show That 'Navy Way' Is the Wrong Course

"Two Navy ships had accidents with loss of life, and we've learned that training and certifications were lacking on both vessels."

US Military Equipment Stolen at Polish Railway Station

The container held about $55,000 worth of gear, including night vision goggles and binoculars, Polish and Russian media said.

Soldier Killed at Fort Bragg Was Attending Special Forces Course

The special operations soldier killed in a training exercise at Fort Bragg was attending the Special Forces Qualification Course.

Weekend open thread

September 15, 2017 Flocking Together A flock of pied falconets gathers on a tree branch in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, China. The small birds are only about 6-8 inches in size, and they feed on everything from insects to small rodents in their forest homes. Photograph By Kant Liang, National Geographic Your Shot

Eric Smith’s Silver Star gets an upgrade to the Navy Cross

Staff Sergeant Eric Smith left the Marine Corps after earning a Silver Star for his actions in Ramadi, Iraq in 2004. The Marine Corps reviewed his actions and decided that he had earned a Navy Cross. The paramedic from Waxahachie, Texas, received his new medal yesterday. The citation for his Silver Star; The President of […]

German prosecutor investigates illegal arms shipments through Ramstein AFB

Stars & Stripes reports that the German prosecutor’s office in Kaiserslautern, Germany is investigating charges that US contractors shipped Soviet-style weapons from Eastern Europe to Syria through Ramstein Air Force Base. Ramstein — a key U.S. military logistical hub overseas from which cargo is ferried throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa — was linked […]

Terror in London

During the morning rush hour, a bomb, which police claim didn’t fully detonate, exploded in a fireball on a subway train in London, injuring more than a score of people on their morning commute, according to Fox News; “Eyewitnesses have reported a bag, a bang and then flames,” [Fox correspondent Amy] Kellogg said. She said […]

Billy Webb; phony SEAL

Once again, our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on another SEAL, Billy Webb. Of course, in addition to being a SEAL, he was also a sniper, he says; He also convinced a local news source that he was a SEAL in an article about picking mushrooms, for some reason. Yeah, but no. […]

Harvard Removes Title for Chelsea Manning Amid CIA Spat

Harvard University reversed its decision to name Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow early Friday.

US citizen fighting for ISIS captured

According to CNN, Kurds turned over a US citizen to US Forces who had been fighting on the side ISIS until he surrendered himself on September 12th to the Kurds; “The US citizen is being legally detained by Department of Defense personnel as a known enemy combatant,” [US Marine Corps Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway] added. Rankine-Galloway […]

Harvard rescinds fellowship offer to Manning

Yesterday, we talked about Harvard University’s offer to that fellow who was named Bradley Manning when he spied on his fellow soldiers and released classified information to the world. According to The Guardian, Harvard has rescinded that offer; Harvard University has rescinded an offer to make Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow after the director of […]

Joseph Offutt; phony Marine

Our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Joe Offutt. His Marine Corps service isn’t available to the public, he says, because he “got fried”; So he had one of his sock puppets send out stuff in bits and pieces, something about rectal trauma and posting medical records on a DD214; […]

Friday morning feel good stories

From Clinton County, Pennsylvania; State police are investigating a deadly home invasion in Clinton County. Troopers tell Eyewitness News 30-year-old Cody Englert from Jersey Shore tried to break into a house on Fourth Street near Avis early Wednesday morning. State police say he was shot and killed by someone who lives at the home. That […]

Education Secretary Tours Air Force Academy to Tout Innovation

The U.S. secretary of education toured the Air Force Academy campus and chatted with cadets over lunch.

CIA Director Cancels Harvard Speech Over 'Traitor' Manning

CIA Director Mike Pompeo scrapped his appearance at Harvard over the school's decision to make Chelsea Manning a visiting fellow.

Pentagon: No Scheduled Deployment from Fort Carson Soon

The Pentagon denied a statement that more than 6,000 soldiers from Fort Carson will be deployed to Afghanistan.

Fast Growth Forecast for Anti-Ship Missile Market

The value of the anti-ship missile market is expected to climb over the next 15 years, according to data compiled by Forecast International. The anti-ship missile market will be worth about $20 billion during the 2017-2031 period, based on data derived from Forecast International’s Platinum Forecast System®. During this time, the market’s value of production

The Top Five Navy SEAL Firearms

The Daily Caller.  1).300 Win Mag (M91A2), 2) M4A1 with SOPMOD Kit and M203, 3) M14, 4) MP5, and 5) Sig Sauer P226. Eh, you can have the Sig.  I don’t want it, and I don’t shoot 9mm.  My 1911s do just fine, and John Moses Browning is still comfortable in his superiority to […]

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