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So, We “Supported Democracy” In Turkey? Yeah. Right.

Headline pretty much says it all: Turkey seizes more than 2,200 institutions as post-coup crackdown intensifies  Many of the institutions seized were “social, educational or health-care institutions and facilities”.  The stated reason...Show More Summary

Air Force Works to Keep Older Planes in Air Longer

First flown in the 1970s, the Air Force could potentially fly the aging F-15 Eagle into the 2040s, according to a top Air Force official in charge of fighters and bombers.

Fourth Wave Feminism On Men And Guns

David Codrea: “Here’s An Idea: Only Women Should Have Guns,” this new theme goes. “[S]ince it’s abundantly clear that they’ll commit less violence than men and be vulnerable to violence committed by men, let’s take all the guns away from men and give them to women.” I recently heard another engineer complain that the engineering […]

National Council Of La Raza Advocates Assault Weapons Ban And Universal Background Checks

NCLR: ORLANDO, Fla.—NCLR (National Council of La Raza) announced today that its Board of Directors has unanimously voted in favor of policies aimed at reducing gun violence in the nation. The position, a first in the organization’s 48-year history, was announced at the 2016 NCLR Annual Conference during the National Affiliate Luncheon, a gathering of […]

Massachusetts Attorney General Knows Her Case On Guns Is Weak

Commonwealth Magazine: Christopher Pinto, president of the advocacy group Massachusetts Gun Rights, Inc., of Worcester, claimed he bought an AR-15 for his wife on Wednesday to beat Healey’s directive and insisted he intends to keep it. “What is she going to do, come to my house and get it?“ asked Pinto, who was in Cleveland […]

When You Can’t Make Any More Gun Laws Because They’ve Already Been Made

The mall shooting in Germany is being blamed on first person shooter games, because it certainly can’t be someone running through a mall shooting people shouting Allahu Akbar.  That doesn’t fit the narrative.  But to keep piling leaky buckets together in this chain of deplorable logic, it must be that the shooter was depressed and […]

This guy

I get emails from trolls who have complained that I never post my own records. Last month, I got curious as to what someone would get if they filed for a FOIA on me, so I asked Hondo to file for one on me. We have the records of over 900 people posted here, and […]

Clark D. Schreiber; phony combat veteran

We heard about this fellow, Clark Schreiber, from someone who had served with him in the 1/9th Cav at Fort Hood, Texas back in the early part of the war in Iraq. Schreiber’s former workmate couldn’t remember him deploying with them in 2004, but Schreiber seemed to remember it; Schreiber’s social media profile used to […]

Bernath v. Lilyea, et al. updates

Most of you are aware of the problems that we’ve had with Daniel A. Bernath, but allow me to summarize for the folks here who may be new – our readership has grown despite Mr Bernath’s best efforts to terrorize our fans. We first wrote about him in December, 2013 when we caught him with […]

UoF linebacker stops sexual assault

First Coast News reports that University of Florida linebacker, Cristian Garcia stopped 34-year-old Christopher Shaw from sexually assaulting an unconscious 19-year-old behind a trash dumpster where Garcia worked. Shaw’s friends were standing around watching the show, but Garcia decided that the act wasn’t consensual. Show More Summary

Illegal guns are a problem in Germany

Yes, I know, you’re shocked. The Chicago Tribune reprints a Washington Post article on the subject. Germany has some of the world’s strictest gun laws. But that did not stop Friday’s Munich attacker — an 18-year-old dual Iranian-German national — from carrying out his shooting spree. The assailant most likely obtained his pistol illegally and […]

Yer Sunday Smile: the Old Man from Nantucket

There was an old man from Nantucket Who kept all his cash in a bucket His daughter named Nan Ran away with a man And as for the bucket, Nantucket. Now, aren’t you all ashamed at what you were thinking when you read the title for this article? (smile)

The serious consequences of Post Traumatic Sex Disorder

Yesterday Jonn ran an article about some Harvard yo-yo wanting to award the Purple Heart for PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of the comments were in opposition to the idea, as am I. But then right after reading that, I surfed over to Daily Caller where I found this article about this poor high school […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

Weak sauce this morning, I know; In West Bloomfield, Michigan, a couple called police when they heard someone walking on their roof and attempting to force his way into the home. Police arrested Nathan Rabens when they caught him on the homeowner’s lawn. He tried to convince police that he was only playing Pokemon Go, […]

Norfolk Shipyard Gets Navy Job after a Few Lonely Months

The U.S. Navy has awarded the yard a $42 million contract for repair work on the dock landing ship USS Oak Hill (LSD 51).

Sergeant Anders Olafson’s Soldiers Medal

Last year, we wrote about “Sergeant Anders N. Olafson saving the world“. He charged repeatedly into a burning apartment complex and is credited with rescuing nine other tenants in the Black River, New York building near Fort Drum. Sergeant Olafson sends us his Soldiers Medal citation as well as his thanks to TAH members for […]

ISIS kills 81, wounds 230 in Kabul with bombers

Two ISIS suicide bombers ignited their vests in a crowd of ethnic Hazaras who were protesting the government’s planned route for a powerline. Of course, since ISIS is mostly Sunni-styled Muslims, they targeted the Hazaras because they are largely Shi’ites. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying […]

2 female officers to attend SF training

The Army Times reports that two female Army officers have applied for and they’ve been accepted to attend the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and, upon graduation they will become Green Berets. Nine women applied but only those two made the cut. the other seven will be offered slots in Civil Affairs and PSYOPS […]

Munich gunman kills 9, wounds 21

The UK’s Daily Mail says that Iranian-German Ali Sonboly may have put a false advertisement on Facebook to lure schoolkids to the McDonald’s restaurant in Munich, Germany yesterday; One witness, named only as Loretta, told how she had been in the McDonald’s with her son when the shooting started. She told CNN: ‘I come out […]

Purple Heart for PTSD

Nathaniel P. Morris who claims to be a doctor writes in the pages of the Washington Post hat he thinks that Post Traumatic Stress is actually a combat wound which should be recognized with the award of a Purple Heart Medal from the Pentagon; But a great deal has changed in the near-decade since that […]

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