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Parrying the 21st Century First Salvo

A first strike’s naval component is commonly referred to as the “first salvo.” A first salvo builds upon the maxim that the fleet attacking effectively first obtains a greater probability of victory in a given tactical action, with the understanding that superior maritime surveillance and reconnaissance is a prerequisite for being able to do so. Show More Summary


Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones speaks with Gary Baumgarten for the Paltalk News Network about the appointment of an ”Ebola czar,” the poor decisions by workers exposed to Ebola at a Dallas hospital to fly or take a cruise, the lack of training for U.S. military personnel being sent to west […]

The Conventional Deterrence Must-Read List

In yesterday’s post I described Paul Huth’s important work in identifying the conventional deterrence value of favorable immediate and short-term military balances. Given the widespread unfamiliarity with conventional deterrence theory, I thought it might be useful to put together a list of other central works on the topic over the last thirty years. Show More Summary

“White Shroud” Hunting ISIS?

More than interesting. Inferences to be drawn: they make do with second-rate or third-rate gear and still score kills; they have steeled their hearts for the task at hand; ISIS (or whatever they call themselves) can be surprised and given an unexpected bloody nose. Show More Summary

Relax… It IS Gonna Be Okay

Read Hondo’s post about Global Warming with some concerns. Then I discovered that SecDef Hagel and the Brass Hats are taking care of it. “We’re seeing the impacts” from global warming across Army facilities, said Katharine Hammack, assistant Army secretary for Installations. Show More Summary

Commandant Amos padded his records

icume sends us a link from The Washington Times which reports that Marine Corps Commandant James Amos lied to Congress in his written resume to the Senate Arms Committee for his confirmation hearing. Apparently, he didn’t attend the Marine’s Officer Training School in 1972 like he told the committee. Instead, he took The Basic School […]

AEI/Heritage Project for the Common Defense Weekly Read Board (Navy)

"Inside the Navy's Secret Swarm Robot Experiment," by Patrick Tucker (Defense One, 10/05/14) "Naval Drones 'Swarm' But Who Pulls the Trigger?" by Sydney Freedberg (Breaking Defense, 10/05/14) "End Jo Ann Rooney's Nomination for Navy's...Show More Summary

Dutch bikers to fight ISIS

AFP reports that Dutch bikers of the motorcycle gang “No Surrender” aren’t breaking the law when they travel to the Middle East to fight against ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State thugs; “Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it’s no longer forbidden,” public prosecutor spokesman Wim de Bruin told AFP. “You just can’t join a fight […]

Indiana cracks down on scam charities

Mary sends us a link to Courthouse News Service which reports that the Indiana attorney general is going after three veteran charities; Indiana sued Sandbox Veterans of America, Catholic Veterans of Indiana, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Inc., in Allen County Court. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Inc. is a “sham group” […]

NDtBF emerges

Yesterday we mentioned that Kim Jong Un (known around here as Needle Dk the Bug Fer) hadn’t been seen in a while and the media was speculating that his sister, Kim Yo Jong, (pictured above because you know I’ll take advantage of any opportunity to post pictures of Asian women) was running the Hermit Kingdom. […]

FBI fudges numbers on “mass shootings” report

The New York Post reports on the FBI latest report on gun violence and mass shootings. Apparently, they changed the definition of mass shootings to include incidents in which no one died, as opposed to their former metrics which required at least four deaths to qualify; While the FBI study discusses “mass shootings or killings,” […]

Daniel A. Bernath; the fake CPO’s legacy continues

I’m sure you remember the fellow pictured above – Daniel A. Bernath of Oregon. We busted him months ago for pretending to be a Chief Petty Officer and for a portrait he posted across the internet with photoshopped rank on a picture of another Navy Petty Officer with his head inserted. Of course, he hadn’t […]

Staff Sergeant Nickolas Clarke saving the world

Chief Tango sends us a link to the story of Staff Sergeant Nickolas Clarke, a member of the 6th Ranger Training Battalion who was recuperating from neck surgery at the beach on Okaloosa Island in Florida on the Gulf Coast when duty called; He saw a man in the water about 75 yards out, “flapping […]

William L. Albracht; Three Silver Stars

The other day, we talked about Francis Graham, the former UDT Navy diver and Special forces Vietnam veteran, and it reminded me of a few months ago when a member of the media asked me to check on William L. Albracht, who he’d heard had earned three Silver Stars, so off I went to Military […]

Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha; the American jihadist

The Washington Post (by way of the Stars & Stripes) takes a look at the jihad of Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, the son of a Palestinian father and an American mother who converted to Islam. Abu-Salha grew up in Florida and made several trips to the Middle East – during the last trip, he blew himself […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

Theft…it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Chuck Todd – GOP Operative Putting the cart before the pantsuit Obligatory “Republicans are racist” thread Leon Panetta – GOP Operative Not wanting your shit burned to the ground = racist Old leftists are the coolest Will never sound as cool as Generation X, so get over it homie. […]

Another Update on That “Settled Science” Called “Global Warming”

A few more news stories concerning that “global warming”     hooey     propaganda     fairy tale      bullsh!t     that those climatologists keep assuring us is happening (real soon now). September snow cover in North America? Highest on record. Global warming pause?  Yep – still there.  Now at 18 years 1 mo. Antarctic sea ice? Still growing, apparently. […]

Navy Ships Held in Philippine Port as Death Investigation Continues

Five Navy warships are being held in port in the Philippines while police investigate the killing of a Filipino transgender at Subic Bay. The State Department said in an email that a Marine is a suspect in the death of Jeffrey Laude, also known as Jennifer.

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