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Sweden picks US Patriot missile system over European rival

Sweden announced Tuesday it has chosen the US Patriot missile defence system over that of a Franco-Italian rival, in an estimated one billion-euro deal. The choice is in line with 2015 strategy to avoid “the degradation” of regional security, and boost the country’s armed forces operational capacity after years of austerity, the Swedish defence ministry

New Evidence And Questions Surrounding The Las Vegas Shooting

I’m going to offer up these links (via reader B Bauch) with just a little bit of commentary.  The reader can judge for himself the content of the links.  As for the first one, it’s a highly useful link and video until it gets to the ads. If you come to me telling me things […]

Fake Evangelicals On Guns In Church Churches are, indeed, families — some large, some small. In fact, Baptists and other evangelicals often refer to their congregations as a “family of God.” As with all families, there is good and bad to church-family life. Just as in any home, relationships in God’s house often experience tension, stress, grudges, offenses and even, […]

Major Newspapers Confirm No Gun Laws Will Ever Be Enough For Them

Codrea: “But even then, assault weapons like the one Kelley used will remain for sale in this country, and that’s the fundamental problem. Civilians have no legitimate reason to own military-style firearms …” … But it’s interesting The Times admits they even disagree with the Heller opinion that you can have a gun in your […]

Will Devonport naval base survive the next round of cuts to the Royal Navy?

There are strong indications that the RN is going to be forced to axe HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark and […]

Krylov Center to Present Concept of Light Aircraft Carrier in Dec 2017

The concept of advanced light aircraft carrier will be presented in December 2017, reports Mil.Today referring to the Krylov State Scientific Center that proactively works on the ship?s design.

Gunnery Sergeant Joseph Felix, drill instructor gets ten years

Time magazine reports that Marine Corps drill instructor Gunnery Sergeant Joseph Felix was sentenced to ten years in prison, demotion to private, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and a dishonorable discharge for trainee abuse while he was at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The charges against Felix included commanding recruits to choke each other; ordering […]

Remembering Edmund

For our nautically-oriented readers. This wouldn’t have been as apropos yesterday, but IMO it works today. It happened forty-two years and two days ago – 10 November 1975.     Rest in peace, men.

One More Returns

DPAA has identified and accounted for the following formerly-missing US personnel. From World War II • None From Korea • SFC Harry E. Harkness, Company L, 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, US Army, was lost in North Korea on 2 November 1950. He was accounted for on 30 October 2017. From Southeast […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

From Littleton, Colorado; Police told Denver7’s Jaclyn Allen the off-duty police officer was asleep in the basement but awoke to someone breaking-in to his home. The officer reportedly heard noise upstairs and shot the suspect from the base of the stairs. Neighbors were concerned about their safety as word about a possible second suspect spread. […]

Army, VA Chiefs Attend WWI Memorial Groundbreaking

The soil of France was used Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony of a new World War I Memorial in Washington.

Forget Me Not

--Forget Me Nots _______________________ Happy Veterans Day. It's an odd thing to say, looked at one way. "Happy" is not the usual discriptor for the things a soldier must do. Is it a day for "Happy Veterans"? Are we happy that others...Show More Summary

All Atwitter

--Dud Raphael foresee some Baby future Rangers? There's only one rule that I know of, babies -- "God damn it, you've got to be kind --God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. ________________________ What follows are some apothegms, witty aphorisms jottted down apropos of nothing in particular. Show More Summary

Patrol Ship Returns After Seizing 35 Bales of Cocaine in Single Bust

A Cyclone-class patrol ship will return home to Mayport Naval Station after a 76-day deployment off the coast of Central America.

Air Traffic Controller arrested for pipe bomb

One of our ninjas send us a link to the story of Paul George Dandan, an FAA employee, and his partner Derrick Fells (on your left in the picture above) both from Charlotte, North Carolina. Apparently, Fells built a pipe bomb to use on his neighbor, but changed his mind and gave it to Dandan, […]

This is about Guns. That is all

In case anyone is wondering, the state of Illinois has what can be politely deemed the strictest gun laws in the country. Illinois has ZERO reciprocity with other states regarding guns of any kind. If you’re coming from out of state to hunt deer or porcupines or whatever, you do need a hunting license, but […]

SGT LaDavid Johnson may have been executed

Fox News reports that Sergeant LaDavid Johnson, one of the four victims of an ambush in Niger last month may have been executed by the insurgents who attacked the patrol he was accompanying. A local man says that his kids found the body which had his arms bound behind him and that back of his […]

Uniform correction turns violent

According to 10News, some veterans in downtown San Diego approached Marc Dominguez and told him that his uniform was incorrect. However, when the men pointed out the uniform issue, the uniformed man — later identified by police as 42-year-old Marc Dominguez — reportedly became angry, brandished a knife and threatened the two men. “The guy […]

Saturday feel good stories

From Canon City, Colorado; Cameron Locke, 33, was taken to the hospital on Sunday morning after being shot in the stomach. The injury was not life-threatening and he is expected to be okay. Detectives believe Locke had broken into a home in the 300 block of Greenwood Avenue in Canon City when he was shot. […]

Veterans more likely to be scam victims

KOMO News reports that a survey by AARP reveals that veterans are more likely to be the victims of scams than the general population. The overwhelming reason seems to be because scammers are targeting veterans lately; In addition to showing how deliberate targeting may be leading to higher victimization rates among veterans, the survey also […]

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