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Former CIA Captive Appeals Guantanamo Trial to Supreme Court

Lawyers for the man accused of orchestrating the USS Cole bombing have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.

Germany hits back at Trump over NATO after icy meeting

Germany has hit back at US President Donald Trump’s claims that Berlin owed “vast sums of money” to Nato, following a less than cordial meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House. The comments from German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen came as Trump’s spokesman denied that the US leader had refused to

AR-15 Barrel Profiles And Buffers

Here is an informative video on AR-15 barrel profiles, length and fluting.  There are likely some things in here you didn’t know, as was the case with me.  Even if you’re a gunsmith.  To some degree this is “gilding the lily.”  Most AR-15 barrels are just fine for civilian applications, even in situations of duress like […]

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Producing Anti-Gun Myths And Propaganda

There’s nothing quite like having to fund your enemies, is there?  Listen to U.S. District Court Judge Walter H. Rice. I think open carry (and concealed-carry) laws, with all due deference to the Second Amendment, which I support…are dangerous to any community because of the epidemic of mental health issues throughout this country,” he said. […]

Russia Deploys Bastion Coastal Defense Missile Systems On Kuril Islands

The Bastion (NATO reporting name: SS-C-5 Stooge) coastal defense missile battalions recently stationed on the Kuril Islands shall defend Russia’s territorial waters, straits and naval bases in the region, according to the Izvestia daily. The Russian Defense Ministry has deployed Bal (SS-C-6 Sennight) and Bastion antiship missile systems on Iturup and Kunashir. They will beef

UK to Buy Hellfire II Semi-Active Laser Missiles

The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the United Kingdom for Hellfire missiles. The estimated cost is $150 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale today. The Government of the United Kingdom (UK) requested a possible sale of 1,000

Trump Seeks $30B More in Fiscal 2017 to Rebuild Military, Fight ISIS

In a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan today, President Donald J. Trump asked for another $30 billion for the Defense Department in this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, to rebuild the armed forces and accelerate the campaign to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The fiscal 2017 budget amendment provides $24.9

Thousands Of Guns Bound For Terrorists Seized In Spain

An epicenter of the last great Mohammedan conquest of Europe, Spain, is the site of a recent seizure of weapons bound for terrorists in Europe.  Take a look at the picture. Now, look again.  That’s a veritable shit-load of guns and ordnance, yes?  Hey Christians, if there are any left in Europe.  You’ve been called […]

Gun Law Effectiveness As A Measure Of Constitutionality?

David Codrea: Besides which, since when is “effectiveness” a measure of Constitutionality? Where is the authority to do this? That’s a question a group of us have been asking for years, and for which we have never received acknowledgement from Exile proponents, let alone a responsive answer. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect and heed the […]

3 US soldiers shot in Afghanistan

According to Fox News, 3 US soldiers were shot by a supposed ally in Helmand province in Afghanistan in the latest green-on-blue attack. The gunman has gone to his Great Reward thanks to other soldiers on the scene. The attack occurred around 1:30 p.m. local time at Camp Antonik in Washer District in Helmand. “Coalition […]

A Brief History of Women in the Army

Recruiting women for the WAAC started in 1941, very shortly after Pearl Harbor. The object was to recruit women to fill positions usually held by men so as to release them to combat duty.  Unfortunately, because the WAAC was an auxiliary service, the women who were serving at home or overseas did not have any […]

3 US Soldiers Shot in Afghanistan 'Insider Attack'

Three U.S. soldiers were shot and wounded Sunday when an Afghan army soldier opened fired on them.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

SRV was an extraordinary guitar talent, known for his bluesy rock and roll. I came across this in my wanderings around the interwebs, and thought I’d share. Enough of this, watch and listen to a master.  

Things I don’t understand

When I went to vote last November, I didn’t know what I would do when I walked into our local community center. I wasn’t happy with my choices. The only thing I knew was that I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary Clinton. It took me about a half an hour of staring at the […]

CAIR demands investigation of US attack

Somehow I got on CAIR’s mailing list. Yesterday, they sent out an email demanding that the US answer for an attack that they claim was launched against a mosque in Syria near Raqqa. “We call for a full and transparent investigation of allegations that our military killed dozens of Syrian civilians while they were at […]

While Trump Talks Tough, US Quietly Cutting Nuclear Force

The reductions are nearing completion despite President Trump's argument that the treaty gives Moscow an unfair advantage.

Three More Are Home

DPAA has identified and accounted for the following formerly-missing US personnel. From World War II • F1c Charles R. Casto, US Navy, assigned to the crew of the USS Oklahoma, was lost at Pearl Harbor, HI, on 7 December 1941. He was accounted for on 15 March 2017. • Pvt. Donald S. Spayd, USMC Reserve, […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

From Del City, Oklahoma; The shooting victim and his wife came to visit someone on the south side of the street. The man, who was reportedly very drunk after earlier attending a funeral, fell asleep in the car. When he woke up, he approached a house on the north said of the street and walked […]

Shipyard Commander Sets Sights on Dry Dock Upgrades

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard wants its dry docks to be Virginia class-capable when the Los Angeles-class subs are phased out.

Fort Bragg Hopeful that Trump Spending Plan Will Provide Funds

The White House spending plan includes $30 billion to rebuild the U.S. Armed Forces and accelerate the campaign to defeat ISIS.

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