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Confession of a Gun Nut

I collect guns, there I said it. Those of us that collect have to speak in whispers about or hobby. We have been called gun nuts and several other things by the media. We are questioned about why we have so many, or asked what we need them for. Few other hobbies draw as much […]

Afghans bring notes from their terrorist

Andy11M sends us a link to an Associated Press article about Afghans seeking refugee status in Europe buying forged notes from their local terrorist threatening them for aiding western forces in Afghanistan. According to the article, the Taliban doesn’t send letters to their prospective victims these days, but the forged letter can come with a […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a gas station owner grazed the torso of an armed thief with his own firearm when the fellow tried to stick him up. The wounded crook flagged down the local constabulary for some medical attention. A woman in Belmeade, Texas stopped Andre Dawson from stealing another woman’s purse in a Walmart parking […]

US Belgian Embassy: Americans warned to “shelter in place”

According to Fox, Americans in Belgium have been warned by the US Embassy there to “shelter in place” in response to the country’s elevation of thier terror warning system to it’s highest possible level – Level 4; The American mission urged U.S. citizens to “exercise caution in public transportation systems, sporting events, residential areas, business […]

An open letter to the MRFF trolls

Over on our discussion of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and the Army’s “Fighting Knights” sign in Hawaii, Mikey Weinstein’s band of trolls have taken exception with my characterization of Weinstein as a “punk troublemaker” in the Facebook comments. I have other more appropriate terms at my disposal if you’d like to test my vocabulary. […]

Welcome Home, John Robert Gallagher

Former Canadian soldier, John Robert Gallagher, was killed in Syria earlier this month while fighting with the Kurds against ISIS. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that his hometown, New London, Ontario, turned out in large numbers to welcome Gallagher on his last trip home; Hundreds including firefighters, the local police force and supporters came out […]

Shawn Culbertson; Phony Ranger, wounded veteran

Someone sent us a link to an article about Shawn Culbertson of Olathe, Kansas, who claimed to be an Army Staff Sergeant, a Ranger and a wounded veteran of the Iraq War. He also volunteered to walk patrol at a local recruiter office when folks were doing that after the attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this […]

The Mind of the Warrior

A few weeks ago, I did an interview with Doctor Mike Simpson and we talked about Stolen Valor on his podcast “The Mind of the Warrior”. Here’s Mike’s bio; Serving over 3 decades in the military as an Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Operator, and finally as an Emergency Medicine Physician assigned to Special Operations, […]

Army National Guard is Looking at Increasing Annual Training Days

Army Maj. Gen. Timothy Kadavy, who took over as director for the Army National Guard, is assessing the Guard's readiness needs.

The Story of America’s First Armored Victory

Osprey Publishing sponsored this post. As German Panzers swept across Poland and France in 1939 and 1940, U.S. Army commanders observed from a distance — and worried. If the new world war drew in the United States, American troops would need some way to destroy those tanks. One answer to...

A-10 Pilot Justified in ISIS Airstrike That Killed Four Civilians

The pilot of an A-10 followed the rules of engagement and was blameless in a “dynamic airstrike” on an ISIS outpost last March.

Private Christopher J. Castaneda; non-combat casualty of Inherent Resolve

The Army’s 10th Mountain Division announces the non-combat death of Private Christopher J. Castaneda at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq while he was serving there as an infantryman in the 3rd Battalion, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team. He was 19 years old and he hailed from Fripp Island, South Carolina. Private Castaneda enlisted […]

Two More Return

DPAA has been busy recently. Since my article yesterday was posted, DPAA has announced identification and accounting for the following formerly-missing US military personnel. From Korea • SGT Robert C. Dakin, L Company, 3rd Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, US Army, was lost on 12 December 1950 in North Korea. He was accounted […]

Saturday morning feel good story

We begin our journey this morning in Marine, Illinois where a homeowner heard someone trying to break into his home through the backdoor. The homeowner, being an American, armed himself and shot the intruder in the chest. Police arrived and found the injured fellow outside of the house where he belonged and sent him to […]

Argentina Just Can’t Manage to Buy Fighters

In the early 1980s, Argentina’s air force and navy together represented the most powerful air arm in Latin America. Then came the Falklands War, international sanctions and economic recession. From a peak of more than 400 combat aircraft in ’82, today Buenos Aires can must fewer than 250 warplanes, few...

Call Them Daesh

Boston Globe: The term “Daesh” is strategically a better choice because it is still accurate in that it spells out the acronym of the group’s full Arabic name, al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham. Yet, at the same time, “Daesh” can also be understood as a play on words — and an insult. Depending on […]

Global Warming Fraud? Say It Ain’t So! Gavin and Tom delivered their fraud right on schedule ahead of Paris, just as I predicted they would. They claim that October had the highest temperature anomaly ever recorded for any month … Somehow, they managed to calculate Earth’s temperature within 0.01 degrees – even though they had no temperature data for about half of […]

Army Identifies 1,731 Captains Selected for Promotion to Major

The U.S. Army has identified 1,731 captains selected this year for promotion to major.

Art Therapy Helps Close The Wounds Of Air Force Vets

Program created by DoD and the National Endowment for the Arts seeks to promote healing through self-expression

Canada Isn’t Quitting the War on Islamic State

The new Liberal government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is shaking up defense policy. Among Trudeau’s first announcements was that he intended to end Canada’s involvement in the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria by March 2016. Under Trudeau’s conservative predecessor Stephen Harper, Ottawa deployed CF-18 warplanes to bomb...

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