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Airman Awarded Silver Star for Leading River Evacuation Under Fire

An airman who took enemy fire during a river evacuation in Afghanistan in 2009 recently received a Silver Star for his bravery.

B-21 A Tribute to WWII Doolittle Raiders | Senate to Vote This Week on Blocking $1.15B Sale to Saudis | France Delivers 2nd Mistral to Egypt

Americas The USAF’s new long-range strike bomber has officially been named the B-21 Raider. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James made the announcement on Monday in what is a tribute to the legacy of WW2’s Doolittle Raiders rather than a reference to the Indiana Jones movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” The Doolittle Raiders are […]

Larry the Lizard

Currently in recovery from my news junkie and politics addiction… Secure in who I am. Are you? In July 99, Suzie-Q and I bought an old house. One of the first projects was converting the back porch into a sunroom. It was a concrete slab surrounded by a porch-rail height brick wall. Brick columns supported […]

Goldfein Names Three One-Stars to Drive Air Force Reform Effort

Blurb: Three Air Force brigadier generals have been named to meet the ambitious plans for revitalizing the service.

Obama’s Last U.N. Address Was One of His Best Speeches

President Obama’s final address to the U.N. General Assembly stands as one of his best speeches on world politics, an analysis as sophisticated as his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize address on the limits and necessity of military force in the...Show More Summary

“Governor Moonbeam” Strikes Again

This time, he’s fighting “climate change”. How, you ask?  He’s just pushed through a new law allowing regulation of short-lived “dangerous pollutants”.  In the “Granola State” of California, a whole slew of such emissions are now subject to regulation. Those “dangerous pollutants” now regulated by California now include methane emissions – from dairy farms.  Under […]

Two Russians Finked Fictitious Military Secrets to CIA

Two locals of the Trans-Baikal Territory (Russia), including one ex-soldier, tried to sell the United States? CIA non-existing secrets about military bases allegedly deployed in the region, reported press service of the local FSB department.

US Navy to Name Ship After Late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy

The U.S. Navy is naming a ship after Robert F. Kennedy. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced the name Tuesday.

Two Air Force Pilots Eject in U-2 Crash on West Coast

Two U.S. Air Force pilots have ejected after a U-2 spy plane crashed around noon local time during a training mission.

Air Force to Consolidate Battlefield Training Locations to '3 or 4'

The Air Force will consolidate eight locations it uses to train its battlefield airmen into "three or four," an official said.

Army's Brandon Jackson Remembered for Life of 'Promise and Purpose'

The colors of Brandon Jackson's short life filled the church and helped tell his tale of "promise and purpose."

PFC Carlos Segovia passes

19-year-old Marine Corps Private First Class Carlos Segovia was murdered while he was on military leave in Los Angeles. He was at a stop sign on Friday when another vehicle pulled up alongside and one of the occupants shot him. Segovia was reported to be brain dead on Sunday and finally passed in the early […]

General Robert W. Cone passes

Bobo sends us the sad news that General Robert W. Cone has passed at the age of 59. Cone was the commander of Fort Hood when a jihadist gunned down 45 of his troops in 2009. From the New Hampshire Union Leader; In March 2014, Cone retired as commander of U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine […]

Soldier Gets Life Term in Slaying of Teen Girlfriend's Mom

A soldier convicted of killing the mother of his then-14-year-old girlfriend was sentenced Monday to life in prison.

Memo: Carrier Gerald R. Ford Has Persistent Electrical Problem

Leading national experts have been called to assess a persistent electrical problem on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford.

PFC Emmett L. Kines comes home to West Virginia

Last month, Hondo told us that Emmett L. Kines’ remains had been identified from the battlefields of the Pacific island Tarawa, another missing Marine recovered by History Flight from among the hundreds. Today we hear that he made it home yesterday to Grafton, West Virginia; From WeHeartWV; On hand was his only remaining living sibling, […]

Darrin Rex Stewart; phony wounded veteran

Folks in Oregon got tired of hearing stories from Darrin Rex Stewart about his derring-do as a Special Forces medic, his combat exploits in Operation Just Cause, where he claims that he was wounded. He claims that he has PTSD and Tourettes Syndrome as a result of his service. He wears the Purple Heart cap […]

Tuesdays with Claymore

That time when CNN became the enemy “Popular” Not feellin’ the Johnson. Mike Luckovich “American” patriot Premature …well considering her network’s ratings. Oh hey, white people too!!! Scary time Trigger warning! Millenials are stupid Which Hollywood idiot should we follow today? Tweetie pie DUmbass commie What we need are more graphs Apparently not satisfied with […]

Tuesday morning feel good stories

An armed burglar forced his way into a Richland, South Carolina home and was promptly confronted by “multiple occupants”. He fled the scene, but police found him and took him to the hospital to be treated for his injuries suffered at the hands of his intended victims. Another link says that the burglar’s name was […]

Immigration Fraud? DHS: “Not necessarily.”

We already knew that DHS has some real problems managing immigration.  Just look at some of the issues found with in connection with the foreign-born spouse involved in the San Bernardino shooting (here and here and here and here), along with issues relating to Syrian “refugee” immigration (here and here and here and here). But […]

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