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Argentina pause talks on Kfir deal | Delivery of MQ-4C Triton to US Navy planned for next month | Meteor Aerospace announce new MALE UAV

Americas The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Lockheed Martin a $24.1 million contract modification for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter logistics services for US and foreign military sales customers. Under the terms of the agreement, Lockheed Martin will provide material for depot stand-up and activation, canopy systems and avionics subsystems to the US Air […]

Raymond Nicholson III; Levittown fireman forges orders

According to the Levittown Patch, Raymond Nicholson III, a volunteer fireman in Levittown, New York is charged with two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument and two counts of first-degree offering a false instrument for filing for when he submitted military deployment orders in order to get pension credits for work he […]

SSG William Turner comes home

Someone sent us a link to the story of Staff Sergeant William Turner who made the journey home to Tennessee from the Netherlands after his B-26 bomber, nicknamed “Hell’s Fury”, went down on December 13, 1943 on a bombing run from Essex, England to Amsterdam. Only the plane’s pilot, Ray Sanford, survived the crash, but […]

77th National Airborne Day

That’s COB6 giving you the six minute warning above. National Airborne Day is set on the day of the first parachute jump conducted by the Army’s Parachute Test Platoon on August 16th, 1940. On the morning of 16 August 1940 the jump began. After the C-33 leveled off at 1500 feet and flew over the […]

Wednesday morning feel good stories

From Summerfield, Florida; An intruder armed with a handgun entered the home at 10420 SE 158th Place in the Sunset Harbor area and injured the homeowner’s dog, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The victim told deputies he barricaded himself in a room in the house to get away from the intruder who attempted […]

5 Missing After Army Helicopter Goes Down off Hawaii

Updated 11:56 a.m. Eastern HONOLULU -- U.S. Coast Guard and military crews are searching the ocean off Hawaii for five crewmembers of an Army helicopter that reportedly went down during a trainin...

Shipyard Repays $9.2M to US Government to Settle Overbilling

One of the nation's largest military shipyards is paying $9.2 million back to the federal government.

Navy Commander Pleads Guilty in 'Fat Leonard' Scandal

A U.S. Navy commander has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in a fraud and bribery scheme.

China, Russia push talks as North Korea steps back from missile launches

China and Russia pushed on Tuesday (Aug 15) for talks to defuse the “confrontational spiral” between the US and North Korea after Kim Jong-Un stepped back from a planned missile strike near Guam. The North Korean leader said he would wait and see how the United States behaved before deciding whether to execute the planned

The Erasure Of The Southern Heritage

Roy Cooper has called for the removal of Confederate monuments on North Carolina state property. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says Confederate monuments “should come down” and wants the legislature to repeal a law preventing state and local governments from removing them permanently and limiting their relocation. In a message posted Tuesday on the website […]

H.R. McMaster Versus America

Codrea, concerning McMaster’s calling the car violence “terrorism.” McMaster… isn’t that the guy who says “the Islamic State is not Islamic“…? Yes it is, and he is also the one who is said to oppose everything the president wants to do.  And the one whose advisers are running a smear campaign to save his job.  […]

Banning School district may recoup Spann’s compensation

According to the Press-Herald, the Banning, California School District may attempt to recoup the stipend that they’ve paid to valor thief Jan Spann, $14,701 total since 2013. They held a special meeting to discuss the Spann issue at length; “We want to assure the community, particularly the veterans in our community, that if the allegations […]

HMS Queen Elizabeth comes home – in pictures

Today is a day to celebrate a great British achievement. HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived safely in her home port for […]

USAF OA-X experiment could see ME combat | Elbit defense suites spotted on RSAF helicopters | Israeli probe into drone demo in Azerbaijan

Americas The US DoD has awarded General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems a $9.7 million contract modification for the continued work on submarine fire control systems of US and British Royal Navy vessels. Under the terms of the deal, General Dynamics work remit will include maintenance for the Attack Weapon Control System on SSGN guided missile […]

Mattis Tells Sailors: 'You're Not Some P---- Sitting on the Sidelines'

Mattis is known for having delivered some controversial quotes in the past, and he uttered yet another during a speech last week.

USS Fitzgerald Will Be Transported Stateside for Repairs This Fall

The destroyer, which was involved in a June 17 collision, will be towed stateside between mid-September and the end of October.

Long Goodbye: Reserve Airman Retires After 41 Years

After 41 years of service and 16 different Air Force aircraft maintained, now-Tech. Sgt. Wegeman said goodbye to the Blue.

Why I hate the internet

Someone sent me this picture yesterday of some guy in an 82d Airborne hat giving a Nazi salute. I guess it was taken in Charlottesville the other day. I suppose that the person who sent it mentioned that they had sent it to me because a bunch of illiterate morons have been calling me and […]

Norks back off threats to Guam

Fox News reports that Kim Jong Un backed away from his threats to nuke Guam. Kim Jong Un’s remarks came as he made his first public appearance in nearly two weeks, inspecting his army and examining missile plans, the official state media arm, KCNA, reported, according to Reuters. But the leader also tempered his recent […]

About Guam Today…This Morning

Guam Photo: DX News This is the latest bit regarding ND:tBF’s threats toward Guam: North Korea dials back.   I guess a little verbal ‘fire and fury’ from someone taller than Fatty Kim da T’ird is making him do something he usually doesn’t do: T-H-I-N-K. Or maybe wet his drawers. He is now ‘holding off’ on […]

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