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Our Legacy

Today Suzie-Q and I went out to the cemetery to visit my parents’ gravesite. We tidied up, replaced some old flowers with new, and then took a little quiet time. I thought about a legacy. Looking down at the final resting place for what is often referred to as the greatest generation I pondered how […]

Trump’s appeal: Without ‘America First,’ nothing gets done

Let’s be honestly introspective for a moment. If you’ve ever been more concerned with Donald Trump’s destructive brand of politics than radical Islamism, America doesn’t have time for you anymore.  If you believe that criticizing Islamic terrorism only increases the terrorists’ recruitment efforts, your legitimacy as a talking head is coming to an end. The […]

Gary Robert Lefebvre meets Don Shipley

The Keene, New Hampshire Sentinel reports on the day last January when Don Shipley visited their local VFW Post to visit with Gary Robert Lefebvre. You can watch the video is you have a subscription. Lefebvre had been going the secret squirrel SEAL route with a forged DD214 and a forged letter from a General […]

Biden: Diversity on battlefield an ‘incredible asset’

Speaking to cadets at the United States Military Academy, Vice President Joe Biden told them that the new diversity of women in combat units and gays in the military is an ‘incredible asset’ on the battlefield, according to the Associated Press. “Having men and women together in the battlefield is an incredible asset, particularly when […]

Sunday morning feel good stories

28-year-old Tony Kendrick and his friend were turning their lives around by kicking in a door in Columbus, Ohio yesterday morning. One resident of the home went to check on the noise. When Kendrick and his pal entered the home, Kendrick pointed a gun at him and scurried up the stairs where he met the […]

A Ranger Haiku: Beauty and The Beast

--Matsuo Basho, 17th cen. Haiku master _____________________ Lisa thought our readers might enjoy this prototypical email exchange shared between RAW writers one recent rainy day.Not that either of us conformed to correct syllabification,...Show More Summary

Oceanport, NJ Police Chief Daniel W. Barcus to Army Lieutenant Colonel; no gun for you

New Jersey’s 101.5 reports that Army Lieutenant Colonel Terry S. Russell, the product manager for the Army’s Individual Weapons and Small Arms program applied to local authorities for a permit to carry a concealed weapon to work at the Picatinny Arsenal in Wharton, New Jersey. The local police chief, Daniel W. Barcus, denied his application […]


We’ve all seen them here at TAH – folks who defend even our worst frauds. There’s an Army sergeant major among our readers who vouches for a phony POW, even though that sergeant major wasn’t in the Army when this guy claims that he was a POW of the Vietnamese. Wives vouch for their husbands’ […]

Noel Patrick “Molly” Muller; Australian phony

Our friends at Australia & New Zealand Military Imposters send us their work on this Noel Patrick “Molly” Muller fellow. I get the sense that he’s like some of our fat-mouthed creeps. He claimed to be a “Naval Diver” with scads of stories about his derring-do, but he was, in fact, a “visual signaler” in […]

The Wile E. Clinton campaign: a Roadrunner rerun?

You’d think the Clinton campaign would have the good sense to stay far, far away from the issue of Donald Trump being a misogynist, or even his merely being a misbehaving boor toward women. It’s becoming obvious that every time the Clinton campaign lays a media ambush for Trump, he not only sidesteps it nimbly, […]

Don’t Fear the Commie

(With appropriate apologies to Donald Roesner and Blue Öyster Cult.  Regular TAH readers should recognize the inspiration for what follows.)   He said, good times now have come Threat from Karl Marx now is gone No one should fear the Commie Not in the wind, the sun or the rain... never be […]

Saturday morning feel good stories

Eugene Padilla got into an altercation with another criminal in Albuquerque, New Mexico, over their drugs, so Padilla shot his fellow drug addict in the leg. Two Good Samaritans nearby witnessed the shooting and tackled Padilla and held him with their own guns until the police arrived to take custody of the career criminal. In […]

Navy Accepts First Zumwalt-class Stealth Destroyer

Construction of the class of "stealth destroyers," which was truncated at three ships, will cost an estimated $12.74 billion.

Two More US Navy P-3 Orion Aircraft Join Search for EgyptAir Wreckage

Two more Navy P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft joined the search for EgyptAir Flight 804 but no Navy ships are yet involved.

Weekend open thread

Patagonian Paradise Photograph by Roger Smith, National Geographic Your Shot The renowned beauty of Chile’s Patagonia region is exemplified in this photo of French Valley in Torres del Paine National Park, submitted by Your Shot member Roger Smith. The valley is ringed by the soaring granite peaks of the 19-mile Cordillera del Paine and is […]

Dunford: US could deploy troops to Libya “any day”

The Washington Post reports that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford told reporters that a deployment of US troops could have boots on the ground soon. “We’re just not ready to deploy capabilities yet because there hasn’t been an agreement. And frankly, any day that could happen.” Dunford spoke to […]

Migrant Filmed Assaulting And Bullying German Teen

From Matt Bracken, via WRSA: I have confidence that most of my readers can handle this.  But if you cannot bring yourself to issue a major ass whipping to this young Muslim boy on behalf of yourself or your loved ones, you need to steel and harden yourself.  You need to do it yesterday. This […]

Questions Raised About an Icon

This has already appeared in other places, so it probably should be noted here too. Apparently, questions have been raised about – and an investigation begun regarding – the awards and decorations of a rather famous figure from Vietnam. The individual? The late CSM Basil L. Plumley. BLUF: per the Army, it appears his being […]

William Grahame Wilkin III in the news

Last week, we wrote about William Grahame Wilkin III and the strange story that he claimed to create the POW/MIA flag eleven years after it was actually created. Wilkin had been honored in the Illinois Legislature and on the floor of the US House of Representatives for his bogus accomplishment. Well Denise Crosby and the […]

Clayton Donoghue; forged discharge and filth charges

One of our Canadian friends send us a link about Clayton Donoghue, a fellow up north who was busted for wearing unauthorized awards and for having child filth; Orillia OPP received a complaint Monday regarding an individual attending local parades sponsored by the [Royal Canadian Legion] wearing medals not awarded to him. As a result, […]

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