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Fort Bragg's Wounded Warriors Compete in Warrior Games Trials

This week, 11 of Fort Bragg's wounded warriors and veterans are competing in the local Warrior Games trials.

Navy SEAL Ryan Owens' Dog Tags Missing from Memorial

Dog tags from a fallen U.S. Navy SEAL from Chillicothe went missing over the weekend, says the city's police chief.

Guns And Torts

Via Eugene Volokh. Like Secretary Clinton, the supporters of the bills put before Congress to repeal PLCAA argue that no other industry enjoys the legal shield that the gun industry does — giving as counter-examples firms such as auto companies, pharmaceutical drug companies and even tobacco companies. They are right to some extent …. [But] […]

The NRA’s Idea Of Recreation: Assault Rifles, Armor-Piercing Bullets And Silencers

Dana Milbank: The days are growing colder, and soon millions of American hunters will pursue a time-honored tradition. They will load their automatic weapons with armor-piercing bullets, strap on silencers, head off to the picnic grounds on nearby public lakes — and start shooting. If you do not immediately recognize this pastime as part of […]

Approaches To Islam

NR: “A propensity to violence is embedded in the core principles of Islam,” he writes, demonstrating how this propensity repeats down the centuries and across borders. Every time and everywhere the violence is a phenomenon of the faith, not a reaction to poverty or to some wickedness supposedly imposed by outsiders and unbelievers such as, […]

The Fostech Origin 12

Would The Alaskan say this is enough 12 gauge for a grizzly?

'Contested,' 'Congested' Syrian Airspace Poses Challenges: General

Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, the air war in Syria involves "multiple players," Lt. Gen. Jeff Harrigian said.

Air Force Chaplain Says Christians Must Put God Above The Constitution

"Counterfeit Christians in the Armed Forces will appeal to the Constitution, and not Christ," Capt. Sonny Hernandez wrote.

Why More Pilots Are Skipping the Flight Suit

Pilots not wearing flight suits while flying? Don't worry. The Air Force knows some units may be doing just that.

Deployment of NY Guardsmen, Troopers to Caribbean on Hold

The deployment of more than 100 members of the New York Army National Guard to help with hurricane recovery efforts is on hold.

Navy Plans to Use Xbox Controllers for New Periscope Systems

An Xbox controller costs less than $30 compared to the $38,000 cost of a photonic mast handgrip and imaging control panel.

Admiral, Captain Fired as Investigation into Ship Collisions Continues

More leaders are being removed from their posts as the Navy continues to investigate the cause of two deadly ship collisions.

Defensive Use Of An AR-15

Dean Weingarten at Ammoland. On May 6th, 2017, an armed man was sitting on his front porch in the 400 block of Glenburnie Drive in Houston, Texas. He had a concealed carry permit. His brother says that he goes to the range often. He was on his porch and had another firearm with him. An […]

Should You Tell The Cops You Have A Gun?

Jacob Sullum at Reason: The fatal shooting of Philando Castile last year by a Minnesota police officer reinvigorated an old debate about how people who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) should handle interactions with the cops. The officer, who was acquitted of manslaughter in June, panicked during a traffic stop after Castile, […]

Op-Ed: 'Family First' Approach Key to Addressing Pilot Shortage

One thing is increasingly clear: if Airmen stay or elect to depart the service, it is usually a family decision.

Navy's Most Advanced Subs Will Soon Use Xbox Controllers

The Navy is beginning to use Xbox 360 controllers -- like the ones you find at the mall -- to operate submarine periscopes.

'A Different Feeling': Navy Pilots Describe Shooting Down SU-22

Four Navy pilots who participated in the mission offered a blow-by-blow account during the Tailhook 2017 Symposium.

Flanked by Stealth Jets, Trump Confident in 'Options' for North Korea

Speaking at Joint Base Andrews Trump said the regime of Kim Jong-un showed "utter contempt for its neighbors and for the world."

Op-Ed: Collisions Show That 'Navy Way' Is the Wrong Course

"Two Navy ships had accidents with loss of life, and we've learned that training and certifications were lacking on both vessels."

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