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US Court Rules Against Soldier, Returns Baby to Okinawa Mom

A 20-month-old girl returned to her Okinawa home from the United States last week.

Army to Require Soldiers to Test for Expert Action Badge

The Expert Action Badge, an annual physical and skill-based test, will be similar to the prestigious Expert Infantryman Badge.

Airman from Western NY Killed While Deployed in Middle East

Her mother says Staff Sgt. Alexandria Morrow, 25, died while loading a bomb onto a plane in Jordan.

Vice President's Wife to Visit Mississippi Navy Base

The wife of Vice President Mike Pence is planning to visit a Navy base in Mississippi.

Sailor Briefly in Irish Custody After Alleged Sexual Assault

A U.S. sailor is in the hands of the Navy after being taken into custody by Irish authorities on suspicion of sexual assault.

Gunman in USS Mahan Attack Had Drugs in System, Records Show

NORFOLK -- Three years ago Friday, a civilian truck driver drove through a security checkpoint at Naval Station Norfolk, disarmed a guard aboard the destroyer USS Mahan and used her weapon to kill...

Bergdahl Trial Delayed as His Lawyers Appeal Over Trump Comments

The court-martial against accused Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was delayed this week.

Cougar Versus .458 SOCOM

Columbia Basin Herald: He pulled his gun to his shoulder, put her in his sights and pulled the trigger. He was shooting a Rock River Arms AR-15 chambered in.458 Socom with a red dot scope. “Now, I’ve killed a lot of whitetail deer with my.458 and every single time I’ve pulled the trigger […]

Freedom Watch Letter To Congress Concerning James Comey And Illegal Surveillance

Via WRSA, parts of this letter are included below from Freedom Watch. A summary of the Montgomery’s efforts to expose rampant illegal and unconstitutional surveillance on American citizens and prominent individuals such as President Trump, is as follows: Montgomery left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information, […]

Army Chief in Europe Wants More Weapons to Combat Russian Threat

NATO's supreme commander called Thursday for an escalated military buildup in Europe to deter Russia.

Police: Army Veteran Went to NY to Attack Black People

A white U.S. Army veteran bent on making a racist attack took a bus to New York, and killed a man with a sword, police said.

US Pilot Describes Challenges of Bombing ISIS

The crowded skies over Islamic State-held territory have complicated airstrikes targeting the extremists, a U.S. pilot says.

Behind the Scenes: Look as WWII's Memphis Belle Gets Wings

After 14 years, restorers have reattached the wings to the B-17F Memphis Belle at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Former Navy SEAL Tells Springfield Men How He Found His Faith

Former SEAL Chad Williams takes the lessons learned from his Navy service and uses them in his traveling Christian ministry.

Fort Bragg Hospital Looks Back on Response to 1994 Green Ramp Disaster

When the fireball and debris from two aircraft cut through about 500 soldiers at Green Ramp in 1994, the unthinkable happened.

Landmark Air Force Academy Chapel to Close for Major Repairs

The Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy will close for up to four years starting next summer for major restoration work.

Officials: Man Arrested After Going AWOL 45 Years Ago

Authorities say they've arrested a Florida man who went AWOL from the U.S. Air Force 45 years ago.

First US Aircraft Carrier of Trump Presidency Enters Gulf

American sailors watched as the first Revolutionary Guard vessels appeared on the horizon of the Strait of Hormuz.

How To Fix Scratches On Your AR-15

Okay, there’s no need for name-calling Dave, because scratches can cause corroding with Aluminum (even if it doesn’t rust).  Now, do a compatible video for carbon steel.

The Wheels Are Coming Off The Coverup: Note To FBI Agents, Now Is The Time To Come Forward

By now you’re aware that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said that Trump transition team was under surveillance.  He was polite.  He said it was “inadvertent.”  We all know better.  He’s handing out bits and pieces of information in order to bait the field. Meanwhile, I haven’t linked George Webb for a while but he’s still […]

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