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Tuskegee Airmen Recall History-Making Service, Missions

They were among the men who became the first black pilots, navigators and support personnel to serve during World War II.

Looking Back at America's Entry into the 'Great War'

Woodrow Wilson's Memorial Day 1917 call to arms was framed as an effort "to serve mankind."

Chinese Fighter Jets Buzz US Navy Surveillance Plane

Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets flew within 200 yards of a Navy P-3 Orion surveillance plane in international airspace this week.

Before VE Day, This Soldier Wrote Home on Hitler's Stationery

The Million Letters Campaign seeks to find and preserve at least 1 million articles of correspondence from every U.S. conflict.

New Dedication Date Set for Navy SEAL Monument in Virginia Beach

Capt. Rick Woolard hoped the Navy SEAL monument could be dedicated Memorial Day weekend, but he'll have to wait a little longer.

Some 'Silent Service' Vets Cringe at Trump's Sub Disclosure

Some veterans of the Navy's "Silent Service" are cringing at news that President Trump disclosed the whereabouts of submarines.

No Health Survey Conducted Before Pentagon Built Gitmo's Camp Justice

Ten years after the Pentagon opened its war court complex at Guantanamo, there is no agreement that Camp Justice is expeditionary.

American Guns Are Fueling The Immigration Crisis

So says Alex Yablon at The Trace. When José Luis Hernández was a boy, his hometown of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, had its share of gangs, neighborhood toughs who used knives to claim turf and settle scores. As he came of age, a new generation of criminals took over. These crews worked with international organized […]

Black Bear Attacks Bow Hunter

I’ll leave it to readers to fisk this event.  This man is blessed to be alive, as far I can tell.

The New York Heavy Trigger Pull Law

David Codrea: One might if one had zero knowledge of guns, of gun design and of defensive gun uses. Left unacknowledged are inconvenient realities like the fact that the harder the trigger pull, the more inaccurate the gun, a problem the New York Police Department (and those they shoot and/or miss) has experienced since the […]

Aircraft Carrier IMAX: Dazzling Shots and a Chilling Plea for Peace

If anything is meant to be shot in 3D, it's the Navy's warships, with jutting decks, trimaran hulls, and catapulting fighters.

Air Force Turns to Civilians to Give Squadrons Much-Needed Relief

The Air Force wants to hire another 1,600 personnel -- mostly civilians -- in an effort to provide squadrons with relief.

Army Chief Calls for More Potent, 7.62mm Round for M4 Rifle

The U.S. Army's chief of staff revealed Thursday the M4 carbine's 5.56mm round can't penetrate modern enemy body armor plates.

ISIS Tricked US Into Bombing Building Where 100 Innocents Held Captive

The group rigged a house with 1,000 pounds of explosives, put civilians in the basement, and used snipers to bait the coalition.

Military Court Overturns Convictions, Cites Possible Command Influence

The military's highest court has overturned a former Aviano airman's rape and assault conviction and prison sentence.

Army Court Rejects Latest Appeal by Convicted Murderer Ronald Gray

Convicted serial rapist and murderer Ronald Gray moved a step closer to death earlier this month.

Guardsmen Playing Larger Role in Domestic Drug Raids

The National Guard is ramping up efforts to counter illegal drugs across the country.

Beijing Protests US Navy Patrol Through South China Sea

The patrol is the first American challenge to Beijing's claims to the waters since President Donald Trump took office.

Aircraft Carrier Ford Heads Out for Sea Trials

The aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford left Naval Station Norfolk Wednesday for its second set of sea trials, the Navy said.

Wrongly Convicted 'Norfolk Four' Threaten $68 Million in Lawsuits

Lawyers for the "Norfolk Four" have threatened to sue the city for $68 million or more.

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