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Navy Disputes Russian Account of Warship Actions

The U.S. Navy denied reports that Russian attack aircraft forced an American warship from its course in the Black Sea.

Potential Chinese Anti-Ship Capabilities Between the First and Second Island Chains

Chinese Active Defense Layers (Office of Naval Intelligence graphic). Note that the range lines reflect where PLA aircraft and submarines might be expected to operate in wartime based on evidence to date. While PLA aircraft would be unlikely to fly further east from the second layer's line if U.S. Show More Summary

Communist Art Acevedo Kills Constitutional Carry In Texas

Texas Tribune: Texas police chiefs are urging Gov. Greg Abbott to veto legislation repealing certain handgun restrictions in Texas if lawmakers do not remove a controversial provision the chiefs fear would allow criminals to carry firearms without repercussions. If the provision stays on the bill, the only responsible thing for Abbott to do would be […]

Some New Intelligence Budget Data Disclosed

U.S. intelligence spending remains at the frontier of national security classification and declassification policy, as some new scraps of intelligence budget information are divulged, most other information is withheld, and a simmering demand for greater disclosure persists in Congress and elsewhere. Show More Summary

The Federal Grand Jury, and More from CRS

A Congressional Research Service report on The Federal Grand Jury, May 7, 2015, presents “a brief general description of the federal grand jury, with particular emphasis on its more controversial aspects–relationship of the prosecutor...Show More Summary

Army Rolls Out Plan to Field New Camouflage Pattern

The U.S. Army has laid out a plan to outfit soldiers with the service's new camouflage pattern that uniform officials maintain will perform as well as the MultiCam pattern troops wear in Afghanistan.

Entries In The Annals Of Wickedness

Entries in the annals of wickedness.  I also hear that in England you can’t go anywhere in the major cities without being recorded by a camera.  Perhaps some government authority is getting their grove on watching all of this play out.  No OC spray, no clubs, no batons, no sticks, and I would surmise no […]

Common Sense Gun Laws

David Codrea: “Individuals on the consolidated terrorist watch list — including notorious terrorists such as Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri — attempted to purchase guns from licensed dealers,” Parsons and Sofer bemoan. Really? We should be grateful such “common sense gun safety laws” are in place to render terrorists harmless. David tackles Newsweek.  I should also […]

Mike Vanderboegh: Speaking Truth To Power

Mike Vanderboegh: But we are here, now. We ARE acting. Look around you. You know in your heart that for every one here today, there are tens, hundreds, even thousands just like us. People who will not comply. And do you hear that? Listen. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of all those who […]

After Divorce, Losing Veterans’ Support Along With a Spouse

Once you are divorced from a veteran, resources such as counseling go away, and many women who were dependent on their spouses' incomes find themselves financially in shambles.

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