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Instructors: Female Grads of Armor Leader Course Overcame Skeptics

Army Armor Basic Officer Leaders Course instructors said they'd serve under the first 13 female lieutenants who graduated.

The Origin of the Navy's 'Anchors Aweigh'

In 1906, Navy had not beaten Army at football since 1900. One midshipman figured the team could use a little musical inspiration.

Acquisition Chief: LCS Program 'Broke' the Navy

The LCS is costing taxpayers billions more than budgeted, failing survivability assessments and may never live up to expectations.

Former Airman Sentenced to 100 Years in Child Porn Case

A former airman at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was sentenced Thursday to 100 years in prison on child pornography charges.

NY-based Air Guard Unit Rescues Buzz Aldrin from South Pole

The military air crew that evacuated former astronaut Buzz Aldrin from the South Pole is a New York-based National Guard unit.

House Pushes Ahead with $611 Billion Defense Policy Bill

The Republican-led House is pushing ahead with a $611 billion defense policy bill.

James Mattis For Secretary Of Defense Mattis, now a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution in California, has questioned whether women are suited for what he called the “intimate killing” of close combat, and whether male commanders would balk at sending women into such situations. Mattis also said he was concerned about “Eros” in the trenches when young men […]

Fighting The Police For Gun Rights

  Remember I just recently said this? … in the case of Indiana, we’ll have to fight (in many cases) the police, and in other cases progressive clerics. On queue, a blue costumed special person weighs in. “I believe people have the right to carry a gun, but the basic licensing requirement helps ensure that […]

Levi Strauss Hates Gun Owners

David Codrea: OXFAM? They’re the international citizen disarmament zealots who are conjoined with IANSA to stump for a global gun grab. If they get what they want, they won’t “respectfully request.” And it will be mandatory. What’s David talking about?  Check here to find out.  Their full statement is as follows. The debate in the […]

Stealthy New Destroyer Completes Repairs, Departs Panama

After breaking down Nov. 21 in the Panama Canal, the newly commissioned destroyer Zumwalt is once again en route to San Diego.

Army Loses One Infantry Brigade to Create New Armored Brigade

The Army will convert an infantry brigade to an armored brigade combat team amid demand for heavier formations to counter Russia.

Air Force to Get More Airmen, No Extra Planes in Defense Bill

The Air Force would add 4,000 airmen next year -- but no extra warplanes to its arsenal -- under the compromise defense bill.

NTSB to Release El Faro Transcript, Data

The National Transportation Safety Board will release a transcript from El Faro's final hours on Dec. 13.

NORAD Launches Its Annual Santa Tracker

Volunteers at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have begun the agency's 61st annual "tracking" of Santa's movements.

2 Fort Bliss Soldiers Plead Guilty to Smuggling Immigrants

Prosecutors say two Fort Bliss soldiers face up to 10-year prison terms for trying to smuggle two immigrants through a checkpoint.

Expensive, Designer ARs In Mid-Range Calibers

Ammoland: RTH Firearms today released its first semiautomatic production rifle chambered in 6.5x47mm Lapua or 6.5mm Creedmoor precision cartridges. These rifles achieve amazing precision, hitting below sub-MOA at 100 yards with the ability to reach 1,400 yards with very little felt recoil. Show More Summary

Pizzagate VIII

Poor, poor James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong.  He’s so misunderstood. A popular Northwest, D.C. neighborhood pizza joint is trying to figure out how to fight back after what it suspects is a massive coordinated on-line attack suggesting the restaurant is involved in the worst kind of conspiracy. The pizza shop owner suspects thousands of […]

Air Force C-130s May Battle Tennessee Wildfires

Air Force C-130s designed for firefighting may be used to help battle deadly wildfires scorching thousands of acres in Tennessee.

Navy Tuition Assistance Requests Must Now Be Submitted Earlier

Effective 2017, all TA requests must be submitted and approved at least 14 days prior to term start

Navy Vet Who Faked His Death at Sea Gets 1 Year of Probation

A former financial adviser will have to pay $1 million for the cost of searching for him after he faked his death at sea.

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