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Air Force Won't Supply Clean Water to Polluted Michigan City

The Air Force is pushing back against a law that requires it to provide safe drinking water to residents in a Michigan city.

USS Vella Gulf Leaves Norfolk for Deployment

Roughly 350 sailors on board the USS Vella Gulf left Sunday morning from Naval Station Norfolk.

Navy Launches 30-Day Review of T-45, F-18 Cockpit Breathing Problems

The Navy's number two officer has ordered that all recent hypoxia-like episodes be placed under comprehensive review.

5 Things to Start Your Week

Here are five stories and events to start your week.

Trump Awards Purple Heart at Walter Reed Military Hospital

President Donald Trump on Saturday awarded a Purple Heart to an Army sergeant recently wounded in Afghanistan.

Constitutional Carry Update In Alabama, Texas And South Carolina

Mark Chesnut: Three states—Alabama, Texas and South Carolina—are currently vying to be the next state in the nation to do away with the requirement for law-abiding gun owners to be licensed by the government to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. This expansion of the “permitless,” or constitutional, carry movement represents a continuation of a […]

NRA Boots USCCA From Annual Meeting

David Codrea: … enough clues exist to speculate that banishing USCCA may have something to do with NRA recently launching very similar insurance products competing with those offered by USCCA. Bearing in mind that USCCA acknowledges meeting with NRA over “shared goals,” it’s fair to note how similar NRA’s new Carry Guard service is to […]

Muslim Open Carrier Ehab Jaber

Remember we discussed Muslim open carrier Ehab Jaber, specifically within the context of Christian fear and trembling?  Well, there have been developments in the case (via reader Mack). Twelve days after a Muslim man sat in his car in the parking lot of our Sioux Falls Christian Worldview Weekend brandishing 5 weapons, hundreds of rounds of […]

Comment Of The Week

TheAlaskan: “Those who demand that you surrender your arms, are planning on keeping theirs.”

By What Right May We Carry A Gun?

Bob Owens: As tempting as it may be to turn to theological roots for the Second Amendment, the fact is the Second Amendment is a direct descendant of English Common Law. In her treatise, “The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms: The Common Law Tradition,” Joyce Lee Malcolm explains the English Bill […]

After US Drops 'Frankenbomb' on Afghanistan, Questions Linger

Experts have questioned MOAB's estimated price tag of $170,000. A B-52 bomber's payload can pack the same punch, if not more.

Army Hoping to Entice Doctors to the Battlefield

Army leaders are touting the capabilities of future surgeons to jump from aircraft and perform surgeries in desolate combat zones.

NCIS: Navy SEAL Possessed and Produced Child Porn on Phone

Authorities say a Navy SEAL has been charged with producing and possessing child pornography.

Navy Increases Restrictions on T-45 Flights After New Cockpit Episode

A day after T-45 instructors took to the air after a 12-day grounding, two pilots reported headaches and oxygen deprivation.

Top Baghdadi Aide Killed in SpecOps Raid in Syria: CentCom

A top terror planner for ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed earlier this month in a special operations raid in Syria.

US Fighter Pilot Approaching USS Carl Vinson Ejects Safely

A pilot ejected an F/A-18E fighter jet on its final approach to the USS Carl Vinson, U.S. Navy officials confirmed Friday.

Fort Jackson Soldier Charged After 24 Dead Animals Found in Apartment

An Army staff sergeant was arrested after authorities found the carcasses of 24 dead animals in his abandoned apartment.

Bomb Threat Probed at San Diego-Area Navy Base

A bomb threat investigation forced a closure of the main gate at Naval Air Station North Island at Coronado on San Diego Bay.

Christians Had Better “Gun Up” In The Face Of Muslim Threats

The Blaze: A South Dakota Muslim, who was escorted out of a Christian conference after protesting it with foul language, took to Facebook Live to tell viewers they should be “terrified” as he flashed multiple firearms in his car. The man in the video is identified as Ehab Jaber is a South Dakota resident who is self-described […]

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