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Navy Commanding Officer Fired for 'Improper' Hiring Practices

The head of a U.S. naval station in Italy was fired this week for "improper civilian hiring practices," the Navy said.

Army Has 50,000 Active Soldiers Who Can't Deploy, Top NCO Says

The U.S. Army's top enlisted soldier said the number-one readiness problem facing the service is that the active component -- the most deployable force -- has 50,000 soldiers who can't deploy.

Army Has 50,000 Active Soldiers Who Can't Deploy, Top NCO Says

The sergeant major of the Army said the high number of non-deployable soldiers is the top readiness problem facing the force.

The Logic Behind America’s Drone Wars

Predator and Reaper drones hang in the sky above Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Mostly they observe, search for targets – and occasionally unleash Hellfire missiles. Targets may be large gatherings of suspicious figures, convoys or training camps. They can also be private houses, and sometimes they turn out to...

Army Investigating Deadly Helicopter Crash at Fort Hood, General Says

An investigation board is attempting to determine the cause of the crash that killed four soldiers at the Texas base.

France Fights a Successful Counter Insurgency in ‘The Battle of Algiers’

The day Germany surrendered in World War II thousands of Muslims in the French colony of Algeria took to the streets. They were celebrating — both Muslim and European Algerians had served during the war and helped to beat back the Nazis — but they were also protesting colonial French...

Nuclear Integration Chief Now a 3-Star Job

The Air Force passed another important milestone Nov. 20 as Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein assumed his new duties.

Watchdog Group Protests Army Aviation Unit's 'Crusaders' Name, Cross

A religious watchdog group is demanding an Alabama-based Army unit stop using the "Crusaders" name and cross as its symbol.

Aircraft to Remain with New Hampshire National Guard

A decision to remove a C-12 aircraft and personnel from the New Hampshire Army National Guard has been reversed.

For the First Time, Chinese Troops Entered an American Base on the West Coast

“When I was in Iraq, we a lot of times had to treat female patients,” U.S. Army medic Sgt. Leslie Peterson told a group of her counterparts with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. She was answering a question from a Chinese medic about how Americans balance medical needs with cultural...

Green Beret Medics Train at Duke

Soldiers from the 3rd Special Forces Group received hands-on instruction at Duke University Medical Center.

Grand Forks Leaders Hopeful for New Missions at Base

Community leaders traveled to Winnipeg last week in an effort to ensure Grand Forks Air Force Base is on a general's radar.

AF Releases Redacted Records on Academy's Cadet Informant Program

After a delay of nearly two years, the Air Force has released 250 pages of records on its use of cadet informants at its academy.

Los Angeles to Host Navy Fleet Week Starting next Year

Los Angeles will begin hosting U.S. Navy vessels in an annual Fleet Week starting next year.

Navy's New Sub Hunter Builds Reputation in Pacific with Secret Flights

Professional silence is part of the job description for sailors when they fly the Navy's newest surveillance jet over disputed territory in the western Pacific.

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