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China Builds Up Its Fleet of Ships That Make Artificial Islands

Venturing ever further from the rivers and coasts that it helped develop in the first three decades of China’s post-Mao reforms, China’s burgeoning dredging fleet has not only excavated new land in the South China Sea, but has also given China a big new shovel to break ground on the...

Light Posting And Prayers

Very light posting lately, many family issues, and work up to my eyeballs.  Simply no time to do it well.  Thank you for your patience. But if you think about it during your daily prayers, my oldest son Joshua has back surgery on the 27th.  Say a prayer for him.

In Myanmar, Buddhist Extremists Whip Up Anti-Muslim Hate

The 969 Movement, a grassroots, leaderless group of monks promoting Buddhism and militant nationalism throughout Myanmar, may surprise the country’s recent tourists with its anti-Islamic rhetoric. Many longtime observers, however, consider the movement another example of how religious extremism remains a serious problem in Myanmar. It’s not uncommon for minority...

The United States Runs a Strip Mall Just for Cops in Afghanistan

The U.S. State Department runs a strip mall for cops in Afghanistan. No, seriously, that’s what Washington calls three compounds in Kabul. For almost a decade, State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs — a.k.a. INL — has run all sorts of law enforcement projects in Afghanistan out...

The Pentagon Doesn’t Know How Many Civilians It Has Killed in Iraq and Syria

The Pentagon has looked into hundreds of possible civilian casualties from the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. But Washington is having trouble keeping track of everything — including its own allies. Since August 2014, the American-led coalition has lobbed nearly 14,000 bombs and missiles in thousands of individual airstrikes...

OLC: President May Withhold WMD Info from Congress

Despite an explicit statutory requirement to keep Congress “fully and currently informed” about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the President may withhold proliferation-related information from Congress if he determines...Show More Summary

Security Assistance & Foreign Internal Defense

Through its international security assistance programs, the United States advances its foreign policy agenda, exercises influence, sometimes wreaks havoc or abets abusive conduct, and now and then does good things. Security assistance...Show More Summary

The “Cadillac Tax,” Congress 101, and More from CRS

Several new reports from the Congressional Research Service examine the implications of the 40% excise tax on high-cost employer-sponsored health care coverage, known as the “Cadillac tax,” that will take effect in 2018. Excise Tax on...Show More Summary

Women Struggled With Limited Infantry Skills to Become Army Rangers

The one weakness that plagued the two female graduates of Army Ranger School was that they had far less infantry training than male students going into the course, Ranger School officials said.

It’s Time to Change America’s Nuclear Strategy

Every week, War Is Boring and Reuters sit down to discuss the stories behind the front lines. It’s War College and this week Thomas Nichols helps us understand America’s current nuclear strategy … or lack thereof. This August marked the 70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Seven...

America Is at War With Fire

The American West is burning. An unusually hot and dry summer led to widespread drought and turned the forests and plains into kindling. Now massive wildfires rage from California to as far north as Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula near the Canadian border. Smoke and haze fill the air, darkening what...

Listen to This Lecture From the Man Who Dropped Both Atomic Bombs

At first, Jacob Besser sounds like another grumpy old man out of touch with the times. “One of the things that really distressed me this summer is that I ran into quite a few Americans in Japan — a so-called peace movement.” He clears his throat and continues, describing a...

Kenya’s Elephant-Protection Air Force

The twin Tsavo national parks in southern Kenya are home to some of the East African country’s biggest elephant herds. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Kenya Wildlife Service work together to protect the gentle creatures from heavily-armed poachers, including flying air patrols over the elephant herds in the...

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