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Navy Ships, Army 101st Airborne Helos Respond to Irma's Aftermath

The U.S. Army's 101st Airborne is positioning its helos to be used in search-and-rescue ops in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Fort Bragg Soldiers Remember How 9/11 Changed Everything

The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 would have lasting implications for Fort Bragg and the military.

Trump Hails Coast Guard Response to Irma

President Trump will go to Florida, possibly later this week, to survey the damage from Hurricane Irma and thank first responders.

5 Things to Start Your Week

Here are five news stories and events to start your week, from the editors at

Hurricane Irma Survivors Face Looting And Violence

From The Guardian: Survivors on Caribbean islands shattered by Hurricane Irma begged the world for food, water, shelter and rescue on Saturday as they faced down armed looters and the prospect of a fresh onslaught from strengthening Hurricane Jose. [ … ] From the Virgin Islands, survivors painted a picture of desolation and violence, but […]

Hurricane Preparations

It’s been light posting for several days and may be for a few more, depending on whether power outages affect me.  I’ve been trying to do a bit of hurricane preps.  Of course, I am not affected like those in the direct path of Hurricane Irma and I won’t be.  Pray for them.

Gun Blasphemy

John Farnam: I don’t see a return to hammer-fired pistols with manual decocking-levers any time soon. That era is long-over. Double-action revolvers still work just fine, but have their limitations. And, the dwindling 1911 crowd will be around for a long time to come, but every year, they all get one year older! So that’s […]

Grizzly Bear Mauls Bow Hunter

Via reader Fred, SJ: A grizzly bear mauled a bow hunter in southwestern Montana, slashing a 16-inch cut in his head that required 90 stitches to close. “I could hear bones crunching, just like you read about,” said Tom Sommer, as he recovered in a Montana hospital on Tuesday afternoon. Sommer said he and a […]

Surefire Releases New Pistol Lights

From TFB.  1000 lumens.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think we’ve beat the lumen horse dead.  There’s essentially no difference between 800 lumens and 1000 lumens to me, or even less than that.  They are all so bright that it can blind you when the light scatters off of walls, especially if the walls […]

Irma Hits Florida as Military Preps Massive Rescue Effort

First responders across the state hunkered down and the military prepared a massive rescue and relief response to Irma.

Thousands Turn Out for Protest Against Ramstein Air Base Ops

The protestors claim the air base relays telemetry to drones that collect information on terrorist groups or attack targets.

Air Force Flies 300 Doctors to Florida for Irma Recovery

The doctors and staff are responding to a federal request to help Florida's healthcare systems in areas hit by Hurricane Irma.

Upgunned Strykers to Boost 2nd Cavalry Regiment's Firepower

Half of the regiment's new Strykers will come equipped with a 30mm Bushmaster cannon, with a range of more than 9,000 feet.

Aircraft Carrier Lincoln Heading to Florida for Irma Response

The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln was ordered to get underway Friday and be in position off the Florida Atlantic coast

Pilot Dies in Another Plane Crash at Nevada Training Range

An airman was killed in another plane crash this week at the Nevada Test and Training Range, the Air Force said.

Students Connect with Soldiers Deployed in Afghanistan

What began as a lesson in service has bridged a connection between a student and soldiers thousands of miles away.

Nuke-Sniffer Deploys to Okinawa Amid Rising Tensions With North Korea

Air Force aircraft that detect radioactive fallout and track ballistic missiles are operating on Okinawa.

CNO Defends Actions on Staffer Accused of 'Bad Santa' Sex Harassment

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson has defended his actions in the case of a staffer accused of sexual harassment.

Doctors Beat Irma to Gitmo to Operate on Alleged War Criminal's Spine

With Irma aimed at the Caribbean, the Pentagon scrambled a neurosurgery team to Guantanamo to operate on an alleged war criminal.

Airmen Missing in Action to Be Honored in New Memorial

For six days, Maj. Leonard Clark and five other airmen drifted in the Pacific Ocean as the sun beat down on their bruised bodies.

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