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D.C. Versus Heller Versus Toddlers

In tonight’s debate, Hillary said this: “What the District of Columbia was trying to do was protect toddlers from guns.” Here is the URL to the Heller decision.  Here is the URL to the oral arguments.  Extra credit to any reader who can find reference to the words “toddler,” “baby,” or “child” anywhere in the […]

Kyle Lamb On Stronghand Only Reload

This is an interesting drill.  I imagine that the point is that you have suffered an injury during close quarters battle and need to reload.  I don’t of any range anywhere I have ever gone to where you would be allowed to do something like this.  Obviously, he has his own private range.

Apache Helicopters Take Action in Mosul Offensive

Apache helicopter gunships have gone into action to support the drive to retake Mosul.

3rd Missile Attack on Destroyer May Have Been False Alarm

DoD officials are walking back reports that the USS Mason was targeted a third time by missiles launched from Yemen.

Air Force Chief Sees Decades of More War Operations

The U.S. Air Force's top officer said he expects the high pace of war-related operations to continue for decades to come.

Army Deploying Heavy Brigade from 1st ID to Korea

The U.S. Army announced it will deploy a heavy brigade from the 1st Infantry Division as part of the rotation to South Korea.

Troubled System on Carrier Ford Passes Key Test

A critical system on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford has taken "a big step forward," the Navy has reported.

Future USS Peralta Back at Bath Iron Works After Heading to Sea

The future USS Peralta is back at Bath Iron Works after its initial two-day excursion for builder trials.

WWII Vet's Experiences Include Liberation of Dachau Camp

Guy Prestia and other U.S. Army's 45th Infantry troops were going to Munich when they were asked to make a shocking detour.

Duo to Return to Maryland to Face Trial in Soldier's Death

A judge has ordered that a soldier and his girlfriend be returned to Maryland to face charges related to the death of his wife.

Air Force Toxic Chemicals Released into City's Sewer System

An Air Force base said it accidentally released about 150,000 gallons of water containing toxic chemicals into the sewer system.

Glock Woos Marine and Army Spec Ops. Is DoD Next?

Marine special operations forces chose the Glock 19, but this isn't the first time elite units have invested in the pistol maker.

Common AR Rifle Handling Errors

Ammoland: At our Urban Rifle (Carbine) Courses, most students bring ARs, as you might imagine, but we see dozens of other types/brands, some of which I was heretofore only marginally aware, so many are the companies, worldwide, making small arms today. But my colleagues and I, Dave Spaulding, Tom Givens, Mas Ayoob, James Yeager, Frank […]

Army And Tufts Study How People Think, Respond under Stress

The U.S. Army and Tufts University are working together to learn more about how people think and respond under stress.

USS Iwo Jima Prepares to End Hurricane Relief Role in Haiti

The amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima will leave Haitian waters as the U.S. military wraps up Hurricane Matthew relief efforts.

That Pilot in the Cockpit May Someday Be a Robot

MANASSAS, Va. -- From the outside, the single-engine Cessna Caravan that took off from a small airport here on Monday looked unremarkable. But inside the cockpit, in the right seat, a robot with sp...

Sheriff: Disoriented Soldier Killed After Walking into Road

Authorities say a disoriented Fort Campbell soldier was fatally struck by a vehicle after walking onto a Tennessee highway.

Driver in Fatal Bridge Crash is Navy Aviation Electrician

The Navy man who drove his pickup off the San Diego-Coronado Bridge killing four people could be arraigned as early as Wednesday.

US Warship to Visit New Zealand and End 30-year Stalemate

A U.S. Navy warship will visit New Zealand next month for the first time since the 1980s.

Shipbuilders Worried About Jobs While Navy Celebrates Ship

The stealthy USS Zumwalt joined the Navy over the weekend and five other warships are under various stages of construction.

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