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AEI/Heritage Project for the Common Defense Weekly Read Board (Navy)

"Chinese DF-21 Arsenal: An Open-Source Assessment of What Its Fielded Composition Says About Its Likely Doctrinal Roles," by Jon Solomon (Information Dissemination, 11/10/14) "Senior Intel Officer Removed After Controversial Comments...Show More Summary

“No Fly” List to Offer Increased Transparency

The “no fly” list procedures that are used to prevent individuals who may present a security hazard from flying on commercial aircraft are being revised to make them more transparent and easier to challenge, government attorneys said Friday. Show More Summary

Joint Doctrine: Counterterrorism, and Countering WMD

New military doctrine from the Joint Chiefs of Staff “narrows the definition of counterterrorism” to focus on activities designed to neutralize terrorist networks. It excludes actions to “counter root causes” of terrorism, which have now been removed from the definition. Show More Summary

Wanted: Director of the Federal Register (Top Secret)

The National Archives is seeking a new Director of the Federal Register program, a position that requires a Top Secret security clearance. The Federal Register is sometimes described as the “daily newspaper” of the executive branch.Show More Summary

Executive Discretion in Immigration, and More from CRS

New and updated reports from the Congressional Research Service that Congress has withheld from public distribution include the following. Executive Discretion as to Immigration: Legal Overview, November 10, 2014 FEMA’s Disaster Declaration...Show More Summary

Army Equipment Lost in Afghanistan (FOUO)

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of U.S. Army equipment and supplies in Afghanistan have been lost or are unaccounted for, a report from the Department of Defense Inspector General said. “Since 2010, 309 forward operating basesShow More Summary

House and Senate Staff Pay, and More from CRS

New and updated publications from the Congressional Research Service that Congress has withheld from online public access include the following. Staff Pay Levels for Selected Positions in House Member Offices, 2009-2013, November 3,Show More Summary

2014 Intelligence Budget Figures Released

The National Intelligence Program received a total appropriation of $50.5 billion in fiscal year 2014, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence disclosed yesterday, as required by law. The Military Intelligence Program was funded at $17.4 billion in FY 2014, the Department of Defense said. Show More Summary

Intelligence Whistleblower Protections, and More from CRS

New publications from the Congressional Research Service that Congress has withheld from online public distribution include the following. Intelligence Whistleblower Protections: In Brief, October 23, 2014 Sexual Violence at Institutions...Show More Summary

Court Denies Motion to Dismiss State Secrets Case

Updated/corrected below A federal court yesterday denied a government motion to dismiss a pending lawsuit that the Obama Administration said involved state secrets. It appears to be the first time that such a motion for dismissal has ever been rejected in a state secrets case. Show More Summary

Israel, Self Defense And Guns

There had been recent reports of Israelis arming up with baseball bats, knives and clubs in expectation of the coming “intifada.”  Then this happened. “They stormed the synagogue and shouted, ‘God is great!’ in Arabic and started killing people with axes and knives,” said a man in disbelief, holding his head in his hands. “They […]

The Large-Deck Carrier: Part 3

For previous installments, see Parts I and II Battleforce-Organic AEW: Keystone of Sea Control As important as carrier-based fighters will probably be to future U.S. Navy battleforce operations, the most indispensible air wing element will likely be battleforce-organic AEW aircraft. Show More Summary

Will Democrats Control The Legislative Agenda On Guns?

David Codrea: Although recently set back at the national polls, Democrats could still dominate the legislative agenda on guns and other crucial issues for the next 10 months if the Republican leadership allows a long-term continuing resolution to pass, Gun Owners of America warned members Monday in a national action alert. If that happens, GOA […]

Florida, Gun Silencers and Idiots

Orlando Sentinel: OMG!! Did you hear??!! Florida has another gun debate!!! It’s about silencers!! The NRA wants to allow them for hunters!! Gun-control advocates can now start screaming about the dangers of silent mass murderers!! And NRA members can scream about personal freedom, the Second Amendment and their God-given right to quietly blow away deer!! […]

The Large-Deck Carrier: Doctrinal Roles and Campaign-Level Value

The large-deck aircraft carrier is predominantly associated with power projection ashore. This traces from U.S. Navy carrier air wings’ widespread post-Second World War use for conventional strike operations as well as for providing direct support to ground forces. Show More Summary

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Gun Lies

Chicago Sun-Times: Blase Cupich’s arrival as archbishop presents a historic opportunity to turn Chicago away from its horrific gun violence. As Cupich officially assumes his duties Tuesday, we urge him to take a leading and visible role in fighting the devastating flow of illegal guns into our city. Nothing could be more God’s work. Cupich […]

Felons And Guns

Dave Hardy does a comprehensive takedown of a Newsmax article entitled Can a Felon Own a Gun: 5 Loopholes in Federal Law (via Uncle).  The Newsmax article appears to be a rather poor and poorly researched piece.  Read Dave’s entire analysis.  Commenter FWB remarks: I find explicit grants to punish counterfeiting, piracies and felonies on […]

Request For Arming Orders For Louisiana National Guard During Katrina, Part II

Recall that I requested arming orders for the Louisiana National Guard during Katrina in July of this year.  This would aid in studying just who ordered the Guard to be armed, what their mission was, and why they confiscated firearms from the public. On July 22, I received this note from the Louisiana National Guard. […]

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