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Do Not Ever Shoot A Gun This Way

She’s addressed as “commander” in the video, which comes from Rio de Janeiro. She’s holding the gun limp-wristed, apparently has two fingers on the trigger, and presumably has never shot a gun in her life.  Here is a picture of me shooting my XDm.45 in Pickens, S.C.  Notice the stiff arms, forward stance, and […]

So When Is The Right Time To Talk About Guns?

Andrew Heller: They hadn’t yet caught the person who murdered nine people in their own church in Charleston, South Carolina, and gun defenders were already telling the TV cameras, “Now is not the time to debate gun control.” So when is the time? After his trial? After the next full moon? After the next slaughter? […]

God’s Response To Violence

Josh Sandburn: Many pastors argue that arming congregants goes against religious teachings of non-violence and that guns have no place in a place of worship. Many states, including South Carolina, specifically prohibit guns in church. “The presence of a cross in our sanctuary reminds us that God’s response to violence is never greater violence,” Pastor […]

John Lott, Gun-Free Zones And The Charleston Church Shooting

John Lott is making much over the recent church shooting in Charleston. The horrible tragedy last night that left nine people dead at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., probably could have been avoided. Like so many other attacks, the massacre took place in a gun-free zone, a place where the general public […]

Rangers, SEALs, Now Raiders: Marines Resurrect Historic Name

The Army has the Green Berets, while the Navy is known for the SEALs. Now, an elite branch of the U.S. Marine Corps will officially be known as Raiders.

Bob Owens On Open Carry In The Atlanta AIrport

Via Mike Vanderboegh, Bob Owens: As a direct result of Cooley’s stunt, Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson has now proposed a federal law to ban both open and concealed carry in airports … Thankfully, is is very unlikely that Johnson will amass enough support to make this bill viable. Sadly, we’re now having to devote energies […]

Notes From HPS

Kurt Hofmann: … when a member of the audience at a speaking event asked Christie about the murder, and New Jersey gun laws’ role in it, he passed the buck just as quickly as he could He’s always tried to shift blame to the Congress, when the entire executive branch reports to him.  The power […]

Public Mass Shooting a Persistent Threat (CRS)

Mass killings of the sort that took place yesterday in Charleston, South Carolina are a distressingly frequent occurrence. There were 78 public mass shootings in the United States between 1983 and 2013, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service. Show More Summary

Marine Convicted of Murder in 2006 Killing of Iraqi Man

A six-Marine jury took a little more than three hours to convict Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins again in what has become one of the most legally and politically complex courts-martial stemming from the Iraq war.

Divine Eagle: A Chinese Airborne Early Warning and Surface Surveillance UAV?

I came across an interesting post at Popular Science’s Eastern Arsenal blog about a developmental PLA UAV equipped with UHF and X-band radars for detection of very low observable aircraft, naval surface forces, and possibly land-based mobile forces as well. Show More Summary

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