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Army Formally Ends Study of Disputed Pipeline Crossing

The Army formally ended further study of the Dakota Access oil pipeline's disputed crossing beneath a reservoir in North Dakota.

Journal Details Offutt Airman's Slaying

Prosecutors say a journal allegedly written by an Omaha man last year detailed how he killed an Air Force service member.

Trump Noncommittal on Response to Russian Spy Ship

The Viktor Leonov, which has been slowly moving down the coast, lingering about 30 miles offshore of New London, Connecticut.

Quick Note To John Podesta

Dear John, Speaking of getting slapped in the face, James Woods owned you. Sincerely, All of us

'Goon Squad' Allegation Fuels Request for Time Off in Espionage Case

The latest volley in the case of a Navy officer accused of espionage turned into an indictment of the brig where he is being held.

US Service Member Charged with Attempted Murder, Rape in Portugal

Portuguese prosecutors have brought charges of attempted murder, rape, abduction and assault against an American serviceman.

Navy Commander Charged in Wide-Ranging Bribery Case

A Navy commander is the 12th Navy official to be charged in a wide-ranging bribery case involving a Malaysian defense contractor.

Donald Trump Versus The Deep State: The Deep State Wins

The deep state is putting its players in place and defenestrating the threats.  Regular readers know what we’re talking about when we say the “deep state.”  We don’t mean whatever idiot Bill Kristol thinks it means.  Nor does it mean what this Breitbart author thinks it means. Those “deep state” officials include the intelligence, law-enforcement […]

Harward Turns Down Trump's National Security Adviser Offer: Sources

President Trump's first choice to succeed the departed Michael Flynn as national security adviser has turned the job down.

Army Stands Up 6 Brigades to Advise Foreign Militaries

The U.S. Army announced the creation of six new brigades designed to train and advise foreign militaries.

Pro-Government Tribal Leader Among Dead in US Raid in Yemen

The main figure killed in last month's US raid in Yemen was a tribal leader who was allied to the US- and Saudi-backed president.

Connecticut Congressmen Express Concern over Russian Ship

A U.S. defense official said Tuesday the Russian ship has been operating in international waters off the U.S. East Coast.

Museum Official: No Plans to Sell Wright Brothers Artifact

The National Aviation Hall of Fame says it has no plans to sell a wooden propeller signed by one of the Wright brothers.

Mayport Naval Station Selected as Location for Unmanned Drone Squadron

The U.S. Navy decided to make Mayport Naval Station the East Coast home for the basing and maintenance of its new drone program.

A Year In, No Female SEAL Applicants, Few for SpecOps

It has been more than 12 months since training pipelines for previously closed elite special operator jobs opened to women.

The Senate Has Rolled Back A Ban On Gun Purchases By Social Security Beneficiaries, And How Does Daily Kos Spin This?

We’ve discussed the ridiculous ban on social security beneficiaries that Obama unilaterally declared before leaving office.  We’ve discussed how the ban applied to those who were deemed, according to various MSM reports, “mentally ill, not only that, severely mentally ill, and moreover, disabled and disordered.” The reality of the matter is much more pedestrian.  These […]

Ugly Liars And Gun Grabbers

David Codrea: No matter – when “progressives” are on a roll, what they want is all that matters. Why should the unconstitutional tyranny of imposing prior restraint punishments without due process on male gun owners (especially the evil white ones who belong to NRA and own “assault weapons” with “30 magazine clips” and “shoulder things […]

Why Is The Deep State Worried?

Matt Bracken sends this along.  Gates of Vienna: Whence, then, comes the hatred? Left-wing ideology — specifically gender-driven left-wing ideology — is certainly behind a lot of it. The protesters and the media are not so much worried about loss of welfare benefits or any other economic issue as they are about abortion and LGBT […]

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