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US Troops Enter Poland, 1st Deployment at Russia's Doorstep

American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream some Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989.

CIA = Gossipers And Liars

Consider the ridiculous and obscene spectacle you’ve witnessed yesterday and today.  We all knew that the MSM was dead.  We knew that the CIA and FBI was involved in international drug trade, human trafficking, toppling of countries and weapons trafficking. But the level of childishness we’ve witnessed is beyond belief.  The WSJ has a version […]

In The Wake Of The Airport Shooting, The Case For Gun Carry Is Clearer Than Ever

News from Florida: Last week’s shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport hasn’t put a dent in Sen. Greg Steube’s plan to allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry their firearms in airports. In fact, it’s only strengthened his resolve to pass the legislation, which he says is desperately needed to prevent future mass shootings in […]

Followup On The M1

Letter from a reader. Greetings Herschel, I have been fascinated by the Garand rifle for sixty years, ever since I was handed one in ROTC and taught its operation and care.  I have since been able to acquire two of them, a 1942 Springfield Armory one I am in the process of back-dating to its […]

Challenge To The FBI And CIA

David Seaman does something very simple in this video, something I should have thought about doing long ago.  He issues a challenge.  I’ll repeat that challenge. To any FBI or CIA agent or analyst who is willing to contact me and supply proof of employment and station, I’ll publish your information on John Podesta proving […]

SecNav to Award Upgraded Valor Medals to Marines, Sailor

Outgoing Secretary of the Navy Mabus will present four Marines and a sailor with higher awards for their service Friday.

Mabus Slams Pentagon Weapons Tester on Littoral Combat Ship

The outgoing secretary of the Navy took the head of the Pentagon's testing and evaluation authority to task Wednesday.

2 US Soldiers Indicted in S. Korean Meth Smuggling Case

Two soldiers have been indicted in connection with a n methamphetamine smuggling case involving the U.S. military postal service.

Lighthouse Cuban Rafters in Legal Limbo After 6 Months at Guantanamo

They crossed the Florida Straits six months ago and sought refuge on the American Shoal Lighthouse off the Florida Keys.

The Most Talked About Stories This Week on

Here are the stories generating the most comments on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity.

Chicago Veterans Museum Acquires Kurt Vonnegut Art Prints

The National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago has acquired 31 screen prints by the American writer and WWII vet Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Former Sailor Seeks Pardon in Submarine Photos Case

A former Navy petty officer, imprisoned for illegally taking pictures on a submarine, is seeking a presidential pardon.

Air Force Academy Cadet, Dad to Be Buried at School Cemetery

An Air Force Academy cadet and his father who were killed in an airplane collision will be buried at the school's cemetery.

Will Jason Chaffetz Subpoena The Actors In The CIA, Clinton Foundation And DynCorps Drug, Money, Oil, Weapons And Child Trafficking Scandal?

How would you like to see Trey Gowdy cross examine the actors in the drug, money, oil, weapons and child trafficking scandal?  I would actually pay good money to watch that.  A lot of it.  The Congress could sell tickets for a hefty sum of money, and use that to pay the federal marshals to […]

Navy's Surface Force Commander Wants Deadlier Fleet

Vice Adm. Rowden said he wants to develop a more lethal fleet to deny the enemy everything -- even the hope of future victory.

Air Force Expands Medical Waivers, No Questions on Prior Marijuana Use

The Air Force is looking to expand its ranks in part by boosting the number medical waivers for potential recruits.

Air Force Relaxes Tattoo Policy, Allows Sleeves

The Air Force on Tuesday announced it will no longer limit the size of airmen's body tattoos, opening the door to sleeve tattoos.

Air Force Grants Honorable Discharge to 91-Year-Old Gay Vet

A veteran who was dismissed from the Air Force in 1948 because he is gay has had that discharge status changed to "honorable."

Work Resumes at Colorado Plant Destroying Chemical Weapons

The Army has resumed the destruction of chemical weapons at a plant after fixing a leak that caused a hazardous waste spill.

Electric Boat Says It Can Meet Navy Goal for Adding Subs

Electric Boat would be able to meet the expectations of an ambitious U.S. Navy shipbuilding plan, given the time and resources.

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