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Construction to Begin on National Army Museum

The Army Historical Foundation announced that construction will soon begin on the National Museum of the United States Army.

The Second Amendment As An Individual Right

William Layer: To anyone who can diagram a sentence the Second Amendment is crystal-clear, not a Delphic pronouncement. The Founding Fathers, well versed in Latin grammar, knew exactly what they meant when they passed the Second Amendment. The meaning is in the main clause — “the right of the people to keep and bear arms […]

Russian Agents Were Behind Yahoo Attack, U.S. Says

Remember when I said this? Here is something else.  Since some of the malware is stolen from Russia, no one can ever, ever again trust the CIA when they say something like “this malware or hacking attack has a known Russian [or any other country for that matter] signature.”  Never.  Not that I ever trusted […]

US Mulls Sending 1,000 More Troops into Syria

The White House and the Pentagon are considering a plan to speed up the campaign against ISIS by sending 1K more troops into Syria.

Senate Vote Allows McMaster to Retain 3 Stars as Trump Adviser

The Senate voted to allow Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to stay on active duty and retain his three stars as national security adviser.

Facebook CEO Makes Stop at Fort Bragg During 'Year of Travel'

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg's so-called "Year of Travel" took him to Fort Bragg.

Navy Destroyer Seizes 600 Pounds of Heroin on Arabian Sea

The guided-missile destroyer Laboon’s intercept of a small ship on the Arabian Sea March 13 yielded an unexpected bounty.

Sex Assault Reports Up at Navy, Army Academies

The new data underscore the challenge in stemming bad behavior by young people at the military college campuses.

Three Airmen Die After SpecOps Plane Crashes in New Mexico

Three U.S. airmen were killed after a U-28 single-engine turboprop aircraft crashed during a training flight in New Mexico.

Judge: Army, FBI Aware Soldier a 'Substantial Risk' Before Killings

A federal judge has issued an order in a wrongful-death lawsuit stemming from 2011 murders by a renegade group of U.S. soldiers.

The Most Talked About Stories This Week on

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses.

Petraeus And McChrystal Continue To Dishonor Veterans With Gun Control

USA Today: A coalition of retired admirals and generals, including former CIA director and retired Army Gen. David Petraeus, are protesting “irresponsible and dangerous” legislation they say would put mentally ill veterans in harm’s way by giving them easy access to firearms. The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act would prevent the Department of Veterans Affairs from […]

Mattis’ Misjudgment

James Mattis is a good man, a legend, and a true warrior monk.  But that doesn’t make him perfect.  He had nominated Ann Patterson for Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.  But this is highly problematic. Back during the months leading to the June 30, 2013 revolution, Patterson — the “Brotherhood’s Stooge” as she was called […]

Navy's Top Officer to Commanders: 'We Have a Problem'

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson made it clear that the root cause of the bad behavior is the Navy's problem, too.

Army Growth May Not Keep Pace with Deployments: General

Even as the Army prepares to grow, Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson still worries about units not having enough time between deployments.

Retired Navy Admiral Among 9 Indicted in Bribery Case

A retired Navy admiral is among those indicted in a bribery scandal involving a Malaysian contractor nicknamed "Fat Leonard."

Pentagon Shoots Down Reports of SEAL Team Six Training in South Korea

Reports that SEAL Team Six is training in South Korea are false, a senior defense official told Fox News on Tuesday.

Ohio National Guard Member Dies at Training in Indiana

The Ohio National Guard says a 43-year-old member died during training in Indiana, and the cause is under investigation.

Humanitarian Mission About Relationships for Naval Hospital Staff

If the masks hanging from the wall could talk, they would tell stories of medical miracles and lifelong relationships.

Crew Kept USS Cole Afloat While FBI Collected Bombing Evidence

FBI agents described laboring to recover dead sailors and suspected bombing parts aboard the foundering USS Cole off Aden, Yemen.

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