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Former Navy Admiral Gets 18 Months in 'Fat Leonard' Bribery Scandal

Over two decades, Robert Gilbeau rose through the ranks to Navy admiral and earned a chest-full of honors for his service.

US Soldier Accused in Stolen Humvee Case in S. Korea, Police Say

A G.I. and six South Koreans have been accused of being part of a ring that stole Humvees from a U.S. base in South Korea.

Navy Investigating Disks of Compressed Trash Littering Beaches

Jeff Kelly motored down the four-wheel-drive beach and counted 26 tabletop-sized plastic disks scattered along the surf line.

Comment Of The Week

Archer: “But I suppose we should thank Hill for reminding us, once again, that “Progressives” can — and will — reverse course and trade in all their “gains” at the drop of a hat once the logical conclusions start to apply to a right they don’t like. If it weren’t for double standards, they wouldn’t […]

USS Anchorage Top Officers Fired After 'Engineering Incident'

A spokesman declined to provide any information about the nature of the incident or the damage sustained by the Anchorage.

Naval Academy Plebes Face 14 Hours of Obstacles at Sea Trials

For 14 hours, plebes crawled, pulled, ran, dove and climbed their way through the Sea Trials -- an annual Naval Academy tradition.

Note To Rock River Arms

RRA responds: Larson took after the good folks at The Truth About Guns, which she referred to as an ‘activist website’. “This boils down to a small, so-called gun-rights activist website that took the majority of things out of context, to make it sound like Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory were IFMA,” she said. […]

Army, Marine Corps Look to Lighten Load for Combat Troops

Physical injuries caused by heavier equipment has prompted the military to look into bringing the overall weight of gear back down.

Army Identifies Soldier Killed in Hawaii Training Accident

Army officials have identified the soldier who died when the military truck in which he was riding crashed in Hawaii.

Chelsea Manning Freed After 7 Years in Prison

The U.S. Army says Pvt. Chelsea Manning has been released from a Kansas military prison after serving seven years.

Chelsea Manning Set for Release After 7 Years in Prison

Pvt. Chelsea Manning is due to be released from a military prison on Wednesday after serving seven years of her 35-year sentence.

Like Their Fathers, Fort Carson Troops Head for Training in Germany

For Lt. Col. Bo Dennis, boarding a plane to Germany for Army training meant following in his father's footsteps.

Air Force Bombed ISIS at Record Level in March, Numbers Show

The U.S. Air Force bombed ISIS at a record level in March and the most since the air campaign began in 2014, figures show.

Air Force Introduces Gold Star ID Card

Immediate family members of fallen troops now can receive long-term access cards for Air Force bases.

The Graying of a Fleet: 'Tired Iron' Needs Total Force Boost

"We cannot dictate events, but we do have a responsibility to ensure the fleet remains capable of responding when crisis strikes."

Navy Is Preparing for Hurricane Season with 2-Week Storm Simulation

Seaman Apprentice Maegan Wilkerson sat in a large windowless room at the Fleet Weather Center, double-checking her data.

Jet Fuel Vapors Invade Virginia Beach Neighborhoods

Virginia Beach residents want to know what effects they can expect from the 94,000 gallons of jet fuel that spilled.

Navy to Separate Sailors Who Share Nude Photos Without Permission

The policy updates a Navy regulation created last month that made nonconsensual nude photo-sharing a prosecutable violation.

USS Ronald Reagan Now Underway On Patrol Amid Uncertainty in Asia

The 5K sailors assigned to the ship and its embarked air wing departed a day later than planned due to a maintenance issue.

Body of Airman Who Died from Fall in Okinawa Returns Home

People lined the street for the return of Shannon Purcell, who died while serving with the U.S. Air Force in Japan on May 6.

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