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Sweet Briar College Board Calls Time, Only to Have Stakeholders Call Foul

Sweet Briar College is yet one more case of a board declaring an institution dead only to see its constituency beg to disagree.

How to fix your landing page

Do your landing pages work? They are the hardest part of online fundraising to get right. Here's something that may help you improve them, from the Unbounce blog: A Classic Formula for Gut Checking Your Landing Page Headlines. Here's what you do: pick an element of your landing page copy. Show More Summary

Hidden Donor Frustration Experiences On Your Website

Somewhere in Fundraising Land right now there’s a meeting where folks are debating colors, content, navigation and other visible elements of their website. Unfortunately, few are paying serious attention to spotting and fixing what matters most: the invisible and frustrating traps that visitors and donors will encounter on that website. Show More Summary

Fundraising Authority Podcast #22: How to Knock Your Next Capital Campaign Out of the Park

What do you think when you hear the words, “capital campaign?”  Does that phrase send you dreaming of a new building for your organization, or perhaps the ability to hire new staff or buy new infrastructure?  Or, like many fundraisers, does the idea of a capital campaign make you grind your teeth and stay up […]

2015 plan for GiveWell’s traditional (“top charities”) work

This is the third post (of six) we’re planning to make focused on our self-evaluation and future plans. The goal of this post is to update GiveWell’s followers on our plans for our traditional work in 2015 and to establish … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on Supercharge Your Fundraising

This is a reminder that today (Friday, March 6th) is the last day to get a special early bird discount when you register for our new class Supercharge Your Fundraising.  Early bird registration ends at 7 PM tonight. Supercharge Your Fundraising is our 12 week fundraising master class.  During this course, you’ll learn how to […]

What is DAF Direct and How does it Make Giving Easier?

Have you heard of DAF Direct? Well, you should have because >900 charities have taken advantage of this technology since it was first offered in April 2013. What is it? It is the only tool that allows donors to initiate a grant recommendation from their Donor Advised Fund while on a charity's website. Show More Summary

Gender Equity and Corporate Sustainability

By mainstreaming efforts to empower women, companies can promote a variety of business goals.

Creating a Communications Culture

Three guiding principles for foundations contemplating a more-ambitious and impactful communications strategy.

Women and Innovation

Ten stories about women’s issues from the SSIR archives.

Podcast: Want relationships with your donors? Prove it!

Consider this: Most nonprofit organizations want "real relationships" with their donors. But they communicate with donors as infrequently as possible, and when they do, they tend to talk only about themselves. What kind of relationship-building...Show More Summary

How I came to Fundraising: Emily Lane, Development Associate, Major Gifts

Today I’m happy to share our second story from a Wild Woman Fundraising reader about how we came to fundraising. This one is from […]

70 Steps To Getting Your Direct Marketing Right

It’s been awhile since we featured master direct marketer Denny Hatch. Search him in The Agitator archives and you won’t be disappointed. He speaks his mind and he speaks wisely. For those who prefer lists to narrative, Denny’s latest list could well qualify as the mother of all DM lists. Called The Direct Marketer’s Checklist, it’s simply a […]

10 Great Social Innovation Reads: February 2015

February was a pretty cold month around the country, but on the positive side that made it a great month to stay inside and read. I really struggled to cull the list of great reads to 10 this month because there was so much thought-provoking stuff out there. Show More Summary

Ethics, data, mission and revenue

I just finished a three part series on digital values and civil society. We'll have to call this post part 3.5.As I did so, I was (slightly) relieved to see that the Chronicle of Philanthropy raised an ethical eyebrow at the growingShow More Summary

Waiting for Disaster

“The health of a relationship, team or organization is best measured by the average time lag between identifying and discussing problems.” @JosephGrenny How long does it take you to talk about a challenge with your team or a co-worker? One of the indicators of a healthy organization is how long it takes for problems to be […]

2014 progress on GiveWell’s traditional (“top charities”) work

This is the second post (of six) we’re planning to make focused on our self-evaluation and future plans. This post reviews and evaluates last year’s progress on our traditional work of finding and recommending evidence-based, thoroughly vetted charities that serve … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Why Boards Are So Persistently Old and White

We published an article today that addresses the “why” of the lack of diversity on nonprofit boards.

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