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Weak fundraising: I know whose fault it is

Who's to blame for poor fundraising results? Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog is ready to introduce you to them: Meet the Scary People Who Are Frightening Your Donors Away! Look out: They're the most scary people possible. They're you. Show More Summary

Successful crowdfunding for photography

This interview is the fourth in our series about how to fundraise for your nonprofit using crowdfunding. Today I am pleased to welcome Tricia […]

A Cool App To Help You Capture A Powerful Story

Have you seen the TED Talk by StoryCorps Founder Dave I […] The post A Cool App To Help You Capture A Powerful Story appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Direct Mail Quick Quiz … And Longer-Term Puzzle

Question: What percentage of nonprofit solicitation mail is tossed without reading? [] 5.6% [] 13.4% [] 31.2 % The answer in a moment. Here at global headquarters, our hunt for the eclectic range of esoteric-to-practical content for voracious Agitator readers never ends. Consequently, this weekend I found myself reading Modes of Delivery and Customer Engagement […]

How to Add an Online Component to Your Offline Fundraising Activities

The following is a brief excerpt from our Mastering Online Fundraising class.  Registration is now open. Most non-profits know the power of online fundraising.  They ask for donations on  their website, send out occasional fundraising e-mails, and maybe even dip a toe into the crowdfunding waters.  But did you know that your online activities can […]

One from the Vault – Elusive Prospects

Grateful for these helpful words from Jason Dick in our first installment of ‘One from the Vault,’ featuring older posts that warrant revisiting: We all have those prospects which we can never get on the phone. I had a great question in my post, This Thing Called Follow-up, and I wanted to provide a bit […]

Spotting the Human Side of Data at DoGoodData Conference

“Problems don’t start with data, they start with people.” -@deanmalmgren reminds us not to lose sight of the user’s humanity #DoGoodData2015 — Plenty (@PlentyCo) May 1, 2015 Last week, I attended and presented at the DoGoodData Conference in Chicago. Show More Summary

Help Baltimore Recover

Photo: Ted Van Pelt After a period of extreme unrest following the funeral for Freddie Gray, an African-American 25 year old man who died while in police custody, Baltimore is trying to recover. While curfews have been lifted, and stores...Show More Summary

More Must-Read Insight into Millennials: Interview with Kari Saratovsky (Part Two)

Read Part One » After my initial sit-down with Kari Saratovsky, author of the just-released Millennial Donor Playbook (download your free copy here) I was thirsting to know even more about how to engage Millennials. Here’s the second part of our conversation.

Building Sustainable Enterprises in Frontier Markets

Why generous funding, an inspiring mission, and passionate people won’t carry you through.

Communities Creating Health: An Introduction

It’s time we looked beyond health care for insights on how to build community-based, health-creating systems.

Help Your Volunteers Gain Skills They Can Use

Guest post by Amy Cowen According to LinkedIn, 41% of hiring managers say volunteer work is just as valuable as paid work on a CV. Therefore, as an organization that engages volunteers, it’s important to make sure the skills they gain through … Continue reading ?

10 Great Social Innovation Reads: April 2015

April was another busy month in the world of social change writing. From Google’s shift to mobile, to the Baltimore protests, to using sitcoms to change public opinion, to the pace of social change, to teens and social media, to a new way to measure a country’s performance, there was much to read and digest. Show More Summary

Your Mother! Still time.

There’s no better way for your organization to get your supporters’ and prospects’ attention (media attention, too) than piggybacking on what’s already top of mind. Your people are already thinking on this stuff, so are far more likely to connect with your campaign than at any other time. Relevances rules! So, make the most of […]

Don't miss this interview with fundraising great

Here's a great interview with fundraising legend Jerold Panas, on the Bloomerang blog: Or see it here on YouTube. This is 17 minutes that is well worth your time! He mentions two of his 17 (!) books that you might be interested in: The Lost Manuscript Born to Raise: What Makes a Great Fundraiser; What Makes a Fundraiser Great

Helping board members tell their nonprofit story

Would you like to jumpstart your fundraising for your nonprofit? One of the most important tools I've seen is helping board members get comfortable telling their own story. Getting board members to be fully present In my work with nonprofits around the world, I find a common element in those with high performing boards: their [...]Show More Summary

Are Donors And Nonprofits ‘Misaligned’?

In his four-part series — Raise More, Ask Less — Roger made a plea: listen to your donors and honor their preferences. Even if this suggests hitting them with fewer fundraising appeals. Indeed, Roger offered ‘contrarian’ evidence that asking less can actually yield more money. You can review Roger’s case here — Part 1, Part 2, […]

DoGoodData Conference: Live Long and Prosper with Data for Good!

Great conference @meansandrew and see at next years #DoGoodData2015 may the force be with us all @kanter — Alicia Schatteman (@aschatteman) May 1, 2015 Last week I attended the DoGoodData Conference in Chicago...Show More Summary

Avistamiento de ballenas, consejos de ecoturismo

El ecoturismo ha estado creciendo a pasos agigantados, y la popularidad que ha adquirido a nivel mundial realmente me tiene sorprendido, y más porque una de las prácticas más buscadas se puede encontrar fácilmente en México, y estoy hablando de una de las actividades más solicitadas en Los Cabos, el avistamiento de ballenas. A pesar […]

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