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How to position yourself to make "rage giving" into donor relationships

You've heard about rage giving -- where people respond to political outrages by supporting nonprofits they hope will defend against those outrages. It's been a real windfall for some organizations that are positioned as defenders against President Trump. Show More Summary

One In Five Of You Will Leave

I’m thinking about this recent article in NonProfitPRO — Does the Nonprofit Industry Have an Employment Problem? — by Tracy Vanderneck. Tracy cites two reports, one a cross-industry study and one focused on nonprofits, which converge on the exact same number regarding average annual employee turn over. It appears that nonprofits hold onto staff at […]

Metric Mondays #15: Donor Privacy Policy

The final entry into our Metric Mondays series covers an important Accountability & Transparency metric: Donor Privacy Policy. Read more »

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Stacy Harbaugh

Welcome to the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series! Don’t be shy – tell us what you do in a typical day as a nonprofit communications pro. Stacy Harbaugh is the […]

Ten Trends in Girls’ Education

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to inclusive education and gender equality, we need to examine how girls’ education has changed since 2015.

Metric Mondays #14: Program Expense Growth

Today's Metric Monday addresses a key financial health indicator: program expense growth. Read more »

Five ways to waste your money in fundraising

Here's some useful help from Equally Ours, a UK human rights organization: Talking about human rights (PDF). It's about communicating about human rights issues, but it applies well to fundraising -- or just about any attempt to persuade people to do good: Educating with facts. Show More Summary

How To Organize For Miracles

“Craver, it’s perfectly fine to believe in miracles, but let me tell you, it sure helps to organize for them.” With those words my first fundraising mentor left me with an indelible understanding that while great things can and do happen, the probability of success increases markedly with careful and meticulous planning. Which brings me to […]

Assume digital - and question your tools

Assume digital. This is the first thing I say to people when doing presentations about Digital Civil Society. Digital data and infrastructure are here to stay and we have to learn how they work - and adapt our practices to protect our...Show More Summary

What is Red Nose Day?

You may have seen Red Noses for sale at Walgreens, or a picture of your favorite celebrity wearing a red nose, or seen an ad about the special TV programming coming up on May 25th on NBC. But do you know what these clown noses have to do with helping to lift kids and families out of poverty?  Read more »

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators (And a Giveaway to #MCON)

It’s the end of another workweek. Join me for a few Mixed Links… Giveaway time! Are you passionate about social movements? We are giving away tickets to MCON. Just be one of the first five people to comment on this post. MCON takes place June 5-6 in DC. Are you responsible for your org’s graphic design but aren’t […]

Last Day to Register for The Non-Profit Prospecting Formula

This is a reminder that today (Friday, May 19th) is the last day to register for our new class The Non-Profit Prospecting Formula: How to Find and Approach New Donors for Your Organization. Registration closes at 7 PM tonight. If you want to find a steady stream of new donors for your non-profit, you owe it to yourself to […]

Who’s Using Social Media?

Roger has laid some heavy-duty reading on the table this week with his posts here and here on sustainer programs. And those are just the Cliff Notes on the exhaustive Sustainers in Focus report prepared by Blackbaud, which you can download here. The Agitator can’t think of much that’s more critical to your fundraising success than building […]

Where to Flex Your #VolMgmt Muscles and Feel Supported

Most of the time, it?s our point of view and not our level of busyness ? or any other circumstance ? that keep us from achieving success.

Hacking Nonprofit Collaboration

Nine considerations for nonprofits looking to maximize social impact through collaboration.

Understanding The Full Costs of Nonprofits: An Interview with Michael Etzel

In this month’s Social Velocity interview, I’m talking with Michael Etzel. Michael is a partner in The Bridgespan Group, a global nonprofit organization that consults to nonprofits and philanthropists, provides leadership development support, and develops and shares insights — all with the goal of scaling social impact. Show More Summary

International Museum Day

Did you know that May 18th is International Museum Day? Established in 1977, International Museum Day is a day to raise awareness of the critical role that museums play in the development of society throughout the world. It is a celebration of the diverse educational opportunities that museums contribute to the communities around them. Show More Summary

5 Clever Online Engagement Ideas for Nonprofits

Looking for ways to engage supporters online? Get inspired by these real nonprofit digital engagements! 1. Ask An Artist To Illustrate Take that hashtag contest to the next level. Invite an artist to illustrate your supporter’s thoughts submitted online. 2. Make a Reading List Summer’s coming. Back-to-School season begins in August. Curate a book list […]

Your Guide to Repurposing Content

We talk a lot about repurposing content here.  Do you know why? Because when you master the art of repurposing you’ll get more opens, more clicks, more engagement, and more great content... with LESS work for you! Repurposing is how nonprofits can produce a lot of great content even with a small […]

Three Big Takeaways from the Latest Impact Investing Data

Global Impact Investing Network’s latest annual survey shows growing diversity in the impact investing market.

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