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If Foundations Want to Tackle Inequality, Labor Must Be a Partner

Philanthropists are waking up to inequality as an important issue in America, but if efforts to address it are to succeed, they must work closer with unions.

5 Things Reporters Really Want From PR Specialists

When you open your e-mail box, which messages are you most likely to open: generic messages from unknown senders or personal notes sent by someone you know? The answer to this question is obvious, right? You’re going to open the personal message first. And you’re more likely to trust that message than you would a message […]

Using Social Media to Engage Volunteers Around Social Issues

When it comes to communicating an alignment with personal values, it doesn?t get more personal than social media.

GiveWell’s research plans for 2017

This is the second of four posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. The first post reviewed our progress in 2016. The following two posts will cover GiveWell's progress and plans as an organization and metrics...Show More Summary

How not to thank donors for their giving

Thanking your donors right can have a major impact on whether they keep on giving. Thanking them wrong could makes them even less likely to choose you as a long-term cause of choice. The ifundraiser blog has some help for donor thanking practices to avoid, at A bit of bother: Don't take too long to respond. Show More Summary

Asking Is Uncomfortable, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It

You have chosen a great path-- a hard one no doubt, but a great one. Asking for donations and support is one of the hardest things to do as it can feel uncomfortable and awkward. The post Asking Is Uncomfortable, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

A Man Of Infinite Patience In A World Of Imposters

Roger surprised and impressed me yesterday with the incredible display of patience and tolerance displayed in his post, Donor Retention: Good News And Poor Excuses. The ‘good news’ in his post was that, according a Boomerang survey of 775 nonprofits, 67% are tracking their donor retention rate, as compared to 55% in 2014. That improvement […]

Your Email Marketing and E-News Questions…Answered! [FREE WEBINAR]

You have questions about how to use email to engage your supporters. Kivi has answers. During our FREE WEBINAR next week, Kivi will answer: 30 Email Marketing Questions in 30 Minutes Wednesday, April 5, 2017 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. Pacific) Recording available if you can’t attend live, but you must register before the webinar […]

Why Nonprofits Need Both Leaders and Managers

In the nonprofit sector the words “leader” and “manager” are sometimes tossed around interchangeably. But the fact is that they are two very different, and equally necessary, elements to an effective and sustainable nonprofit organization. Show More Summary

Emerging Leaders Need More than Leadership Development

Flickr Image – ImageGroup Note from Beth:    Last year I was honored to partner with Kari Dunn Saratovksy from Third Plateau to facilitate an emerging leadership program to a cohort of leaders who were part of the Packard Foundation’s Science and Conservation portfolio of grantees. … Read More

Volunteer Talent + Time Tracking: the Future of Volunteer Programs

As part one of a three-part series, volunteer thought-leaders Ben Bisbee and Kathy Wisniewski introduce a simple but paradigm-shifting idea.

Donor Retention: Good News And Poor Excuses

At last! I’m pleased to report that there seems to be some evidence that more and more fundraisers are paying attention to the issue of donor retention. Although we’re far from breaking out the champagne in celebration of universal recognition that holding on to donors is an essential activity, the new Boomerang survey, The State […]

Strengthening the Impact Investing Movement

Segmenting the field to better align expectations of risk, returns, and impact; increasing the rate of adoption with important stakeholders; and stepping up work in the United States—a look at Omidyar Network’s priorities in advancing the movement.

Education is Changing—It’s Time Assessment Caught Up

To prepare students for the job markets that will await them, let’s focus on the skills, not the scores.

Study: Donors' sense of the power of their gift varies by age

File this under so that's why it is the way it is. It's widely noted that there's a strong inverse correlation between donor age and their average gift: The older the donors, the lower the average gift. The Analytical Ones reports a study that throws interesting light on this phenomenon at Granny's $5 birthday surprise won't cut it any longer. Show More Summary

Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments #17NTCteam

Kivi was part of a fantastic session at last week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference called Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments. Kivi, along with Big Duck CEO Sarah Durham, led a panel that consisted of Hannah B. Show More Summary

Careers in Fundraising-What You Need to Know

Over the last five years, I’ve written a lot about how to get a good fundraising job, and how to keep from making the […]

GiveWell’s progress on research in 2016

This is the first of four posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. This post reviews and evaluates last year’s progress on our work of finding and recommending evidence-based, thoroughly vetted charities that serve the global poor. Show More Summary

Why fundraising writers should sweat the small stuff

There was a discussion on Twitter the other day about the word partner, used as a verb. As in, "Will you partner with us on this important project?" Lisa Sargent was advising against it. I think any real writer (like Lisa) has a flinch reaction to partner as a verb, because it's abstract and jargony. Show More Summary

Worst Fundraising Mistake?

Last week, Jeff Brooks, no fundraising slouch, asserted that the “worst mistake you can make” in fundraising is “confusing yourself with your donors”. Argues Jeff in this post: “Remember that your donor is different from you. She knows less (or rather, she knows different things). She’s probably quite a bit older than you. She’s paying less […]

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