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Looking Beyond Our Borders for Better Results

When seeking solutions to social issues, we must look to new horizons but stay true to our values.

Last Day to Register for our Social Media for Non-Profits Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, March 27th) is the last day to register for our new class Social Media for Non-Profits: How to Raise More Money and Get More Attention for Your Non-Profit through Social Media. During this 6 week multimedia class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to supercharge your non-profit’s […]

Nonprofit Link Round Up

It’s round up time in the NFG corral! Mosey on over and check out this week’s best nonprofit resources and recommended reads. Why do donors give? Science has the answer. Most of this we’ve covered before, but these principles are important for all fundraisers to keep in mind. Show More Summary

Texas Legislature Tries to Weaken Board Governance at UT-Austin

In the wake of the admissions scandal at the University of Texas-Austin, we think school administrators and Texas state legislators could use a refresher course on the roles and responsibilities of board members.

The Hidden Cost Of Complexity

Given a choice, the harder something is to use the less people will use it. The more difficult something is to read the fewer people will read it. Most organizations don’t bother measuring the difficulty donors have in using their online donate pages. Nor do they bother measuring the readability of what they write and […]

Investigating neglected goals in scientific research

A major goal of the Open Philanthropy Project is to explore the topic of scientific research funding, starting with life sciences.This post discusses the process we’ve used so far, including some of the challenges we’ve faced and changes we’ve made … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Nonprofit Crowd Funding Success Formula: Robust Planning, Networks, and Blessings

After publishing this post about Save the Children’s Crowd Funding Campaign – where I mentioned the Dalai Lama Foundation’s successful campaign, I noticed this tweet in my stream from Brian Rusch the former deputy director for the DLF: Woohoo! … Read More


How one organization took advantage of a major transition to move away from third-party vendors and build an in-house communications team.

Volunteers OR Donors? Try Again.

Volunteer-donor hybrids are more common than you might think. This post looks at why this is the case and how to encourage it, as well as how to avoid some common mistakes. True or false? Volunteers donate their time because … Continue reading ?

U. of Wyoming’s Excuses for Lack Of Women Trustees akin to Mitt’s “Binders Full of Women”

“We did approach several women”—the use of an excuse like this to explain gender imbalance on a university board is simply insulting.

Western NY School District Drops Native American Slur, Prompting Protests

The Lancaster Central School District voted last week to stop using a familiar anti-Native American epithet as its team name and its mascot, a decision met with opposition from its community.

How to produce more effective email newsletters

Email newsletters can be a powerful tool for engaging with your donors and others. Rich and inexpensive, they can really tighten your relationships. Here are some useful tips from Social Media Marketing Hacks For Nonprofits: Top 5 Nonprofit Email Newsletter Mistakes: Adding total strangers to your list without their permission. Show More Summary

A Really Cool Blog Entry

A Really Cool Blog Entry March 25, 2015 This is the little italicized thingy at the beginning.   Several weeks ago, Chris Oechsli, The Atlantic Philanthropies’ CEO, posted an online essay whose headline declared that Atlantic is “NOT...Show More Summary

Greenpeace Reveals

You might recall that not long ago I buzzed excitedly about a recent campaign launched by Greenpeace. With a tantalising dollop of mystery, Greenpeace asked recipients of their email message to do an online assessment to see if they had what it takes to be a Greenpeace campaigner … maybe to be selected to join […]

7 “Quick and Easy” Ways to Raise More Money for Your Non-Profit

Ok, I admit it – the title of this post is a little misleading. Nothing is really, truly easy when it comes to fundraising. But – and anyone who has been fundraising for more than a few years can back me up on this – some things are easier than others. Lots of non-profits need […]

Value Offers

What a privilege and help it is when our supporters and prospects provide candid feedback to us.  I mean, really candid feedback.  The kind that can sting a little bit, but, will without a doubt help us to strengthen our relationship with those that are giving said feedback as well as help us improve our […]

Fatally Incurious Governance a Kind of Nonprofit Malfeasance

I have been struck again and again, and again just recently, that it’s excruciatingly common not to listen and understand the stakeholder environment around your organization.

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