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What Brexit means for US

What will Brexit mean for England’s charities? How will Brexit affect America’s nonprofit? What will Brexit do to Canada’s nonprofit sector? We can have […]

Only Two Donor Responses: Passion Or Indifference

I suspect that most of The Agitator’s UK readers read the fundraising wisdom of Ken Burnett on a regular basis, and have already caught up with his latest gem, Adventures in emotional space. This post is for all other Agitator readers out in the colonies. We can all use a reminder of the primacy of […]

Do you wish you had the time to educate your board?

Do you ever wish you had the time to educate your board on the field of fundraising and what really works? Now you don't have to! Watch this quick video to see why: Learn more about this done for you course at: More Summary

Four Ways to Fix Broken Communications in the Social Sector

Taking chances, setting high standards, making long-term commitments to improvements, and defining and then measuring success can put nonprofits, NGOs, and foundations in a better position to draw in supporters of all kinds, shape narratives, and solve problems.

3 Ways to Build Volunteer Engagement Without Breaking a Sweat

Guest post by Andrew Koch Are 100% of your volunteers excited and engaged in their work? If the answer is “yes”, do you know how to keep that energy going for longer than a few months? I’d like to introduce … Continue reading ?

Why your board is not motivated-and what you can do about it

Here’s the final part of our interview with Andy Robinson. With 35 years of experience training boards, he’s going to lay bare what he […]

Starting Over #8 — Plan To Be Generous To Your Donors

Although I doubt it’s intentional, far too many fundraisers spend far too much time and money biting the hands that feed their organization. It happens every day. Poor donor service. Lousy communications. Little or no donor recognition … sometimes not even a simple thank you. Of course this pitiful lack of concern for the donor […]

Social Entrepreneurship in Brazil: Surviving a Crisis

A look at how two Brazilian organizations are weathering the country’s economic storm.

What Inspires You To Give?

Our Pinterest Board is full of quotes that inspire people to give back. But we want to know, what inspires you?

Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Reaching Millennials and Beyond

In this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival, Rad Campaign is exploring how nonprofits can effectively engage the quickest growing, most connected people online: Millennials and Generation Z. With so much information, advertising, and online...Show More Summary

We're Hiring a Web Developer!

Rad Campaign, one of the most fun web agencies that you will ever tech out with, is hiring a  Web Developer.

Owning Power in the Social Sector

A cultural discomfort with the use of power by the “few” can undermine social sector organizations’ performance and impact.

How to get your board to start fundraising-starting tonight!

Here’s part four of our interview with Andy Robinson (30 year veteran of board trainings)-in this section he talks about how to help every […]

Taming the Special Event Monster

You know it’s there, lurking in the shadows of your workload. You try to avoid it, but sooner or later it must be dealt with. Your organization is relying on you to step in and be the hero. Now is the time to take a stand and conquer your fears. It is time to take [...] The post Taming the Special Event Monster appeared first on

Media Benchmarks For Nonprofits

“How many media hits should we getting?” As in the case of so many fundamentally useless metrics — such as the number of Facebook “Likes” or “page views” — most organizations are posing the wrong question. In a thoughtful gift to the sector, M+R, the media and fundraising consultancy, has just released the inaugural edition […]

The Community Cure for Health Care

Large health care systems are beginning to invest core operating dollars in connecting their patients to community resources, in service of the ultimate solution to better costs and outcomes: keeping patients healthy.

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