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How the Tax Bills Might Affect Your Donation

December is half-way done, and we’re fully into the holiday season! When considering to give to an organization you’re passionate about, you’re probably thinking about the tax deduction you’ll be able to get with your donation. But that...Show More Summary

Inclusive Conversations: Make a Statement of Inclusion for 2018

Antionette Kerr is back with us today for another post in the series we are calling “Inclusive Conversations.” It’s all about cultural competency and how communications staff can not only be more inclusive and therefore effective inShow More Summary

A New Form of Justice

The New York City Council has just passed a law to make all algorithms used by the city government transparent. It is a new kind of justice, algorithmic justice. to ensure that the wheels of government and AI are being used for good and not evil. It is just the beginning of push back on […] The post A New Form of Justice appeared first on Allison Fine.

Blueprint 2018 is live!

Blueprint 2018: Philanthropy and Digital Civil Society is now available for free download. Get yours here.And if you just want the buzzwords, the Chronicle of Philanthropy has them here. We'll be doing a free webinar discussion on the predictions in January - register here.

Here's why keeping your donors is better than getting new ones

The donor you already have is far more valuable the donor you hope to acquire. Here's why, from the Bloomerang blog, at 3 Reasons Why Donor Retention Trumps New Donor Acquisition: Most Major Gifts are Made after 5 Years of Giving. That's right -- the large majority of major donors spend the first part of their relationship with you as general donors. Show More Summary

Killing the One-Size-Fits-All Onboard

Consider these donors to a disease organization: She’s a researcher working on your disease. You featured some of her research in your newsletter and she was reminded to give you a donation. She was diagnosed with the disease you are working to eradicate. She found tips on management and coping on your web site and […]

Give efficiently and reduce the work for charities

GiveWell’s research aims to help donors by recommending charities we believe can put donations to use efficiently to save or improve lives. Our research focuses on maximizing the good donors can accomplish with their gifts by identifying...Show More Summary

What a Nonprofit Communications Plan Should Look Like in 2018

All nonprofits need a communications plan. The trouble is knowing where to begin or if the plan you are using now is still the best option for your nonprofit. But you don’t have to worry – we’ll show you what a nonprofit communications plan should look like just in time for 2018. Show More Summary

What the plumber taught me about bad fundraising

A few weeks ago, our kitchen sink got clogged. Gray water swirling with bits of garbage filled the sink to the rim. I yelled at it for a while -- that usually works. But it wouldn't go down. So we called a plumber. While the plumber was working on the sink, I noticed something disturbing: the drain pipe under the sink didn't just go straight down. Show More Summary

Tell Your Money Story with Images

The California Symphony fundraising infographic was highlighted in a recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. They share a terrific example of how to show the impact of annual gifts to busy supporters and tell your money story with images. The post Tell Your Money Story with Images appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Photos to Ignite Year-End & Protect Privacy (Ask Nancy)

Dear Nancy: I saw how stories about our clients—powered by a photo or two—fueled our last two year-end campaigns. They were highly successful and I planned to feature the same kind of profiles this year. That plan changed radically last month when our social workers urged us to put our clients’ privacy first and stop using […]

What to Listen for in Donor Onboarding

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ? Stephen R. Covey In the previous on boarding post I  emphasized  the imperative to listen as soon as possible. But that brings up the question: listen for what? There are several variables that, when learned from donors during the […]

Countdown the 10 Most-Read “Engaging Volunteers” Posts of 2017

For some last-minute learning, we?ve captured a year?s-worth of volunteer engagement knowledge and volunteer tips.

Where Communications Directors Feel Most Effective

In the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, we asked participants to rate their effectiveness on several common nonprofit communications goals. We’ll reveal all the details in the full report in January 2018 (reserve your copy here), but I wanted to share a preview with you now, as you plan for 2018. Show More Summary

How to succeed at year-end fundraising

In a way, fundraising this time of year is easier than it is the rest of the year: Donors are in a giving mood. The Holidays put them there. Donors (in the US and some other countries) are thinking about tax deductions, which creates a strong "deadline" of December 31. Show More Summary

Onboarding: The Fierce Urgency of Listening

The unofficial motto of Seinfeld, according to Larry David, was “No hugging, no learning.” In short, there would be no growth in relationships and characters. (For the young’un’s, Seinfeld was a 90s observational comedy show from that guy who talks to comedians in cars while drinking coffee, the titular Veep, and some other people.) Because we […]

What Do You Do on a Daily Basis to Make the World a Better Place?

While we have wrapped up our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator blog series for 2017, I need to hear from more of you so we get the 2018 edition off to a great start! It’s a fun way to help us better understand our community’s...Show More Summary

Charity Navigator Shares 10 Highly-Rated Charities Fighting for Wildlife Conservation

Millions of Americans have seen and reacted to photographer Paul Nicklen’s video footage of a starving polar bear walking through a northern Canadian territory. Nicklen and his team were filming and photographing scenes for a project...Show More Summary

2 things you might believe that can make you get December all wrong

Fundraising is a mental game. It's easy to learn the techniques and skills of effective fundraising. What hold most fundraisers back are the attitudes. Attitudes about donors and our relationships with them. You'll want to read this post from the Better Fundraising blog: Lessons from 25 Year-End Fundraising Seasons. Show More Summary

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