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How Volunteering with Sick Children Changed Sharon Reasonover’s Life

Sharon Reasonover first started volunteering at the age of 16. It was the summer before her junior year of high school, and she hadn’t really understood the meaning behind doing something for others until that day. Sharon was accompanying a … Continue reading ?

Making It Our Business to Conserve Ecosystems (Not Just Elephants)

Existing forests and diverse ecosystems are arguably the world’s most valuable resources. How can we make preserving them worth our while?

A Day Dedicated to Our Fallen Soldiers

As most people around the United States are aware, this upcoming Monday is Memorial Day. Although the day often features barbecues, beautiful weather, and a day off for most, it comes secondary to the true reason of why the day will forever be of significance. Show More Summary

The curse of unremarkable fundraising

Why is fundraising so hard? One reason: We barely give people a reason to give, much less talk about us and spread the word for us. Really. Can you imagine normal, sane humans saying any of these things? "You've got to hear this: I can...Show More Summary

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on The Art of the Ask Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, May 27th) is the last day to receive a special early bird discount when you register for our newest class The Art of the Ask: How to Successfully Ask Anyone for a Donation to Your Non-Profit.  Early bird registration closes at 7 PM tonight. During this 4 week […]

Fundraising That Makes A Dog Sick

I’m somewhat amused by the debate over volume. How many appeals make you ‘donor-centric’, how many not. My frequency schedule is better and bigger than your frequency schedule. Plus, I use more ‘you’ pronouns. I think ‘you’ pronouns and all that ‘donor love’ stuff is great, but it’s beside the point. I do want to point […]

Thoughts on democracy from the U.S. capital

I've been thinking...Suing news outlets with whom you don't agree is not philanthropy. Wealthy individuals litigating an agenda by themselves (and secretly) is different from "impact litigation" led by public interest groups, (even when financed by a few individuals). Show More Summary

A Summer To Do List for Nonprofit Leaders

Memorial Day is almost here, and in my mind that means so is the beginning of summer. While work surely carries on over the summer months, for many of us there tends to be more space to reflect, recharge, and reconnect with your core. Show More Summary

Four Questions to Ask Before You Engage with a Network

Funders want to create big change by using networks for social impact. But where to start?

7 ways to make meetings less awful

If you spend a lot of time in meetings, you've probably noticed what a waste of time many of them are. Here's some help changing that from the TechSoup Blog, at Why Your Meetings Suck (and How to Fix It): Inviting Everyone to the Meeting. Show More Summary

Need: Milk And Eggs

I just read a fascinating article from Nielsen about impulse shopping. As it happens, fresh produce, coffee, milk and eggs are the needs (i.e., products) most likely to drive consumers to a store. Indeed, consumers buy fresh produce and milk in 40% of all trips to the store. In the non-food space, prescription medications and pet […]

How to make a successful YWCA Annual Report

Here’s an exclusive interview with YWCA Cincinnati annual report creator Nancy Spivey. Their annual report (combined with their appeal letter) made them over goal, […]

Will 2016 Political Fundraising Hurt Your Nonprofit Fundraising?

It’s likely this will be the most expensive presidential election in history. So it’s no surprise if you’re wondering, will political fundraising hurt my nonprofit fundraising this year? The important thing: Don’t use the fall elections as an excuse for not meeting your annual fundraising goals. Show More Summary

On the Brink—Providers Under Pressure

The collapse of New York’s largest nonprofit human services agency is an urgent reminder of the need for funding reform.

Why “Tough Love” Produces the Best Volunteers

Guest post by Mike Devaney “Look, this has to work for you… what do you wanna get outta this experience?” she asked, squinting. Katerina (Kat), the hospital’s volunteer coordinator, was quietly putting to bed everything I thought I knew about recruiting … Continue reading ?

Why it's so hard for some to do fundraising right ... and so easy for others

Jeff's Law Concerning Fundraising Futility Dysfunctional organizations do dysfunctional fundraising. The Even More Futile Corollary The things dysfunctional organizations do to fix their dysfunctional fundraising are also dysfunctional....on the other hand, functional organizations usually find it quite easy to do powerfully effective fundraising. Show More Summary

When Women Win

I unwrapped the package from Simone Joyoux and out fell a card bearing this moving quotation from Constance Baker Motley, the first black woman in the U.S. to become a federal judge: “Something which we think is impossible now is not impossible in another decade.” Inside the package was a remarkable gift of a book […]

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