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How to get your resume ready for a career change

Hi hi! Are you redoing your resume right now? Editing your C.V.? Looking to get paid more and go somewhere where you can learn and be nurtured to LEAD? WHAT FUN! Let’s work on it together. So first, don’t do the summary paragraph. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Tip 1: Broader Skills first.You’re definitely... [Keep Reading]

Why simple, old-fashioned-looking fundraising still works like crazy

Guest post by Steven Screen, co-founder of The Better Fundraising Company and co-host of the Fundraising Is Beautiful podcast. About 10 years ago I suggested to a client that we design a fundraising letter to look like a telegram. "A telegram?!?" They looked at me like I was crazy. Show More Summary

10 MORE Songs that are on every fundraiser’s playlist

OMG so I had these 10 songs in 2016 that people LOVED and I thought, well, let’s make another post like this with NEW SONGS! SO, here are 10 MORE songs that are on every fundraiser’s playlist! To start your year off right! Again, no promises that there are no swears in these songs. There... [Keep Reading]

5 ways to raise more money by thanking your donors

Thank your donors, and do it well! That's probably the best advice you can get as a fundraiser. Follow it, and you will raise more money. Here are some great tips from the Bloomerang blog, at Top 5 Ways to Appreciate Your Donors: Thank them promptly after receiving their gift. Show More Summary

What can we do to change our world in this exact moment?

Have you ever struggled to find words for something you experience? ME TOO. Maybe it’s a story you tell yourself and others, over and over again, and suddenly one day you realize you don’t need to tell that story anymore. For me, that story was the story of how my grandparents created a big mess... [Keep Reading]

2018 Nonprofit Predictions & Resources

This week, I've gathered together some nonprofit resources and predictions to help you get your plans for 2018 together! The post 2018 Nonprofit Predictions & Resources appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

How to turn patients into superior donors

Grateful patients are a powerful source of new donors for hospitals and medical centers. Having a well-built program for getting these potential powerhouse donors on board can dramatically boost revenue at a very reasonable cost. The...Show More Summary

Mission Moment Monday: Inspirational Nonprofit Stories

Welcome to Mission Moment Monday! Coaching and training others to be sharing inspirational nonprofit stories is my passion and, I feel, my calling. This year I'll be regularly sharing videos that capture a "live" storytelling coaching experience. Show More Summary

Announcing the 2018 Fundraising Career Conference

Dear Nonprofit Girlfriend,  We need help.  All you have to do is turn on the news to see this.  NO ONE could argue that our leadership needs help. Some might even say, “What leadership? I see no leadership.” We are moving backwards in so many areas.  But when I look at the news these days,... [Keep Reading]

Podcast: 3 things that are probably wrong with your nonprofit website

We've looked at a lot of nonprofit websites. More than is good for our mental health, frankly. And we've found three things to be wrong with nearly all of them: Your website doesn't present some kind of need that the donor can meet. The idea of giving is not clear and strong. Show More Summary

Ben Franklin's amazing secret for successful fundraising

I know professionals in fundraising who have the feeling that fundraising and giving are a zero-sum game: We somehow get money away from people and we have to be careful that they don't notice we're getting richer at their expense. You're always on tip-toes, afraid the donors will figure it out and bring the whole thing to a crashing end. Show More Summary

Building Trust with ABCD

Do you want to build trust? If you are in a new position, you need to build trust, deliberately, with your coworkers. If you have new people reporting to you, you need to build trust with them. If you are leading a nonprofit, or even leading a program in a nonprofit, these concepts are essential... [Keep Reading]

Keep it SIMPLE and Raise More Money

Each new year nonprofit staff and board members ask me how to do better in their fundraising this year? I say keep it simple: The post Keep it SIMPLE and Raise More Money appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Fundraising writers can be gossips, bores, or brilliant

From the wonderful Monday Morning Memo, here's a look at the three types of marketing copywriters: A gossip trashes competitors. A bore talks about their company and their products. A brilliant writer talks about how they hope to improve some part of your world. Show More Summary

How to save time and raise more funds by harnessing repetition

When I was a young copywriter, my mental picture of the way donors interacted with my work was like this: They read every word of everything we sent them. They gave it careful and thorough consideration. They remembered everything the way you would conversations with a close friend. Show More Summary

Last Day to Sign Up for our 2018 All-Access Pass

This is a reminder that today (Friday, January 5th) is the last day to sign-up for our Fundraising Authority 2018 All-Access Pass. When you sign-up for an All-Access Pass, you’ll receive: Unlimited access to every class we offer in 2018–...Show More Summary

Here's one surprisingly effective way to get your fundraising right every time

How real are your donors to you? It's so easy to forget that donors are real people -- and not you. Steven Screen, at the Better Fundraising blog describes a pretty cool preventive measure for that, at What A Cardboard Cut-Out Taught Me About Fundraising. Show More Summary

Research finds that emotion outranks reason in successful fundraising

Every once in a while, researchers catch up with what smart fundraisers have known for a long time. This time, in research reported at the Hilborn blog (at Is your charity under-delivering on the most important drivers of donor appeal?),...Show More Summary

Best Fundraising blogs for 2018

I follow 244 blogs, all of them at least distantly related to our great work of fundraising. These are the blogs I most often get inspiration or ideas from. If you want a great education in fundraising, these are the top blogs to follow:...Show More Summary

How to Start Building a Deeply Engaged Community

Visiting new places is my passion. The by-product is I often observe unique and fun ideas for engagement and storytelling. The post How to Start Building a Deeply Engaged Community appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

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