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Your dream job and dream life may be waiting for you

Pardon me if I get a little bit commercial here. But this is a super-cool job, and I have a feeling the person who should have the job reads this blog. Moceanic is looking for a Project Manager. Not just any project manager, but a super-smart, amazingly flexible, fun, cool, and ready to help change the world... Show More Summary

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on Mastering Online Fundraising

This is a reminder that today (Friday, May 26th) is the last day to receive a special early bird discount when you register for our newest class Mastering Online Fundraising. Don’t miss it!  During this 6-week class,  you’ll learn the secrets of raising more money online for your non-profit, including: The right way to use your website to raise money (it’s […]

The conundrum of corporate gifts

Last week, I was able to listen to a terrific discussion from business leaders about how their organizations make corporate gifts to charities. It's always good to hear the thought process of donors. But it sometimes raises more questions than it settles. Show More Summary

Three ways to make donors really love donating to you

The experience of giving to a charity most of the time ranges between "uninspiring" and "dismal." Lack of attention paid to the donor experience is probably one of the reasons for dropping donor retention rates. But you can easily buck...Show More Summary

5 rookie mistakes fundraisers sometimes make

Plural audience. When you sit down to write, you might be thinking about that mailing list of 35,000 people, and come up with a sentence like this: Some of you might be wondering how we're going to complete this project. Oops. Rookie mindset. Show More Summary

Your Website is Like the Kitchen in Your House

In our houses people tend to congregate in the kitchen. It's where we chat, learn new things, and build a sense of community. The same can be said about your nonprofit website. Your website is where people spend the most time learning...Show More Summary

Supercharge your Monthly Giving Interview with Kenita Pierce-Lewis

Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome. This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am so proud and pleased to be interviewing […]

How to position yourself to make "rage giving" into donor relationships

You've heard about rage giving -- where people respond to political outrages by supporting nonprofits they hope will defend against those outrages. It's been a real windfall for some organizations that are positioned as defenders against President Trump. Show More Summary

Five ways to waste your money in fundraising

Here's some useful help from Equally Ours, a UK human rights organization: Talking about human rights (PDF). It's about communicating about human rights issues, but it applies well to fundraising -- or just about any attempt to persuade people to do good: Educating with facts. Show More Summary

Last Day to Register for The Non-Profit Prospecting Formula

This is a reminder that today (Friday, May 19th) is the last day to register for our new class The Non-Profit Prospecting Formula: How to Find and Approach New Donors for Your Organization. Registration closes at 7 PM tonight. If you want to find a steady stream of new donors for your non-profit, you owe it to yourself to […]

How to Make Your Annual Report Better NOW

Are you stuck with the task of making your annual report again? Are you afraid no one is going to read it, AGAIN? Your […]

Money is Like Water – It Can Flow or Trickle

I’ve read the amazing book The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources by colleague and friend, Lynne Twist, countless times. I’ve purchased more than 100 copies to give as a gift to nonprofit staffs, boards, andShow More Summary

5 assumptions to make about your readers

They skim. You must craft every sentence with great care. But your readers are going to tear through it like a bargain-hunter at a flea market. Make it easy for skimmers to catch the most important stuff: Short paragraphs, short sentences, underlining. Show More Summary

What you can learn from the re-branding of carrots

Everybody knows you should eat carrots. And we wish our kids would eat carrots instead of corn chips. A recent article in Fast Company shows how someone is getting kids (and grownups) to eat carrots: How Carrots Became the New Junk Food. Show More Summary

What's in it for your donors? Pay attention!

WIIFM: What's in it for me? Commercial marketers are constantly reminded to keep WIIFM top-of-mind, because they're tempted to sell their wares on how great those wares are. Not what's in it for the customer. We have the same issue in fundraising. Show More Summary

The first thing I ever did was come out of a woman’s body

On this Mother’s Day, let’s get mad everybody. With the repeal of Obamacare and the passing of Trumpcare in the Congress, a completed pregnancy, […]

Wow, what happened at the AFP conference?

I had such a good time at the AFP conference! I got to present on Salary Negotiation for a room full of 200+ people! […]

Even in email fundraising location matters

Effective email fundraising can seem like a mystery. As a nonprofit, you take a lot of time to craft your email. You balance images with words. And you often build up to the ask. Unfortunately, donors aren't reading your emails like they read a book! They're skimming. Show More Summary

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on our Non-Profit Prospecting Formula Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, May 12th) is the last day to receive a special early bird discount when you register for our newest class The Non-Profit Prospecting Formula: How to Find and Approach New Donors for Your Non-Profit.  Early bird registration closes at 7 PM. During this 4-week online workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to […]

Sign the enclosed placenta: The weird power of errors in fundraising

Don't you hate making errors? They make you look and feel stupid. But errors are funny things. It's impossible to predict what damage they'll do. Surprisingly often, they hurt your pride a lot more than they hurt anything else. Since...Show More Summary

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