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Don't let "graffiti fundraising" hide your message

Why are most graffiti illegible? Actually, they aren't -- to their primary audience. That audience is not you. You have nothing to do with the message. Graffiti are about the people who write them. It's a proclamation: I was here. You and I don't care that this particular young vandal was there. Show More Summary

10 Best Practices to Raise More with Your Year-end Appeal

After helping thousands of nonprofit organizations increase their year-end appeals from 5% to more than 60% I’ve learned what works. If you want to raise more with your year-end appeal this is not a “pick & choose” list. The post 10 Best Practices to Raise More with Your Year-end Appeal appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

How to make your fundraising all about things your donors care about

I believe that the most common reason for fundraising ineffective fundraising is that the fundraisers fail to reach out to donors. They make it about themselves instead. Which is boring. And rude, frankly. And doesn't work, Here areShow More Summary

How to choose great fundraising stories

How do you find a great story to tell in your fundraising? Well, you look for a story that's dramatic, simple, and a clear picture of the need or opportunity your organization exists to address. Easy? Not really. The right story can be hard to find. Show More Summary

6 deadly lies that hold back fundraisers

From the Bloomerang Blob, 6 Lies Many Small-Shop Nonprofits Believe: My board members know best how to fundraise. The board member who knows how to raise funds is a real oddball. Board members need support, and it must come from you! Our big annual event is the most important fundraising activity of the year. Show More Summary

Free Resources for September

In the last three months I’ve been working hard to get you exclusive content that you won’t get anywhere else. I’ve rigorously interviewed some of the top nonprofit leaders in the field,  hoping to get their advice for what we should do NOW- now that we have a lot to fight for. This is your... [Keep Reading]

Podcast: The right way -- and wrong way -- to thank your donors

A lot of nonprofit thank-you messages say something like this: "Thank you for being our partner...." That's about as thrilling to the donor as telling her she has nice elbows. Donors don't give in order to be our partner. They give to have a positive impact on the world in some specific way. Show More Summary

The compelling power of "membership cards" in fundraising

We want donors to feel they're a part of the cause. We want to be inclusive. We want them to know we are paying attention to their generosity and appreciate it. "Membership cards" can help meet these needs. And if Uncle Maynard's mailbox is an indication, they work. Show More Summary

Why Donors Stop Giving

The truth to why your donors stop giving is that they lose interest. They don’t feel their gift matters enough to keep giving it. I recently talked with the team at a large nonprofit and discovered that other than the thank you letter or email after a contribution, there is no other communication with donors until it’s time to ask for another gift. Show More Summary

Are you a BFF?

I've been seeing a disturbing trend of late: a sharp rise in what I call are BFFs: blunt force fundraisers. Nonprofit leaders willfully skipping planning to jump straight to asking. As the author of Ask Without Fear!®, you know I am an advocate for asking. But the number of BFF's I'm seeing of late - The post Are you a BFF? appeared first on

5 ways to be a stronger fundraising writer

Better writing can make all the difference for your fundraising outcomes. Here are some great tips for writers from Duct Tape Marketing, at 5 Copywriting Tips That Will Explode Your Sales: You must be a bit of a detective. Find out everything you can about your target audience. Show More Summary

Do your donors know they're making a difference?

Would you donate to an organization that never told you what they did with your money? Oh, that's right. You almost surely do that all the time. Because most charitable organizations never tell donors what their gifts accomplished. It's a crime against manners. Show More Summary

8 Reasons to Attend the Nonprofit Leadership Summit

In just a few short days, the Nonprofit Leadership Summit will Start. If you need 8 Reasons to buy the Nonprofit Leadership Summit ticket today, here they are!  Reason 1:  Because you don’t have a consistent method for finding new donors (and unrestricted income) that works  Because you want to learn how to develop a donor pipeline,... [Keep Reading]

Why you should be calling your donors

Are you calling your donors? Don't let your personal distaste for telemarketing keep you from doing this powerful and relationship-building act! The Chavender blog has Three Reasons Why You Need to Call Your Donors: They want to hear from you. Show More Summary

Two steps to year-end fundraising success

It's time -- maybe even crunch time -- to do your year-end fundraising. For most organizations around the world, the big money comes in December. A stumble at the end of the year can hurt you in a big way. So you'll appreciate this post from Fired Up Fundraising: #1 Year-End Fundraising Mistake: A Weak Ask. Show More Summary

Overcoming the Fear of Fundraising

Once upon a time there was a passionate CEO of a nonprofit organization. We’ll call her Susan. She wanted to make a bigger impact in the world by helping more men, women, and children. Susan’s gift was her ability to envision and design...Show More Summary

Myths that might be holding back your fundraising

Most fundraising problems and challenges are imposed by fundraisers on themselves in the form of myths and attitudes that separate them from reality. Here are 5 Myths that Make Asking for Money Hard from Get Fully Funded: Everyone will give to us. Show More Summary

How to beat donor fatigue

Donor fatigue is a way for unsuccessful fundraisers to blame their ineffectiveness on donors. Donors probably do get tired of irrelevant, self-centered fundraising... but they'll keep on giving to the good stuff that's about their values and goals and puts world-changing action in their hands. Show More Summary

You Can’t Help our World if People Can’t Hear You.

This interview will share the depth you’ve been missing in your nonprofit communications and fundraising. Haven’t you ever wondered how some nonprofits seem to have it all together? Maybe they’re born with it. Maybe it’s because they work hard on coordinating their communications and fundraising. Show More Summary

What Do Your Donors Say About YOU?

If you want to raise more money. Listen. My recommendation to anyone in the Executive or Development Director positions is to make time every day to call 3-5 long-time or first-time supporters and listen. Yes, it’s a lot of calls a week. The post What Do Your Donors Say About YOU? appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

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