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You: How to put the magic word to use

It's become pretty common for fundraisers to say that you is the magic word of fundraising. But it takes more than just throwing the word around. Because you acts like magic only properly used, as noted at Hands-On Fundraising: Are you...Show More Summary

How to apply the magic of great radio to your fundraising

Radio spots are some of the best and worst advertising you'll ever encounter. Some legendary ads have been created (and are still being created) for radio. And some real stinkers that aren't going to move anyone to do anything -- but just might make you aware of things not to do in your fundraising. Show More Summary

Celebrating World Gratitude Day

What I’m grateful for and celebrate today on World Gratitude Day: That you are a reader of my Fire Starters blog. That I do work that inspires me every day. That by teaching others the power of using stories to engage others, I hear heart-warming, heart-wrenching, mission moments, often. The post Celebrating World Gratitude Day appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Three things every donor needs from you

Every donor needs three things from you in order to become as fully involved in supporting your organization as they can be: A problem to solve. The way you get the most people to donate is to put your requests in the form of a problem they can help solve. Show More Summary

Here’s why your donors are not coming back

Read part one of this interview with Ellen Bristol and learn how to start looking at your fundraising and measuring it in a different […]

How to keep donors from fleeing your landing pages

Landing pages are tough territory. Too many donors go to them and then just leave without making a donation. That might be your fault! The Duct Tape Marketing blog has some help for those self-inflected landing page problems, at 3 landing...Show More Summary

INTERVIEW: Ellen Bristol Fundraising the SMART Way

Hey, everybody. Welcome. This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am chatting with Ellen Bristol, the creator of Fundraising the […]

Have you written off someone as a lost cause? #followupfriday

A coaching client just told me a powerful story of following up. For about six months, he was following up with three supporters. Each had made small donations in the past, less then $1,000 each. After about five months of following up, one donor said he'd make a gift "this quarter." The by "this quarter" [...]Show More Summary

Negative or positive images in fundraising? Some straight talk

Do negative images work in fundraising? There really isn't a meaningful answer to that question, because it's not a meaningful question by itself. It's a lot like asking "Do colors work in fundraising?" The Cause Marketing blog raised the issue at Don't Use Exploitive Images in Charitable Appeals, Real World Results Suggest. Show More Summary

3 ways to beat writer's block

Do you ever hit writer's block -- that nasty sense that no good words will come no matter how hard you try? Here's some help from Goins, Writer, at What's Really Happening When You Get Writer's Block (and How to Overcome It). Writer's block is an excuse. Show More Summary

Why crappy fundraising is a problem for everyone

I got a press release the other day. (Don't get me started on the blustery folly of emailing press releases to bloggers without knowing what they actually blog about!) It was from a flack who thought I'd be interested to know that a certain retail brand was doing some cause marketing for Children's Miracle Network. Show More Summary

Create Sizzling Mission-Focused Agency Visits for Your Guests

Whatever you call these events their intention is to knock the socks off your guests and cause them to connect deeply with your mission and organization.. In my experience, that happens so rarely I decided to create a checklist to help...Show More Summary

How to tell the fundraising story that really matters

The real story you should be telling in fundraising is not the story about how organization. It's the story about the donor. Here's a presentation that gives you practical tips on how to do that, and motivate more donors to give: Or view it at Slideshare. (Originally presented by me and Jann Schultz of Project HOPE at the 2016 Bridge Conference.)

Here are the tools you should have in your capital campaign toolbox

Just joining us? Learn how much money should you have pledged before you go live with your capital campaign? Learn the 4 steps for […]

How much money should you have pledged before you go live with your crowdfunding or capital campaign?

This is part two of our interview with Andrea Kihlstedt, a national expert on Capital Campaigns, and co-founder of Capital Campaign Masters. Before you […]

How to move your donors to monthly giving -- and why it matters so much

Moving your donors into a monthly giving program is one of the most high-impact, important things you can do. It completely transform the effectiveness of your program. Here are some things you should know about building a monthly giving program, from the Charity How To Blog: The 7 fundamentals of Monthly Giving. Show More Summary

INTERVIEW: Starting your capital campaign with Andrea Kihlstedt

Hey, everybody. Welcome. This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am so, so pleased to do my very first interview […]

How to get the most our of your fundraising event

Fundraising events are too much work to let attendees' later giving potential go untapped. Here are some guidelines from Clairification on how to turn those attendees into donors who keep on giving, at Ultimate Guide to Convert Event...Show More Summary

Laws of Fundraising: Corollaries and Clarifications

Maybe you're familiar with Brooks' First Law of Fundraising Effectiveness: If it doesn't scare you, at least a little bit, the fundraising probably doesn't have the power it needs to succeed. You may also know the Boss Corollary to Brooks' First Law of Fundraising Effectiveness: The more your boss hates the fundraising, the better it will do. Show More Summary

What the plain talk of our presidential candidates teaches us about fundraising

by guest blogger George Crankovic, Senior Writer at TrueSense Marketing. One thing that can kill a fundraising appeal is trying to sound intelligent by using fancy-sounding fifty-cent words. That's why, in this political season, it's good to look at the two master communicators who are pitching their ideas -- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Show More Summary

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