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Here’s How to Get the Best Fall Fundraising Results Possible

As I mentioned a few months ago, doing your work alone IS harder. Really, it is. That's why I'm inviting you to spend the next eight weeks with me. I know exactly what it is that will help you have the most successful fall fundraising season possible. The post Here’s How to Get the Best Fall Fundraising Results Possible appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

The real reason donors give to nonprofits

Why do donors give you money? It's pretty simple, really, as articulated at the MarketSmart blog, VALUE: People will pay to feel good. There's a lot behind that, of course: A lot of different kinds of feeling good and different causes for it. Show More Summary

Interview with Jeff Schreifels-What to do in times of turmoil

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Schreifels, senior partner at the Veritus Group, a major gifts consulting firm, on what nonprofits are doing now in this time of economic uncertainty, and what we SHOULD be doing. Jeff will be presenting on how to get your board to raise major gifts for you at... [Keep Reading]

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on our 200 Fundraising Ideas Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, July 21st) is the last day to receive a special early bird discount when you register for our new class 200 Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Non-Profit Raise More Money than Ever Before.  Early bird registration closes at 7 PM tonight. Every non-profit needs new fundraising ideas to grow and thrive.  […]

Do You Have the Qualities of a Great Development Director?

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to lead the search for a development director for several different non-profits, and over the course of my career have served as the development director for several organizations.  I have spent a lot of time thinking – what makes a development director “great”? While great […]

It's not about scaring, but caring

I recently blogged about a storytelling tip for nonprofit leaders that I learned from Kindra Hall. The tip is especially powerful in nonprofit fundraising. Kindra took the millenia old story structure - beginning, middle, end - and reframed it as normal, explosion, new normal. Show More Summary

Stupid Batman is a registered trademark -- not fundraising

Award bait. It's one of the most common causes of stupid nonprofit ads. It works like this: Ad agencies pride themselves about their "creativity." But their clients rarely let them be as "creative" as they want to be. (Those annoying clients have this dumb need to actually get some kind of measurable results from their advertising dollars. Show More Summary

5 kinds of fundraising failure and how to emerge from them victorious

Failure is inevitable in fundraising. Show me an organization that never fails, and I'll show you one that's not prepared for the future. Even the very near future. Here are five categories of fundraising failure -- and how can survive them and make the best of it: Abject Failure. Show More Summary

The case of the forbidden synonyms, or how to make fundraising even harder to do

A number of years ago, I had two different clients that were both engaged in fighting poverty. Both quality, well-run organizations. One organization banned the word "poor" from their vocabulary. They felt it unfairly stereotyped the people they served, undermined their dignity, and created in donors an insidious sense of superiority. Show More Summary

A Bunch of Free Stuff to Help Your Nonprofit Fundraising

Who doesn’t like something for free? This week I’ve collected a few excellent free resources for you to use and reuse. I've included online trainings, articles, worksheets, templates, and best practices. The post A Bunch of Free Stuff to Help Your Nonprofit Fundraising appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Interview with Erica Waasdorp-New Funding Realities

Last week I was lucky enough to interview Erica Waasdorp, author of Monthly Giving, the Sleeping Giant, and a forthcoming book, Monthly Giving Made Easy. Erica will be speaking at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit in September about how you can make the most of monthly gifts during the economic and political uncertainty. I’ve previously interviewed... [Keep Reading]

How putting your opinions aside can help you raise a lot more money

Does the logic of prompting people to give by sending them coins bother you? I understand. I don't get it either. But here's the thing: In many cases, it works. It works very well. That's right: It's stupid, annoying, and infuriatingly illogical... Show More Summary

Nonprofit Leadership Roundup

Are you wondering how to be a better nonprofit leader? A lot of us just get thrown into leadership, sometimes with no nonprofit background at all. There are so many different aspects to nonprofit leadership! Here’s one way to categorize it. There’s board leadership How to motivate board members! Interview with Simone Joyaux, author of... [Keep Reading]

What you're really selling when you raise funds

You probably remember that old piece of marketing wisdom that people who buy drills don't actually want drills. They want holes. Fundraising Coach reminds us of a similar truth: No donor wants to make a donation. Instead, they want to make a difference. Show More Summary

Engage Nonprofit Supporters With Communication that Hits the Mark

Fundraising success comes from effective communication. I've watched organization after another struggle with engaging their supporters because they are often using communication that misses the mark. Last week I met with Ann, from a local mid-size organization serving youth. Show More Summary

When "Make the donor the hero" is shaky fundraising

by guest blogger George Crankovic, Senior Writer at TrueSense Marketing. He blogs at The Clued-in Copywriter. It's popular in fundraising to tell donors they're heroes. As if that alone is a fundraising proposition. In reality, it's often not a solution but a problem in itself. Show More Summary

Sometimes, I Hate Being a Fundraiser.

I don’t like to say it, but it’s true.   I hate the way fundraisers are underpaid and under-appreciated. (Here’s a way to get paid more) I hate the revolving door where fundraisers stay 12-18 months tops. (Here’s why there’s a revolving door, and a way to stop the revolving door) I hate the cassandra-like... [Keep Reading]

Did Your Organization Raise Less than $1 Million Last Year? If So, Read This…

Today, we are launching a special online class just for non-profits that currently raise less than $1 million per year, but who want to hit the $1 million fundraising mark.  If your organization currently raises less than 7 figures, join us for this class: Getting to $1 Million: How to Raise $1 Million or More […]

How are you making your donors feel?

How many of your new donors have given their second gift? That's an important question, because it's fair to say a donor isn't really a donor until they've given twice or more. To motivate that critical second gift (and every other gift), the best thing is to make the donor feel good about what they've done. Show More Summary

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