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Fundraising Career Pathing – Take the Right Job for You

Have you ever wondered how to move up in the fundraising field? Here’s a sample career path from fundraising recruiter Phil Gerard, on how to potentially move up in your fundraising career. You need to look at what skills you currently have, and what skills you might need to go to that next job title.... [Keep Reading]

Interview with Della Rae- Creating a better workplace from day one

“Organizations that prioritize people as a pillar of the long-term strategy lend themselves to healthier and more sustainable outcomes.” -Della Rae 1. What are some ways organizations can engage new team members from day one? The number one reason people fail before the first 30 days is because on-boarding is typically limited to reviewing duties... [Keep Reading]

Mission Moment Monday: Sharing Your Money Story

Over the course of the year I'll highlight different types of nonprofit missions on Mission Moment Monday. Today you'll hear a story from Pamela B. Rhoads, development director at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library. The library is locatedShow More Summary

Share a Story. Save a Life.

We know how important it is to bring to life the faces of our clients, patients, students... those whose lives are different because of our mission. People stories are the most common way to engage, inspire, and even brag about your organization. Show More Summary

Podcast: Fundraising is about so much more than money

Steven shares his short poem, "A Benediction for Fundraisers" (based on "Christ Has No Body" by St. Teresa of Avila [1515-1582]). We hope this very brief podcast inspires you to love the important work we do when we motivate donors to give. Show More Summary

An easy way to stand out in your donor's mailbox

The main reason response rates in direct mail fundraising are relatively low (and falling) are that most pieces never really get noticed. Here's one relatively easy way to be noticed in the mailbox: Weird stock. That's right, envelopes that are something other than normal white paper. Show More Summary

Why (and how) you should not finish fundraising stories

Fred the Explorer was walking through the jungle, searching for the Lost City. The dense undergrowth to his left rustled. Fred froze. Suddenly the undergrowth exploded into a mass of orange and black -- a giant Bengal tiger, bellowing as it hurtled toward Fred. Show More Summary

5 questions that will make your next nonprofit video work

Okay, everyone knows videos can do a lot to get people paying attention online. So let's make a video! But first, check out this post at M+R Labs: Lights, Camera, Action, Post: Using video to tell your story. Ask these questions when...Show More Summary

Two photos, and how they're poised to influence donors

A picture is worth a thousand words. So when it's visible alongside 30 or so actual words -- as in this Facebook post from Feeding America -- do you think the photo might dominate? Just a little? Okay, that's a silly question. Because you know the answer: The photo speaks much, much "louder" than the words. Show More Summary

Why simple fundraising always works -- and 2 ways everybody screws it up

Good fundraising is always disarmingly simple: Feed a baby. Stop a disease. Save a puppy. As a professional who deeply understands the work, you may find these simple offers to be over-simplifications. You're intuitively sure that adding more of the real-world complexity to the offer will make it more effective. Show More Summary

10 Ways to Keep a Story Concise & Inspiring

Weekly, maybe even daily people ask me, "How do I a share a concise, moving story?" I’m passionate about sharing stories about the impact of your work. When you tell a well-crafted story you cause listeners and reader to want to do MORE. Show More Summary

Interview tips for your big day

Are you looking for a job right now? If you’ve gotten to the interview stage, WAHOO! This is fabulous! Your resume was good enough! Your cover letter was good enough! Now we’re getting to the good stuff! Here are some tips to make sure you ace this interview. Don’t be forgettable. If they ask you... [Keep Reading]

Your donors don't trust you, and here's what you must do about it

Your donors don't trust you. Okay, that's a bit of a blanket statement, but there's some disturbing evidence for it in the form of the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer which shows crashing level of trust in public institutions in the US....Show More Summary

Book review: The one thing you need to know about fundraising (and every other kind of writing)

Book review: Nobody Wants to Read Your Sht: And Other Tough-Love Truths to Make You a Better Writer by Steven Pressfield The title of this book is some of the advice you'll ever get as a fundraiser. Once you know and internalize this truth, you can stop wasting your (and your donors') time. Show More Summary

The stuff that makes your donor newsletter a failure

Smart fundraisers get a lot out of their donor newsletters. They use them to strengthen their relationships with donors. And in most cases they directly raise significant revenue through newsletters. How? Short version: Make the newsletter about the donors and the difference they're making in the world. Show More Summary

How America Donates – An Interactive Map

The United States of America is the most charitable country in the world according to a study done by the Charities Aid Foundation. It found that on average, Americans donated 1.44 percent of GDP (gross domestic product). However, in this respect, not every state is created equal. The post How America Donates – An Interactive Map appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

2 amazing secrets -- no, make that 14 astounding secrets to getting more email signups

by guest blogger Brady Josephson is the Vice President of Innovation & Optimization at NextAfter. I'm kind of obsessed with email acquisition. Here's why: This graph, from one of our clients, shows traffic across all of their different channels (in blue) and the corresponding revenue (in orange). Show More Summary

How political correctness kills fundraising

"Political correctness" tends to occupy some territory between funny and annoying for most of us. That tortured way of avoiding saying anything concrete, clear, or interesting could hardly be called dangerous, could it? So this headline in Third Sector (a UK publication) might seem a bit much: The menace of political correctness. Show More Summary

How to tell if you're mailing your donors too often

How often can you mail your donor? How often is too often? Or too little? Wrong question, according to Clairification at How Often Should You Mail to Your Nonprofit Donors? The right question is how relevant is the mail you send donors?...Show More Summary

The secret damage you might be doing to your nonprofit career right now

Here’s an email I got recently from a reader. She is struggling with something you might be struggling with too. Can you relate? ——————————————————— I am struggling with a mistake that I made. I don’t know how to come to terms with it. In a nutshell, here is what is eating me: My boss, who... [Keep Reading]

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