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Last Day to Register for our Fundraising Events Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, October 21st) is the last day to register for our new class How to Maximize Your Non-Profit Fundraising Events.  Registration closes at 7 PM. During this 7 week online class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to hold the most profitable events ever at your non-profit, including: […]

Fundraising secrets from Elmore Leonard

I recently came across the late Elmore Leonard's Ten Rules of Writing. Leonard was a novelist, most famously of crime fiction. But his rules apply surprisingly well to fundraising writing. Here they are, along with my annotations for fundraisers: Never open a book with weather. Show More Summary

6 things worth knowing about the psychology of giving

Check this out from Classy Blog: 6 Fundraising Psychology Hacks You Need to Know. These are the so-called tricks experienced fundraisers work with all the time: Identifiable Victim Effect (It's much easier to care -- and give -- if you see one person in need.) Psychic Numbing (This is the opposite of the Identifiable Victim. Show More Summary

Rally & Engage: How You Can Craft a Compelling Fundraising Story

On this episode Noah Barnett and I discussed how your organization’s culture matters more than you think and how to craft a compelling fundraising story that drives response (even without an ask). The post Rally & Engage: How You Can Craft a Compelling Fundraising Story appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Half-way branding does more harm than good to nonprofits

The other day I got an newsletter from a local nonprofit (which I won't name). The lead story on page one starts out like this: We are pleased to share [Charity]'s new brand with you! After much research, serious analysis and consideration, we made a decision on a new "look and feel" for our organization. Show More Summary

Try crazy subject lines to get your emails opened

Its hard to get your emails open. One thing worth trying: truly unusually subject lines, as described at My Emma: 3 risky tactics to try in your next email. Risky? Maybe. But how much more risky than getting the same old low open rates? Use a wacky subject line. Show More Summary

A truth about major gift fundraising

Major gift fundraising can be a wonderful experience for donors and for the nonprofit. The results are great - both for donors and for the nonprofits. But an unseemly truth about major gift fundraising is: it's hard. There are times of long, disciplined waiting. Show More Summary

What happens if you listen to your donors TOO MUCH

Donor psy Maybe you're listening to your donors too much. Surprised to hear me ask that? After all, fundraisers are completely in the business of supplying donors with what they want and need. The problem is, what they tell you they want is so often not at all what really motivates them to respond. Show More Summary

What you should know about soggy french dip and arrogant fundraising

Here's part of the menu board on a food truck near my office. They sell french dip sandwiches... (In case that's a bit hard to read, it says: Like the original french dip, all of our sandwiches come "pre dipped.") I'm a sort of french dip devotee. Show More Summary

The one thing that matters most to you success in fundraising

Ready for the secret to success in fundraising? The Veritus blog reveals it at The Beauty of Discipline:... no discipline, no growth. Major gifts work is all about staying focused on the plan and working it. This requires meeting consistently...Show More Summary

Four Phrases You Can Use to Make Asking for Contributions More Comfortable

I talk a lot about ways to raise money and not have to ask for the gift... but please don’t get me wrong... there ARE times it’s important to make the “ask.” Asking for the gift is part or all of your work if you have the position of:...Show More Summary

Herschell Gordon Lewis: Inspiration to fundraisers

by guest blogger George Crankovic, Senior Writer at TrueSense Marketing he blogs at The Clued-in Copywriter. Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away recently. Most people knew him as the "Godfather of Gore." Lewis achieved cult status asShow More Summary

This hospice appeal made more than ever before

Here’s a hospice appeal that I consulted on, that raised more than ever before for a hospice on the east coast. This person also […]

We need endings

What can you give your donor? Endings. Your appeal letter, your annual report, your grant proposal, your case statement, your capital campaign, your newsletter, […]

How to Raise More Money at Your Next Fundraising Event

Does your organization hold one or more fundraising events every year?  If so, keep reading… Each year, thousands of non-profits hold millions of fundraising events, but most of those events raise less than they should, and cause far too much hassle and stress for fundraisers and volunteers. If you’d like to learn how to raise more money from […]

4 things that are not fundraising

Excerpt from How to Turn Your Words into Money: The Master Fundraiser's Guide to Persuasive Writing 1. Educating Is Not Fundraising When you try to educate people into giving, they don't give. And they don't become more educated. There's a simple reason why: Most people, most of the time, have no interest in becoming more educated. Show More Summary

Beware the 3-Verb Fumble in your writing

Committee writing is a terrible thing: Lifeless, drab, confusing, unmotivating. One place most often afflicted by committee writing: Taglines. They're small and short -- and a lot of people in the organization care about them. Every cook crowds into the kitchen, and the result is predictable: Stew. Show More Summary

Year-End Fundraising Countdown

Resources to help your year-end fundraising exceed your goals. Read on for a mash-up of new and not-so-new reads from my “go to” experts. The post Year-End Fundraising Countdown appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Why feelings beat facts in fundraising

If your organization is any good at all, you know clearly how the funds you spend impact the world around you. You can track dollars to activities, and you know what those activities accomplish. Organizations that don't know that should figure it out quickly. Show More Summary

I Hid My Double Life From Co-Workers For Years

I had this secret life that I never told people about. My donors, I felt, and my co-workers COULD NOT HANDLE THE REALNESS. But […]

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