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5 secrets old-pro fundraisers rely on to craft their best work

Here are some old copywriting tricks that can help you write better, stronger fundraising. These are used by fundraising writers with decades of experience under their belts. They can work for you too: Write the reply coupon (or donation page) first. Show More Summary

Free Webinar: Fixing Your Leaky Donor Bucket

Have you ever heard of The Leaky Bucket? This unique system allows you to spot funding problems before they get huge, and helps you do something to stop them. Click below to sign up. Free Webinar: Fixing Your Leaky Donor Bucket Date: September 5th, 2017 Tuesday, 10am PT- 11am PT??????? In this free one hour... [Keep Reading]

Why would anyone keep reading these letters?

I was digging through Uncle Maynard's Treasure Trove of Direct Mail Knowledge, looking for a great story I could use as an example of effective storytelling. It was discouraging, because it took a <>long time to find what I was looking for. Show More Summary

Why great fundraisers tell unfinished stories

Here's one of the toughest things in fundraising, a change in the way you tell stories that can dramatically improve results: Tell stories without endings. It goes against your instincts as a storyteller. But it works. Because it moves...Show More Summary

Your Nonprofit Storytelling Questions Answered

Recently I was honored to be invited to deliver a web class for Firespring the superstar website folks. We talked about Powerfully Sharing Stories to Attract and Retain Your Donors. Since there were a few questions asked during the session...Show More Summary

We can finally work together -- so call me!

I've spent nearly all of my almost 30 years in fundraising working at fundraising agencies (most recently TrueSense Marketing. If you wanted to work with me, you had to hire the agency I worked for. Which was problematic, because unless your organization is fairly large, you can't afford that level of service. Show More Summary

This is a tremendous opportunity-Interview with Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson, author of Selling Social Change, and Training Your Board, and Everyone Else to Fundraise, was kind enough to let me interview him about the new funding environment-and he had a surprising perspective! Give 22 minutes of your time and listen to Andy Robinson’s 30 years of experience on these current funding threats to... [Keep Reading]

Why you shouldn't take the classic "giant check" photo

You've seen that photo of a smiling group of people holding a check that's the size of a beach towel, a large donation to a charity. Everyone is happy. And you should not use this photo, says the Madlin Sudn blog, at Say no to giant cheque pictures: Pictures... Show More Summary

How personal opinions destroy fundraising effectiveness

Seth Godin once asked a question I wish would be widely asked within nonprofit organizations: Is everyone entitled to their opinion? In the consensus-heavy world of nonprofits, a lot of people's opinions are sought and valued. This is probably one of the most destructive forces in our industry. Show More Summary

The clock is ticking on free webinar

Because something important is happening in about 5 hours: it's a free webinar titled The Most Powerful Communications Tool: Supporter Connection Survey - with Sean Triner. Here's where to sign up. The 1.5 hour webinar is at: 3:30 PM...Show More Summary

Is Anyone Paying Attention to Your Messages?

Your nonprofit has a Facebook page, an Instagram account and maybe someone on your staff regularly writes blog posts with mission moment impact stories. You’re doing all the work to get noticed, right? But are your messages breaking through the noise? The post Is Anyone Paying Attention to Your Messages? appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

In less than 24 hours, the most important free webinar of your life is starting

This is an odd time for me to be posting, at the end of the work day in my time zone. But I say posting time, schmosting time! Because something important is happening in less than 24 hours: it's a free webinar titled The Most Powerful Communications Tool: Supporter Connection Survey - with Sean Triner. Show More Summary

3 Common Capital Campaign Mistakes

Capital campaigns are a wild roller coaster ride of vision-fueled excitement followed by long stretches of slow. slogging. work. The slow parts require incredible discipline to stay on course. I know because I’ve helped run 18 capital campaigns at schools, universities, and hospitals. Show More Summary

How to write a great thank you letter

Thanking donors matters. So any time I get a chance to look at the good thank-you letters, I pay attention. Like this post at Aplos: Sample Thank You Letters to a Donor. Check out the attributes of an effective thank you: The letter starts out with a strong opening focusing on the donor. Show More Summary

Upcoming Events

I'll be on the road quite a bit this fall. If you'll be at one of these events, let's try to meet up! Atlanta - August 14 - YNPN 2017 I'm looking forward to giving leadership trainings on taking charge of your own career. They've let me offer a $30 discount to people reading this. The post Upcoming Events appeared first on

15 really bad real ideas from real nonprofits

A lot of crazy bad ideas get kicked around at nonprofits. Most often in board meetings. Here's a list of some that have actually been considered, from Wild Apricot, at 15 Utterly Insane Fundraising Ideas People Actually Thought Would Work. Show More Summary

Interview with Jennifer Chandler, National Council of Nonprofits

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Chandler, Vice President for the National Council of Nonprofits, an association of nonprofit associations nationally, that helps advocate at the federal level for nonprofits. We talked about a lot of things- but mainly what’s happening NOW at the federal level, what that means for you locally, and... [Keep Reading]

5 Easy Steps: A Guide to Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

Hiring a fundraising consultant, while incredibly important, can be tricky. With so many firms and so many service packages, how can you tell which is the right choice for your nonprofit? Well, don’t worry! We’ve broken the process down...Show More Summary

Free webinar you really don't want to miss

I know you can hardly go jogging these days without tripping over a webinar. But I'm about to tell you about a webinar that's different. Because it can point your organization toward a fundamentally better revenue situation for decades to come. Show More Summary

The danger of seeking 100% online giving

Online giving definitely is growing. And if you listen to the growth statistics, you may feel you can fully fund your organization using online giving tools. If that's you, stop. Seriously. When something grows from 1% to 2% it's 100% growth, but it's still not the other 98%. Show More Summary

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