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How Donors Choose Among Nonprofits: The Role of Identity

There’s an old joke at the right that often feels like nonprofit marketing. While we do and should have ambitions of expanding the charitable giving pie, we also want to secure our own organization’s piece of said pie. One of the points Kevin made yesterday is that organizations are differentiating themselves by creating donor journeys […]

What creates junk mail? Your attitude!

Are you worried your organization might be sending out junk mail? Here's a quick way to find out. Check any of these statements you agree with: Our mail annoys our donors. I wish we didn't have to ask for funds. Direct mail is not a good thing -- I wouldn't do it if we didn't have to. Show More Summary

#DontForgetPuertoRico: 6 Months After Maria

This week marks the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria. The Category 5 hurricane was the worst to hit the island in nearly a century. It left thousands of people stranded, some without homes, others without power or clean water. Show More Summary

Does Money Have a Soul?

We think about it and argue about it. We worry about it and spend it. We dream about it. And we (hopefully) save some of it. Money. Does it have a soul? The post Does Money Have a Soul? appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Get a Taste of the Fundraising Career Conference 2018

How do you know if this Fundraising Career Conference is for you? WELL! How about I give you a TASTE of our incredible presenters before the conference? Sound good? We have a session on Assertiveness –  Speak Your Truth and Get a Raise! by Elaine Lou Cartas (Here’s a video of Elaine giving you a taste... [Keep Reading]

[VIDEO] How do you keep your good fundraisers? Interview with Kishshana Palmer

  Want to learn more from Kishshana Palmer? Come to the Fundraising Career Conference April 2 4 and 6th! Transcript MT: Okay, everybody. Welcome. Today’s conversation with Kishshana is going to be about, basically, how do you keep your good people and what do you lose when they don’t stay? Kishshana. You are so incredible.... [Keep Reading]

Nonprofit Scarcity Thinking Will Get You Nowhere

Scarcity thinking is incredibly pervasive in the nonprofit sector. And it makes sense that it would be. Nonprofit leaders have been told for so long that they must scrape by, are not worthy of real investment, and deserve only the leftovers. Show More Summary

Your Questions about Building a Culture That Supports Communications?

I’m working on a new two-part webinar series for late April on building an organizational culture that supports your communications work.  I’d love to hear what questions or challenges you are facing in the comments. Or you can email...Show More Summary

My 10 Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I decided to go all in with Google for my productivity apps this year, getting everything into some combination of Inbox by Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.  While I loved playing with Asana and Trello and Remember the Milk over the years, I never fully adopted them the way I have my Google apps. Show More Summary

Will Robots (and bots) Replace Nonprofit Staff and Interns in the Workplace?

Allison Fine and I have been collaborating on research and writing about the next wave of disruptive technologies (AI, Bots, and Robots) and what it means for the nonprofit sector.  We have a couple of opportunities coming up for you to join the discussion.  … Read More

Is your donor-centric approach just fake news?

We're well into the era when a majority of fundraisers would say they believe in being "donor centric." That's a good thing. But I don't think we've yet started the era where a majority of fundraisers actually are donor centric. Two reasons: Being donor centric is easier said than done. Show More Summary

Charity Navigator's Top 10 Tuesday: Most Followed Charities

Each week, Charity Navigator brings you a list of ten highly-rated charities to inspire your giving and introduce you to organizations you may not know. Today we’re sharing our Top 10 charities with the most Charity Navigator followers. Show More Summary

Trainer’s Notebook: Facilitating Brainstorming Sessions for Nonprofit Work

Does your work at a nonprofit include facilitating meetings or trainings? Looking for new  techniques to add to your facilitator’s toolbox?  This is the focus of a session called “The Big Bang Theory: Creative Facilitation and Training Techniques,” that I’m co-facilitating at the Nonprofit Technology Conference with Cindy Leonard and Jeanne Allen.… Read More

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Jenna Czaplewski

Welcome to our latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators! This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series! Don’t be shy – tell us what you do in a typical day as a nonprofit communications pro. Show More Summary

Understanding the Charity Navigator Advisory System

Have you come across a yellow, orange, or red Charity Navigator Advisory System seal while using our website to research a charity? Did you know what it meant? Today we’re breaking it down to help you better understand our Advisory System, how a charity gets added to our advisory list, and what that means to you, as a donor.  Read more »

Charity Navigator's Cross-Country Tour: Georgia

Heading north from Florida, Charity Navigator is making the next stop on our cross-country tour in Georgia. Each week we take a look at a few of the highly-rated charities serving the people and places in a new state. From the Blue Ridge...Show More Summary

Inclusive Conversations: Moving Beyond the “Crunch”

Communications directors are in the perfect place to lead inclusive conversations–but let’s be honest–it’s not always easy. My colleague, Kim Pevia, is an expert in this field and she often calls inclusive conversations “crunchy.” I’ve dubbed it “challenging” or “messy,” but the image of the “crunch” resonated. Show More Summary

Charity Navigator Celebrates International Women's Day

Each year, on March 8, countries around the world observe International Women’s Day. This day is set apart to recognize the achievements of women around the world and the ongoing movement for equality. In honor of International Women’s...Show More Summary

Low Risk Approach to High Reward Discovery

Yesterday Roger outlined the failings of alleged-segmentation systems that aren’t customized to your organization. Today, I’d like to suggest a proven, low-risk approach to dramatic improvement through better segmentation. It’s hardShow More Summary

Fantasyland Fundraising

Grandma Craver always advised:  “Never wake a sleeping snake to kill it.” And generally, I try to follow her advice. But, over the weekend The New York Times ran a blockbuster of a piece How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions. Behind the story is the tale of a voter profiling firm named […]

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