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We’re hiring a Director of Operations

GiveWell’s Operations team is responsible for all finance, accounting, HR, legal and tech functions at GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project. We started to build this team over the past year, and we’re now looking for a proven leader to … [CLICK TO READ MORE] The post We’re hiring a Director of Operations appeared first on The GiveWell Blog.

The Research Gap in Social Entrepreneurship

A literature review of research on social entrepreneurship reveals that academics and practitioners seem to be operating in such separate spheres. A look at why this is happening and what to do about it.

"Getting the word out" is NOT fundraising

Anyone who believe fundraising is a matter of "getting the word out" isn't really a fundraiser. (They're also not a marketer or advertiser of any kind.) Which is why the Marketing the Arts to Death blog says it's Time To Fire People Who Say 'Get The Word Out'. Show More Summary

Words Or Video … Content Still King

Seth Godin blogged recently that while the web was built on words, today’s internet is built on video … “Much more difficult to create well, far more impact when it works.” He argues that professionalism still matters, even if anyone with a smartphone can make a video. But here’s his clincher point: “Great video doesn’t […]

Is your mission statement trying too hard?

Can you recite your nonprofit's mission statement? Does it inspire and energize? Or is is more like a laundry list of tasks? If it sounds like tasks, it's hurting your fundraising. Your nonprofit's mission is vital. It's needed. It should inspire passion. When it does, it can transform your community. Giving your mission statement a [...]Show More Summary

Trying out a new format: GiveWell podcast

As part of our increased outreach efforts this year, we decided to make three test episodes of a podcast. We’re aiming to quickly and easily share our research in a new form that might be more accessible for many people. … [CLICK TO READ MORE] The post Trying out a new format: GiveWell podcast appeared first on The GiveWell Blog.

What’s the Return on Investment on Reviving the American Dream?

Calculating the social return on a big philanthropic investment is a grueling but necessary challenge.

Direct mail still rules in fundraising -- here's why

Despite fast growth several years in a row, online fundraising has not yet reached 10% of total fundraising dollars. Here are a few reasons why from the Washington Intelligence Bureau blog, at Why Snail Mail Works Best: Reliability. Mail has a much higher chance of making it into the donor's hands than an email. Show More Summary

How To Use Positivity To Attract New Volunteers

Guest post by Kayla Matthews Finding qualified and capable volunteers for your organization isn’t always easy. Getting the word out is one challenge. Finding people willing to commit to the tasks at hand is another. Once volunteers are recruited, keeping … Continue reading ?

Celebrity Stardom Nose Its Place in the World of Giving

Through recent memory, it's been clear to see how important of a role social media and celebrity support can play in the awareness of an initiative, program, or movement. For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge became such a phenomenon...Show More Summary

Is there a formula for fundraising success?

Fundraising isn’t JUST about money. It’s about relationships. How can you start to build a relationship with a donor? Conversation about their values. And […]

How to Make Successful Fundraising Asks

Making asks… nothing inspires more stress and trepidation in non-profit fundraisers.  The thought of sitting across the table from a potential donor to ask for $50,000… or $1,000… or $200… can be enough to make even seasoned fundraisers quake. If you shiver at the thought of making fundraising asks in-person or on the phone — […]

Urgent Warning: Immediate Action Required

We’re rushing this to you over the weekend so you’re prepared and ready to act first thing Monday morning. For the sake of your organization, your clients, and your  colleagues on Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook  or reading your blog, we urge you to move quickly and forward this Alert to them immediately so they can also take action. ACTION ITEM: A […]

Beyond the Holy Grail: Private Innovation, Public Funding, and What Comes Next

After a decade of research and evidence gathering, one education nonprofit convinced Congress that its model is worthy of federal dollars—but even the architect of the model wonders how it will fare in the public sector.

What you write, what donors read

You really need to post this wonderful cartoon from queer ideas: What do donors actually read when you write to them?

The #Donorlove Glee Club

It’s clear from the wealth of thoughtful comments this week that Agitator readers are a donor-centric, donor-loverish, donor-centered, supporter-led tribe. And contrary to the headline in Tom’s rant, Stop Bashing ‘Donor-Centricity, I’m a charter member of the #donorlove Glee Club. While I have no desire in Dan Kirsch’s words to see the The Agitator morphed into […]

Wheeling in the Trojan Mice

One way to make risk-taking more palatable for social change organizations is to run small, light, nimble experiments––tests not built to win wars, but rather to quickly infiltrate new territory, attack new problems, and inform future tactics.

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