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How to Find Breakthrough Ideas

If innovation is everywhere these days, why is finding it so hard?

South Carolina Flooding

Recently, heavy rains caused flooding in South Carolina. More than two dozen dams failed or were breached and hundreds of roads and bridges were closed. Although thousands of residents were evacuated, at least 16 people died. The economic cost of this natural disaster is expected to be in the billions of dollars. Show More Summary

Are you ready for the best year-end fundraising of your life?

Here's more help for upping your year-end fundraising game, from Philantopic, at 7 Ways to Make Your Year-End Fundraising Really Count: Do you have a written plan so you know what success will look like? Does your plan include multi-channel...Show More Summary

Mobile Monday

Agitator readers know I’m not a big fan of Giving Tuesday. In fact, I’m considering a counter-insurgency campaign, called ‘Mobile Monday’. I don’t care which Monday … maybe every Monday for the fast learners and early adopters. Many once a year for the digitally-challenged. Why? To put a needed focus on the channel through which […]

Avoid These 3 Non-Profit Fundraising Mistakes at All Costs

Fundraising can be hard work. It takes time to meet new donors, move them through the fundraising funnel, and sit down with them to make an ask. For every new prospect that eventually writes a check, many more will fall out of the funnel somewhere along the way. Because fundraising the right way is so […]

Building New Networks for Efficient, Affordable Housing

Three lessons on accelerating targeted social change through network building.

Investing in Women

The benefits of gender-lens investing have a strong ripple effect.

When People Say “I Want to Help!” 10 Million Times

For the past few weeks, everyone here at the VolunteerMatch office has been paying close attention to our live connection map. This map lets us see, in real time, every time someone clicks the “I want to help!” button on a VolunteerMatch listing. … Continue reading ?

Fundraising is a "choose your own adventure" story

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? They are kid-fiction adventures told in the second person so it has an immediate feel to the reader Every few pages, you come to a choice. It goes something like this: If you decide to explore the dark, ill-smelling cave, turn to page 52. Show More Summary

Work Your Small (Case Study: Meals on Wheels)

Guest blogger Guy Arceneaux is Director of Marketing and Communications for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.  Here’s my top takeaway from my first three months on the job at Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland: Smaller, more nimble nonprofits like ours typically know their audiences better—so are far more connected with them—than large, complex organizations ever […]

Book Giveaway: The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit

NOW is an excellent time to start asking for sponsorship. According to, the 4th quarter is when most sponsors start allocating their budgets […]

Please Talk About Money

Money talks, or so it’s said. My question to you is HOW does your organization talk about the money you require to save or change peoples’ lives? Do you shy away from talking about costs, annual fundraising goals OR do you boldly and...Show More Summary

Fundraising So Simple Only a Child Can Do It Well

The other day I stumbled across a company that raises big bucks in peer-to-peer fundraising for elementary schools in the US. You’ll find it at and their proposition is simple. They provide a fully automated peer-to-peer website where parents and kids can plug in videos and photos. The result is an easy-as-pie fundraising campaign […]

Meet Sandra, Volunteer ESL Tutor

Meet Sandra. Sandra always thought about volunteering. But she also thought she didn’t have the time. After she found Hamilton Family Center through a search on VolunteerMatch, she realized just how easy it could be. Now, she looks forward to … Continue reading ?

The Equity Imperative in Collective Impact

The five conditions of collective impact, implemented without attention to equity, are not enough to create lasting change.

Take Trump’s Track to Twitter Triumph

There’s so much to be learned from the way others communicate, even if you don’t share perspectives. In fact, it’s easier to highlight and harvest high-impact marketing techniques when you and the source are on opposite sides of an issue or cause. Because we all want to do better than that guy! No better source […]

Don't waste your lunch break -- 18 ways to get the best from your time

Are you getting the most out of lunch? If you always work through lunch, you're doing it wrong. A recent post at thr Hubspot Marketing blog gives 14 Things You Could Be Doing During Your Lunch Break: Work on a side project. OrganizeShow More Summary

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