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VolunteerMatch on the Street | SHARK WEEK 2016

How many humans do sharks kill each year? How many sharks do humans kill each year? We took to the streets of San Francisco to find answers to questions such as these, while having a little fun along the way. … Continue reading ?

Supporting a Truly Participant-Centered Approach to Development

Resistance to unconditional cash transfers may be less about their effectiveness and applicability as a participant-focused programmatic strategy, and more about the development community’s vested interest in maintaining the status ...

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on our Epic Donor Communications Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, June 24th) is the last day to get a special early bird discount when you register for our new class Epic Donor Communications: How to Inspire and Engage Your Donors.  Early bird registration ends at 7 PM. During this 6 week online class, you’ll learn everything you need […]

Best conference of the year for the smart fundraisers

November might seem like it's another age from now, that you can't really think about it yet. But you should. Especially if you'd like to ramp up your storytelling abilities. Here's why: The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference November...Show More Summary

Charity: Water Is Special. But It’s The Video!

I suppose Charity: Water’s key breakthrough was its offer to direct marketed donors — ‘all of your donation will go to program, our overhead is covered by major gifts’. And the money has poured in, as the organization has matched its unique offer with brilliant online marketing technique. Their latest innovation (some might say gimmick) was […]

Mid-year update to top charity recommendations

This post provides an update on what we’ve learned about our top charities in the first half of 2016. We continue to recommend all four of our top charities. Our recommendation for donors seeking to directly follow our advice remains … [CLICK TO READ MORE] The post Mid-year update to top charity recommendations appeared first on The GiveWell Blog.

Impact Assessment: Corporate Sustainability 2.0

Unless companies commit to measuring impact, their sustainability initiatives will solve only pockets of social problems or have no real impact at all.

4 Things Sharks and Volunteers Have in Common

When our team first met to discuss how we could be involved with Discovery Communications’ Shark Week, we hoped our followers might ask: What does volunteering have to do with Shark Week? After a quick brainstorm and a few laughs, … Continue reading ?

How Is Nonprofit Overhead Still a Thing?

Lest you think we’ve made headway on overcoming the Overhead Myth (the false notion that nonprofits must keep their fundraising and administrative costs cripplingly low) you need only look as far as a recent Forbes article, “5 Nonprofit...Show More Summary

Podcast: Your 6-word guide to powerful donor newsletters

Here's a super-easy way to look at your donor newsletter and see if it's doing its job: Dear Donor, You rock! Here's why... Every piece of content in every donor newsletter should fit match this model. When you do that, you'll have a...Show More Summary

Telling Stories that Move Donors to Give

It was the midst of the Great Recession, and about one in ten people across the U.S. were out of work. Amadou was one of them. Unemployment benefits helped his family, for a while. But he had worked for a low wage, and his benefits were only a fraction of that—and then they ran out. [...] The post Telling Stories that Move Donors to Give appeared first on

Improving Your Presentations

Your Morning Factoids: 32 million American adults are illiterate. An additional 21% (about 50 million) read below the 5th grade level. The average American can listen to a speech given at 210 words per minute without losing comprehension. People pay more attention to gestures than words. Your Morning Advice: The simpler, slower and more expressive […]

Have a Volunteer Story to Share? Enter the #SharkFinbassador Instagram Sweeps

In case you missed it, we’re partnering with Discovery for Shark Week (6/26/16 – 7/2/16) — Discovery’s longest-running cable television programming event in history. During this week and next, we’ll share stories of volunteers making an impact on their environments, … Continue reading ?

Rewriting the Future: A Latino Prosperity Movement

Latino philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and technology innovators are establishing important building blocks for the creation and strategic deployment of Latino wealth.

Why are these 10 deadly nonprofit mistakes so common?

Weird thing: Andrew Olsen's Fundraising Fundamentals blog recently featured this post: 10 bad decisions nonprofits make. I don't know Andrew. I've never spoken to him. Yet if I were to come up with my own list of 10 bad nonprofit decisions, it would be pretty much the same as his: Operating without a strategic plan. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Board Doesn’t Do What You Want Them to Do

What I find most often when I work with board members: their intentions are good. BUT you or your staff can make it look like you really don’t need them to do more than show up to a meeting now and then and rubber stamp the financials. Show More Summary

Do The Job Or Do The Work?

In his Starting Over series, Roger will be urging fundraisers to take a fresh look at how we’re going about our work. In yesterday’s post he commented that “much of our sector just keeps doing the same thing over and over and over”, arguing that “too many fundraisers. simply coast through their professional life following the consensus. They truly […]

What we’ve learned about SCI this year

In past years, we’ve written that we had significant concerns about the financial reporting and financial management of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI), one of our top charities since 2011. Our concerns have included: We had not been able to … [CLICK TO READ MORE] The post What we’ve learned about SCI this year appeared first on The GiveWell Blog.

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