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Nepal Update: Where'd the Money Go?

On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, killing thousands, and injuring or displacing thousands more.Many nonprofit organizations responded immediately to the disaster, providing aid in the form of food, clothing, medical supplies, shelter, and other necessities. Show More Summary

What I learned from the @Fitbit Community Manager at #octribe about Walking Communities

Earlier this week, I was honored to present at the #octribe (online community tribe) meet up “Walking Communities: Fit Fanatics Online and Off” with Allison Leahy from Fitbit who manages fitbit online communities.    The #octribe meetup...Show More Summary

Doing Less, Better

The real competitive advantage of social enterprise, compared to traditional charities isn’t revenue generation—it’s the ability to focus on fewer things.

What Your Social Fundraising Campaign Is Missing

Social fundraising can help even the smallest organizations spread their message and attract new donors. These peer-driven campaigns tap into the networks of your supporters allowing you to expand your reach beyond your list. But the real power of turning your donors into fundraisers is not just about the multiplier effect. Show More Summary

It’s Not Your Grandma’s Homepage

The newspaper industry is struggling for its life. Of course, that’s not news, but what they’re doing by way searching for life rafts is indeed important and worthy of attention. Not only is their financial survival important, but also a significant part of our civil society fabric is at stake in their future. If they […]

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on our Major Donor Fundraising Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, July 31st) is the last day to receive a special early bird discount when you register for our new class How to Find New Major Donors and Get Them to Give to Your Non-Profit.  Early bird registration closes at 7 PM. During this 4 week online class, you’ll […]

A Not-so-Risky Business?

A Not-so-Risky Business? July 30, 2015 Are foundation officers more courageous risk-takers than other people? Some new research says: Evidently not. Then again, should they be?   Speaking at Duke last year, John R. Ettinger, CEO of the...Show More Summary

Architecting for Data

Four ways nonprofits can cut through the data hype and start using data on purpose.

Easy ways to improve your landing pages

I bet you'd like it more of the people who end up on your landing page actually filled it out. Here's some help from the online commercial world, at the Daily Egg: Quick Copywriting Tweaks Proven to Lift Conversions 30% or More. Try these things on your landing pages: Talk More about Benefits, Less About Your Solutions. Show More Summary

This changed my life.

I’m not in the habit of talking about my personal stuff on this site. Because some stuff is really, not in any way, related […]

The Single Most Important “Fix” for Fundraising

 Back in May Ken Burnett served up a thought-provoking finale to his 5-part Future of Fundraising series: Fundraising and the rule of law.  For those who missed this series we especially want to repeat and focus on a key reform we all need to work on –fixing the donor’s experience.   You’ll find Ken’s recommendations set forth […]

Last Chance to Shape the 16NTC Agenda!

In today’s world, volunteer engagement and technology go hand in hand. In our recently-published book Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights Changing the World, we dedicated an entire section to technology shifts and their impact on the volunteer engagement space. … Continue reading ?

4 Reasons Your Organization Should Perform Prospect Research

The term research scares some people. It evokes images of all-nighters in the library in college and annotated bibliographies. You can’t really blame those who fear it. Here’s the thing, there’s one kind of research we should all welcome, especially nonprofit professionals…prospect research. Nonprofits do all they can to maximize funding, from curating an excellent […]

Five Charity Myths Dispelled

Are you guilty of believing any of these 5 myths about charities and charitable giving?

Why We Love to Hate Nonprofits

Three common and harmful prejudices against charitable organizations, and how nonprofits can subvert them.

Trash the blah-blah in your fundraising -- transform it into zing

Your fundraising isn't going as well as it should. You and your colleagues are trying to figure out why. Consensus emerges: Our donors don't realize how effective our programs are. They don't grasp that we're unique in our sector. That we lead in our sector. Show More Summary

Guest Post: An Emergent Approach to Philanthropic Strategy

Note: As I mentioned earlier, I am taking a few weeks away from the blog to relax and reconnect with the world outside of social change. But I am leaving you in the incredibly capable hands of a rockstar set of guest bloggers. Next up...Show More Summary

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