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Driving Toward Impact With Data Science #15ntc

Note from Beth: I’m attending and presenting a session about Walking As Work with Ritu Sharma.   As luck would have it, one of the sessions that I really wanted to go to is scheduled at the same time as ours.   It is a session about being Data Savvy featuring colleagues from Crisis Text Line, Global Giving, and DataKind.   … Read More

Unforgettable! (Case Study)

When executed well, visual storytelling cuts through the clutter, delivering  a mental image that resonates and is remembered  (so more likely to be repeated). Take this unforgettable example from MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action). I couldn’t look away, but instead lingered on the image, taking in the different women and their range of expressions. […]

The Face of Nonprofit Boards: A Network Problem

Lack of board diversity is known to hurt mission effectiveness, but boards are doing little to fix it. The latest surveys show a link to board recruitment.

You're raising funds: take off your shoes!

What's really going on when you motivate donors to give? According to the Veritus Group blog, something deeply spiritual happens. Read The Spirituality of Major Gift Fundraising. The post is about major donor fundraising. But the spirituality of fundraising and giving is no different for any kind of fundraising from any kind of donor. Show More Summary

Getting the top fundraising positions-you’ve gotta plan!

Listen to this interview here: Hey and welcome everyone! This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising. Today we’re chatting with Major gifts recruiting […]

Change Your Success Story: What’s on Your Not-To-Do List?

I’ve taken the suggestions from this Business Insider p […] The post Change Your Success Story: What’s on Your Not-To-Do List? appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Design Your Donor In

The commercial marketing space is full of chatter about getting ‘customer insight’ and understanding the ‘customer experience’ with the brand and its products/services (now termed ‘Cx’). The parallel phenomenon in the nonprofit space is all the chatter about being ‘donor-centric’. Show More Summary

GiveWell’s Progress in 2014 and Plans for 2015: summary

This is the first post (of six) we’re planning to make focused on our self-evaluation and future plans. As in past years, we’re going to be posting our annual self-evaluation and plan as a series of blog posts. This post … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention

This month’s theme for the nonprofit Blog Carnival is “Breaking Through the Noise,” calling for tips and ideas about how nonprofits can reach their audiences with the right message at the right time given the clutter of online information clamoring for their attention.    … Read More

Are you a good fundraiser? Try this reality check

by guest blogger George Crankovic, Senior Writer at TrueSense Marketing. That fundraising message you just wrote -- it's going to get your donors involved and engaged, right? If you're ready to learn the cold truth, try this: Call a donor out of the blue and start asking questions. Show More Summary

Engaging the Citizenry Through Social Enterprise

Social enterprises can help build stability in countries facing political crises by addressing root causes of civilian discontent.

Values Aligned Technology

I've been thinking a lot about values, society, and technological design. I'm trying to articulate what, when, and how the values that shape civil society should be expressed with and within technology. What I do know is that it's not just at the point of use. Show More Summary

How Nonprofits Can Turn 25% into 62%

If you haven’t spent time exploring the latest “Volunteering and Civic Life in America” report, released by the Corporation for National and Community Service and National Conference on Citizenship, you should – it’s pretty fun. You can see statistics about … Continue reading ?

Building a High Performance Movement: An Interview With Lowell Weiss

In today’s Social Velocity interview, I’m talking with Lowell Weiss, President of Cascade Philanthropy Advisors, which provides personalized guidance to foundations and individual donors seeking to deepen their impact. Previously, he...Show More Summary

Where to Find NFG at The Nonprofit Technology Conference

This morning five of my colleagues and I are flying to Austin, Texas for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC)! We’re looking forward to learning, networking, and enjoying all that Austin has to offer. If you will be in Austin, or if you’re attending NTC virtually, we’d love to meet you! Here are some ways to get in touch with the Network for Good team at NTC:

Younger Women and Matterness

Someone recently asked me who I would most like to influence with Matterness. My immediate answer was younger women because they have can craft careers that are better aligned with their values without having to unlearn the lessons from working within fortress that are inherently fear-based and reward ungenerous behavior where the goal is to[...]

Top 10 Secrets Of Successful Storytelling

Included in my personal pantheon of great copywriters and curmudgeons is the late, great British copywriter George Smith. In his Tiny Essential of Writing for Fundraising, George offered this observation on the importance of being succinct, relevant and engaging when it comes to storytelling … “This”, says George, “is the age of Bullshit. We live in […]

The Value of Saying No

This is going to sound a little bit weird but I like hearing “No” from my supporters. Sure, I like hearing yes much more, but “No” is my second favorite answer when I ask for money. The majority of asks that I’ve done in my life result in a vague answer that can be really […]

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