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Summertime Shifts: Keep Connecting Through Fireflies, Fireworks, and Family Vacations

Nothing is more important than crafting content that’s relevant to your readers. But it’s challenging when they’re distracted by the delights of ice cream, the beach, and after-dinner badminton. Summer is just different. Even thoughShow More Summary

Playing The Fundraising Blame Game In The U.K.

A fundraising firing squad is now being formed in the UK. Unfortunately, it seems to be forming in a circle. If ever there were a time for calm, cool, thoughtful and different fact-finding and exploration, it’s now. I’m afraid that in the name of ‘protecting’ the donor, the true reform desperately needed by our sector […]

Why Your Non-Profit Needs to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign This Year

Over the past three years, I have consulted with non-profits on over a dozen successful crowdfunding campaigns.  Here’s what I’ve learned: Every non-profit, no matter how small or large, can run a successful crowdfunding campaign Crowdfunding does not lower your annual giving, even if you are targeting the same donors Non-profits can use crowdfunding to […]

Random thought on #data governance and social good

Given the nature of digital #data (generative, remixable, scalable, storable, copyable, etc) it's hard to see how the current nonprofit corporate governance structures provide much assurance that these assets will be used for good. Nonprofit...Show More Summary

How your nonprofit got into its fundraising mess

When people join a nonprofit or start one, they typically think they're going to get to do the "mission" - feeding kids, promoting art, conserving land, caring for the elderly, protecting animals. They rarely think about the funding. (Oddly, many fundraisers often don't seem to understand that their main job is "raising funds.") It's as [...]Show More Summary

What do the data really show? Where should we draw the lines?

My colleague Rob Reich and I have been writing about the social economy for several years now.My Blueprint series - heading into its 7th year - changed its name to focus on the social economy in its 2nd year (2011). The basic point of...Show More Summary

The Benefits of Using Data to Bring Mindfulness to Your Work

Never in a million years did I ever think I would use data and mindfulness in the same sentence.      For the past two months, I’ve been wearing a rock in a bra, a device called Spire.  You think of it as a fitbit for stress developed by the Calming Technology Lab at Stanford University.  … Read More

Is Sean Parker the Daenerys Targaryen of Philanthropy?

Like Game of Thrones’ “Dany” Targaryen, entrepreneur Sean Parker is intent on replacing what he sees as a broken and oppressive system with something better.

Overcoming the Fear Factor in Nonprofit Decision-Making

Nonprofits have the potential to achieve far more by decentralizing and clarifying power and decision-making within their organizations.

Stupid threat of instant karma?

Sometimes, stupid happens by accident. I'm guessing that's how it happened here, but the stupid turned out so severe, I simply can't give it a bye. Take this as a cautionary tale, because it could happen to anyone. It's a campaign for the Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK (that's ALS in the US). Show More Summary

Last Day to Register for our Grant Fundraising Blueprint Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, July 10th) is the last day to register for our new class The Grant Fundraising Blueprint: How to Find and Win More Grants for Your Non-Profit.  Registration closes at 7 PM. During this 4 week online class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to supercharge your grant […]

Ask Them To Call, But First …

Too many nonprofits fail to see themselves as providing ‘customer service’, yet as Roger has emphasized repeatedly (here and here, for example), ineffective servicing of donor questions and concerns (on matters as ‘simple’ as correcting misspelled names) can be a major reason for anemic donor commitment and even defection. Here’s a study indicating just how […]

Key questions about philanthropy, part 2: choosing focus areas and hiring program staff

This post is second in a series on fundamental questions about philanthropy that we’ve grappled with in starting a grantmaking organization (see link for the series intro). In this post, we discuss the following questions: Should a funder set explicit … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

@knightfdn Offers Free Webinar Series on Taking Giving Days to the Next Level

Note from Beth: I’ve been facilitating a community of practice of community foundations, Knight Foundation grantees, over the past two years, that have been using the Knight Foundation Giving Day Playbook to take their practice to the next level. Show More Summary

The Future of (Nonprofit) Work

(Photo: U-M Library Digital Collections. Political Posters, Labadie Collection, University of Michigan. Accessed: July 09, 2015.) I'm thinking a lot about what it will mean to work (at nonprofits, for social good, in social movements,...Show More Summary

Why Fundraising in Rounds Works

Setting specific periods for reaching out to donors can help nonprofits stay focused on their goals and balance fundraising efforts with the work of the organization.

Put Some Spark in Your Volunteer Program!

For many people, July is the time of year for  fireworks and camping. For many volunteer program managers, it can also be the time of year when needs and programs increase, and volunteers go on vacation. When I worked at … Continue reading ?

How Has Charity Navigator Changed The Way You Donate?

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