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Charity Navigator Staff Talks to Kids About Coding

Computer Science Education Week is an annual program that helps inspire K-12 students to take interest in computer science. This year's CSEdWeek ran from December 5 - 11. Two of Charity Navigator's own staff, Matt Dragon (Senior Software...Show More Summary

The Importance of the Charitable Deduction to the Social Sector

President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan includes provisions that will limit the charitable deduction, which has long been considered a staple of the philanthropic sector’s development efforts. According to nonpartisan thinkShow More Summary

Happy Holidays from VolunteerMatch!

We’re glad you’re a part of our community of volunteers, nonprofits, and good companies. Thank you for the work you do to make our world a better place.

Something you might be doing that's alienating your donors

There's something you might be doing that's alienating many of your donors. You might not even notice that you're doing it. Michael Rosen Says that harmful thing you're doing is putting a strong public emphasis on the heroic giving of...Show More Summary

Last Day to Register for our Non-Profit Crowdfunding Class

This is a reminder that today (Friday, December 16th) is the last day to register for our class How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Non-Profit.  Registration closes at 7 PM tonight. During this 4 week online class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to launch and run a successful crowdfunding campaign for your organization, including: How […]

Will You Survive?

You’ve seen that they’ve been huddling in the executive conference room for the past week. The performance reviews have all been submitted. Cryptic organization charts are being carefully guarded. You know what’s coming. You were asked about alternative lines of reporting. About doing more with less staff. About your accumulated vacation days. They’re reorganising the […]

The secret to getting donors under 40 years old

What, according to fundraising wizard Sean Triner, is The best way to get donations from under 40s? Wait until they are over 40. It's a painful truth that many fundraisers spend a lot of money battering their heads against. People under 40 are tough prospects for fundraising. Show More Summary

10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for all of us to take some time off to relax, be with friends and family, and most importantly rest up for the year ahead. 2016 was rough, folks. So now it is critical that you take some time off to reconnect with your core. But before […]

Remember our Troops this Holiday Season

As of September, there are approximately 1.3 million American troops deployed worldwide.. The holiday season makes being away from home particularly difficult, whether you’re on the other side of the United States or across the globe. Show More Summary

“We Amplify Pride”

“We amplify pride” … Are you kidding me?! December is the month when nonprofits unleash a tsunami of emails upon their beleaguered donors, who are far more concerned about why their Christmas tree lights won’t light. Despite the torment you cause, I’m sure all you email senders are convinced that it’s effort and resource well-spent, […]

December 2016 open thread

Our goal with hosting quarterly open threads is to give blog readers an opportunity to publicly raise comments or questions about GiveWell or related topics (in the comments section below). As always, you’re also welcome to email us at or to request a call with GiveWell staff if you have feedback or questions you’d... Show More Summary

The best and worst word in fundraising

There's a single word that can be one of the worst or one of the best words to use in fundraising. The word? WE Here's how to make it the worst: When we means "those of us in the organization" or "the committee that wrote this message." When used that way, it's exclusionary. Show More Summary

Over $10 Million Donated

In the last thirteen months, over twenty thousand donors have used Charity Navigator's Giving Basket to safely and securely donate more than $10 million to nearly 7,600 charities! Our users love the convenience of being able to research charities and then give without having to leave our site. Show More Summary

3 Ways to Encourage Volunteer Giving on Social

Volunteers can support your nonprofit in multiple ways. Learn how to encourage your volunteers and other supporters to become donors by using social media.

5 Steps to Consistent Communications (+ Instant Connection)

Whether you’re all in on year-end fundraising or working in some 2017 prep, I bet you have some pretty ambitious goals to meet. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Here’s a proven but frequently overlooked method to help you get there: consistent communications. Consistency enables your people and prospects to recognize your organization’s communications in a […]

4-Star Charity Gift Guide

Snow Leopard Trust Mission: The Snow Leopard Trust aims to protect this endangered cat through community-based conservation projects that are based on an improved scientific understanding of snow leopard behavior, needs, habitats and threats. Show More Summary

Three Things to Review Now if You Want to Raise More in 2017

Taking time to review your donor data can feel like a luxury, especially if you are a small fundraising team. Donor data review should not be a luxury. Just as you define a good event by tickets sold or dollars raised, and you define...Show More Summary

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