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Donation Page Blunders

They’ve ‘opened the envelope’. They’re checking out the ‘order card’. But then they walk away … without making a donation. Why? You had them right on the verge. Possibly, just confusion, discordant message, too many choices. Crafters of direct mail packages know how hugely important carefully designed order cards are for ‘closing’ the gift. And the […]

A Look Back on VM Summit 16

In case you missed it, VM Summit 16 — the conference on corporate volunteerism and nonprofit partnerships — took place Tuesday, October 25, 2016, in Chicago.

Why the dignity and professionalism path will kill your fundraising

Fundraising copy is so darned emotional. It swings from sob-story to excitement. It's not ashamed to wear its heart on its sleeve. Maybe this emotionalism rubs you the wrong way. It's not the kind of person you are, and it's not the kind of organization you are part of. Show More Summary

How to lose a donor in 90 days

Here’s the scenario. I was a monthly donor to this nonprofit for years. I was also giving free (and paid) but mostly free advice […]

Ordinary Fundraising Done Extraordinarily Well

In the New York Times Special Section on Giving — covering a wide range of topics from foundation trends, to teaching kids to give, and the ins and outs of automobile donations — there’s a piece that will be of special interest to Agitator readers. Asking for Money? Compliment the Donor, Not Your Organization is worth […]

10 Great Social Innovation Reads: Oct 2016

October was a bit of a whirlwind in the world of social change. Continued concerns that philanthropy is not positioned to truly impact wealth inequality, a confusing pivot by Charity Navigator in the Overhead Myth movement, some case...Show More Summary

Only 6 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference tickets left - #npstoryconf

Only 6 more tickets left to the conference helping attendees double and triple their fundraising and marketing results! The post Only 6 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference tickets left - #npstoryconf appeared first on

Efficiency Wages and the Nonprofit Sector

  Hey girlfriend. You should get paid more. You should have more sick time, and more flex time to be with your family or […]

Creating A Culture of Well-being in Your Nonprofit Workplace: The First Step

I am thrilled with the response to The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout as my co-author and I have been sharing the ideas on a virtual book tour during the last month.  One of our hopes for the book was that it would spark conversation about the need for self-care as part of doing the work.  … Read More

Your fundraising isn't corny enough

If someone in authority tells you your fundraising message is corny, you should not take the to mean you need to revise it so it's not so corny. You should tell that person, "Thanks for your astute observation! I worked very hard toShow More Summary

Elections and Public Charities

With the election soon approaching, it is important for charities to know the role in which they can and can’t play in regards to political activities. There are numerous ways in which charities can still be involved in the election process, even with the legal restrictions regarding their involvement. Show More Summary

Inspire Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Guests with a Simple Act

Each time I attend a nonprofit fundraising event I’m on the look-out for new ways guests are inspired about the mission of the organization. Recently I attended the Transforming Families fundraising luncheon for the The post Inspire Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Guests with a Simple Act appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

What’s In a Blogroll?

Well, it turns out blogrolls can be like the vegetable crisper in your refrigerator … some fresh looking, appetizing, recognizable stuff on the top, and some soft, liquefying, long-forgotten stuff at the bottom (what is that gook and what was I thinking?!). At least that’s what we found when The Agitator set about ‘refreshing’ our own […]

Is it Time to Start Selling Volunteer Perfume?

What if, besides volunteer coordinators, we also became “life-enhancement coordinators?”

Ready to cancel your telephone fundraising? Think carefully!

So Stanford University has shut down its annual fund telephone fundraising program. Visionary? Delusional? I don't know. (It's probably some of both.) Whenever a big player does something big like this, it gets a lot of attention. They're...Show More Summary

Honoring The Courage To Challenge And Change

I want to extend my sympathy to David Love and Jen Love, two of my favorite Agitator-reading fundraisers over the passing Dr. Henry Barnett, Jen’s grandfather and David’s father-in-law. Normally, I would do this personally with a personal note and not post.  But, the life of Henry “Barney” Barnett stands as a positive example for […]

Best conference fundraisers is NEXT WEEK

The hour is late. But not too late. You can still go: The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference November 10 - 11, 2016 Chicago Hilton I highly recommend this conference. I go to more conferences than you could shake a stick at. Most of them are somewhere between kinda useful and a dreadful waste of time. Show More Summary

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