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4 Practical Resources for Year-End Preparation

Don’t fool yourself in the belief that “since I work on a July to June fiscal year I have lots of time to meet my goals.” That may be your fiscal year, but donors go by the calendar. And we’re fast running up to that time when nearly 30% of all nonprofits raise between 25 […]

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Good afternoon, friends! Join me for this week’s round of Mixed Links… First off, my birthday is tomorrow and we’re celebrating with a Flash Sale! Save $200 on our All-Access Training Pass. Offer expires tonight at midnight ET. Do you plan before you start writing? Ali Luke thinks you should and tells you How to Plan […]

Is your direct mail fundraising just a garbage factory?

The use of freemiums in direct mail fundraising -- low-cost items sent to grab donors' attention -- can be a useful tactic. For some organizations, and in some fundraising sectors, it's a price of admission to the fundraising game. Address...Show More Summary

Download And Read Before Fundraising Implodes

Over the past week, we renewed our exploration of what’s wrong with nonprofit fundraising. Here and here we dealt mainly with how fundraisers are viewed and treated by their organizations and by each other. Of course, that’s only a small part of the story — some of the symptoms. The bigger picture problem — the […]

It’s My Party and I’ll Save You Money If I Want To

Ok, that doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? But it is my birthday this Saturday. And to celebrate I am chopping $200 off the price of our Annual All-Access Pass. Today and tomorrow only, you can get our Annual All-Access Training Pass for only $499. The All-Access Pass gives you 365 days of […]

Podcast: How to use photos in fundraising

Take note of this: A picture is worth a thousand words. So choose your pictures carefully! We take a look at the ways photos can emotional depth and measurable pull-power to your fundraising... or undermine your message entirely! A good fundraiser knows when to use "negative" images and when to use the positive ones we prefer. Show More Summary

Are You Afraid To Reveal It?

I was drawn to a Fast Company article titled What Do People Want When They Give To Nonprofits? I would have thought the answer was pretty easy. Feelings like self-validation, relief (from anger, frustration, fear, etc), recognition, efficacy and connection came to mind. But the article left me disappointed, wandering into areas like “gamifying” donor […]

Free #GivingTuesday Tips, Ideas, and Resources

#GivingTuesday is only 47 days away so I thought I would compile a list of blog posts, articles, and other resources out there to help you make it a successful day. Wait? You don’t think #GivingTuesday is worth it? Well you aren’t alone, so let’s start there… Is Giving Tuesday Worth the Bother? by Paula […]

Free webinar will help you escape the horror of ineffective fundraising

The early part of my fundraising career was rough. Like most of us at that stage, I didn't have a clue. And I didn't really want to have a clue. Have you seen the movie "A Clockwork Orange"? That terrible scene toward the end where the...Show More Summary

Blah Blah Blah vs. Inspiring Language

The words we choose make a difference. We know this. Why, then, in our fundraising, do we use some of the same, tired phrases and words over and over and over again? The post Blah Blah Blah vs. Inspiring Language appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Year-End Upgrading In Minutes

There’s no better time than the year-end giving period to significantly upgrade your donors. By ‘upgrade’ I of course mean increase average gift … increase the average gifts of what you might consider ‘low dollar’ donors … increase the number of donors entering the mid-level or mid-value tier … and increase the number of folks moving up […]

How Nonprofit Communicators Can Measure Awareness

It’s my least favorite goal for nonprofit communicators: Brand Awareness. Why? Because it’s vague and hard to measure, and therefore hard to know what will really work best to increase it. Nevertheless, raising brand awareness is a top goal for many nonprofit communications departments, according to our research.  The argument for the goal goes like this: […]

Sparking Opportunities for Education and Career Pathways

How a regional college consortium in California’s Central Valley uses technology and alternative programming to create equitable educational pathways for students with “some college, no degree.”

How to be a great nonprofit (even if you're not big)

It takes a lot of money to be a big Nonprofit. It takes much, much less to be a good one. And while there are down-sides to being big, there are none to being good. Here's superb post from the Institute of Fundraising on Choosing to be great instead of big. Show More Summary

The Las Vegas Massacre And Fundraising

“All I’ve Seen is a Bed and a Doctor Bill” — Loretta Lynn “Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore” — John Prine Stick with me. This musical tour really is about fundraising. No sooner had the last shots blanketed the horrendous carnage in Las Vegas than the fair and balanced folks at […]

Spotting the Patterns: 2017 Trends in Design Thinking

Creative leaders and innovators are thinking about design thinking in more mature ways. Moving away from a sole emphasis on language and learning, they are increasingly focusing on questions of application, ownership, and impact.

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Seth J. Katzen

Welcome to the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words. We’d love to feature YOU in this series! Don’t be shy – tell us what you do in a typical day as a nonprofit communications pro. Seth J. Katzen is […]

The Perils of Fake News, Coordinated Misinformation, and Social Media Addiction

There have been many news articles recently about social media for evil: How Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even Instagram have been abused for coordinated misinformation paid social media or advertising to influence our political system. Find out what funders are doing to fight it in this upcoming Media Impact Funders webinar series.… Read More

King Arthur and Nonprofit Appeal Letter Stories

Read the first part of this post here According to Robert McKee, there are 4 Primary techniques for Progression Social progression-Widen the impact of character actions into society Personal progression-Dark personal secrets Symbolic...Show More Summary

Are You The Gardener Or The Fundraiser?

In Are You an ATM or a Fundraiser? I raised the issue of how ‘disrespect’ — for the profession, for each other, and for the donor — is contributing to a bleak future for our sector. Claire Axelrad was among Agitator readers who added to the ‘what’s wrong’ list. “The lack of a philanthropy culture […]

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