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Breakdown In Trust Is A Good Thing

For too long too many nonprofits –especially those focused heavily on direct response –have behaved as though they’re still operating in a by-gone time when donors placed blind trust in nonprofits and their brands. This failure to recognize—not through lip service and jargon but by the way we practice our craft — the vast changes […]

Hashtags Against Sexism

It’s 2015, shouldn’t we be past the need for hashtags to speak out against sexism and stereotypes about women? I wish, but that’s just not the case. Women and girls are belittled and ostracized in the science, tech, engineering, and mathematics fields every single day. Show More Summary

Spam: Not dead yet, but still crowding the good stuff

Here's some good news that's not so great: Spam now makes up les than half of all the email sent! That's as reported in Quartz at Spam has fallen to a 10-year low and is unlikely to make a comeback. The not-so-good part about this is how barely under half it is: 49.7% in June, according to security company Symantec. Show More Summary

What Sesame Street Can Teach Us About Giving Days

Note from Beth: For the past two years, I’ve had the honor of facilitating a peer learning exchange of Knight Grantees who are hosting Giving Days.   Later this morning,  I’ll be moderating the first of a series of webinars about how to take Giving Days to the next level.   … Read More

Lean Management in Health Care Delivery Is Late

The current health care market consistently fails the world’s poorest people. Increasing efficiencies and an influx of innovation are overdue.

Stepping Outside Your Geographical Comfort Zone: A Volunteer Story

Guest post by Dylan Manderlink After completing my first year of teaching in a public school in Arkansas, I decided to design my summer around volunteerism, giving back, seeing a new place, and restorative self-care. Luckily, as a public school … Continue reading ?

Announcing the Completion of Phase I of Results Reporting

As you may know, Charity Navigator has made a commitment to include Results Reporting metrics in our system for evaluating charities. We began collecting data towards that effort in 2013. And as of last month, our team of analysts collected...Show More Summary

Park benches on the internet

Park benches are really important. They are places where you can grab a seat by yourself and read without anyone else knowing what you're reading. Or sit with a friend and chat and not be overheard. Or step out at midday with a work colleague to complain about your boss or plan your startup, without being listened to. Show More Summary

Guest Post: What Funders and Nonprofits Can Do To Solve the Sector’s Talent Troubles

Note: As I mentioned earlier, I am taking a few weeks away from the blog to relax and reconnect with the world outside of social change. But I am leaving you in the incredibly capable hands of a rockstar set of guest bloggers. Next up is Kathy Reich. Show More Summary

How to Set a #GivingTuesday Goal

Are you ready for #GivingTuesday 2015? This annual day of generosity continues to grow, and we expect this year’s event to be even bigger. According to a recent webinar poll, 30% of nonprofits are planning to participate in #GivingTuesday...Show More Summary

Urgent Alert to U.S. Nonprofits–Immediate Action Needed

If you’re willing to turn over the list of your top donors to the government then you need read no further. However, if you’re not sure, or you’re absolutely certain you’d be unwilling to give up the donor list, then take this post to your CEO and General Counsel. Immediately. Why? Because right now the […]

Mapping a Finite Highway

Mapping a Finite Highway August 12, 2015 Almost a decade ago, Joel Fleishman, director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy, got a call from a foundation that had recently decided to expend its endowment and complete its grantmaking within 12-15 years. Show More Summary

6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever

Note from Beth: I hope you are enjoying summer break as much as I am!   I’ve taken a little break from blogging to enjoy some much needed family time.    I’m lucky because my colleague, Joe Waters, offered me a guest post for your to read while I’m away from blogging.   … Read More

Meet Hannah, Volunteer Yoga Instructor

Meet Hannah. Hannah grew up with volunteering. However, it wasn’t until she started volunteering with Mercy Housing that she realized how truly enjoyable it could be. Using VolunteerMatch, she found an opportunity that perfectly fits her skills and passions – teaching … Continue reading ?

The good news about donor fatigue

If you're afraid of "donor fatigue," I have some good news for you: There's no such thing. What we sometimes identify as "donor fatigue" is really fundraiser fatigue. It happens when fundraisers get tired of their own messaging. Unwilling to enter our donors' worlds, we stay in our own heads. Show More Summary

Thinking about your year end appeal?

Are you writing an appeal letter right now? If you’re going to send an appeal letter for your nonprofit at the end of the […]

This Digital Storytelling Site Made Me Weep With Joy

Anything with the word storytelling in the title catche […] The post This Digital Storytelling Site Made Me Weep With Joy appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

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