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Charity Navigator Metric Mondays #21: CEO Compensation & Policy

Happy Monday and more specifically, happy Metric Monday! Today we’ll be expanding upon our metrics about CEO compensation. Read more »

Stories Or Metrics?

Much is written and fretted about these days regarding the ‘differences’ — some real, some imagined — between Boomers (and older) donors and the younger generations of donors, especially Millennials. Over the weekend I read this ‘take’ on the situation — The Great Divide: Millennials vs. Baby Boomer Fundraising, written delightfully by a fundraiser in […]

Racism, white supremacy, and civil society

This letter, titled White People Show Us, from Angela Glover Blackwell and Michael McAfee of PolicyLink makes central what many would prefer to push aside. Racism is a problem created by white people. People of color suffer, but white people are the ones who created it, benefit from it, perpetuate it, and, I believe, also suffer from it. Show More Summary

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Let’s wrap up this week with some Mixed Links… If you are Not Sure What to Post on Social Media, here are 10 Content Ideas That Work. Did you ever think You’d Be a Better Communicator If You Weren’t So Afraid of Embarrassing Yourself? The Nonprofit Tech Carnival for this month has been published. The theme was […]

Charity Navigator Celebrates World Humanitarian Day, August 19

Humanitarian ( adjective ): 1. having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people; 2. pertaining to saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering Humanitarian ( noun ): a person actively engaged in...Show More Summary

Crowdfunding And The Rampage In Charlottesville

Within hours of the sickening and sordid rampage in Charlottesville last Saturday my Facebook account, emails and podcasts were filled with links to crowdfunding appeals for those injured. Tom and I don’t do much on crowdfunding so I thought I’d share some notes from observing how it was employed following this tragic and horrific event. […]

What We Can Learn from Finnish NGOS About Resilience

Earlier this month, I was honored to receive an invitation from the US Embassy in Finland and State Department to teach workshops in Finland for NGOs, Fulbright Finland, Womens Groups, Multi-Cultural Nonprofits, Youth Groups, and a network of Finnish-American Societies. Show More Summary

Why would anyone keep reading these letters?

I was digging through Uncle Maynard's Treasure Trove of Direct Mail Knowledge, looking for a great story I could use as an example of effective storytelling. It was discouraging, because it took a <>long time to find what I was looking for. Show More Summary

Putting Community First

Community foundations should reaffirm their unique role in the philanthropic landscape and focus on the needs of their geographic community.

Jeff Sessions Would Like a List of Visitors to Your Website

Sandwiched between the revulsion that is Charlottesville on Saturday and the immoral ravings of Donald Trump on Monday and Tuesday was a little noted revelation that should concern every nonprofit concerned with free speech and the right to protect their donors and volunteers from public exposure. On Monday the web hosting company DreamHost, revealed its ongoing […]

Bridging Governments’ Borders

Connected policy is essential to solve society’s hardest challenges; here’s how to make it happen.

Step-by-Step Guide: Nonprofit Walking Meetings

Earlier this week, I was honored to do a webinar for Soapbox Engage about self-care and bringing a culture of wellbeing into the nonprofit workplace based on The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout. And surely...Show More Summary

How to tap the fundraising power of technology without breaking the bank

Charity Navigator is excited to present this guest blog post from an expert in our community. To submit your ideas as a guest blogger, please contact Sara Nason at By Melissa Bodford & Kaitlin Reimann, co-founders of uBack Technology is overwhelming. Show More Summary

Why great fundraisers tell unfinished stories

Here's one of the toughest things in fundraising, a change in the way you tell stories that can dramatically improve results: Tell stories without endings. It goes against your instincts as a storyteller. But it works. Because it moves...Show More Summary

Creating a Partnership Between Fundraisers and Marketers [TOMORROW]

Do your fundraising and communications staffs work together well? It can be a challenge to get everyone on the same page. Especially if neither department has a clear understanding of what the other one is trying to do. It’s a problem we hear a lot, so that’s we’ve developed a BRAND NEW WEBINAR with the help […]

Your Nonprofit Storytelling Questions Answered

Recently I was honored to be invited to deliver a web class for Firespring the superstar website folks. We talked about Powerfully Sharing Stories to Attract and Retain Your Donors. Since there were a few questions asked during the session...Show More Summary

It’s 40% About The Offer

Effective fundraising appeals require the convergence of right audience/prospect, strong and clear offer, and compelling creative. You’ve probably heard the ’40/40/20? direct marketing adage that attributes the contribution each of these elements makes thusly: 40% of success due to right mailing list (proper targeting) 40% due to offer (you are asking your prospect to do […]

Want Staff Help with Communications? Start with Photography

Before social media, nonprofit communicators needed mostly text, and convincing non-communications staff to devote time and energy into writing was (and still is) a challenge. Now, communicators need visuals as much as they need text. With the proliferation of smartphones with good cameras, it’s easier than ever for everyone on staff, regardless of writing talents […]

2016 Impact Report | Ushering a New Era of Advocacy-Based Volunteerism

At VolunteerMatch, we take pride in facilitating mission-driven impact in our communities. In 2016, our data showed that turbulent times, people step up.

Charity Navigator is Back to School & Hooked on Phonics

Can you believe it’s already mid-August? Neither can we. As the last few days of summer vacation wind to an end we’re right alongside you getting into the back to school spirit. Today we’re unpacking charities that believe in the power of reading to enhance our lives. Show More Summary

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