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Roger and I are rather passionate when it comes to preaching the donor retention gospel. And we’re always on the watch to see how our cousins in the corporate marketing arena come at the retention (often ‘turn’ for them) challenge. Here’s a fascinating report — Retentionomics: The Path to Profitable Growth — prepared by relationship […]

Technically Speaking, What is a Charity?

America has more than 1.57 million tax-exempt organizations. That makes us home to the largest nonprofit sector in the history of mankind! But not all of these are technically charities. In fact, the nonprofit tax code encompasses more...Show More Summary

How to apply the magic of great radio to your fundraising

Radio spots are some of the best and worst advertising you'll ever encounter. Some legendary ads have been created (and are still being created) for radio. And some real stinkers that aren't going to move anyone to do anything -- but just might make you aware of things not to do in your fundraising. Show More Summary

Updates on AMF’s transparency and monitoring

In our mid-year update, we continued to recommend that donors give to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), and we wrote that we believe AMF has the most valuable current funding gap among our top charities. We also briefly wrote about some new concerns we have about AMF based on our research from the first half... Show More Summary

Rethinking the Global Development Convening

This year marks the last Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. How might future global development convenings build on the meeting’s success to create even greater impact?

Investing in Global Refugee and Migrant Integration

George Soros’s $500 million investment announcement following the first-ever UN summit on migrants and refugees sets an example for how all investors could engage in “migrant lens investing."

Goldilocks Fundraising

You may think you don’t have an over-solicitation problem, but your donors think otherwise. That’s the premise The Agitator and DonorVoice will explore at Noon EST today in the 2nd of our behavioral science webinars titled, Capitalizing on Donor Intent:  Increasiing the Number of Donor Gifts Per Year.  Agitator readers can register here and attend free. […]

Celebrating World Gratitude Day

What I’m grateful for and celebrate today on World Gratitude Day: That you are a reader of my Fire Starters blog. That I do work that inspires me every day. That by teaching others the power of using stories to engage others, I hear heart-warming, heart-wrenching, mission moments, often. The post Celebrating World Gratitude Day appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

September 2016 open thread

Our goal with hosting quarterly open threads is to give blog readers an opportunity to publicly raise comments or questions about GiveWell or related topics (in the comments section below). As always, you’re also welcome to email us at or to request a call with GiveWell staff if you have feedback or questions you’d prefer to... Show More Summary

4 Techniques to Boost Volunteer Engagement

While a lot of nonprofits have highly developed strategies in place for engaging donors, many haven’t put as much thought into how to engage their volunteers.

Funding Our Future $1 At A Time

Now that summer is over, it is time to get used to the regularity of early mornings, long work days, and the consistent grind of what is always a lengthy and eventful school year. For teachers, this means they must solidify their classroom settings, how they will run their class, and what their necessary resources will be in regards to such. Show More Summary

Do You Work for A Nonprofit That Promotes A Culture of Wellbeing in the Workplace?

Gabriela Schneider, Chief Communications Officer at Issue One A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post called “Why the Nonprofit Work Ethic Is Outdated and Needs Change,” about why nonprofit professionals need to pay attention to self-care and bring a culture of wellbeing into the nonprofit workplace. … Read More

Three things every donor needs from you

Every donor needs three things from you in order to become as fully involved in supporting your organization as they can be: A problem to solve. The way you get the most people to donate is to put your requests in the form of a problem they can help solve. Show More Summary

Making Philanthropy More Equitable: An Interview with Aaron Dorfman

In today’s Social Velocity interview, I’m talking with Aaron Dorfman, President and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), a research and advocacy organization that works to ensure America’s grantmakers are responsive to the needs of those with the least wealth, opportunity and power. Show More Summary

Evaluating Charities Not Currently Rated by Charity Navigator: Part 2

2. Check for evidence of the charity's commitment to accountability and transparency Website The best charities are transparent and accountable to the public. You should be able to see evidence of this in the information they provide on their web site. Show More Summary

Here’s why your donors are not coming back

Read part one of this interview with Ellen Bristol and learn how to start looking at your fundraising and measuring it in a different […]

Unethical Fundraising … Or Just Dumb?

Yesterday Roger wrote an eloquent plea for fundraisers to get serious about ethical issues in the business of fundraising … The Fundraising Ethics Gap. I assume he meant to exclude political fundraising, which seems to know no bounds whatsoever. I happen to lean Democratic, as least as perceived by Democratic fundraisers grasping at some shred of […]

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