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What Are You Meant to Create?

I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions, but I do think that the beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on where your life is going and what course corrections you’d like to make. For me, as I reflected at the beginning...Show More Summary

Donor Acquisition Series #1-WANTED: An Investment Mindset

  Among the first of the New Year’s resolutions received at Agitator Global HQ was one from Peter Maple and his Association of Grumpy Old Fundraisers who know stuff. Recalling the fundraising meltdown in the UK triggered by the Olive Cooke affair and the flood tide of negative publicity which was then followed by the […]

How to Take Advantage of Free Advertising Dollars from Google AdWords

Guest post by Stephanie Hong Welcome to our special Google AdWords two-part series written by Stephanie Hong, a nonprofit marketing specialist. She will provide tips & tricks on how to make the most of your Google AdWords Grant dollars. As … Continue reading ?

The Promise and Peril of an “Outcomes Mindset”

If government is going to champion outcomes-based policies, let’s learn from our mistakes.

Me-First Fundraising: Why it doesn't work

Usually, you can count on Kiva to do solid, effective fundraising. That's why this example that recently landed in my in-box is disappointing: This email from Kiva is classic Me-First Fundraising. It's a common form of fundraising that's based on the premise that if you talk about your organization enough, donors will be impressed and give. Show More Summary

Skip the Nonprofit Silent Auction. Put your Focus on Fund a Need

This week I’m honored to share a guest post by benefit auctioneer Sherry Truhlar, who will be our guest speaker for the January 21st Ignited Fundraising Community webinar, Fund-A-Need Secrets to Thousands of Dollars. Register here to join us. Show More Summary

Smart Priorities For 2016

In a recent post I reminded Agitator readers of Roger’s top ‘To Do’ item for any fundraiser in any new year — keep educating yourself. One of the easiest ways is to sign up for some of the blogs and e-newsletters proffered by your fundraising colleagues. We include a heap of good sources on our […]

Don’t Abuse Self-Care at Your Nonprofit

Flickr Photo by Annamatic3000 As part of the research for our book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Strategies for Impact without Burnout, Aliza Sherman and I have been reading, interviewing, and researching self-care practices both for the individual and how nonprofit organizations can support it.    … Read More

Alternative interpretations

As if maintaining this blog weren't enough, I've jumped on the Medium bandwagon. You can find my stories here, the Lab's posts here, and a publication called The Development Set here.Here's a piece I wrote about how the discussions about...Show More Summary

Mismatch: How Income and Expense Volatility Are Undermining Households

Even when households are saving a lot, growing income and expense volatility mean building assets is harder than ever.

Why is your fundraising so unemotional?

Flat, unemotional fundraising messages don't work. Yet we see them all the time. Why? Here are some thoughts on this from PhilanTopic, at Is Lack of Emotion Hurting Your Fundraising? Here are some common mistakes that drain emotion from messages: Mistakenly assume that every person is an expert. Show More Summary

Is Your Nonprofit Board Avoiding Their Money Role?

I was speaking to a group of nonprofit leaders in Pittsburgh last month about how to Move From Fundraising to Financing and there were some parts of the presentation that raised eyebrows and (sometimes) controversy. And it usually happened around the topic of the nonprofit board. Show More Summary

Essentials Of Innovation

As the year begins, most Agitator readers have made some plans for new approaches, new tactics, to try in the coming year … otherwise more grandly known as ‘innovations’. Seriously, I hope ‘innovation’ means more to fundraisers than testing new envelope teasers and email subject lines. Innovation is serious stuff, and often impeded by poor […]

Fundraising Authority Podcast #28: Quick Rules for Successful Silent Auctions

Silent auctions can be a very effective way to raise many for non-profits… but they can also be time consuming and stressful if they’re not done the right way. In today’s podcast, we go over eight quick rules for more successful silent auctions, and show you how to keep your event organized and profitable.  For even […]

Encouraging Innovation Everywhere

Youth voices in resource-constrained environments suggest that understanding socio-economic context is an important factor in encouraging innovation.

My Birthday Wish: Support My Fundraiser for NTEN

Today is my birthday!  To celebrate,  rather than eat cake, I’m fundraising for the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN).   Please consider donating to the fundraiser with colleague Cindy Leonard. I have worked in the nonprofit sector for 35 years. Show More Summary

Wikipedia's two big fundraising fails -- you might be doing it too

Like everyone who benefits from Wikipedia, you probably saw the recent Wikipedia fundraiser. You probably should have donated. But most likely you didn't. And that's partly Wikipedia's fault. The Neuromarketing shows us why at The Big Mistake Most Non-Profits Make. Show More Summary

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