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Tips for Creating an Effective Nonprofit Campaign on Social Media

Guest post by Mary Kleim No matter what your thoughts are about social media, you cannot deny the fact that some people who use it are full of compassion. They are always ready to help those in need, and nonprofit organizations … Continue reading ?

Your fundraising letters helped by zombies

Have you ever struggled with the active voice vs. passive voice in your fundraising letters? It's so easy to slip into the passive voice, thinking it sounds more "objective" or "business-like." But active voice is easier to read and is better at accomplishing your goal: getting donors to take action! While it's best to have [...]Show More Summary

Fortifying Health Care Startups in the Middle East and North Africa

A cohort of startups is building new, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that can help enhance health care knowledge and mitigate medical risks throughout the region.

Fundraising and the overrated demographic

A lot of marketers see Millennial customers as a sort of gold rush. Last year, they reportedly spent 500% more on advertising targeted at Millennials than all other age groups combined. Do I detect some herd mentality? Millennials are better customers for certain things than others: Outdoor gear. Show More Summary

CN's Newest Financial Metric

As you have probably noticed, Charity Navigator recently released an updated set of metrics for measuring each charity’s financial health (called CN 2.1 ). The enhanced methodology was developed after years of reviewing and analyzing feedback, data and research. Show More Summary

Donorus Specificus: Evolution Of The Donor

Yesterday Roger argued that fundraisers need to know their donors’ identities. And he was talking about individual donors … and not just the $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 (or whatever your ‘major gift’ threshold is) variety. He admitted this would be hard work: “This is an approach that most fundraisers will dismiss out of hand as […]

Donor Relations FAIL: Northeastern, what are you doing?

According to Gawker, many Northeastern University alumni were texted a message that offered them a chance to win $1,000 off their debt if they […]

10 Great Social Innovation Reads: June 2016

What is it about June and social change? Last June was the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage, a huge victory after decades of social change work. This June, while perhaps not as pivotal, offered some clear glimpses of impending social change. Show More Summary

4 Takeaways from Our Shark Week Campaign

For years, VolunteerMatch has supported Discovery Communications by providing employee volunteer management software. This year — and for the first time ever — VolunteerMatch partnered with Discovery to dive into unchartered waters: Shark Week (6/26/16 – 7/2/16). Shark Week is … Continue reading ?

Curiosity Kills Bad Work Habits

The topic of habit change is something that Aliza Sherman and I researched and experimented with as we wrote “The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Impact without Burnout” over the last year.  Habit change research was one of our favorite rabbit holes to explore.… Read More

Why we don’t currently recommend charities focused on vaccine distribution

GiveWell does not recommend any charities focused on vaccine funding and distribution. But we remain excited about vaccinations as a health intervention. The vaccination programs we’ve researched have been backed by strong, independent...Show More Summary

Transforming Activism: Digital Era Advocacy Organizations

New types of civil society organizations are powerfully and successfully using technology to campaign online and offline for social, economic, and environmental change.

Subject-line lessons from the Presidential campaign

Ever since the Obama campaign's famous one-word subject line -- "Hey" -- from 2012, it's practically a tradition for fundraisers to learn from political emails. Take the email strategy from Hilary Clinton's campaign. Like all campaigns,...Show More Summary

You want to make a donor care with your writing? Do this.

Are you working on your summer appeal or your summer newsletter? I want to help you overcome the tyranny of deadline and the tyranny […]

Recipe for Success: Always Focus on Your Mission Using Stories

Recently I was in the audience at the Girls on the Run (GOTR) Summit in Orlando, Florida and listened to Elizabeth Kunz, GOTR International CEO deliver an exceptional and inspiring visionary leader speech. I quickly saw why Girls on the Run has grown exponentially since Liz became CEO. Show More Summary

First Facebook ate the news, are nonprofits next?

(Photo: The news business has been through quite a bit over the last two decades. A year or so ago, Facebook made itself into a key...Show More Summary

Starting Over #4: Understanding Donor Identity

In his post, Is There A ‘Donor Journey’? Tom raises a key question and some of our most thoughtful readers answered, in essence, course there is, BUT … in the case of many organizations that journey is mighty flawed. And the reason most donor journeys, donor experiences, ‘touches’ or whatever you want to call them […]

Improving Philanthropy: An Interview with Melinda Tuan

In today’s Social Velocity interview, I’m talking with Melinda Tuan, project manager for Fund for Shared Insight (Shared Insight), a collaborative effort among funders to make grants that improve philanthropy. In that capacity, Melinda...Show More Summary

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