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How to Build a Stellar Fundraising Committee & Volunteer Team

It's important to have an amazing team of committee members and volunteers to support your event. Here's a guide to who should be on that team.

Governing a Collaborative Organization

Collaborative organizations require collaborative leadership, but are boards getting in their own way?

Smart web design for older donors is smart web design, period

One of the most important things to keep in mind in fundraising is the age of donors. Which, for almost everyone, is older than you! The National Institute on Aging has a great tip sheet called Making Your Website Senior Friendly (PDF). Show More Summary

10 #NPCOMM Experiments Everyone Should Try – What Belongs on List?

I am a big fan of experimenting with your marketing and fundraising communications. I think that’s how you learn what works best and how you make progress, step by step, test by test. In my next book, I want to include a list of 10 experiments that every nonprofit should try with its communications. For […]

Why Good Enough Is No Longer Good Enough: Part 1

I ended my last post No One Wants More Email with the admonition, “We all need to get used to demanding more information and start challenging the status quo. Why? Because nothing, absolutely nothing is more dangerous to our future than acceptance of the status quo.” No area of the fundraiser’s work is more deserving of […]

Changing the False Narrative That Conflates Gun Violence and Mental Illness

Why America needs a proactive, focused, comprehensive, and sustained strategy that decouples the issues of gun violence and mental health, and reframes the national dialogue about both.

Emotion: feel it so you can help others feel it

How do you communicate emotion to your donors? Easy. Feel the emotion yourself. Okay, maybe not so easy. But feeling it yourself is half the battle -- probably more. The Passionate Giving blog has some help for this at How to Insert Emotion Into Major Gifts: Get a fix on the core thing that your non-profit does. Show More Summary

4 Donor Newsletter Changes to Increase Donations

Thinking of axing your donor newsletter because it costs more than it’s worth? WAIT! It’s not the idea of the donor newsletter that’s wrong – it’s how you’re approaching it that’s wrong. Luckily we have a smart guy like Tom Ahern around to set us straight! Register for next week’s two-part webinar series presented by […]

4 Signs You Are A Burned Out Nonprofit Fundraiser

You’ve smiled through back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings with donors and your best donor prospect just cancelled on you, and now you’ve got to finish that grant report before you can go home. It’s totally normal to feel super exhausted after a particularly rough day—but if every day is starting to feel rough, you might be close to burning out.… Read More

Direct Mail Buzzes

I’ve noticed a few good items regarding direct mail lately that I’m sharing today. First up from Target Marketing is Paul Bobnak’s collection of The 6 Best Direct Mail Teasers of 2016. Gotta get that letter noticed and open folks! Here are the two probably most relevant for Agitator readers, from Consumer Reports and The […]

World No Tobacco Day: Just Say NO

Sadly, about 6 million people die from tobacco use annually. This number is expected to increase to 8 million annually by the year 2030. Each year, on May 31, the World Health Organization and other organizations around the world advocate...Show More Summary

Memorial Day

Roger and I are taking the day off; it’s the end of  Memorial Day weekend in the States.   Since my coming of age in the Sixties, the US has fought wars and engaged in military actions some of which I actively opposed, but nothing should detract from paying honor to those who have given their lives in […]

The modern day office-It goes with us everywhere.

I used to love bringing my computer everywhere! But now, the modern day office-It goes with us everywhere. Even on vacation. Even when we’re […]

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Happy Friday! My kids just got out of school so I really need some Mixed Drinks..I mean Links… Kivi is doing a free webinar for Bloomerang, June 1st, on What a Communications Plan Should Look Like. Last week Vu Le at Nonprofit AF, posted How Donor-Centrism Perpetuates Inequity, and Why We Must Move Toward Community-Centric Fundraising. This obviously […]

When Building a Field Requires Building a New Organization

Starting a new organization to fill a gap in a field of social innovation is a bold and difficult step, but four strategies can help ensure success.

Your dream job and dream life may be waiting for you

Pardon me if I get a little bit commercial here. But this is a super-cool job, and I have a feeling the person who should have the job reads this blog. Moceanic is looking for a Project Manager. Not just any project manager, but a super-smart, amazingly flexible, fun, cool, and ready to help change the world... Show More Summary

Last Day for Early Bird Discount on Mastering Online Fundraising

This is a reminder that today (Friday, May 26th) is the last day to receive a special early bird discount when you register for our newest class Mastering Online Fundraising. Don’t miss it!  During this 6-week class,  you’ll learn the secrets of raising more money online for your non-profit, including: The right way to use your website to raise money (it’s […]

8 Biggest Email Mistakes

Our subject line today is the model of perfection … according to online marketing firm Marketo. Why? It’s clear and direct … not clever. ‘Unclear subject lines’ is the first of eight biggest email mistakes marketers make according to Marketo in this white paper. They cite a case study reporting that clear subject lines received 541% […]

12 Tips for Engaging Pro Bono Volunteers

Engaging pro bono volunteers can be a great way to provide singular focus and experience on a project or problem.

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