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Catching the Wave

How a powerful communications strategy helped the Surfrider Foundation and a coalition of other organizations mobilize a local grassroots effort and save a rare natural resource.

100% to programs: a fundraising offer you should try

by guest blogger George Crankovic, Senior Writer at TrueSense Marketing. The 100% model -- the idea that 100% of funds raised will go to programs, none to overhead -- attracts nonprofits as well as donors. Charity:water is one well-known nonprofit following this course. Show More Summary

A Big Help to Little People

Editor’s Note: VolunteerMatch participates in Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA)’s Corporate Work Study Program. Michelle, one of our ICA volunteers, wrote the following post to share how volunteering has impacted her life. Guest post by Michelle Fonseca Nelson Mandela once said, … Continue reading ?

CN 2.1 Is Here!

Today, we launched CN 2.1, an enhanced charity rating system, that provides potential donors with better information to make even smarter giving decisions. As a result of the updated rating system, which is still based on a one- to four-star...Show More Summary

We’re in trouble now! Giving outlook from Atlas of Giving

Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome. This is Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising and today I am chatting with Rob Mitchell of Atlas of […]

Four Nonprofit Studies to Ramp Up the Rest of Your 2016 Fundraising

We just celebrated Memorial Day here in the US, which means we had a nice, long weekend. With people taking time off to make the most of a long weekend to just taking awhile to get back in work mode, these shortened holiday work weeks...Show More Summary

Could It Be ‘The Product’?

So much fundraising advice I see — including the advice offered by The Agitator — addresses the ‘how’ question. How to improve retention? How to calculate and use lifetime value? How to use online video? How to master the mobile channel? How to get donor feedback? How to make fewer appeals, yet raise more money? How […]

Venture Philanthropy for the Arts, for Innovation

Cultivating our society’s most creative thinkers like venture capitalists—supporting them early, continuously, and strategically—can lead to social impact far beyond the art world.

Ratings for the Veterans Charities that Donald Trump Says he Donated to

Earlier this year, Donald Trump held a televised fundraising campaign for veterans' charities. This week, he released the list of charities that benefited from the event. And the folks at PolitiFact have cross referenced those 40 charities with our site to show how they rate.

Four Early Lessons Learned in the Quest to Improve Feedback Loops in Philanthropy

Photo by LIFT Note from Beth:  I’ve just returned from an amazing training project in Cambodia and will be sharing more about that this coming week.  But for now, Listening and feedback loops are important skills for nonprofit leaders and for organizations to get better results.   … Read More

What’s Behind the Why of Working with Volunteers

Guest post by Elisa Kosarin, Twenty Hats This post was originally published on Twenty Hats. When you nurture what’s best in your volunteers, you hold some powerful change agents in your hands. Have you ever had a conversation so thought-provoking that … Continue reading ?

We're About To Upgrade Our Rating System!

After years of research and consultation with donors, charities, and independent advisors, we are ready to launch a new version of our rating system. Called CN 2.1, it consists of changes to all seven of our Financial Health rating metrics. Show More Summary

Ask the right questions before you write, and your fundraising will work better -- and take less time

Most of the work that makes any fundraising project effective happens before you write a single word. It's the questions you ask and answer about the people you're talking to and what it is you want them to do. When you have this stuff really nailed down -- the writing is almost easy. Show More Summary

Join us for the Annual Reports Masterclass

Does this describe last year’s annual report? Your pictures of your cause are tiny, out-of-focus, or just plain amateurish. You don’t have a list […]

What Are You?

Are you really a Fundraiser? Or, are you just a Fundraising Monitor? “Why monitor a problem if you don’t fix it?” Here at The Agitator we sure do a lot of monitoring. Tom and I think we should also be doing more along the lines of  encouraging, debating and reporting on ‘fixing’. It’s clear from […]

Mobile Giving 101

Mobile giving is one of the hottest topics in town. That being said, many people have been throwing the term around without fully understanding its practices or implications. It’s more than just texting to give. And that’s precisely why we’ve crafted this essential guide to mobile giving. We’ll explore everything from the definition of mobile [...]Show More Summary

Encouraging Imams to Promote Family Planning

In Senegal, where many believe contraception is inconsistent with Islamic values, religious leaders can play an important role in improving reproductive health statistics.

Why Monitor If You Don’t Fix?

In tomorrow’s post, Roger will talk about finding fundraising solutions … solutions with an empirical basis, not folklore. He poses the question: “Why monitor a problem if you don’t fix it?” But the heavy lifting can wait a day … today is Memorial Day, a holiday for our U.S. readers. However, here’s a light-hearted preview … U.S. […]

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