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How WE Do It! The Best Video Ever

Watch it and weep, with laughter and recognition (if you’re a working parent, or overloaded in any other way). That’s definitely me! Is it you? This video from Make It Work—a community making things better for hardworking women, men and families across the country—works wonders. It: Connects with working parents in a flash, by featuring […]

More! Build Stronger Donor Relationships Right Now: Ideas from Fellow Fundraisers, Part 2

Read Part 1 here Have two minutes? Please tell us what you’re doing to strengthen donor relationships and/or what’s in your way. Thanks! You have some fantastic fundraiser peers. Kudos to all of you who generously shared your path to...Show More Summary

Using Powerful Stories to Stand Out From the Crowd

Since the beginning of time we’ve used storytelling to […] The post Using Powerful Stories to Stand Out From the Crowd appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Donor Trends For 2015

Last week, Fundraising Success ran 4 Nonprofit Donor Demographics Trends for 2015 in which four fundraisers offered their prognostications. Actually, most of the comments were more about the future in general, as opposed to 2015 per se. Show More Summary

Bike-a-thon Crowdfunding Success – Ride for a Reason

The 7TH annual Ride for a Reason bike-a-thon from Oakland to the Capital to support education and raise essential funds for Oakland schools is happening on March 15. Last year, 250 students, teachers, parents and community members pedaled to Sacramento to draw attention to the crisis in funding for education. “We once had the best […]

Workshop for Nonprofit Leaders in NYC

Join Charity Navigator and Marks Paneth LLP For a Complimentary Breakfast Seminar This seminar will address the financial, governance, compliance and reputational risk-related issues every nonprofit must carefully monitor to ensure financial stability, operational sustainability and reporting transparency for key stakeholders. Show More Summary

Open Philanthropy Project Update: U.S. Policy

Last year, we set a “stretch goal” for the Open Philanthropy Project: There are two types of causes – global catastrophic risks and US policy issues – that we now feel generally familiar with (particularly with the methods of investigation). … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Developing a Tactical Fundraising Calendar for Your Organization

The following is a short excerpt from week 7 of our Supercharge Your Fundraising class.  Registration closes on Friday. The tactical strategy for your fundraising should not be random, and it shouldn’t be based on a “we’ll figure this out as we go along” mentality. Your best bet to ensure maximum revenue is to lay […]

[Question Marc] Help! My board wants to do another event!

Dear Marc, Help!! My board wants to do ANOTHER fundraising event! We're already doing 10 events a year. How can I tell them we don't have the resources to do another one? Stressed in San Diego My Answer Dear Stressed, Oh no! I definitely feel your pain! I think your board is living out the [...]Show More Summary

DIY Leadership Development

Two steps nonprofits can take to develop up-and-coming leaders day-to-day.

Introducing The Millennial Donor Playbook

It’s likely that most of your nonprofit’s individual giving comes from donors who are Baby Boomers or older. So, why should you care about Millennials now? Young supporters represent the leading edge of technology adoption and online behavior, and this behavior actually influences how other age groups interact with your cause. Show More Summary

If the Ancient Greeks Had iPhone Separation Anxiety: Fitbippides

Noise to Signal Cartoon As my work as a trainer pivots more towards leadership development in a networked world,  I’ve been doing more and more training on the topic of  mindfulness at work techniques.  The most recent session was about  walking as work and professional colleagues, like Rob Cottingham, have noticed.  … Read More

Why thanking donors can't be an after-thought

Check out this post at Fundraising Coach: A surprising tweak to increase donor retention. The surprising tweak is thanking donors quickly. Online, you can do a wonderful thank-you on the page they see immediately after finishing their giving transaction. Show More Summary

How to Build A Stellar Nonprofit Staff

Building and keeping a highly effective nonprofit staff is really tricky. The recently released 2015 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey from NonprofitHR found that 50% of nonprofits surveyed plan to add new positions in 2015, compared...Show More Summary

You CAN Have It All

  Guest blogger Stephanie Bowen leads communications and marketing for Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA). Howdy y’all! Just back from Austin and this year’s NTEN Conference (#15NTC), and I’m buzzing with energy from all I learned and  those I met. But about halfway through the conference, I felt totally depleted… I was stressed by […]

Nonprofit Video Winners

The 2015 DoGooder Video Award winners were announced last week at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. The awards are sponsored by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), YouTube, and See3. The Best Nonprofit Video Award went to The Breath Before created by the UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The ImpactX Award went to Now Is the Time for […]

It’s not all about the cash.

We work in a context of mantras.  Lots of do’s and don’ts, lots of rules to live by, and lots of sage advice from folks who have raised lots of money for lots of different great agencies.  Over time, we gather these bits and pieces together and develop our own philosophy.  This is good. One of […]

Networks: The New Organizational Strategy

Why nonprofits and funders need to put networks of relationships, instead of transactions and grants, at the core of organizational strategies.

4 game-changing lessons fundraisers can learn from Mr. Spock

The recent passing of Leonard Nimoy has reminded us how cool a character Mr. Spock was. And -- who would have guessed -- Mr. Spock has a lot to teach us fundraisers. Here are four of those lessons: Be logical. Don't let your emotions cloud your ability to see the truth. Show More Summary

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