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Getting a Fresh Start for Your Organization

At the beginning of the week, Roger talked about behavioral science cues and how they can help you boost year-end giving. Today, I’m going to cheat just a bit and move the conversation a few days forward: what do you do at the beginning of the year? After the hangover wears off for those who […]

5 Cool Ways to Thank & Inspire Contributions for #GivingDays

Whether you participate in #GivingTuesday, #GTMD2017, #GiveOutDay, or one of the many #GivingDays throughout the year, making the giving experience fun is key. I’ve got a few favorites that have stood out over the past few years. Be sure to share yours in the comments. The post 5 Cool Ways to Thank & Inspire Contributions for #GivingDays appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Will Their Flag Decals Get Them Into Heaven?

‘Dark money’, that river of undisclosed campaign contributions that’s flooded our political process since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case, may gain tax-deductible sanctity and status under the GOP’s “Tax Cuts & Jobs” legislative ‘reforms’. Show More Summary

Universal Basic Income and Decent Work

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin Normally I like to talk about you making a higher salary, the Fight for 15, and other ideas to help you empower yourself in your career. However, today, I want to talk with you about something... [Keep Reading]

A Portfolio Approach to Social Innovation Partnerships

Successful social innovation at scale requires partners from the public, private, and social sectors to work together through flexible models that evolve to meet shifting requirements and address changing risks.

Why Donors Stop Giving

The truth to why your donors stop giving is that they lose interest. They don’t feel their gift matters enough to keep giving it. I recently talked with the team at a large nonprofit and discovered that other than the thank you letter or email after a contribution, there is no other communication with donors until it’s time to ask for another gift. Show More Summary

The Back-of-the-Envelope Guide to Communications Strategy

Communications strategy should be flexible, scrappy, and accessible to everyone on your team. This four-question framework, rooted in social science, can help organizations craft an effective strategy that drives real social change.

Four Pitfalls in Social Product Innovation

By understanding risks and establishing mitigation strategies in advance of digital product innovation, organizations can save resources while deepening their impact.

When The Searing Truth Comes Into Focus

It has been a really difficult couple of weeks. And I think for those of us in the social change sector — the sector that works for equity, justice, compassion, inclusion, civility — these days have been particularly challenging. The events in Charlottesville have made obvious that there is so much work to do, and […]

Trainer’s Notebook: A Great Training Starts with A Great Icebreaker

During the summer, I’ve been designing workshops based on The Happy Healthy Nonprofit and Emerging Leaders Playbook.    A great training always start with a great opening or icebreaker.   Icebreakers are discussion questions or activities used to help participants relax and ease people into a group meeting or learning situation.    … Read More

Happy, Focused, and Productive: There Is An App for That!

Image by Ayyamsyria One of my colleagues, Nada Hamzeh, a nonprofit capacity building consultant from Lebanon, tagged me when sharing this striking image that depicts how can easily develop a behavior addiction to our mobile phones. As...Show More Summary

What I Learned About Philanthropy, Fundraising, and Social Impact at IFCAsia in Bangkok

Last month, I was honored to co-teach a master class and workshops on digital strategy and crowdfunding with Cambodia colleague, Tharum Bun, at the first IFCAsia in Bangkok.    I learned so much about the digital challenges facing Asian...Show More Summary

An Ingenious Texting Bot from @SFMOMA

As we enter the age of automation, more and more nonprofits are using bots. If bots are designed well, they can have impact.   The San Francisco Museum of Art recently launched an ingenious bot called “Send Me” that allows anyone to send a simple text message and receive a picture of a piece of art matching the idea, words, or phrase texted.… Read More

Charity Navigator Talks Viral Fundraising

Charity Navigator Talks Viral Fundraising If you’ve been around the nonprofit sector recently, you’ve probably heard of one of the many viral fundraising campaigns over recent years. When it comes to going viral, a lot of charities have the “wouldn’t it be nice” mentality — and rightfully so. Show More Summary

More Girls in STEM Means Improving STEM Teacher Training

Providing teachers with gender sensitivity training is a first step toward addressing gender inequality in STEM. But it’s not the last.

5 Ways to Make Progress Daily and Keep Your #NPCOMM Work on Track

Making a little progress every day is really important to staying motivated and happy in your work. But when you feel like you are getting pulled in a hundred different directions, as many nonprofit communicators are, that can be tough. Experts recommend that you develop “progress rituals.” Here are 5 I like. Let us know […]

Telling Your Data Story Well

An important part of telling your organization’s data story well is picking the right storytelling technique for your audience.

Winning the Internet

How nonprofits can use the same tactics that helped Trump win the US presidency for outsized social impact.

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