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Donor Sexual Harrassment

Here’s a message from Captain Obvious! Feminism is good for everyone! Real equity and Diversity is good for everyone.  Who agrees with me? Let’s […]

How to Effectively Use Storytelling in Nonprofit Fundraising

A few weeks ago I wrote the nonprofit version of a blog post about using storytelling in nonprofit marketing. After that post published, I realized, I had more to say. The truth is I often find myself cringing when - I read most so-called...Show More Summary

Asking Is Uncomfortable, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It

You have chosen a great path-- a hard one no doubt, but a great one. Asking for donations and support is one of the hardest things to do as it can feel uncomfortable and awkward. The post Asking Is Uncomfortable, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

Trainer’s Notebook: Tips for Good Openings

I’ve just returned from a two-week trip to Guatemala hosted by Wake. Wake’s Tech2Empower program organizes delegations of volunteer Technology Advisors, women who work for Silicon Valley companies like Google, Salesforce, Mozilla, YouTube,...Show More Summary

Reverse sexism in fundraising is not a thing, sorry

Recently AFP put out an article on international women’s day, which said, “Where are all of the men?” Vanessa Chase of The Storytelling Nonprofit […]

A Simple Tip for A Good Night’s Sleep: Use An Alarm Clock

During our book tour for the Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout,  we routinely got asked the question, what one self-care habit should we focus on to get started?    We respond with:  Get enough sleep.    ...Show More Summary

12 Random Acts of Kindness

Fortunately, Random Acts of Kindness Day doesn?t require much preparation. And even the smallest act of kindness can help make someone?s day.

The Business of Biodiversity

The benefits of environmental conservation and restoration reach far and wide, and across all sectors. More businesses need to realize the positive effects biodiversity has on their bottom line—and more governments need to pass legislation that protects biodiversity.

“All You Need Is Love”

“All you need is love, da…da…da-da…da. All you need is love, da da da-da da. All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.” The Beatles say so (and raised more money than most of us). Agents of Good says so. And Jeff Brooks says so. So it must be so. So let the donor […]

New Donors in 2016? What’s Next?

Before you do ANYTHING else this week, please find out how many new donors you gained in 2016. These are your first-time supporters. Once you know that number, it’s time to create the plan to make sure they give again. The post New Donors in 2016? What’s Next? appeared first on Ignited Fundraising.

What a hilarious holiday video teaches us about fundraising

The most important thing about this video is that it's utterly hilarious. Enjoy it this holiday season if you need to destress. You're welcome. (Or view it here on Vimeo.) This video also has a lesson for us fundraisers. There's a lot of fundraising out there that's almost as "out of tune" as this robot-made holiday carol. Show More Summary

Three Things to Review Now if You Want to Raise More in 2017

Taking time to review your donor data can feel like a luxury, especially if you are a small fundraising team. Donor data review should not be a luxury. Just as you define a good event by tickets sold or dollars raised, and you define...Show More Summary

5 Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2017

It’s that time of year again, where we take a look back at the year drawing to a close, and forward to the year ahead. We all know that 2016 was rough (and if you want to wallow for a minute or two, check out John Oliver’s cathartic send off to 2016). But I am […]

Civil society now

That democracy depends on an independent civil society is a bedrock assumption in political theory. In the USA, we've just held an election that will test this theory against reality.Like so many people, I've spent the last few daysShow More Summary

Because Of You

Here’s one of the best email subject lines to hit my in-box in a long time … What can I add, except to say that, once I opened the email, Charity:Water indeed delivered the right message, in this case a ‘thank you’ to its volunteers, as usual with a video. Tom

6 Unique & Compelling Story Ideas for Your Fall Fundraising Appeal

You already know sharing stories in your fall appeal is a “must do.” But what story will you share? Here are 6 recommendations for choosing a unique and compelling story. These examples come from working watching organizations raiseShow More Summary

Start with a Shared Vision

True grantee-funder partnerships are based on a shared vision of the future. Creating a strategy to achieve that vision requires listening and clearly defining roles.

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