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Why Can’t the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector Scale Generosity? #givedaylessons

What Happened on Give Local America Day? For the past few years, I’ve been facilitating a peer learning group with a small cohort of grantees, all community foundations, hosting Giving Days in their communities using the Giving Day Playbook.… Read More

GEO Guest Post: What Philanthropy Wants To Be

Note: As I mentioned last week, I am at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference this week curating a group of bloggers. The third blogger is Mae Hong, Vice President of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Her guest post is below. Show More Summary

The Power of Simple

How the Natural Resources Defense Council effectively unearthed and reframed compelling research to raise public awareness and effect policy change around food waste.

GEO Guest Post: Bringing Equity to the Forefront in Grantmaking

Note: As I mentioned last week, I am at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference this week curating a group of bloggers. Next up is Trista Harris, President of the Minnesota Council on Foundations. Her guest post is below. Show More Summary

Encouraging Millennials to Vote for the Issues That Unite Them

Building on a quarter century of get-out-the-vote efforts, MTV’s 2016 “Elect This” campaign will encourage young people to vote for the polices that inspire them, not the political system that doesn’t.

Don’t Cheat Us Of Your Contribution

I’ve been thinking about creativity a lot lately. I don’t mean getting messy with paints and crayons, although that’s cool too. Rather, I’ve been thinking about the idea (which was new to me until the last few years) that each one of us was put on earth to create something unique and important. Show More Summary

Two Parrot Productions Granting USD $90,000+ in Video Production to Three Charities!

Two Parrot Productions, a Miami-based video company that creates inspiring human-centric video content for non-profit organizations, and its partners, are offering an innovative grant to non-profit organizations for FREE video production services. Show More Summary

Digital civil society in one minute and 26 seconds

From an interview at Worldview StanfordLucy Bernholz: Digital Civil Society from Worldview on Vimeo.

Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event

The fundraising event you just held or are in the midst of preparing for has taken over your life. And you aren’t even sure it will meet the goal. Sound like you? Then take a quick listen as I share a common mistake for fundraising event planning. Show More Summary

Sharing Solutions to Poverty

Efforts to battle poverty in the United States can learn a lot from the developing world, and vice versa. Thankfully some of the barriers between these traditionally isolated domains are falling.

I Often Take Care of Others Better Than I Take Care of Myself. Do You?

I’m proud of how many people and nonprofit organizations I have the honor to work with each year. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been a “helper.” I’m the oldest of four children and was the best babysitter in my neighborhood for years. Show More Summary

The digital rights agenda for civil society

As always, talking with smart people makes me smarter. Last week at lunch Henry Timms asked, "What is it, Lucy? What is the digital rights agenda for civil society?" Since it's Henry, I knew I needed a sharp, pithy answer (preferably tweetable)."Three things matter most, Henry. Show More Summary

Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: To Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Don’t Sleep with Your iPhone

I am working on a book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit:  Impact without Burnout, with co-author Aliza Sherman.     The book will help individuals and the nonprofit organizations they work for how to take care of themselves while taking care of their organization’s mission.… Read More

Stupid ad fails to shed light on charity's powerful message

I have a theory about what makes smart organizations end up with stupid nonprofit ads. Tell me if this rings true: Hotshot ad agency offers to do some work for a deserving nonprofit. Maybe they offer to do it pro bono (to enrich their portfolio). Show More Summary

Shift Your Fundraising from Scarcity to Possibility: Change Your Words For a Better Outcome

People often refer to me as a fundraising coach. And I am. My work and mission are to help people in the nonprofit or social sector raise more money. The truth is most often I find my work focused on helping people change their language...Show More Summary

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