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Mid-Level Giving: What’s Your Strategy?

Without question the most neglected area of fundraising — after retention — involves mid-value or mid-level giving. Organizations are leaving millions and millions and millions on the table. Lots of folks talk about the need to launch a mid-level program with all the good intentions in the world. But few actually do anything to get […]

Was This the Straw?

The one that broke the camel's back? Years from now, it might be seen as the moment Chicago might have been saved but wasn’t. “They could have changed things,” people will say. “They could have stood up to the people bringing the city down.” But as it happened, there is little to do but wait to see how far into the deeper and darker abysses of Hell Chicago will descend.[...]Show More Summary


Remember back in the day, to get to certain units, you had to undergo a financial background check? It was to make sure that you weren't a risk for taking money due to a bad financial situation. Now we get this: Mayor Rahm Emanuel has...Show More Summary

Florida Mayor Jacked

Sounds like a dangerous hood : The mayor of a central Florida city was carjacked while standing outside his home, according to police who said Sunday they were hunting for a third suspect.The incident unfolded in Sanford. The city made...Show More Summary

The “No-Gun” List

The Washington Times: Responding to that report Saturday morning, Mr. Healy said authorities should consider creating a new list that would only be used to restrict access to weapons, separate from other similar databases, such as the “no-fly” list that contains the names of people banned from commercial air travel. “I would even offer a […]

Smart Grid Partnership Announced in Europe 

Three energy companies in Europe announced Regalgrid Europe s.r.l., a joint venture that aims to create a new generation of smart grids around the world. The partners are Regal Grid s.r.l., Archeide SICAV SIF – Empower Fund and Upsolar. Source: Smart Grid Partnership Announced in Europe – Energy Manager Today

NIH Awards $2.3M Grant to Develop Disease Diagnosis App, FeverPhone

The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has awarded to Cornell a four-year, $2.3 million four-year grant to develop FeverPhone, an portable disease diagnosis kit. Once developed,...Show More Summary

DPHO, UnitedHealthcare Launch Accountable Care Program

DeKalb Physician Hospital Organization (DPHO) and UnitedHealthcare have launched an accountable care program to improve people’s health and their satisfaction with their healthcare experience. Through this collaboration, UnitedHealthcare...Show More Summary

Revolvers In The News

Advocating concealed carry of small revolvers for self defense.  He’s got a good point about all of the lint. This is interesting.  Rob Leatham wins the USPSA revolver championship.  I’ve always thought of him as a pistol guy.  Congratulations to Rob.  I wish I was as good as he is.  But I do have a […]

‘Veep’ EP On Season 5 Finale, What’s Next For Julia Louis-Dreyfus, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Return & Hugh Laurie

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight's Veep Season 5 finale. EXCLUSIVE: So, with hundreds of thousands of people packing the National Mall in Washington D.C., America tonight finally saw what the inauguration of a female President of the United States looks like. Show More Summary

Tim Lynch: Fourth Generation War Comes To America

FRI: I find myself in a unique position, given my background, training and experiences, to write about an appropriate response to the Icehole (the FRI name for ISIS) violence. I’m a retired Marine infantryman who taught at a professional firearms training academy for several years. I also spent over 8 years in Afghanistan; most of […]

Independent analysis says Tanzania object is from MH370

How this Indian Ocean find has been comprehensively linked to MH370 The post Independent analysis says Tanzania object is from MH370 appeared first on Plane Talking.

Further Details About the Dissolution of the Canadian Library Association

The membership of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) voted on January 27, 2016 to dissolve the organization and launch a new federation of Canadian library associations.The CLA provided an update about the transition.It includesShow More Summary

LM Gets $357M FMS Contract for AEGIS | US Naval Research to Test LOCUST Next Month | Qatar to Purchase Pakistan’s Super Mushshak Trainer

Americas A USMC plan to equip their AN/TWQ-1 Avenger low-altitude air defense units with a 30-kilowatt laser weapon is progressing well. The Office of Naval Research is spearheading the Ground-Based Air Defense (GBAD) Directed Energy On-The-Move concept demonstrator program – which is able to start phase 3 testing. Once the development program is completed around […]

Antisocial Assistance

Retail | New Brunswick, NJ, USA Categories: Bad Behavior Money Tags: Retail "We got a pair of f Nazis over here." (Read more...) The post Antisocial Assistance appeared first on Funny & Stupid Customer Stories - Not Always Right.

(VIDEO) Fox's Marchese: Giving TV Viewers Choices Makes Them Appreciate Ads

CANNES - Letting television viewers choose a reduced advertising load is overwhelmingly positive for Fox Networks, which offers a "choice card" whose most popular offering is an interactive, immersive ad instead of multiple ads. According...Show More Summary

(VIDEO) ConvertMedia's Naveh: Dynamic Versus Fixed Real Estate, Not 'Race To Bottom'

CANNES - When it comes to selling ads, can web publishers make more money by doing less? The co-founder and CEO of ConvertMedia thinks so, citing a "race to the bottom" with fixed banner ads. Yoav Naveh, who heads the outstream video...Show More Summary

(VIDEO) Time Inc. CEO Ripp: Magazines Excel At Reader Engagement And ROI

CANNES - Believing that so much advertising has become noise, Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp thinks the best way for advertisers to engage with consumers is to engage with the best story tellers. No surprise that they include magazine editors. In...Show More Summary

Olivia Wilde Turns Factory Girl In ‘Vinyl’ – Emmys

Most auteurs prefer their starlets to be seen and not heard, but as any good writer or filmmaker knows, your actors only elevate the material on screen. With Olivia Wilde, Vinyl creators Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, Terence Winter and...Show More Summary

Sorta Live Blogging Fox News “Beware! Danger at the Doctor”

However, administrators will not disclose the actual number of safety events that occur at the hospital. According to Apkon, going public with error rates could backfire by making various departments look bad. Even if the hospital could provide context for the error rates, public reporting could deter employees from reporting mistakes. “It’s a tough balance,” […]

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