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July 8 roundup

2 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

You could see this coming: ACLU says its support for RFRA religious accommodation laws no longer applies in discrimination law context [David Bernstein] Root causes of violence: California anti-videogame, anti-gun pol Leland Yee cops...Show More Summary

Paul Feig Tweets First Pic Of New ‘Ghostbusters’ Car

You were expecting maybe a Prius? It appears that the female parapsychologists in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot will be getting a retro ride, just as their mid-’80s forebears did. Director Paul Feig tweeted a photo tonight of theShow More Summary

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: The Beatles

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame provides a timeline, photos, biographical data.

5 Processes Hospitals Didn’t Know They Could Automate

Jim Manias, Vice President at Advanced Systems Concepts When it comes to IT efficiency—automation is where it’s at. But historically, healthcare industry has dragged its feet when it comes to embracing technical change. Slowly, the industry is warming to the multitude of benefits automation can provide, and just in time, as demands increase and staffing... Read More

Cisco Makes Platform Play in IoT

Cisco Systems is pulling together a broad array of existing products and adding more than a dozen new offerings to create what officials are calling a platform for the Internet of things.The company this week unveiled its IoT System, a collection of products that touch everything from networking and security to management and analytics that […]

Why Is Greece Collapsing?

Via WRSA, comes Robert Gore posts this piece.  Robert’s place should be a regular stop through your daily or weekly reads, and I normally like the stuff that Gore writes, but I have to disagree on this, and profoundly so.  The problem is more than just missing the point.  Missing the point just happens to […]

Kenyan Pastor Hirbo Visits 'Dollar Country' and Poses Some Questions

2 hours agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Hydrophilanthropist and good friend Michael 'Mike' Turvey runs the nonprofit Flowing Streams Ministries in Kansas. FSM is devoted to supporting the provision of clean water to those in the developing world. Mike is a retired EPA chemist/water quality specialist who was instrumental in helping me enter the hydrophilanthropic community some...

They Believe The Angels Will Protect Us

Christianity Today: Theron Wiggins, a pastor in Flint, Michigan, who worked as a police detective, is trying to change the situation. “They believe the angels will protect us,” Wiggins said, referring to his congregation. “Well, I’m one of the angels.” No you are not.  You are a man, and allowing them to believe otherwise is […]

Negligent Discharge In Clemson, S.C.

Greenville News: A member of Gold’s Gym in Clemson accidentally fired a gun that the manager was showing him inside an office at the gym, according to the manager. The bullet went through the manager’s desktop and lodged in a plastic dolly on the floor below, manager Rob Harrell said. No one was hurt, but […]

Boeing’s first 787 Dreamliner lands forever at Nagoya

As the first Dreamliner to appear, and eventually fly, 787 ZA001 is now a beautiful part of the history of flight, at Nagoya’s Centrair International Airport. Some airports display historic DC-3s or military transports, a few have early jets or turbo-props, but through its donation by Boeing, Nagoya now has the unique distinction of permanently [...]

New contracts ratified at Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

3 hours agoIndustries / Media : Media Wire

Journalists at Philadelphia’s two major newspapers late Tuesday overwhelmingly ratified a new two-year contract and avoided the rarity of a big-city newspaper strike. By a vote of 259-12, Newspaper Guild members at the Inquirer and Daily...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday, Blog - 10 years!

It is hard for me to believe that it has been ten years since I started this blog. But, yesterday, marked the 10th anniversary of the blog. I have published 584 posts - there are some still in draft mode which may, or may not see the light of day.I am in my third job, and state, since starting. Show More Summary

140 Law - Current Legal Headlines

Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter: Winnipeg bomb victim Maria Mitousis plans to return to job as soon as possible Sex on the beach lands man 2.5 years in jail for ‘lewd’ behaviour on mid-afternoon Florida seaside S&P downgrades Ontario Man accused of sending bombs to ex-wife and her lawyer went through lengthy divorce S.C. Show More Summary

From Kickstarter to Home Depot: Edyn smart garden sensor brings IOT to your garden

The emerging Internet of Things (IOT) is enabling the use of smart devices, such as Edyn, in surprisingly down-to-earth places. And because this crowdfunded smart garden gadget is now available on the shelves of one of the biggest home improvement stores in the U.S., it’s not just for early adopters anymore.One of the most entertaining […]

PR guidance says logos no-goes at airline crash sites

It is rather shocking to read an article in PR Week that deals openly with the taboo topic of how an airline might use data to shape its strategy to protect its brand and business from adverse consequences after a crash. Perhaps even more shocking is the advice given by the expert quoted in that [...]

Fox 2000 Making Pic About Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Fox 2000 has acquired life rights to Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the landmark lawsuit that the Supreme Court last month ruled on in June that legalized same-sex marriage in the U.S. His lawyer Al Gerhardstein also sold his life rights. Show More Summary

This Is Nothing New

5 hours agoIndustries / Military : OPFOR

This article is spot on; but it is not something new speaking from 39 years in Uniform, as a Retiree and as an Army Civilian.  When I was Commanding a Basic Training Company the Drill Sergeants came to me and asked me not to discharge a soldier. Show More Summary

Rosie Perez Leaving ‘The View’

  Rosie Perez is leaving ABC’s “The View,” writes our good friend Lisa de Moraes at “‘Our friend Rosie Perez has decided to leave the show to pursue full time her love for acting,’ [‘The View’s’ executive producer] Bil...

STX Entertainment Joins With The Jim Henson Company For Next Film Project

EXCLUSIVE: STX Entertainment is rolling full steam ahead, putting more product into its pipeline with the latest being a comedy from The Jim Henson Company. The as yet untitled project will be a bit raucous so will likely get an R-rating. Show More Summary

DailyDirt: Dropping Off Kids At The Pool...?

6 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

The US has hundreds of thousands of swimming pools -- roughly 309,000 public pools and 10.4 million residential pools. It's a nice way to cool down on a hot summer day, but it's also kinda gross if you think about sharing germs with all the people swimming in the pool. Show More Summary

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