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Five Nordic Countries Agree to “Drive Down” Oil and Gas Methane Pollution Alongside the U.S.

Last week’s White House announcement marked an important step in the march toward global climate action. The U.S.-Nordic Leader Summit Joint Statement, issued by the United States, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, underscored...Show More Summary

Radiation and Reason

My colleague Professor Wade Allison has composed a clear, concise, summary of the need to reform scientifically outdated restrictions on ionizing radiation used in medicine and in the nuclear power fuel cycle. He is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford where he researched and taught for 40 years as a Fellow of Keble College.

Five Moments of Climate Progress Since “An Inconvenient Truth”

Ten years ago, An Inconvenient Truth brought the issue of climate change out into the open and into mainstream culture like never before. People began asking tough questions about our climate and wanted to know what they could do to make our planet a safer, healthier place for us all. And 10 years later, we can see the results.

To Check Progress Toward 2025 Fuel Economy Targets, We Took a Look at the Ford F-150

Recent press accounts of automobile fuel economy trends express concern that light trucks won’t be able to keep up with rising fuel economy (CAFE) standards. While most new model passenger cars are years ahead of their CAFE targets, only 40% new model pickups and SUVs are 2016 CAFE compliant.

Germany’s Renewables Electricity Generation Grows in 2015, But Coal Still Dominant

Renewable electricity generation in Germany increased to 194 billion kilowatthours (kWh) in 2015, representing 31% of the country's gross electricity generation. The renewables electricity growth in 2015 was the largest in both percentage and absolute terms (19% and 32 billion kWh, respectively) in at least a decade.

Why “Tough Love” Produces the Best Volunteers

Guest post by Mike Devaney “Look, this has to work for you… what do you wanna get outta this experience?” she asked, squinting. Katerina (Kat), the hospital’s volunteer coordinator, was quietly putting to bed everything I thought I knew about recruiting … Continue reading ?

Why it's so hard for some to do fundraising right ... and so easy for others

Jeff's Law Concerning Fundraising Futility Dysfunctional organizations do dysfunctional fundraising. The Even More Futile Corollary The things dysfunctional organizations do to fix their dysfunctional fundraising are also dysfunctional....on the other hand, functional organizations usually find it quite easy to do powerfully effective fundraising. Show More Summary

Tit for Tat

I and the public know What all schoolchildren learn, Those to whom evil is done Do evil in return --September 1, 1939, W. H. Auden ______________________ Everyone is in agreement that ISIS must be destroyed. Everyone except Ranger.To be clear, this is no apologia for the Islamic State. Show More Summary

Beale Airman Arrested in Child Sex Sting

A Beale Air Force Base airman was arrested Monday in a Sutter County District Attorney's child sex sting operation.

Call for Papers: Marco Biagi Conference 2017

Here's the call for papers for the 15th International Conference in Commemoration of Professor Marco Biagi (Modena, Italy, March 20-21, 2017). The conference theme is Digital and Smart Work. From the call: Focusing on the implications for employment, digitalization may...

Vice Cuts 15, Promotes Josh Tyrangiel

Fire some, promote others. The media business is weird.

Morning Video: Paying For Pre-K With A Soda Tax In Philadelphia

From PBS NewsHour: "When other cities have proposed a tax on sugary soft drinks, it’s often sold as a plan to fight obesity. Not in Philadelphia, where a battle is brewing over the mayor’s 3 cents-per-ounce tax plan that would be used to fund citywide pre-K. Show More Summary

GMA Colleagues Stay Up Late to Cheer on Ginger Zee

"We couldn't be more proud of Ginger and all she accomplished this season."

AM News: Teacher Tenure In CA, Disproportionate Discipline in VA, Plus "Grit" Takedown Study

California's teacher tenure battle is reignited by Vergara appeal and a new bill - LA Times Vergara plaintiffs file latest appeal, wade into legislative debate on teacher job protections | 89.3 KPCC More Summary

TriMet Honors its Top Operators of the Year

TriMet honored its best bus and MAX Light Rail operators today as well as inducted six bus and rail operators into the Million Mile Club for safe driving. Bus and MAX operators qualify for operator of the year awards based on outstanding driving records,

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