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What Battery Energy Storage Will Do

This will change everything – again. Affordable storage is what experts have said for decades is the “Holy Grail” of New Energy. From The Good Stuff via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.gShow More Summary

What Would a Progressive Education Policy Look Like?

In the last presidential debate, Bernie Sanders did progressives no favor by including Barack Obama among those who have earned the right to wear the "progressive" label:In terms of President Obama, I think if we remember where this country was seven years ago, 800,000 jobs being lost every month, $1.4 trillion dollar deficit. Show More Summary

Signs in Okla. school now warn visitors: Adults carry guns and are ready to use them

Okay Public Schools is a tiny rural district in Okay, Okla. It has one K-8 school and one high school on a single campus of about 420 students. Its superintendent, Charles McMahan, just took a new step that he thinks will be a deterrent to violence: Signs that warn visitors that some district staff are carrying […]

Communication with patients is a problem. How do we fix it?

In my practice of facilitating cancer support groups, all I do is listen to patients and their families. Consequently, I hear much about the nature of their care. They generally speak favorably about its technical aspects, and indeed these are often awesome. But when they complain, it’s uniformly — and I mean one hundred percent […]

Senate Republicans Oust WSDOT Secretary Peterson

With no advance warning yesterday and with a perfectly whipped caucus, Senate Republicans brought a sudden confirmation vote on WSDOT Secretary Lynn Peterson. The vote failed 25-21, with all Republicans voting no, effectively removing her from office immediately. Show More Summary

Khalil Abu-Rayyan planned terrorism in Michigan

The Detroit Free Press tells about Khalil Abu-Rayyan, a Dearborn Heights man who claimed to FBI informants that he supported ISIS and intended to commit an act of terrorism in the area. He hasn’t been charged with any terrorist-type crimes, but only because he’d already been arrested for possession of a controlled substance and an […]

Germans warn of terrorists among refugees

Fox News reports that German federal security agencies are warning of terrorists that have been smuggled into their country disguised as refugees; The announcement comes after Berlin police arrested three Thursday in an investigation of four Algerian men who are suspected of planning terror attacks in Germany and having ISIS ties. “We have seen repeatedly […]

Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Successful Songwriting • 5 Things You Should Ask • Spotify Remains King • More

This week on MusicThinkTank, we heard advice on becoming a successful songwriter, looked at the dark world of bot ticket scalping, Spotify's claim to the streaming throne, and more. Larry Butler |Six Steps To Successful Songwriting Tom Hess | 5 Things You Should Ask If You Want A Successful Music...

NBCBLK Unveils 28 ‘Game Changers’

"They are young, gifted, and unapologetically Black."

The inside poop on librarians' daily adventures

Topic: Libraries It’s safe to say that the library-going public was shocked and horrified by what he did. It’s also safe to say that nobody who has ever worked at a public library was the least bit surprised. From The inside poop on librarians' daily adventures Tweet

Distributionism Revisited

My recent post on Bernie Sanders took me back to Nuclear Green Posts on Distributionism that began in December 2008. I was trying to explore the basis of the Green anti-nuclear stance. If the line of argument is correct, it was based...Show More Summary

Myanmar Has Forced Thousands of Rohingya Into a Virtual Prison

Myanmar’s Kaladan River widens as my ship nears the great Bay of Bengal, the horizons reaching out in every direction while seabirds swoop to snatch bread thrown by the passengers. I embarked on New Year’s Day 2016 from the medieval town of Mrauk U, a place known for its beautiful...

KFC Swaps Out Norm Macdonald for Jim Gaffigan as Its Latest 'Real' Colonel

KFC and Wieden + Kennedy's wacky search for the perfect Col. Harland Sanders continues, this time with comedian Jim Gaffigan. Earlier this week, KFC posted a montage of Norm Mcdonald's clips, effectively ending the ex-SNL star's run as pitchman after he replaced Darrell Hammond in August. Show More Summary

Why Theranos Will Decide The Future of Medical Innovation

Theranos claims to perform blood tests from a droplet of blood but serious concerns were raised by the Wall Street Journal about their technology. They still don’t have a validation study, they are struggling with decision makers, they need to respond to a government agency, and now they are looking for a writer who can […]

Sexism, Sanders, and Lee

Are you sick of hearing how you're a misogynist because you favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton? Tired of being called a "Bernie bro," whatever the hell that is? I am. I read a lot of things like that in social media, and a lot of it comes from Randi Weingarten, who I follow on Facebook and Twitter.After all, that's kind of a straw man. Show More Summary

REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review

It's been a busy week in the music industry, as we take a moment to revisit Sillerman's departure from SFX, Guns 'N Roses awkwardly band-free VIP experience, the RIAA's inclusion (finally) of streaming into album certifications, and more. Sillerman Forced Out As SFX CEO, Will Resign Within 60 Days...

Key Tweets from @MarkGraban – Week of February 1, 2016: Humility, Errors, Leadership, & Bern v. Hill

Here’s the latest installment of “Key Tweets,” a weekly post that summarizes some of my tweets (or retweets) from the week, including pictures and other fun stuff. Follow me @MarkGraban and join the fun and the conversation. See the previous installments of Key Tweets here. If you’re reading this via email or RSS, you might get a better […]

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