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7 Great Online Tools for Non-Profit Fundraisers

Never before have non-profit fundraisers had access to so many resources to help them achieve their goals.  Gone are the days when the only fundraising tools available to organizations were a couple of out-of-date books at the library and a clunky CRM system that was really designed for sales companies. Today, non-profits have access to […]

Hong Kong, LEL, and the Rule of Law

I'm in Hong Kong this week (with Marley Weiss) for the ABA International Labor/Employment Law Conference. It's early in the conference yet, but I have been struck by how much of the discussion so far has focused on how labor/employment...

From Whence Cometh My Liberty?

At WRSA there is an interesting discussion on the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Here is a snippet. I recognized that, despite the cries of today’s Constitutionalists about the Divine inspiration of the US Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights (USC/BoR), both of the foundational documents of American governance were drafted […]

An excellent proposal for Australia: Invest in libraries and librarians, not phonics checks.

Sent to the Australian Financial Review May 1The London School of Economics study, contrary to the description in "Simon Birmingham's 'excellent proposal'," (May 1), did NOT show a strong effect for phonics. The positive impact wore off quickly, and was largely gone by grade 5. Show More Summary

Virgin Australia to downsize domestic capacity by 5% this quarter

With a profit result similar to a well run small suburban business, is it not time for Virgin Australia to radically change course?

Daytime Emmy Awards: Complete List Of Winners

Today saw the second night of the 2016 Daytime Emmys and when the whole thing was over, ABC and CBS tied for the most number of wins with 6 each, taking between them more than half of the total statuettes given out tonight. ABC of course...Show More Summary

Daytime Emmy Awards Live Blog: ‘General Hospital’ Wins Outstanding Drama Series

It's night 2 of the Daytime Emmy Awards, with winners to be announced in 21 categories including derbies for daytime drama, morning show, and entertainment talk show. Naturally lots of attention is being paid this year to Live with Kelly...Show More Summary

North Dakota's High Line Bridge

The High Line Bridge, North Dakota Recently I had the opportunity to see the High Line Bridge in North Dakota. This bridge is a very long steel bridge and resembles other bridges I have seen such as the Salmon River viaduct in New Brunswick and the Lethbridge High Level Bridge. Show More Summary

Why we should welcome questions from our patients

I was talking with a few friends not long ago.  Our conversation somehow got to the issue of authority, and what exactly respect for authority looks like.  One of them, trying to make a point, turned to me and asked: “So you surely deal with people who don’t listen to what you have to say.  […]

After 11 Years in Digital Video, YouTube Wants to Take on TV-Sized Budgets

It isn't always easy to pair up the suits of the marketing world with those freewheeling kids that make the buzziest videos in the digisphere. The two sides—and more importantly, their respective brands—must have chemistry. So last July...Show More Summary

Certain Songs #523: Prince – “Shy”

10 hours agoMedia / Publishing : Booksquare

Album: The Gold Experience Year: 1995 “Shy” is my favorite Prince song of the 1990s. Disclaimer: the 1990s is the decade from which I’ve heard the least amount of Prince’s music, so I have huge knowledge gaps from both the beginning and the end of that decade. Show More Summary

Snapchat Led the Way With Vertical Video. Will Virool Make It the New Standard?

Not so long ago, it was taboo to turn horizontal video on its head, as marketers grappled with doing more for mobile than merely refitting TV spots for smaller screens. But today, vertical video, once seen as a Snapchat anomaly, is gaining...Show More Summary

Why Digital Video Is the Ultimate Equalizer Among All Media

The popular media industry narrative has always revolved around a war between worlds. Television and video duking it out for primacy, especially around the NewFronts and upfronts season. Mobile and PC have long been pitted against each other, in spite of their complementary nature. Show More Summary

Editor's Note: Video Is the Latest Battlefront in the Struggle for Consumers’ Attention

In pulling together our annual Video Issue this year, which we publish on the first day of the fifth annual Digital Content NewFronts, I had to gut check our coverage plan several times as news hit during the weeks just before deadline...Show More Summary

9 Members of Video’s Vanguard Discuss Creating Content for the Scrolling Economy

As the fifth annual Digital Content NewFronts kick off today, Adweek and the IAB convened a panel of nine industry executives approaching the business of video from a range of perspectives and goals for the coming two weeks, during which...Show More Summary

How YouTube Beauty Star Rachel Levin Keeps 7 Million Subscribers Tuned In

Unless you're one of Rachel Levin's 7.6 million beauty-obsessed YouTube followers, there's a good chance you've never heard of the 21-year-old vlogger. But you're about to. With a massive number of subscribers that has seemingly grown...Show More Summary

F-15 Wheel & Brake Upgrades to Save USAF $194M | Osprey Successfully Refuels F-35B | US Will Not Subsidize F-16s for Pakistan

Americas Textron is currently testing their upgraded RQ-7 Shadow M2 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which they believe will allow the system to undertake increased mission capabilities currently reserved for larger UAVs such as the MQ-1 Predator. At present, Shadow V2s are used by the US Army in conjunction with AH-64 Apaches to fill the armed […]

Arming RQ-7 UAVs: The Shadow Knows…

RQ-7 Shadow(click to view full) By 2007, US Army RQ-7 Shadow battalion-level UAVs had seen their flight hours increase to up 8,000 per month in Iraq, a total that compared well to the famous MQ-1 Predator. Those trends have gained strength, as workarounds for the airspace management issues that hindered early deployments become more routine. […]

Aging Aircraft: USAF F-15 Fleet Grounded

F-15C over DC(click to view full) “Array of Aging American Aircraft Attracting Attention” discusses the issues that accompany an air force whose fighters have an average age of over 23.5 years – vs. an average of 8.5 years in 1967. One of the most obvious consequences is the potential for fleet groundings due to unforseen […]

Sun Setting on Era of the Nighthawk | USAF Awards $82.7M to SpaceX to Launch GPS III in 2018 | UAE Donating APCs to LNA

Americas Legislation being considered by the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) could see the last of the USAF’s F-117A Nighthawk fleet sent to the scrap yard. Retired since 2007, a fleet of the pioneering stealth aircraft have been kept in special climate controlled storage hangers in the event they were ever needed again. Now, Congress […]

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