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Bring On the Sledgehammer

Barack Obama’s plan for a universal rating system for America’s colleges and universities, announced last year and the subject of a New York Times front-pager this week, is bad news, say the nation’s college presidents. Given many...Show More Summary

Palace of Water and Light

[Image: Unrealized proposal for a "Palace of Water and Light" (1940) designed by Pier Luigi Nervi for the never-held 1942 Universal Exhibition in Rome; view larger. Via Oniropolis. Unrelated but potentially of interest, the "10 Mile Spiral" by Aranda\Lasch].

Kraft Foods and Heinz Will Merge to Create a $28 Billion Grocery Powerhouse

The grocery game, already led by a handful of corporations with sprawling brand portfolios, is about to get a beefier new player. Kraft Foods and Heinz announced today they will merge to form The Kraft Heinz Company, with an estimated $28 billion in annual revenue and eight $1 billion brands. Show More Summary

Israel’s Deadly Gambits  

Israeli ground troops are moving into Gaza. From a purely tactical and short-term view, it makes sense. From a strategic and medium-to-long-term view, it’s crazy. The short-term outlook has a certain clarity. Hamas militants are firing rockets into Israel. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Breakfast Table

Friends: Welcome all of you to the I-don’t-even-know-what annual Supreme Court Breakfast Table, a Slate tradition so longstanding, it predates both breakfast and tables. Welcome back Walter, Emily, Eric, and Judge Posner. And it???s a particular honor to welcome Laurence Tribe to the collective that will hash out the last few days of the 2013 term. Show More Summary

Where did Qantas levy-workers-for-future-strikes idea come from?

Had it not been for Germanwings the story of the last week would have been Qantas seeking powers to dock employee pay for articulating naughty thoughts about going on strike at a future date. It seems that too many sugar cubes were put in Alan Joyce’s tea on this occasion, but let’s go along with [...]

University of Oklahoma Disciplines 25 Students Involved in Racist Chant

Students involved said they learned it while at a national fraternity gathering on a cruise, when interviewed. Still, this was not the attention that the university was looking for and the students should have known better.

ECCC 2015: Finding New Blood with Vertigo and Taking Comfort (and Adam) in Creating New Characters

What do audience members get to do at ECCC? On Friday, they helped Comfort and Adam create a cyborg heroine: An insane, shy and cat-loving bounty hunter. The post ECCC 2015: Finding New Blood with Vertigo and Taking Comfort (and Adam) in Creating New Characters appeared first on Flip the Media.

Weekly Web Harvest (weekly)

This is why you shouldn’t believe that exciting new medical study – Vox “In 2003, researchers writing in the American Journal of Medicine discovered something that should change how you think about medical news. They looked at 101 studies published in top scientific journals between 1979 and 1983 that claimed a new therapy or medical… Read More

‘Desperation takes over’: former East 17 star tells of his long battle with depression

As Brian Harvey speaks out on mental health, music industry is urged to protect its artists The former lead singer of the 1990s band East 17, Brian Harvey, considered suicide last month, has been on the verge of being evicted and cannot...Show More Summary

Most Money In the History of Kickstarter Has Been Raised for This Product. We’ll Give You a Minute To Figure Out What It Is…

“The most successfully funded campaign in the history of Kickstarter (in terms of amount raised)” happened this past week, reports Hot In a Kickstarter campaign that ended yesterday, Friday, March 27, 2015, Pebble Time smartwatch successfully raised $20,338,986 with 78,471...

Inside EMS Podcast: Next Generation 911

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss Next Generation 911 and the potential for 911 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) to send and receive data such as texts, video and photos. This is something that could really revolutionize EMS and public safety communication. In the news, we discuss the...

UK ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Trailer Elevates JK Simmons’ Profile

Paramount’s UK trailer for the latest Terminator iteration gives some well-deserved screen time to recent Best Supporting Oscar winner J.K. Simmons, who plays a sympathetic detective. Directed by Alan Taylor, the latest timeline also...Show More Summary

Hugh Jackman Hints At ‘Wolverine 3? As Final Appearance In Role

Hugh Jackman’s tenure in the role that made him a star will be coming to an end in 2017. Jackman took to Instagram this morning with a cryptic post teasing that the upcoming third standalone Wolverine film will be his final appearance...Show More Summary

The Study-Abroad Scam

Finals might be over for the year, but summer is peak study-abroad season, so for many American college students, a new adventure begins: Overstuffed backpacks! Malaria shots! The superpack of Durexes (alas, to remain unused)! The vast...Show More Summary

The medical student catch-22: Preparedness for residency vs. patient safety

The July Effect is a relatively well-known reference to the influx of new trainees entering hospital systems annually on the first of the month. Researchers have attempted to investigate the impact of the new trainees on patient outcomes with divergent conclusions. Show More Summary

It’s Movie Time! This Year Marks the 50th Anniversary of An Astonishingly First-Rate Screenplay. And Even Though the Resulting Movie Won the Oscar for Best Picture of the Year, No One Else Will Be Writing About This Until 2020. Why We are Jumping the Gun

This movie is on the American Film Institute’s 100 Best Movies Ever Made and on the Writers Guild of America’s List of 101 Best Ever Screenplays. Please click here to get the fun, insightful behind-the-scenes story of this classic movie...

3 Reasons to Believe Great Original Programming Is the Future of Digital Video

Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. That's Plato. Simple words. Rich in meaning. As we look to the fourth annual Digital Content NewFronts, we can expect to see more rich content...Show More Summary

Update: TIS Tweaks Tweaked

Technical Content Alert!!! The rule changes discussed below are highly technical. If you’re OK with stuff like “attenuation [must be] greater than the attenuation at 1 kHz by at least: 60 log 10 (f/3) decibels, where ‘f’ is the audio frequency in kHz”, you should have no problem. Show More Summary

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