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The USA’s E-6 Fleet: Take Charge, And Move Out!

E-6B TACAMO (click to view full) The USA’s E-6 Mercury (aka. TACAMO, as in TAke Charge And Move Out) “survivable airborne communication system” airplanes support their Navy’s SSBN ballistic missile submarine force and overall strategic forces. Show More Summary

It Was One of the Most Gripping News Events of the 1970s, and Now a New TV Production Goes Inside the Patty Hearst Saga

Soon to be married college student. Blue-blooded heiress to a family fortune. Kidnap victim. Terrorist sympathizer. Bank robber. Patricia “Patty” Hearst was all of these things as the case of her February 1974 abduction from her Berkeley, Calif., apartment and...

Transcript, Emails Show How Tabloid Reporters Helped Harvey Weinstein Get Dirt On Women

A closer look at how a journalist coaxed a movie producer into providing negative information on a potential Weinstein accuser.

Gayle King Further Addresses Charlie Rose Allegations

"When you think about the anguish of those women... you have to report the news."

We’re Very Thankful For Our Advertisers On ATL

We'd like to extend our thanks to the great brands that sponsor Above the Law.

5 Gritty Tips to Persuade Clients to Settle

Being a lawyer means seeking justice on behalf of clients. However, lawyers understand that justice, particularly in the civil sense, is about dollars and cents, more so than justice. When it comes to persuading a civil client that it is in their best interest to settle, a lawyer's role......

Law of the Nursery

‘It’s my toy’ – property law ‘You promised me’ – contract law ‘He hit me first’ – criminal law ‘Daddy said I could’ – constitutional law — the late Harold Berman of Harvard Law School, via John McGinnis, Law and Liberty. Some others,...Show More Summary

7 Legal Podcasts To Listen To Over Thanksgiving Break

Pick your poison, or load them all up on a playlist and listen on your sleigh ride to Grandmother’s house.

Black Friday Deals for Lawyers

"But it was on sale!" It's such an accepted explanation for impulse buying, it's practically a mantra. And as religious holidays go, Black Friday is a universally acceptable day to worship the sale. With some guidance from tech experts, FindLaw has a shoppers list for your pilgrimage to tech nirvana......

The case of a fish hook in the eye

Triage Note: Fish hook in eye. No bleeding. Tetanus up to date. It’s a sunny weekend during cottage season. A young woman is rushed into the ER as she cups both hands over her left eye. She’s in shorts, and flip-flops, and she’s hyperventilating. Her friends follow, hands similarly cupped over their mouths. I read […]

Physicians share same mission across cultures and countries

A guest column by the American College of Physicians, exclusive to As part of my role in International Programs at the American College of Physicians (ACP), I have a unique opportunity to travel frequently and engage with internists around the world. In fact, I am writing this while almost 7,000 miles away from home, […]

FL: HART Expands Wi-Fi Connections

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority has announced it is expanding the availability of free wireless Internet service to include the TECO Line Streetcar System and the agency's top transit and transfer centers.

Judge Blocks Trump's Sanctuary Cities Order

President Trump's battle with courts over immigration continued as a judge blocked his executive orders against sanctuary cities. This time, a federal judge in San Francisco issued a permanent injunction against the President's order to cut funds from cities that provide some refuge to immigrants. Judge William Orrick had......

Abderma, a High Absorbency and Retention Material for Wound Applications

On our visit to Med in Ireland medtech industry event, we had a chance to check out some cool indigenous materials engineering that goes on in Ireland to benefit medtech. Specifically, ATD emolda, a company based outside of Dublin, was showing off its Abderma foam, a product designed for wound management applications. Abderma, a biocompatible […]

I Am A Lawyer In Recovery, And I Refuse To Be Anonymous

Chad Anderson believes he will be able to help people seek treatment because of the way he does NOT remain an anonymous alcoholic.

NC: After Two Decades of Talk, CATS Moving Forward with Train to Airport

Atlanta and Washington, D.C. have one. So does Miami, Boston and Philadelphia. They all have train service to their airport, giving business and leisure travelers an easy way to make their flight from downtown.

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