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New ‘Ant-Man’ UK TV Spot Shrinks, Grows, Rehashes

It’s entirely coincidental, since today isn’t exactly a holiday for the Brits, but we’ll call it a July 4 diversion anyway. Here’s a brand new UK TV spot for Marvel’s upcoming heist-heavy Superhero shindig, Ant-Man. There’s plenty you’ve...Show More Summary

Economic Update: The Housing Market Continues to Gain Strength

These days, with so many different economic data points to analyze and numerous global externalities commanding attention, it can be difficult to ascertain both the health of the national economy as well as the trajectory of the housing market. Show More Summary

Finding Fiction

yesterdayMedia / Publishing : Soapbox

Over the last few years, I’ve spent more time than I might like to admit trolling the obscure backwaters of the e-universe to see what kinds of new literary fiction might be out there.


This week, WABC is hiring a freelance director, and DCW50 needs an account executive. Meanwhile, WGCL is seeking a technical producer, and WPBF is on the hunt for an assignment manager. Get the scoop on these openings and more below,...Show More Summary

Comparison of temperature targets in patients with non shockable rhythm cardiac arrest

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } From a recent study: Purpose Despite a lack of randomized trials in comatose survivors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) with an initial non-shockable rhythm (NSR), guidelines recommend induced hypothermia to be considered in these patients. We assessed the effect on outcome of two levels of induced hypothermia in comatose

Music is better than medicine. This physician-musician gives you 10 reasons why.

1. You don’t have to make an appointment with your doctor, or sit in a crowded waiting room for hours, to get music — you can just download it instantly from iTunes or pick up an instrument and play it. 2. Music costs far less than a medical office co-pay or out-of-pocket fee-for-service charge. And for […]

Police Identify Motel Intruder Shot by Former CNN Reporter

Chuck de Caro and his wife, Lynne Russell, were in their room when Tomorio Walton allegedly tried to rob them, authorities said. read more

English Law Commission Consultation on New Sentencing Code

This is a follow-up to the Library Boy post of January 26, 2015 entitled English Law Commission Launches Project to Codify Sentencing Procedure.On July 1, 2015, the law Commission of England launched its first consultation in its project...Show More Summary

STEMI: now you see it, now you don't!

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } The STEMI versus non-STEMI distinction is unreliable in emergency decision making in patients with ACS for several reasons I have posted before. This study illustrates yet another reason: Objective. To determine the prevalence and significance of ST-segment elevation resolution between prehospital and first hospital ECG...Results. We

July 2015 Issue of In Session: Canadian Association of Law Libraries' e-Newsletter

The July 2015 issue of In Session is available online.It is the monthly e-newsletter of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) and contains news from CALL committees and special interest groups, member updates and events.

Aetna to Buy Humana for $37B, Largest Insurance Deal Ever

Health care-insurance giant Aetna has agreed to acquire smaller rival Humana for $37 billion in cash and stock making it the largest ever deal in the insurance industry.  The rapid consolidation in the U.S. health care industry. brings...Show More Summary

SemaConnect Congratulates California Utilities for Planned Build-Out of Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

In a statement issued today, SemaConnect, the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American property market, congratulated California utilities Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas...Show More Summary

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Director Search Continues Without Ava DuVernay

Marvel has been absolutely mum on the matter of just who might end up helming the Black Panther film adaptation, planned for 2018, but that hasn’t stopped the wild speculation train from barreling out of the station full speed. Case in point, recent rumors over the last month claiming that Selma director Ave DuVernay was a frontrunner for the job. Show More Summary

Thanks No-Name!

(Fast Food | QLD, Australia) Fast Food | QLD, Australia Categories: At The Checkout Food & Drink Funny Names Tags: Fast Food Fast Food | QLD, Australia(I work in fast food, and at our store we have a number of questions we need to ask customers.) Me: “So that was a medium fries and a wrap. Show More Summary

Is Chicago’s “Netflix Tax” A Web Scourge Or One Way To Level The Playing Field?

This week the City of Chicago amended its amusement tax rules among others to include a 9% “cloud tax” on digital entertainment streaming services. Taking effect September 1, it will include everything from rentals of shows, movies, videos, music and games to e-commerce transactions to online gambling. Show More Summary

A Declaration of Data Independence Through the Lens of the Patient

By BRIAN AHIER Data Liberación is our battle cry… Six years ago I wrote a blog on Independence Day. In 1776 the 56 citizens of the 13 British colonies signed their names to a document declaring that the King was abusing the colonies and violating the basic principles of human decency bestowed by God. So they declared independence from Great

NEA Representative Assembly 2015: “You Are the Future of Everything”

Opening day of the 2015 National Education Association Representative Assembly (RA) featured the first keynote speech of president Lily Eskelsen Garcia. She delivered a recap of NEA’s long history and involvement with federal legislation. You can read it in its entirety here. I’ve listened to 18 RA keynote speeches and can no longer endeavor to […]

Use Your Layoff Time to Your Advantage

Being laid off is never a welcome experience, but if you use your layoff time wisely, it could end up being beneficial towards your career. You can use this time to develop new skills and think about the kind of job that you really want. Show More Summary

O, Canaduh, Part 4

(Coffee Shop | Toronto, ON, Canada) Coffee Shop | Toronto, ON, Canada Categories: Canada Extra Stupid Geography Tags: Coffee Shop Coffee Shop | Toronto, ON, Canada(It is a warm day in late June. The customer I am serving has a pronounced American accent.) Me: “I couldn’t help noticing your accent. Show More Summary

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