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How BS was ABC Report?

Well, let's dissect it : In the investigation, the I-Team uncovered thousands of domestic violence complaints against Chicago police officers.In a database obtained through a the Freedom of Information Act request, the I-Team found 5,280 domestic violence complaints filed against Chicago police officers since the year 2000. Show More Summary

Immigration, Trump and The Reality of a Political Power Grab.

Washington, DC --For the most part our Congress has been ruled by Democrats for the last 100 years. Our Immigration laws that the executive Branch's elected officials and their appointed bureaucrats are sworn to enforce have not changed. Show More Summary

Jed Domestic?

Rumor in the comments about the Lake Shore Drive fake "suicide" attempt-er Jedidiah was arrested late last week in 004 on a Domestic Battery charge.Good thing he didn't still have his gun.This goof is rapidly spinning out of control...

And Still a Day to Go

Holiday weekend: Despite unseasonably warm temperatures that can lead to more people being outside — and, thus, more violence — the number of people killed and wounded in shootings citywide is slightly down from last year.Four people...Show More Summary

Stolen Spot?

We certainly hope this isn't true - it makes a mockery of the process...well, more of a mockery we suppose: Lots of crying going on at HQ on Thursday around 1430 hours when they were reading off the new D assignments. Only the heavyShow More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: Pediatric Edition

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, we welcome pediatric guru Dr. Peter Antevy, inventor of the Handtevy Pediatric Emergency System, to the Guest Table. Check it out, and give us your thoughts.

Detective Pfleger on the Case!

Once again, the D-Unit does a great job putting together a heater case : A 26-year-old man has been charged with murder in the triple shooting that killed a two-year-old and his uncle on Valentine's Day in North Lawndale. Devon Swan, 26, was charged with first degree murder is the shooting that killed 2-year-old Lavontay White Jr. Show More Summary

Get Ready for Some Theater

This was published last week: Work will start in earnest next week on how to reform the Chicago Police Department after federal investigators found that officers routinely used excessive force against minorities and tolerated "racially discriminatory conduct" by officers. Show More Summary

End the Signs

This has been a bunch of crap for years now - remember the Hampton sign: A man whose father was killed at a New York City restaurant bombing for which the militant Puerto Rican nationalist group FALN claimed responsibility lashed out...Show More Summary

It’s The Liberals That Are The True Fascists!

Los Angeles, CA—I can never understand how the Liberals always accuse Conservatives of being Fascists. It’s the liberals that will do anything to force their will on Conservatives. Liberals demand that Conservatives pay for the illegal aliens, their medical care and anchor babies. Show More Summary

FOP Ballots Are Out

And what a cast of characters.We've been attempting to remain quiet on this front, seeing as how the last few elections, everyone and their brother used our comment sections to spread all sorts of nonsense and stories about the other tickets. Show More Summary

More Payouts

We're sure the usual suspects will add these to the totals bandied about for "payouts for police misconduct:" Chicago taxpayers will spend $250,000 to compensate a drag-racing motorcycle driver injured in a 2011 collision with a police vehicle driven by First Deputy Police Superintendent Kevin Navarro. Show More Summary

Serious Question

So Special Ed sends out a notice that he intends to make another 130 or so Detectives before summer time. So if we have this straight: 135 or so Detectives already this year 140 or so Sergeants another 130 Detectives before summer 400...Show More Summary

Jail Justice

Probably just a down-payment on future beatings : The 19-year-old man charged with firing the stray bullet that struck and killed 11-year-old Takiya Holmes was beaten by a Cook County Jail inmate while awaiting his bond hearing at aShow More Summary

MidWeek Bloodbath

Hey Rahm, how's that War on the Police working out? 11 people have been killed and 11 wounded in shootings over a 48-hour period in Chicago from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning, Chicago police said.On Tuesday, a 30-year-old man was shot and killed in the North Lawndale neighborhood, police said. Show More Summary

War on Police Continues

Channel 7 again - is there anything they do that isn't anti-police? The ABC 7 I-Team uncovered a stunning number of domestic violence complaints against Chicago police officers and an overwhelming lack of disciplinary action.In the investigation,...Show More Summary

Indiana Chase Goes Bad

East Chicago, Indiana: The northwest Indiana police chase that ended in a fatal crash that killed an innocent 13-year-old girl started with a report of a woman shoplifting beer, police revealed Thursday.East Chicago Police said an officer...Show More Summary

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