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This Moron Again?

This appeared on 016 District PDT's not too long ago (click for larger versions): ISR's again? Fine, whoop-de-doo. But a month later, this crossed a line (we've blacked out the names): That's fifteen names broadcast to co-workers (and...Show More Summary

New Blog - Bucktown Crime Data

There's a new blog on the horizon, Bucktown Crime Data.The author has been a correspondent of ours for a while now, and is the person behind a lot of the graphs and spreadsheets we post occasionally. He's branching out. And while his...Show More Summary

Nepotism Alive and Well

Wonder of wonders: Could the daughter of one Democratic political powerhouse replace another as Illinois attorney general?It’ll happen if the City Council’s elder statesman has his way.Cook County Democratic Chairman Joe Berrios said he got a courtesy call over the weekend from Ald. Show More Summary

That Didn't Take Long

Rosemont is keeping their investigation in-house, as expected: Police in Rosemont on Monday said the investigation into the death of Kenneka Jenkins, the teenager who was found dead in a hotel walk-in freezer Sept. 10, would remain in...Show More Summary

Extreme mopup

The U.S. Forest Service distributed this photo on Twitter September... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Rain and snow slow some fires in the Northwest — but not all

Wildfires are still active in California, Oregon, Washington, and... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Bad Idea Moves Forward

No stopping this train wreck : Chief Cook County Judge Timothy Evans on Friday announced he is replacing the half-dozen judges who preside over bond hearings at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse–a sweeping change and the latest move to...Show More Summary


Rahm has all his media pets pushing for Amazon to locate their new "HQ2" here in the Windy City. The Sun Times actually ran an editorial that we laughed at. Chicago is Jeff Bezos’ kind of town, though he may not yet know it.Our city was founded on a swamp by entrepreneurs every bit as audacious as Bezos, the founder of Show More Summary

St Louis Riots

Encouraged by elected officials : Following the acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley for the shooting for Anthony Smith, St. Louis officials spoke out about the verdict, and appear to be promoting civil unrest or worse.“I...Show More Summary

500....and Counting

The four-bagger this Friday evening pushed Chicago over the 500 mark for the....well, probably like 80th year in a row or something. HeyJackass has the totals at 506 although the Department is hiding a few, insisting it's "only" 496.Has Rahm even had a year with less than 500 homicides?

My Eulogy For The Death of Actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Hollywood, CA—27 year-old Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous, seriously talented and her smile captivated millions just like me. What could possibly go wrong? Our nation became even more divided politically as well as emotionally since the 2016 election and Hollywood overwhelmingly chose the loosing side of the Left. Show More Summary

Looking back at NIFC’s June prediction for August-September wildfire activity

At the beginning of the month here on Wildfire Today we usually... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Wildfire smoke travels to Paris

From NASA’s Earth Observatory: On September 5, 2017, residents... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Investigate What?

The "cult of victimhood" and "blame anyone but me!" circus is in full swing, and we can only thank the media for shining a spotlight on it so everyone can see it in all its twisted glory: A memorial to honor the life of a West Side teenager...Show More Summary

Interesting Idea

Not much good coming out of Baltimore lately - except this maybe : Baltimore will consider offering a property tax break to local police and firefighters.The Baltimore Sun reported Monday that officials believe the relief would entice more emergency responders to live in the city. Show More Summary

Anyone See Divvy's Books?

We're just wondering after reading this : In 2016, the city of Baltimore partnered with Bewegen Technologies to launch North America’s largest electrical-assisted cycling (or pedelec) bike sharing program. The system is located in Baltimore’s metropolitan area with over 25 stations available. Show More Summary

Five pieces of equipment burned in Sheep Gap Fire

Five pieces of equipment burned Tuesday September 12 in the Sheep Gap... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Quadruple Homicide

Countdown to see if Ray Lopez says something monumentally stupid again : Four people, including a woman police believe was pregnant, were killed on Friday night in a rifle attack in the Brighton Park neighborhood.The shooting happened about 8:40 p.m. Show More Summary

Where Will Lisa Go?

After not bringing a single case of political corruption to justice, Lisa Madigan is moving on : Attorney General Lisa Madigan will not seek re-election in 2018, she announced on Friday morning.“After serving as Attorney General for over 14 years, today I am announcing that I will not seek reelection,” Madigan said in a statement. Show More Summary

Where the Money Goes

Believe us, this is just a tiny glimpse into how the County, City and CPS waste money : A Chicago Public Schools principal has been barred from an alternative high school operating in the Cook County Jail following allegations that she...Show More Summary

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