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Marching Orders

Supposedly, the World Series Order is rolling or has rolled out tonight. It's supposed to be huge and as bad an any rumor we've heard this week.We'll get a copy from somewhere today and see what it all means. But canceling days off ALL...Show More Summary

The Entitled

Talk about people who have lost touch with what their part-time job is supposed to entail: Aldermen on Wednesday continued to press for further explanation of an ethics rule that would curtail their ability to get their hands on sought-after...Show More Summary

Downtown Muggings

Once again, crime in the heart of the tourist area spiraling to new heights: Chicago police on Wednesday released a series of photographs of a group of teens that earlier this month robbed women late in the evening near Millennium Park...Show More Summary

Cops as Less Than Citizens

Marylin Mosby, the failed prosecutor/persecutor of Baltimore cops, isn't giving up her drive to railroad cops by depriving them of their Civil Rights : Baltimore City State’s Attorney is calling for major changes in investigations of...Show More Summary

Days Off Canceled

And there's part of the order: We'll see what the start times are shortly, but it looks like this is going to be very expensive to say the least.

No Tickets? No Problem

So this happened the other day: The Cubs have withdrawn their offer of face-value World Series tickets to Chicago aldermen after a city ethics board determined that taking the team up on the offer could violate a ban on elected officials...Show More Summary

Lieutenants Promoted

Twenty-seven promotions, but not starting until after the World Series BAIER, J 121 (another from IAD?)BALLAUER J 312BLOCK A 025BRANNIGAN W 001CALDERDON G 189 (detail to 116)DE LA TOPRRE M 009GEORGAS, S 050 (big surprise)HOWARD, J 191JANOPOULOS,...Show More Summary


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Hats Damnit, HATS!!!

Police shooting in the 'Wood: A person was shot by a Chicago police officer outside a church in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, police said.Police officers were attempting to stop a vehicle with stolen plates in the 300-block of West 59th Street at about 10 a.m. Show More Summary

Anyone See a Problem Here?

Exhibit A: Chicago Public Schools officials are moving ahead with plans to add hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to the district's books, setting up a blitz of construction projects.The Chicago Board of Education on Wednesday is expected to approve borrowing as much as $840 million. Show More Summary

Of Course She Does

Prickwrinkle again: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and a bipartisan, biracial coalition of commissioners on Monday pushed for jailing fewer people charged with nonviolent crimes while they await trial.Preckwinkle and her...Show More Summary

Not A Hate Crime?

Selective prosecution once again: A video of a Chicago activist removing a Trump sign has generated thousands of views and prompted police in one suburb to issue a statement explaining why they did not charge him with sign theft.Jedidiah Brown posted a video on Facebook on Oct. Show More Summary

Cubs Detail

And the rumor mill begins: OT, but from a reliable source at 35th Street. For any potential "clinch" game next week, 2nd watch is working 1200-2359, 1st watch is 0001-1159 and the entire 3rd watch will be deployed to 18, 19 and certain south and west side districts in anticipation of the rioting (celebration). Show More Summary

War on Poilice is Real

Jack Dunphy again: Writing in the Washington Post thirteen months ago, Radley Balko assured his readers that, contrary to widespread belief, there was no “war on cops.” He cited a Rasmussen poll taken the week before that found 58 percent of respondents believed there was indeed such a war while just 27 percent did not. Show More Summary

Election Day Coming

And time for that SCC tradition! Every single judge on the ballot gets a NO vote We've been pushing this for years, on and off the job. The last time any sitting judge got dumped was when Passarella was removed for his handling of the Officer Touhy case and two others failed to get the required 60% threshold following the Greylord scandal. Show More Summary

Be Helpful

Yesterday, we posted about a website that is hoping to identify cops by trolling media reports, social media, etc to "facilitate" complaints against the police.Someone took the time to read the site and discovered they're accepting pictures the public has managed to acquire for their use. Show More Summary

FTO Tablet

We've found the tablet the Department is offering potential FTO's: Thanks to the comedian in the comment section who suggested this.

Crowd-Funding Legal Defense

We thought GoFundMe had some sort of prohibition raising money for criminal defense cases?We've been informed that Parta Huff, the asshole high on PCP who attacked the coppers in 015, has some sort of GoFundMe page for his legal defense. Show More Summary

Inspector Battery

Inspectors returned about what...a year or two ago? And evidently they've been invested with new and frightening powers: Hey SCC,First time I've ever written to you but you have to hear this. An inspector appeared in 011 the other day,...Show More Summary

Don't Pose for Cameras

Another reason to disengage : A new open data project aims to make filing a complaint against Chicago Police — a fraught endeavor, since it’s often hard to name the cop in question — significantly easier.According to data tracked byShow More Summary

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