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So, Will This Go Anywhere?

Let's see if the media follows the story : Carjacking and murder charges have been filed against a Wisconsin man who was in a stolen vehicle during a crash that killed his alleged accomplice Wednesday morning on the South Side.Deangelo M. Show More Summary

Is Bail Re-Vamp Failing?

From the stonewalling coming from Sheriff Dart's and Chief Judge Evan's offices, it sure looks like a failure: A prominent Chicago watchdog group is going public with its two-year-long dispute over whether Cook County Chief Judge Tim...Show More Summary

Madigan's Consent Decree?

Rahm needs the political cover of a consent decree, one that Trump refuses to grant him. So Rahm is using his puppet supernintendo to get something. Special Ed is playing to his puppet-master with full devotion lest a certain investigation gets re-opened. Show More Summary

Nice 911 Center

State of the Art, right? Hardened against a nuclear attack? Redundant and backup systems galore? And it gets even better: City told OEMC the water would be shut off for 8 hours on Sunday (when all the bosses & admin personnel are rdo),...Show More Summary

Doors are Racist?

Just another sign that pfather phleger has lost his mind : Watch for activist priest the Rev. Michael Pfleger to lead a protest Friday morning at the Fifth Third Bank & ATM at 8140 S. Ashland to throw down the gauntlet on what he considers...Show More Summary

Mass Stripping

No, this isn't about an east coast nudist colony.No, not about a church being defiled either. But once again, nothing is ever closed : In a sudden about-face Thursday night, Chicago police said seven cops once part of an allegedly corrupt...Show More Summary

Off Duty Stabbed

The paper says "domestic related:" An off-duty Chicago police officer was stabbed while driving a car Friday morning on the South Side, causing her to hit a school bus, according to police. The officer, 47, was stabbed in the head in...Show More Summary

Crime is Up?

It ain't us saying it - it's the Slum Times : Police Supt. Eddie Johnson stood before a crowd of civic leaders and business people on Thursday and touted a major decline in the number of shootings in Englewood, long one of the most violent...Show More Summary

Nice Map Rahm

This should be helpful for citizens and tourists alike : The number of carjackings in Chicago has increased in the past few days by dramatic amounts. With 12 carjackings reported in the area in less than 48 hours, Chicago police have been on alert for suspects, making at least four arrests in the last two days. Show More Summary


Looks like the promotions went through and the commentators excusing the delay were mistaken. Anyone have a copy without employee numbers and such?The list has the merits and nominators listed separately so McCarthy's policy is still around. That's refreshing.

No Ghetto Lottery Payout

Is the tide turning? A federal jury sided with Chicago police Friday and awarded no damages to a woman who alleged that detectives coerced her into confessing to the killing of her 4-year-old son more than a decade ago.Nicole Harris spent nearly eight years in prison before a federal appeals court in 2013 overturned her murder conviction. Show More Summary

Answer This One Rahm

This should be at the top of every FOP press release for the next few months or years: From our leader at a luncheon at the City Club of Chicago. Emanuel was long gone by the time Johnson fielded the most controversial question of the...Show More Summary


Just a little reminder before Special Ed and Rahm take too many bows: As our statistician tells us, since Rahm got elected in 2011: - That's 8.2 people shot PER DAY for 8 years straight. - 24,000 is about the circumference earth in miles. Show More Summary

Looking in the Wrong Direction

A lot of horn-tooting going on yesterday : Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Thursday touted the department’s efforts in the Englewood patrol district, saying homicides and shootings have plunged this year in what has historically...Show More Summary

Body Cams Violate What Now?

Once again, the leftists have no fucking clue what they want: The number of U.S. police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras increases each year, but the cameras can pose a threat to civil rights if the departments...Show More Summary


Sometimes, the wages of being an asshole are death : The 88-year-old man had been to the gym and had just parked in front of his Englewood home when the two masked men walked up Wednesday morning.One of them pulled a gun and asked for the keys to his silver Lincoln.“They got him in front of the door,’’ said the man's 89-year-old wife. Show More Summary


New rumor out of HQ: SCC, the promotion classes previously set to begin on 20 November and now delayed until 27 November? You'll never guess what they delayed them.They don't want the blog to be right. Wow. And here was J-Fled telling everyone the blog was "insignificant."

Retiree Hearing

Hearing later today on Health Care: As you’ll recall, Judge Cohen’s ruling has been that the Funds have a primary responsibility to provide plans for their annuitants.Since none of them are doing anything about that, and the City “sponsored...Show More Summary

Suck It Rahm

Imagine that - Rahm has to follow the law : An administrative law judge has recommended that the Illinois Labor Relations Board throw out the Chicago Police Department’s new disciplinary guidelines, dealing an early defeat to the city...Show More Summary

Car Jacking Arrests

A chase, a crash, and a manhunt : Two West Side carjacking suspects who led officers on a chase on the Eisenhower Expressway that ended with a police car crashing have been charged, police said.Police said the two, Davontae Jones and...Show More Summary

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