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By the Numbers

Someone sent us this mathematical formula. We updated it with the latest numbers from Out of the 2,437 people (and folks), shot/killed this year, the police are responsible for 0.007796 of the total. Percentage wise,Show More Summary

CFD Shooting

Not every day you see that headline : An off-duty Chicago Fire Department lieutenant fatally shot a teenage boy who tried to steal his car Monday morning in the West Side Austin neighborhood.About 9:30 a.m., the 45-year-old lieutenant...Show More Summary


From a few days ago : A man was shot by a Chicago police officer Saturday night in the city's Gage Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side.The 32-year-old victim sustained a graze wound to the head and was transported to a hospital,Show More Summary

These Might Be Nice

Not that we'd ever expect them from this city : Bulletproof Police Ford Interceptor The armored Police Ford Inteceptor from International Armoring Corporation. We are providing solutions to local law enforcement across the United States...Show More Summary

Is Crime Down?

August shows flashes of last year : At least 33 people were wounded, 6 fatally, within 13 hours from Saturday to Sunday across the city in separate shootings, which includes an attack in the West Pullman neighborhood that left one man dead and wounded six other people. Show More Summary

Political Time Bomb

How many people know this was wending it's way through the courts? Probably no one, since the Chicago media is too busy sucking Rahm's ass: Judicial Watch announced a hearing will be held on August 21, 2017, regarding an Illinois Freedom...Show More Summary

Please Seek Help

Another Officer, this time on Duty Disability, took his own life following a series of personal and professional setbacks.If you or another copper is experiencing a rough patch - a patch that is aggravated by job/life stresses - and everything is looking dark, hopeless, endless or insurmountable, there is help available. Show More Summary

No....Just No

A number of people pointed out that you are able to access the E-learning modules from remote locations - the library for one. Your home computer for another.We confess to being unaware as we don't work in 024 and aren't subject to silly...Show More Summary

Boo F#$%ing Hoo

The Sun Times sure takes the cake sometimes : Flanked by four Cook County sheriff’s officers, Corey Morgan didn’t respond to the insults and threats hurled at him by other inmates as he was led through the Cook County Jail.“You know you gon’ die in that m———-. Show More Summary

Very Bad Night

Across the nation Friday night, six officers were shot, two succumbing to their wounds: Six police officers were shot, two fatally, in three separate incidents in Florida and Pennsylvania late Friday, officials said.Two officers were shot in Kissimmee around 9:30 p.m., just south of the theme park hub of Orlando, central Florida. Show More Summary

Dumb Advice

The other week, the CPD gave some helpful (if unfortunate) advice: If confronted by an armed felon, better to surrender your car than your life While we are not particularly fond of that advice, it's helpful for those (A) unarmed and (B) living in an under-policed Chicago. Show More Summary

"Fascist" Alert Update

Retired CPD Lieutenant is a little irritated : I woke up yesterday and sat on the side of the bed for a few moments. I needed to feel the aches and pains that prove I’m still alive and kicking. Once the blood got flowing I made my way to the kitchen and put on my pot of coffee. Show More Summary

Court Hit...Again

This is getting to be a bad habit - three times now, people leaving court are shot: The black SUV came barreling toward the Cook County criminal courthouse Friday morning with three bullets in its side.It stopped just outside the front...Show More Summary

Nice Trains Rahm

The criminals aren't even waiting to get to the Happy Hunting Grounds - they're blasting victims on the train itself: All the way home to the Far North Side, Ted Pertzborn couldn't stop thinking: Maybe it’s time to buy a gun.A crazyShow More Summary

Wrong Turn?

This could have been worse - especially after the recent vehicle deaths overseas: A man was charged Friday after the Chicago Police Department Bomb Squad was called to O'Hare International Airport as a precaution to investigate a semi...Show More Summary

"Fascist" Alert

Guess who's a fascist now? Yep - thin blue line patches, flags, posters and t-shirts now label you as a member of the "alt-right" and according to the so-called "antifa" literature, you can be punched at will because you are a nazi.If you have any doubt in your mind that the war on police isn't real, lose it. Now.

"De-escalation" Kills

And guess who it kills? The chair of the criminal justice department of Madison College says the research he conducted for his master’s thesis shows de-escalation policies are a valuable tool in an officer’s toolbox, but argues they’re...Show More Summary

024 Follies

This crap again? What he is going on in the 24th district? Sergeants telling PO's they cannot go down on an event for e-learning they're being told the e-learning is on their own time!!! And the officers are being messed with over activity. Show More Summary

The New Kids

After that "you better show up" deal the other day: City officials welcomed 111 new police recruits Tuesday as they start the Chicago Police Department's training academy.The recruits bring CPD closer to its goal of adding 1,000 officers.CPD...Show More Summary

Take Home Pay

By now, everyone has gotten the most recent check stub. And if you paid attention, you'd notice that your check was a bit lighter than before. That would be the Madigan engineered income tax hike.Better hope the FOP gets a sizable pay raise to cover it. Show More Summary

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