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Look at All That Money!

Remember, Rahm is pushing to raise taxes by nearly $600 million or by golly, he's going to lay off 4,000 cops and 2,500 firefighters! Even as Chicago confronts a fiscal crisis, investors are looking beyond its turbulent finances with...Show More Summary

Haven't We Been Here Before?

Not nationally, but here in Illinois : A push to overhaul criminal sentencing is prompting the early release of thousands of federal drug prisoners, including some whom prosecutors once described as threats to society, according to an Associated Press review of court records. Show More Summary

More Media Omissions

There they go again, changing stories following publication in case someone gets offended...or points out some stupid shit. Yesterday's quote from aldercreature Ervin : Ald. Jason Ervin (28th) told McCarthy that “folks sell dope like candy” in his West Side ward. Show More Summary

How Low Can it Go?

This is truly sad: McCarthy acknowledged his detectives have cleared only 8 percent of this year’s shootings, which are classified as aggravated batteries with firearms. And only 23 percent of this year’s murders have been cleared, putting Chicago in the “middle of the pack” of large U.S. Show More Summary

The Media at It Again

What we wouldn't give for an honest but of reporting once in a while.We were listening to WBBM on the way home today and they had a clip of Rahm talking in regard to the Budget Hearings today where the Black Caucus was giving McCarthy some flack. Show More Summary

Rahm Supports Garry

Fully, wholeheartedly, lovingly : Rahm has Garry’s back.Mayor Rahm Emanuel reiterated Tuesday in no uncertain terms that he supports Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy.“I’m standing by him,” Emanuel announced after an award ceremony...Show More Summary


Heroin overdoses discovered! The Chicago Recovery Alliance, which helps people addicted to heroin, says its most recent figures suggest a dramatic increase in the number of overdoses on the West Side and in Cicero over the past week....Show More Summary

Shots Fired South

No hits: A person is in custody after allegedly trying to run down several Chicago police officers Tuesday who were trying to pull him over and ended up with officers firing shots at the suspect, police said.The incident occurred at 12:09 p.m. Show More Summary

The FAA Can’t Perpetuate Drone Hysteria Without Evidence of a Single Notable Accident!

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—Some of this small but wealthy community’s politicians bought into the baseless idea that multi-rotor camera drones were a threat to safety and privacy. Ignorance and the novelty of the drones themselves motivated politicians here to make an effort to ban drones. Show More Summary

Big Changes Friday! was Monday? What the hell? This throws off all of our timing....can someone at 35th Street turn back the calendar. Please? This is not acceptable: Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy today announced the retirement...Show More Summary

Regarding The Mass Suspension

Some sound advice in the comment section yesterday: If they give us access to the reports then that report should be able to be viewed by police officers. So you're saying it was wrong to look at an approved police report then why should we even take police reports from anyone in the first place. Show More Summary

Once Again, Missing Reality

Of course, they merely refelct those who sent them to office : A group of black aldermen on Monday called for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, saying the city's top cop hasn't done enough to deal withShow More Summary

RedLoon Defunded

Finally, the political embarrassment got to be too much: City Hall is ending its financial support of the Great Chicago Fire Festival, and it's unclear whether the Redmoon Theater-produced event will be held next year.The city kicked...Show More Summary

200 One-Day-Suspensions?

Truth or rumor? Scc-can you start a entry regarding the nordstrom store shooting that someone leaked info to the media. Apparently everyone has to take a day suspension (about 200 officers) for looking at the report for "conduct unbecoming." I would appreciate what others have to say regarding this issue. Show More Summary

Judge's End Around

Um, what's this? OT but, are any of you guys aware that Judge Joseph Claps is violating officer's rights and the FLOP and the OLA is standing by and letting it happen. On a recent motion to suppress his confession, a defendant claimed that he only confessed because he was beaten. Show More Summary

Dear God, No

There will be another Taste it seems : Taste of Chicago posted $320,205 in profit this summer, according to city figures, continuing an erratic trend of profits and losses at the Grant Park festival in recent years, officials said Sunday.Taste lost just over $169,000 last year, when rains canceled the one and only Saturday for the event. Show More Summary

Misleading Headline

You know, you'd think that the papers could at least get the first impression correct: Officials: Man dead, woman wounded during police-involved shooting Damn those police - blazing away, killing unarmed citizens, wounding bystanders, we really need more police oversight and shit. Show More Summary

Another Delayed

Word is the 014 District is going to take a beating at CompStat over this one : A man died Thursday night, nearly six years after he was shot in the head while walking with his mother in the Northwest Side Logan Square neighborhood.An...Show More Summary

This Nonsense Again?

Stick a fork in this already : Faith and community leaders say they want Chicago police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel held accountable for police brutality in the city.About 150 people gathered for a rally Saturday outside the Chicago Police...Show More Summary

Da Underdogs...Again

Three point dogs with a 44.5 over/under - which happened to be the over/under on overdosing junkies this weekend. What a coincidence.

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