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Busy Weekend

As you can imagine, the 12-hour day debacle is wreaking havoc with schedules of coppers all over town, including the ones here.Comments may be delayed. Posting also. We'll get there when we get there. We're also assuming that reading will be delay for you, the visitors.Be safe ladies and gents. Keep an eye on each other during these long days and longer nights.

Connect the Dots to Rahm

Guess who's making money for his buddies again? Just 12 weeks after Rahm Emanuel won a bruising battle for re-election, the Chicago mayor has unveiled a pension initiative that could be a significant financial boon for his largest campaign contributors. Show More Summary

Slow Response?

Frankly, you're lucky to get any response : Nearly a month after she was attacked in one of the city's most affluent neighborhoods in the middle of the day, Julia Evans is still shaken.But that's not just because of the crime itself — Evans said what was most "appalling" was the slow police response. Show More Summary

Ride to Remember Time

Registration has begun : The 11th Annual Area 4 Ride to Remember Memorial Motorcycle Ride is July 26, 2015.Sunday, July 26, 2015 - 9:00 a.m.Former Area Four Detective Headquarters, 3151 W. Harrison - Harrison and Kedzie - West Parking Lot, Chicago, Illinois 60612.Registration: 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Show More Summary

Get the Checkbook Ready Toni

This article appeared in the Tribune Tuesday: Police are investigating the death of a 49-year-old woman found early Tuesday in the Lawndale neighborhood on the city's West Side.About 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, police responded to a call in the...Show More Summary

CAPS is Dead??

Thank god someone finally pronounced the corpse : The Chicago Police Department program known as CAPS is over in the Shakespeare District, according to the district’s new commander.“CAPS is dead. We need to drive a stake right through its heart,” Police Cmdr. Show More Summary

Tax the Air You Breathe

Well, not quite....but we're getting there : The past five years have seen a huge shift in the way we consume media, as brick-and-mortar stores shift to digital subscriptions. It's been a valuable tradeoff for some, building billion-dollar...Show More Summary

More "Fire Garry" Calls

Crain's fires a second salvo : The calls to relieve Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy of his duties, including from Crain's editorial board, are right on time. His tactics haven't been the miracle cure for the city's violence we all desperately wished them to be. Show More Summary

Officer in Trouble?

This appeared in the comment section yesterday. We've combined the separate comments into a single post from Densey Cole's mother: SCC: [...] I am the proud mother of P.O. Densey J.Cole II who was responding to a call in the 022 Dist. Show More Summary

Magic Money Appears!

Did Rahm find a money tree? Mayor Rahm Emanuel directed Chicago Public Schools to meet Tuesday's deadline for a $634 million contribution to Chicago's teachers retirement fund but warned making the state-mandated payment would lead the...Show More Summary

Hater of a Judge

Anyone from the media actually go sit in a courtroom any more? Today in the courtroom of judge Clarence Burch, room 303, branch 46, the police lost a case where the defendant battered and resisted officers and lied repeatedly, underShow More Summary

More Clues

Still no word on weekend deployment from downtown. You'd think that they didn't want coppers to know what their schedule is going to be, nor what equipment they should have on hand, nor what the potential threats might be. Good thing...Show More Summary

Time to Move This Parade, Too

Sorry, it's just too big for the neighborhood, too out of control and attracts too many morons : Two people were stabbed and at least two others were robbed during post-Pride Parade mayhem in the Boystown area Sunday night and early Monday morning. Show More Summary

Shots Fired at Police

By a 16-year-old who's lucky he's going to see 17 : A 16-year-old boy was charged with trying to kill a cop after the teen allegedly fired at a police officer in the Uptown neighborhood Sunday afternoon, officials said Monday.The boy,...Show More Summary

Tourist Stabbed

The "Choose Chicago" people are NOT going to be happy : Chicago police are holding a man for stabbing a tourist outside a downtown hotel. Police say the victim got into an altercation with a man who’d been drinking, early Monday morning outside the Wyndham Grand Hotel, 71 E. Show More Summary

Another Piece of the Puzzle

It seems the Department has re-opened the TO-SPOT overtime initiative, in both 4 and 8 hour increments.The program only seems to re-open when Federal money becomes available, usually when a specific threat or threat profile is detected.Expect some announcements shortly.

Fight This Pardon Application

This isn't a Parole Hearing, but an application for a pardon. And it's right here in town, so a decent showing shouldn't be difficult: I have written to you about this before and I hate to have to do so again. As you may recall, Pat Quinn commuted the sentence of Howard Morgan. Show More Summary

Slow Weekend

So whatever everyone was doing this weekend, keep doing it! Three people have been killed and at least 13 others injured in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening. We happened to be relaxing in the pool with a frosty beverage (root beer floats if you must ask) and we plan on more of the same shortly.

Life Sentence

RIP Officer Flisk and Officer Peters (CHA - retired) : Timothy Herring, a man found guilty of the 2010 murders of Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk and former Chicago Housing Authority Officer Stephen Peters, has been sentenced to...Show More Summary

This Explains Part of It

Always amazing that we have to discover police policy via the media : The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI were warning law enforcement Friday about the possibility of terrorist threats around the Fourth of July, unnamed authorities told CNN Friday. Show More Summary

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