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cBS Discovers Drugs in Chicago

Maybe the organizers of RiotFest are having second thoughts? [ 21 May 15 ] The new home of Riot Fest is already home to junkies, CBS 2 has learned. A viewer said the park is littered with used hypodermic needles. And sure enough, that’s just what CBS 2 [...]Show More Summary

Parks Give Away a Million

You have to love this "no oversight" type of governing : The Chicago Park District waived a $937,500 rental fee and a security deposit for the NFL to use Grant Park when it held the draft in the city from April 30-May 2, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday afternoon. Show More Summary

Another SOS Scandal?

This time, over a photograph that's around 15 years old: An offensive photo that cost a Chicago police officer his job has been made public as he fights in court to rejoin the department. If you haven't seen it, you can find it. Once...Show More Summary

Awards Luncheon

Honoring many many heroes, including the Police Medal : Whenever Chicago police Officer Javier Alonso sees the bullet hole in his right leg, he thinks about the night of June 6, 2014.That was when he and fellow Officer Michael M. Wrobel...Show More Summary

Pension News

Just about everything mentioned here seems to be coming to pass : Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to solve his police and fire pension problem by paying less upfront, taking longer to pay off the debt and getting some of the money to cover...Show More Summary

Mass Tact Exodus

Ric Flair moves out, a new "4-times-merit" boss is brought in, he brings in his people, and suddenly everyone wants out: The new tact lt. in 007 is making a great impression. Two whole teams including the sergeants are putting in to-forms to go back to the watch. Show More Summary

Ghost of Royko

Martin Preib again, putting so-called "journalists" to shame: It was 1992 when Mike Royko headed over to a downtown apartment to meet with Jon Burge’s representatives.Jon Burge was a Chicago Police Commander on the south side of Chicago...Show More Summary

Violent Weekend = Guns are Bad

Rahm goes with the tired old excuses: Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he’s been in touch with the families of the dozen people killed by gunfire this weekend, including a four-year-old girl. He also talked to reporters and police about the more than three dozen people wounded as well, reports WBBM [...]Show More Summary

And the Weekend Totals Are....

We had set the bar at sixty for the entire 3-day weekend - there's a science to the whole thing. Channel 7 had nine dead, thirty-two wounded : Nine people were killed and at least 32 others-including a 4-year-old girl-have been wounded in shootings across Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, police said. Show More Summary

How About "Stop Treating Him?"

Has County thought of that? A talented teenage basketball player unable to post bond on a low-level burglary charge ended up ingesting screws, needles, a 4-inch piece of metal and other objects while behind bars, leading the jail toShow More Summary

What a Mess!

Bodies everywhere, records set, it's a complete and total disaster. What? No, not Chicago - Baltimore : With five and a half hours left in the Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore, they have had 27 shootings of which at least 9 were fatal, making it the bloodiest weekend in Baltimore this century. Show More Summary

Uniform and Appearance Changes?

An e-mail from a reader: SCC,Word from a friend that the Department is about to change a whole bunch of uniform specs:They already outlawed the shorts thank god. Now, no more knit hats in winter or baseball caps in summer. It's the saucer...Show More Summary

New Idea - Raise Fees!

Really, where do they come up with these brilliant thinkers? Chicago homeowners have managed to avoid suburban-style garbage collection fees, but those “spoiled” days may be coming to an end, the newly elected chairman of the City Council’s Black Caucus said.“I hate to say it. Show More Summary

005 Boss Speaks Up

And will probably get launched in short order: I know mike Pigott takes a beating on the blog but he stood up for his guys big time at compstat today!!!!!Sup said he thought the 10 hour days were great for 5, Pigott said i disagree, our spike in crimes are right around the time the guys are hitting the 9-10 hour mark. Show More Summary

Casino Deal Coming?

From the comments: SCC:I was at the sergeant’s union meeting Thursday night.You may have heard the radio commercials that state the City of Chicago wants its own casino.It turns out that all 5 public safety unions’ (FOP 7, Fire Local 2 and the 3 PBPA Units) met with the City this week. Show More Summary

Another $62 Million Pissed Away

No money, remember? Ending a costly court fight that City Hall blundered into, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has paid more than $62 million to settle a dispute with the private operators of four city-owned parking garages downtown,...Show More Summary

Bloody Weekend So Far

And once again, the indiscriminate gunfire claims a child: A 4-year-old girl playing outside a South Side party was shot in the head Friday evening after someone opened fire from a passing car. The sun hadn't yet set on the traditional...Show More Summary

Is The First Amendment Dead In The Town of Paradise Valley Arizona?

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—In arguably the most expensive real estate in the State of Arizona they are proposing the most draconian camera drone ban ever! The town’s council will be voting on this draft ordinance during their May 28, 2015 meeting. Show More Summary

40 Winks Catches 40 hours

Well, 42.5 under the 4-and-2. Is he eligible for an appeal?

Weed to be (Nearly) Penalty Free

When the Department says "no more weed arrests," they mean it: Police won’t be able to arrest Illinoisans for having small amounts of marijuana if a bill passed by lawmakers gets Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature.On Thursday, the Illinois...Show More Summary

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