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A Tale of Two Lawsuits

One ending: A federal jury Wednesday sided with two Chicago police officers in the 2011 fatal shooting of a motorist in spite of a dispatch recording that suddenly surfaced in the middle of the trial that appeared to cast doubt on the...Show More Summary

Shouldn't We Be Doing This?

Oh wait, the Department brass said something about how it didn't make sense to train every officer in terrorism response. Good to see some people learn from the past: The NYPD has quietly spent the last six months making preparations...Show More Summary

LAPD Shooting Twists

shooLAPD shot an "unarmed man" a few days ago. The usual protests started up, despite the presence of a cell phone video that shows the offender fighting the police and the audio of one of the coppers stating quite clearly, "He's got...Show More Summary

No Charges in Ferguson, But...

Entirely expected due to the evidence : The Justice Department announced Wednesday that it will not prosecute former Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of an unarmed black 18-year-old, while also releasing...Show More Summary

"Not Weed"

Too damn smart for his own good : A 21-year-old Lincoln man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after deputies found a 16-ounce container labeled...Show More Summary

The Final Gun Rights Battles--Campus Cary and Gun Free Zones

Washington, DC—The United States Supreme Court reaffirmed and settled the primary Second Amendment rights issues of all Americans in two somewhat recent cases, Heller and McDonald. Despite this some arrogant politicians feel they and some of their supporters are above the law. Show More Summary

Nice Work

Some arrests involving the "crash-and-grab" offenders : The burglaries started with gang members using crowbars to smash the windows of stores on tony North Michigan Avenue and elsewhere in the city.But when businesses boosted their security on the advice of the police, the burglars crashed stolen cars through their doors. Show More Summary

Almost a Darwin

Gotta ban them guns, gotta ban them guns : A 14-year-old walked into a Northwest Side hospital with a gunshot wound to her knee Tuesday evening.The girl — who police said was “highly uncooperative” — walked into Our Lady of the Resurrection...Show More Summary

Big Surprise Here

No, not really. We were just joking: Mayor Rahm Emanuel has deep ties to a lobbyist for a government relations firm that represents Xerox State and Local Solutions Traffic Solutions, the city’s new red-light camera operator, according...Show More Summary

Captain Counseled

Can they send a captain to callback? Because they should seriously consider it: SCC, good news!The Captain that everyone loves to hate got officially Counseled this weekend. If you recall, he flipped his shit on the midnight crew, screaming at the radio people. Show More Summary

Shut Up Kirk

Mr. "One-Term" Kirk flies his RINO flag proudly : Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has given his tacit endorsement of Mayor Rahm Emanuel for re-election, reports WBBM [...].He refused to call it an endorsement, but Senator Mark Kirk...Show More Summary

Willie and Bobby Wafflehouse

Amazing - another waffle chef: Willie Wilson continues to be a potential kingmaker in the Chicago mayoral race. The African-American businessman, who was knocked out of the contest in the Feb. 24 primary, says he had private meetings...Show More Summary


Prickwrinkled is taking the easy way out again: Add Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to those who say they're publicly withholding endorsement in Chicago's mayoral race.In advance of a Casimir Pulaski Day event, Preckwinkle...Show More Summary

Dead Heat

Chewie coming on strong : A Chicago polling firm is calling the city’s runoff campaign between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia a “dead heat.”New numbers from Ogden and Fry show Garcia, a member of the Cook County board of commissioners, within reach of the one-term Emanuel. Show More Summary

The Ferguson Effect

This has been noted in other places at other times, but this is the most recent and better documented as far as we can tell: Numbers provided by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department show a downward trend, last year, in the numbers of self-initiated activity (S.I.A.)The numbers show a high last year of more than 21,000 S.I.A. Show More Summary

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

cBS Channel 2 has already found "racism © " in the marijuana dispensary system due to the so-called "deserts" in certain lower income neighborhoods. Someone suggested this in the comment section and it came up at the semi-regular blog "beer, darts and hot wings meeting" the other night. Show More Summary

Dick Does it Again

What an asshole : During remarks on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) compared President Obama’s executive orders on immigration to Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and said that the president’s “courage”Show More Summary

Pay Cut

An astute reader pointed out the following in regard to Friday's promotions: The last boss in charge of CAPS...wasn't that Helm? Wasn't she a Chief before she left and went to work for Luberman or someone at City Hall? And didn't she retire under a cloud where a whole bunch of people almost got indicted? Looks like the latest CAPS Deputy Chief missed out on a pay grade step.

Massive Protests!

Massive we tell you - the people, united, will never blah blah blah: Protesters gathered Saturday outside a Chicago Police Department facility on the West Side, calling for it to be shut down following reports in the British newspaper...Show More Summary

Rahm Lies

Elected on a platform of lies, along with a "wedding dress residency," is anyone actually surprised? In the wake of revelations about abuses in the city of Chicago’s fire and police disability programs, Mayor Rahm Emanuel promised reforms.But...Show More Summary

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