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Gratuity Order

The Order is finally out addressing discounted coffee and meals, and it pretty much follows the Federal guidelines we've seen here and there, along with stuff from the Ethics Test we take every year. We're wondering about this part though:...Show More Summary

Another Stripping

No, not the cheating lieutenants: A third Chicago police officer has been relieved of police powers after department brass made the preliminary determination that officer and two others violated policy when they fired their weapons in...Show More Summary

The Connected Game

Nice to see this is still going on after all these years: Three of every four property owners in Chicago have been hit with higher property taxes this year, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis shows — often thousands of dollars more and inShow More Summary

Logical Extreme

We'll just leave this here: Now an issue that the department and IPRA must address is whether officers followed department policy by shooting at the vehicle. In February 2015, former Superintendent Garry McCarthy revised the department's...Show More Summary

And Here We Go Again

Special Ed stripping people as fast at he can : Two Chicago police officers have been relieved from their police powers after Thursday night's shooting that left one man dead, according to the Office of the Police Superintendent.A suspect behind the wheel of a stolen car was shot and killed by Chicago police Thursday night, officials said. Show More Summary

Evan's Sues IPRA, Others

Striking back at a half-assed prosecution: A high-ranking Chicago police officer recommended for firing after a string of excessive force complaints filed a federal lawsuit Thursday alleging officials at the embattled Independent Police...Show More Summary

De-Escalation - German Style

You know the HQ softballs watching this are taking extensive notes.

CompStat No Show

90% of life is just showing up. Unless you're a CPD Lieutenant with the test answers and a warm bed: Yesterday at compstat Lt Fenner didn't even bother to show up. So much for holding the Lts accountable. She comes in 45 minutes late after someone called her at the station and told her to get her ass down to HQ. Show More Summary

The War Continues

This time in San Diego: San Diego police on Friday took into custody a second person after a police officer was fatally shot and another officer was wounded in gunfire that erupted following a stop the night before.Police identifiedShow More Summary

Grannie Clampett Mouthing Off

And the rumor mill is in full swing: You'd better hope Escalante doesn't leave - Kirkpatrick has been telling people that she's getting the first deputy spot if he goes.THEN we're screwed. Wait 'till you all SEE who is replacing him...HINT,...Show More Summary

Loud Horns

Believable or not, this one was too funny not to post: Off topic:, but after some complaints from the alderman and the DOJ, the department is taking this seriously. As stupid as it sounds, some residents feel the air horn on the squad cars are a little too intimidating and the sound they make is a little too aggressive. Show More Summary

Judge Luckman Again

Good thing the "Rahm and Eddie Show" sent the Summer Mobile Force into the ghetto and not the lakefront : A man is facing criminal charges in the stabbing of a volleyball player on his way home from North Avenue beach, according to Chicago...Show More Summary

Understaffing Again

In a properly manned and maintained jail this doesn't happen : A standoff and hostage situation at a maximum security wing of the Cook County Jail was resolved Thursday evening, according to the Cook County sheriff's office.Two inmates...Show More Summary

Shooting - Englewood

No cops hurt that has been reported: A man was shot by a Chicago Police officer Thursday night in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.Paramedics were called at 6:55 p.m. to the scene of the shooting in the 6700 block of South May, and the wounded man was taken to Stroger Hospital in fair-to-serious condition, according to the Chicago Fire Department. Nothing else yet.

Rumor Comes True

So we scooped the Tribune by how many days? The Chicago Police Department’s second-in-command and the department's chief of internal affairs have applied for the top police job at Northeastern Illinois University, a university spokesman...Show More Summary

Spotted at the Academy

It's coming: This was a Police Academy sequel, right?

Baltimore Railroading Derails

Someone realized a prosecution without evidence doesn't lead to anything good : Charges have been dropped against all the officers who still faced trial in connection with the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray last April. The prosecutors’...Show More Summary

Lambs Lined Up

IPRA has lined up some lambs for the slaughter : Chicago's police oversight agency has recommended that three officers be fired for shootings the agency ruled unjustified, officials said.Last week, the Independent Police Review Authority...Show More Summary

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