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Thanks for the Advice Al

First Deputy talking smack at CompStat: This is kind of important. The first deputy got up at Compstat today and more or less told us to have our troops ignore the contact card lawsuit and keep " putting hands on people". That getting sued is part of "putting on the uniform". Show More Summary

Standoff Ends Peacefully

Well done by all: A standoff on Chicago's Northwest Side ended Friday evening after nearly six hours.The incident began when police say they received a call around 9:30 a.m. Friday reporting of an intruder/suspicious person inside aShow More Summary

Shots Fired at Off-Duty

No injuries and no word if it was a targeted attack or unfortunate circumstances : Police were questioning several people Friday afternoon after shots were fired at an off-duty officer in the South Shore neighborhood.About 4:15 p.m.,...Show More Summary

No Street Vans, But This?

Anyone think this is directly related to budget cuts? Authorities were investigating after a dog was left in a Chicago Animal Care and Control vehicle for "several days" following an adoption event, a source told NBC Chicago."Missy"Show More Summary

Anita's Political Calculation

Here's how laws get changed : Getting caught with a small amount of marijuana would result in a fine instead of arrest under a measure the Illinois House approved Thursday.Low-level cannabis possession would go from a crime with fines of up to $2,500 and up to a year in jail to be more like a traffic ticket: no court time and a fine of up to $125. Show More Summary

Mom Does Right Thing

It still happens : A woman who boarded a CTA train in Oak Park on Monday afternoon was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by a 15-year-old boy, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.The entire incident on the eastbound Blue LineShow More Summary


Someone sent us this link - sounds interesting: Researchers in Poland have developed a liquid that’s super-light and flexible... until you shoot a bullet at it that is. Upon impact, their specially designed 'shear-thickening fluid',Show More Summary

No More Red Light Cameras!

Except in Chicago (and other "home rule" cities): The Illinois House on Wednesday approved a measure that would ban red light cameras in about 35 communities outside of Chicago, even as supporters pointed to flaws in the city's program...Show More Summary

6 More Shot

On a Wednesday when temps have dipped to the freezing level (global warming you know): A 4-year-old girl was one of at least 6 people hurt Wednesday in separate shootings on the South, Far South and West sides, officials said.In theShow More Summary

Never the Full Story

We've refrained from commenting on the recent acquittal in the Servin case for one simple reason - everything published by the media is probably wrong in some way, shape or form. The media has become the mob, spouting untruths, lies and instigating violence at a supposedly "unjust" verdict. Show More Summary

ET Cross Training?

This would appear to be a Contract violation if true: in case all you ET hopefuls aren't aware be careful what you wish for. All future promoted ETs (happening very soon) will have to sign off agreeing that they won't grieve NOT BEING PAID D3 pay for performing the work of forensic investigator. Show More Summary

Contact Card Lawsuit

Here we go again: A group of six black men has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Chicago, Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, and 14 unnamed police officers, alleging so-called “stop and frisk” procedures are unconstitutional. Rev. Show More Summary

"I Got The Message Chicago"

Remember when Rahm said he'd try to be a better mayor, he'd listen more, that the runoff had actually made him humble? It was like a few weeks ago, right? City cameras have caught the mayor's motorcade running red lights again. ThisShow More Summary

Logical Conclusion

So since there are no more weed prosecutions and soon there won't be any more prosecutions for "recreational" heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, are we going to see some new faces in the Districts? Obviously, there isn't a need for all that manpower at the west side Black Site. Show More Summary

Fran's Hypocrisy

Following Burge breaking his silence in a statement posted on Martin Preib's blog, the liberal media immediately went on the offensive again with a predictable piece by Rahm's favorite sack-warmer Fran Spielman. Burge refused to talk to her but verified the statement was his, so she dredged up extensive quotes from the wrongfully cleared murderers. Show More Summary

Forty Shot?

Another chilly spring weekend in Chicago and 40 people managed to get shot (6 died) according to the website (if we're reading it correctly.) Of the 40, one was a police involved shooting, which we don't think should count. Show More Summary

Is This a Surprise?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? The man who robbed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's son is now charged with drug possession in another incident.Chicago police arrested Phillip Payne, 18, after officials said they found 15 grams of crack cocaine on him on April 5 in the Uptown neighborhood. Show More Summary

Concealed Carrier

The Tribune initially buried this one in the middle of their report on 18 shootings overnight Saturday (crime is down!): About 11:50 p.m. Friday, a 22-year-old man was shot by another man in the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square. Show More Summary

We Give Up

Once again, an elected official bypassing the legislature and making up things as they go along: Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez will hold a news conference Monday to announce reforms to low-level drug offenses, includingShow More Summary

Hardly a Ringing Endorsement

From the comments: All the Lieutenants in 005 bid out except 1...yep the 10 hour days are great When the white shirts bid out, something is definitely wrong.And probably another reason that the Department won't open citywide bids.

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