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Off Duty Shot at Side Job

This is the first we even heard of this: A man accused of grabbing an off-duty Chicago Police officer’s service weapon and shooting her in the leg was ordered held without bail on Sunday.Raphael Jordan, 48, was charged with attempted...Show More Summary

Thanks Andy Shaw

Him and his miserable police hating BGA: Chicago police have fatally shot 70 people over a five-year span, tops among departments in the largest U.S. cities. Big deal - 14 people (and folks) a year. While non-police shootings top 400 regularly. Show More Summary

No More Nights Off

We take one night off and the city goes to hell: Three men have been killed and at least 16 other people have been wounded in separate shootings since Saturday evening across the city, police said.The 13 separate shooting incidents occurred in 12 different city neighborhoods, most on the South Side. Show More Summary

MFF Applications?

Seems the Department is asking for applicants for the so-called "Mobile Field Force."If we recall, this was kind of a "MSF-lite." People bought their own riot gear, got some training, and were "on-call" while working in the event ofShow More Summary

Taking the Day Off

SCC is tired, it's hot out, it's Sunday and we have a day we have to burn.Open post for Sunday - we'll moderate comments sparingly, but you guys should take a day off, too.

Truth or Rumor?

We'd certainly hope that union officials weren't using their positions to collude with those they negotiated against during their tenure: Chairman Ed Burke called the Head of H. R. at the Chicago Park District. The Chairman ordered him to hire Marky Mark Donahue as the number three in charge of security for the Chicago Park District. Show More Summary

Another Shooting

And the deceased was just about to graduate school - obedience school: A Chicago Police officer fatally shot a pit bull Friday evening in the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side.About 8:30 p.m., the “aggressive” dog charged at the officer in the 8200 block of South Maryland, police said.The officer then shot the dog and killed it, police said. Show More Summary

And Here's the Lawsuit

Remember, this was a car described as fleeing the scene of a murder : The mother of Dillan Harris is suing 20 police officers, the City of Chicago and the man charged in her son's death. The 13-month-old boy was in his stroller when he was struck and killed by a car fleeing from police."The only thing I have to say is my son was innocent. Show More Summary

Pension Changes "Void"

A big win for the pensions : A Cook County judge on Friday overturned the city's changes to two pension funds, declaring them "unconstitutional and void."In her ruling, Judge Rita Novak dismissed city arguments that the changes to the...Show More Summary

$2.4 Million for One Block

Just one block in the 015 District (Austin) has received $2.4 million in State funding in five years. But you won't find it in street improvements. That might make sense : In just five years, the State of Illinois dedicated more than...Show More Summary

Stop Calling Him "Garry"

So, the meeting today was a ho-hum affair. Mr. McMcarthy has been released for street duty (post heart attack meds had kept him off the streets) and he will be making appearances at Roll Call, VRI, outdoor media circuses, hot calls and killings.The hat-and-tat order is to be enforced mercilessly.And if you see Mr. Show More Summary

Biased? At IPRA?

This is amusing : A Chicago investigator who determined that several civilian shootings by police officers were unjustified was fired after resisting orders to reverse those findings, according to internal records of his agency obtained by WBEZ.Scott M. Show More Summary

Dangerous Neighborhood

People getting shot over there all the time! A 19-year-old man was shot less than two blocks away from Chicago Police Headquarters Thursday night in Bronzeville.About 9:45 p.m., he was walking in the 3700 block of South Michigan when a vehicle pulled up and a gunman got out and opened fire, police News Affairs [...]Show More Summary

No CompStat Today

Just a general ass-chewing from the Superintendent: SCC,All bosses coming in to HQ today. No CompStat, but rather a closed door session with McCarthy and his New York crew with all Patrol Division Gold Stars and all District XO's. Looks...Show More Summary

9mm Across the Baord?

Well, not if you already had a.40 or a.45, but it looks like the Department has moved to only 9mm for all new hires and all striker-fired for new hires. Unless you had a bigger caliber pistol properly on record prior to Monday, you're out of luck.Check the Admin fax messages for specifics. Show More Summary

Englewood Shooting

Last night - cops okay : A man was shot by police early Wednesday in the Englewood neighborhood after he pointed a gun at officers when he moved away from a crowd gathered there and officers told him to stop, police said.About 1:40 a.m.,...Show More Summary

Nice Arrest

Tracked him down : Police in northwest Wisconsin arrested a suspect Wednesday afternoon in the July Fourth Chicago slaying of 7-year-old Amari Brown, police said.Rasheed Martin, 20, was arrested at a home in Superior, Wis., about 460 miles northwest of Chicago near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, according to authorities. Show More Summary

More Debt for CPS

Another billion plus: Chicago’s newly constituted Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize up to $1.2 billion in long-term bonds so the district can pay for ongoing capital projects, fees on past borrowing and some...Show More Summary

Again With the Detective UUWs

Didn't they try this a few years ago? Didn't everyone agree it was a complete waste of time? Heard they want the Det's to follow up on UUW's again. The last time was a pilot program in the busy districts. ATF was supposed to be involved...Show More Summary

The More Things Change....

This is a familiar name : A City Council panel has approved a former federal prosecutor as the new head of the Chicago Police Board reports WBBM [...]. The City Council’s Police and Fire Committee is recommending lawyer Lori Lightfoot for president of the Police Board. Show More Summary

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