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Job Opportunity!

From the AdminFax messages: Anyone know where they're going to get any lieutenant, possibly with IAD experience, to apply for..... oh.... wait, nearly 20% of a recent Lieutenant class was from IAD. Nevermind.

Who's That?

The website "GunsSaveLife" has been linked on the right hand side of the blog now for many years. They're a go-to site for positive gun studies and stats that the mainstream media often buries. They recently linked back to our post about...Show More Summary

No "Right" to Mayoral Detail

The judge played it exactly as it had to be : A federal judge found no politics at play Wednesday in the selection of Rahm Emanuel’s security detail after he became mayor in 2011.U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber’s ruling ended a bench trial that lasted a little more than a week. Show More Summary

Hiding Stats Again

And of course, it's during the Pride melee : The city's false narrative about Sunday’s Pride Parade continues to melt away as more and more videos of the parade aftermath emerge and the Chicago Police Department’s claim of only “seven” arrests has been proven to be 17 arrests shy of the truth. Show More Summary

Dean Goes to Bat

Nice to see some coverage : The Chicago police union president decried an unprecedented "level of disrespect" faced by officers on the street and called for more vocal public support of police, saying, "There's a deafening silence out there right now."In a speech Tuesday to the City Club of Chicago, Dean Angelo Sr. Show More Summary

Getting the VRI Straight

Some conflicting info is clarified: Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said Tuesday that beat officers will now have to work overtime shifts in their “home districts” where they’re assigned — a change he hopes will make them more productive. Show More Summary

This Explains A Lot

Money makes the Pfleger go around: Churches and other houses of worship need money just like all of us do, if only to keep the lights on and try to help some people cope with their own problems.We also like to think our religious leaders...Show More Summary

HQ Car Stolen?

An unmarked?Right from the lot?Has it been recovered?Isn't someone sitting in the booth?No one watching the cameras inside?

Here We Go

Why are they asking questions they already know the answer to? The Chicago Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating whether the third-highest ranking member of the Chicago Fire Department received favored treatment...Show More Summary


This sounds hinky: Work requirements remain the same; so-called "impact zones" reduced from 20 to 15; three "tiers" for being assigned: if you work in the affected district, you get first pick phone call units get the next openings anyone...Show More Summary

Lawyer Gets it Wrong

Once again, the police taking the blame for doing everything by the book : The son of a slain Lawndale woman filed a lawsuit Monday alleging authorities failed to safeguard his mother by letting her boyfriend be released last summerShow More Summary

CPS to Pay Pension....

....and then they're out of money? The Chicago Public Schools will make a $676 million payment to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund due Thursday even though that massive payment will leave the nearly bankrupt school system with just $24 million in the bank.“Chicago Public Schools will make that pension payment.... Show More Summary

Was This the Straw?

The one that broke the camel's back? Years from now, it might be seen as the moment Chicago might have been saved but wasn’t. “They could have changed things,” people will say. “They could have stood up to the people bringing the city down.” But as it happened, there is little to do but wait to see how far into the deeper and darker abysses of Hell Chicago will descend.[...]Show More Summary


Remember back in the day, to get to certain units, you had to undergo a financial background check? It was to make sure that you weren't a risk for taking money due to a bad financial situation. Now we get this: Mayor Rahm Emanuel has...Show More Summary

Florida Mayor Jacked

Sounds like a dangerous hood : The mayor of a central Florida city was carjacked while standing outside his home, according to police who said Sunday they were hunting for a third suspect.The incident unfolded in Sanford. The city made...Show More Summary

Incident Team Drill?

Rumors abound! FYI Second and Third watch on Sunday be prepared for the District callout teams to be mobilized for the first time in 22 years. There is a plan to call out Incident teams from every district tomorrow for the Gay Pride Parade, both as a test and to cover manpower needs if things go up for grabs, as usual. Show More Summary

Ride to Remember Sign Up

That time of year again - sun, fun, motorcycles : The Annual Area 4 Ride to Remember Memorial Motorcycle Ride is July 31, 2016.When: Sunday, July 31, 2016 - 9:00 a.m.Where: Former Area Four Detective Headquarters, 3151 W. Harrison - Harrison and Kedzie - West Parking Lot, Chicago, Illinois 60612.Registration: 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Show More Summary

Body Camera Lawsuit

As predicted here and elsewhere : Ten police officers in a Chicago suburb are suing the town, claiming the body cameras they wore never turned off and recorded them using the restroom and changing clothes.The lawsuit filed Thursday in...Show More Summary

Make Up Your Minds

You'd think that after Orlando, the alternative lifestyle types would be happy about more police : The stepped-up security surrounding San Francisco's LGBT pride celebration has caused two honorary grand marshals and a health clinicShow More Summary

Hot Weekend on Tap

And the Sun Times has activated the Live Shooting Tracker Map - available at this link here: Shooting Tracker 24-27 June. When the Sun Times activates the Map, you know it's going to be a violent weekend.

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