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Latest Update on The Murder of UCLA Coed Andrea DelVesco

Los Angeles, CA— Police had released the crime scene yesterday, however late this afternoon they returned serving a search warrant on yet another apartment. That means that the police found enough probable cause to search the other apartment for evidence. Show More Summary


The most powerful aldercreature, leader of the Finance Committee, ruler of the Airports, king-maker, judge appointer, steering the Titanic as we serfs toil in the engine room: While the mayor was rallying support for the largest property-tax...Show More Summary

Again, Repeat Offender

Anita's people decide "not enough evidence," even though that's the job of a jury to determine: A 23-year-old man charged in a Sept. 11 shooting in Rogers Park that hospitalized two, including one in critical condition, had been arrested...Show More Summary

An Idea Worth Exploring

Every once in a while, Rahm squibs one into the outfield that isn't a total boner : Chicagoans requesting the removal of gang graffiti or complaining about rats in their alleys would have their calls fielded by a private company rather...Show More Summary

IPRA Supervisor Sues CPD

We're sure this will be investigated thoroughly and fairly and everything, right? A supervisor with the agency that investigates allegations of misconduct against Chicago police officers has filed a lawsuit claiming he was falsely arrested...Show More Summary

Rahm's Overblown Rhetoric

Chicago only has TWO choices damnit! Mayor Rahm Emanuel told aldermen Tuesday the city must raise property taxes by $543 million to shore up police and firefighter pension funds, or face laying off thousands of firefighters and police officers. Show More Summary

Second Bloodiest Weekend

We knew the number was high, but we didn't realize it was "Second Bloodiest Weekend" high : The number of people shot in Chicago this weekend is sobering.Eight people were killed and 45 others were wounded, which makes it the secondShow More Summary

UCLA Coed Murdered, an Incredibly sad Update

Los Angeles, CA--The 19000 block of Roebling Avenue is inhabited by hundreds of young role models of society. They are the best and brightest that are selected to attend prestigious UCLA. The sprawling UCLA campus and surrounding area is well protected by both the UCLA Police and the LAPD. Show More Summary

Gullible Fools

These assholes would applaud their own execution if Rahm told them that the noose was simple a new swing set: Aldermen cheered a mayoral proposal to put 319 more police officers on the street Monday as a spoonful of sugar to help the...Show More Summary

Perfect Storm of Taxes

Rahm's brilliance is reaching a national audience now : Chicago already is one of the most expensive cities in the world -- No. 7, according to a report by financial firm UBS.But the cost of living soon could rise even more, if Chicago...Show More Summary

This was a Bad Night

Englewood of all places...on a Sunday : A person is dead and 11 others are hurt following a shooting and subsequent car crash in Englewood early Sunday morning, police said.Five were wounded from the gunfire and another six were wounded...Show More Summary

Bring Back the Death Penalty

You thought the Cook County courts and the Illinois penal system were fucked up nowadays? Michael Jones, 62, is held without bond in the 1985 sexual assault and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Glen Ellyn. Prosecutors said DNA tests from...Show More Summary

Firemen discover a Murdered UCLA Coed in Westwood.

Los Angeles, CA--Adjacent to the UCLA Campus in the 19000 block of Roebling Ave firemen responding to a fire found that a yet to be identified coed was murdered. At this hour homicide and arson detectives are doing a major investigation. Show More Summary

Brilliant Comment

We posted about the 319 cops being reassigned to the street yesterday, the latest smoke-and-mirror proposal from downtown despite at least 4 previous "house cleanings" that were supposed to reduce hidden spots and maximize the numbers of cops on the street. Show More Summary

That's a Lot of Pizza

More waste: Chicago Public Schools spent millions of dollars to bring in food and beverages from area restaurants and catering companies, including more than $500,000 since July, and now the district says it crafted new guidelines because...Show More Summary

Amazing Numbers....if True

The comment section was alive in the "Openings" post: 80 PAR forms in 011 120 in 005 150 in 003 No way to tell if any of those numbers are true without one of our regular readers at Personnel drops us a line, but damn, those are pretty...Show More Summary

More "Spots" Discovered

And more "cops" headed to the streets: The Chicago Police Department will soon move hundreds more officers out of desk jobs and onto the streets to battle the city’s surging violence — the latest in a series of transfers of cops from...Show More Summary

Underdogs Again

This is going to be a familiar sight all season we think.Arizona by 2 and the over/under set at 46.

Uber Drive By

Didn't see this one in the media: Hey SCC,West side drive by the other night - no hits, but the funny part is the driver, who happened to be working for Uber, came into the District desk to report the fare he picked up directed him to...Show More Summary


A bunch of openings around the city - some in nice districts: 001 - 4002 - 6006 - 4008 - 2010 - 2012 - 2-16 - 6018 - 2019 - 6020 - 4022 - 2 Good luck.

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