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Sat Teams to Wrigley

An "increased presence" for the playoffs today: Don’t expect to see numerous street closings in Lakeview or a phalanx of cops outside Wrigley Field for Game 1 of the Cubs’ National League divisional playoff game Friday night againstShow More Summary

Cops Attacked at Crash Scene

Just a fender bender, and three cops get attacked : Three Chicago police officers were injured, one seriously, in an incident on Chicago's West Side Wednesday morning, according to police.Around 10 a.m., officers in the 15th District...Show More Summary

They Have Time for This?

The city is in crisis, the streets are red with blood, the rent-collectors are at the door, and the City Council has time for this? Downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) moved Wednesday to punish Donald Trump for using a 50 percent spike...Show More Summary

Downtown Again?

Right by the Sears Tower : A 26-year-old man was shot in the chest and leg a block south of the Willis Tower downtown Wednesday night.It happened about 7:30 p.m. in the 300 block of South Franklin, according to Chicago Police.The man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition, fire officials said. Show More Summary


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Here Comes Bad News

Franken-Rahm's monster is about to come to life : The City Council is poised to vote Wednesday on two parts of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s police accountability overhaul, with a promise to add the critical “third leg” — a civilian oversight...Show More Summary

Detectives as E.T.s?

An interesting concept, but would it fly here? Trust me people, there is a reason the department is about to hire a ton of detectives. Allegedly, in the next few years certain detectives will be cross trained in crime scene processing and collection. Show More Summary

If Chicago Were a Bank

Slow news day, so how about this - you want to know how scary the financial situation is here in Chicago? You probably don't, but here's a few interesting pictures from the article: Not only does Chicago start in a bigger hole, Chicago keeps digging itself deeper.Go read the article - it's a sobering look at what the future might hold.

Chicago Ain't Ready for Reform

Here we go again: With the Cubs favored to win their first World Series title since 1908 and end the longest drought in the history of professional sports, the cost of playoff tickets can be sky-high. That is, unless you happen to be...Show More Summary

Prison for Tickets?

Tickets written solely for revenue might cost officers if this law passes: It can be argued that police departments across the country practice a form of legal extortion, in which victimless misdemeanors and infractions are punished with excessively punitive citations. Show More Summary

Ferguson Effect is Real

Especially in.....Ferguson : How did the Ferguson effect affect Ferguson, Mo., last year? Precisely as you would expect. The little city of 21,059 already had a disproportionately high crime rate, as anyone observing the behavior of Michael Brown before he was fatally shot by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in August 2014 would have guessed. Show More Summary

Need Cars?

This is the Vehicle Board for Evidence Techs: If we're reading it correctly, there are 33 vehicles assigned. 10 look like they're in use, 9 are available, 1 is detailed to "Summer Mobile" and 13 cars are down (at least 10 of them junked, which means they're never coming back.) This is similar to more than a few Districts we've passed through. Show More Summary

Another Glorious Weekend

Another great job by the people (and folks) of the "community:" 2014 totals - 3 killed, 32 wounded;2015 totals - 3 killed, 13 wounded (only 13?);2016 totals - 4 killed, 39 wounded. All totals from September was also aShow More Summary

C'mon Now...Really?

Does anyone ever take these so-called "Ethics Tests"?And do they ever read anything about hiring practices? Because this sounds like a bad joke, but all too believable: Anonymous said...Speaking of money in the budget, Chief Anne Kirkpatrick has hired her girlfriend from Seattle as her deputy. Show More Summary

Remember the Cheating Exam?

You can't really call this "fallout" because no one is paying a price....aside from the coppers having to work for people who cheat to get ahead: SCC, try to keep track of all these layers: the IAD sergeant who purposely tanked the investigation...Show More Summary

Merit Letter Out

Request for Detectives, due later in October.They also made 5 Captains late last week.Anyone know how hiring is going?

A Crooked Lawyer?

Say it ain't so: Citing repeated misconduct by an attorney, a federal judge took the rare step Friday of throwing out a jury verdict in favor of a woman who alleged an off-duty Chicago police officer attacked her during a road-rage incident on the Stevenson Expressway nearly nine years ago.U.S. Show More Summary

Blacks Cops "Not Black"

The NAACP has gone full dumbass: One of the craziest things to come out of the Keith Scott shooting in Charleston, NC is the idea that it is racist for a black police officer to use deadly force on an armed black man. A local branch of the NAACP, in its infinite wisdom, has come up with a foolproof way around this little problem. Show More Summary

What Matters?

We keep hearing something matters, and then the headlines scream stuff like this : A school bus driver was wounded in a shooting in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood, officials said.The 31-year-old bus driver was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment, officials said. Show More Summary

Retiree Health Care

This has been making the rounds, appearing in our e-mail a few dozen times: A state appeals panel last week gave the city of Chicago the go-ahead to further phase out retiree health-care benefits for city employees who were hired after Aug. Show More Summary

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