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Another Parolee

Someone in the media want to start tracking this crap? A Hyde Park woman was knocked down and raped during a run on the Lakefront Trail in the Oakland neighborhood about 6 p.m. Sunday, prosecutors said. Louis Johnson, 28, is accusedShow More Summary

Free Speech?

Not if you support cops : An “angry mob” of protesters effective shut down a speech by a pro-law enforcement scholar at Claremont McKenna College on Friday, surrounding the building, screaming obscenities and banging on windows.Manhattan...Show More Summary

Judge Murdered

Statistically speaking, it was only a matter of time : Chicago police say a Cook County judge shot to death Monday morning outside his South Side home might have been the victim of an attempted robbery, though it didn’t appear any possessions...Show More Summary

New Exam Coming?

Looks like it: FYI on Friday 4 well dressed visitors arrived at 35th street for meetings. They signed in at the front desk. Where were they from you ask??McCann Associates. If you don't know who they are google them like I did. They are a promotional exam testing company. Show More Summary

"Your Turn" "No, Your Turn"

Just when the inanity can't get any sillier...: A man was shot to death in an argument with his father over who was going to walk the dog Sunday morning in the Burnside neighborhood on the South Side.Donald Johnson, 22, and his 43-year-old father shot each other about 8:20 a.m. during an argument in the 9100 block of South Woodlawn, according to Chicago Police spokesman [...]Show More Summary

Chiampas Unloads

She's seeing what we've been seeing for months now : A Criminal Courts building judge’s temper flared Saturday as a Cook County prosecutor opted not to send half a dozen reputed gang members to jail for violating conditions of their parole or probation — after she had found probable cause to hold each of them for trial. Show More Summary

Really Garry?

We were re-reading the Tribune article on McCompStat being "encouraged" to run for mayor right before we cleaned out the bird cage yesterday, and this part of the article caught our eye : "A lot of people are encouraging me to do that. Show More Summary

Hey Troll

The last few years : 2016 weekend tally: 3 killed, 13 wounded2015 weekend tally: 3 killed, 26 wounded2014 weekend tally: 5 killed, 32 wounded The 2017 tally: 5 killed, 24 wounded (and that's not even a final tally) Want to come tell us again how crime is down again, based on a snapshot of this weekend? Do you even Statistic Bro?

Free Taser-Cams!

Someone call Rahm, quick! : TASER International is changing its name to Axon and offering a free body camera to every police officer in the United States. In a press release, Axon says it will provide body camera supporting hardware,...Show More Summary

The Drumbeat Continues

Rahm's tame press comes up with an anti-police article on a near-daily basis : The huge divide between Chicago cops and many of the people they serve and protect becomes even more obvious if you follow the runoff campaign for policeShow More Summary

Downtown Shooting

It's a good thing this wasn't during regular business hours : A man fired into the car of another motorist in the Loop after the pair raced along the near-empty downtown streets early Saturday.The gunman, who was driving a black SUVShow More Summary

Murder in 016

Even in the far northwest side: A man found injured in a Northwest Side house fire Friday morning died of multiple stab wounds, authorities determined after an autopsy Saturday.Loren Flensborg, 75, of the 5000 block of North Oak Park...Show More Summary

Facebook Again

How did gangbangers kill each other before modern technology? A relative of a man who died after being shot along with five others Friday afternoon in the Austin neighborhood said social media led to his cousin's death."Facebook killed...Show More Summary

Send a Message

Remember, Blago got 14 years for just talking about money : Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett believes she deserves far less prison time for an audacious kickback scheme than the seven-plus years the government is...Show More Summary

Rahm Lied Again?

So the Department is looking for 20 or so sergeants and a few lieutenants to go to the Academy to run the new "DON'T Use Force" training starting shortly. The plan is to train the entire Department in 90 days before summer is over in the hope that police won't use force to effect arrests ever again...or something like that. Show More Summary

No Punishment for Guns?

So this "gun bill" Special Ed has been pushing is plodding through Springfield, a political hot potato because it will require offenders, many of whom are minority, to spend a lot more time in jail, which is something too many politicians...Show More Summary

Oh, Poor Criminals

Dart and Foxxx are upset that criminals might have to spend a few extra hours in custody : Plans to delay bond hearings at Chicago branch courts by more than four hours have been slowed after five top Cook County criminal justice players...Show More Summary

New Policy!!!

There's another lawsuit wending its way through the courts for a justified shooting: Veteran Chicago tactical Officer [...] has always maintained that he shot Christian Green after the black teenager turned and pointed a gun at him during...Show More Summary

Mayor McRollOver?

Really? The point-man for Rahm's gutting of the Chicago Police Department is being encouraged to run against his old boss? Former Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said in a radio interview Wednesday that people have encouraged...Show More Summary

Have You Voted?

Under a week to get your ballot in...even less as you cannot just drop it off at the FOP.Get em in Officers. The Contract is under attack and a united membership, regardless of the outcome, is a must this time around.

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