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De-Escalante Leaving?

Rumor is he's about to become the Chief of Police at Northeastern University.Isn't it amazing how these six-figure jobs just pop up at opportune moments for the connected? That should supplement his dancing gig at Great America nicely.Rumor is Weezie is dropping her name in for the First Deputy opening. Show More Summary

No More Freebies

This popped up in the comments: Off topic, just got wind of a new order saying were not allowed to take discounts for coffee, food etc Any knowledge of? This is the second appearance of this particular rumor. It was here a few weeks ago and we filed it away to address later as more info became available. Show More Summary

Tio Speaks

Sometimes we really wish ignorance was painful - it might actually educate the tiny minds: The bond set for Ja'Mal Green, an activist who was arrested over the weekend, is too high and the charges against him are meant to "send a message,"...Show More Summary

Five Felonies, High Bail

It seems Special Ed has been getting calls all day from the Cook County Jail, seeing if he could do something about this high bail: A Cook County courtroom erupted with shouts of “black lives don’t matter” on Monday after a judge set...Show More Summary

And the Winner is....

With 62% of the vote: Special Ed We'll use this as the primary designation for EJ, though you're welcome to use any that come to mind and we might vary it up a little - we used half-a-dozen for McCompStat.Luckily, we don't even have to run a poll for his cheating Lie-tenant girlfriend: That one was the only entry.

Zorn Says "Stay Fetal"

In a career made up of dumb ideas, this one has to be one of his dumbest: Dear local and state government officials: Direct your police officers to stop pulling motorists over for minor violations Whoa. Seriously? A traffic stop forShow More Summary

March Scheduled for....

Who are we kidding - there is none : A 4-year-old boy shot and wounded in Englewood is the fourth child to be shot in Chicago in just three days.At 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, the boy was outside a home in the 5700 block of South Morgan Street when a car drove up and someone inside the car fired shots, said [...]Show More Summary

SCC Poll

People have been asking for a nickname for the supernintendo. Usually, one presents itself, either by word or by deed, and we run with it. J-Fed morphed into J-Fled following the brazen cowardice fleeing the scene of a shooting. McCarthy earned a few sobriquets - McJerseyShore, Streetlight Assassin, McCompStat, etc. Show More Summary

Unsuccessful Suicide by Cop

South side: A Chicago police officer shot a man in the leg in Calumet Heights on the South Side early Sunday after getting a call from someone threatening suicide, authorities said.Just before 1:10 a.m., a person called 911 saying he was in a second-floor apartment in the 1800 block of East 87th Street and was going to kill himself, a source said. Show More Summary

Hey Liberals?

You're going to let them beat up horses? Protesters threw bottles at police and their horses Saturday night in the South Loop. The group had marched for hours throughout downtown Chicago protesting police brutality. And CrimeInBoystown...Show More Summary

Minnesota Riot

102 arrests. 21 cops injured: St. Paul leaders condemned the violence that broke out over the weekend when a peaceful protest over the police killing of Philando Castile turned into what they called a riot.Castile’s family called for...Show More Summary

This is Helpful

No wait, not really: An Illinois appeals court on Friday vacated an injunction obtained by the Chicago police union that barred the city's release of disciplinary files dating back decades.The Fraternal Order of Police sued to block the release after a March 2014 appellate court ruling that documents dating back to 1967 should be made public. Show More Summary

More Protests, More Ignorance

All based on false narratives (i.e. lies): With the nation continuing to reel from the recent killings of two African-American men by police, as well as the deadly attack on Dallas officers, activists in Chicago snarled traffic downtown...Show More Summary


Reagan once said, "...the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so." The same could be said about so very many people every time there's a police shooting. The arm chair...Show More Summary

Ethical Debate?

The hysterics over at the Tribune continue : When Dallas police used a bomb-carrying robot to kill a sniper, they also kicked off an ethical debate about technology's use as a crime-fighting weapon.In what appears to be an unprecedented...Show More Summary

Another Billion?

Anyone know where Rahm went to Accounting School? The amount of overall Chicago debt to be paid off with future city property tax collections rose by more than $1 billion last year — marking yet another troubling financial trend forShow More Summary

Hey Eddie?

You still taking this asshole's calls? Jump Eddie! Jump!How high Mr. Ja'Mal???Resign you jagoff.All your words for Dallas mean shit, you political tool.And take your cheating girlfriend with you,.

So Now What?

Everyone, and we do mean everyone, ought to be working two man cars. Working alone is not an option for a while.Station security needs to be evaluated immediately. These "open lobbies" and glass enclosures are an invitation to a bloodbath. Show More Summary

Rock Bottom

And starting to dig : To a veteran South Side police officer, work has become a "thankless job." Morale among officers, he said, is "complete garbage."A sergeant with about two decades on the force who patrols all across the city said...Show More Summary


Evidently, the hairplugs have entered his brain and started eating it: Unless of course, he means armed felons who had just threatened numerous people at the store should stop resisting and fighting the police when they get caught dirty.Otherwise, fuck Urlacher. We'll post any pictures people send us of them torching his jersey.

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