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Spike, You Funny Guy!

There's this movie director...he makes movies. He's had maybe two successful movies in his career, and a bunch of flops. His entire schtick nowadays is the "exploitation" genre and the latest is a movie shot here in town.Now, after filming...Show More Summary

Baltimore Threats

The entire situation in Baltimore has descended into the realms of ridiculousness: The mayor said she's made her expectations clear to the police union, adding the commissioner is prepared to take action if officers purposely fail to...Show More Summary

Rahm Moves the Budget Timetable

This is a surprise: Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he will introduce his 2016 budget in September — a full month early — to confront Chicago’s “momentous budget and pension challenges.”Chicago’s faces a $1 billion operating shortfall and a $20 billion pension crisis. Show More Summary

Chicago Asshole Kills Ohio Cop

And in turn, was killed by responding officers, but that tradeoff is never worth it: A Cincinnati police officer killed in a shootout Friday was a Chicago native who had attended high school and community college here before leavingShow More Summary

Bad Choice of Friends

The subtle undermining continues in the media : At the time she vanished in 1980, Karen Koppel was causing headaches for Ben Stein – a mob associate and felon whose Chicago janitorial company had grown fat through local government contracts.Stein,...Show More Summary

IPRA Corruption

Crooked City Blog found out why the Evans trial has been delayed : An employee of the agency that investigates police abuse was fired last week for allegations of perjury.Now, new allegations are surfacing that former Independent Police...Show More Summary

A Sea of Red

What? No, not the Blackhawks parade, although that was a festive event. No, we were talking about 007 and the south side: A 30-year-old man was pronounced dead after he and two other men were shot Thursday afternoon in Chicago's Chatham neighborhood, officials said.Four other men were also injured in other shootings Thursday, police said. Show More Summary

More Parking Bribes?

Hey Rahm, how about you go to court and see if you can get this contract cancelled? The FBI is investigating whether an executive at the firm that manages Chicago's privatized parking meters was paid $90,000 in bribes to steer a contract...Show More Summary

Rauner Picking a Big Fight

About time someone calls out the twerp : Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner launched an unprecedented TV ad campaign Tuesday, attacking powerful Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan as state government teeters toward a shutdown next month.The...Show More Summary

Retired Judge Does What?

Is this ethical? Or legal? In a case the FBI is investigating, a retired judge released a dashcam video that shows a Chicago Police officer shooting into a car on the South Side in December 2013, according to the Chicago Reporter.The...Show More Summary


What happened at the FOP meeting Tuesday?

Another Call for Garry's Head

So if the Conspiracy Theory holds, first the media is tipped off Rahm wants Garry gone, then the political blocs get involved: New calls have surfaced for the chief of police to step down after 4 people were killed and 24 were wounded...Show More Summary

The Changes

The ones everyone was worried about: Dep Chief F. Waller from 006 to Area South Cmdr D Godsel from 022 to 009 Cmdr L Panepinto from 009 to Crime Prevention and Information Capt R Blissett from XO 007 to Acting Cmdr 006 Capt M Harmon from XO 008 to Acting Cmdr 022 Cmdr E. Voulgaris from BOP to 017 Deck chairs, Titanic, some assembly required.

We Really Hate to Do This....

....but we love spending money so much, so we're going to have to borrow another $1.1 billion of it : Amid comparisons to “shuffling the deck chairs” on the Titanic, the City Council’s Finance Committee agreed Monday to add another $1.1...Show More Summary

My DJI Inspire 1 Camera Drone is Amazing!

Van Nuys, CA—I’ve been hooked on camera drones for a while now and I very recently picked up a new addition to my five drone, air force. My drone dealer of choice is, which is also a brick and motor store located very close to the Apollo IX Model Aircraft Field between Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks. Show More Summary

New Book

An old-time reporter takes everything we now know about the so-called "Innocence Project" and the crooked Medill "School" of "Journalism and writes a hell of a book about it all : Well, unfortunately for Northwestern, the Chicago Tribune,...Show More Summary

Look Who Dropped By

Again: You know, people could get used to this sort of thing. It might actually give them good feelings and a happy outlook on the long cold winters here. Congratulations to what we consider one of best organizations in all of sport...

Save Your Seat Now

From the Chaplains: Come support Police Chaplains Ministry and our outreach to Gold Star Families!Happy hour on Tuesday, 11 AUG, 5:30-7:30 at O'Briens on North and Wells in Old Town. $50 donation to Police Chaplains Ministry (an IRS-recognized 501c3 organization) covers unlimited food and drink... Show More Summary

Technical Question (and Answer)

We don't know who posted this, but we only have one way to communicate with them: SCC - Is there any chance you can update the blog to allow readers to click the individual post headlines and view single posts? I'm trying to link this article to a few people, but since I can't view the article by itself, I can't link it. Show More Summary

McCarthy Death Watch

A reasonably independent editorial board has called for replacing the Superintendent: No one person can singlehandedly solve Chicago's crime problem. But the Chicago Police Department needs a leader with a grasp of the causes of crime and clear strategies to address them. Show More Summary

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