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"He Sold Us Out"

Of course he did - it appears he was the Machine plant: Chicago has seen its share of odd political bedfellows this election season. The trend has been a typical (if cynical) one for this city: past opponents of the mayor falling inShow More Summary

Nice Rescue Officers

In the nick of time as it were : Two Chicago police officers rescued two men from a burning car after a head-on collision on the city's Southwest Side.Chicago Police Officers Hector Fuentes and Peter Gurskis were on patrol in Chicago's Gage Park neighborhood around 1:20 a.m. Show More Summary

How the FOP Voted

At least we know who stands with whom order to comply with the intended transparency behind aforementioned motion: 1st Vice-President Ray Casiano; 2nd Vice President Frank DiMaria, Recording Secretary Greg Bella; Treasurer John...Show More Summary

Great Message

Because we wouldn't want anyone actually held responsible for their actions...all of their actions: A teen who pleaded guilty in juvenile court to robbing Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s son won’t stand trial on an additional charge that he lied to Chicago Police about his identity. Show More Summary

No Lie Was Off Limits to the Late Sarah Brady in Her Quest to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans.

Baltimore, MD—Sarah Brady had been the face of Gun Control in America for more than three decades. However today at age 73 she has succumbed to a bout of phenomena. Brady became the convenient standard bearer for the forces that hate all guns and gun rights. Show More Summary

Traditional TV News is Watching it’s Final Sunset.

Los Angeles, CA—Journalism school may give you building blocks and give you the polish to craft a news story, but the future of traditional reporting is beyond bleak. In the end journalist show us in print, photos, audio and video what’s going on in our world. Show More Summary

Rahm Still Going Dirty

This does not smell like a confident campaign. This flyer arrived in the mail today: Chicago hasn't laid off an officer in at least two decades, probably nearing three when Harold held a class hostage during the Council Wars, and that was resolved fairly quickly. Show More Summary

What Does it Mean???

It means nothing is settled : So far, early voting is nearly double what it was before the February election — and while the two mayoral candidates became part of that rush on Thursday, they couldn’t agree on what the rise in early balloting...Show More Summary

Intimidation Attempt

At court and from court - be aware of who's around, watching, following : Two brothers are charged with intimidating two police officers this week in a case involving a third brother at the Cook County courthouse on Chicago's Southwest...Show More Summary

Stop Whining Dart

Can't someone find this jagoff a puppy to rescue? Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is issuing a dire warning about what will happen to his jail because of Governor Bruce Rauner’s cuts to state social safety net programs, reports CBS 2’s [...]Show More Summary

Breaking News! Crimefile News Is Competing for an Oscar Award!

Los Angeles, CA—Let me say I’m excited announce my lofty but very reachable plans to make some filmmaking history! I plan on winning this award on my latest project! I’m going to take crowd-fundingto it’s maximum limits for filmmaking. Show More Summary

Ew, Gross

This is a visual we really didn't need : Mayor Rahm Emanuel reminisced Monday about the 1978 Marquette Park protest he joined as a teenager to counter a city-sanctioned rally by a group of Nazis led by Frank Collin.At the time, Emanuel was a skinny, tanned 18-year-old with dark, curly hair and no shirt. Show More Summary

Note the Weasel Word

Another poll showing how hopeless it is to oppose Rahm : A new election poll shows Mayor Rahm Emanuel with a 10-percentage-point lead among African-American voters. The poll of 1,003 registered voters, conducted for the Chicago Defender...Show More Summary

Laugh of the Day

Sorry, but we dislike the Lincoln Park Pirates almost as much as we dislike Rahm. Anytime someone gets one over on these assholes, it's a good time: Now that's some funny shit.

Lieutenants Made

Twenty-four newly promoted. Post em if you got em.

Rahm Running as a Crime Fighter

By the way, homicides and shootings are up....again : Through the first three months of 2015, homicides in Chicago have risen over the same period last year, though they have remained close to levels from four years ago, when Mayor Rahm...Show More Summary

Nice Descriptions

Channel 7 once again, does a horrible job: Police are warning drivers in Chicago's Fuller Park neighborhood about robbers using a fake road block to force victims out of their cars.Legitimate construction work has shut down one lane along that stretch West 51st Street. Show More Summary

What the Order Says

There have been a couple comments claiming we have the wrong schedule up. Here's what the order says: 3. the 10.5 hour work schedule and the 70-series rotating day off groups.a. Every 49 days (seven calendar weeks) the work cycle repeats...Show More Summary

The "Kiss of Death"

In the last election, hell, the last two elections, an endorsement from the White House meant almost certain defeat for the candidate. Let's hope he still got the touch : President Barack Obama already cast a ballot for Mayor Rahm Emanuel and urged Chicagoans to vote in the April 7 mayoral election. Show More Summary

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