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This is What They Want

Do not chase. In fact, never ever chase. Because if you do, you might be held liable for any resultant dumb-assery that occurs. Watch closely as this Officer begins to pursue, then realizes there just isn't any way in Hell he is going...Show More Summary

Taking it Easy

Holiday.School starts tomorrow for CPS.Overtime weekend, canceled days off, etc.We'll be back later tonight.Comments may be delayed.

Exceptionally Cleared/Closed

The homicide clearance rate leapt upwards this week: Tests show that the remains in a suburban Philadelphia grave are indeed those of a 19th century serial killer, quelling rumors that he’d conned his way out of execution and escaped from prison.A judge approved the exhumation of Dr. Show More Summary

2 and 24

Weekend is moving along : Two people are dead and at least 17 more have been wounded in shootings across Chicago over the Labor Day holiday weekend.One person was killed and three more were injured while they were sitting on a porch in the city’s Gresham neighborhood. Show More Summary

FOP Responds to CPS

Here's a link to the Burge material that CPS is using to brainwash children.Here's the FOP response (click for larger versions) A so-so start. How about a point-by-point refutation of the material. A "fact sheet" with which to counter...Show More Summary

How About a Raise?

Since Rahm has all his mouthpieces, ball-washers and trained seals out hitting the media with "crime is down" stories (because August 2017 couldn't keep up with August 2016), maybe our representation ought to be pushing the narrative that cops ought to be getting a decent raise for a spectacular effort the past thirty days.

Social Media Spies

Anything you put out there might be read by people who don't have your best interests at heart. And they might send it to leftist politicians who are creating blacklists for who knows what purpose (click for the larger version): And with a City of Chicago e-mail address, too. Show More Summary

As Predicted

The "crime is down" train is underway! On the heels of a month that last year became the deadliest month in decades, Chicago police say city violence is down so far this year, including in August.According to police data, August saw 332 people shot and 50 people killed. Show More Summary

By the Book, and Yet....

You do everything right, everything by the book, and a jury still thinks you're wrong because you're the police (and they're morons): Chicago taxpayers will spend $9.5 million to compensate a man who can barely move and cannot talk after...Show More Summary

Another Easy Pinch

This is why you always send in someone to reconnoiter the target : The police response time was quicker than ever.Two men were arrested after police say they robbed a bar outside Baltimore while off-duty officers were there for a police...Show More Summary

Shots Fired

The west side blew up yesterday : One man was shot, a 9-year-old boy was grazed with glass and another man firing a gun was arrested after police fired shots at him on the West Side Thursday evening. That shooting was one of at least seven shooting incidents in two West Side patrol districts over a 10-hour period Thursday. Show More Summary

Demotions? Dismissals?

Word that a Commander of a Detective Area got launched?And Rousell was invited to commit seppuku in the lobby of 35th Street?Anything else going on? It's been a while since a shake-up and with Special Ed on the mend, certain powers might be getting their people in place for a long rumored "transition."

Swing by the Firehouse

Threats being made over the off-duty CFD Lieutenant cutting short the criminal careers of certain "yutes:" If you time it right (and pitch in a few bucks) you might get a decent meal out of it. Some of those guys can cook.

Election Fraud

You know, something like this could lead to compromised elections - illegal aliens could vote, dead people could cast ballots, all sorts of bad things could happen : More than 14,000 votes were cast in Chicago during the 2016 general...Show More Summary

Easy Pinch

We're guessing the suspect didn't know the neighborhood : An armed 13-year-old boy wanted in a Minnesota shooting was arrested Wednesday by Chicago police downtown after they chased him to the Chicago Domestic Violence Courthouse, authorities...Show More Summary

This Ended Well

A swindle ended badly for some armed robbers : An off-duty Chicago police officer fatally shot a teenager Tuesday night while he was trying to buy a computer from that teenager in south suburban Hazel Crest.At around 9 p.m. in frontShow More Summary

Watch Yourselves

Rahm is going on and on about "fiscal well being." So why are we getting letters and hearing about these cases? An officer recently returned to duty now has a CL/CR number lodged against him for a bumper sticker on his personal car;Show More Summary

One Star Review?

Maybe less, but it certainly can't be good for the tourist industry : Rogers Park resident Fabiany Herrera wasn't home in the early morning hours of Aug. 20, when a drive-by shooting left two people wounded and a man dead just outside his building — but his Airbnb guests were. Show More Summary

CPS Teacher Charged

Is this going to be a separate block of instruction? A Chicago Public School Teacher was charged with illegally dealing ammunition and gun accessories on Chicago's South Side, according to a complaint filed Thursday by the U.S. Attorney's...Show More Summary

Guess Who?

If you said "a gun offender on parole," you win! A 24-year-old man on parole for a gun conviction was charged Wednesday with attempted murder in a shooting at a CTA Red Line subway station in the Loop two weeks ago, according to Chicago...Show More Summary

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