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Stop Digging

Three days ago, this report was in the Tribune : Illinois' public school districts are roughly $20 billion in debt, a staggering figure fueled in part by decades of special deals in Springfield that have given districts exemptions so...Show More Summary

The Price of Rahm's Ego

$1.2 billion...and that's just to start: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration on Monday unveiled the details of its last-ditch plan to put "Star Wars" filmmaker George Lucas' museum along the lake, a lift so heavy the mayor might have...Show More Summary

First Warm Weekend

And the body count climbs : The nicest weather weekend of the year thus far brought violence into focus once again in Chicago, leaving 3 dead and 28 injured in shootings across the city by Sunday evening. The victims included a 1-year-old...Show More Summary

Public Service Announcement

As a condition of our Community Service hours, we present the answers to the 2016 City of Chicago Ethics Exam. This training is meant to make sure everyone is following the rules, to enure "good government" is taking place across our...Show More Summary

Entrance Exam Count

With all the hullabaloo over all police being racist and Rahm running the Department into a 3,000 man shortfall and the Entrance Exam deadline being extended an extra month before the test was given this past Saturday, you'd think the...Show More Summary

BB Gun Shooting

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes : A 16-year-old boy has been charged after a Chicago police officer was shot with a pellet gun late Friday on the West Side.The boy, who is not being identified because of his age, was charged asShow More Summary

The Future of Dispatching

Referenced many times in our comment section:It's what everyone wants.

Cheating Scandal Grows

Now the Tribune jumps on board: The city of Chicago's inspector general is investigating allegations that three recently promoted police lieutenants, including the fiancee of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's hand-picked superintendent, were coached...Show More Summary

Solution in Search of...

....what exactly? The Chicago Police and Fire Departments will make the switch from a paper-based time-keeping system to an electronic system that uses biometrics, as part of a citywide crackdown on absenteeism with a $10 million price...Show More Summary

Cops Shoot Baby in the Head

Wait, what? It wasn't the racist police? A 1-year-old girl was shot in the head while riding in the back seat of a car in the 5400-block of West Le Moyne with her aunt and niece Friday afternoon in Chicago's Austin neighborhood.Neighbors say they heard several shots Friday afternoon.Police say the girl was in the back seat of the car around 4:45 p.m. Show More Summary

Interesting CompStat Meeting

From one of our many readers: I attended Compstat yesterday and two things stood out. Eddie got up to speak, and one of the first things he addressed was the Blue Ribbon Report. He said he'd really like to respond to it, but it seems as though the newspapers got a copy of the full report before he did. Show More Summary

How About Something Big?

Deano is taking a stand, but is he thinking big enough? In replying to the Task Force contention that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is an impediment to their desire to railroad as many officers as possible, Dean stakes out a decent...Show More Summary

Dart Jumps In

No complaints, no allegations, just Dart looking to make a name for himself: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who oversees one of the nation's most crowded jails, voluntarily released video Friday that shows half a dozen incidents of excessive...Show More Summary

A Routine Call

Whenever I was called to a job involving someone armed with a firearm, machete, or other weapon of lethal force, I used to be fairly relaxed. "Are you wearing PPE?" Control room ask. "Affirmative." You have time to stop, put on yourShow More Summary

Dean Counters

A mild counter to be sure: The president of the largest Chicago police union on Thursday blasted a new report that recommends broad reforms within the department, calling the report one-sided and unfair to officers.Dean Angelo Sr., president...Show More Summary

The Future of Policing

Here it is: CLICK HERE It's Facebook, but we viewed it without being a user, so hopefully this works. If anyone gets it as a YouTube or downloadable video, we'll post it here.

Another Dumb Idea

If you drive a car, I'll tax the street,If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat.If you get too cold I'll tax the heat,If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.The Beatles Yet another reason to pack up the car and leave Illinois : There's...Show More Summary

Almost Down the Memory Hole

But the Tribune actually has an editorial writer mentioning it again : Two weeks ago, the Chicago Teachers Union hosted a rally designed to gin up support for a potential teacher strike.The rally included closing remarks from a teacher...Show More Summary

Raise Your Right Hand

No, your other right hand.Nice job there Ed. We're already off on the wrong foot.Legally, doesn't this make the entire oath invalid?

All Racist, All the Time

So a bunch of people with spines made of jello, full of inflated self-importance, kow-towed to a political wind, blowing from the political left : The Chicago Police Department must acknowledge its racist history and overhaul its handling...Show More Summary

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