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"Groups of Teens"

Once again, the media failing in their job to inform : Chicago Police are warning West Side residents after a series of armed robberies carried out by groups of teenagers earlier this month in East Garfield Park and Humboldt Park.Teens...Show More Summary

Local TV News Has all but killed Itself!

Los Angeles, CA—Television news has been a 60-year exercise in monkey see, monkey do plagiarism. Today’s TV executives are playing to the lowest common denominator. The unproductive and ignorant seem to be the current TV news target audience. Show More Summary

Police Shoot Assailant

Using a 2-ton hunk of steel and plastic as a weapon : Gresham District officers were conducting a traffic stop of a suspected stolen vehicle in the 7800 block of South King Drive around 7:45 p.m. when the driver reversed, hitting another...Show More Summary

If Charged, is This a Murder?

West side : A 17-year-old boy has been charged in connection with the death of a 14-year-old girl who was fatally shot while they were playing with a gun Wednesday on the West Side, police said.The boy, whose name was not being madeShow More Summary

More Anti Gun Posturing

A tragedy in the Loop, twisted for political ends : Hernandez, a 44-year-old mother of four, also was a clerk at a Loop loan store. She was working Friday when her ex-boyfriend walked in around 2:30 p.m. and shot her twice before turning...Show More Summary

Bad Hour

You know it's bad when the media breaks it down by the hour : At least eight people were wounded within one hour in separate shootings on the city's Northwest, South and West sides Friday. And that doesn't even count the murder/suicide in the Loop Friday, so Chicago is in double digits even before Saturday begins.

Um, This is a Lawsuit?

They are fleeing, crash into a squad car, careen into a building, die, and it's the fault of the police? A lawsuit filed Friday claims an unnecessary Chicago Police pursuit caused a crash that killed two suburban men last year on the...Show More Summary

Buyer Beware

People learn not to trust the internet : A woman is using a social media application to arrange meetings with men in the Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood on the South Side, where the victims are instead beaten and robbed by a group...Show More Summary

Now Dean is Concerned

Welcome to the party pal: The head of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police is warning that a new state law requiring officers to record more information about the people they stop could drastically reduce the time they spend patrolling the streets.Gov. Show More Summary

Expedited Pension Hearing

A short date for a hearing: The Illinois Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to quickly consider an appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down pension fund changes Mayor Rahm Emanuel engineered to lower taxpayer costs but also hitShow More Summary

Revenge Served Hot

We thought revenge was best served cold, but this guy had other ideas: Suspects from an armed robbery are now in jail, but a bad decision by the victim has him facing charges as well.Video from a New Mexico home caught two men running...Show More Summary

Too Early for Superbowl Hopes?

As long as the Bears are playing everyone else's second strings, we're going to go out on a limb and predict another parade in February! Chicago passed the time between Cubs games by watching the Bears backups beat the Dolphins reserves 27-10 in the exhibition opener for both teams. Show More Summary

There is A Malicious Propaganda War Being Waged Against Multi-Rotor Camera Drones!

Los Angeles, CA—Officials here recently claimed that drone operators endangered lives by halting firefighting efforts. Angry local politicians vowed prosecution and new legislation to remedy this “huge and life threatening ” problem....Show More Summary

And There it Is

Buried in the "body camera bill:" A new Illinois law sets standards on how police departments use body cameras and when the public can see those recordings.Deadly confrontations involving police officers have spurred calls for police body cameras across the country. Show More Summary

Police Limit

We haven't linked to some of these in a while: Truth in a four-panel cartoon.

Some Still Defend the Police

A decent article sent in by a few readers : As the first anniversary of the fatal Ferguson, Missouri police encounter approaches, we can expect activists and opportunists to return to the small town and take to their soapboxes to stage protests, disparage law officers, and call for additional limits on the police. Show More Summary

Thug Had a Gun

There's even video of it at this link : Police in Ferguson on Tuesday released surveillance video that they say shows a teenager appear to pull a weapon from his waistband before he was later shot and critically wounded by plainclothes...Show More Summary

"Under the Radar" Story

Remember, all guns are evil - the president says so. So why is he arming terrorists? A gunman killed during his attack on an Islamic prophet Muhammad art show in Garland, Texas, reportedly bought a pistol through a botched federal firearm...Show More Summary

Stay Classy Ferguson

Riots again...all over a thug: Gunfire erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, late Sunday, setting off a chaotic chain of events that ended with police shooting an 18-year-old man on the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. The eventsShow More Summary

Funny Comment

And it shows how willfully blind the media is where politicians are concerned: A [constituent] called at 3 am. Must of been the same guy rahms son was talking to. Yeah, he was answering calls at 3 AM and headed out to clear corners by himself. Show More Summary

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