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FOP Election

Supposedly, upwards of 10,000 ballots remain outstanding, hinting at a record low voter response. We hope this isn't true, especially as they sent along a pre-paid envelope to save you the fifty cents postage.For pete's sake people, send the ballot back. We've given some advice, ask some old timers, research the tiniest bit, read the posters and literature sent to your address.

Thank You Blue

Parade season is underway, and here's one coming up that includes a "Thank You" to the police: On Sunday, 12Mar2017 at 1200 hrs, the Northwest Side Irish Parade will be held in Norwood Park. One of the "floats" in this parade will be a group of citizens who support the Police and belong to a group called "Thank You Blue". This group [...]Show More Summary

And Another Thing....

Regarding yesterday's post about the ill-health of the pension.How did the fund go from 61.4% funded in 2003 all the way down to under-30% funded by 2016?Some people need to be in jail over that.

It's the Small Things

And small things turn into big things when regularly ignored: I know this is nothing too earth shattering, but I find it so hypocritical for a city that insists (and rightfully so) that is is constantly broke and in need of money/revenue. Show More Summary

Pension Publication

Someone sent us this, and it's an interesting read: Small Systems 2016 What's truly interesting is Page 112, Chart #82. Here's a screen capture: That is the manpower paying into the pension for the CPD, from 2006 thru 2015. And it shows, beyond any doubt, that manpower dwindled from 13,749 to 12,061 - a reduction of 1,688 officers. Show More Summary

Tempting Fate....Again

The Sun Times has continued playing with fire, now claiming it might be eight days without a fatal shooting : Chicago could be nearing eight days without a fatal shooting for the first time in more than four years.A man was found shot...Show More Summary


And of course, a money trail: As Mayor Rahm Emanuel faced a 2012 spike in homicides a year after he took office, he called problem liquor stores magnets for crime and a "cancer on the community," vowing to find new ways to shut themShow More Summary

Why Such Poor Security?

Jackpot night at the rail year: When street-gang thieves slipped with ease into a Norfolk Southern rail yard on Chicago’s South Side and ripped locks off one train, they likely expected to see merchandise like toys or tennis shoes. What...Show More Summary

7 Days....Whoops, 6 Days

The Slum Times headline read a week. In fact, this link right here is still titled "one week without a shooting." Then they backtracked it because....Chicago: Chicago went for more than six days without a fatal shooting for the first...Show More Summary

Airport Revamp?

These rumors are getting awfully specific: The first step in Garry taking over security at both airports just occurred with the switching of the current private security contractor(Universal) to all Gray Uniforms. Paragon Security uniforms will be designed to resemble C.P.D. Show More Summary

Drip, Drip Drip

Rumors abound: IN THE KNOW (or not). said...OT: Reliable info is IG has submitted a report to the Department and the City re termination of MH for Lie-u-tenants-gate AND MH is taking Lie-u-tenants Fenner, Wines and Ward with her to save her pension. Show More Summary

Mope-rah - Economist

No idea what reality this hack lives in, but it must be full of all sort of heavy drugs (no links for Mope-y): It is hard to believe, but 75th Street, between Jeffery and Yates, was jumping in the ’80s. Today, when you drive through the area, you might see two or three stragglers. Show More Summary

Oh, Poor Babies

"Violence interrupters" are whining - skip the first few paragraphs and go right to domestic abuser Tio Hardiman explaining how he "de-escalates": Tio Hardiman and his small group that he calls violence interrupters heard about the feud and got themselves involved. Show More Summary

A great video showing Pacific Palisades along Pacific Coast Highway at Sunset Blvd.

Enjoy Jeffrey Osborn singing, On the Wings of Love, available on iTunes. There are over 3500 stories on this blog go to the main page at


Moves on a Friday night so the media misses 'em (multiple e-mails): Total of 20 something moved in the ASA's office, mostly supervisor demotions and promotions. 2 moves were two newer ASA's to Kim foxx's public integrity unit. It's believed the unit is getting beefed up to review police officers arrests. Show More Summary

Isn't That Your Job Rahm?

Typical liberal - thinks Washington DC should solve all his problems : Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) scolded President Trump for his comments during his first address to a joint session of Congress about Chicago violence, challenging...Show More Summary

Follow the $$$$$

Golly : Lakeview East, Chicago, January 25, 2017: The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce, Sole Service Provider for Special Service Area #17 (SSA #17), has awarded HLSA Security, a certified City of Chicago Women Owned Business Enterprise...Show More Summary

Special Kind of Stupid

New York: Devon Wade, age 28, fell to his death after making a bad decision to flee from NYPD officers who were trying to serve a warrant. According to The New York Daily News, the incident occurred on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at about 6:30 AM. Show More Summary

Judge Hooks?

Not good for justice being served : The judge in the case of four people charged with attacking and kidnapping a Crystal Lake teen with special needs told their public defender on Wednesday to consider whether it would be a conflict to represent all four.[...]Show More Summary

Hey Special Ed?

How about you use a few cases like this to bolster your argument that the system is broken - from the CWB blog: A South Side parolee has been charged with pistol-whipping a Lakeview man and robbing the man’s girlfriend in Lakeview this month.Prosecutors said Terrance Porter, 31, mugged the couple near their home in the 3300 block of North Seminary around 11 p.m. on February 12.[...]Show More Summary

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