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Not a Lot of Experience

We managed to acquire a set of sheets for the 004th District, First Watch. This is how the watch is manned on what we would consider "full strength" on a normal day: Early side:410R Sgt411R - PO and PPO413R - 2 PO's 421R - PO and PPO423R...Show More Summary

Squad Car Designs

So after another bloody weekend, Special Ed decided that it's time Art Contest! The Chicago Police Department, seeking a fresh look for its patrol vehicles, is asking officers for proposals to redesign the layout of the words,...Show More Summary

And There it Is

As predicted here : 12-year-old Alexis Stubbs was stabbed and beaten to death with a hammer in her home during a "domestic altercation" in Uptown Sunday night, police said. A hulking 31-year-old offender, currently on parole for aggravated domestic violence-strangulation, is in custody So the Parole Board now has a verifiable body count. Show More Summary

Weekend Comparison

7 and 37 is the weekend total for the hours we set - 1700 Friday thru 0200 Monday.But the weekend tally per (using their overtime counter): 2017 Final Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 7 killed, 38 wounded And how does that compare to last year? 2016 weekend tally: 7 killed, 39 wounded Crime is down!!!!


Gee, we guess Due Process actually applies to the police after all : Four Chicago Police officers who face firing in connection with the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald will be back on the city payroll, at least until the conclusion...Show More Summary

Parent(s) of the Year Nominee

Is this a future brain surgeon? Or a psychopath as recent studies might show? A toddler who was found alone on a South Side beach late Sunday was identified and reunited with his family more than 12 hours later. Chicago police had been...Show More Summary

Weekend Ain't Over yet

We gave it until 0200 hours Monday morning, so there's a couple hours left. Our prediction of 10 and 35 was pretty damn close though : Five men were killed and at least 34 other people have been wounded in shootings across Chicago since...Show More Summary

No Manpower Shortage

There's no manpower shortage, but according to Administrative Fax Messages, the following days off are listed as "Restricted Time Off:" 16 - 18 Jun (Father's Day Weekend)23 - 25 June04 - 09 July (Tuesday to Sunday?) We're going to go...Show More Summary

Nice Beaches There Rahm

Close the beaches!!! It's too hot! Two people have been shot and critically wounded at 31 st Street Beach on the South Side Sunday night.The victims, two males of unknown ages, were shot about 6:40 p.m., officials said.They were taken...Show More Summary

Nice Riverwalk There Rahm

We're sure that Rahm is shocked....SHOCKED...that crime is occurring downtown! Two men were wounded in a shooting early Sunday on the Chicago Riverwalk, according to police.The incident occurred around 2:04 a.m. near the intersection of W. Show More Summary

"No Personals" per 1290

This comment appeared Friday: NO PERSONALS ALLOWED IN 012 ON 3RD WATCH TODAY.So, LT Georgas tells all the cars on 3rd watch in 012 that no Personals will be allowed today due to numerous festivals and events and cars being stretched thin. Show More Summary

Ret. Homicide Detectives Wanted

An opportunity to influence the way the media portrays cops - which might be a very big thing: Dear Second City Cop,[..] I just joined NBC/Peacock Productions in NYC as a development producer and it crossed my mind that you might be a good resource for my query. Show More Summary

Raising a Psychopath

It sounds so familiar : Two “extreme” parenting styles have been linked to children becoming criminal psychopaths in later life, a study has revealed.The Norwegian University of Science and Technology interviewed high-security prisoners...Show More Summary

Foxxx Freebies Again

Kim is at it again, declining to prosecute certain offenses (click for the larger version): So anyone caught Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License gets a free pass. And unless they already have FOUR convictions, there's no way to...Show More Summary

No Accountability

And yet again, a pardoned criminal returns to a life of crime : A South Florida man who had his lengthy drug sentence commuted by former President Barack Obama last year is back behind bars facing a slew of drug charges.Henry Claude Agnew, 36, was arrested Friday by the U.S. Show More Summary

Never Trust a Fed

Especially the Head Fed. Can you believe he freely admitted on National TV and in front of the Senate Committee, that he: Got pressure from Attorney General Lynch to reclassify the Clinton investigation; Claimed with a straight faceShow More Summary

Weekend Predictions

Place your bets ladies and gents. We're bringing back a long neglected feature - the mayhem predictions. We're going to set the numbers as follows: 10 dead, 35 maimed To count, the times of occurrence must between 1700 hours Friday and 0200 AM Monday. As in years past, the only numbers accepted are those provided by Predictions/Guesses in the comment section.

What Manpower Shortage?

So the message now is "Lie to Aldercreatures:" Today all Commanders got called down to hq and got their asses reamed by the 1st for having the audacity to tell alderman the truth about being short officers. KN told them in no uncertain terms that he will DUMP any commanders who say they are short manpower. Show More Summary

Hefty Judgement

But he might never collect a dime : A former Chicago Police sergeant who served nearly four years in prison before he was acquitted of rape has won a $4.5 million judgment in a lawsuit against his accuser — and he’s vowing to recover...Show More Summary

Lookie Here.....Again

Only two holdouts: A longstanding requirement that Tinley Park police officers live in the village would go away under a new union contract.The issue of residency ultimately went to arbitration, with the Village Board at its meetingShow More Summary

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