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Pipes and Drums Fundraiser

Once again, for an organization that supports us through thick and thin: The Bagpipes and Drums of the Emerald Society, CPD will be holding its second ever fundraiser on Feburary 18th 2017 3pm-8pm.This is a kid friendly event. $25 includes food, beer, pop, wine. Show More Summary

Here Come Some Feds

Every little bit: About 20 additional agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are headed to Chicago, less than two weeks after President Donald Trump threatened to “send in the Feds,” sources told the...Show More Summary

Sergeant List Out

142 names, some of which are on a separate "merit" list. Congrats to the earned, not given. Still no word on what "merits" a promotion to those given, not earned.Someone will be sending us the lists shortly no doubt.

Hot Cars Headed to Town

This is becoming an issue lately: A luxury car dealership in the North Suburbs is the latest target of car thieves. Surveillance video shows a group of people breaking the glass at "Autobarn Mazda of Evanston," around midnight, and made...Show More Summary

Two Days?

Way to jinx it Fox 32 : A man was shot Thursday afternoon in the South Side Chatham neighborhood.The shooting happened about 1:05 p.m. in the 8300 block of South Maryland, according to Chicago Police.The 18-year-old was shot in the right...Show More Summary


So 007 and 011 have these new "mini-CPIC" rooms in the Districts. Aside from the questions it brings up about when are the original CPIC personnel coming back to the Districts to man beat cars, we're interested to hear what people who are working the rooms think about the Shotspotter stuff.We've already gotten a few e-mails, pro and con. Show More Summary

Fake News

That "pastor" claiming to have talked to gang leaders? Bunch of lies : An Ohio pastor told FOX 32 that he "misspoke" at the White House. He created a national sensation by telling President Trump Wednesday that Chicago gang leaders would...Show More Summary

The Unintended Consequences of Meryl Streep’s Emotional Golden Globes Rant

Hollywood, CA —Tinseltown was once ruled by some over-emotional Conservatives. There was a group of Communist artists here that included Lucille Ball that were considered by others as both dangerous and un-American. The result of that misguided political activism was a purge that destroyed promising careers in the form of Blacklisting. Show More Summary


One of those stories that no one else would believe : An Englewood man carrying marijuana and an illegal gun asked Chicago Police officers for a ride home early Thursday, prosecutors said. The officers were happy to oblige — as long as 18-year-old Christopher Burton agreed to a patdown, court records show. Show More Summary

Bad Idea

You don't negotiate with terrorists. You don't grant them legitimacy. These assholes are terrorists : Cleveland-area minister Darrel Scott, a longtime supporter of Trump, claimed he'd been contacted by several Chicago gang leaders who...Show More Summary

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

But don't send the president - that might embarrass Rahm: After White House officials said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hadn't taken up President Donald Trump on his offer to send federal help to the city amid spiking violence, Emanuel...Show More Summary

All Those Detainees at O'Hare

All zero of them: So here are your tax dollars at work, supporting a group of lawyers who have helped absolutely zero people while there because NOT ONE person has been held, detained, or deported for anything related to the executive order signed by Trump. Show More Summary

Nickeled and Dimed

It's Wednesday - time for another tax : Beginning Wednesday, you’ll have to pay 7 cents for a bag at many stores across the city — the latest effort to try to cut down on the use of disposable bags.The new tax replaces the former plastic...Show More Summary

Timely Reminder

You'd think there wouldn't have to be a reminder, what with the media coverage, the ACLU nonsense, the DOJ report, but there it is on the Admin Fax Message Page #228449: Department members are informed that revised Special Order S11-01...Show More Summary

Blaming the Right Guy

The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page knows exactly where to point the finger: Regarding Heather Mac Donald’s "In Chicago, ‘the Feds’ Are Part of the Problem” (op-ed, Jan. 26): The ultimate source of Chicago’s problem is the lack of political will by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Show More Summary

And There it Is

Let's see how this plays out...or is "reform" just another word-fart blowing out of Rahm's ass? Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has launched an investigation involving his fiancée, Lt. Nakia Fenner. Johnson asked investigators to determine whether Fenner inappropriately intervened in her son’s traffic offense. Show More Summary

The Reader Flubs It

Unless it's Joravsky writing about Rahm and Shortshanks shenanigans, this free paper is just birdcage liner. They purport to have read the entire DOJ report, which we did over the course of two days, and they found 40 "shocking things" that their low-info readers can regurgitate into talking points. Show More Summary

Changing the Stats Again

So the weekend was a mess as usual. had the carnage at 4 and 24, bringing the January total to 53 with a day to go.But Channel 7 lists 3 and 24 for some reason.The Rumor Mill starts churning: Why did they change the 0110...Show More Summary

Revisiting the "Consent Decree"?

Police unions across the country know which way the wind is blowing : Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, had a blunt message for Donald Trump during a meeting in September: court-ordered reformsShow More Summary

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