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Parolee Hearing

From a guy who keeps track of this sort of thing: I received a letter from Jill THORNTON, CCSAO (773-674-3405) that there will be a PAROLE HEARING for cop killer JOHNNY VEAL onWednesday, February 21, 2018 at 9 A.M. at the Criminal Court Bldg., 2650 S. Show More Summary

Arrest for Child Threats

Via a local website : Chicago police have someone in custody in connection with an apparent Facebook threat that was made in the 22nd District. A now deleted Facebook post from a social media user known as "Savion Savo" includes a photo...Show More Summary


The "best and the brightest:" The application for "merit" must have been a doozie.

Police Memorial Week

That time of year again with a "How To" guide to get the full experience at the Police Memorial Week event in Washington DC: If you need a direct link, try this one to the source.

Carjacking Foiled

Nice job by a retiree : Carjackers picked the wrong man in Streeterville Friday night.Three juveniles, the youngest 14, are now in custody after attempting to steal the car of a retired Chicago police officer.At the Double Tree Hotel,...Show More Summary

Escamerit Follies

All the hallmarks of an insecure micromanaging moron who has been promoted way above his ability: Small potatoes, but in case you're interested, Escamerit is starting to go ballistic again. Motherfucked the new midnight Lt over some radio room nonsense. Show More Summary

What About Accountability?

As some commentators have pointed out, this is a single scandal - one team out of Area Central with a number of coppers previously connected to 010. They were often, but not exclusively, working in the Ogden District. There are alsoShow More Summary

Who's Running the Jail?

Evidently, not Dart: Several rumored reports that the inmates of the Cook County Sheriff’s DOC have refused to work in their paid positions of kitchen staff for Super Bowl Sunday.It has been said that Sheriff Tom Dart gave into the inmates and ordered 50 plus pizzas in order to accommodate the inmates. Show More Summary


Verified? Had meeting with Unit Lt. Unit will be disbanded no later than 4 March (3rd Period). Downtown working out Contract hurdles and manpower issues. Start making plans boys and girls. You'll be the last to know, and the white shirts...Show More Summary

Hey Dart?

Here's a great idea to steal: Under a new state contract, all inmates in New York State prisons will receive free tablets.The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) is partnering with JPay, a company that specializes in inmate and corrections-related services. Show More Summary

"Merit" Nominee

Only the best and brightest are considered for "merit" you know. Here's a perfect example: Rumor is Narcotics will be the first to feel the full brunt of an OT audit under the new civilian finance accountability regime, thanks in part to this:This is sergeant [VA] fast asleep in a covert car while working a long term wire. Show More Summary

Threatening Children

A few reports that this jagoff is currently in custody. And we're sure that Kim Foxxx is giving this her FULL attention: If anyone has his current status, update the readers.


A little girl, enjoying winter: Dear SCCI didn't know if you had seen this on the news up there or heard anything about it down here. One of our brothers in blue, Ryan Pearce, lost his 6 year old daughter this week in a tragic sledding accident. Show More Summary

Thirty One CR Numbers?

Looks like Alderasshole Arena actually did file the complaints against Officers who spoke out: A complaint charging that 31 Chicago police officers made racist comments regarding a mixed-income housing proposal at 5150 N. Northwest Hwy. Show More Summary

Are You Kidding Us?

This appeared in the Daily Bulletin today??? The rumor currently out of HQ is that the entire Gang Unit, North, Central and South are about to be disbanded the same way they disbanded SOS after than scandal, with everyone being given...Show More Summary

CPD Out of High Schools?

Yet another rumor: SCC, Special Ed is talking about taking the CPD out of CPS High Schools and making the principals actually spend their security budget on security. Might be the new VRI. This idea has been tried before and on a grander scale when the Department disbanded School Patrol back in the early 2000's. Show More Summary

More Rumors

Can anyone verify? POs in 011, gigd by inspector for not going to jobs in a timely manner, GPS their route and saw they got Coffee before the 19/p It has also been hinted by more than a few readers that the Inspection Division is about...Show More Summary

Long Term Scandal

Just when you think it can't be getting worse, someone finds a shovel and starts to dig : Six Chicago police officers were were being questioned by federal investigators for allegedly stealing money and drugs from drug dealers, sources...Show More Summary

HQ Dumps?

Rumor popping up that up to 65 people will be dumped out of HQ and back to the Districts.With the three new civilian Bureau heads starting shortly, they probably need the room for their new staffs, so the least clouted are sacrificed...Show More Summary

Nice Shooting There Tex

This brought a smile to our face today : An attempted home invader shot his accomplice to death Tuesday night on the front porch of a home in the Ravenswood neighborhood on the Northwest Side, police said.At 9:51 p.m., a male and a 43-year-old...Show More Summary

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