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Traditional Media Can’t Seem To Reinvent Itself For Survival

Newark, New Jersey-- New Jersey’s biggest newspaper, The Star-Ledger of Newark that also boasted being one of the nation’s largest is preparing to jettison 167 workers including 40 newsroom staffers. This paper attempted to transition into the Internet age with a website and addition of video reports. Show More Summary

D-3, D2A and D-2 Demotions

We were skeptical at first, too. But then we found the order, issued Thursday as Employee Resource Order E05-06-01. You can find it online from your home computer if you know where to look on the Department site.It affects only members...Show More Summary

Openings Everywhere Again

Including the airports, but not 012, 015 or 024: 001 - 5 bid openings 002 - 4 003 - 4 004 - 4 005 - 4 006 - 4 007 - 4 008 - 5 009 - 5 010 - 4 011 - 4 014 - 2 016 - 5 017 - 5 018 - 4 019 -11 (something rotten here) 020 - 4 021 - 4 025...Show More Summary

Remember His Ride

Big fundraiser next weekend: On June 11, 2013 Brian McDevitt took off work as a Chicago Police Officer to spend a day with his family. That afternoon, Brian, an avid cyclist, went for a bike ride on a local trail. Brian was struck by a vehicle while crossing an intersection. Show More Summary

An American Patriot has Passed on, Rest in Peace Otis McDonald

Otis McDonald Left and Paul Huebl Right Chicago, IL—I remember getting a call from a gun rights lawyer asking me if I knew any potential plaintiffs with pristine backgrounds and a need to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense. They were preparing a lawsuit to challenge Illinois ban on the carrying of weapons for self-defense. Show More Summary

Liberals and Conservatives aren’t What They Used to be

Chicago, IL--I can remember growing up in the Windy City. The Democrats I was familiar with were the guardians of privacy and liberty. President John F. Kennedy was a life member of the National Rifle Association. You could enter any public building or airport without being searched like a criminal. Show More Summary

Angelo Strike a Conciliatory Tone

The previous administration spent time sucking up to Rahm (cufflinks), supporting Rahm's candidates (PAC money and not supporting cops), making astounding accusations, endangering the very existence of the FOP ("rigged" contracts) and...Show More Summary

TIFs to Pensions

A radical proposal.....not: What the City of Chicago spent in each of the last several years on tax-increment financing funding exceeded what it owed in pension costs, so any proposal to raise property taxes to fund pensions should consider...Show More Summary

Welcome to the Party Aldercreatures

Let's demand a study? The Chicago Fire Department would be required to investigate an apparent shortage of advanced life support ambulances and paramedics and prepare a “remediation plan,” under a City Council order introduced this week...Show More Summary

The Shrinking Middle Class

These are the people who pay the majority of taxes - you know, that money that keeps everything running? And they are leaving Chicago in droves. The graphic that you are about to see is sobering, perhaps depressing, and you can’t take your eyes off it. Show More Summary

My Suggestion for the New Leadership of FOP Lodge 7

Chicago, IL—FOP Lodge 7 has failed miserably in the past to properly represent the men and women of the Chicago police Department. The leadership of the FOP has been bedding down with city politicians and a couple of really lame appointed police superintendents. Show More Summary

Free Speech and Campaign Contributions

Chicago, IL—The United States Supreme Court has sent Liberals to their therapists in a panic. The court made a significant ruling that voids some campaign finance laws that limit contributions to specific amounts. One Liberal friend of mine proclaimed that our nation is suddenly ruined as a result. Show More Summary

Bill, the Bitter Loser

HUGE post - set aside some time for this one.If you haven't gotten this in the mail yet, you will shortly. Aside from the fact that this is poorly written, full of half-truths and lies and mostly incoherent, it's an article written by...Show More Summary

Slum Times Slime Job

We weren't going to cover this. Hundreds, even thousands of people break state laws every single day. Tens of thousands get away with it. Those unlucky few who get caught usually pay a fine, which is what happened in this case (disclosure - we have a casual e-mail relationship with Mr. Show More Summary

Quick! Erase the Pictures!

This is why the Instagram video disappeared: You mean it might hurt the lawsuit, right?If he never had a gun, but pictures of him holding guns pop up, including the one that he pointed at the police, then the chances of getting a new set of rims, grills or whatever, kind of drop off dramatically.

Crime is Up and Down

An interesting article by a retired CPD lieutenant about how crime numbers have been manipulated in the past and how he suspects they are being manipulated now: During my 33 years as a Chicago Police Officer, one of the things I learned is that numbers play an important role in law enforcement. Show More Summary

$250 Million = $750 Million

You have to love that new math that Rahm uses. Must be a "Common Core" thing. Monday, he spent all sorts of time with the press telling everyone how he was going to have to raise property taxes $250 million. That number was called into question by actual bean-counters at Crain Chicago Business and the mayor's people said Rahm may have misspoken. Show More Summary

Quick Hits

Cleaning up a few odds and ends. Who knows about this? Commander Pena of 010 is in some hot water-its rumored she has a serious EEOC beef brought against her by a subordinate female officer. Witnesses include other officers and supervisors, all of whom have provided To-Froms to IAD. Show More Summary

Angelo Wins FOP Presidency

Congratulations. Now everyone bitching and moaning, get to some meetings and hold these peoples' feet to the fire. We're in serious straights and we need serious people involved keeping an eye on shit - not just FOP office holders and not just the same 200 guys who attend meetings. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.

My Dear European Friends Have Grave Concerns About Gun Liberty

Los Angeles, CA—I have a deep and unending love for Europe especially, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and of course Switzerland. The culture, art and elegance of Europe are only matched by their terrific and productive people. The...Show More Summary

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