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The Oppressive Left

This popped up in the comments and we decided to let it go through for the entertainment value, but also to demonstrate a larger point: Anonymous said...I found this blog by accident. I must say, this is why racism exists. I hate to think you folks are protecting us. Show More Summary

Go Fund Me - Densey Cole

We haven't received an update recently but the GoFundMe page is up, running and beyond the $18,000 the utility bill was in arrears. Densey has popped into the comment section a couple times and hopefully will continue to update as his condition allows. Link here to donate.

It Must Be a Miracle!

The media is making a big deal out of this : Residents in the Englewood police district celebrated the Fourth of July weekend like most in Chicago.Some had barbecues. They listened to music. Children rode their bicycles up and down their...Show More Summary

What Life is Worth in the Hood

Try addressing this in a sane and cognizant manner : A Calumet Heights man shot and killed his longtime friend over the July Fourth weekend because the pal touched his Cadillac, Cook County prosecutors said Tuesday.John Watley was angry...Show More Summary

More Free Stuff

Subsidized by a "grant:" More Chicagoans will soon be able to ride Divvy bikes, thanks to a new program called "Divvy for Everyone."Chicago residents who make less than $35,000 a year and do not have a debit or credit card will qualify for a $5 annual Divvy membership. Show More Summary

No Shit

Amazing - the people who know guns protect and prevent crime have the most guns : Otis McDonald — the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit that overturned Chicago’s gun ban — would have been delighted that many of his neighbors now have permits...Show More Summary

You Brute!

Evidently, Garry is a bully: Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is being accused of bullying, by the attorney for the father of the seven-year-old boy killed on the 4th of July. Police Superintendent McCarthy has said thatShow More Summary

Someone Rein in this Ass

Hey Blase, we mean you : Fr. Michael Pfleger and St. Sabina Church will sue three Chicago communities over gun sales on Tuesday morning.The lawsuit that will be filed in Cook County Circuit Court will allege Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood...Show More Summary

Hiding Numbers Again?

The official numbers end up being 9 dead and 47 wounded : Fourth of July weekend shootings have left nine people dead — including a 7-year-old boy — and at least 47 others injured since Thursday evening. That's shootings. We didn't see...Show More Summary

Hey, Where's Ours?

Is the FOP looking into this? Chicago officials have issued more than $1.2 million in penalty payment checks to hundreds of paramedics who a federal court judge determined had been shortchanged on overtime pay.In addition to the penalty...Show More Summary

Oh Garry

Thirty shot in a single night, but only three dead, ad 10% is a low number, right? After a relatively quiet start to the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, a burst of gun violence overnight left three dead and 27 people wounded in just...Show More Summary

We Just Had a Thought

Has anyone been thinking about the end of summer parade coming up? Yes, we're talking about the Bud Billiken parade. Has anyone thought about what a shit-show this event if going to be this year? Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland D.O.J....Show More Summary

Data Breach

Our e-mail and phone has been blowing up with a link to some site named "pastebin." It seems some hackers have accessed a city database and managed to snag personnel info, including the police department. They have made threats to leak...Show More Summary

Crime is Down When Police are Up

Garry's make-or-break weekend is on pace to match all the other weekends this year, so you know that the only comparison will be how much less it was than last year's bloodbath: At least four people, including a teenager, were killed and another 10 people were wounded across Chicago as the Fourth of July weekend got underway. Show More Summary

When the Story Write Itself

Seriously: Vonzell Banks was about to start a summer job next week before finishing his last year at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy.The 17-year-old was playing basketball with his cousin in Bronzeville when a gunman fired several times about 4:45 p.m. Show More Summary

$$$ Up in Smoke

What do these strokes have on Rahm that he won't cancel this? After leaving thousands of attendees disappointed last year and earning the nickname "the fiasco on the river" when the planned burning of floating houses sputtered, the Great Chicago Fire Festival will move its act to dry land at Northerly Island this fall.The Sept. Show More Summary

Happy Fourth

Hope everyone is being safe out there.A happy holiday to you all.

There Goes Dart Again

In the relentless hunt for headlines : As the violence in Chicago's streets hits the peak summer months, City Hall is receiving reinforcements of sorts from a surprising source: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, whose office has begun putting...Show More Summary

Just for Jake Fundraiser

Another child of one of our own: On December 12, 2014, 8 year old Jacob Danny Mieszala found out that he had a large inoperable brain stem tumor called Ganglioglioma.If you have had the pleasure of knowing Jake, you know he is special for so many reasons. Show More Summary

Busy Weekend

As you can imagine, the 12-hour day debacle is wreaking havoc with schedules of coppers all over town, including the ones here.Comments may be delayed. Posting also. We'll get there when we get there. We're also assuming that reading will be delay for you, the visitors.Be safe ladies and gents. Keep an eye on each other during these long days and longer nights.

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