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CPD's Lawyer is Who?

This report came out a little over two weeks ago, but we just managed to locate the article we were looking for: Facing calls for his resignation amid allegations of a police killing cover-up, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has relied on his former Clinton administration colleagues for support and guidance. Show More Summary

True? Or BS?

Anyone know? Or have examples of this occurring? Ipra, plaintiffs lawyers are now asking and getting warrants for your personal phone records and text messages if you are involved in a police shooting, or at a scene. Be extremely carefully when you text message each other. Show More Summary

We're Saved! Dart is Here

First the United Nations, now Tom "nice hair" Dart: The Chicago Police Department is teaming up with the Cook County Sheriff's Department to target gang violence on the city's West Side."I think it's going to increase our visibilityShow More Summary

Weather Again?

McCompost spent how many years telling everyone how weather wasn't a factor in crime, that shootings didn't go up when the temperature did, and the beaches were closed that one year because it was sooooooo hot, people (and folks) were battling passing-out yards from the largest supply of cool fresh water on the planet. Show More Summary

CTU Folding?

Looks like Rauner's threat to have the State take over and bust the Teachers Union is paying a dividend : Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union>, voiced optimism Thursday about the progress of contract negotiations with...Show More Summary

We're Saved!

It's the United Nations! A group from the United Nations will be in Chicago next week to investigate the current state of the city's race relations.On Monday, civil rights leaders gathered on the Southside to discuss the UN visit and...Show More Summary

VRI Quotas....Gone?

Seems the feds frown upon what we (and everyone else) called "quotas:" No More "VRI Quotas"It turns out someone on the Chicago Police Department realized that requiring a certain amount of arrests, tickets, contact cards (Now ISRs) are a QUOTA. Show More Summary

No Guns for You!

But el Chapo? A.50-caliber rifle found at Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s hideout in Mexico was funneled through the gun-smuggling investigation known as Fast and Furious, sources confirmed Tuesday to Fox News.A.50-caliber is a massive rifle that can stop a car, or as it was intended, take down a helicopter.After the raid on Jan. Show More Summary

Fixes? Hahaha

Everyone knows how to fix the police....just ask em : The fallout over the killing of Laquan McDonald and other police-involved shootings has led to a wave of legislation to overhaul how police interact with the public, including measures...Show More Summary

Isn't This Special?

Something something something matters..... Four teens were injured when someone shot up their van in the Bronzeville neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, about 10 blocks south of where another person was shot a few hours earlier.The most recent shooting happened at 48th Street and King Drive about 3:40 p.m. Show More Summary

Thirteen Death Investigations

You just know they're covering up something: Skull fragments found in a Fuller Park industrial building are human and were likely donated to science "long ago," according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.The bones were found...Show More Summary

Where Did It All Go?

You mean no one was keeping track? Two years after Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed a record 50 schools over low enrollment, officials say they don’t know where many of the computers, desks, books and other items from those buildings endedShow More Summary

A Chicago Gun Store?

A nice proposal, but we're betting it's doomed: A Chicago man is pitching plans to open the city's only gun store and gun range.Irving Park resident Christopher O'Connor plans to open Firearms Defense Training Center, a full service gun range and gun shop in a warehouse at 613 N. Show More Summary

Baldricks is Coming

Under two months away! We're two months away from the annual St. Baldrick's event, it's time to get signed up if you haven't already. For those who don't know St. Baldrick's is an event where volunteers agree to shave their heads inShow More Summary

Another Decline

This one from 2014 to 2015: Chicago Police officers made dramatically fewer arrests in 2015 than they did in the previous year, according to figures just released by the department.Total arrests were down 12 percent, but the drop off...Show More Summary

Wasn't the CTA "Gun Free"?

We're pretty sure they were: A man was shot Monday evening after an argument began on a CTA bus, officials said.He was on an eastbound No. 75 74th/75th bus when he got into an altercation with another male, according to CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase.The bus pulled over at about 8:45 p.m. Show More Summary

Write Off These Commies

This is the current magazine cover of the CTU: Here's Lesson #1 - don't do drugs, don't carry a knife when you do drugs, don't cut up squad car tires and stab squad car windshields. Or is that another lesson that should have been taught at home?The FOP ought to be seriously distancing themselves from these jackasses and anything they're involved in.

Interesting Theory

Blame social media? Chicago’s interim police superintendent John Escalante is struggling to explain the wild jump in shootings in the Windy City, and he thinks he has at least part of the explanation: it’s social media’s fault.At a Wednesday...Show More Summary

Hotel Stickup

And not just any hotel - the Congress : Police are investigating an armed robbery that took place Saturday morning inside Chicago’s Congress Plaza Hotel.At approximately 8:30 a.m., two male suspects followed one of the victims to his...Show More Summary

Friday...then Saturday

The hits just keep on coming - Friday started warm : Two teenagers and at least six others were wounded since Friday afternoon in separate shootings on the South, Northwest and West sides, Chicago police said. Saturday continued: Two...Show More Summary

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