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Kira's Horse

A donation to a suburban hospital that took care of a dying child : It was a sunny May morning in 2013 when two horses from the Chicago Police Department's Mounted Unit paid 9-year-old Kira Mammoser a visit outside the Park Ridge hospital...Show More Summary

Alvarez Folds

A special prosecutor is requested: In a stunning reversal, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez on Thursday recused herself from prosecuting Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke and asked a Cook County judge to appoint a special...Show More Summary

Suburban Chase Through City

Rahm pretty much says, "Don't chase killers - ever" A suspect in a death investigation led police on a chase that started in west suburban Lombard and resulted in two crashes involving law enforcement vehicles in Chicago on Wednesday...Show More Summary

FOP Speaks

So the misinformation train got up a full head of steam based on a report in the Retired Chicago Police Association newsletter. The FOP responded in an official manner thus: There is misinformation that originated in the Retired Chicago Police Association newsletter and also on Facebook regarding Senate Bill 777. Show More Summary

Eddie's "Listening Tour"

Seems like every superintendent has to go through this rigamarole : A news helicopter hovered overhead as Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson entered Hope Community Church on Wednesday, but the chief himself made little news.The copter was circling the scene of a shooting at a convenience store about three blocks from the Austin church. Show More Summary

McCarthy was Wrong?

So much of the anti-police bias nowadays ends up being based on a half-assed reading of data, reports and an almost purposeful misreading of results: The one chance for Chicago City Council members to question Eddie Johnson before approving him as police superintendent was an April 12 council hearing.The city’s murder numbers were way up. Show More Summary

Nice Job Dart

First, Dart releases a couple of videos of attacks on guards in the jail so he can be "transparent." Then he refers a video to Anita for prosecution. Anita, actually doing her job at this point, watches the entire video, which showsShow More Summary

Black Lives Matter To Whom?

Believe it or not, cops : In the most sweeping study of its kind, police were more reluctant to shoot black suspects than their white counterparts, contradicting the widely accepted “racist cop” narrative driving movements such as Black...Show More Summary

Rahm, Mrs Lucas Switch Tactics

Rahm is going the Federal lawsuit route : With Los Angeles and San Francisco breathing down Chicago’s neck, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday made one last stab at keeping movie mogul George Lucas’ museum in Chicago: an end-run aroundShow More Summary

Eddie Gets This...Sort Of

Once again, it's the system failing : A 24-year-old man was charged Wednesday in a Northwest Side murder that police Supt. Eddie Johnson has pointed to as a glaring example of the need for the justice system to hold gun offenders with extensive felony records more accountable for their crimes.[...]Show More Summary

Someone to Verify?

FOP? Weren't you staking your futures on this? Seriously Need your help. Senate Bill ( SB-777), was passed last May 2015, and it extends Chicago’s payment (of 515 million dollars) into the Police and Fire Pension for another 10 to 15 years. Show More Summary

May Heats Up

So is this the alleged "will of the people" that Rahm's buddies have been claiming the police are thwarting? A 13- and a 16-year-old boy were killed in two separate shootings that occurred only three hours apart in Chicago Monday night. Show More Summary

So, Who Was Legally Correct?

What happens when a couple of known criminals, armed in violation of the law, decide to hash it out in the parking lot? An 18-year-old man was denied bail Tuesday after prosecutors said he fired the first shot in a shootout on the South...Show More Summary

Page May Arrested

Did everyone see the NFL Draft this weekend? Yeah, neither did we.Did anyone see any of that supposed $100 million supposedly generated during the event? Maybe in the form of a property tax rebate or a waived garbage collection fee or...Show More Summary

Investigation Expanding Again

Word from a few places that now, a few sergeants have been or are being served with papers regarding the IG's investigation into the cheating scandal.Curiously, at least one of the sergeants being served is from :::GASP!!!::: the Internal...Show More Summary

Media Picks up on Doubts

That "Chief Resilience Officer" spot is raising eyebrows among the press : What the heck is a “chief resilience officer” anyway? And how in the world did Chicago ever get along without one?After announcing and filling the new job bankrolled...Show More Summary

A "Decrease" in the Increase

Here we go again with the word games: There was one more murder in Chicago in April than the same month last year.Sunday, the Chicago Police Department released the overall crime statistics for April 2016. Overall for the month, there were 36 murders, 253 shootings and 311 shooting victims.That’s a 3 percent increase in murders from April 2015. Show More Summary

Assphincter Says What Now?

An article in the Tribune tells of a new technology initiative that will make Chicago the most wired-in city in North America: Come late June, city electricians are expected to start strapping beehive-shaped sensor boxes to municipal...Show More Summary

Those Files are Still Around

All those disciplinary files that aren't supposed to exist? They got a stay of execution: The federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department has slowed a push by police unions to destroy decades of disciplinary files on officers,...Show More Summary

Call Someone.....Please

Another day, and we hear of another suicide.We post this every so often and we'll post it again. Boys and girls, if you are so far down that dark and disturbing path that you can't see any direction, exit, sunlight, call EAP (Employee Assistance Program).They do good work - we've seen it first hand for a few coppers in trouble. Show More Summary

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