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No Spine

Maybe it helps with the dancing? After insisting for three months that there was no need for a federal judge to oversee reforms at the Chicago Police Department sparked by the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, Mayor Rahm Emanuel reversed...Show More Summary

MORE Taxes!!!

Remember, you have to contribute to the "fiscal well being" of Chicago. But not these clowns : Beleaguered Chicago property owners face yet another massive hit for teacher pensions, but their aldermen would escape another difficult vote — thanks to the school funding deal on its way to Gov. Show More Summary

Keep Kicking

Brainwashing the next generation of police haters : The city's eighth-graders and high school sophomores will learn this year for the first time about one of the darkest chapters in Chicago Police Department history: when more than 100...Show More Summary

Houston Death

An officer drowned trying to get to work in order to assist the citizens of his ravaged city: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Tuesday confirmed the death of a police officer Sunday when he was trapped in flooded patrol car.The Houston Chronicle has reported that Sgt. Show More Summary

Fiscal Well-Being???

Some sharp eyed readers pointed this out i n the recent link about highly paid city workers : “We have gotten to a point that I expect our partners in labor to be partners for the fiscal well-being of the city of Chicago,” Emanuel says via Poppe. Show More Summary

No Kidding? Who'd Have Thunk It?

Anyone who took an economics class for starters : Frank Perez operates a small vending machine company, S & P Vending, that serves customers in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. A Schaumburg resident, he used to stock up on soda to service his accounts near home.Not anymore. Show More Summary

Picking up the Trash

Newly issued to CAPS officers around the city: We've often heard people describe themselves as well paid garbage collectors taking out the trash. Looks like the Vanecko Plastic Receptacle Company has a new over-paid contract to fill...

The Last Word

Just some cop humor from a reader passing through New Buffalo (click for larger version): Looks like an amusing duo.

Have Some Pride

These pictures popped up in our e-mail along with some humorous commentary: Now, we realize when you volunteer for the CAPS office, you become the Department's bitch. You might need the hours for family, you might need a better shot at promotion, you might be sleeping with someone connected. Show More Summary

Clearance Rate Plummets

Overwhelmed detectives? Fewer Detective Areas? Or non-cooperation? Chicago Police detectives have solved fewer than one in five murders committed this year, the lowest rate of closing murder cases since at least 2006 — and likely a historic...Show More Summary

Best Job - Money-wise

Where's ours? More than one of every three Chicago city workers made $100,000 or more last year — including 36 who topped Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s $216,210 salary, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found.The number of city workers making more than Emanuel was up from 26 in a similar review by the Sun-Times in 2015. Show More Summary

A Few Broken Eggs....

A little spilled milk... what's a few dead bodies among friends? In recent years, Baltimore's homicide rate has spiked dramatically, up 50% from just six years ago. The primary reason the city is suffering the alarming increase in crime...Show More Summary

Gauntlet of Gunfire

It's getting rough out there : A single gunshot was fired on a South Side expressway ramp Friday afternoon, but no one was shot, according to Illinois State Police.It happened about 4:15 p.m. on the entrance ramp from the northboundShow More Summary

Stop Using Tasers (Long Post)

You want to see a completely lib-tarded, social-justice-warrior, left-slanted-media article, take a look at the Tribune's article on Taser's yesterday: The Chicago Police Department plans to own as many as 6,900 Tasers by the end ofShow More Summary

We Need a Laugh Track

Can you believe this shit? Some Streeterville residents, along with elected leaders, say they think the number of ambulances traveling through the downtown neighborhood is rising, as is the siren volume — and they want the Fire Department...Show More Summary

Quotas Again?

We could swear that we've seen this disavowed by all sorts of bosses - in person, in print - but it keeps on popping up: CMDR Cindy ShAMe mass transit demanding activity or partners will be split up and assigned spots will be changed. Sgt G "okay" R, says you'll ain't on point. We got quotas now? Hey Special Ed, take care of this before the surgery, would you? Thanks.

Why Complaining About President Trump's Tweets is Both Lame and Bogus

That was then This is now! Washington, DC—The mainstream media has gone bonkers as President Trump has bypassed them, their nasty spin and malicious editing. He’s done this with his tweets published directly to the world. Is this behavior...Show More Summary

So Two Surgeries?

Special Ed is getting a kidney finally: Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson may be getting a kidney.But he’s also getting a wife.• Translation: By the time Johnson heads back to work following surgery for a chronic kidney disorder for the past 30 years, he tells Sneed, he will have made 9th District Lt. Show More Summary

Is Crime Down? An Update

We posted this graphic the other day, showing how carjackings are up (click for larger versions): We used it as a sort of "microcosm" of crime being up in the face of repeated denials from the powers-that-be.Here's a small update toShow More Summary

Ginger Pissing Off Aldercreatures

Tone-deaf in the extreme: Aldermen held a hearing for people living near Midway Airport who say the sound-dampening windows the city installed are stinking up their homes.Something was missing: Chicago Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans.Evans was missing Wednesday, despite a summons issued by the Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee. Show More Summary

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