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Gunfire at Wrigley

Not the image the city wants when the Cubs are looking at post-season play: Video sent to CWB Chicago anonymously appears to show a street brawl and shooting attempt unfolding on the streets of Wrigleyville early Sunday. We reportedShow More Summary

2016 Candlelight Vigil

Coming up next week: The 2016 Candlelight Vigil will be held on Tuesday, September 13th at 7:30 PM in Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. All police officers, their families and friends are invited. The ceremony is expected to last...Show More Summary


The counter at has the total number of people (and folks) shot standing at 3,000 this very morning.Congratulations Chicago.Thanks have to go out to McCompStat for setting the stage for this disaster. And Special Ed for...Show More Summary

cBS Covers 016 Shortage

You can lead the media to a real story, but you can't make them cover it properly: The crime is going up, and police manpower is going down–a serious complaint coming from aldermen in the 16th police district.Today they went looking for answers from police superintendent Eddie Johnson.As CBS 2 Investigator [...]Show More Summary

Another Way of Looking at It

This is from an article we quoted yesterday: Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th) demanded at least 500 additional officers, at a cost of roughly $50 million, and offered to support yet another property tax increase to pay for it. So an aldercreature...Show More Summary

Good Idea!

Someone is paying attention to the tourist area: The party could soon be over for party buses decried as “rolling tinder boxes” filled with inebriated patrons dropped off at bars and nightclubs to drink even more.At the behest of downtown Ald. Show More Summary

Good Deed

Sometimes it's the little things: A good deed caught on camera generated lots of attention for two Chicago police officers who stopped to help a woman with a 1-month-old baby change a tire.Sergeant Pat Barker said he didn't know someone...Show More Summary

Casper Lauer Motorcycle Ride

One of the last chances to get the bike out before the snow flies: (comments closed here - information post)

Imagine That

Protest leader in Ferguson shot, killed, burned: When Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer two years ago, Darren Seals was one of the most vocal activists leading protests across the city. He rallied a boycott of Democratic candidates in local elections after he said they failed to protect black lives. Show More Summary

More Brilliant Reporting

Nothing gets by those Tribune "reporters:" An unprecedented analysis by the Chicago Tribune of every police shooting from 2010 through 2015, in fact, found that foot chases played a role in more than a third of the 235 cases that ended...Show More Summary

More Shot Spotters!

At the cost of nearly a million: The Chicago Police Department plans to put more gunfire-location sensors in two high-crime districts to combat the extraordinary violence gripping those parts of the city.ShotSpotter Flex sensors nowShow More Summary

Spending Non-Existent Money

A trait of politicians in general, but a specialty here in Chicago : The Chicago Police Department needs at least 500 and as many as 1,000 additional officers — over and above attrition — to confront an alarming spike in homicides and...Show More Summary

No Shit Ed

Special Ed states the obvious : After another violent holiday weekend, Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Tuesday his department is doing all it can to combat violence rooted in "impoverished neighborhoods" where "people...Show More Summary

Weekend Surpasses '15, '14 and '13

After starting slow, the thugs didn't disappoint: 2016 Labor Day weekend: 13 killed, 53 wounded2015 Labor Day weekend: 10 killed, 46 wounded2014 Labor Day weekend: 7 killed, 36 wounded2013 Labor Day weekend: 12 killed, 27 wounded 007 had 5 homicides including a double. Show More Summary

Damn Amish!

No, seriously.....Amish: Authorities in the heart of Ohio's Amish country say they arrested more than 70 people in a raid at a weekend party in a field that was expected to attract hundreds of Amish youth.More than 40 officers converged...Show More Summary

Johnson vs Johnson

We aren't sure if this proves "merit" is transmitted via DNA, but it just might be. The Johnson twins, Kevin and Kenneth, have been recipients of multiple bites at the "merit" apple. Now, one is in charge of 007 and the other of 011.These are also the two districts that are leading the homicide race with about 60 killings each. Show More Summary

No Wonder 016 is Short

Last time we checked, 016 doesn't have a lakefront. But they're helping 020 with theirs: Beats 1611 and 1612 have been downed almost every day for the last month. In addition, one beat car is detailed to 020 for their bullshit LSD mission. Show More Summary

024 Rumor

In light of Officer safety concerns, this would indicate a certain amount of tone-deafness: A few weeks ago some goof was caught taking pictures of personal cars and license plates in 24. The guy that stopped him was off duty. The guy...Show More Summary

Wellness Not Healthy

The FOP fought long and hard to be pretty much the sole holdout on Rahm's "Wellness" program. We don't recall all the circumstances or details, but it involved so-called "health coaching" and phone calls and such. It was supposed to save the city millions by encouraging a more fit and healthy workforce. Show More Summary

Starting an Internet News Network in your own backyard is really not that difficult a way to earn a living!

Los Angeles, CA—The Internet and today’s video technology has given us the ability to gather and report news with inexpensive equipment and a little knowhow. This could be done with modern prosumer equipment rather than the elitist stuff costing in the tens of thousands. Show More Summary

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