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Feeling Like You’re being watched Lately? Yes, You Are!

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—If you don’t like cameras pointed at you, you'd better learn to smile. They are here to stay watching, documenting and exposing all of your public behavior to the world. With the new consumer camera drone technology the camera shy folks are in paranoia overdrive. Show More Summary

FOP to Fight Uniform Changes

It's a hot button issue from what we've seen in the comment section yesterday : The Chicago Police Department has quietly made changes to its uniform policy, requiring that on-duty officers cover up any tattoos and banning them fromShow More Summary

Disband the Police!

It's a wonder that Rahm hasn't tried this yet : Wellston, Missouri no longer has a police department to call their own. The city of 2,300 watched as all 23 of their police officers were forced to turn in their badges earlier this week, after their police department was disbanded, thanks to a city council vote. Show More Summary

What is CALEA?

Here's a short video about it:Look like a money making scheme.


Word in the comment sections is a number of sergeants were removed, physically, from the testing this past weekend. CR's were obtained and their careers are now in jeopardy. If you didn't make the effort, you get what you put into it. If you didn't make the secret study groups, well, that sucks, as it's just another form of cheating. But hiding cell phones and crib sheets?

U04-01 Updated

This is the way their minds work: Makes perfect sense. The Tribune even wrote about it : Chicago police officers will be required to cover their tattoos while working, according to a new directive issued Monday."Tattoos and body brandings...Show More Summary

How Many Shootings?

Over one-thousand: Chicago has hit the somber milestone even sooner than the violent year of 2012, when the city saw 500 homicides for the first time since 2008. Shootings that year were up 11 percent. The city reached the 1,000 mark on June 9 in 2012. Show More Summary

Bad Plumbing

You'd think that the City would want to save water: We imagine the Detectives Area Central could use this for good OR evil. Evil as in a water torture room, Good in a kind of calming Zen-type of way.

606 Opening Night with a Bang

Prophetic words from a citizen: Angel Gonzalez remembers when, as a boy, he would venture up on the Bloomingdale railroad tracks and hunt for garter snakes. He could make $1.50 on each snake at the Animal Kingdom, a Logan Square shop that has since closed.[...]Show More Summary

Another Nice Weekend Gar

5 Dead, 30 Wounded: Five people were killed and at least 30 others have been hurt in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening, police said. This third or fourth weekend in a row of 30+ dead and wounded and summer is still two weeks...Show More Summary

Forget it Jake, It's Canaryville

So why does this get coverage: Four suspects accused in a brutal mob attack on a brother and sister last month in the Canaryville neighborhood appeared in Cook County bond court Sunday.Kevin Hoynes and David Rice, both 21, as well as 18-year-old Joya D. Show More Summary

A Happy Update to Report on My Missing Person’s case, Oliver “Pareece” Jones!

Oliver Jones Mazatlan, Mexico—I’ve been able to verify through Oliver "Pareece" Jones’ sister that he’s been located here and is safe. I know his five children are celebrating today and are very anxious to be reunited with their father. Show More Summary

Private Business vs Government

Here's what a responsible business does when they're operating in the red : The Chicago Tribune is eliminating about two dozen positions, including 10 in the newsroom, in a cost-savings measure, sources said. Notice of the layoffs began...Show More Summary

Um...What's the Point?

More evidence that the justice system is completely out of whack: An assault suspect who pepper-sprayed someone in the face at a fast-food restaurant received similar treatment in court as punishment from a Cleveland-area judge embracing...Show More Summary

Open Carry of Firearms, Things to Consider

Houston, TX—Like many people I believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There is no question in my mind that Americans have the absolute right to keep and carry arms everywhere. Politicians and some courts differ with this as they attempt to violate Americans rights under color of law. Show More Summary

More RiotFest Discoveries!

Not only are there drugs nearby....there are guns! When Riot Fest moves its music carnival to Douglas Park, revelers attending the three-day music festival might come face-to-face with the neighborhood’s harsh reality.There’s no easy...Show More Summary


It's coming together. Slowly. Another 24 hours between shifts and all should be well. Plus, we've got relatives in from out of town and we can't exactly head to the bat-cave and abandon them while the playoffs continue.

Whoa Dude

Have we discovered something here? Hmmmm.

Here Comes More Spending

Remember, Presidential Libraries are (usually) build with contributions and then "donated" to the National Archives and Records Administration, which then "maintains" the library at public cost. Of course, there's always the "start-up"...Show More Summary


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