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Ghoul Pool Time

The basic rules: #1 You pay your toothpicks#2 You write your code name#3 Someone picks the Districts in random order#4 You wait for the natural order to determine a winner There are local variations on this theme. Some pools pick a random...Show More Summary

Brilliant Insight!

We're telling you, with this guy in charge, we've got this crime thing licked! The head of the Chicago Police Department is now admitting that more gun laws don’t necessarily result in less gun violence because criminals don’t “playShow More Summary

Mall Brawls

Social media used to coordinate a nation-wide display of ass-hattery? Despite large fights breaking out inside shopping malls across the country, including one at Fox Valley Mall in west suburban Aurora, Chicago area police departments...Show More Summary

DOJ Plowing Ahead

A big push to have the "report" done before Sparklefarts leaves office: NBC5 Chicago has learned a massive team of attorneys and investigators from the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department is, on the eve of ChristmasShow More Summary

What a Weekend

You'd think with the holidays upon us, people (or folks) would be more cheery, more in tune with the "Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Man" thing that pfather Pfleger and his ilk preach about. You'd be wrong: Eleven men were killed...Show More Summary

Missing Body Camera

Lost in the vicinity of the 006th District about 10 days ago.We're interested just to see what type of discipline the Department is going to be handing out for this sort of thing. It's already half-a-day for a shield, a full day forShow More Summary

Rahm, Your Superintendent

When we see the "chain of command" pictures: Woof!

Merry Christmas, One and All

Once again, another Christmas.Once again, our heartfelt wishes to everyone for a safe and sane Christmas, whether working or relaxing at home. Thanks for visiting all year.As usual, posting and comments might be delayed due to our own celebrations here.

What a Load of Crap

We don't usually write long articles for Christmas Day, but this one just begged for a verbal beating. This is the biggest pile of crap to come out of HQ, and believe us, there's a lot of crap that has come out of that building this year. Show More Summary

Rahm, the Filter

Wasn't this asshole a republican? But he has to run his Op-Ed through Rahm because he doesn't want to upset the Combine that runs Illinois into the ground while enriching the connected, regardless of political party.

Repurposing Snitch Boxes

Three or four years ago, the Department ordered a bunch of locking steel boxes that were supposed to be mounted on lampposts and telephone poles in the ghetto where citizens could provide tips and clues about homicides and such, circumventing...Show More Summary

Bosses v Bosses - CAGE MATCH!

Remember, a boatload of exempts signed off on the Laquan McDonald shooting being justified: (WARNING: Tribune link - you might have to de-activate ad blocker software to read it) Days after Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke shotShow More Summary

Rahm Document Dump

And he's proud of screwing the retirees : Rahm brags about eliminating health care for retired city workers.Emanuel’s controversial call to phase out Chicago’s retiree health program will leave some 10,000 of workers on the hook for coverage—a move he publicly touted as a regrettable but necessary cost-saving measure. Show More Summary

Even Jessica Chastain Could Not Save This Propaganda Clinker!

Hollywood, CA—The filmmaking business is getting more democratized every day. The days of only the most powerful studios and talent agencies producing films are numbered. Cheaper equipment means more people than ever can make films. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of making great films on the cheap. Show More Summary

Merry Christmas Detectives

135 Detectives made, to start on 02 January 17, including Dean Angelo Jr.Who's got the "merit" portion of the list?UPDATE: Merry Christmas to 52 Lieutenants, too? UPDATE: FTO's? What the heck is going on? Oh yeah - Rahm's "hiring" w...

Code of Silence Ending

Thank goodness. It was rough keeping quiet about it all these years: Chicago’s police chief says the department will attack the “code of silence” by making it easier for officers to report police misconduct and by making it tougher on officers who harass those who do come forward. Show More Summary

Unqualified Investigators?

The City wouldn't hire unqualified people and put them in a position to actually do real damage, would they? We mean besides Special Ed and his merry cabal of cheating hacks: The union that represents Chicago Police officers says that...Show More Summary

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