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And the Weekend Totals Are....

We had set the bar at sixty for the entire 3-day weekend - there's a science to the whole thing. Channel 7 had nine dead, thirty-two wounded : Nine people were killed and at least 32 others-including a 4-year-old girl-have been wounded in shootings across Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, police said. Show More Summary

How About "Stop Treating Him?"

Has County thought of that? A talented teenage basketball player unable to post bond on a low-level burglary charge ended up ingesting screws, needles, a 4-inch piece of metal and other objects while behind bars, leading the jail toShow More Summary

What a Mess!

Bodies everywhere, records set, it's a complete and total disaster. What? No, not Chicago - Baltimore : With five and a half hours left in the Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore, they have had 27 shootings of which at least 9 were fatal, making it the bloodiest weekend in Baltimore this century. Show More Summary

Overheard in ACLS refresher:

Instructor: "Ok, MedicMarch, how would you prepare your patient for cardioversion?"MM: "I get right in front of them and scream 'Prepare to see the face of GOD, MOTHERFUCKER!'I still passed.-MM

- Damn

(This whiny, selfserving post deleted by the author. You guys don't need this bullshit)-MM

- For those of you under a rock...

....Confessions of an EMS Newbie, featuring my bloggy daddy Ambulance Driver, is a GREAT podcast that covers a rookie's journey through Basic and Paramedic Class. Check it out!-MM

- Numb

The carnage is amazing for only having one vehicle involved. The car has flipped multiple times - that much is obvious, from the impact marks in the grass trail of car parts from the roadway. To top it off, the car, which was now skidding on it's driver's side, slid roof-first into a large, sturdy oak. Show More Summary

- Ventilated

I step under the yellow police tape. The young man is lying there, bleeding, on a pile of towels the people who's threshold he had fallen across had grabbed from under a sink. The towel givers are all in the same room as him, but pressed up against the walls, present for the action and at the same time wanting to be as far away as possible. Show More Summary

- State Job

Well, I've been a paramedic with Louisiana DOC for about 2 months now, and I am not impressed. Although I find the expanded medical practice extremely satisfying and rewarding. Jumping through all the bureaucratic hoops is starting to drive me nuts. Show More Summary

- Horizon

I'm having a conversation with the Office Czar."No, I didn't check.""No. I just said I didn't check.""Because I was off duty.""Well, I work 60 miles away from where I live.""No.""No."" Seriously?" "Fine."I hang up. Ink raises his eyebrows. Show More Summary

- Walk Up

Dispatch has trapped us in Major Metropolitan Area and has us, a Specialty MICU ambulance, running a routine BLS transfer. As Ink is unloading the stretcher, a silver sedan pulls up. A guy gets out and asks us where the nearest walgreens is. Show More Summary

- Scalped

I'm a city boy. I'll cop to it.I work a rural area, however. This has its advantages - there's a slaughterhouse near our station that THE freshest meat I've ever had the privilege to eat. Ink pan-fried some burgers the other day and proofed them in the oven. Show More Summary

- For those who haven't seen it...

...check this shit out. It's hilarious. Anyone who's ever worked at a company that does long distance transfers has had this scene play through their head at least once.H/T AD and TOTWTYTR-MM

-Night Shift

The old man wheezes, but it's a regular wheeze, a steady in and out, and I don't let it bother me. His television flickers. I've never seen a lot of these movies they're airing, and his mind has started to go just a little, so we watch together.I'm tired, but not too bad. Show More Summary

- Exits

"That's a negative, Whiskey-6, fire on scene, saying it's going to be a DOA. Check your call notes, please."I have just been denied a back up request, and toss the mic down in disgust. I've already read the call notes. Apparently the dispatcher on the phone with the caller asked if the patient was breathing. Show More Summary

Uniform and Appearance Changes?

An e-mail from a reader: SCC,Word from a friend that the Department is about to change a whole bunch of uniform specs:They already outlawed the shorts thank god. Now, no more knit hats in winter or baseball caps in summer. It's the saucer...Show More Summary

New Idea - Raise Fees!

Really, where do they come up with these brilliant thinkers? Chicago homeowners have managed to avoid suburban-style garbage collection fees, but those “spoiled” days may be coming to an end, the newly elected chairman of the City Council’s Black Caucus said.“I hate to say it. Show More Summary

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