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My video message for this Memorial Day!

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Not like there's anything else going on this weekend - the streets seem quiet, the Department is at rest. Let's see where the bid openings are this fine summery evening: 002 - 16003 - 5005 - 5006 - 4010 - 5015 - 5016 - 2 That's a lot...Show More Summary

A Far-Fetched Rumor

Rumors continue to abound regarding Rahm's intentions to disband IPRA, restructure the disciplinary process and gut the Contract: A fly on the wall reported that the mayor and the aldermen who are putting together the new oversight agency that oversees complaints against PO want a QUOTA on sustained complaints. Show More Summary

Fire Patches Collection

Hello, my friends! I am really happy that you have accessed my web- page My name is Igor and am the major of the rescue service, Head of the Firefighters and Rescue Unit from Orhei, Civil Protection and Emergency Situations...Show More Summary

Another Data Dump

Typical Rahm move - bury the news in a massive blizzard of paper : The Independent Police Review Authority is preparing to release recordings of about 100 Chicago Police shootings and uses of stun guns next week, according to a memo obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.The recordings are “tentatively scheduled” for a June 2 release. Show More Summary

Wait, What?

We had no idea the command structure had reverted to the university sector: Huffington Post Contributor Michael Sitver writes that during the uproar at Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul last night, Chicago PD officers were not refusing...Show More Summary

Award Ceremony

We missed any media coverage of the event.Was there any?We did notice that the comment section was alive with Gene Williams winning the "Leadership Award," probably for something like the awesome study group he ran that resulted in an...Show More Summary

Nice Wheel

Typical: The grand opening of the Centennial Wheel got off to a rocky start Friday night, when a power outage briefly halted the running of the new Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.Shortly after 8 p.m., Navy Pier officials confirmed that a power outage had caused the wheel to stop. Show More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: Autism Education Edition

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I welcome autism educator Kimberly Stanford to the Guest Table. Kim is the mother of a son with Asperger’s and a mental health professional, and developer of an autism training course and EMS autism sensory kit. Give it a listen. Lots of interesting stuff...


The weekend is officially here. The weather is warm, the air is humid, the Department is racking up overtime, and has doubled their staffing (rumor).One of the amusing features of the HeyJackass site is their "Shot Clock" showing (on average) how many hours and minutes it takes for another person to be shot or killed. Show More Summary

Close-call for two firefighters in Bethlehem Thursday morning when they transmitted a mayday.

firefighters bail out of windows and mayday was transmitted in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ;

More Distractions

First up, you have "thousands" of cops being deployed this weekend : After a violent winter and spring, Chicago will start off the summer with “thousands” of officers deployed to city parks, beaches and neighborhoods, Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said Thursday.[...]Show More Summary

Curious....Very Curious

Later today, a miracle will occur. The FBI agents involved in a shooting 72 hours ago, will finally give their version of events to their internal investigators.And the miracle? The media will be completely silent - exactly the opposite...Show More Summary

Change the Lies

So your lawsuit doesn't have any chance in hell based on the facts at hand? No problem - blame the mayor : The family of a 16-year-old boy fatally shot by Chicago police during a chase on the West Side last month filed an amended wrongful...Show More Summary

Jason, Jason, Jason

The Round Mound of Chicago Sound is in hot water: Chicago Ald. Jason Ervin is “trying to cooperate” with the FBI as it investigates a nearly $5,000 check he received from a woman now charged with bilking an Illinois youth program toShow More Summary

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