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The Forgotten Gauge: What Made The Sixteen Truly Sweet

I have an ongoing love affair with the 16 gauge shotgun, and I think its demise is largely unjustified. I realize that the 16 was never as popular elsewhere in the country as it was here in the south, but a good many wingshooters still regard the 16 as the perfect upland game gun. Not...

"MINDSET" on Backstep Firefighter

A healthy dose of fear is good. Too much is debilitating   If you read the magazines, social media or take a class, you can’t help…

Forbes on Rahm

Why is it all the real reporting about Chicago's dire financial straits coming from national media outlets and just a peep from the local rags? As a mayoral candidate in 2010-11, Rahm Emanuel gave regular people hope with his repeated...Show More Summary

What Matters Again?

Slaughtered: A 21-year-old man was ordered held without bail in the killing of a man who prosecutors say he arranged to meet and then shot as he begged for his life in a Ravenswood alley Sunday evening.Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois, Jr. Show More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: Next Generation 911

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss Next Generation 911 and the potential for 911 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) to send and receive data such as texts, video and photos. This is something that could really revolutionize EMS and public safety communication. In the news, we discuss the...

Using Your Crystal Ball

Does your size-up typically look beyond the moment you arrive? With a good working fire, this may be an obvious part of a response. But what about for those responses where we arrive and believe there to be no fire? If nothing is burning,...Show More Summary

Rahm Commits....Battery?

Hey media, how about checking on this : Doctored video? Doesn't appear to be. Was this guy wearing a "Chuy" pin or something? Unknown. But the mayor of Chicago laying hands on someone when he isn't"pressing the flesh" during a reelection campaign? There's a very large problem here.

People, Read the Tags

We posted this Friday: See these little tags at the bottom of the article? It's a "rumor." We gave it no credence. It seemed like a humorous piece at most to lighten up the mood. Evidently, a lot of people took it to heart.Ladies and Gents, we get trolls here. Show More Summary

Well This is a Little Ironic

Slain after an anti-violence rally? The manager of Chicago rapper Lil Durk was fatally shot early Friday in the Avalon Park neighborhood.Uchenna Agina, 24, was sitting in a car in the 8400 block of South Stony Island Avenue when a gunman...Show More Summary

Decapitated Body in 017?

Anyone hear about a particularly gruesome crime in 017 recently? Something that might possibly have some sort of religious undertones to it? It popped up in the comments, but you know how those are.....

News Helicopters Crashes and Costs Vex Television Executives, Camera Drones are the Answer!

courtesy of AZ Republic Phoenix, AZ--It was in July of 2007 when cops were chasing a fleeing pickup truck through the streets of Phoenix. Also in pursuit were two TV news choppers that were covering this breaking story. Soon the story of the day changed dramatically and tragically as the two news helicopters somehow collided in midair. Show More Summary

Say It Isn't So

We've heard some crazy dumb shit before, but this is among the craziest and dumbest shit ever if true: I've been detailed to the academy for about 2 months now. I was floored to learn of the new stress free work place program they run. Show More Summary

Edgebrook Ice Cream Shop

We had a couple comments the other day about an ice cream shop in the north side's Edgebrook neighborhood - home to lots of city workers, including hundreds of police and fire families. There is supposed to be a mural there equating Ferguson with Syria, Iran and North Korea. Show More Summary

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