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OT Boycott Gets Media Coverage

WBEZ had something, but we can't find it. The Sun Times followed: The Fraternal Order of Police is urging its members to turn down all requests for “non-mandatory overtime” over Labor Day weekend to protest “continued disrespect of Chicago...Show More Summary

CPD Civilian Shooting

Concealed carrier makes life interesting for a robber : A civilian Chicago Police Department employee shot a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint a few blocks from Douglas Park on the city's West Side, police said.Police said the 57-year-old man was trying to get on his motorcycle around 6 a.m. Show More Summary

Another Lovely Weekend

No mention of this at the DNC we imagine: Forty-seven people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, five of them fatally, as the pace of gun violence in the city has pushed the number of victims to nearly 2,300 this year, according to...Show More Summary

Witness Getting Grief

This is what people who do the right thing have to put up with when they don't toe the line of the prevailing narrative: A violent confrontation on the Near South Side that left a man dead and a police officer wounded began when a woman walking her dog became suspicious as the man sat drinking in a park. Show More Summary

Vigil Coverage

Surprisingly, the media covered it: ( Tribune ) A few dozen police officers and family members gathered for a short prayer vigil Sunday morning for a Chicago police officer shot Thursday night, as well as for several law enforcementShow More Summary

DOJ on the Prowl?

Is this for real? I sure hope that the DOJ have their hands into the Detective's promotional exam, once the city gets the scores back from the private company. My brother told me that the DOJ removed the refrigerator from the 001st District's CAPs office. Show More Summary

Airport Nonsense?

Someone wrote in the comment section that there is an order, currently posted in the O'Hare C.O. Book, that Officers are forbidden from using the "family" restrooms at the airport, but must instead use the regular public washrooms.As...Show More Summary

By Popular Demand

People asked, so here's a little something for the collection plates: Write your message on the back so word gets to Blase.

"New" Crystal Ball Unit

Still doing a bang-up job : When a few police cars pulled up outside Daniel Alcantara's West Side residence last summer, the gang member dashed into his home.From outside his window, the officers asked him to come out and talk. TheyShow More Summary

Bella Explains

This was forwarded to us - it has the Recording Secretary's name attached to the header as author, though he wasn't the one forwarding it to us: The Chicago FOP is asking the membership not to volunteer to work any type of VRI over the Labor Day weekend. Show More Summary

Prayer Vigil

Planned by some CPD spouses: PRAYER VIGIL TO SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENTSunday July 24th @ 10:00 AM1718 S. State St, ChicagoIn front of the 001 District StationWe are having a prayer Vigil to support all of our brave men and women in Law Enforcement. Show More Summary

Well This is Something

The FOP actually discovering some form of testicles (click for a larger image): Time to make Rahm feel some pain. One suggestion for the FOP though: You need to have a penalty for anyone working these days. Otherwise, some jerks areShow More Summary

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