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It’s time For Another Holocaust, This Time in America.

Washington, DC—What’s past is prologue. We humans never learn from history as we allow politicians to control, plunder, pillage and eventually murder us. No Holocaust can ever take place without massive ignorance ambivalence and apathy by the governed. Show More Summary

Police Limit

In regard to the post a few down from this one: And this one just because we find it amusing: Let us know when they find that answer to that one. Read more Police Limit at this link.

More Cold = Less Crime

Garry says no...but everyone else says probably: The deep freeze gripping the eastern half of the country has become a sort of test case for a popular notion about the relationship between weather and crime: Law-breaking slows when it's...Show More Summary

The Walgreen's Hero

His story is getting out there : With two Chicago police officers beaten and on the verge of getting shot by a shoplifting suspect, Ray Robinson knew he needed to join the fray.Undeterred by the sound of a single gunshot that missedShow More Summary

Ambush in Minnesota

They're still out there, crazy people willing to kill you because of the uniform you wear : Minneapolis police arrested a 43-year-old man Saturday after the early morning wounding of an officer who investigators believe was shot because...Show More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: Peer Support for PTSD and Depression

Paramedic Greg Turner of Edmonton took his life on-duty on January 26. Last weekend, paramedic Debbie Crawford of Denver Health Paramedics took her life as well, mere hours after working a fatal train vs pedestrian accident. Debbie co-founded and chaired a committee aimed at helping paramedics deal with PTSD and depression, yet for her, even...


Evidently, the CPD is to blame for Guantanamo, too : Longtime Chicago police Detective Richard Zuley was on special assignment at Guantanamo Bay in 2003 aiding the interrogation of a key terrorism suspect when he allegedly sent a memo...Show More Summary

Jury Gets it (Partly) Correct

It won't stop the civil suit from going forward, but it's nice to see this : A South Side man who led Chicago Police on a high-speed chase after he burglarized a high school classmate’s apartment was convicted of the murder of womanShow More Summary

Both Papers in the Bag for Rahm

Days after the Slum Times endorses Rahm, the Trib does the same : Two weeks ago in this space, we laid out the case for re-electing Mayor Rahm Emanuel. We're back now to remind you why.We're also here to urge voters to support a strong batch of aldermanic candidates. Show More Summary

Eighteen and Invincible

Their beer of choice was Budweiser. I know it by the empty cans on scene, scattered among the detritus of the typical wreck scene; engine parts, trim pieces, windshield glass, brilliant shards of taillight lenses winking occasionally in the light reflected from our strobes. A ball cap, a leather purse. Four dead bodies. There are...

Is the FAA on a Collision Course With America’s Drone Operators?

Los Angeles, CA—I just spent a long time on the telephone with an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector. I’m not going to name him. He was knowledgeable and helpful under the circumstances. My question involved the use of a somewhat small multi-rotor drone for photography and videography. Show More Summary

Apply Today!

Can anyone explain why they're putting out citywide notices to fill opening on Tact and Gun Teams? Last week, someone pointed out that there were notices for 002, 005, 008, 019, Area North among others. But you had to be assigned there to apply. Show More Summary

In Case You Were Wondering...

...the "merit" detectives: Thanks to FOIA.Hey, how come a demoted commander gets a pick from a command he hasn't held in a year?

No Time Due for You!

This is not the way to endear yourself to the boss : A New York City police officer accidentally shot his sergeant when he tried to shoot a dog that ran out of a unit in a Brooklyn apartment building.Officers were responding to reports...Show More Summary

Liens on City Property?

Is this something? Or is this another crazy conspiracy?We're voting for crazy conspiracy. That and we're bored. Everyone seems to be hibernating.

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