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Released without charges : A suspect seen choking a Chicago police officer and then apparently being kicked or stomped in the head by a second officer in a Facebook video has been released without charges pending further investigation,...Show More Summary

Testify Rahm! Testify!

Can we get an "Amen?" In a rare move, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been ordered to testify in an ongoing federal trial over a lawsuit filed by eight Chicago police officers who say they were dumped from the mayor's security detail for political...Show More Summary

Anyone Seeing a Downside Here?

Businesses taking it "on the chin:" Companies that use “forced arbitration clauses” to resolve disputes with employees and consumers would be prohibited from doing business with the city of Chicago under an ordinance advanced Wednesday over fierce opposition from the business community.Ald. Show More Summary

A Two Minute Video History of Gun Control in America

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Ambush Threats

Anyone else hearing this for the first time? In a Nov. 24 email sent just hours before the city made public the video of a white police officer shooting and killing the black 17-year-old, an FBI agent said that a confidential informant...Show More Summary

Eddie Visits Who?

So a 010 District Tact Team got filmed in 011 subduing a resisting subject. Not being present, and only seeing the tape that the media wants us to see, we will reserve judgement. We will say that if someone bites us and then gets hold...Show More Summary

Holy Cross Hospital

This was forwarded to us by a couple of concerned people: To the nurse that was working last night (6/13/16) in the ER at Holy Cross Hospital around 9:00pm, who refused treatment to my husband (right to his face) because he was a COP-...Show More Summary

9.5 Fingers, No Balls

He's a runt and a bully, so this shouldn't have been a surprise : Former Chicago police Supt. Garry McCarthy wasn’t too impressed with how Mayor Rahm Emanuel handled his firing in December, apparently criticizing the mayor’s manhood — or lack thereof — in an email.Emanuel announced McCarthy’s ouster on Dec. Show More Summary


Really Garry? You're a political animal in a political town - everything is unfair: Former Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy suggested his firing was unfair and expressed concern about the future of the Police Department in...Show More Summary

Right on Target

A typical Monday, with nearly a dozen shot: A man was killed and at least nine more people were wounded in shootings across Chicago on Monday.The homicide happened in Englewood on the South Side. If you take the total number of people...Show More Summary

Sticker Shock

Here come the tax bills, and Holy Heart Attack Batman! Chicago homeowners should brace themselves for sticker shock when they open their mailbox at the end of the month: property tax bills on average 13 percent higher than last year.The...Show More Summary

Do Something! Anything!

Such is the screeching from the left following the terror attack in Orlando. In fact, it took the media all of a day to get all the talking points lined up, leading to quite a bit of confusion as to what lies they should tell and what facts they should conceal: The shooter was muslim - he called 911 and pledged his rampage to ISIS. Show More Summary

Time to Update the CV…

… to include 2016 Louisiana Paramedic of the Year. The man pictured with me is Randal Howard, 2016 Louisiana EMS Instructor of the Year. Randal is the EMS Chief for Ouachita Parish Fire Department, and one of the best instructors this state has to offer. He was my EMT and Paramedic instructor, and is thus...

Inside EMS Podcast: Love/Hate Edition

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I pay our respects to Rich Beebe, a renowned EMS educator we lost last week in a motorcycle accident. We also discuss the love/hate relationship many of us have with EMS. Give it a listen, and share with us your thoughts.

Where's the "BGA"?

Something we've been wondering - why Andy Shaw and the Better Government Association aren't asking questions about this: This new police bureaucracy created by Eddie-Rahm at a cost of $700,000 - what exactly are the qualifications of...Show More Summary

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