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FOIA Request Anyone?

The tape is out there, but will the media even ask to see it? Alder-scum Maldonado is at it again. He's the one that was written a ticket and claimed the police were racist. He tried to drive through a shooting crime scene to get home and when he was stopped pulled out his cell phone camera and started taunting the Sargent [sic]. Show More Summary

No Herbie Designs

It seems that Herbie "ain't in no gang" Pulgar is currently in prison : ADMISSION / RELEASE / DISCHARGE INFOAdmission Date: 05/09/2017Projected Parole Date: 02/08/2018Last Paroled Date:Projected Discharge Date: 02/08/2020 Five years for PSMV and Burglary, served concurrently. Show More Summary

Dart Follies

From a regular contact and e-mailer: Information we have obtained from numerous sources is that the current administration of the Cook County Sheriff's Department cannot account for over 300 subjects (various reports place this number...Show More Summary

More Photoshop

We're sensing a theme here: It's a happy theme it would seem.

More Number Fudging

Quite the spread among the media outlets: Tribune - Three people were fatally shot and 22 others were wounded across the city during 18 hours from Saturday to Sunday, according to police. Of those shot, eight were wounded in two separate quadruple shootings on the West Side. Show More Summary

Nothing to See Here

Remain calm! All is well! A West Side woman was fatally shot while standing on the street near Ohio Street Beach early Sunday, police said.About 5 a.m., the woman was standing with an acquaintance in the 500 block of East Ohio Street...Show More Summary

Quick Work

Nice job : One adult and two teens have been charged in connection with the shooting that wounded two young girls outside an elementary school in the city's Pill Hill neighborhood Friday afternoon, Chicago police said.The three suspects...Show More Summary

Latest Design

This one incorporates many "Chicago values:" The blood, the duct taped mirror, the bullet holes.Very Chicago.

The "Algorithm"

We make it a habit not to link to the New York Times, but even good habits get bent sometimes. This article goes into the mysterious algorithm that runs much of the Department operations via the SSL - Strategic Subject List - and which...Show More Summary

Happy Anniversary!

Though we guess it wasn't really a happy occasion : In 1812, Chicago was not a city, but rather a frontier settlement occupied mostly by French-Canadian and American traders as well as soldiers and Native Americans. It was the home of...Show More Summary

7 and 13 (UPDATE: and 78)

Rahm is embracing this crisis, because it doesn't endanger a democratic States Attorney...yet : Khia Shanks, an eighth-grader who graduated Thursday, was making water balloons for the big water-balloon fight — a normal occurrence atShow More Summary

C'mon Downtown!

It's safe! We promise : People thought they heard fireworks as they strolled near Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago on a warm evening Thursday.But it was gunfire, a man in his 20s shot in the abdomen at Monroe Street and Michigan Avenue. Show More Summary

Illinois Bankruptcy?

Well, yeah. Pretty much : Illinois residents may feel some solidarity with the likes of Puerto Rico and Detroit.A financial crunch is spiraling into a serious problem for Illinois lawmakers, prompting some observers to wonder if the state might make history by becoming the first to go bankrupt. Show More Summary

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