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Houses - Cheap!

Too bad about that residency thing. You could get a lot of house (or business) for cheap in Missouri: Peering outside the office window of his tire shop, John Zisser grumbles about the pile of burnt rubble that lies on the opposite corner...Show More Summary

A New Way to Pop-Flip in the Firehouse

The fire service is filled with many great traditions, some good and some not.  One of the fun things that happens in a lot of firehouses is the "pop-flip" for a round of sodas.   Unfortunately, sodas are a huge reason we are staying unhealthy- they have a ton of chemicals and sugars that pack on extra bodyfat.  Don't believe me?  Keep reading. Drink Diet Soda?…

Former AG Tom Horne Did Right By Debra Milke

Former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Phoenix, AZ—When the 9 th Circuit US Court of Appeals orderd a new trial for Debra Milke it set in motion her being cleared and freed. Former Attorney General Tom Horne quickly and very publicly vowed to appeal that ruling boasting he’d personally argue the case before the U.S. Show More Summary

Eight, We Got Eight...Do We Hear Nine?

Another lovely evening in Chicago where crime is always down - even when it's up : At least eight people were wounded Wednesday in shootings in Chicago on the North, South, Southwest and West sides, police said.The latest shooting occured [sic] at 9 p.m. in the 8000 block of South Carpenter Street, said Chicago police spokesman [...]Show More Summary

No Guns in Schools

Not just for students any more - none at all in Baltimore, even the police : No guns for officers inside Baltimore City Schools. The proposed legislation caused a deep divide between supporters and opponents of the legislation.A delegation...Show More Summary

For You Shooters…

… some blowhard you know has a new article in Shooting Illustrated. And while I may be writing about and teaching this stuff, credit should be given to the guy who developed the original curriculum. If your club or range would like a Emergency Medical Response for Range Safety Officers class, hit DiverMedic up on...

Four Simple Rules for the Company Officer

I talk a great deal about the role of the company officers and how they influence the members of your department.  When teaching officer development we hit hard on setting and establishing expectations and ensuring that there is follow-through with those expectations. Show More Summary

Egregious Prosecutorial Misconduct Freed Debra Milke From a Conviction and Death Sentence.

Phoenix, AZ—Prosecutors went to the Court of Last Resort to salvage their soiled reputations and that of a disgraces former cop. Finally Debra Milke is free even though she already paid a price far greater than that of most convicted murderers in America. Show More Summary

This Makes Perfect Sense

They had to close the schools in order to open one : Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st) said Tuesday he wants to turn a hulking Humboldt Park building that once housed two of the record 50 Chicago Public Schools closed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel...Show More Summary

The Biggest Pander?

Um....what? Mayor Rahm Emanuel changed gears Tuesday and pledged to dedicate the jackpot of revenue from an elusive, publicly owned Chicago casino toward solving the city’s $20 billion pension crisis and the $10 billion in unfunded pension...Show More Summary

Cancel the Northside Events

Remember when the Southside parade was the bad one? They canceled it for a few years to stop the stupid. Looks like that might be needed up north : There was no luck of the Irish for 17 people arrested after they collectively turned a St. Show More Summary

Officer Hurt Downtown

Should be okay: A Chicago Police officer was hit by a vehicle in the South Loop Tuesday night.About 8 p.m., the on-duty officer was hit by a vehicle in the 1200 block of South Wabash, police said.The officer was taken to Northwestern...Show More Summary

Nice Job Sheriff

From the County side: Cook County Sheriff's Tactical Sgt. Michael Dwyer was driving west on I-80 in Homewood about 7:30 p.m. Monday when he looked up and spotted something unusual on the Halsted Street overpass."It just looked like a person sitting up on the guardrail there, it was just out of the ordinary. Show More Summary

For You EMS and Management Types…

… there’s a new column on EMS1. It’s equal parts history lesson and management primer. Lessons From a Management Guru.

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