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The Policeman's Wife

Jack Dunphy does it again - a timely and heart-wrenching article. Go read it all. If we tried to quote it, we wouldn't know where to start and couldn't do it justice.

Rock the Badges IV

Save the date: The day starts with a Motorcycle ride: 06 August.

With or Without the Hose Line?

Link to Podcast HERE In the last few weeks I posted about being aggressive. In that post I mentioned that we, our department, will search without a hose line.…

Grieving a New Normal

Join us in Sarnia Ontario September 14 and 15. Grieving a New Normal for first responders, their families and the community.…

Bad Ammo

This is the reason the Department suspended qualifications and called everyone in off the street for the past two months: This ammo is still out there - we just had an e-mail from someone who experienced a bad malfunction due to this. Show More Summary

IPRA Overstepping

IPRA has come out with its Quarterly Report.Seventy-three pages of stats, charts, fluff and some meat.And this little recommendation: There is a reason that there is no General Order, Special Order, directive or similar that says when an Officer may unsnap, unholster or display their sidearm. Show More Summary


We're thinking one-in-a-trillion : Investigators say an off-duty Colorado sheriff's deputy fired a bullet straight down the barrel of a suspect's gun, a shot they called "one in a billion."The detail emerged in a letter from prosecutors...Show More Summary

Days of Rage....or Not

We were inundated with e-mails warning us about a so-called "Days of Rage" scheduled for tomorrow in 37 American cities, including Chicago. Assorted media outlets ran with is, including the Washington Times which says the military is...Show More Summary

1993 International E-One Pumper for sale

1993 International E-One Pumper.pdf    Specs and Details.docx For Sale 1993 International E-One Pumper 1000 gal. 1250…

Android application "Rope Access Pro"

Rope access reference book and visual materials. Get it: Rope Access Pro Current contents: - Mechanical advantage systems reference book; - Mechanical advantage systems builder. Allows to construct mechanical advantage systems used in rope access and high angle rescue. Builder allows to analyse gain, friction loss, devices and anchor loads; - Deviation…

Bye Bye Shotguns?

An interesting missive out of the Chief of Patrol's Office this week: Commencing the week of 18 July 2016 through 22 July 2016, there will be a District shotgun and ammunition turn-in. The purpose of this weapon turn-in is to collect the shotguns, reconcile the inventory and later repurpose the weapons if necessary. Show More Summary

Another Narrative Falls

That Baton Rouge shooting? Just got a lot more...interesting? 9News reports the details of a previous arrest of Alton Sterling that is eerily similar to the incident that ultimately led to his death.Sterling, 37, was recently killedShow More Summary

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