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Charge Suburbanites!

This has got to be one of the dumber ideas coming out of Chicago government. It's from an aldercreature, so it's really not surprising: Chicago flourishes upon an invisible bridge that connects the city with all who enter.The bridgeShow More Summary

Herbie Links

Here's the Tribune story. Here's the Sun Times. We can't find the YouTube video of Herbie mix music either...if anyone does, let us know.

Followup for Chicago Magazine

Someone posted this in the comment section. We thought we'd ask the readers to see if they knew the answer, especially in light of the numerous instances of crime on the expressways not appearing in CPD stats: What about crimes occurring...Show More Summary

Looking for size up and tactics .jpg images

Hey FFN We are running a class for new Lt.s and I'm looking for some good.jpg images for size up and tactics training. I'm looking for 3 deckers, taxpayers, mixed use, and hi-rise. Any hel would be appreciated Thanks Capt. Keith Edson Providence Fire Dept.

No. Way. In. Hell.

A lot of Facebook friends have shared this video with me: If I ever had a partner who drove like that, especially with me and a patient in back, I’d whip his ass in the ambulance bay as soon as we cleared the patient off our stretcher. From the Jalopnik article: For ambulance drivers, the...

Herbie Goes Bananas

Not this Herbie: This one: Guess who got locked up again?Old crybaby city sticker boy in 014 !! He's now an adult so the media can release his name.Beat 1412R arrested Herbert Pulgar, IR # 1935478, for PSMV on 12MAY15. Reported under RD # HY 256664. Show More Summary

Hello Detroit

Richie Daley sends his regards Rahm - thanks for closing out the unfinished business : A major rating agency downgraded the city of Chicago's creditworthiness two notches to junk status, a move likely to increase the city's borrowing...Show More Summary

Drone Police

First cameras, now drones : Illinois State Police have been given the go-ahead for the first 'drone cops'.The Federal Aviation Authority has given the force approval to use drones to photograph crash and crime scenes.Cops say aerialShow More Summary

"Not Payback"

Who is shitting whom here? A fond farewell or a major mayor payback?A longtime vocal critic of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) sharply raised eyebrows in the mayoral race when he endorsed the man he repeatedly warned theShow More Summary

When Ostriches Attack…

… told by yours truly, here on Episode 38 of the Gun Blog Variety Cast. My story is about 20 minutes in, but I encourage you to download and listen to the whole thing. Many thanks to host Sean Sorrentino for having me.

For You Shooters…

… there’s a new article from some know-it-all medic in Shooting Illustrated. Last month we talked about the importance of a Range Emergency Medical Plan. This month, we talk about what needs to be in your personal blowout kit, and how to use it. Enjoy.

Eye on the Ball Dean

Nothing like getting the public behind an idea: Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo on Monday urged Mayor Rahm Emanuel to impose a temporary property tax increase to shore up police and fire pensions that could be rolledShow More Summary

Can FOP Make it Stick?

Need time off? The number is supposed to be 15%: Elective time off is no longer going to be determined by an arbitrary number, nor will inconsistencies from watch to watch or District to District be allowed to continue.Requests for elective...Show More Summary

Hey Look! $600 Million!

We found it! Lee Hogan's carryout soul food restaurant could someday be just a brief walk from the Obama presidential library.It is good news, she said, that the library and museum could come to Washington Park, bringing a projectedShow More Summary

EMS Conference

I was at an EMS conference this weekend that promoted multi-agency training during different types of emergencis but focused more on mass-casualty incidents and the challenges of limited resources in rural areas. This was a great first...Show More Summary

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