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More Rahm Values

Values like these Rahm? A man who has been deported from the United States twice was indicted last week for six robberies in Chicago and several suburbs since December.Jose Cruz Morales-Cortes, 45, was indicted on six counts of robbery on Aug. Show More Summary

Fran Leaves Rahm's Reservation

On whose orders is she publishing this? Mayor Rahm Emanuel has emphatically denied that politics is behind his decision to file a pre-emptive lawsuit seeking to block U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions from cutting off federal crimefighting...Show More Summary

Hearing Rescheduled

Sorry about the short notice, but it came out just this past afternoon: Retiree Update-New Hearing Date is Wednesday August 9, 2017 at 10:00 am; Judge Cohen room 2308-we are also adding a renewed motion for class certification, which we filed for August 4, but will be addressed as well on august 9. Buses leave FOP Hall at 0930 we are told.

Prickwrinkle Surrenders

Hopefully, not because of any promised political contributions : Cook County has withdrawn its legal motion to exact $17 million from retailers that sued the county over its controversial sweetened beverage tax, County Board President...Show More Summary

Thousands of lightning strikes in northern California

CAL FIRE distributed this map at about 3:30 p.m. PDT Tuesday, August... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Rest in peace, Ian Pohowsky, a BLM Smokejumper

In the last seven years, five smokejumpers have taken their own lives. This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

A P3 Orion air tanker is being resurrected

It may be airworthy again by the end of this year. This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

TRR Class - Good Point

Building on yesterday's post about the voluminous amount of information demanded by the new TRR, someone brought up this point: The first thing officers need to ask with the new TRR is "is there a CR # for this incident?". If it's a Taser deploy or firearms discharge, it's automatic, don't complete the TRR until counsel is secured. Show More Summary

No One Wants the Job

This is the fourth exam in six years: The city of Chicago announced Monday that applications for the next exam to become a Chicago police officer will open August 15.It's part of the city's plan to hire nearly 1,000 officers over the next two years.Officers who join the department make more than $72,000 a year after 18 months. Show More Summary

Good Question

Where's the casino?We were just wondering, as were a couple of commentators.Rahm has money for lawsuits after all.

Rahm's "Values"

Rahm has a short memory....but this gentleman doesn't: Bob Gordon said...My son Officer Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04, had rights. The right to live his life and be with his wife and children. His life was taken by an illegal while he drove his squad in the ghetto protecting people who really don't care about the police, only when they need them. Show More Summary

Remember These Names

Voted for the soda tax: Luis Arroyo Jr., D-Chicago;Jerry "Iceman" Butler, D-Chicago;John Daley, D-Chicago;Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, D-Chicago;Edward Moody, D-Chicago Ridge;Stanley Moore, D-Chicago;Deborah Sims, D-Chicago;Larry Suffredin, D-Chicago. Show More Summary

Fallen firefighter Brent Witham is taken home to California

(Originally published at 6:10 p.m. MDT August 7, 2017) Firefighter... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Wildfires are burning in Greenland

This is a very rare, possibly unprecedented event. This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Live video of procession for fallen firefighter in Missoula

This is live video of the procession for fallen Firefighter Brent... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

TRR Class - A Big Deal

We haven't attended yet, but someone who did e-mailed us: SCC - was talking to a supervisor who went through "Use of Force" training last month. She related that there was an extensive list of reports that are required to be attached...Show More Summary

Rahm's Forked Tongue

To go along with his forked tail we suppose: Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Sunday trickled out some new details about the city’s impending lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice as part of a dayslong rollout of the mayor’s latest effort to counter the administration’s immigration policies.Emanuel said U.S. Show More Summary

August Falls off the Pace

As predicted, it was going to be difficult if not downright impossible to keep up with last year's number of killings.August 2016 set a torrid pace of 3 killings a day. In 6 days this year, August hasn't even averaged one a day.700 is still within reach, but difficult. Check out (and their archives) for current totals and year to year comparisons.

Baltimore Fail

Pardon our laughter - but everyone knew this was destined for failure : Going into the weekend, Baltimore activist Erricka Bridgeford had a simple hope and request: Nobody kill anybody for 72 hours.It was too much to ask for in a city...Show More Summary

Maps of wildfires and smoke in the U.S. Northwest and British Columbia

Above: Satellite photo showing wildfire smoke in the northwestern... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

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