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Red Flag Warnings in 7 states, March 6, 2018

The National Weather Service has issued Red Flag Warnings for areas... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Inside EMS Podcast: I Can’t Stand My Partner. What Do I Do?

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I address a listener question on how to deal with the problem partner. Most times, personality conflicts can be resolved with good communication and practicing the Golden Rule. Other times, it may take a supervisor to intervene, and split the crew up. And if...

Nice Mag Mile Rahm

Amusing descriptions of the offenders : Chicago police have secured and reopened Water Tower Place after a gun was fired there earlier Friday evening.Police say a dispute between two groups of people ended with someone discharging a gun.No one was was reportedly struck and no injuries have been reported. Show More Summary

Another Soda Tax Bombs

Gee, you'd think that people would want to pay extra taxes : Philadelphia set the bar last year when officials added a 1.5 cents-an-ounce to sweetened beverages. It only brought in $78.8 million…$13 million less than they city hoped.You mean to tell me that when you charge a lot more for pop that people won’t buy it? I’m SHOCKED! Not really. Show More Summary


No, not really. This is the company providing two security ambassadors to downtown. And she continues to give her progeny a leg up with multiple "merit" promotions and if the rumor is true, a driver's spot for the First Deputy at sergeant salary.

Class Act

That JJJr can't live on a generous taxpayer funded retirement: Jesse Jackson Jr. says the wolves are at his door.And his taxpayer-funded $125,000 in annual workers’ compensation and disability payments isn’t enough to maintain the lifestyle...Show More Summary

Private Security

Kind of embarrassing for Rahm and Special Ed: The Chicago Loop Alliance has hired two armed security guards who will begin patrolling State Street on Thursday with the goal of supplementing police presence, curbing shoplifting and dealing...Show More Summary

Update to Anti-Police Hater

The jewelry store owner who was bashing the funeral of Commander Bauer is still at it, though under a new name: The jewelry store lady Sherri Bourdage that bashed the funeral of Cmdr. Bauer has changed her name on fb to Sherri Crisan.She is now on fb attacking the son of a line of duty death officer. Show More Summary

Thank You Blue

Weekend event coming up: Comments closed here. Informational post only.

Exploiting Bauer

This is Rahm not "letting a crisis go to waste:" Lawmakers in Springfield will discuss gun safety Tuesday.A new bill that honors Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer will be introduced.Bauer was shot and killed on Feb. 13 while chasing aShow More Summary

COPA Commie Update

Seems the COPA website has taken down all references to Mark Clark and his admiration for straw buying communist accessories to the murder of a judge.So much for a "transparency" in Rahm's COPA.

019 Swiping?

So the HQ test run must have been rousing success?OT is under control and house mouses are doing full tours of duty? No early ducks, half-tours, carried on the sheets?Can we see the printouts?So now it's to be piloted in the field: Apparently 019 has to swipe in and out with only 7 min window... Show More Summary

Pending Voter Fraud

So Rahm's new "Chicago CityKey" card will be legal ID to vote : Municipal ID cards that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is launching for undocumented immigrants and others will be a valid form of identification for people both registering to vote...Show More Summary

Future Changes?

From the comments - place your bets! Speaking of clout. A few changes to come. Nieves to Deputy Chief of Techincal Services. Rios to Cmdr of 24. Lofgren to Executive Officer of First Deputy. Cesario to Deputy Chief D Unit. Vulgaris to Cmdr Area North. CK no movement. [...]Show More Summary

PBS reports on sexual harassment among firefighters in the U.S. Forest Service

In interviews, 34 women, current and former U.S. Forest Service... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Wildfire potential, March through June

In Southern California, the Southern Plains, and portions of the... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Wildfire causes mines to explode at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Exploding mines is a unique element in suppressing a wildfire The... This is only the beginning of the article. Visit to read the rest.

Another Home Invasion Robbery in Sherman Oaks, CA. The gory details!

There are over 3500 stories on this blog go to the main page at

Suburban Humor

Read the narrative (click for larger version): What was it that asshole said?Oh yeah. "Guilty as sin, free as a bird."


Late Sunday : A Chicago police officer shot and seriously wounded a man who pushed an officer during a traffic stop and then ran off in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the South Side Sunday night, authorities said.The man was taken...Show More Summary

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