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Has Rahm Looked Into This?

No, we didn't apply there and get turned down - we have zero desire to work there. No, our ex doesn't work there. No, we don't golf the outing. We're genuinely trying to help Rahm streamline operations and save money that we are going to need one day in our pensions. Show More Summary

KTKC 2015 Fundraiser Spotlight: Team Unwired Medic

Five days left in the fundraising challenge, and our total is $13,874 as of 2300 CST on September 25. The top four fundraisers are unchanged, although Team Dragon is nipping hard on the heels of Team HBC Concealment, in 2nd place by only $261. Team Ambulance Driver is still in 3rd place at $1050, with...

Inside EMS Podcast: Bad Partners Edition

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss difficult partners. Some are toxic, some are merely the result of miscommunication, and others are simply incompatible personality types. Give us a listen and weigh in with your thoughts.

Solving the UCLA Coed’s Murder and Arson Crime, What’s Next?

Los Angeles, CA—I’m convinced that UCLA coed, Andrea “Andy” DelVesco’s killer’s are reading what I offer on this blog. If that’s the case, this is a “Golden Hour” for at least one person with involvement in the murder and or drug activities. Show More Summary

Wanted: Bus Mechanics

Someone has to untangle all the dead careers that went under the bus at CompStat Friday: 002nd District Commander T Williams proves to all in attendance at COMPSTAT this a.m. that the Burger Queen was not the dumbest Commander ever. Paraphrasing the exchange.Tracy: "Go on to the next shooting". Show More Summary

Life Plus 115

Death would be preferable, but we're biblical that way: Wearing a blue and white dress, the widow of slain Chicago police Officer Thor Soderberg walked to the front of a packed Cook County courtroom Wednesday and poured out some of the...Show More Summary

Now You See It....

Someone noticed this: OT: Rahm was just on WTTW 11, Chicago Tonight. He was interviewed for about 25 minutes. The word "casino" never came up. Before his re-election he appeared several times on CT saying the casino profits would be dedicated completely to the police/fire pension. Show More Summary

Pssst. Media....Start Here

This might very well be what the old media guys used to call, "a tip:" 005firefighter said...SCC, I just looked at our monthly house supplies order, and found something interesting. The city pays $17.64 for a gallon of bleach. That's one gallon. Show More Summary

It Pays to be Connected

Just to refresh everyone's memory: After being cleared by a Cook County judge (who found that she was connected to the Vrdolyak and Joyce political organizations), she was brought up on Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission charges and the day of reckoning has arrived! Ms. Show More Summary

Where Did He Learn This Trick?

This sounds so familiar: The Chicago Tribune filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that Mayor Rahm Emanuel violated state open records laws by refusing to release communications about city business conducted through private emails and text...Show More Summary

Start your Next Firefighter Workout with This...

Are you still warming up for your workout by jogging or biking or maybe not at all?   Each one of your workouts should start with specific active stretching movements.    In the past you may have skipped this part, but I assure you these exercises will help strengthen and even tone your body. Show More Summary

KTKC Fundraiser Spotlight: Team Hast

Michael and Jennifer Hast have been supporters of Kilted to Kick Cancer from the very beginning. Evyl Robot donated some of his custom holsters for the 2011 campaign as well as participated as a fundraiser, and in 2012 was the second place fundraiser with $2,263 raised, beating out Stingray by a mere three dollars in...

KTKC 2015 Fundraising Challenge: The Underdog Edition

We’ve got six days to go in our 2015 Fundraising Challenge, and as of 12:49 PM CST on September 24, our total stands at $11,885. I’ll be doing these posts daily from here on out, and I’d like to spotlight some of our Kilted Fundraisers who have taken the challenge, kilted up, and spread the...

Inside EMS Podcast: The Latest EMS News and Commentary

No clinical issue this week, just our take on the latest EMS news and events. Give us a listen, share your thoughts.

Latest Update on The Murder of UCLA Coed Andrea DelVesco

Los Angeles, CA— Police had released the crime scene yesterday, however late this afternoon they returned serving a search warrant on yet another apartment. That means that the police found enough probable cause to search the other apartment for evidence. Show More Summary


The most powerful aldercreature, leader of the Finance Committee, ruler of the Airports, king-maker, judge appointer, steering the Titanic as we serfs toil in the engine room: While the mayor was rallying support for the largest property-tax...Show More Summary

Again, Repeat Offender

Anita's people decide "not enough evidence," even though that's the job of a jury to determine: A 23-year-old man charged in a Sept. 11 shooting in Rogers Park that hospitalized two, including one in critical condition, had been arrested...Show More Summary

An Idea Worth Exploring

Every once in a while, Rahm squibs one into the outfield that isn't a total boner : Chicagoans requesting the removal of gang graffiti or complaining about rats in their alleys would have their calls fielded by a private company rather...Show More Summary

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