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There it is Again!

The front door of the Hyatt where an individual was executed in the lobby this past weekend: Can you see it? Maybe if we zoom in a little bit? Maybe if we circle it? And point big green arrows at it? You know what? We think these signs must be attracting guns! That's the only explanation: Quick! Take down the signs! They're shooting where the SIGNS are at!!!

A Tiny Gesture

This is over by one of the pumps: We won't say where in case someone without the appreciation for the police decided to take matters into their own hands, but thanks to the unnamed workers who put this up. We've gotten more than a few photos of this particular sign and it makes our day.

Inside EMS Podcast: Does Lack of Reimbursement Drive Shoddy Training?

On this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss the chicken or egg question: does crappy reimbursement drive shoddy training and educational standards, or do we get reimbursed poorly because we’re content with being a bunch of barely educated skills monkeys? We also discuss the recent murder of a Pulaski County,...

Maturation of an EMS Guru

Posted this on a Facebook thread, which I believe Tamara Keel calls, “pitching your best stuff at an away game.” The Maturation of an EMS Guru: “Who the hell is Kelly Grayson?” “You know, Kelly Grayson. Writes a blog, occasionally amusing, thinks his personal feces are not odorific.” That Kelly Grayson guy can make some...

Hotel Killing

Gee, it's a good thing this didn't happen at a hotel that caters to one of the larger economic engines of the city: A 25-year-old man was shot to death inside a Hyatt Regency hotel at McCormick Place in the South Loop neighborhood early...Show More Summary

So Where Should They Go?

Another brilliant bit of media butchery from the Sun Times: Over the past 10 years, more than two dozen officers with multiple citizen complaints have been assigned to train recruits at the Chicago Police Department Education and Training...Show More Summary

Ramsey's Back!

As a "consultant" though : Charles Ramsey — who headed the Washington and Philadelphia police departments during U.S. Justice Department investigations of those agencies — has been invited by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration to return...Show More Summary

Two Hundred (and some more)

Isn't it about time for someone downtown to claim, "Crime is Down"? We're sure that's what is supposed to happen - it's right here in the script we've been following for four years now: Three men were killed and seven other people were...Show More Summary

CPD's Lawyer is Who?

This report came out a little over two weeks ago, but we just managed to locate the article we were looking for: Facing calls for his resignation amid allegations of a police killing cover-up, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has relied on his former Clinton administration colleagues for support and guidance. Show More Summary

True? Or BS?

Anyone know? Or have examples of this occurring? Ipra, plaintiffs lawyers are now asking and getting warrants for your personal phone records and text messages if you are involved in a police shooting, or at a scene. Be extremely carefully when you text message each other. Show More Summary

We're Saved! Dart is Here

First the United Nations, now Tom "nice hair" Dart: The Chicago Police Department is teaming up with the Cook County Sheriff's Department to target gang violence on the city's West Side."I think it's going to increase our visibilityShow More Summary

Weather Again?

McCompost spent how many years telling everyone how weather wasn't a factor in crime, that shootings didn't go up when the temperature did, and the beaches were closed that one year because it was sooooooo hot, people (and folks) were battling passing-out yards from the largest supply of cool fresh water on the planet. Show More Summary

CTU Folding?

Looks like Rauner's threat to have the State take over and bust the Teachers Union is paying a dividend : Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union>, voiced optimism Thursday about the progress of contract negotiations with...Show More Summary

We're Saved!

It's the United Nations! A group from the United Nations will be in Chicago next week to investigate the current state of the city's race relations.On Monday, civil rights leaders gathered on the Southside to discuss the UN visit and...Show More Summary

VRI Quotas....Gone?

Seems the feds frown upon what we (and everyone else) called "quotas:" No More "VRI Quotas"It turns out someone on the Chicago Police Department realized that requiring a certain amount of arrests, tickets, contact cards (Now ISRs) are a QUOTA. Show More Summary

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