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Speedy Justice

This one lit up our comments and e-mail : A man who beat his murder case when prosecutors failed to give him a speedy trial was killed minutes after leaving Cook County Jail on Monday night, according to authorities. Kamari Belmont,Show More Summary

Another Reopened Case

Here's a previously ruled Justified shooting opened for political reasons: [DS], who has been in the 018th District for 18 years, needs our help. He is in a no pay status currently and IPRA is trying to fire him for a shooting that happened just over three years ago which was deemed justified at the time. Show More Summary

Something is Missing

No idea how we missed this one back in February - no budget for two years, but the assholes in Springfield have time for this: Illinois lawmakers are encouraging the state to be undead-ready by passing a resolution declaring OctoberShow More Summary

Good Idea

Here's a good idea from the comments: "Day without an Immigrant," "Day without a Woman" - where's the "Day without a Cop"? FOP, start working on this.

Use of Force - Take Two!

Evidently, they didn't get the answers Rahm wanted, so Special Ed is trying again: Dear Members,As you know, late last year we put forth a draft Use of Force policy for review by both CPD members as well as the public. We received hundreds...Show More Summary

FOP Election

Supposedly, upwards of 10,000 ballots remain outstanding, hinting at a record low voter response. We hope this isn't true, especially as they sent along a pre-paid envelope to save you the fifty cents postage.For pete's sake people, send the ballot back. We've given some advice, ask some old timers, research the tiniest bit, read the posters and literature sent to your address.

Thank You Blue

Parade season is underway, and here's one coming up that includes a "Thank You" to the police: On Sunday, 12Mar2017 at 1200 hrs, the Northwest Side Irish Parade will be held in Norwood Park. One of the "floats" in this parade will be a group of citizens who support the Police and belong to a group called "Thank You Blue". This group [...]Show More Summary

And Another Thing....

Regarding yesterday's post about the ill-health of the pension.How did the fund go from 61.4% funded in 2003 all the way down to under-30% funded by 2016?Some people need to be in jail over that.

It's the Small Things

And small things turn into big things when regularly ignored: I know this is nothing too earth shattering, but I find it so hypocritical for a city that insists (and rightfully so) that is is constantly broke and in need of money/revenue. Show More Summary

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