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And Once Again

The FTO's....supposedly the most important job on the Department....are getting roundly screwed by Rahm, Special Ed and the entire process.You see, they had a test, people passed, people got notified to go to training, so they did.And...Show More Summary

What You Won't Hear

Assorted media outlets are making mountains out of molehills where the CR release is concerned. But here's the story behind the story: If the public only knew that the majority of the beefs are BS. There's one in my file for "inattention to duty" it was not sustained but the title of it makes it appear that we were incompetent. Show More Summary

Everywhere a Tax Tax

Prickwrinkle getting in on the act: Calling it a “difficult but necessary choice,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Thursday proposed a “moderate” tax on sweetened soft drinks as part of her $4.4 billion 2017 county operating...Show More Summary

Here a Tax, There a Tax

Taxpayers getting soaked once again : Chicago taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $100 million more under the tentative deal that averted a strike by Chicago Public Schools teachers compared with a January proposal shot down by...Show More Summary

Presumed Guilty

Check out the biased reporting by the assholes over at Channel 7: Thousands of pages of complaints against Chicago police officers from the past 25 years were made public Wednesday after the police officer's union lost a court fightShow More Summary

The Long View

Rahm looking to run for a third term. Evidently, his star has fallen so far with Hillary, he isn't getting a cabinet post nor an ambassadorship.In the comments, here's someone who knows what's what in Chicago: Rahm is in Desperate Mode, and his interview with the Scum-Times last week showed it. Show More Summary

Job Openings

Some new organization is looking to hire : Under direction, supervises and directs the work of investigative staff engaged in investigating allegations of misconduct against members of the Chicago Police Department (CPD). Manages caseloads,...Show More Summary


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How to Pay for New Hires?

Cut the overtime of course! Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to reduce police overtime by $40 million next year as he begins to deliver on his formidable promise to hire 970 additional police officers without raising sales, property or gasoline...Show More Summary

A New Academy?

Rahm presented a budget to the fifty thieves : Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday delivered a 2017 budget address he pitched as Chicago moving past its years of financial woes and the series of major tax hikes that accompanied them.Hundreds...Show More Summary

The New Policing

This made us shake our heads: It reminds us, forcibly, of this: Who would have thought that a Stallone flick would be indicative of the future and not just a bit of entertaining fluff?

Deferred Comp Seminar

From an e-mail: I'm a retired Chicago Fireman and Member of Local 2. I am currently a Certified Financial Planner, and many of my clients are current or retired CPD and CFD. My firm puts on complimentary luncheons exclusively for CPD...Show More Summary

Special Ed's Memo

So this came out in the Tribune the other day : The Chicago Police Department, pressured by a U.S. Justice Department investigation and public outrage over police misconduct, has unveiled proposed policy changes aimed at cutting down...Show More Summary

Making that Money

Off taxpayers of course: Over the past nine years, two nephews of former Mayor Richard M. Daley have been involved in separate plans to redevelop a rundown warehouse on 15 acres of polluted land in Little Village just north of the Stevenson...Show More Summary

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