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Other Things Ed Burke Looks At

You didn't think it was all business in Council chambers, did you? This one is kind of timely: And we're pretty sure this is true: Thanks to the reader who captured these images.

No More Training

Maybe they can cancel a few "legitimacy" classes: Police departments across Illinois say the state budget stalemate has left them struggling to provide necessary training to officers on everything from how to deal with the mentally ill...Show More Summary

KTKC 2015: The Jill

Okay, here’s the second Charlie’s Angels pose. Feast your eyes on the awesomeness: I’ve been stuck in 3rd place with $1,050 for three days now. Will no one  push me forward to $1,100 and beyond? Come on, my legion of flying monkeys! Team Ambulance Driver for the win! The KTKC 2015 Fundraising Challenge total stands...

YouTube, Music, Copyright, Compensation and More Importantly Fair Treatment of the Artists and their Property.

Los Angeles, CA—YouTube has changed entertainment and news in a big way. It’s brought the true democratization of mass media allowing virtually anyone to create, and broadcast whatever he or she desires. Saying that, there are those issues related to what content gets special behind the scenes promotion by YouTube. Show More Summary

Two Touchdown Underdogs

Any bets on when the Bears might win their first game?14.5 point underdogs and the over/under is 43.5. We're going to bet Seattle scores about 44 points.

Guilty Verdict in 2011 Shooting

About damn time: A man who prosecutors said is a member of the Black Souls street gang was found guilty Friday of attempted murder in the 2011 shooting of two police officers in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.After a four-day trial,...Show More Summary

He Cocked Back the Gun....

Police shooting Friday night: Police shot and killed a man on Chicago's West Side Friday night. Police say officers were responding to a domestic call in the 900 block of N. Central Park Ave. around 9:00 p.m. when they came across aShow More Summary

Retiree Killed

Survives a career in Chicago only to get killed during a home invasion in Arizona : Tragedy has struck a former Chicago police officer who was one of the department's first Native Americans.He was killed in a home invasion in Phoenix,...Show More Summary

The Murdered UCLA Coed’s Felony Drug Arrest, Did the Cops Fail to Protect their Snitch?

Los Angeles, CA—21 year-old Andrea “Andy” DelVesco was obviously recruited into the Drug War when the UCLA police arrested her on four felony counts this June. Police are programed by prosecutors to automatically give Get Out of Jail Free Cards to low level dealers so they can take down the upper echelon drug kingpins. Show More Summary

KTKC 2015: The Full Sabrina

Okay, you guys asked for it, you got it. I promised a Charlie’s Angels pose for every $50 donation, and if you got me to $750 in 48 hours, I’d Photoshop them all together into one image and make that my Facebook profile image for the rest of the year. So here’s the first one:...

Kilted Sporting Clays

Today, I went kilted to an informal sporting clays tournament as a fundraiser for local LA Representative Dorothy Sue Hill. My goals were simple: don’t suck, and finish in the top half of shooters. I accomplished both goals. I didn’t suck, but I didn’t cover myself in glory, either. Made some stupid mental errors, and...

More CompStat Questions

Going over yesterday's top post, a number of commentators mentioned this: 002nd District Commander T Williams proves to all in attendance at COMPSTAT this a.m. that the Burger Queen was not the dumbest Commander ever. Paraphrasing the exchange.Tracy: "Go on to the next shooting". Show More Summary

Tax Money - Up In Smoke

Should be a good night for it: Join us on September 26th as thousands gather at Northerly Island for a spectacular urban ritual that celebrates Chicago's people, history, and unique neighborhood culture. Remember, this is a fire that...Show More Summary

Has Rahm Looked Into This?

No, we didn't apply there and get turned down - we have zero desire to work there. No, our ex doesn't work there. No, we don't golf the outing. We're genuinely trying to help Rahm streamline operations and save money that we are going to need one day in our pensions. Show More Summary

KTKC 2015 Fundraiser Spotlight: Team Unwired Medic

Five days left in the fundraising challenge, and our total is $13,874 as of 2300 CST on September 25. The top four fundraisers are unchanged, although Team Dragon is nipping hard on the heels of Team HBC Concealment, in 2nd place by only $261. Team Ambulance Driver is still in 3rd place at $1050, with...

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