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Inside EMS Podcast: Pediatric Education and EMS Conferences

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss the recent Oklahoma University Children’s Hospital Pediatric Conference we spoke at, and my initial impressions of EMS World Expo 2016. Many thanks to Roger Smith, EMS liaison for OU Children’s Hospital, and Nancy Perry and Scott Cravens of EMS World Magazine for...

KTKC 2106: The Winners!

Okay folks, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The final standings of Kilted to Kick Cancer 2016 are: Team Dragon: $4,032 Team Larry and the Limey: $1,292 Team Soul Crusher: $1,225 Team Ambulance Driver: $1,141 Team JBro: $520 Team Happy Medic: $495 Team HBC Concealment: $295 Team Jay G: $125 Team Squidfoo: $95...

Light Holiday Posting

We're taking it easy tonight. Nothing too heavy. We're digesting the Use of Farce order, all 41 pages, and figuring out exactly what changed. So much of it is a rehash of previous orders and much of it is stuff the Department is doing already. Show More Summary

How's the Dog???

Someone got shot in "West" Englewood - no surprise there. But a dog caught a round, too : A man and a dog were shot Sunday afternoon in the West Englewood neighborhood on the South Side. The 23-year-old man was in the 1500 block of West Marquette at 12:35 p.m. Show More Summary

Trib Loses Its Mind

First they endorse Garry Johnson. Then they spend this entire editorial blaming Machine democrats (specifically Anita) for crime numbers rising: From policing to prosecution to trial to incarceration to parole, citizens are demanding better of their criminal justice system. Show More Summary

Retire Healthcare

Just got this in an e-mail. It will be mailed to retirees next week and should answer a lot of questions: Final Pull Out on Scribd Click to read full sized. Again, this was e-mailed to us from a retiree. We have no answers available other than what was provided to the original recipient.

Dunphy on De-escalating

Very timely in light of the "Use of Farce" order : Among the challenges faced by today’s police officers is trying to stay abreast of the latest fashions in law enforcement training. The challenge is all the greater when those fashions...Show More Summary


An e-mailer sent this our way. They relate that it wasn't written by them, but it was sent to both major papers as a "Letter to the Editor." We doubt it will see the light of day, so we're printing it here: Today, my car was acting up. Show More Summary

Time to Remove the Posters

Does every station still have those "Earned, not Given" inspirational posters on the walls near the locker rooms and other places. Anyone feeling inspired lately? Granny Clampett certainly didn't "earn" that uniform. Neither did J-fled or McCompStat. It's obvious the Department is handing it out to any carpetbagger that serves the political order.

Lambert Tree Winners

Congratulations to two officers from Harrison who saved two women from a psycho: Domestic violence calls are the kind that police officers universally dread. Emotions are running high. They can turn deadly in an instant.That’s what happened on Oct. Show More Summary

Run Away!!!

The new "Use of (no) Force" is being presented for public comment this weekend.The initial reading makes this an obvious "Run Away!!!" order.If you cannot "create safe space" you will be disciplined. This is the "Baltimore Provision," i.e. Show More Summary

Worse and Worse

Word that the injured officer suffered serious concussion and breaks to some bones. Her partner isn't much better off: The female officer, who was taken to Lutheran General Hospital, suffered a concussion and multiple lacerations and bruises to her face and head, Santini said. Show More Summary

Nice Gesture

In the Department AdMin faxes, a death notification appeared. It was for the father of Judge Peggy Chiampas, who has been a singular voice of reason and steady police support.Our sympathies to the Judge on her loss and we extend the sincere hope that the support of her family and friends gets her through this difficult time.Informational post only - comments closed here.

Veterans Suicide, A Partial Solution!

There are over 3500 stories on this blog go to the main page at

What Hath They Wrought?

And here we are. The logical extreme of a biased media narrative, political support for a racist terror organization, a "community" that has been catered to for any outrageous behavior and the complete lack of leadership throughout the...Show More Summary

More Money Located!

So Rahm decides to spend it on.....junkies! Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to boost spending to combat opioid and heroin abuse — and license pharmaceutical representatives to prevent the over-prescription of opioids.A $700,000 investment in...Show More Summary

Sat Teams to Wrigley

An "increased presence" for the playoffs today: Don’t expect to see numerous street closings in Lakeview or a phalanx of cops outside Wrigley Field for Game 1 of the Cubs’ National League divisional playoff game Friday night againstShow More Summary

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