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Standoff with 33 People?

This was an odd situation : Dozens of people are in custody after an hours-long standoff with Chicago Police in the city's Edgewater neighborhood early Saturday morning.The standoff began after officials say a man allegedly fired shots...Show More Summary

Blame Game Rebuttal

Sent to us by a reader who says it was sent to him: With the news of the courts upholding the state pension agreement, I like the way private sector non-union, non city/state workers cry how it's unfair that a portion of their taxes are going to the pensions of current and future retirees... Show More Summary

More Propaganda

What a pile of crap : A group of mothers gathered on the South Side Saturday near the spot where a 15-year old boy was shot and killed in 2012 by a Chicago police officer.The protest against police killings, timed to coincide with Mother’s...Show More Summary

More Money Pissed Away

More from Shortshanks (and even earlier), but are Rahm and his people rectifying this? Over the past 99 years, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has leased nearly 12 acres it owns along the Stevenson Expressway to a string of tenants, never getting more than $3,450 a year for the land.When the lease expired Sept. Show More Summary

The Only Story Tonight

Big news....good news...and not so good at the same time: The Illinois Supreme Court on Friday unanimously ruled unconstitutional a landmark state pension law that aimed to scale back government worker benefits to erase a massive $105...Show More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: the EMS Compass Initiative

In this week’s edition of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I welcome Nick Nudell, project manager for the EMS Compass Initiative, which aims to measure meaningful EMS outcomes and performance benchmarks with the aim of establishing industry best practices and standards. Chris and I have discussed the dire need for realistic performance benchmarks in...

How Safe is Chicago?

This safe: An ambulance carrying a patient was one of two vehicles damaged when a person opened fire Thursday on the Dan Ryan Expressway, according to Illinois State Police.The Superior ambulance and a car were struck by gunfire about 3:15 p.m. Show More Summary

Hillary Blames....The Police!

This is today's democratic party: In the latest leftist effort to provoke race riots, Hillary Clinton accused cops across the country of purposely targeting and killing blacks.In her speech at Columbia University on Wednesday, Clinton...Show More Summary

Gang Banging Pays Well

This is one of the reasons Illinois is going bankrupt : A former gang member with a lengthy arrest history has been awarded nearly $99,000 in back pay after an arbitrator reversed his firing and returned him to a six-figure job with the Illinois state prison system, records show.Xadrian R. Show More Summary

Are You An EMS Volunteer, Or Think You Know About EMS Volunteers?

There’s a new voice in the online EMS world, one that speaks for volunteer EMS. Nancy Magee is a volunteer EMS guru with a successful business background, and if you’ve noticed my attitude about volunteer EMS shift over the last few years, she’s a big reason why. I still don’t think volunteerism as an institution...

The Courts Rather Than The FAA May Soon Settle the Issue of News Media Use of Camera Drones.

Washington, DC—Suddenly, the FAA has allowed CNN to begin using and testing drones for electronic newsgathering over populated areas under a section 333-waiver application provision. Until now the FAA has banned so-called, commercial use of drones while completely ignoring important First Amendment issues. Show More Summary

25 Years

From the Chaplains: Comments closed here.

ISIS Threat

After their failed attempt on stifling Free Speech, they issue a not-so-veiled threat : The terrorists also say they have 71 fighters in 15 different states and they 23 have signed up already for missions like the failed Sunday attack in Garland, Texas.[...]Show More Summary

Preib Article

The City Council tries to pass a non-binding resolution to deny Spike Lee $3 million in tax breaks because they're "offended" by his movie's working title "Chiraq," but they shit all over themselves running to approve $5.5 million for "torture victims" despite there being no proof or court decisions ever backing a single claim of torture. Show More Summary

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