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That's the Purpose of Jail

Did we miss something? Inmates at the Cook County Jail served more than 200 years’ worth of unnecessary time behind bars last year thanks to an overworked criminal justice system.[...]The wait for a case to reach conviction can be so...Show More Summary

Concealed Weapons and Yesterday’s Ninth Circuit Court’s Intellectually Bankrupt Decision

San Francisco, CA—The Ninth Circuit Court’s three judge panel originally ruled that California’s Concealed weapon law was void in light of both the recent Heller and McDonald cases in the US Supreme Court. California counties and cities...Show More Summary

Exam Cheaters Head to Jail

Finally, someone is taking a stand : From sending SWAT teams into exam centers to arresting rule-breakers, China's public security authorities have been cracking down hard on college entrance examination cheatersStudents caught cheating risk going to prison for as long as seven years, the official Xinhua news agency said. Show More Summary

E-Mails Revealed

And the extent of the ass-sucking is amazing - along with the butchery of the English language: I have learned more from you in these 4 years than in my entire previous career. I can list the many of us who would never have gotten a chance to Command had it not been for you. Show More Summary

Rahm Prosmises Hot Air

For a guy with zero political capital, he just keeps overdrawing at the bank : Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his emissaries are trying to persuade a fractured Friends of the Parks board to drop its lawsuit blocking construction of the Lucas...Show More Summary

More Money for Brass

Good thing the Department cancelled VRI - they're going to need the money : Even as the City of Chicago faces a financial crisis, the Chicago Police Department is hiring a new leadership team with high-end salaries that total close to...Show More Summary

We Can't Make This Up

Hilarious: Moments after Dominiq Greer held a news conference Wednesday to announce a lawsuit seeking $15 million from the city — alleging a Chicago Police officer wrongfully shot him seven times — he was arrested on a murder warrant as he waited for a ride.“I had no clue,” said his lawyer Eugene Hollander, who hosted the 10 a.m. Show More Summary

It's the Press Conferences!

Frankly, this is an odd set of coincidences : A 16-year-old boy was shot multiple times and wounded in South Shore on Wednesday just blocks from where Chicago's top cop was talking about how police will crack down on violence this summer.At...Show More Summary

Garry's E-Mail Reveals What?

These must be some awfully revealing e-mails: A Cook County judge, ruling Wednesday in a lawsuit by the Chicago Tribune, ordered the Chicago Police Department to give the news organization emails from former Superintendent Garry McCarthy's...Show More Summary

It's Baaaaack

New and Improved!!! Chicago police are expected to launch a new summer crime fighting effort as a way to keep the parks and beaches safe.This comes after a massive Memorial Day brawl at North Avenue Beach. Just days after that, more fights broke out, leaving people bloodied and taken to local hospitals and handcuffed. Show More Summary

Command Staff by Rahm

Eddie has made some appointments - or rather, Rahm has made some appointments in Eddie's name, and told Eddie to tell everyone the changes that Eddie has made: In order to face the tasks ahead of us, I would like to announce the following...Show More Summary

Survey Says.....

Eddie invited everyone to take a survey. It's seem to be a completely unsecured survey, so when we say "everyone," we mean pretty much "anyone." CLICK THE LINK HERE This is a national survey run by some university types. It's supposed to be anonymous and the questions are quite amusing. Show More Summary

Another Nonsense Suit

They're coming out of the woodwork Rahm : Eugene McSwain died during a traffic stop last July on Chicago's far south side. Now his family is suing the police and the city.The man's father, Eugene McSwain Sr., claims his son was shot in the back of the head, even though he was not armed. Show More Summary

Cook County Kills Memphis Cop

Officers Verdell Smith lost his life this past weekend when a suspected shooter ran him down during a chase : Memphis Police Department released the name of the man they said is responsible for shooting three people and running overShow More Summary

Why This Conservative Hates The Death Penalty!

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Hate Crime Protection

Protection for First Responders? Nearly three years after the I-Team exposed regular attacks on Chicago paramedics, a new city ordinance is finally in the works to protect them and all first responders.Under the proposed ordinance, city hate crime laws would be expanded to protect police, fire and EMS crews. Show More Summary

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