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Rahm Runs Up the Tab

Finally putting a price tag on Rahm's tax hikes: Aldermen had just gotten done Wednesday voting 48-0 to approve a new budget when Mayor Rahm Emanuel started a round of back-patting from the dais in City Council chambers."You can sayShow More Summary

Quick Answer - No

What was the question? Can Rahm deliver on his promise to hire more police : Mayor Rahm Emanuel is off to Rome to witness the elevation of Archbishop Blase Cupich to cardinal after the City Council on Wednesday approved his $8.2 billion...Show More Summary

NYC vs Chicago

People have been referring to this article for the past few days: Why Crime in Chicago Soars while New York is Safer Than Ever The article is the source of yesterday's post about "FOP Broadside" that took Emanuel to task for his inept...Show More Summary

Collective Hysteria

We're getting a bit burned out by all this leftist screeching: Someone want to tell us where this "registry" bullshit is coming from? Oh yeah, the unhinged leftist snowflakes.And portions of the media, rather than learning from their...Show More Summary

Baby Killer Caught

Charges finally: A man who was caring for 2-year-old Kyrian Knox in the summer of 2015 "snapped" and killed the toddler after the lactose-intolerant boy was fed milk and cried for a whole afternoon, police said.Kyrian's dismembered remains were found in the Garfield Park Lagoon on the West Side on Sept. Show More Summary

FOP Broadside

The National FOP Lodge is doing Dean's job for him: Mayor Rahm Emanuel wears the jacket for Chicago’s 50 percent spike in homicides and shootings because he allowed police manpower to dip dangerously low, before reversing course with...Show More Summary

Another Dart Disaster

Carrying on his tradition of horrible ideas: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is calling for abolishing the state’s cash-bond system, saying it’s unfair to low-level defendants who can’t afford to pay and puts society in danger when defendants...Show More Summary

A Capone-type Indictment?

Nice going Fast Eddie: The feds aren’t finished with “Fast Eddie.”Five years after onetime powerhouse Chicago Ald. Edward R. Vrdolyak walked out of prison, federal authorities have quietly unsealed a new indictment outlining Vrdolyak’s...Show More Summary

Where’s Ambulance Driver? Fall 2016 Edition

The MEDIC Training Solutions 2016 World Tour winds down next week, with two final appearances in Atlantic City at the New Jersey Statewide Conference on EMS, and Dallas at the Texas EMS Conference. The nice folks in Montana, Oklahoma, Virginia, South Dakota, and Colorado were nice enough to book us this past month, and Nancy...

Things That Make You Go, "Hmmmm"

Here's a map that someone sent us. It shows, via the red shading, the vote for Trump by neighborhood in Chicago: And here's a map our readers are very familiar with: This means something.....we just can't put our finger on it.

Rahm to Cost Taxpayers

Amazing how we're expected to follow all sorts of laws, but Rahm can just ignore Federal Law so he can pander to yet another group in search of a third term.We certainly hope that Trump enforces immigration laws as they're written, and he sticks it to city's that think they don't have to follow the law. Show More Summary

Those Protests?

People have been speculating that they aren't genuine. That protestors are being paid and transported in from elsewhere. This would seem to confirm some of that speculation : Now, courtesy of a Zero Hedge reader, we have visual confirmation...Show More Summary

Targeted Enforcement

So the "Trump Effect" didn't last all weekend. Even the Tribune was howling about the numbers : Five people were killed and at least 32 others were wounded in shootings in Chicago from Friday afternoon to early Monday, a weekend when...Show More Summary

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