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Nickeled and Dimed

It's Wednesday - time for another tax : Beginning Wednesday, you’ll have to pay 7 cents for a bag at many stores across the city — the latest effort to try to cut down on the use of disposable bags.The new tax replaces the former plastic...Show More Summary

Timely Reminder

You'd think there wouldn't have to be a reminder, what with the media coverage, the ACLU nonsense, the DOJ report, but there it is on the Admin Fax Message Page #228449: Department members are informed that revised Special Order S11-01...Show More Summary

Blaming the Right Guy

The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page knows exactly where to point the finger: Regarding Heather Mac Donald’s "In Chicago, ‘the Feds’ Are Part of the Problem” (op-ed, Jan. 26): The ultimate source of Chicago’s problem is the lack of political will by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Show More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: Shift Work, Part 1

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I answer a reader’s question on how to get awake and dressed in 90 seconds or less when you work a 24-hour shift. Got any strategies of your own to share? Check out the podcast, and share ’em in the comments!

And There it Is

Let's see how this plays out...or is "reform" just another word-fart blowing out of Rahm's ass? Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has launched an investigation involving his fiancée, Lt. Nakia Fenner. Johnson asked investigators to determine whether Fenner inappropriately intervened in her son’s traffic offense. Show More Summary

The Reader Flubs It

Unless it's Joravsky writing about Rahm and Shortshanks shenanigans, this free paper is just birdcage liner. They purport to have read the entire DOJ report, which we did over the course of two days, and they found 40 "shocking things" that their low-info readers can regurgitate into talking points. Show More Summary

Changing the Stats Again

So the weekend was a mess as usual. had the carnage at 4 and 24, bringing the January total to 53 with a day to go.But Channel 7 lists 3 and 24 for some reason.The Rumor Mill starts churning: Why did they change the 0110...Show More Summary

Revisiting the "Consent Decree"?

Police unions across the country know which way the wind is blowing : Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, had a blunt message for Donald Trump during a meeting in September: court-ordered reformsShow More Summary

Sandi Claims Harassment

But then, what else would she claim? Former alderman Sandi Jackson is accusing her estranged husband Jesse Jackson Jr. of harassment, declaring that the former congressman has engaged “in an unlawful and far-ranging fishing expedition for information.”The court filing is the latest salvo in the couple’s increasingly bitter divorce battle. Show More Summary

Retiree Health Care

We got this in an e-mail. Apologies for the length, but it applies to a lot of our readers: Hello SCCI took the 55 and out. I originally was set to go 01 Jan 17 and can prove same. Last day would of been 31 Dec 2016So in September 2015 I called Greg Bella regarding new info I heard. Show More Summary

The Unspoken Tragedy

This only makes the news semi-regularly, but it was mentioned in the DOJ report of all places : Buried among the facts and figures in the Justice Department’s recent book-length report on the failings of the Chicago Police Department...Show More Summary

OT Plan Failing

Rahm pulled out all the stops so January 2017 wouldn't surpass January 2016, thereby giving Trump more ammo to hammer Rahm.HeyJackass says Chicago hit 50 dead with 48 hours to spare, matching last year's total: January to DateShot and Killed: 48Shot and Wounded: 240Total Shot: 288Total Homicides: 50 On a brighter note, thanks for the extra car payment Rahm.

Is Civil War Returning to America?

Washington, DC—We are a divided nation like never before or at least since the North and South rained carnage on each other not that long ago. Donald Trump won the election promising an end to importing crime, drugs, poverty and terrorism through a castrated immigration control system. Show More Summary

A Stunning View of the Hollywood Hills by Drone!

The flight begins and ends just a little North of Franklin and Vine. You can see three famous landmarks, The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and the iconic Capitol Records Building. Spandau Ballet sings their hit True. Please be sure to watch full screen and enjoy! There are over 3500 stories on this blog go to the main page at

Wow...Just Wow

Didn't a bunch of cops and supervisors just get suspended for this crap with a CFD boss? Anonymous said...Well maybe [Special Ed's] fiancé was busy getting her son out of trouble with the police.He was caught not stopping at stop signs...Show More Summary

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