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Free Cars?

Ah, California, is there nothing you won't spend taxpayer money on? In today's episode of "Why The Hell Do I Bother To Work For a Living," we learn that the city of Sacramento, California, has decided to purchase a fleet of cars that...Show More Summary

Reading is a Skill

Evidently, a bunch of tiny-brains don't know how to read an entire post. We'll put it up here again so you don't miss it: [Comments in which the only point is "do work or quit" will be deleted as per policy. Same with rip jobs on 016 "lazy cops" and crap like that. Show More Summary

Look - 200 Dead

And only four days later than last year : The city of Chicago has hit a grim milestone. Chicago Tribune data shows a man killed at Garfield and Indiana Monday was the 200th homicide this year. The city reached that number four days later...Show More Summary

Cancer - Coming to You

This is what's on the camera boxes already delivered to Districts and on the way to other Districts: Don't worry though - we're sure you have to eat a lot of cameras before the cancer actually sets in.

Oh, This Ass?

That goof in 016 putting quotas to paper? Not a smart idea, but then again, he did this not to long ago: Hey SCC see if you can look up in your crystal ball where this dumb ass during a chase where the offender bailed out of a car and...Show More Summary

Dry Erase Boards?

Oh Tony: Big meeting in 25 yesterday. Both tac lieutenants were even present with captain jeepers creepers. I can't call him jester because that's like a compliment. Anyhow tactics were being outlined on a dry erase board to negate any copies being forwarded to the blog or fop. Show More Summary

Comey Failure(s)

Someone asked about this - here's the article : Here in the U.S., in just the past three years, more than 100 people have been arrested for ISIS-related crimes. The FBI devotes significant resources to identifying potential terrorists and sometimes spends years tracking them. Show More Summary

The Virtual Classroom: Lessons Learned

Some dude you know has a new article in the Spring 2017 edition of Paramedic Chief. Check it out online, the article entitled “Virtual EMS Education: Growing Pains and Lessons Learned.” While you’re at it, check out the other excellent articles in there by Greg Friese, Doug Wyllie, Nathan Stanaway, and others.

Another Quota?

This time in 016: This was very recently sent out in an email from 016th dist 2nd watch Lt kohnen. He must not read this blog.Gentlemen,In preparation for the upcoming Compstat meeting, the undersigned has recently completed an individual...Show More Summary

Aldercreature Speaks Truth

And gets some threats because of it : The Southwest Side alderman who's under police protection after being threatened by gang members is standing by his statement that "no innocent lives were lost" in a Brighton Park mass shooting and says he will continue to speak out against the violence plaguing his ward.Ald. Show More Summary

Media Still Trolling

You're welcome Tribune : Life in Cook County Jail just got a little bit more like the college dorm experience, thanks to Sheriff Tom Dart.Inmates in the jail's primarily medium-security Division 11 can now order piping hot pizza — delivered direct to their cells, according to the sheriff's office. Any reports on the "piping hot pizza" being used as a weapon yet?

Rahm Lied Again??

Is there any chance this ass ever tells a truth? The Chicago Public Schools actually need $596 million to keep schools open the rest of the school year, and not just the $129 million officials have publicly discussed, a top aide to Mayor...Show More Summary

Feeble Feeb Fired

Bwahahahahahahahahaha : President Donald Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday, dramatically ousting the nation's top law enforcement official in the midst of an FBI investigation into whether Trump's campaign had ties...Show More Summary

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