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Remembering Tim Casey: Your Work on Earth is Done

A lthough Tim Casey and I had never met in person, we had a long-standing friendship through emails and phone calls. Several years ago, I received his first email. He had attached an article he wrote about his struggles as a firefighter; the nightmares, his addiction to alcohol, and his…

I Call This The Safe Traveler!

Chicago, Il--It's small but deadly. A well placed slash or two and an attacker can bleed out in less than a minute. Folded it's the size of your driver's license and has a profile that will evade frisks and even X-ray equipment if placed properly in a briefcase or purse. Show More Summary

Dominoes Falling?

Interesting rumor: The Committee to Re-Elect Rahm Emanuel said: This is a rumor, I repeat, a rumor. The news from 740 north Sedgwick is that no charges against the cheaters on the lieutenant exam will be allowed. In return EJ will fire...Show More Summary

Send us the Schedules

Manpower up north this weekend left a lot to chance: OT: Today (13AUG), 016 has 3 beat cars up. All the rest are downed or assigned to the parade. Anonymous said...There are a total of 3 cars and 2 sargents up in 016 today. 5 cars a up in 017. Show More Summary

Another Slum Times "Expert"

Still catering to the low information readers: Two newly released police reports in the controversial fatal shooting of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal differ in what they say about the teen’s actions while fleeing police.Several police reports pertaining to the July 28 incident were released Friday to the Chicago Sun-Times. Show More Summary

Milwaukee Burns

Over yet another justified shooting. The Wisconsin National Guard has been placed on standby: Wisconsin’s governor put the National Guard on standby Sunday in case of another outbreak of violence in Milwaukee, after a deadly police shooting...Show More Summary

Promising Life Cut Short

Son of a cop: The 19-year-old son of a Chicago police officer was shot and killed Sunday morning, hours before he was due to return to college in New York, police and family members said.The shooting took place in the Wrightwood neighborhood...Show More Summary

Rahm Losing His Mind

Well, not really. He's playing a game, trying to look he cares: After three recent shootings that injured young children, Mayor Emanuel unloaded today on gang members.Emanuel was marking the end of the One Summer Chicago Program that put 30,000 young people to work, and after the ceremony his anger and frustration was palpable. Show More Summary


We'll just leave this here: #PigeonLivesMatter

This Was a Good Idea?

We hope this is just an unsubstantiated rumor: Whoever made the command decision to put 77 recruits in long sleeve shirts a tie, blue baseball caps, day glow green safety vests NO duty belts, NO ballistic vests, NO radios on the irons at the parade needs to be fired immediately. Ultimately Escalante and Johnson signed off on the order. Amazing.

Rain Delay

The guys are have a great sense of humor: From 1430 to 2100 hours - Rain Delay.We chuckled at that one.

Timely Warning - Not

Glad to see the word is getting out promptly : Friday, August 12, 2016 10:25PM CHICAGO (WLS) -- Dozens of pickpocket thefts have been reported around popular lakefront Maggie Daley Park in downtown Chicago recently, and police are warning visitors to be vigilant. Show More Summary

The horrible Cold Case of a Murdered/Missing child in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix, AZ--A sad story I worked on two decades ago. My investigation was funded by the Disney owned TV show called, The Crusaders, Two tender aged twin boys with sadistic monsters for parents were victims of epic abuse and torture....Show More Summary

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