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Dean, What's This?

First of all, this arrived in the mail Saturday: But you've already announced that no endorsement will be forthcoming. Maybe you could release the actual totals so we can all have a good laugh?But this here is actually more disturbing. Show More Summary

How Does This Happen?

The state is billion in debt, yet this sort of thing thrives : A southwest suburban man used more than 3,000 LINK cards to steal almost $1 million in government funds, purchasing "massive amounts of energy drinks and candy" and selling them to West Side stores, officials said.Wael S. Show More Summary

Klansman Arrested in Ferguson

Offender who shot two cops is in custody: An arrest has been made in connection with the Thursday shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, St. Louis County police announced Sunday afternoon — but the suspect claimed heShow More Summary


Four moves occurring at midnight tonight: Deputy Chief Riccio (Detectives) to Acting Chief of OCD (Homan Square black site) Commander Roy (Area Central) to Acting Dep Chief of Detectives Cmdr Watson lateraled from 005 to 007 Lt Johnson...Show More Summary


...what were the survey results?FOP asked everyone to let them know what the membership wanted, then didn't endorse anyone.Is this going to be like that "morale survey" that J-Fled ran with the promise that if it was negative in nature, he'd resign and go away? No one ever saw hide nor hair of that survey after that statement. Show More Summary

LAPD Police Recruit Wanted For Homicide?

Pamona, CA—It was in the early hours this morning when an altercation ended in the shooting death of 23 year-old Salome Rodriquez, Jr. The apparent location of this incident is Third and Main Streets. Police say that 27 year-old LAPD probationary officer, Henry Solis who was assigned to the Devonshire Division. Show More Summary

Another Good Budget Move

Stop subsidizing failing business models : Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed state budget would cut 40 percent from Illinois' funding for Amtrak trains during a time when ridership has been climbing.Passenger numbers and ticket revenue have grown during the past five years.The Lincoln Service train between St. Show More Summary

Good Budget Move

Now do this a few hundred times and Illinois might actually have a balanced budget: Hundreds of conservation-minded home owners who are waiting on thousands of dollars from the state of Illinois may end up empty-handed. As CBS 2 [...]...Show More Summary

Camera Drones and Woman, Times are a Changing!

Los Angeles, CA—The wildly popular camera multi-rotor camera drones had few women admirers. Advances in technology has facilitated and enabled the drone camera industry explosion just in the last two years. I became hooked on dronesShow More Summary

FOP Sits This One Out

Probably the smart play? The Fraternal Order of Police on Friday said they decide not to endorse either political candidate in the race for mayor of Chicago.Both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia met with leaders of the FOPShow More Summary

Krazy Konspiracies

People like this actually live and breath on their own - and get elected to public office : A city manager from North St. Louis County named John Mohammad told [...] FOX News that the police shooting last night was an inside job.“I think it was a complete set up. Show More Summary

Hey Dart

Maybe this is what Dart is complaining about "his" jail being crowded: Went to misdemeanor court this week and once again of the 15 cases called only TWO defendants showed up and ZERO complainants other than the two officers there! Last month it was 20 cases with THREE defendants and ONE complainant that took the time to make an appearance. Show More Summary

Gee, We Wonder Why

Somebody in the media finally noticed what the surveys and moving companies have been telling everyone for a few years now : In a state with a massive budget deficit, it’s disturbing news: For the first time since the late-1980s, the population of Illinois is shrinking. CBS 2 [...]Show More Summary

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