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Just a Quarter Million

Paid by the taxpayers: There is a potential settlement more than 10 years after the death of David Koschman at the hands of a member of former Mayor Richard Daley’s family. Koschman was 21 years old back in 2004 when he was punched in the face during a bar fight. Show More Summary

Nice Investment

Yet another reason why the city and state are pretty much bankrupt: A clout-heavy couple convicted of stealing more than $3 million in state grant money to support a lavish lifestyle of yacht-club memberships, luxury cars and vacation...Show More Summary

Inside Joke

Overheard at the #NRAAM: Blogger 1: “You totally missed Robert Farago’s striptease in the Press Room today.” Blogger 2: “Um, say what?” Blogger 3: “Dude dropped trou in the Press Office, tucked his shirt back in, and buckled back up, right in front of everybody.” Blogger 2: “Well, at least he was stripping out of...

Observations From The Keynote Speeches

TL;DR Version: Gawd bless Murrica, we lurves our guns, please vote for me. As if you expected a politician to say anything else at the NRA Annual Meeting. That’s why I’m not much interested in any of the speechifying. Still… … Bobby Jindal, my governor, is probably the smartest of likely Republican Presidential candidates, and...

BART Officer Gets 2 Years; The Right Sentence, And A Riot (Of Course)

Well, the BART cop got 2 years.  I figured that would happen.  After all, the jury’s verdict indicates it was a mistake, after all.  As I said in my original post on the subject, I never believed it was an all-out assassination.  What is much more predictable (and much more disappointing) is that the Oakland […]

September 11 – A Day To Acknowledge Double Service

I would be remiss on 9-11 not to say a brief “thank you” to all of our folks in the military.  I also try to remember on this day each year that so many of these men and women perform “Double Service.”  What I mean by this is that they serve overseas after leaving a […]

A Different Twist On The Recent LAPD Officer Involved Shooting

Wait, wait wait!  I am not going to give you more of the same “he should have / he shouldn’t have” garbage about this shooting. Plenty of people will be on that topic.  I have a different look, and it has always driven me crazy.  Read carefully the LA TIMES article linked above.  Then read […]

BART Officer Mehserle Convicted!

The jury just convicted former BART officer Mehserle of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of Oscar Grant.  I really want to hear what you feel about this verdict. Give me your thoughts, and I will let you know what I believe after we have collected about 24 hours of comments. Are you surprised? Is this […]

We Are On Twitter!

As I have said many times, the philosophical cop blog exists to allow all of us to discuss and learn together.  That is why we enjoy so much back-and-forth debate and, yes, sometimes some conflict. It only makes sense, then, that as social media becomes more and more accessible and popular, that our conversation move […]

A New Colleague

I don’t often update my blogroll (part lazy / part frustrated with the quality of content out there). But I ran into this other blog when I started contributing to the Crime Report.  Check out his informative stuff.  Especially those who live in the biggest country in the United States.  I think you will agree, […]

Happy Holidays To Our First Responders!

Every holiday as I pack up to go to work, or enjoy the rare one at home, I remember those who are out serving our communities instead of enjoying time with their families.  There is no more appropriate time to say thank you.  So if you are out there making Christmas safe for your town, […]

Um....What Now?

Rahm and the City Council are just planning to give away money now: The city of Chicago appears poised to approve another substantial settlement in a fatal police shooting of a black teenager.A proposed settlement of $5 million to the...Show More Summary

Spike Taking Some Heat

You have to love when the looney left starts turning on their idols : Director Spike Lee was accused Friday of “stigmatizing” Chicago and “insulting” its residents by choosing the name “Chiraq” for his upcoming Chicago-based movie on violence and education.“It’s very offensive and, hopefully, he rethinks his position. Show More Summary

We Can Hardly Wait!!!

This is going to be great! Mayor Rahm Emanuel predicted Friday that the Illinois General Assembly’s spring session would run into overtime and culminate in a “mega-megadeal,” exhorting supporters to join him in fending off Gov. Bruce...Show More Summary

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