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Opening of Equipment Flares Feed Plant Fire

A fire at an Iowa feed plant Tuesday demonstrates why firefighters must be cautious and consider the effects of every action when dealing with fires in compartmented areas of manufacturing equipment. Reports stated that a fire occurred...Show More Summary

Bruce Jenner’s Accident is No Crime!

Malibu, CA—Earlier this month former Olympic champion, Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal accident on Pacific Coast Highway. Jenner was driving a Cadillac Escalade towing a trailer. As most of my blog visitors know I’m a former cop and licensed private investigator for longer than I care to admit. Show More Summary

More False Stats

This is actually humorous. You think that the best publicized crime to hit Ravenswood/Uptown would be counted in the statistics, right? There's no way they'd hide that one. You'd be sadly mistaken: Fresh questions are being raised today...Show More Summary

Go Vote Damnit

Vote vote vote: If early voting — or the lack of it — is any bellwether, Chicago could be headed for a record-low turnout in Tuesday’s election.With four days of early voting to go, 44,860 Chicagoans had taken advantage of the opportunity to cast their ballots, 7,259 of them on Tuesday. Show More Summary


Watch those fingers: A Chicago police officer accidentally shot himself at the Bridgeview courthouse Wednesday morning. Authorities said the wound was not serious, and no one else was injured.The officer was in the weapons room at the...Show More Summary

Inside EMS Podcast: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much ALS?

In this week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss his five-year plan to implement a mostly BLS system at his agency. While there is no “one size, fits all” solution to EMS system design and optimal staffing configurations, my opinion is that we do not have an EMS shortage in this...

Inside EMS Podcast: Healthy Eating Tips for EMTs

In last week’s episode of Inside EMS, co-host Chris Cebollero and I discuss the EMS news, and welcome fitness expert Bryan Fass to the show, where he provides some healthy eating tips aimed at EMS providers. If you’re like me, and struggle (fail, in my case) to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working on an...

From the Chaplains

Late addition to the schedule from the Chaplains.Comments closed here.

Anyone got a Spare $40 Million?

We'd say "write the check already" if we were on the jury: A new lawsuit condemns Northwestern University and a former star professor central to Illinois’ history of wrongful convictions and exonerations, alleging the university allowed...Show More Summary

Blame Game

A bunch of points raised in the post about people missing the 10-1. Some good, some not so good, some just name calling, whatever. You want blame? Let's leave out the childish shit and use this as a learning experience. #1 - The cops didn't put themselves down on a stop, because they were just going to pick up something at Walgreen's. Show More Summary

Nice Neighborhood Rahm

It's so brave of the mayor to live in a community so riddled with crime : A man was robbed three blocks north of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's North Side home Monday night and a business nearby was robbed early Tuesday morning, according to police.The first robbery happened about 7:45 p.m. Show More Summary

5 Week Officer Development Program

Don't miss this online, live video-based, 5 Week Officer Development Program.  Click the link below for information and to register. Information Register…

Dispatcher Missed the 10-1

For three fucking minutes: If that doesn't work, the link is here. We've been in fights where a single minute feels like an eternity. Three minutes? And there were at least two or three indications something was wrong. The dispatcher knew something was up, and dropped the ball.Let's go Garry. Show More Summary

Use of Force Question

The order states the following: (Use of firearms in the following ways is prohibited) Firing at or into a moving vehicle when the vehicle is the only force used against the sworn member or another person. But Section II-A-1 and 2 state the following: II - Department PolicyA. Show More Summary

Denver Vandalism

The police were, get this, ordered to stand down in the face of criminal acts: Two people were arrested Saturday afternoon while police monitored a group that had been staging protests throughout Denver. During the protest a memorial...Show More Summary

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