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Rahm About to Get Spanked Again

Better make plans for after the Christmas holidays: The Chicago Teachers Union has released the results of a test strike vote, which was held last week.The union said 97 percent of members would vote to authorize a strike, if necessary.The...Show More Summary


Just when you think the 9-year-old story couldn't get any weirder, we get this in our e-mail...about fifteen times: So, is it or isn't it? It's a pretty good likeness of picture the media has been running with. And after momma posted...Show More Summary

Every Day Isn't Like This Kid

Sometimes, you can go entire weeks without saving a life: A Chicago Police probationary officer on his first day on the job Sunday helped save a man’s life.Probationary Officer Nicholas Picicci and Field Training Officer Robert Cavaiani...Show More Summary

Battle of the sub-.500 Teams

Hell, they're both sub-.300 if you want to get technical about it.So the Chargers are 4.5 point favorites with an over/under of 49.5.Both teams are fighting for their 3rd win, so there's a lot on the line here.

We Drone Aficionados Must Secure or Lose Our Place in the Nation’s Airspace!

Washington, DC—Lies, lies and more damn lies are being spread about our multi-rotor camera drone like wildfire. Months ago the FAA claimed they were investigation some 700 complaints of near misses with conventional aircraft. Not one photo, video, captured drone has been ever produced. Show More Summary

Cops Enforcing Democrat's Trivial Laws Can and do Turn Deadly!

Los Angeles, CA—There has been a rash of deadly police shootings that have fired up emotions. Those complaining the most vote for the politicians most responsible for creating the tinderbox conditions. Democrats have never found anything they did not want to criminalize or tax to death. Show More Summary

What Did You Expect?

We could make this up if we tried: The mother of murdered nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee is being bashed on the Internet for using money intended for his funeral expenses to buy a car, but she is defending the purchase. A total of 727 people had donated to the GoFundMe site “Help Me Lay My Baby to Rest” as of 4 p.m. Show More Summary

"Accountability" Database

You know all those FOIA Request letters McCompStat has been e-mailing everyone lately? The ones that say even in the face of Contractual agreements and legal retention schedules, the Department is providing reporters and others withShow More Summary

Ammo Tax Coming

Word is that on Monday, Toni will attempt to tax ammunition, perhaps excessively so, in an attempt to drive gun dealers completely out of Cook County, denying dozens, perhaps hundreds of people actual jobs in a legitimate, legal enterprise.Meanwhile, car dealers continue to operate with impunity, despite killing thousands more in Illinois than guns ever have.

Um....Wrong Drug

Great headline in the Slum Times yesterday : West Side man gets two years for 2-year-old boy's fatal meth poisoning Leaving aside the fact that two-years for the death of a toddler is ridiculous, the article then goes on to show howShow More Summary

CWB Tweaks Rahm

If you were curious about that Rahm case report, CrimeInWrigleyvillandBoystown blog has posted it up for everyone to read. And since it's not a Department site, you can't get disciplined.That's some funny shit right there.Oh, and itShow More Summary

Preib Tearing it up Again

The Crooked City blog once again, covers the story the media won't (or can't) cover - how reporters have become the story rather than reporting the story and how members of the media have helped release a number of psychopathic killers...Show More Summary

Weekly Totals Mount

The numbers are rolling in three at a time: Three men were critically wounded in a West Humboldt park neighborhood shooting Friday night on the West Side. The men — ages 19, 27 and 51 — were outside in the 1400 block of North Kildare about 8 p.m. Show More Summary

My Reaction to Quentin Tarantino’s Recent Denouncement of America’s Cops

Hollywood, CA—I salute every performer or artist in the world for his or her contributions both big and small. What a horrible world we’d be living in without the art, music, films, plays, dance and comedy. We all have our favorites celebrities. Show More Summary

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