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Rotating Curators Craft New Adidas Subscription Boxes

Quarterly subscription boxes paying attention to what female athletes want

Your personal leadership beliefs

I was recently doing some prep work for a speech I’m giving to the owners of independent stores. One thing that stood out was the difference in number of Facebook followers between different stores in the same market. One store...

4 Productivity-Enhancing Features of Smartphones

Contributed by Scott McLaren, CMO for Fortegra  Remember when your ‘90s Nokia Lumia served as both a communication device and a paper weight? Today, chances are, your customers use their phones for a lot more. And though the focus on new smartphone functions leans toward the fun stuff like gaming, social media, and texting, today’s […]

Target Nears Universality with Gender-Neutral Kids’ Furniture

Home collection geared for both girls and boys includes over 1,200 pieces

Google Drones Might Deliver Packages Through Help of Receptacle Buddies

Amazon isn't the only tech giant working on a revolutionary distribution system

Convertible Activewear Can Be Worn at Work and the Gym

3D printed clothing that can transform from the office to the weight room

5 Ways Cloud Storage Improves Business

As employees are no longer chained to desks in today’s bring-your-own-device business landscape – plus, of course, the always-on-your-feet world of retail – cloud storage is becoming an ever-increasing factor helping enterprises better collaborate and keep their data safe. The 2015 GCI report by technology company Cisco predicts that by 2019, 83 percent of all […]

How To Use Personality Styles To Improve Conversion Rates Of Your Retail Salespeople

Retailers have tried everything it seems to get employees to sell more. So many try to hire the natural born salesperson. That doesn’t really work either because generally they are few and far between. Some try to use contests but that only works for a certain personality style.

Retail Sales Shocker: Amazon Rumored To Open 100s of Stores

When it came to bookstores, the dirty little secret was that customers would come into the indie or chain bookstore, then secretly purchase on Amazon.

Why Is Target Suddenly Getting Into SoulCycle?

A likely pair of big names team up for the sake of sweatsuit swag

Is Online Interior Design Worth It? A PSFK Exploration

VC-backed interior design tech startups are cashing in on the market, but are they worth the use?

Web hosting your site

Hosting your business online. If you are getting a business online, hosting is the most important thing you need to keep your website running online, it’s the life line for your site. When you are looking for a hosting provider, it needs to be a host that has very good rating, highly reliable and expertise […]

Read this if you’re expecting more from your staff

I enjoy putting together contests and incentives that motivate people. When I was Director of Retail at Bose most of them were well received, and people loved the themes and activities. Well, except once. I ran a themed contest that...

Amiable, Driver, Expressive, Analytical and Other Personality Style Myths Miss the Point

I have a confession to make... I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator when I was in college thirty years ago but I don't remember what letters I was. I'm sure at a high level it is very useful for many people in psychology. Here's the thing for the rest of us... Even when I got the results, I didn't know what they meant.

Can You Make An Amiable Personality Style A Top Retail Salesperson?

Personality styles are so important when considering retail sales training. In fact, I have an entire course in my popular online interactive sales training program SalesRX. In a previous post I covered the Driver personality. This time...Show More Summary

Customer Service How To Avert A Driver Personality Style Blow Up

I was training a group of about twenty store retail store managers on personality styles. I was highlighting the differences between the four personality types; the Driver, Analytical, Expressive and Amiable. I spoke about extensively the Driver personality style. Show More Summary

Start your business online with a domain name

I am all about helping new comers who want to start in the online business of any king so TODAY! I will get you going step by step and posted separately as time goes on how to start a online business. If you ever want to start a retail business online or any kind of […]

Top 6 Reasons to Attend ASD Market Week

Retailers, are you looking for affordable inventory that can  be marked up and sold with strong margins? Look no further. ASD Market Week – your Affordable Shopping Destination – is gearing up for their first of two 2016 markets taking place this year. Held in Las Vegas, ASD Market Week has a strong history of […]

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