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Why Walmart didn’t go after Whole Foods

Walmart biggest competition that can ever compete heavily with them would be Amazon. When Amazon’s deal to acquire Whole Foods came to hand, I wasn’t sure how Walmart didn’t get a headstart regarding that merger. It would make sense if Walmart can still come in and make a better deal that can make Amazon’s grocery […]

Retail Strategy: 5 Things Retailers Must Commit To Master

This is a retail strategy post with many items for smaller retailers as well as some for larger retailers...

Ron Howard takes over Han Solo

Han Solo, another big budget coming soon from LucasFilm and Disney has a new director in Ron Howard. After having creative issues with the past director, Disney decided to replace them with a more experienced director that they can see eye to eye. Read full story here

How To Hustle Your Brand Without Being Obnoxious

Contributed by Lee Schneider Congratulations – you’ve created a brand. Your designs are amazing. You’ve sourced your materials. You have your production chain rolling. Take a deep breath, because now you need to sell. It’s time to put your line into the hands and inventories of wholesalers. For some of us, that brings on a […]

3 Myths Of Email Marketing That Entrepreneurs Should Know

Contributed By Dalton Kane, Shipstation. Myth #1: That you should Google the best time to send an email and do that forever. Using stats to help hone your marketing efforts is absolutely crucial. Data-driven decision making is how we build our gut instinct into something useful. It’s a muscle that needs exercise. Like physical exercise, […]

Retail Management: How To Get Your Employees To Do What You Want

One of my first clients was a coffee roaster, and I remember the owner recounting a story about retail management...

Workers’ Compensation if you are injured

When working in any work place, accidents happen. It could come at you or you will go at it. To prevent any injuries, there are safety protocols to follow while doing your job. In all cases, if you do get hurt, companies are required by law to cover your injuries under workers compensation due to […]

3 Things You Need to Know When Hiring Seasonal Workers

By Myranda Mondry, TSheets. Many retailers rely on seasonal employees to meet increased shopper demand during the busy summer and holiday months. But seasonal employees also alleviate the stress placed on their permanent counterparts during those busier seasons. They work irregular hours, they cover the store while the full-timers take paid time off, and they […]

Where To Start When Creating Your Business’ ‘Brand’

Contributed by Lucy Burton The business or corporate environment has been going through a metamorphosis that has guaranteed high competition. In order to stand out, it’s apparent that all corporate entities regardless of size need to develop their own unique as well as attractive brands. This, from the onset, might seem to be an easy […]

Shopify Recognizes Independent Retailer Conference as Top Retail Conference to Attend

Parker, CO (June 12, 2017) – The Independent Retailer Conference was recently recognized by Shopify as a top retail conference among eight total conferences worldwide. Highlighting the unique value the Independent Retailer Conference...Show More Summary

Customer Service In Your Retail Store – 3 Stories To Get You From Cringing To Caring

I have been a loyal Nordstrom shopper for decades. It was the pinnacle of cache to buy from Nordstrom. Exclusive. Quality. Service. For many years one salesman at their Cypress store helped me pick out my on-camera wardrobe.

4 Ways Retail is its Own Worst Enemy

Is retail slowing experiencing its demise? From Sports Authority to Wet Seal, it seems like some of the once-popular big box stores are having one last big sale and then closing up shop. But why? While consumers tend to shop online for convenience and price, there’s certainly a sizable portion of people who enjoy the […]

From The Editor: How Time Can Either Be On Your Side… Or Not

Season one of Girl Starter may be over, but lessons learned, inspiration gained and the excitement of the entire season is still well alive. The finale of Girl Starter, which featured Staples CEO Shira Goodman as a guest judge, was my favorite episode yet – and that says a lot since I thoroughly enjoyed them […]

Leaked NSA Documents Reveal the Extent of Russian Electoral Hacking

The case of Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election continues to unfold with the latest NSA link revealing the rather overt involvement of Russian military intelligence. On Monday, June 5th, The Intercept published an article detailing the targeted nature of Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, in their attempt to compromise US voting […]

Learn new skills in a weak retail market

Unless you have been living under a rock, the retail job market has been shrinking for years from cutting hours to removing positions that used to be plenty as automation is coming faster than it needs to be. Most retailers are closing shops including Sears, Jc Penny, K mart as Amazon and other online retailers […]

Uber fires 20 employees over investigations

Uber just fired over 20 employees over incidents regarding harrasments, discriminations and many other illegal behaviors that has been a big issue for a driving app that is trying to climb out of legal jungle that is only getting worse by the day. Many of the head of Uber have either quit, fired or left […]

Four Tips For Window Displays

Contributed by Erika Hill, Visual Merchandiser at Store Supply Warehouse. Maximize Your Window Displays Shoppers will judge a book by its cover when it comes to window displays. Your display has only about five seconds to persuade customers to enter your store. If the display doesn’t give a great first impression, people will quickly lose […]

Practical Protection: What You Need To Know About Workplace Harassment When You’re In Charge

  Contributed by Ashley Kaplan, Esq. Workplace harassment can cost business owners a small fortune if they aren’t proactive about prevention. In fact, a single harassment lawsuit can cost more than $100,000 to defend. Fortunately, you can take common-sense measures to keep your workplace free of unlawful harassment and discrimination. But first you have to […]

How Teens Win Brands and Influence Trends

By Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Founder, ShopChat. In the age of “instant,” it’s more important than ever that brands keep up with the trends – and the teens that define them – that could make or break their businesses. When teens shop online, they are looking to fill four key criteria – affordability, speed, social […]

3 Retail Management Tips From Michael Kors Closing Stores

Michael Kors received a lot of attention last week for announcing they would be closing about 125 retail stores over the next two years. Comp sales at stores open at least a year fell 14% this past quarter while wholesale sales dropped 22%.

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