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The Place Of Artificial Intelligence In E-Commerce

The future is here: Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming an important tool for eCommerce merchants looking to provide an improved customer experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a distant concept to most, explored in futuristic science fiction movies as an idea of what lies ahead in the world of science and technology. But AI […]

Security Essentials to Protect Your Retail Location

Shoplifting and employee theft both increased in 2016. Shoplifting cost employers $798.48 per incident and employee theft cost $1,922.80 per occurrence, according to National Retail Federation statistics. A decrease in retail security budgets has contributed to this growing theft, the NRF’s research found. Show More Summary

How Sponsorship Can Boost an Indie Brand

Sponsorship is the act of providing in-kind or financial support to an individual, organization, non-profit or event. For decades sponsorship has been utilized by some of the world’s leading brands, but more and more small businesses and independent brands are beginning to recognize what a powerful tool it can be. When it’s done right, sponsorship […]

3 Ways to Monitor Employees Internet Usage Fairly

In an effort to curb the time employees spend idly browsing the web, checking social media or wasting time in other ways – some employers are starting to monitor internet usage. While it is certainly well within your rights to track how employees are using work computers and time, it is important to be fair […]

The 5 Best Ways To Drive Customer Conversion Rates In Your Store

In April of 2016, my blog 5 Ways How to Raise Your Retail Sales Associates' Conversion Rate was shared almost 5000 times.

Holiday Customer Service: 7 Tips Retailers Should Not Ignore

By Nancy Friedman. The holidays are fast approaching. Few times are more important for store owners and managers. The holidays cannot only help make your financial year a huge success, but it’s also a prime opportunity to gain new customers who will return year-round. However, if your employees fail at customer service and are not […]

How To Determine If Running Your Store Employees Too Lean Is Affecting Retail Sales

Most every retailer's looks at their employees as their most expensive operating cost.

How Can Indie Retailers Compete with the Newest Smartphone Apps?

By Jasmine Glasheen, Generational Marketer for Retail Minded.  It seems like every season there’s a new phone app taking the retail world by storm. While some of these phone apps can be used to bring customers into physical stores, others are focused on helping customers find bare-bottom prices and many fear that these apps will lead […]

Brand Appeal: 3 Companies That Have Stood the Test of Time

You may notice them on grocery store shelves or when grandma recalls some of her favorite foods when she was about your age. Of course, we’re talking about brands like the Kellogg’s, Nabiscos and Coca-Colas of the world that have seemingly been around forever. But what is it about these brands and their ability to […]

6 Ways Retail Business Owners Can Maximize Profit During The Busy Holiday Season

Contributed by Excel Capital Management’s Managing Partner, Chad Otar. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” We all know that old jingle by Johnny Mathis, even if you do not celebrate Christmas. For most people, when you start hearing this song and other jingles, it’s a sign that the holiday season is upon us. […]

How To Improve Your Retail Sales With Role Play

Are you looking for how to improve sales for your store? In this article, I look at role-playing in five fundamental ways.

Why It’s So Hard To Get Retail Employees To Upsell – And How To Get Them To Do It Anyways

I was buying a small electronic item when the cashier asked me, “Do you want to buy the extended warranty?” I replied, “No.” She then continued, “I didn’t think so but my boss makes me.”

7 Ways To Get Customers To Remember You So They Return To Your Store

My buddy Steve had a neck pain and had been researching a pain-relieving pillow for weeks.

The Halloween & Party Expo Announces 2018 Retailer Education

(Trumbull, CT, October 25, 2017) – An all-new and redesigned retailer education program has been announced by the Halloween & Party Expo for the 2018 event (January 12-15, 2018 at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans).  This marks the third consecutive year they have partnered with Retail Minded to present cutting edge education for […]

Delta hiring 1000 flight attendants

Delta is hiring more than 1000 flight attendants to join their company. What are the requirements you ask? There aren’t that many. • High School degree or GED • 21 years old • Work in the United States and be fluent in English. But having...Show More Summary

Selling Strategies to Help Tourists Want to Spend

Tourism is big business. In fact, the World Travel & Tourism Council recently identified that one out of three jobs is related to tourism in top North American cities. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to understand that tourism and spending go hand-in-hand. The catch, however, is identifying how you can capture tourist dollars despite […]

The Holidays Are Coming: How to Hire the Best Seasonal Employees

By John Waldmann, CEO of Homebase.  The holidays are around the corner.  Time to staff-up and add part-time, hourly workers. Hiring terrific, informative and helpful seasonal employees is key to your customer relations and holiday sales. So, here’s what to look for when hiring seasonal employees. See if Your Current Workforce Can Take on More […]

How To Prepare Your Store For Black Friday And Strong Holiday Retail Sales

There will be five Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Maybe that's why the National Retail Federation expects holiday retail sales to grow about 4 percent.

Tips on How to Keep Your Store Merchandising Fresh & Fun

By Amanda Wolfson. Coming off of a recent store renovation for a major national department store, I got an insider’s look at what is important in giving a retail store a makeover and keeping its aesthetics modern and fresh – no matter how large or small your store may be. Among the things that stood […]

Netflix to invest 8 billion dollars 2018

As Netflix grabs more subscribers even stunning themselves, they are investing 8 billion dollars during 2018 to even grab higher market share with only licensed Netflix content for even more subscribers. Netflix announced in the third...Show More Summary

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