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Year Round Tips for Preparing Taxes

Contrary to its reputation, the IRS is not filled with sleuths, committed to bring down every tax wrong-doer. Instead, tax employees are highly-trained clerks whose job consists of making sure that documents are filed properly, appropriate accounting is carried out and that the government gets its fair share. For them, good tax preparation is synonymous […]

The Effect of EMV Migration on Retailers

By Derek Webster, Founder & CEO at CardFlight A little over a year ago, the U.S. EMV liability shift took effect on October 1, 2015. The shift disrupted the credit card industry, directly influencing merchants’ businesses and the level of fraud liability risk to which they are exposed. Over the past year, a lot has […]

Brooklyn Cafe Lets Customers Pay By The Hour, Not By The Cup

Glasshour is an establishment that provides free coffee and pastries and charges for the time guests spend there

Top 5 SaaS Solutions That Are a Must Have for Your eCommerce Business

Contributed by TradeGecko.  You’re probably constantly looking for ways to improve your eCommerce store. If you’re considering software as a service (SaaS) products, focus on those that solve your most important needs first. Here are our top picks for SaaS products that will enable your eCommerce company to run more effectively. 1. Get the right eCommerce […]

LYNK & CO Is A New Auto Brand That Promises Mobile Connectivity On Wheels

Online access and mobility sharing are driving the company to disrupt the auto industry

Why Experiential Events Could Replace Trade Shows

Marketers are seeking creative and impactful new ways to connect with influencers

How to Measure Shopper Emotions in Brick and Mortar

Contributed by Ed King, VP Strategy of MaxMedia. Since the hunter/gatherer days of our ancestors, our primitive brain continues to learn through sensory input. The modern shopper equivalent is the desire to touch, taste, try-on and try-out what we are interested in buying. Show More Summary

Four ways to lead your team to higher performance

1. Reach even higher. I like to think that managers maintain what is, but OutFront leaders and coaches create what can be. 2. Focus on HOW more than what. Managers will tell employees what their goals are, or how they’re...

For the Staff: You know what they say about assumptions

Doesn't it bug you when people push their own values on you? After all, just because something is important to them doesn't mean it's important to me. I don't think they should tell me what I should value and I...

WeWork Is Bringing Clothing Shopping To The Workplace

E-commerce retailer Argent struck a deal with the coworking space to introduce retail experiences to the office community

Google Flights Now Alerts Customers When Airfares Will Rise

The tech giant is adding a new feature to its travel purchasing branch by telling flyers when prices are set to expire

Shanghai’s Newest Starbucks Has A Radically Different Look

The Puxi City location of the coffee brewing company takes on a new form with walls of windows and a rooftop terrace

Unstaffed Grocery Store Provides Fresh Produce 24/7

Farmhouse Market in New Prague, Minnesota gives customers all-day access to the unmanned grocery store

How This Electric Toothbrush Hopes To Disrupts The Dental Industry

Goby is a new device that takes a direct-to-consumer approach to oral health

Five Methods For Independent Retailers to Succeed in Business

Contributed by Keith Spano, President of Flooring America.  Being an independent retailer or small business owner can be both challenging and rewarding. As an independent retailer, you create the vision for your business and oversee all aspects of it. At face value, this all sounds great. However, any business owner will tell you that it’s difficult […]

Alibaba’s VR Shopping System Let You Pay With A Nod

A virtual checkout experience was designed to incorporate intuitive gestures into the purchase process

Mirror Scans Your Face And Prints The Perfect Makeup

Panasonic has built a device to help people find the ideal cosmetics for their skin

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