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7 Skills Every Retail Manager Needs To Succeed

Most retailers promote from within and while that can be good for morale, many times, it is bad for business.

How to Avoid The Warehousization Of Your Retail Store

The other day a friend and I checked out a new restaurant in my neighborhood. At 6:00, we were the only ones in the upscale Italian bistro.

How is Amazon taking over the grocery market?

Recently, Amazon has managed to seal the deal with Whole Foods. As a result, we will start to see Echo Dot and Amazon Echo devices in all the Whole Foods retail stores. But this is not the major benefit received from the Amazon acquisition. In fact, the best thing here is that there will be […]

From Hating Civil Rights To Honoring Them - My Journey

Today’s blog is not about retail sales training. Or marketing. Or attracting customers to your shop. It’s about how we are more alike than different. It’s personal. It's a window into what makes me me. It’s about my dad. It’s about the March on Washington.

Anheuser-Busch brewery donates tons of water cans for victims of harvey

One of the biggest brewery Anheuser-Busch Brewery has temporily stop making beer and started production of emergency canned drinking water to get it delivered to all the ones affected by Hurrican Harvey. Read full story here

What Is a Marketing Plan and Does Your Independent Retail Store Need One?

Whether you are about to open a retail store or have been running one for years, if you don’t have a marketing plan, you really haven’t focused your attention on who your customer is or how you’ll reach them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The new samsung galaxy note 8 looks very good. With big improvement from Samsung Galaxy note 7. Read full story here

Verizon now has 3 unlimited plans with limited usage

The new Verizon unlimited plan that was just rolled out is even more confusing than what was done before. There are 3 different plans doing 3 different things. Now I understand why Verizon is doing this, but this is 2017, most users are using tons of data per day to watch Netflix, Youtube and other […]

When Retailers Mistake Their Most Important Asset As A Cost

For years we’ve heard that employee expenses are driving retail profit margins down; as a result, labor hours were cut.

You will work at Amazon one day

Amazon, the online monster that doesn’t go away. It is one scary beast that has shut down retail giants like Sears and Jc Penny from being the Kings of the retail times to a forgotten retail stores with no end in sight. Survival for Sears and Jc Penny is getting slimmer by the month, as […]

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Event Marketing

Event marketing is a powerful marketing tool that provides customers with a real-time and tangible experience, unlike any other marketing method. Whether it’s a personal company event or part of a trade-show concept, events have historically been a successful method for companies to not only build brand personality but directly results in higher conversion rates. […]

Retail Success: How To Keep Your Store From Being Your Personal Ball And Chain

In 2001, Tim & Cynthia Holliday took a gamble: They purchased Children's World, a struggling children’s uniform, clothing, and toy store in Sarasota, Florida. Now 50-years-old, I met up with them just after they returned from a one-month vacation. Show More Summary

Happiness Is Just A Start: Four Additional Benefits Of Excellent Customer Service

The immediate benefit of excellent customer service is obvious: the customer receiving it is happy. On a case by case basis this could mean a purchase is made, an extra service is booked, or a return is reconsidered. These are all desired outcomes, to be sure, but with truly excellent customer service there are additional […]

Some of the Best Moments From ASD Market Week Summer 2017

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when you are a part of ASD Market Week. With over 2,700 exhibitors to discover, over 350 new vendors to explore and over 100 educational events to experience, attendees of ASD were equipped to experience a lot… as well as take what they learned and discovered back […]

Nicole Reyhle to Deliver Presentation at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show

Parker, CO (August 8, 2017) – Retail Minded’s Nicole Leinbach Reyhle will return as a speaker to the Rocky Mountain Gift Show this upcoming August 26, 2017 in Denver, CO. This marks the second time Reyhle, a resident of the Denver area, will speak at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show to their retail attendees. I […]

10 Reasons to Attend 2017

Retail is digital, whether you sell online, in a brick and mortar store or both. The reality is, consumers engage digitally as part of their retail journeys and as a result, merchants must respond to the increasingly changing consumer marketplace that leads customers from their retail research to their final point of purchase. Along the […]

Direct to Object Printing: A Game Changer for Retailers, Inventory, Sales & More

Recently I traveled to Rochester, NY where I had the opportunity to experience Xerox’s new Direct to Object Inkjet Printer while it was set up in the merchandise tent at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. This was the first time the Direct to Object Printer has been set up for commercial use at an […]

How to Appeal to the Green Back-to-School Shopper

By Jasmine Glasheen, Generational Marketer for Retail Minded. As we soak up the last days of summer, it’s also time to start thinking about preparing for the back-to-school shopping season. Back-to-school is the second biggest shopping event of the year, and back-to-school shopping is expected to reach new heights in 2017. In fact, NRF predicts […]

How Omnichannel Retail Is Destroying Your Experienced Salesperson Workforce

A New York Times story today shared Saks has turned the entire second floor of their New York City store into The Wellery, including a salt room and fitness bootcamp run by ex-cons.

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