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This Self-Scanning Shopping Bag Could Eliminate Queuing

The old checkout process is out and the new is in via apps that can transform retail industry

In The Age of Emoji, Brands Are Advertising With Icons

Installation brings Pepsi's new campaign to life with IRL emojis

Amazon To Sell E-Books To The Largest School District In The U.S.

Selling digital books to NYC students through an internal marketplace

Six Stars for Success

Time to change it up a little! From time to time I’ll be using this new format, a collection of six topics and thoughts that will help you and your company to grow and develop, and achieve even more short...

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Retail Business

Contributed by Jennifer Pollock of Square.  Your closet isn’t the only space that needs some serious spring cleaning. The change of seasons is also an ideal time to update and organize your retail business; now that you’re a few months into the new year, you have a better sense of how things are going and whether […]

ASD Market Week and the National Gift Basket Convention Co-Locate to Expand Opportunities

Los Angeles, CA — April 26, 2016 — ASD Market Week (ASD) and the National Gift Basket Convention owned by The Gift Basket Association (GBA) announced today that the two groups will be co-locating this summer in Las Vegas. The co-located event will take place July 31 – August 3, 2016. ASD Market Week and […]

How Good Design Can Make You Eat Better

Food shop sweetgreen leveraged customer behavior to design data-driven stores and apps

Kik’s Marketplace Launches With A Branded Chatbot Experience

Social circles quickly flock towards new messaging platforms, with brands following suit

How To Calculate Return On Investment Of A Retail Sales Training Program

Most businesses see sales training as a cost when it should be seen as an investment.

Car Sharing Will Guide Peugeot-Citroen’s US Return

French automaker will use a 'Mobility Provider' strategy to find products right for American market

How To Increase My Retail Sales: Realize It’s Not All About You

This past week I was interviewed for a CNBC story on how CareerCast says working retail is one of the worst jobs you could have. The justification that stood out for me was, “ Standing on your feet for long hours, working with irate customers and bad pay are not uncommon.”

5 Earth Day Tips For Retailers To Begin Implementing Today

As a small retailer, it’s easier to be “green” than you may think. In fact, there’s even a term known as “green retailing”, which identifies both what you sell and how you sell it. But even without selling green focused items, you can still aim to be green in how you manage your store, your store’s […]

Target Leverages Connected Devices To Prepare For An Aging Population

500 of this retailer's stores will allocate sections for a growing demand in digital health tools and products

Collaborative Deliveries Inspired By Uber & Airbnb

Bikoo relies upon the power of the crowd to provide same-day delivery

Technology Could Soon Be Replacing Fast Food Workers

Kiosks and mobile ordering are quickly changing the way we perceive customer service

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