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Eleven Of The Best Free Apps For Retailers

  Contributed by Mallory Russell of Square Smart retailers have smart business apps in their arsenals. Here are eleven fantastic tools for retail businesses, all of which have free trials (or are free altogether). Hootsuite   Staying on top of social media can make your head spin. Hootsuite helps calm the frenzy by allowing you […]

Shark Tank Alum Stand Out at ASD Market Week’s March 2017 Show

The floors of ASD Market Week have been bustling with activity since their doors opened – and with the last day ahead of us, attendees are maximizing their time to experience and discover all that ASD Market Week has to offer. Among these experiences includes the new addition of the Start-Up Arena at ASD Market […]

Store traffic perspectives

One day I was catching up with two friends over coffee when the conversation turned to how bad the traffic had been recently. One friend told us how it was killing his productivity. He's an outside rep and the traffic...

ASD Market Week Offers Latest Trends, Retail Must-Haves & More

From the latest trends to every store’s favorite must-have products, ASD Market Week is the place to be if you’re a retailer looking to increase profit and experience higher margins on what you sell in your store. From brightly colored accessories to neutral home decor to festive party goods and more, ASD Market Week offers […]

Five Ways To Strengthen Your Email In-Box

By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Retail Minded You’re busy… yet life continues to get busier. As small business owners, your to-do-list is never ending and the search for a stronger work-life balance is always on your forecast. This is particularly true when considering your email in-box… a destination you frequent often and yet too often it […]

ASD Market Week Kicks Off With Fresh Vibes, Complimentary Education & More

ASD Market Week has been a longtime favorite trade show among thousands of retailers, having recently been awarded the #1 trade show by Trade Show Network News in 2016. With their first show of 2017 having kicked off on Sunday, March 19th, in Las Vegas, it was no surprise to see a rush of retailers […]

The Gamification Of Retail: How Mobile Apps, Virtual Reality, And Augmented Reality Have Turned Shopping Into A Game

Contributed By Dayana Cadet, Hubba, Inc Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mobile apps… If you’ve noticed an upswing in headlines highlighting these terms, you’re not alone. I’ve noticed it too, and all of these technological trends seem to be pointing towards one simple fact: for consumers, the act of shopping has become a game. […]

Tips For Making Your E-Commerce Store More Competitive In A Crowded Market

Contributed by Cher Zevala Over the last decade, there has been a huge growth in the e-commerce market, particularly in more recent years as increasing numbers of consumers have fallen in love with the convenience, and often price benefits, of shopping online. However, while the sector continues to grow, for new entrepreneurs launching their own […]

Enable Your Employees With Liberating Rules

Four cars arrive at to a four-way stop with no traffic signals at nearly the same time.  Each one is headed in a different direction. What now? Typically, one driver will take the lead and start across the intersection. Alternatively, another driver may wave to permit a different drive to go. Once that car clears, […]

How Retailers Can Cash In On New Commerce

Contributed by Rebecca Kennedy Cash and coins may not yet be a thing of the past, but if the big names in commerce have their way they’re sure on the path to obsolescence. The past year has seen a massive leap towards a cashless society, with retail at the forefront of the brave new commerce […]

An Overview Of Material Handling Equipment

When it comes to packing material and equipment, companies have diverse needs. A home business may need boxes and envelopes for shipping products; a furniture mover may need dollies and blankets; and a factory may need crates, strapping, and winches. Although we take these labor-saving devices for granted, they increase the efficiency of businesses of […]

The Evolution of In-Store Customer Experience From 1800 to 2050

A new study that analyses the history of in-store customer experience and anticipates how the store of the future will look has been released. Carried out by Mood Media, global leader in elevating customer experience, the research highlights retail innovations that represent key milestones in the evolution of the customer experience from the 19th century […]

RETAILMavens to Join the Independent Retailer Conference at ASD Market Week

Parker, CO (March 13, 2017) – The Independent Retailer Conference sponsored by Enspire Commerce looks forward to welcoming RETAILMavens to their upcoming event taking place this March 19-22, 2017 in Las Vegas as part of the Independent Retailer Conference experience at ASD Market Week. Show More Summary

Here’s Proof Retail Sales Training Programs Work...Well Mine Anyways

I‘ve been an onsite sales trainer for upscale retail brands and I’ve helped them achieve extraordinary gains over the last twenty-some years.

Student Loan Debt Now Totals Over $1.3 Trillion

Student loan debt is a reality for many American students and also for black students. The nation student loans are indebtedness now are stands at more than $1.3 trillion are reported by exceeding auto loans and credit card debt. Therefore only mortgage debt is greater. There will be financial meeting with adult children, both of […]

New Administration, New Conflicts: Effective Ways To Prevent Political Strife At Work

Contributed by Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager,  ComplyRight If the polls are correct, we are a nation divided. And that means your employees are probably divided, too. Heated discussions around the water cooler about healthcare, women’s causes and the travel ban are all too common. This places employers in a tricky situation. You want your workers to […]

The need to train and/or coach

I’m excited to announce a brand coaching and leadership program The More Accountable Coach and Leader. This is four-week program for holding yourself and your team accountable to higher standards and results. This is the perfect follow-up to those who...

Refund Retriever Returns to the Independent Retailer Conference at ASD Market Week in March 2017

Parker, CO (March 9, 2017) – The Independent Retailer Conference sponsored by Enspire Commerce looks forward to welcoming Refund Retriever again to their upcoming event this March 19-22, 2017 in Las Vegas as part of the Independent Retailer Conference experience at ASD Market Week. Refund Retriever has previously joined the Independent Retailer Conference at a variety […]

This Little Device Helps Attract More Customers To Your Store

In a sea of smartphones, tablets, and laptops it can be difficult for an independent retailer to lure people away from their screens and into a physical store. Many brick & mortar stores feel that they can no longer compete with online giants such as Amazon. However, a recent study by Google found that 93% […]

Here’s My Woman In Retail Sales Hero On International Women’s Day

Today’s RetailWire discussion revolved around Brian Kilcourse’s shopping trip. The proprietor of Judi’s of Nevada City, a women’s wear store in North California, had just heard a speaker at a small business conference basically tellShow More Summary

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