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Best Point of Sale Systems in the Market Today

If you manage a retail based business then you have probably heard a great deal about the point of sale software systems and you may be wondering whether you should invest in one for your store and restaurant. There are many different points of sale systems available on the market today but before you begin […]

3 Reasons to Consider Reshoring Your Manufacturing

With President Trump’s promise to “make America great again” comes much debate about offshore manufacturing and reshoring jobs in the U.S. If you are considering moving manufacturing abroad or bringing your manufacturing production back to the U.S., here are some benefits to reshoring worth considering. Boost Your Products’ Credibility A “Made in the USA” label […]

Therapeutic Subscription Boxes Promote Calm Living

Calmbox is the latest innovative wellness technique providing self-care tools through a subscription-based service

Here’s The Radical Cutting Edge Disruption In Retail Shoppers Respond To

I was walking around Manhattan after I had finished speaking at the First Data Main Street Matters event when I walked into an art gallery. I was dressed in a very exclusive Roberto Cavalli bomber jacket. And yes, I was wearing pant...

Americans are more in debt

Americans are same or more in debt then the crisis in 2008. From credit card debt, car debt, house debt, or just general debt, more Americans are finding hard to pay off debt. Student loan debt is a big factor as cost of learning is going higher every year. From rising rent costs or food […]

Yell, Tell, or Teach: An EveryDay Coaching tip

When most managers think they are coaching in the moment, they are really doing one of three things with an employee. Yelling - Okay, most leaders aren't usually yellers (at least I hope not), but the leader's focus on what...

Etsy Launches A Global Market For Craft Supplies

Visitors can shop for original DIY projects, tutorials, and supplies to bring them to life

Clothing Brand Tries To Reimagine The Shopping Experience From The Ground Up

The new store in SF takes cues from Apple and Tesla and puts customers at the center of the retail experience

Fed Waiting to See Economic Results from Flurry of Trump Actions

The Federal Reserve is eagerly looking for the President Trump’s executive orders and remarks in terms of economic growth of the US. As the inflation would rise with 2% target with even yet gradual adjustments in the interest rate, the US central bankers kept the Wednesday unchanged with the default lending rate. Though they stick […]

Square Joins The Independent Retailer Conference at ASD Market Week in March 2017

Parker, CO (February 15, 2017) – The Independent Retailer Conference sponsored by Enspire Commerce is excited to announce that Square will join them this upcoming March 19-22, 2017, in Las Vegas as part of the Independent Retailer Conference experience at ASD Market Week. Square has partnered with the Independent Retailer Conference at past events, however this will mark […]

Fake Pop-Up Seeks To Uncover The Dark Side Of Modern Communication

The Glass Room is not what it seems, illustrating the pitfalls of our constantly connected Information Age

4 Ways Entertainment Creators Are Co-Producing Content

Our Entertainment Debrief explores how content is being created autonomously in relation to user’s contextual environments, thanks to  machine learning and data powered algorithms

Lush Cosmetics Is Helping To Support Cotton Farmers In Fukushima

The cosmetics retailer is providing much-needed income in this now-marginalized area of Japan

Online Fragrance Startup Sells Scents Through Music

Phlur uses pictures, descriptions, and music to sell perfume online rather than at the store

Postmates Will Now Deliver Alcohol In Less Than 25 Minutes

The new service moves into the drinks delivery space of other options such as Minibar Delivery or Drizly

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines day is all about sharing love with your significant other. And it is also time for most retailers to make money of things that will sell the most on valentines day. Flowers, Teddy Bears, and many other retail items are sold at epic prices to make as much as they can on this important […]

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