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Holiday Shopping: 9 Tips To Get Last Minute Shoppers To Spend  More In Your Brick And Mortar Store

How can brick and mortar retailers compete against online retailers to get their fair share of holiday shopping? There is one simple advantage your physical store has, you are local.

The Top 3 Most Powerful Tech Trends For 2018

The next 12 months promises to be a fascinating period for technology around the world. The biggest players in tech are working on some exceptional developments that could change everyday lives for consumers and alter the face of certain industries forever. With only a matter of weeks until we celebrate the New Year, let’s take […]

Tech The Halls: The Best Holiday Technology For Small Business Retailers

By Ed Cortez, Rubicon Global From apps to POS systems to e-commerce, there are one million different ways to ring in the holidays smoothly and successfully. And as most small businesses know, preparing for the holiday retail rush is no small task. Fortunately for today’s small businesses, the retail tech is getting better every year. […]

Sexual Harassment 101 for Retailers

Contributed by Carol Wood.  How to handle sexual harassment claims can be overwhelming and terrifying for every business — from small stores to major retail chains. But it shouldn’t be. Regrettably, at some point, some who run or manage retail stores become aware of sexual harassment. Here are a few tips that will help you […]

How To Use Online Polls To Improve Your Products and Boost Your Brand

Creating the right products for the right people is fundamental for achieving success in retail business. Easy online questions can be a quick and simple way to ask about specific details to improve your product and services and gather valuable feedback from your customers and target audience. Social media polls are the best way to […]

IGES 2017 Show Proves Successful for Merchants & Vendors Alike

Whether you’re new to retail, a veteran merchant or looking to explore new trade shows and new-to-you vendors, IGES was the place to be this past October 31 – November 4, 2017. Held annually, IGES is a retail favorite gift show that takes place in the Smoky Mountains of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, Tennessee. Buyers from […]

Sexual Harassment Is A Hot Topic. Here’s How To Prevent A Hostile Environment In Your Retail Store

You can’t open a webpage without seeing a new charge of sexual harassment or the downfall of some powerful man in the workplace as a result.

How Retail Employees Can Maintain Their Sanity During The Holidays

The first week of December can be the calm before the storm. Your seasoned retail employees know what is in store, your newbies have no idea.

4 Items Every Independent Retail Business Should Update Regularly

As a business owner, it’s easy to get so focused on running your daily operations that you forget about maintaining your infrastructure. But allowing your infrastructure to get outdated can hurt your efficiency and cost you money in ways you may not realize. For instance, workers spend an average of 520 hours a year on […]

Starting A Tech Company Without Technical Experience

Securing office space, bringing 20 employees on board within a year, pitching to investors, running a Kickstarter campaign, and launching a new product or service to potentially thousands of customers can be a daunting task. Starting a tech company has other challenges. You may have envisioned building a website or app for your startup, without […]

Building A Better Buying Experience To Reduce The Risk Of Return

Contributed by Chris Palmer, CEO, BoxFox In today’s world of ‘trends’ and ‘It Style’, consumers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest in apparel. Unfortunately for retailers, this also means that consumers are returning more purchases than ever before. In fact, 23% of all clothing purchases get returned, usually because something doesn’t fit correctly. While […]

How Brick And Mortar Stores Can Win Against Online Retailers This Holiday

Many news outlets scrambled over the weekend to pull together every fact they could to show the retail apocalypse – a story that seems to continue to write itself.

3 Data-Driven Insights That Can Strengthen Your Holiday Retail Success

Navigating online and offline retail has never been black and white for merchants. After all, the reality is that no two customers are the same… or are no two merchants – even if they’re a multi-chain store – simply because their immediate community, weather and customers will undoubtedly vary.  Fortunately, these fine print details do […]

The Place Of Artificial Intelligence In E-Commerce

The future is here: Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming an important tool for eCommerce merchants looking to provide an improved customer experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a distant concept to most, explored in futuristic science fiction movies as an idea of what lies ahead in the world of science and technology. But AI […]

Security Essentials to Protect Your Retail Location

Shoplifting and employee theft both increased in 2016. Shoplifting cost employers $798.48 per incident and employee theft cost $1,922.80 per occurrence, according to National Retail Federation statistics. A decrease in retail security budgets has contributed to this growing theft, the NRF’s research found. Show More Summary

How Sponsorship Can Boost an Indie Brand

Sponsorship is the act of providing in-kind or financial support to an individual, organization, non-profit or event. For decades sponsorship has been utilized by some of the world’s leading brands, but more and more small businesses and independent brands are beginning to recognize what a powerful tool it can be. When it’s done right, sponsorship […]

3 Ways to Monitor Employees Internet Usage Fairly

In an effort to curb the time employees spend idly browsing the web, checking social media or wasting time in other ways – some employers are starting to monitor internet usage. While it is certainly well within your rights to track how employees are using work computers and time, it is important to be fair […]

The 5 Best Ways To Drive Customer Conversion Rates In Your Store

In April of 2016, my blog 5 Ways How to Raise Your Retail Sales Associates' Conversion Rate was shared almost 5000 times.

Holiday Customer Service: 7 Tips Retailers Should Not Ignore

By Nancy Friedman. The holidays are fast approaching. Few times are more important for store owners and managers. The holidays cannot only help make your financial year a huge success, but it’s also a prime opportunity to gain new customers who will return year-round. However, if your employees fail at customer service and are not […]

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