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7 Things Every Retailer Should Takeaway From The Toys R Us Demise And Lowes Conversion Rate Problem

The big news this week was that Toys R Us took the final step to close all 735 of their US stores and put 33,000 people out of work.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2

The Biggest Movie of 2018 Avengers Infinity War goes straight from Hot to the Hottest Trailer of the year as all the heroes united against Thanos for the ultimate battle. The post Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 appeared first on Retail Business Retail Sales Retail Jobs News Blog.

Rex Tillerson Fired by President Trump

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired by Donald Trump today after many months of speculation. Trump and Tillerson have been going different directions on policies and fallout between the two has long being rumored as a problematic relationship. Show More Summary

What’s The Best Shipping Software For Your Retail Operations?

When I was first starting out, one of my first jobs was as a janitor and shipping clerk at Slavick’s jewelers in Glendale, California. Depending on the item’s value and where it was going, my boss would tell me to ship it either UPS or I had to take it to the Post Office. Even a small box could take a half hour to fill out the various forms and insurance.

Off-Price Retail Cannot Be The Way Forward, Customer Service Must Be

Back when I was a kid, I had a coughing fit at a concert. My mom looked down at me, grabbed her purse, and gave me a tissue. The purse was a fairly generic brown lined in black with lots of space. While it had several compartments inside to isolate groupings of items, she just used the middle part.

7 Tips To Improve Your Store Sales Via Your Website And Social Media

A local business group asked me to present for half a day. It was a typical group of small and medium-sized businesses who sold everything from clothing and sporting goods to banking services, insurance, and technology.

Toys R Us Tumbles with more store closures

There is more bad news coming from one time big toy dealer Toys R US, as sales much lower than expected the past holiday season, there will be 200 more stores closing as a result of it. As well as corporate jobs loss to try to stop the...Show More Summary

At&t brings 5G to Dallas, Texas

AT&T announced it is bringing its powerful 5 G network to only a few cities to try out. Dallas, Atlanta and Waco with few other dozen markets by end of 2018. More news will be coming as AT&T plans out and puts their new 5G network in...Show More Summary

Amazon Prime Rewards Card offers 5% back on purchases

As Walmart told stock holders their online sales has slowed down this quarter compared to last quarter, their stocks fell 10% as Amazon continues its trend of being the ultimate online giant. Even worse, Amazon just announced more Amazon...Show More Summary

How to Create Loyal Retail Employees

You don't want the reason you have loyal retail employees to be because they don't ask for a raise or they've been there for a long time without challenging you. You want loyal retail employees who are passionate about your business and you are constantly working to develop.

Florida School Shotting victims and Gun Control

As the whole world mourns the loss of 17 victims killed by a former student of that high school, there are reactions from politicians and Hollywood celebs on what will be the aftermath of this horrible shooting. As President Trump gave...Show More Summary

How To Close A Sale In 2018? Address Shoppers Five Roadblocks

The days of trying to make shoppers buy something are gone. Even if you still try to use old school closing techniques, the world has changed.

How To Improve An Underperforming Retail Sales Team

Do you remember what it was like when you started your first retail sales job? The joy of finding out how you could do better, and especially sell better, was intoxicating.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Movie Trailer

As Black Panther starts roaring in the theatres this February, Another Movie that is coming full speed ahead that looks like another Marvelblockbuster in the making is Ant-Man and the Wasp. By looking at the trailer, it looks very much...Show More Summary

Best credit cards for 2018

As a new year is rolling around and you must have started evaluating this year’s goal. Well, the very last thing that comes to your mind this year probably is issuing a credit card. However, let us tell you that this is the perfect time of the year to go for a credit card. Show More Summary

How To Stop Rotten Customer Service Experiences In Your Retail Store

Last week I wrote a rather scathing review of my recent visit to The Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans.

The Ritz-Carlton Review: My Personal Customer Service Horror Story

I was standing naked, covered only in a towel and yelling down from the second floor of the men’s spa at the Ritz-Carlton, “Is anyone there? Get me out of here!”

Breaking Through Borders: How To Start Selling To Customers Abroad

The goal of any business, large or small, is to reach the largest audience possible. Regardless of whether you’re a niche brand only wanting to sell to likeminded people or you offer a product for the masses, accessing said masses is important. Of course, if your local market in the population of the US (323 […]

Six Key Business Tips for Online Companies

Good organizational skills are hugely important for the maintenance of any business but particularly for online ventures because your web assets could number in the dozens. Your web assets include your entire online presence so this means your social media profiles, an actual website, email accounts, and your hosting account. It is crucial to ensure […]

Tips for Selling Restricted Items In Today’s Economy

Selling restricted items like liquor, guns and medicine online creates huge challenges. We present some tips on how to do just that, because there is a way to succeed even as you face an ever-growing list of regulations in today’s e-commerce economy. Your task is even greater than most business owners face. Mindset Is A […]

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