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English Management Returns to the Independent Retailer Conference at ASD Market Week

Parker, CO (July 18, 2017) – The Independent Retailer Conference will welcome English Management to the upcoming Independent Retailer Conference held at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas from July 30 – August 2, 2017. English Management returns to the Independent Retailer Conference after having been a part of multiple IRC experiences at past ASD Market […]

5 Reasons Retailers Need to Attend ASD Market Week This Summer

Attending trade shows are among the best things retailers can do when trying to strengthen their business. From gaining insight on the latest inventory trends to identifying business solutions to help them operate their stores more efficiently to networking with industry leaders and like-minded store owners, there is no shortage of strengths when it comes […]

New Online Tool Highlights The Complexity Of Federal, State And Local Minimum Wage Laws

By Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager at ComplyRight, Inc. Keeping track of minimum wage changes can be a challenging task for any business. That’s why ComplyRight has created a comprehensive, easy-to-use interactive map that allows users to track hourly wages with a few clicks of the mouse. Comparing Minimum Wage Rates is Quick and Easy […]

How To Successfully Conquer Goal Setting For Your Retail Store

I used to handle all the franchise training for a coffee chain. I encouraged new franchisees to tell their employees the inciting incident that made them set a goal to own their own business.

Game of Thrones Season 7 in business

As Game of Thrones season 7 premieres on HBO, I always wondered how this is used in some way in Business. As cut throat as it is, every kingdom tries to stay in power by over taking or destroying their rivals with careful planning and help from others. In Retail, it is the same. […]

Generational Insights: Creating the Perception of Value

Too many retailers are terrified of Generation Z based off of the fact that they’re comparison shoppers. It’s true that young shoppers are quick to hop on their Iphones to find the best price on an item, but there’s no need for small business owners to worry. If you’re a small to medium-sized retailer, let […]

Amazon’s next big news or sale

Amazon “Prime Day” is coming with a green Amazon is seeing. If you saved anything that is left over from the July 4th spending, maybe take a look at a sale frenzy that Amazon will have on July 12, but it starts 9pm on July 11th, I am reviewed the items that are going on […]

How to Battle the 7 Retail Trends Affecting Today's Consumer

With lower foot traffic, retailers are desperate to get a handle on the top retail trends to see where their customers went and how to get them back. But the bigger question is Why isn’t the economy working like it used to? The answer is gray due to so many contradictions.

Big Move by France regarding gas cars

In a big move by a big country, France has decided to end of all gas and diesel cars by 2040. Some countries are already doing that in 2025 and India in 2030. It’s a plan that France thinks it can make. But it’s not really a emergency plan since 2040 is a long time […]

Independent Retailer Conference to Welcome All Star Speaking Line-Up at ASD Market Week

Parker, CO (July 5, 2017) – The Independent Retailer Conference will welcome twenty-one leading retail experts and industry leaders to their stage this upcoming  July 30 – August 2 in Las Vegas at ASD Market Week, where the Independent Retailer Conference holds their flagship conference twice a year. Among the experts planning to take their […]

Will pharmacy be the next battleground for Amazon and Walmart?

Amazon and Walmart are locked in a battle for retail supremacy with both parties moving aggressively into their opponent’s territory. Amazon is focused on expanding offline distribution via brick-and-mortar stores, and Walmart is rounding out their online assortment and presence. Although the two are taking different approaches to building a digital empire, each party is […]

Competing With Amazon On High Street

The retail juggernaut Amazon’s decision to move more of its operations to bricks and mortar could be one of the biggest challenges to face the high street since the introduction of the internet. Although all major retailers have internet presence, few are as successful in their market area as Amazon and none have the pervasiveness […]

Tricks To Creating A Successful Online Catalog

Written by Kate Durocher The whole world is going digital. From newspapers to shopping, the web is the place to succeed. This means that your designs, products, and ideas need to be available and presented to potential buyers online. You need a catalog and you need it now. But if it were easy to create a […]

What Businesses Need to Know When Defending Against ADA Lawsuits

By James O’Brien, Pryor Cashman LLP So, your business has been served with a summons and complaint by a disabled plaintiff whom you have never met and from whom you have never heard.  They allege that your business violated Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), state civil rights laws (many states have […]

The Kingdom Of Abandoned Carts

Contributed by Nikolay Savin, Product Manager at Optimize Your Online Store’s UX And Get Ahead Of The Competition If you use a retrospective analysis to learn tactics that helped successful retailers build their businesses, you’ll see they focus on the conversion rate improvement. In this article you can find three broken down steps to […]

Takata files for Bankruptcy Protection

Takata Corp, a airbag maker has file for bankruptcy protection after a massive recall and lawsuits has this company gone under quicker than anything we have ever seen. With tens of billions of dollars in costs and liabilities still pending, Takata Corp has more issues than answers. Read full story here

These 3 Advertising Mistakes are the Kiss of Death with Gen Z Customers

It’s great that your company recognizes the importance of advertising to Generation Z. Also called “pivotals” and “post-Millennials,” Generation Z already makes up the biggest part of the U.S. population, so you’re right to try to establish a brand relationship with these future consumers. However, Generation Z is averse to advertising — especially digital advertising […]

New Ways To Display Your Wares

It is a time-honored tradition in retail to display your products in a way that encourages customers to buy them. As our commerce system has gone from mom-and-pop to big box, techniques that were once simply a matter of placing things in plain view has become a science. Everything from lighting to placement relative to […]

Retail Strategy: 5 Things Retailers Must Commit To Master

This is a retail strategy post with many items for smaller retailers as well as some for larger retailers...

Ron Howard takes over Han Solo

Han Solo, another big budget coming soon from LucasFilm and Disney has a new director in Ron Howard. After having creative issues with the past director, Disney decided to replace them with a more experienced director that they can see eye to eye. Read full story here

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