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Adidas Urban Football Center Meets Footballers’ Growing Needs

THE BASE is a semi-permanent soccer facility that sports a warm up area, a dedicated skills area, and will let participants help prototype products

Customers Come To Buy. Don’t Let Them Walk Without Being Sold

Imagine cooking a recipe and then leaving the food in the pan without serving it. That would have wasted your time… Lazy or untrained employees do a similar thing to your customers - by not selling them and instead just wasting their time. Recently RetailWire reposted a blog of mine, How To Help Associates Conquer Their Selling Fears. Show More Summary

The Future Supermarket Will Be as Much a Learning Space as a Shopping Center

Design firm Carlo Ratti Associati reimagines the Future Food District as a hub of interactivity and education

One-Man Manufacturer Explains Why Personalization is Key to Small Business

Kennedy City Bicycles on the process behind buying a bicycle designed for your urban needs

Discover Food in the Grocery Store According to Diet Restrictions

Ingredient1 ensures that every ingredient you consume aligns with your personal 'food philosophy'

Couture Trumps Cocktails at Hotel Fashion Bar

Hotel guests in Antwerp can rent clothes and accessories tailored to their location and pay when they check out

Independent Floristry Powered By Social Media and Bicycles

Frictionless fulfillment with graceful human element makes Petalon your new favorite delivery service

How To Avoid Hearing A Customer’s “No, I’m Just Looking” Ever Again

Were you ever picked by a teacher to come up in front of class when you weren’t prepared to speak? It felt like hell, I bet. There’s an area of your retail store potential customers will avoid; it is the first eight feet after your doors. Show More Summary

How a Michelin-Starred Chef Moved His Business to the Streets

Smokestak sets up shop at London’s thriving community cornerstone for food, music and culture

Improve results be creating new positive habits

When I was a kid, I had a friend who bit his fingernails. It drove his mother crazy. She was always badgering him to stop. She tried coating his nails with some product that supposedly tasted so bad he wouldn't...

Retail Minded’s FREE Special Edition About Point of Sale Available Now!

June 2, 2015 – Parker, CO – Retail Minded – the nation’s only retail lifestyle publication that works with a variety of retail focused associations and groups to deliver news, education and support – has released it’s first ever Special Edition. The issue focuses on Point of Sale, as well as offers insight on how […]

From Hands Off to All In: Best Web Platforms for Your Store’s Site

E-commerce is the lifeblood of independent retail. Even with a successful brick-and-mortar business, the earning potential behind online retail is bigger than any physical location. Time Magazine reports that Americans spend more than $500,000 every 60 seconds on store websites. If your business isn’t online, it needs to be… yesterday. Startups have a huge advantage […]

4 Retail Sales Training Techniques to Reinvent the Customer Experience

Retail salespeople are the public face of the company, the front lines of customer relations, and they define the company for everyone they encounter. Their training determines how a retailer is viewed. The limits of these instructional...Show More Summary

The Rag and Bone Man Designs Beautiful Rooms from Trash

The showroom takes on a new form: customers visit warehouse of old scraps to pick 'future heirlooms’

BoxFox Joins the Independent Retailer Conference at ASD Market Week

Parker, CO (June 1, 2015) – The Independent Retailer Conference is thrilled to welcome BoxFox to the upcoming Independent Retailer Conference presented by Lightspeed POS taking place at ASD Market Week from August 2-5, 2015 in Las Vegas as a conference sponsor. The Independent Retailer Conference is excited to welcome BoxFox for the first time to the upcoming […]

Lightspeed POS Joins the Independent Retailer Conference as Title Sponsor

Parker, CO (June 1, 2015) – The Independent Retailer Conference is thrilled to welcome Lightspeed POS as the title sponsor of the upcoming Independent Retailer Conference taking place at ASD Market Week from August 2-5, 2015 in Las Vegas. This marks the second time Lightspeed POS has joined the Independent Retailer Conference as a title sponsor, with […]

Amazon Private-Label Food Items Hint Produce Domination

The e-commerce giant is looking to take its grocery business 'Elements' to new heights with trademark protection on milk, coffee, soup, and baby food products

How Do You Get in With Stevie Wonder’s Bassist? Create an Irresistible Shopping Experience

Jim Fleeting, a participant in Sol's Local Heroes Campaign, encourages customers to 'test drive' their product throughout manufacturing

Make Finding Your Dream Home Less of an App Nightmare

RealSavvy streamlines home search, discovery and buying for real estate agents and owners alike

How To Correct The 5 Biggest Salesperson Turnoffs For Retail Customers

Untrained retail employees often think merchandise sells itself. That if a customer wants something, they’ll tell you. To those employees, I offer that selling in many ways is like dating. You have to get a stranger to like you before they will ever commit. That is why customers shop with a salesperson. Show More Summary

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