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Travel Trends Could Bring Shoppers Back to Brick and Mortar

By Jen Handley, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Fizziology.  The rise of IoT and online shopping have taken a toll on the success of independent retailers across the nation. As consumers shift their purchase habits from in-store to online, brick-and-mortar shops are faced with the challenge of attracting shoppers out of their homes, and into the […]

Uber’s head of finance is gone

Uber’s head of Finance Gautam Gupta is leaving to join a start up adding on a string of executives who are have left uber from sexual misconduct allegations to other issues that are arising fast and quick for a very useful tool that most customers use on a daily basis. Even I have used uber […]

Generational Insights: Taking a Cue From Younger Generations

I recently read an article about what “10 Successful Women Were Doing in Their 20s” and it got me thinking about timing and the fiscal benefits of belief in one’s own capabilities. I’ve met many potential entrepreneurs from Generation X who have their dreams on an internal timeline. Although they want to start their own […]

The SBA 504 Loan: Fighting Fears of Office Ownership for Small Businesses

Contributed by Chris Turn. For many small business owners, the words “real estate” can elicit everything from anxiety to utter dread. Like a bitter pill, some entrepreneurs tend to squirm at the thought of owning the plot of land on which their business resides, assuming the worst about costs and the headaches that come with […]

7.5 Million Retail Jobs To Vanish – 73% Are Women. It’s Now Or Never For Retail Sales Training

A study warned recently that up to 7.5 million retail jobs could be gone in the coming years due to automation.

Boosting Wellbeing In The Workplace: Strategies Businesses Should Adopt

During the financial year 2015-2016, 11.7 million working days were lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety. That’s an awful lot of lost business time, and highlights how important it is for employers to make wellbeing in the workplace a priority. But, what can you do if you’re an employer or in a […]

From the Editor: Girl Starter, Making Dreams Come True & Entrepreneurship

As a female entrepreneur, I am always in awe of other women I meet who have also become entrepreneurs. I wish I could say it’s simply for the admiration of someone following a dream, but it’s much more than this. When I meet or learn of other women entrepreneurs, I know firsthand the struggles, challenges, […]

Building A Brand Experience

Contributed by Erika Hill, Visual Merchandiser at Store Supply Warehouse The word “branding” is a catchy one in the retail world. From huge fashion conglomerates to small boutique businesses, a well-crafted identity can help a customer recognize and choose your store over another. Often, the word “branding” brings up notions of logos, colors, and design. […]

5 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Next Trade Show Experience

Attending trade shows can be exciting yet overwhelming while informative yet intimidating. There’s a lot to accomplish while attending a trade show – particularly one that offers you such an expansive opportunity to discover new vendors, unique product finds, countless educational opportunities and more, such as ASD Market Week offers bi-annually in Las Vegas. Keeping this […]

How the Power of Community and Connection is Reshaping Commerce

Contributed By Dayana Cadet of Hubba, Inc. As of late, there has been a lot of doom and gloom coverage harkening the death of retail. But every shakeup looks like death and destruction from afar. Hubba has taken a closer look and found that for every bankruptcy headline, there are thousands of unique retail business […]

How Many Hours Should You Invest In Retail Sales Training?

People often ask me, “How many hours does it take for retail sales training?”

Ford fires CEO Mark Fields

Ford is one the most well known motor company in the world, but losing market share and shareholders not really impressed with the reasons to buy the stock has fired CEO Mark Fields to shake up the business and take it in a different direction. Read full story here

The Future of Product Sourcing Means Increased Sales for You

With worldwide eCommerce sales expected to grow to $3.5 trillion by 2019, there is no better time to be an eCommerce retailer! Finding the right opportunities, navigating changing consumer trends, quickly expanding your product offerings, and finding the right suppliers are all paramount for tapping into this projected growth. Here is how you can give […]

Sears’ CEO Blames Vendors

Sears is a well known retail clothing store that has been going through hard financial times since 2007. The business’ sales have been hit hard, but what is more troubling is their lack of inventory. Though many suppliers are unwilling to come out and say it, they have concerns that the retail clothing store may […]

Generational Insights: Hello, How Are You & Gaming

Welcome to my first write-up as part of the Retail Minded team! I’m thrilled to be on board and to bring my insight into the retail and technology sectors for Retail Minded. It’s been inspiring to see how many new and existing Retail Minded clients are as excited as we are about the announcement of my […]

Heavy Ford job Cuts coming

One of the biggest motor company Ford Motors has announced round of layoffs to protect the loss of revenue bad sales and of course profit loss that is upsetting stock holders. This negative impact will be influenced by what Ford considers on the layoffs. They are considering laying off salaried workers to avoid any issues […]

Understanding the Psychology of Waiting In Line Online

Customer experience is crucial in the online retail industry. However, creating a consistently positive experience for each customer that enters your online store can be challenging. What’s the one element that you may not be able to eliminate altogether, but you can work to understand better and mitigate the potential risks moving forward? Waiting in […]

What Data Is Captured By POS Software? Can It Be Used To Improve Business?

Point of sale (POS) software is basically the software used by brick and mortar shops when conducting sales. It may be connected to the cash register or installed in a computer or tablet to take the place of a cash register. Typically, POS software are more complex than cash registers as they are capable of […]

Introducing… Retail Minded’s New Generational Marketer & Writer Jasmine Glasheen

Parker, CO (May 15, 2017) – Retail Minded is thrilled to announce the introduction of Jasmine Glasheen as Retail Minded’s new Generational Marketer – a role specifically created for Glasheen based on her expertise in the retail sector – specifically in supporting businesses looking to capture the attention of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Show More Summary

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