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Perfecting the Science of Franchise Site Selection

The single most important factor in the site selection process is not finding the right real estate – it’s finding the right customers. Today’s retail landscape is littered with failed concepts that believed if they built it, customers would come. Read on! ?

How to Optimize Territory Development for Your Franchise

As you know, it’s a competitive market for franchisees, who compete not only for customers, but also for internal resources and attention from their franchisor. Franchisees know that they have a higher likelihood of failing if they are poorly managed Read on! ?

From E-Tail to Retail

It seems like just yesterday that brick and mortar retailers were scrambling to create online storefronts and that reports of their imminent demise were rampant. But now those reports seem to have been exaggerated. The tides are changing back in Read on! ?

Retail Success Within Reach: Why CEOs Must Embrace Sales Training

If you’re the CEO of a retail chain, the sales environment looks pretty scary right now. Hardly a week goes by without news of another once-successful chain closing its doors. Last week it was Jack Spade, the 22-year old offshoot of Kate Spade. The chains that remain open are still reporting sluggish sales, despite an improving economy. Show More Summary

How Innovators are Reinventing the Retail Experience

We look ahead to the big retail trends of 2015 and this year’s SXSW lineup

Contextual Commerce Can Make Our Lives Easier

Rob Katcher of Hiku discusses the importance of contextual commerce platforms in a mobile-rich landscape

Sixty Seconds to Success

One of the most important but under utilized tools for running a successful store is the staff chat out. Some people also call it a check out. Whatever the name, it is the brief end of day conversation with each...

Main Street New Jersey Renews Partnership With Retail Minded

Parker, CO (February 17, 2015) – Main Street New Jersey and Retail Minded Magazine have renewed their partnership in an effort to better support the independent businesses and retailers within the Main Street New Jersey organization. Delivered up to eight times a year, the Main Street New Jersey will introduce Retail Minded Magazine and other […]

Context Has Awakened Mobile as an Active Shopping Agent

Contextually-driven actions, empowered by mobile sensor tech, are reconditioning the phone into a contributive shopping companion

Nike NYC Pop-Up Shop Grants Fans Early Access to Premium Gear App

SNKRS Station acts as physical representation of upcoming mobile experience for cream-of-the-crop inventory

Three Up Selling Tips for Retailers

Upselling is about challenging customer preconceptions and getting them to see the value behind every product you sell. Most customers aren’t cheap, they’ve simply adopted a mindset that most products are of comparable quality. A shirt is a shirt. Show More Summary

Save While You Shop for Gifts

Want an extra special gift for that extra special person in your life? Shopping for gifts—whether for your spouse, parent, sibling or friend—doesn’t mean you have to shell out too much cash for the perfect present. There are plenty of ways you can show your love without emptying your bank account. Here Use coupons Want […]

Are You Desperately Marketing Your Business With Daily Deals Like Groupon? Stop It

I received an email the other day regarding marketing that said, “I've been doing business with Groupon and they've basically become my partner. I am trying to find ways to convert referrals to customers, but can't seem to find the right bait. Show More Summary

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines Days from us to you. Question is how do most retail stores make money on the most loved day of the year. It’s easy, make sure it’s all pink, pretty, and know how to sell it at bargain prices. Like most restaurants that will have 2 hour or more wait lines, you can […]

Working on Valentine’s Day? 3 Last-Minute Ways to Boost Business

With Valentine’s Day less than 48 hours away, procrastinators everywhere are scrambling to make last-minute plans for their significant others…and, to that same degree, retail owners and managers are preparing for the horde of scrambling procrastinators. When you work in retail, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for gushing and swooning, it’s an opportunity to […]

Showroom Enhances Its Merchandise with Digital and Physical Showcase Blend has opened a showroom in London’s SoHo that will display both tangible and digital products

Apple and Amazon Know Connection with Millennials Requires Innovation

Millennials are looking for brands to innovate, and most innovative brands from Amazon to Apple to Chipotle aren’t afraid to challenge status quo

7 Stories You Need to Know Today

Why fashion magazines matter, how Pinterest is fashioning itself as an e-commerce site, and why life after Facebook matters

Make More Money When You Source Your Inventory at ASD Market Week

No one knows your customer better than you, so aim to please when it comes to offering your customers what they both want and need. A great way to do this is by shopping ASD Market Week – your Affordable Shopping Destination – in an effort to stock your store with the latest trends in fashion, […]

Customer Service: Greeting Your Retail Customers

I walked into a Walgreen’s today in Minneapolis. A pleasant young woman from behind the counter looked over at me and said, “Welcome to Walgreens.” I nodded and thanked her and went on my hunt for Sudafed. Afterward, I walked into Nordstrom...Show More Summary

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