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Selling Strategies to Help Tourists Want to Spend

Tourism is big business. In fact, the World Travel & Tourism Council recently identified that one out of three jobs is related to tourism in top North American cities. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to understand that tourism and spending go hand-in-hand. The catch, however, is identifying how you can capture tourist dollars despite […]

The Holidays Are Coming: How to Hire the Best Seasonal Employees

By John Waldmann, CEO of Homebase.  The holidays are around the corner.  Time to staff-up and add part-time, hourly workers. Hiring terrific, informative and helpful seasonal employees is key to your customer relations and holiday sales. So, here’s what to look for when hiring seasonal employees. See if Your Current Workforce Can Take on More […]

How To Prepare Your Store For Black Friday And Strong Holiday Retail Sales

There will be five Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Maybe that's why the National Retail Federation expects holiday retail sales to grow about 4 percent.

Tips on How to Keep Your Store Merchandising Fresh & Fun

By Amanda Wolfson. Coming off of a recent store renovation for a major national department store, I got an insider’s look at what is important in giving a retail store a makeover and keeping its aesthetics modern and fresh – no matter how large or small your store may be. Among the things that stood […]

Netflix to invest 8 billion dollars 2018

As Netflix grabs more subscribers even stunning themselves, they are investing 8 billion dollars during 2018 to even grab higher market share with only licensed Netflix content for even more subscribers. Netflix announced in the third...Show More Summary

3 Ways to Help Gift Stores Strengthen Their Merchandising

When it comes to brick and mortar stores, nothing is more powerful than the visual appeal your store can offer. From the curb appeal of your storefront to what customers see when they first walk into your retail space, there are countless ways to entice consumers through displays and merchandising. To help? Consider the three […]

Black Panther Full Movie Trailer

New Black Panther movie coming out in Feb 2018 already looks like a blockbuster in the making. The new trailer dropped today with amazing music and sound as Black Panther comes home after losing his father to start his duties as a King. Show More Summary

Integrity is Not Situational. Do You Show It?

By Chris Edmonds. You do not have to go very far in global media outlets to find reports of highly visible, otherwise “responsible” people behaving badly. Whether it’s for accusations of sexual harassment, degrading behavior, misuse of funds or more, you can easily find news articles about men and women who do not demonstrate a […]

How To Stop Online Retailers From Eating Away At Your Business

During a recent road trip, I stopped at a country store that dated back to the Revolutionary War. Creaky wooden floorboards, bright, tall windows, white walls…you get the picture.

Market Predictors Have Their Jobs Cut out for Them

The world of fashion has always been a fickle one, but when you mix teens with fashion, then it makes the jobs of marketers even more difficult. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand this, all you need to do is look at the...Show More Summary

Justice League Movie Trailers

One of the most iconic characters in the DC universe will be coming together in the Justice League movie, one of the most wanted movie to watch this year. Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and many some other hidden super heroes might show up. Show More Summary

Star Wars The Last Jedi

As Star Wars The Last Jedi gets closer to release, a New Trailer has emerged that gives out little bit more details regarding what we might expect in this upcoming feature. The most anticipated movie of the year, The Last Jedi will bring us closer to many questions many fans are asking. Show More Summary

How to find jobs online?

As the holiday season is upon us, there will also be many seasonal positions opening up for most retail stores big and small. Looking for job these days is much easier than what it used to be in the olden days. Every job is online, paper...Show More Summary

What can Sears Canada Shutting Down all stores teach everyone

Sear’s Canada shutting down all their stores and liquidating everything effective immediately if court approves the liquidation process should give everyone a lesson regarding the failing signs of once a big time retailer. Most employees...Show More Summary

Federal Deregulation Update: Where Do We Stand Nine Months Into The Trump Administration?

By Susan Drenning, President, ComplyRight, Inc. A month after the Trump administration took office, I shared some insights on how the federal deregulation goal was leading to an uptick in state and local employment legislation. I recommended that retailers across the U.S. keep a close eye on this trend – and plan to respond to […]

Ace Hardware Acquires Majority Stake in The Grommet, Helping to Further Support Local Entrepreneurs

Oak Brook, Ill. and Somerville, Mass., Oct. 3, 2017 – Ace Hardware Corporation and The Grommet, announced that Ace Hardware has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in e-commerce startup, The Grommet. The Grommet operates an e-commerce website that markets and sells new and innovative products created by independent entrepreneurs, also known as Makers. […]

Equifax data breach horror

As the Equifax data breach uproar continues with multiple lawsuits from multiple states, the Equifax CEO and other Equifax attidudes towards what has happen is more pointing fingers at each other with complete disregard of taking ownership...Show More Summary

What Tech From Will Millennials Expect in the Coming Years?

By Jasmine Glasheen, Generational Marketer for Retail Minded. It seems like every journalist’s favorite topic is writing about how Millennials are obsessed with technology. Yet if Millennials are so enamored with tech, why do many retail stores look about the same as they did 10 years ago (with the exception of a few extra “Sale” […]

Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

As the world mourns the loss of all the victims killed by a lone gunman. The questions begin who the gunman was? His name was Stephen Paddock, with no criminal background who in one single night destroyed the lives of many by a cowardly act. Show More Summary

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