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Podcast #46: Hopelessly Optimistic

Taking questions from the reader mailbag.

KBOO Bike Show: Technology

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.6MB) Alex and Tori talk with Adam Vollmer of Faraday Bikes and Christy Jensen of Superpedestrian (makers of the Copenhagen Wheel) about e-bikes and their riding experience. The post KBOO Bike Show: Technology appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #45: Complicated Social Engineering

Lynnwood link costs (1:43) Monorail and Orca (16:55) Simplified bus fares (21:59) Federal Way Link Extension (36:05)

Podcast #44: A Guy who Likes Subways

Commute Seattle Executive Director Jonathan Hopkins joins us.  Topics include: Lowering drive alone rates (2:55) Fixing 3rd Avenue (23:55) ST3 timelines (37:37) Bike share (42:15)

KBOO Bike Show: Cycle Touring

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.9MB) Tori and Terry talk with Alex Phillips who oversees the Oregon Scenic Bikeways program at Oregon Parks and Recreation and Zack Ham and Kevin Prentice of “Ride with GPS” about cycle touring and tools to help plan your route. The post KBOO Bike Show: Cycle Touring appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #43: Election Insta-Analysis

Buses to trailheads (1:40) More on I-947 (7:35) Bike share economic models (14:05) Election night early results (25:00)

Podcast #42: Splitting the Vote

Eyman returns (00:35) Analyzing our endorsements (08:40) Bike share is back (40:35) Transit wins in Olympia (47:25)

KBOO Bike Show: Off Road Adventures

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.3MB) Tori and Terry talk with Rebecca Rusch about her very personal journey down the Ho Chi Mihn Trail documented in the film “Blood Road”. In the second half they talk with Nicholas Carman and Lael Wilcox about their bikepacking adventures. Show More Summary

Podcast #41: Not a Piggybank

Martin and I sit down with Seattle DOT director Scott Kubly to discuss One Center City, the Move Seattle Levy, Gym Memberships, Right of Way, ST3 and more.

Podcast #40: The Trouble with Paris

Martin takes the TGV Fundraiser update (8:50) I-90 goes two-way (10:00) One Center City options (13:30) Access audit (27:40) MHA and displacement (41:10)

KBOO Bike Show: Urbanism and Culture

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.3MB) Alon and new host Alex discuss the potential of cycling to reshape cities with Chris Carlsson and the intersection between cycling and culture (especially in the realm of Mountain Biking) with Sarah McCullough. The post KBOO Bike Show: Urbanism and Culture appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #39: No One Could Have Predicted

Thoughts on Dan Savage’s transit post (also read this) (0:40) Light rail signage (turns out station icons are constellations) (25:15) Flights coming to Paine Field (39:15) Grouping buses (49:20) Car tabs and legislative reading comprehension (55:15)

Podcast #38: A Decade

Ten Years of STB More on the mayor’s race Martin’s commute gets better Stainless bike share

KBOO Bike Show: Spirituality

 Listen to the show (mp3, 25.8MB) Rad women Friends on Bikes Laura Everett explore spirituality, race & creating the world they want to ride in. The post KBOO Bike Show: Spirituality appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #37: Mayors, Fares, and Tech Shuttles

Martin backpedals on zoning (1:30) Mayor’s race gets complicated (9:35) Fairness and fares (37:30) Tech shuttles and public parking spots (47:20)

KBOO Bike Show: Podcasting

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.4MB) Terry and Tori speak with the hosts of several bicycle-flavored podcasts including “We Got to Hang Out” and “The Sprocket Podcast”. The post KBOO Bike Show: Podcasting appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #36: Essay Questions

Once more we dive into the reader mailbag.  Lots of stuff to talk about: ST3 finances, streetcars, deadheads, and more. Some links: Original mailbag comments, Early Wins, Bus Branding, South Sounder Negotiations

Podcast #35: Transportation Governance in the Ural Oblast

One Center City, once more with feeling Last week’s traffic apocalypse and silly editorials (9:19) Governance reform and car tabs (17:17) The unexpected joy of one-seat rides (27:13) Title courtesy Carl Ballard

KBOO Bike Show: Street Trust and State Money

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.2MB) We meet the newly minted Street Trust and find out about the Transportation For Oregon’s Future Coalition This month on the KBOO Bike Show we’ll be hosting some old friends with a new identity (and mission). Show More Summary

Podcast #34: Not a Conspiracy

More on One Center City Should ST have an elected board? (17:30) Tolling freeways (29:11) High-speed rail to Vancouver (34:55)

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