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Podcast #23: Cranky Contrarians

I-732 and progressive coalitions (1:20) Reuven Carlyle’s doubts about ST3 (24:05) What do ST1’s cost overruns tell us, if anything, about ST3? (35:30) Angle Lake (42:30) Sponsored by Talking Headways

Podcast #22: Useful Econometrics

Ridership and Crowding ($) (2:40) Not enough housing construction (16:10) Madison BRT improvements (23:50) Parking permits (30:00) ST3 costs (44:05) Note: apologies in advance for the microphone issues on Frank’s end. Sponsored by Talking Headways

KBOO Bike Show: Etiquette

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.3MB) NYC’s “Bike Snob” Eben Weiss discusses yielding to the more vulnerable street user and other points of bike etiquette. Local attorneys Mark Ginsberg and Charlie Gee reflect on the boundaries between law and etiquette. The post KBOO Bike Show: Etiquette appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #21: Way Outside the Home Area

Primary endorsements Bertha overruns TRU and low-income fares Seattle loves light rail Driverless cars Adventures with Car2Go in Everett

Podcast #20: Hot Real Estate Tips

Taking questions from the reader mailbag. Links mentioned: Detailed Move Seattle Budget RapidRide+: The Corridors Is UW Sleepwalking into a Transportation Disaster?

KBOO Bike Show: le Tour

 Listen to the show (mp3, 25.7MB) Alon and Tori discuss the Tour de France with David Phinney and author Christopher S. Thompson. Terry reviews recent Pedalpalooza rides including Grilled by Bike and Bowie versus Prince. The post KBOO Bike Show: le Tour appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #19: Take Transit if You Can

ST3 goes final Making transit work better during special events or construction Roosevelt-Eastlake BRT

Podcast #18: Incremental Progress

Backyard cottages, ST3 updates, Sounder, Link vs. ST Express, and the importance of a good plan.

KBOO Bike Show: Summer Bike Fun

 Listen to the show (mp3, 25.5MB) Tori catalogs a long list of bike fun, including: Megan Sinnot, discussing the World Naked Bike Ride Lillian Karabaic, the Bowie versus Prince Pedalpalooza Ride Evan Ward of the Action/Adventure Theatre staging a play on bikes John A. Show More Summary

Podcast #17: Playing God, or at Least Robert Moses

Martin and I chat briefly about big ST parties, and then go through the reader mailbag. Topics include alternatives for ST3, the Seattle Process, zoning, improvements to STB, and much much more. As always, you can subscribe in iTunes.  Also, if you like the show, leave us a review.

Podcast #16: Literal NIMBYism

Parking in ST3 (4:50) HOV3 Lanes (28:00) Kirkland light rail (34:55) Paine spur (41:15) SE Seattle restructure (43:20) Overnight Link bus (56:00) Metro’s long-range plan (1:02:10) As always, you can subscribe in iTunes.  Also, if you like the show, leave us a review.

KBOO Bike Show: Filmed by Bike

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.1MB) Tori and Meg speak with Alyeen Crotty about the 14th edition of this world-renowned bike film festival. The post KBOO Bike Show: Filmed by Bike appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #15: Costs Per Rider

Martin and Frank discuss competing criteria for evaluating transit projects, the viability of Paine Field, ReachNow’s launch, and the case for 130th Street station. As always, you can subscribe in iTunes.  Also, if you like the show, leave us a review.

Podcast #14: Sausage Making

Martin’s on vacation, so Frank and Zach talk about ST3, the Seattle Process, Pronto bike share, and what it’s like reporting for STB. As always, you can subscribe in iTunes.  Also, if you like the show, leave us a review.

KBOO Bike Show: Sharing and Planning

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.5MB) Tori and new host Meghan Keys speak with Steve Hoyt-McBeth about Portland’s upcoming BIKETOWN bikeshare system and Planning and Sustainability Commissioner Chris Smith about how three current planning...Show More Summary

Podcast #13: Ponzi Schemes

Frank and Martin talk about Ulink opening for a bit, then shift to the ST3 draft plan.  We take a detour through the sustainability of the suburban model and speculate about a low-carbon future. Finally, the Washington caucuses.

Zach Talks ULink on KUOW   Zach joined KUOW host Bill Radke this afternoon on The Record to talk about ULink. The report runs 9 minutes, and Zach’s portion begins at 4:10.

Podcast #12: Expansions

Martin and Frank talk Kirkland light rail, infill stations, and car sharing services.

KBOO Bike Show: Bikes on the Border

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.6MB) Alon and Tori speak with Kimball Taylor about his book The Coyote’s Bicycle about the role of bicycles in immigration on the Mexican border. In the second half they talk with Lorenz J. Finison aboutShow More Summary

Podcast #11: Early Wins

Martin and Frank discuss housing shortages, potential early wins for ST3, community feedback, water taxis, and dive into the reader mailbag.

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