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KBOO Bike Show: Bike Culture

 Listen to the show (mp3, 28.6MB) Tori speaks with well known bike community figures about the history and current state of Bike Fun in Portland, including: Ayleen Crotty, founder of the KBOO Bike Show, Filmed by Bike and Breakfast on...Show More Summary

Podcast #9: Impossible Means Hard

Frank and Martin discuss the opening of the First Hill Streetcar, a rail tunnel for Ballard, the upcoming U-Link meetup, and whether the proposed Renton Transit Center is a good idea.

Podcast #8: Supersized

Frank and Martin get together over a cocktail to discuss ST3 options for the Eastside, woes at WSDOT, and the politics of carbon taxes.

KBOO Bike Show: Pain-free Cycling

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.2MB) Tori and Alon speak with Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes and Annalisa Fish of Endurance PDX about how to make your body work with your bike, covering everything from saddles, to exercises to bike fits to physical therapy. The post KBOO Bike Show: Pain-free Cycling appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast #7: Light Rail to Missoula

Martin and I discuss light rail expansion, including the peanut butter plan, the latest round of ST3 alternatives and financing plans.  Also: bus-rail integrations in the wake of the Capitol Hill restructure.  

KBOO Bike Show: New and Improved CCC

 Listen to the show (mp3, 18MB) Mychal Tetteh and Laquida Landford from the Community Cycling Center join Jocelyn for a discussion of changes at the Center: a new logo, a new web site and new programs. The post KBOO Bike Show: New and Improved CCC appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast: Political Costs

Martin and Frank discuss Madison BRT, open vs. closed bus systems, BRT creep, rail bias, bus branding, and Sound Transit’s new CEO.

Election Results: A Great Night for Transit

In initial results posted last night, Seattle voters largely embraced the center-left urbanism of Mayor Murray, approving Move Seattle, retaining all 5 City Council incumbents, and easily beating anti-growth candidates such as Bill Bradburd. Happily, here at STB we are enjoying a 9-0 lead in our Council endorsements, though races may shift as more ballots come […]

Podcast: Endorsements

Martin and I discuss the STB endorsement process, and where the editorial board netted out with various candidates.  For reference: Seattle endorsements Measures Suburban races Lisa Herbold on SF zoning Martin’s rebuttal How Seattle’s housing mix stacks up

KBOO Bike Show: Disaster!

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.4MB) Tori and Jocelyn talk with disaster preparedness professional Joe Partridge about “the big one” and other disasters we should be prepared for. Will cargo bikes rescue us? Mike Cobb describes the Disaster Relief Trials. The post KBOO Bike Show: Disaster! appeared first on Portland Transport.

Podcast: Restructuring Bus Service for U-Link

With the proposed U-link restructures headed for council this week, I recorded a podcast with Zach and David to talk about the restructure, the history, and what will change when U-link opens next year.   We tried to give a good overview of the changes, some of the challenges (both technical and political) and the […]

KBOO Bike Show: Cycling and the Law

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.4MB) Tori and Alon talk with Ray Thomas, the dean of Oregon cycling lawyers about the current state and evolution of bicycle law in the state. In the second half they are jointed by Christopher Stanton, developer...Show More Summary

Podcast: ST3 Options

Martin and I took some time to record a podcast this week.  Topics include: SDOT’s preferred alignment for Ballard (3:10) Generally terrible land use patterns and how they affect transit (13:00) How to build affordable market-rate family housing in Brooklyn (27:30) LRT vs BRT for West Seattle (30:15) Moving from incremental ST measures to a single […]

KBOO Bike Show: City Single Track

 Listen to the show (mp3, 24.9MB) Jocelyn talks with Kelsey Cardwell of the NW Trail Alliance and Michelle Kunec-North of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability about the Portland Off-road Cycling Master Plan which is now under development. Show More Summary

KBOO Bike Show: Women’s Racing

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.5MB) Alon and Jocelyn discuss women’s competitive and endurance cycling with Jenn Levo, Heather VanValkenburg and Hazel Gross from “Let’s Race Bikes” and Abby Watson from Rapha. The post KBOO Bike Show: Women’s Racing appeared first on Portland Transport.

KBOO Bike Show: Safety

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.8MB) Alon and Jocelyn discuss the recent tragic fatality and several injury crashes with a Panel including: Jonathan Maus of BikePortland, Rob Sadowsky of the BTA, PBOT Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller and Timur Ender from Commissioner Novick’s office. The post KBOO Bike Show: Safety appeared first on Portland Transport.

KBOO Bike Show: Vision Zero

 Listen to the show (mp3, 26.5MB) Alon and Jocelyn talk with PBOT Director Leah Treat and Manager of Policy, Planning and Projects Art Pearce about Vision Zero, the Comprehensive Plan, Transportation System Plan and other important planning processes. The post KBOO Bike Show: Vision Zero appeared first on Portland Transport.

KBOO Bike Show: Maintaining your Ride

 Listen to the show (mp3, 27.2MB) Alon and Tori talk with Momoko Saunders and Diana Holland from Bike Farm, a volunteer-run collective which provides access to a shop, tools and advice from mechanics. In the second half Alon interviews Tori to get her bike maintenance tips. The post KBOO Bike Show: Maintaining your Ride appeared first on Portland Transport.

KBOO Bike Show: Events!

 Listen to the show (mp3, 16.6MB) Alon and Christopher talk with Jude Gerace of Sugar Wheel Works about their “Live the Revolution” event, a story-telling fundraiser for the Safe Routes to School program. In the second half, they speak...Show More Summary

TransAsia ATR72 Flight GE235 Crashes Shortly After Take Off

A TransAsia ATR crashes – Photo: @Missxoxo168 We have received confirmation that TransAsia Flight 235 (GE235), an ATR72-600, has crashed during takeoff while en route from Taipei Sung Shan to Kinmen Shang-Yi Airport, in the Fujian Province. The aircraft, reg# B-22816, was only 10 months old at the time of the crash. At this [...]Show More Summary

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