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Airlines rapidly change cockpit rules after Germanwings crash

European airlines are reported as rapidly adopting the US rule which prevents any pilot being left alone in a cockpit in the aftermath of the Germanwings disaster. Australia’s airlines are likely to adopt the same change in cockpit management very soon, although there is no statement to that effect from Qantas or Virgin Australia at [...]

Germaman wings co-pilot deliberately crashed jet

The public prosecutor in Marseilles has confirmed that the young and comparatively inexperienced co-pilot  of the Germanwings A320 that crashed in the southern French alps on Tuesday took control of the jet after the captain left the cockpit and then flew it into a mountain killing all 150 people on board. The prosecutor M Brice [...]

Cockpit security has been turned inside out by Germanwings crash

Cockpit security used to be about keeping the baddies out of them. From today it is also going to be about preventing a rogue pilot from being alone within them. This terrible new reality has forced itself on airlines and regulators because of reports that one of the Germanwings pilots left and was then locked [...]

Damaged Malaysia Airlines A330 is limping home

The Malaysia Airlines A330 that was stranded at Melbourne Airport for 10 days after a severe hard landing is ‘limping’ home. Plane Talking reader Will Lanting picked it up on Flightradar24 this morning as MAS5160 crossing Lake Eyre on its way to Darwin. Will (@WillLanting) thinks it may be making the trip with its wheels [...]

Germanwings: Investigator says “We have voices, sounds” on tape

A useful digital audio file has been extracted from the damaged cockpit voice recorder retrieved from the site of the Germanwings crash in the southern French alps. “We hear voices on the recording” a crash investigator told reporters in a briefing televised from the headquarters of the BEA, the French air safety bureau,  at Le [...]

Germanwings pilot locked out story is deeply troubling

A terrible, but unconfirmed claim has just been published in the New York Times that one of the pilots of the Germanwings A320 that crashed in the southern French alps was locked out of the cockpit. It is impossible to accept this story as true until it is confirmed or denied by the investigating authority. [...]

For the Birds: Wildlife Management at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

One of two avian radars located at SEA. This one is in a ditch adjacent to the third runway. Have you ever looked up in the sky, seen a hawk or eagle soaring, and admired the beauty? Although exciting, the birds can cause major problems for aviation. The “Miracle on the Hudson” is a [...]Show More Summary

NZ acts to impose new cockpit rules on Qantas subsidiary

The switch to US style cockpit management rules has now come to the Qantas Jetconnect subsidary based in Auckland after New Zealand mandated those changes today following the murder of 149 passengers on a Germanwings flight by one of its pilots this week. Australia is still considering such changes for Qantas and Virgin Australia flights, [...]

“Living in the Age of Airplanes” Is a Visually-Stunning Aviation Film for All Ages

  I recently had the opportunity to attend a pre-release screening of National Geographic’s new IMAX film, “Living in the Age of Airplanes.” I first saw the trailer last fall and was immediately excited to see it. Being the aviation geek that I am, I held high expectations, and I’m happy to be able to [...]Show More Summary

Visiting King Nut – Snack Provider to the World’s Airlines

Fresh mini pretzels await packaging King Nut and Summer Harvest: If you’ve ever enjoyed an airline snack at 35,000 feet and inspected the wrapper, chances are you are familiar with one, or both, of these name brands. They, alongside Peterson Nut Co., make up the King Nut Companies family. As a fan of the [...]Show More Summary

Severe hard landing stranded Malaysia Airlines jet in Melbourne

A severe hard landing by a Malaysia Airlines A330 at Melbourne Airport has kept it stranded there for the last 10 days pending inspections, any necessary repairs and now, an investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Board. In its notification the ATSB says it “will examine the circumstances of the occurrence, including analysis of recorded [...]

No early answers to fatal alps descent by Germanwings

Darkness has fallen over the site of yesterday’s Germanwings disaster in France, and there are, as would be expected at this stage, no early answers as to its cause. A flight data recorder has already been picked up from the crash zone, which begins at 2000 metres well below the current snow line. All 150 [...]

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crashes in France

This is the Germanwings Airbus A320 (D-AIPX) involved in the crash, seen on 3/14/15 at Zurich Airport – Photo: Aero Icarus | Flickr CC Today, a Germanwings Airbus A320 (registration D-AIPX) crashed in the Alps in southeastern France. The aircraft was carrying 142 passengers and six crew members and it is expected that none [...]Show More Summary

Reports of no survivors in Germanwings disaster in S French Alps

A distress call, details unknown, was sent from a Germanwings A32o shortly before it crashed in the southern French Alps north of Nice  today. All 142 passengers and six crew on board are reported to have been killed. Germanwings is the low cost brand of Lufthansa, and the jet was flying between Barcelona and Dusseldorf. [...]

Change is in the air, but it’s just a misunderstanding: Social marketing for airlines explained

Over the past few years, many marketers and consultants, including ourselves, have consistently talked about the benefits of social marketing. Yet, today, it seems that organic reach may soon be a thing of the past and brands will have to pay in order to reach users on “social media”. Show More Summary

Qantas faces ACCC opposition to China Eastern ‘coordination’

Qantas faces some substantial objections to its proposed ‘coordination’ arrangement with China Eastern from Australia’s competition guardian the ACCC, which has served notice that it proposes to deny its application its approval. It comes only days after its stalled Jetstar Hong Kong venture revealed that it has sold down its standby fleet of A320s to [...]

5 Things That Bags Hate – An Open Letter From the Pan Am Bag

This is how I normally like to fly – in my own business class seat – Photo: Bag’s Human Dear Humans, It has come to my attention that many of you complain about the “inconveniences” of air travel. I think that you may not be appreciating what your loyal luggage goes through every time [...]Show More Summary

Pel-Air damages disclosure raises public policy failures

If there is a shred of human decency in our politicians, steps will be taken to reverse the exposure of domestic air travellers to the loss of  post traumatic compensation rights for injured persons that are a part of Australian law in relation to many other types of debilitating accidents. A further post on the [...]

Pel-Air shock, no trauma damages recourse for victims

ABC TV’s Four Corners program tonight has a terrible shock for all air travellers. Australia has willingly signed away your rights for compensation for psychological trauma if you survive a plane crash, in order to harmonise our regulations with those of the rest of the world. That revelation has already had its sequel, make that [...]

Malaysia’s airlines continue to offend their victims

The delays on the part of Malaysia’s two major airline brands in meeting their obligations to the relatives of the dead in the MH370 and MH17 disasters and the constant evasions from AirAsia X in refunding monies owed for flights it failed to operate are continuing to damage their standing in Australia. The latest installment [...]

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