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CSeries airliners battered by bad financial news stories

It has been a damaging few days of bad news stories for Bombardier’s CSeries of regional jet airliners, culminating in Airbus breaking off talks apparently aimed at selling it control of the program for a big discount over its development costs. The process started less than a week ago with ‘well placed’ out-of-the-blue media stories [...]

Cathay Pacific lays it on the line about climate change

Cathay Pacific isn’t the only airline seized by the need to reduce fossil sourced carbon emissions, but its  2014 Sustainable Development Report may be the most lucid and honest account of what a major airline is doing, and how, overall, it may yet fail. Such accountability is also spreading within the airline business. However it [...]

Flight Review (and Farewell): American Eagle CRJ-200 in Economy, LAX-SJC

Much to many AA flyers' relief, Skywest's contract with AA will expire sometime in October. This means no more CR2s at LAX; instead, Embraer 175s from Compass Airlines will fly routes out of LAX, including to SJC. The E175 features 76...Show More Summary

There are a few issues with the two jet MH370 conspiracy theory

For those who enjoy conspiracy theories, there is a very good one being circulated about how two jets and a captured US drone command post in Afghanistan led to the murder by the CIA of almost everyone on MH370 in order to stop the equipment being sold to China by the Taliban. You can read [...]

75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain – Duxford 2015

“Up and at ‘em, scramble!”: Duxford’s Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Tribute “Would you like to come to Duxford Air Museum with me?” is the question that the hapless airline pilot, Captain Martin Crieff, asks two women in BBC Radio 4’s brilliant aviation comedy Cabin Pressure. Show More Summary

A Taste of Iceland — In New York

ICELAND ROCKS Three years ago, I traveled to Iceland for the first time. It was sort of a spontaneous trip that a friend and I had planned last minute, but it ended up being one of the best international experiences ever. And with flight...Show More Summary

Report of CSeries offer to Airbus not denied by parties

  Reuters continues to kick the goals in its coverage of the financial pain being felt by Canadian jet maker, Bombardier because of its low selling CSeries regional jets. This morning it reports that Airbus has been offered a majority stake in the program to make high composite single aisle jets pitched in the 100-150 [...]

Bombardier hungry for orders and cash for its CSeries jets

Devoid of more ‘quality’ orders and at risk of losing some that it already has the Quebec plane and train maker Bombardier is reported by Reuters to be asking for even more cash for its CSeries airliners from the provinces appropriately named Caisse pension fund. Caisse is already a major equity holder in Bombardier, which [...]

Boeing leaks more teaser details of a seven seats across 7M7 airliner

Those who miss the civilized seven across main cabin seating on the once widely used Boeing 767 jets might take some encouragement from a graphic  circulated by ‘wealth managers’ Merrill Lynch and Flightglobal this last week. It shows an apparent return of  that popular seating plan. It seems like, and may even be, a sign [...]

The Hangar Hang-Up: Why It’s Crucial Where You Keep Your Wings

It makes sense to store unused aircraft in an enclosed space safe from the elements — after all, you would never park a multi-million-dollar car at the curb, where rain, wind, and hot, dry sunshine can cause untold damage. Many pilots...Show More Summary

9 Reasons Why I Loved Growing Up As An Airline Brat

I’m an unabashedly proud airline brat. My father was an airline pilot for all of my childhood and continued into some of my adulthood. Even though he was the employee, my parents raised me and my siblings to feel pride in our membership in the airline family. Show More Summary

Pluto’s locked binary partner Charon reveals its finer details

NASA’s space probe New Horizons has now downloaded the most striking and high definition view of Pluto’s large companion Charon. The enhanced colour image, taken during the 14 July fly past of these twin dwarf planetary objects, includes more detail of its darker possibly mantled north polar region and hemisphere wide wrinkles and cracks in [...]

Announcing Top 3 Airlines of SimpliFlying Awards 2015

After rigorous evaluation by our highly esteemed jury, we are pleased to announce the Top 3 airlines for the award categories in SimpliFlying Awards 2015. All the finalists this year are invited to the awards ceremony in Las Vegas co-hosted by EyeforTravel at theTDS North America 2015 conference on Oct 20, 2015. Show More Summary

MH370 search dismisses two ‘odd’ objects on closer look

While casting no light on yesterday’s kerfuffle over fresh search strategy talks in China, the  delayed MH370 update has eliminated the first of two sets of objects of potential interest on the floor of the south Indian Ocean after a closer look. This contact of possible interest (below) was made by towed side scanning sonar [...]

NBN satellite launch may not deliver what it promises

Commentary One of the most powerful forces in the world today, disruptive new technology, will destroy all of the hopes that rode into space this morning on the rocket that launched the first of two NBN National Broadband Network satellites toward geostationary orbits. Even the national broadcaster the ABC made this clear as it streamed [...]

Requiem For a Trijet Masterpiece – The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

I have always been a fan of all things esoteric, the unique, and perhaps even the underdog. Engineering oddities fascinated me from a young age; if it was different or somewhat outlandish, I was hooked. For that reason, it’s probably...Show More Summary

Qatar Airways starts Sydney-Doha daily 777-300ERs in March

As widely anticipated Qatar Airways is coming to Sydney from 1 March with daily 777-300ERs on the Doha route. The issues the airline had with the Sydney curfew have apparently been overcome by a schedule in which a 2010 departure from Doha reaches Sydney at 1805 the following day, then leaves at 2220 and arrives [...]

Malaysia ‘hopes for’ MH370 search talks in China next week

Following on China’s snubbing of a tripartite meeting concerning the search for missing flight MH370, Malaysia’s transport minister Liow Tiong Lai says he hopes Australia, Malaysia and China will meet in China next week to discuss a more effective search strategy. All that has been said about this in Australia at this hour is that [...]

Saving the space station just made easier by Boeing deal

That background chattering about the chances of the International Space Station being abandoned in the near future may be turned down by Monday’s extension by five years of Boeing’s contract to provide engineering support services, resources and personnel to the program until 30 September 2020. The ISS has been permanently manned by crew rotations since [...]

American, Delta End a Partnership You Never Knew They Had – Why Does it Matter to You?

Some parts of the airline industry are very "cloak-and-daggar," but once in a while something rears its ugly head and seems like it could be a bad thing, if only you knew what the heck was going on. Such is the case now, as two of the...Show More Summary

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