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[Case Study] Contingency Management in the Age of the Connected Traveller — EasyJet and the Engine Repaired with Duct Tape

The Incident Flying is not something humans are naturally comfortable with. Many of us are also instinctively afraid of heights. As such, some of us refuse to get on a plane; others do it apprehensively — and some look out of the window and see an engine being “repaired with duct tape”. Show More Summary

MH370 media messaging risks too much flapping around

With respect, there is a risk that Australia is engaging in a bit of overreach with an official media release saying it will help in the investigation of the Boeing 777 wreckage from La Reunion which is taking place in Toulouse today. Australia will have an expert from the ATSB at the testing laboratory today, [...]

Flying in “Fat Albert” with the Blue Angels

Fat Albert flying over Lake Washington – Photo: Clemens Vasters | FlickrCC The Blue Angels are known for their high precision, mesmerizing aerobatic shows. What is it like to be around and fly with such an elite group for a day? Simply put: inspiring. Maybe it’s their outstanding skill, balanced with admirable humbleness which [...]Show More Summary

Dick Smith says ATC upgrade plans verge on ‘criminal negligence’

Dick Smith has written to the Minister responsible for Aviation, Deputy PM Warren Truss, describing current plans to upgrade Australian air traffic control as “verging on criminal negligence.” This is very strong language applied to a very important and complex matter, and the body of his letter to Mr Truss, dated 14 July is reproduced [...]

Flying LAN’s New LATAM Premium Business Product on a 787-9 Dreamliner

A LAN 787-9 Dreamliner landing at JFK – Photo: Jason Rabinowitz I think the most common question people have about flying premium cabins on overnight flights is “can I sleep?” When recently flying from New York’s JFK to Santiago, Chile (SCL), in LAN’s business class on the 787-9 Dreamliner, I was hoping to check [...]Show More Summary

MH17 narrative under pressure as world waits for MH370 news

While tests continue on the piece of wing that may have come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 the conduct of the airline in permitting MH17 to fly across a war zone in Ukraine last year needs to be kept in mind amid continued calls for a UN criminal probe. What was Malaysia Airlines thinking [...]

Australia’s greatest airline rivals set up new tourism company

The two great contenders in Australian airline competition in the early years of this century, Geoff Dixon and Brett Godfrey have a new tourism investment venture the Australian Walking Company. Dixon as Qantas group CEO gave his side of the contest its highest ever share price and took it for the first time to more [...]

Claimed door, burned suitcases, add to debris associated with MH370

Revised Suddenly the list of objects retrieved from the coastline of La Reunion and associated with missing flight MH370 is growing, but so are doubts about their relevance. No photos have emerged to validate a report that an aircraft door has washed ashore on the Indian Ocean island near Mauritius, nor has there been any [...]

Vital MH370 mystery clues might have been burned on La Reunion

Some terrible possibilities that evidence that could help solve the MH370 mystery have inadvertently been burned in beach cleaning operations on La Reunion island in the Indian Ocean have been raised in media reports. One of the most detailed of these appeared overnight on the UK Telegraph newspaper site. The 777 flaperon wing part that [...]

Cathay Pacific flight 884: Anatomy of an airline diversion in the age of the connected traveller

Lots of flight diversions take place every week, due to minor reasons and major. Cathay Pacific flight 884, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles also diverted on July 29 this year, to the remove island of Shemya, in the north Pacific. While there...Show More Summary

My Day as a [Mock] Airline Accident Victim

Full-scale disaster drill at Kansas City International, in full swing – Photo: JL Johnson | AirlineReporter Practice makes perfect. And in the realm of aviation safety drills, it also creates incredible experiences for willing volunteers. Kansas City International Airport (MCI, or KCI as it’s referred to by the locals) recently hosted their triennial emergency [...]Show More Summary

Confirmation of MH370 wing flap discovery comes with consequences

There are consequences from the confirmation this evening by Malaysia’s deputy transport minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi that the wing flaperon recovered from La Reunion in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday is from a Boeing 777. The most obvious of these is that the general premises of the Australian managed and Malaysia directed sea floor search for [...]

Gold Coast tourism to be boosted by Hong Kong Airlines

  The Gold Coast Bulletin has the scoop on Hong Kong Airlines starting seasonal holiday flights to its airport from next January. However this win for its tourism industry that has much wider importance for secondary airports across Australia. The Sunshine Coast, Whitsunday Coast, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Avalon and Broome airports would all have their [...]

It’s the inside of the airline brand that matters – Lessons from Stealth Starbucks

A few weeks ago, I walked into a random coffee store in Seattle, called the 15th Ave E Coffee and Tea. The menu looked liked the usual corner coffee shop, and the coffee tasted good. As I was walking out of the shop, I saw that the front door had a little inscription, “Inspired by Starbucks”. Show More Summary

Alaska Airlines Plane Pull for Strong Against Cancer

The 737-800, ready to be pulled Earlier this week, I was invited by Alaska Airlines to watch the Alaska Plane Pull for Strong Against Cancer at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. The two competing teams were led by Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and Alaska’s “Chief Football Officer,” and actor and [...]Show More Summary

MH370 search finds more fools in CNN newsroom

The news directors in CNN (if there are any) have again shown they have the attention span  of goldfish that are constantly surprised by finding themselves in a fish bowl. Today’s embarrassment is a heavy breathing story about how “A preliminary assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies, produced in the wake of the MH370 disaster, suggested [...]

More details emerge of massive Chinese hack on US airline

There are more detailed claims in Bloomberg and Forbes in recent days as to the depth and true intent of massive Chinese computer hacking attacks on US companies, including United Airlines, that have obvious implications world wide. The Forbes story has already disappeared, perhaps because it was written in the gonzo journalism style of Rolling [...]

Suitcase found near suspected MH370 wing discovery on La Reunion island

A suitcase has been found in the same area of La Reunion island where a suspected part of the wing of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was found yesterday. The photo below is from the Clicanoo news website in Saint-Denis, the main town on the Indian Ocean island near Mauritius. The story says that “yesterday, [...]

How might Qantas use its new long haul aircraft?

Although Qantas is careful not to say it will actually go ahead and take delivery of optioned Boeing 787-9s from 2017, the overwhelming support by its pilots for a new long haul EBA allows speculation as to how it might use them. When the vote closed today 82 percent of the 1165 valid votes were [...]

Doubts linger over possible MH370 wreckage on remote island

Update Malaysia’s deputy transport minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi says it is “almost certain” that the debris washed up on La Reunion island in the southern Indian Ocean belongs to a Boeing 777 aircraft. While there is a high probability that a piece of missing flight MH370 has been found on La Reunion Island near Mauritius, [...]

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