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Airbus: How small changes can make big money

Airbus president and CEO Fabrice Brégier says the European airliner maker is making rapid progress in the eternal struggle with competitor Boeing by rolling out small but potent changes to its existing designs. The prime example: The supposedly humble single aisle A320 family, which has surged to leadership over the Boeing 737 series by being [...]

ATSB admits failing to investigate serious ATC blackout in Melbourne

Earlier this week the chief commissioner of the ATSB, Martin Dolan, told a Senate Estimates hearing that he had decided not to investigate a three hour radar black out at Melbourne’s main airport at Tullamarine and the nearby smaller corporate and general aviation airport at Essendon. Instead Mr Dolan explained that the ATSB had taken [...]

Flight Review: Seattle to Frankfurt via Condor Premium Economy

My ride to Frankfurt, a Condor 767-300ER (reg: D-ABUB) I recently decided to take a trip over to Frankfurt for a few days and, thankfully, I was able to take it in Premium Economy. This was going to be my first flight with Condor, and also my first taste of a long-haul leisure carrier [...]Show More Summary

Airbus: No 590 tonne A380 just yet, but there are other changes

Airbus says it can add ten percent seating capacity to the current 575 tonne version of the giant A380 even without increasing the number of seats in economy on the main deck from ten to 11 across. However it isn’t ready to do a 590 tonne version of the jet according to its executive vice [...]

Airbus: Never mind the length feel the width

The trenches around the battle lines between Airbus and Boeing have been dug, well, wider, by the European planemakers’ chief operating officer commercial John Leahy. At a briefing in Toulouse today he said Airbus could match the higher density (read less legroom) being offered by Boeing in jam-them-in-tight versions of their respective airliners, but wouldn’t [...]

Behind the Airline Safety Video that’s Making Waves: Air New Zealand Safety Safari

Editor’s Note: As part of our SimpliLeader series in which we showcase the best minds in aviation, here’s an interview with Mike Tod, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Air New Zealand. This interview originally appeared on. MikeShow More Summary

SingaporeAir A330 lost power in both engines then recovered and flew on to destination

The response of the pilots of a Singapore Airlines A330 that lost power in both engines while near Hong Kong last Saturday 23 May and then dropped some 13,000 feet in altitude before both were restarted has raised some important safety issues. After having to drop from its cruising altitude of 39,000 feet on its [...]

Singapore Airlines Unveils Premium Economy Product

The Zodiac-manufactured seat represents Singapore’s entry to the Premium Economy space – Image: Singapore Airlines Many of Singapore Airlines‘ Asian and European competitors have entered the premium economy market over the past five years. It’s a growing segment. This left analysts and frequent Singapore passengers wondering if it was going to as well. After [...]Show More Summary

Report from the front line on BA’s war (?) on big people

It’s less than a day since this reporter saw at least four very large passengers some of whom might have been your typical average American adults suffer a flight in British Airways’ new Club Europe cabin on an A319 flying from London Heathrow to Toulouse. It wouldn’t have mattered all that much if they had [...]

Things look grim and brutal for ‘new’ Malaysia Airlines

Despite the disasters of MH370 and MH17 and the 537 people killed in them, Australia needs competitive non-stop flights to Malaysia for a whole range of very good reasons. But in his first official interview Christoph Mueller, the highly credentialed airline professional chosen to rebuild Malaysia Airline, has confirmed every depressing rumor about the disposal [...]

Airline disruptions: Is your communication plan future-proof? Presentation from #DCWDubai

Airline disruptions - lessons from a sandstorm During a major sandstorm in Dubai earlier this year, the airport operations were severely affected, with thousands of stranded passengers and cancelled flights in the region. During this period of disruption, the number of people registered to receive real-time updates via grew 20 fold. Show More Summary

OneJet – The New (Private Jet) Airline Nobody Has Heard of… Yet

OneJet’s gate area reminds me a lot of Delta’s new Sky Club on ATL’s F concourse. Check my ride outside the windows: a Hawker 400 – Photo: Dan Phalen Would you believe me if I told you that for under $300 you could fly aboard a posh executive jet? It’s true, thanks to the [...]Show More Summary

MH370 non-recovery of remains, other clues, has to be a joke

The ground work is being laid for what appears to be the ultimate betrayal of the next of kin of those lost on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the non recovery of bodies and other potentially vital clues. After beginning to work hints into the search progress reports about how the wreckage, if found, will only [...]

Foreign jets on domestic Australian routes has a bizarre past

Whatever the ideological enthusiasm for foreign airlines being free to serve Australian domestic routes,  such flights have a  bizarre past, and could be spurned by the non-Australian carriers that keep growing at the expense of Qantas today. At the height of protectionism for Australian airlines, back in the bad old days of the Two Airline [...]

Memorial Day: Flying a Fallen Hero

Police and emergency services line up to show respect to the fallen soldier at LAX on an Alaska Airlines flight in January of 2014 – Photo: David Parker Brown | AirlineReporter Excerpt from NYCAviation is written by Eric “Cap’n Aux” Auxier, who is an airline pilot by day, writer by night, and kid by [...]Show More Summary

MH370 search part 2 nears end but is the answer in KL not Indian Ocean

What needs to be kept in mind as the second phase of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 enters its final days? The issue that seems to tower above all is that the government of Malaysia hit the ground lying on 8 March 2014, even before the Boeing 777-200ER and the 239 people [...]

Flight Review: Kenya Airways – Flying “The Pride of Africa” to Nairobi

En route to Nairobi, on a clear day, you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro; sadly, not today – Photo: Jacob Pfleger | AirlineReporter As part of a recent trip to Africa, I had to take a commercial flight from Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) to Nairobi (Kenya). There are essentially two options for this route; either [...]Show More Summary

An Exclusive Look Inside the Southwest Airlines Listening Center

Almost every airline in the world is now on social media platforms, majorly to handle customer care queries efficiently, and also to engage their customers (present and future) in a conversation — ultimately designed to market their products and services. Show More Summary

SingaporeAir poses some premium questions with new seats

It looks like everything economy class used to be before it was ruined by bean counters and high density seating

Flying with Kids — When They Aren’t Your Kids

Our Boeing 757 from Philly to San Juan I do not have kids. I am an only child. I have a very small family where I haven’t really been around a lot of kids. By no means do I dislike strangers’ kids, but I am also not one to go out of my way [...] The post Flying with Kids — When They Aren’t Your Kids appeared first on

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