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Inside the Air New Zealand guerilla marketing brain – how Qantas CEO Alan Joyce became an Air Points member

They Air New Zealand marketing team is not a stranger to nifty marketing. They are known for their wacky safety videos, and the recent wager they had with Qantas over the Rugby World Cup finals. Now, they have taken it a step further with some brilliant guerilla marketing. Show More Summary

Another conventional jet service lands in Antarctica

This seems to be the southern polar season for new wheeled jet services in Antarctica, with the charter arm of Icelandic starting Boeing 757 operations to the Union Glacier. Loftleidir Icelandic this week landing a 757 at this adventure travel blue ice runway of choice for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions.  RNZAF 757s have previously landed at […]

Air New Zealand will track your unaccompanied kids, for money!

Air travellers are getting used to ancillary charges, especially those who fly ‘full service’ in America, or ‘low cost’ in Australia and much of Asia. $$ for a checked bag, $ for small carry on item, $$$ for not checking in on-line or print your own boarding pass, or having to change a flight, sometimes […]

Vueling names planes after local heroes from around the world #storiesthatdeserveaplane

Lots of airlines have named planes in the past. Some name them on cities, some christen planes with names of spices, and some with their fans. But Vueling, the Spanish low cost carrier, has taken it a step further. The airline has launched...Show More Summary

Sharpest deep sea eyes about to open again on MH370 search zones

The sharpest seeing automated underwater vehicle available is out of storage and being fitted to a newly chartered ship at a marine centre south of Fremantle as better summer sea states set in over the Southern Indian Ocean search area for MH370. The AUV is a Hugin 4500 which was briefly used before the onset […]

Alliance does big Fokker deal with Austrian for 21 rare jets

The world market for the Fokker F100 that is widely used for  fly-in fly-out resources industry services in Australia has been tightened if not cornered by Alliance Aviation in a deal announced today to acquire the Austrian Airlines fleet of this type of regional jet. Alliance Aviation, which owns all of Brisbane based Alliance Airways, […]

Airbus A320NEO cleared to land planeloads of money

In an astonishingly restrained press release, Airbus has announced dual EU-US certification of its A320NEO single aisle money maker in the Pratt & Whitney engined version. It means, subject to intense scrutiny by the customer, that the first of many thousands of this high tech upgrade to its best selling single aisle jet family can […]

Airline Customer Service is Top Priority on Social Media

Social media teams are now expected to drive a greater number of business goals, each of which is significant and sophisticated in its own right. In a recent survey that SimpliFlying had conducted with 166 executives from 78 airlines...Show More Summary

The Illusive DOT Airline Compliment – They Do Exist!

Every month, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) releases a load of airline statistics ranging from on-time performance rankings to lost bag rates and simple info requests. Within the monthly data dump sits the number of complaints the DOT received about airlines for that particular month. Show More Summary

Four years with SimpliFlying: a 300.000 km journey

Five people have a Skype call.  One is in Spain getting ready for lunch; one is India on an auto rickshaw; a third, also in India, just started his 2 months sabbatical and joins because he wants to; a fourth is taking the call from a...Show More Summary

Pel-Air 2nd final report now has data, and a stab at a date

The disgraceful saga of the ATSB inquiry into the ditching of a Pel-Air Westwind jet in 2009 now has black box data, and an indication of a date, for its second and forced final inquiry into the accident. This update has been posted on the ATSB website: Data from both the CVR and FDR from […]

The Gulfstream G-III: Flying VIP Like It’s 1984

Why does Rolls Royce name their jet engines after rivers? Because a river always runs. The Rolls Royce Spey engine is what made the Gulfstream II special, and it carried on to the much more popular variant: the Gulfstream III. The Gulfstream III, in North America, has been ruined by noise regulations. Show More Summary

It’s not quite like WWII but Sydney Harbour will look busy this Thursday

All five ships in the P&O Cruises Australia fleet will gather in Sydney Harbour on Thursday 26 November, which will be more more medium sized passenger ships than most Sydneysiders would have seen in one general location in their lives. No, not like Word War II, when massive congregations of co-opted passenger liners and even […]

An AvGeek in the Left Seat – Flying the Boeing 727

Introduction by David: We have been excitedly following the progress of preparing the first Boeing 727 for its final flight. We took a look at it being painted, got an update with the JT8D engines, and even did a tour of the cabin. I...Show More Summary

Qantas walk for points scheme walks all over the media

Qantas really took the media for mugs today with its ‘earn points walking’ media release, not that the scheme isn’t without some compelling merits for investors. First, the frivolous bits. It all began with this press release, about how users of wearable physical activity monitoring devices could under a new Qantas scheme, earn points for […]

Two, maybe three things may now help MH370 search

There are a number of reasons to think the search for missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 may be taking a turn for the better. The JACC or Joint Agency Coordination Centre has confirmation that the sea bed search is now in the area predicted for the point of impact, if not controlled ditching, by a […]

Australia joins Antarctica’s heavy jet club at last

It’s taken an eternity as far as Antarctic exploration is concerned, but Australia today joined the south polar continent’s heavy jet club with a cargo delivery flight from Hobart to its Wilkins Blue Ice Runway using an RAAF C-17. Wilkins started very limited wheeled jet operations in January 2008 using an Airbus A319 flown under […]

Famous NZ glacier sight seeing flight turns deadly on Fox Glacier

The helicopter crash that killed six tourists (two Australian) and their pilot on New Zealand’s Fox Glacier today was making a world famous scenic flight similar to many that take hundreds of people close to the peaks and passes of the country’s southern alps on any fine day. But today wasn’t a fine day on […]

Flying from Bournemouth to Paris in a Flybe Q400 with my Son

My 10-year-old son and I recently treated ourselves to an alternative from the usual routes over to Paris and Continental Europe. We'd done enough easyJet or British Airways hops on A319s and A320s, out of the various London airports, to merit trying something new. Show More Summary

Pilots and Birds

Pilots have sort of a love-hate relationship with birds. Some learned to fly out of a desire to be like the birds. I came grudgingly to appreciate avian skills while I was a student pilot learning to judge winds and momentum in the flare. Show More Summary

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