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MH17 missile parts possibly found, but why was jet there?

“Possible” is a word that dogs the twin disasters involving Malaysia Airlines. Possible parts of a Russian BUK missile have been found amid the wreckage of MH17, death toll 298. A wing part, possibly indeed almost certainly, from MH370, death toll 239, has been recovered from La Reunion island, in the west Indian Ocean. But [...]

Snark Redirect

My airport authority sent out a useless little memo "urging" everyone to play safely while at no point apologizing for or even mentioning the horrendous poorly-documented mess airport construction has made of the movement areas. My fangs...Show More Summary

Emirates keeps eating the competition in A380 sized bites

The stresses Emirates with its A380s puts on its competitors, and ally Qantas, continues to grow, this time by converting a daily 777-300ER from Melbourne to Singapore and on to Dubai to the larger sized Airbus from 1 March 2016. The move highlights the existing tensions for the two main flag carriers on the Melbourne-Singapore [...]

WestJet Gets a New Logo. Kind of…

There’s something different about the logo on this WestJet 767, isn’t there? Image: WestJet WestJet Airlines began operations in February of 1996, with a fleet of three 737-200s flying between five cities in Western Canada. Since that time, the carrier has grown to become an international airline, serving over 90 destinations with a fleet [...]Show More Summary

MH370, Is team Dive or team Glide right, and why it matters

Did MH370 dive to its doom or did it glide to a controlled ditching in the Indian Ocean, and, was the missing Malaysia Airlines 777 taken by a terrorist attack? These are the main questions being asked in the media in the news vacuum that has followed last week’s all but certain identification of part [...]

How to Make Apology Marketing Work for Your Airline

Last month, I flew for the first time on GoAir, a domestic low-cost carrier in India. It was also the first time I heard a strange announcement that seems to be the practice on GoAir flights. I’m recalling from memory so do allow for...Show More Summary

Wings of Pride: A TWA Plane that was Nearly Forgotten

Wings of pride arrives home at the downtown KC Airport This morning, I had the honor of welcoming an iconic piece of aviation history back home to Kansas City, MO. I watched the event unfold while standing on the ramp of what was once an early Trans World Airlines (TWA) stronghold. Looking into the [...]Show More Summary

Tigerair to get roomiest economy seats in an Australian jet!

In a no doubt unintended consequence, Virgin Australia is planning to transfer some 737-800s to its low cost brand Tigerair that will have the most legroom in economy class in a main line single aisle jet in the country. The three 737-800s in question will take over some of the current Australia-Bali routes flown by [...]

Virgin Australia defers jets keeps cost advantage over Qantas

Virgin Australia has pulled a number of levers to engineer what is the most confident guidance of a return to profitability it has given in the 15 years since the launch of the original Virgin Blue. These include converting some shorter haul international flights to the low cost model by transferring 737-800s to its budget [...]

Mitsubishi Arrives in Washington State for the MRJ

The Mitsubishi MRJ – Photo: Mitsubishi It has long been the plan of Mitsubishi Regional to bring their new regional jet family, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet MRJ90 and the MRJ70 (the number represents planned seating capacity) to Washington State to take advantage of the favorable weather and existing aviation talent in the region. This [...]Show More Summary

Virgin Australia turns Tiger loose on Bali in route changes

Tigerair Australia will take over some Virgin Australia 737-800s and fly a bunch of routes to Bali that its full service parent is leaving in a major realignment of the groups international product offerings. The changes accompany today’s formal announcement of the results for the full financial year to 30 June which headline with a [...]

Emirates lifting A380 flights to UK to 70 per week

For those who think downsizing from A380s to 777s would make sense, Emirates will lift its daily A380 frequency into the UK to ten from 1 January, eight of them to two London airports, and two to Manchester. And it is the world’s largest user of Boeing 777s, now, and given its massive 777-X orders, [...]

MH370 debris search chokes on a pile of misinformation

Things are in a mess in the search for MH370 wreckage on La Reunion island this morning, at least in terms of official statements. The search itself is reported as orderly and thorough, with plans to begin a much better resourced beach combing operation from next Monday. But at the executive level, Malaysia’s transport minister [...]

More MH370 debris on La Reunion island includes seat, window parts

Malaysia’s transport minister Liow Tiong Lai says more MH370 debris has been found on La Reunion island including parts of windows, seat cushions and aluminium foil. The first reports, being carried by AFP are brief. However every discovery raises hopes that personal possessions such as mobile phone or other recording devices might yet be recovered. [...]

IG review says torn MH370 flaperon implies mid air break-up

The Independent Group of scientists studying the MH370 disappearance thinks that the 777 flaperon found on La Reunion island was torn off the wing of the jet after it ran out of fuel and before it struck the ocean. A member of the group, Michael Exner has published an analysis of the likely scenarios for [...]

France says strong presumption part is from MH370 more tests to come

The public prosecutor’s office in Paris says there are multiple strong presumptions that the wing part recovered from La Reunion island last week comes from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, but more tests will be done later today, Thursday, in Toulouse. Significantly, deputy public prosecutor Serge Mackowiak also said forensic tests would be conducted on [...]

Malaysia PM says “it’s from MH370?

Updated  In the minutes before the crucial French press conference the Malaysia PM Najib Razak has said the wing part found on La Reunion is from MH370. His preempting of the French announcement follows dissatisfaction from the public prosecutors office in Paris of the lack of transparency from Malaysia over what it knows about the [...]

Moon-Earth transit as seen from a million miles away

Stuck in traffic? Packed into a peak hour train?  Here’s a different view of your typical day from a million miles away, when suddenly the Moon comes into view. A NASA camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a unique view of the Moon as it moved in front of the sunlit [...]

MH370 criminal inquiry in France seeks candour in KL

More than a wing part has surfaced in the MH370 saga overnight. French criminal prosecutors put pressure yesterday on Malaysia’s government to tell the full truth about the disappearance of the Boeing 777 and the 239 people on it. Najib Razak, the Malaysian Prime Minister who misled to the world about the search priorities from [...]

France puts pressure on Malaysia to tell all about MH370

In the hours before a press conference in France concerning possible wreckage from missing flight MH370 the public prosecutors office in Paris has pressured Malaysia’s government to stop being evasive about what it knows about the crash. The Wall Street Journal quotes a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office as saying “We’ve been asking for information [...]

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