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Why Helicopters Work That Way

I've never studied helicopter aerodynamics, but I witnessed a helicopter crash once, and the event was consistent with the theory that it's principally the integrity of the tail rotor that prevents the helicopter from behaving the way...Show More Summary

SingaporeAir+ Lufthansa buries the hatchet in Etihad+AirBerlin

The significance of Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa working as one in Germany wouldn’t be lost on Etihad and its one third stake in AirBerlin. This is all about the Changi hub versus the Middle East hubs, as well as a strike back at the ME3 in general. Which of course, includes the Qantas-Emirates partnership.  The [...]

First Look: Alaska Airlines’ New Satellite Lounge in Seattle

As of November 10, customers visiting Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s North Satellite terminal will have an enhanced passenger experience. After several months of delays and postponements, the new and highly-anticipated Alaska Airlines Board Room opened for business between Gates N1 and N2. Show More Summary

Veterans Day: Remembering Ed – Who Made an Impact on Me

Veterans Day in the United States is a time where we as a country pause to remember those who have served in the armed forces. There are many of us in the aviation enthusiast community who got into the hobby because of their service in, or interaction with, the military. Show More Summary

Japan’s first commercial jetliner the MRJ90 starts test flights

The second Japan designed and built modern airliner and the first to be jet powered, the Mitsubishi MRJ90, started its test and certification flying program at Nagoya Airport today. The flight lasted 85 minutes. The sharply styled MRJ is intended to fly with up to 90 passengers over comparatively short distances serving regional routes, although [...]

American aid program for NZ tourism starts next June with daily 787s

There is hope for normal sized adults seeking an economy fare in a tight fit Dreamliner 787-8  if flying between Auckland and Los Angeles daily from next 16 June. That service, just formally announced by American Airlines in association with trans Pacific partner Qantas, has everything to do with inconsistency in product offerings, and this [...]

Lufthansa Orchestra Celebrates Technik in Puerto Rico

I have had the pleasure of checking out Lufthansa Technik (aka MRO – maintenance services) in both Frankfurt and more recently in Hamburg. I was curious to why they were starting operations in at Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN) in Puerto Rico, which is about two hours west of San Juan. Show More Summary

Singapore Airlines to put A350-900 on new major German route

Singapore Airlines has given Australia’s carriers something to reflect on with its decision to put its growing fleet of Airbus A350-900s on the route to Düsseldorf in Germany from 21 July next year. Although it hasn’t even started flying the new mid sized Airbus wide-body yet, it will have 11 of the initial model of the [...]

Travelport creates video to highlight how it is redefining travel commerce

Travelport has rounded off an 18-month branding project by launching a new high-end B2B commercial entitled ‘We’re There’. The video portrays how Travelport is redefining travel commerce through innovative technology solutions, while...Show More Summary

Six years on, ATSB about to recover Pel-Air flight data recorder

In another triumph of administrative efficiency, diligence and focus the Australian Transport Safety Bureau or ATSB, is poised, after almost six years, to recover the flight recorder from the Pel-Air Westwind corporate jet that was ditched in the sea near Norfolk Island on 18 November 2009. The small jet had intended to refuel at Norfolk [...]

Emirates keeps the space safe for economy flyers in its 615 seat A380s

There is some rare good news for the large majority of air travellers in the new 615 seat version of the Emirates A380 on display at the Dubai Air Show. It keeps the same general dimensions in economy that it now has in its 489 and 517 seat versions of the giant Airbus, while increasing [...]

Sinai disaster: Cockpit voice recorder picks up unusual sound

A media conference overnight by the Egypt led investigation of the Metrojet crash in the Sinai says the cockpit voice recorder has now been downloaded and ends with an unidentified sound. The CVR had been under repair for three days in order to recover the records of conversations, aural systems notifications and warnings and other [...]

Emirates marketing on steroids: Jetman flying in tandem with an A380, a safety demo in a soccer match, Jennifer Aniston and more

Through some slick content marketing efforts led by social media, Emirates has leapfrogged competition in just a month. Instead of just promoting routes or showing pretty photos of their A380s – stuff that every other airline does –Show More Summary

Russia suddenly agrees bomb likely destroyed Sinai Metrojet

Egyptian government efforts to tone down bomb talk about the Metrojet disaster in the Sinai a week ago today have been set back  by Russia joining the UK and EU in banning flights to the area because of  indications terrorists destroyed the flight. Most news services in the west and east are in recent hours [...]

Will SingaporeAir and Virgin Australia kill off Tigerair brand?

No-one should be surprised that Singapore Airlines is keen to buy all the outstanding shares it doesn’t already own in Tiger Airways Holdings, but it will underscore the fierce destruction of wealth the low cost venture wrought on some of its shareholders. The salient points are covered in this Bloomberg report, but the interest from [...]

Big pink or cerise or whatever, this A380 engine is for a big twin

It’s hard to define the exact shade of pink or cerise on the test engine that flew for the first time on an Airbus A380 test bed out of Toulouse overnight, and maybe that’s true of the further roles for the technology in this Rolls-Royce engine as well. The specially enhanced Trent XWB-97 engine produces [...]

Flying Business Class on the Upper Deck of a Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I

I recently received an invitation to join some friends that were headed to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Given that I consider myself a bit of a beer drinker, I knew I had to join them. I wanted to challenge myself to make the trip as economical as possible, while still traveling in style. Show More Summary

Brisbane (far) West Wellcamp to get its first 747 this month

A little more than a year after its first scheduled airliner services began with Qantaslink turboprops on 17 November 2014, Brisbane West Wellcamp will see its first international service this 23 November in a cargo flight by a Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-8F. It will also be the first time Cathay Pacific Airways has operated a [...]

Logbook Strategy

I finally got my logbook up-to-date, every flight entered, every page totalled, grand total calculated. Each line represents one flight, and includes the date, aircraft type, aircraft registration, point of origin, destination, crew, and duration of the flight. Show More Summary

Signals about Metrojet crash no longer confused, it looks like it was a bomb

A day ago there were confused signals as to the cause of the Metrojet holiday charter flight crash in the Sinai desert. Not any more. UK and US intelligence reports are pointing to a bomb bringing down the Airbus A321 and killing all 224 people on board on Saturday more than 20 minutes after it [...]

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