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Airlines and the Arrival of Conversational Commerce

Conversations have been at the center of the airline – passenger relationship on social media. However, in recent years, these conversations have shifted from one-sided brand awareness messages to two-way customer service conversations. Show More Summary

Twitterverse finds more MH370 interior shots

Brigitte Lanteri@bambou2012 has found and tweeted some additional photos of what most clearly appears to be a fragment from inside the cabin of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. This follows the detective work of Twitter user Annette@aussie500 in trawling through promotional cabin photos of one of the airlines 777-200ERs until she found a fit for […]

China Eastern’s 777-300ER – Fabulous Aircraft, but Rough Around the Edges

China Eastern is not an airline I ever really expected to fly. With a fleet of new Boeing 777-300ERs, the opening of a new route to Chicago, and a small investment from Delta Air Lines, China Eastern is modernizing and becoming a real player in the North American market. Show More Summary

Why Singapore Airlines+Lufthansa equals Changi versus Dubai

Today’s low key and largely re-announced extended codeshare deal between Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa is really all about Changi Airport taking on Dubai as a much nicer and more useful hub for airline connections. Oh, and a shot at the Qantas and Emirates, and Virgin Australia and Etihad, and locally friendless Qatar Airways as well, […]

The Boeing 727 Keeps Making History — And Making Us Smile

As many of you know, on March 2, 2016, the first Boeing 727 made its final flight successfully down to the Museum of Flight at Boeing field. It was much more than just a final flight or really even the plane. The 727 has become an icon...Show More Summary

Qantas had an epic A380 diversion last night

There has been persistent silence from Qantas overnight on the reasons for an epic diversion of QF9, an A380 flight that took off from Melbourne for a non-stop flight to Dubai but this morning landed at Sydney instead. The flight had just crossed into Western Australia when it turned back but tracked to airspace near […]

Re-thinking Content Marketing for Airlines

If content marketing seems the new buzzword these days, it’s because online social networks have renewed the cultural importance of storytelling. Superficial advertisements are passé. Exchange of ideas is crucial. Brands have discovered that donning a human face is the only way forward. Show More Summary

Social media sleuth finds cabin fit for latest MH370 find on Rodrigues Island

A social media sleuth on twitter named Annette@aussie500 appears to have found where the piece of MH370 found on Rodrigues Island, Mauritius, on 30 March, fits into a bulkhead at the front of its business class cabin. Her find can be seen here, on a tweet from pilot Edward Baker @Edward_767, although it hasn’t been […]

New analysis offers reasons why MH370 fragments are found encrusted with more or less marine life

Independent Group scientists studying the loss of MH370 have proposed reasons why some fragments of the missing jet are encrusted with obvious barnacles while others appear relatively clear of marine life accumulations. It has much to do with whether the fragments drifted to the places where they were discovered by more northerly routes that favoured […]

The Best Airline April Fool’s Day pranks 2016

It’s that time of the year and airlines are once again busy fooling their distracted social media followers and customers while making the rest of the world have a good laugh. The SimpliFlying research team spent the day today tracking most of the April Fool’s Day from around the world. Show More Summary

Looks like the first internal fragment of MH370 has been found on Mauritius

Something that looks very much like an internal part of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been found on a beach in Mauritius. The brief report of the discovery in French can be found here. It was found by Jean Dominique and Suzy Vitry on Wednesday, when Ms Vitry instinctively felt it was from a […]

Mixing cattle choppers and big jets on the same radio frequency headed to court

It is highly likely that few Australians, or for that matter, readers of The Australian are paying much attention to Dick Smith’s episodic attacks on the competency of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. But they should, because what is at stake goes beyond even air safety, to the willingness of elected governments to be heard […]

My (Disappointing) First Flight on Qatar Airways Out of LAX

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to fly Qatar Airways on their (current) longest flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Qatar’s home hub in Doha – about 16 hours. Given all the talk about them being named a “Five Star Airline” by Skytrax, and our previous coverage of flying Qatar, I was really exited for this flight. Show More Summary

Qantas solves A380 training problems with Canberra tag flights

There is excitement in the air near Canberra this morning as Qantas substitutes some of its turbo-prop flights between the national capital and Sydney and Melbourne with A380 tag flights at the start or finish of their normal long range flights to Dubai, Los Angeles and Dallas Fort Worth. A Qantas spokesman said the short […]

My First Airbus A350 Flight – On TAM Airlines

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly on my first Airbus A350 and I was excited. It was on TAM Airlines from Miami (MIA) to Sao Paulo (GRU), which is an eight-hour flight -- enough time for me to put it to the test. It was also special,...Show More Summary

A Sneak Peek at the Transformed American Air Museum in Duxford

Recently, I was delighted get an invite to the Imperial War Museum's (IWM) inaugural re-opening of its American Air Museum (AAM) at Duxford in Cambridgeshire. The AAM opened to the public on Saturday 19 March 2016, after being closed for 12 months for major redevelopment work. Show More Summary

Major effort mounted to restore MH370 search’s sharpest eye

Last week’s abrupt loss of the sharpest and deepest diving sonar scanner being used the sea floor search for MH370 has spurred the start of a major recovery operation. China’s heavy duty rescue vessel Dong Hai Jiu 101 had its synthetic aperture sonar towfish break free in waters 3650 metres deep for unexplained reasons, with […]

Air NZ wants out of Virgin Australia: VAH in trading halt

Air New Zealand’s unhappiness with Virgin Australia has caused today’s ASX trading halt in VAH while the highly profitable NZ carrier decides whether to sell all or part of its minority 25.9 percent stake in Australia’s second largest airline group. The reactions of the other minority airline stake holders, Singapore Airlines and Etihad, have not […]

How Far Along Are You?

My company recently bought a new airplane for our fleet. I may have blogged already about the previous owner and his son watching it go like it was a child going off to college. We told them we weren't sure exactly when we would arrive, so to leave it out on the ramp for us to collect, after the payment cleared. Show More Summary

Curiosity climbs higher up Martian mountain

It could take years before it reaches the summit of Mt Sharp in the Gale Crater on Mars, but today’s image of its long term goal taken by the NASA Rover Curiosity shows a sand dune and eroded plateau as it gradually circles and climbs the 5500 metre high peak. This is how human eyes […]

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