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Super efficient regional jet quest reinvents Comet IV

An Arizona State University design study for a super efficient small jet has come up with a proposed airliner with remarkable similarities to the de Havilland Comet IV family. The intention as outlined in this summary, was for a 70 seat regional jet that would beat the economics of a current Embraer E-170 or a […]

Boeing 777: 9 vs 10 Abreast Economy Seating

In October 2015, it appeared that Cathay Pacific was ‘flirting’ with the idea of changing its long-haul 777 economy class from a 9-abreast to a 10-abreast cabin. This appears to be correct, since Cathay Pacific gauged the responses of...Show More Summary

MH370 row over search for missing 777 deepens

For close students of the MH370 search controversy, there is another, third, attack on the ATSB managed search for the missing 777 in The Australian today by former fighter pilot Byron Bailey, and it variously repeats or adds to a set of errors on his part. Last week, in a second stab at the story […]

Concorde Celebrates a 40-Year Milestone

Today is the 40th anniversary of Concorde’s first commercial flight. On January 21, 1976, Concorde successfully completed its first supersonic flight by British Airways, from Heathrow to Bahrain, while Air France flew to Rio de Janeiro...Show More Summary

Flying on the Gogo Boeing 737-500… in First Class

Ok, I’ll admit that this flight review will be on an aircraft that 99.99% of the public won’t ever get the chance to fly, and I do feel badly about that… but it’s simply too cool for school to be on a private 737, more so because this particular 737 (a -500 model, reg. Show More Summary

Scoot to interline on Virgin’s Melbourne-Tasmania flights

In what might be called the airline equivalent of a relationship rather than a marriage the low cost carrier Scoot has struck up an interline agreement both ways between Melbourne and Hobart and Launceston on full service Virgin Australia flights. Scoot is 100 percent owned by Singapore Airlines which also owns 22.8 percent of Virgin […]

60 years ago Sydney opened its worst transport mistake

It is 60 years since Sydney’s Circular Quay rail station opened, driving the final nail into the coffin of its original 2nd harbour rail crossing. There is no evidence of any public awareness at the start of 1956 about the fateful consequences of what was instead celebrated as the belated completion of the city circle […]

Will American Debut Premium Economy Between Los Angeles & Hong Kong?

American Airlines is hosting a press conference on Wednesday, January 21, at the world-famous Hollywood Bowl, and AirlineReporter has been invited to attend this special "preview" for the media. The hook from the invitation: there will...Show More Summary

NZ report gives more details of SingaporeAir plan for Canberra

The not yet official plans for Singapore Airlines to fly to Canberra include a launch this August according to a New Zealand report. The story is big news across the Tasman because the four times weekly A330 service will continue to Wellington, giving a subset of the NZ-Asia market a more convenient connection to Singapore […]

A Closer Look at Winter Airport Operations

You’re sitting on a airliner preparing to depart from a major hub in the U.S. midwest, staring out the window. On a clear spring day, you’d pushback and be off the ground in moments, and see the shining Great Lakes and expanses of green fields and trees immediately after takeoff. Show More Summary

Australia’s MH370 search attacks critics over untruthful claims

There may be many things that justify calling out the ATSB, but for the most part the search for MH370 isn’t one of them, and today it hit back at recent criticism in The Australian over the most basic factual misrepresentations of its role, responsibilities, and the narrative it has updated at regular intervals.  The […]

MH370 beach hoax claim vanishes like the jet

Earlier today there was excitement, in some quarters, at the finding of a part of MH370 on a beach in Sarawak slightly SE of the last ATC transponder visible position of the Malaysia Airlines jet over the Gulf of Thailand nearly two years ago. The photos showed the fragment, to a critical eye, seemingly floating […]

Will true darkness fall on Qantas 787 Dreamliner passengers?

One of the best features of the 787 is going dark, or darker. Runway Girl Network has reported that a version of the Dreamliner’s dimmable windows that is 100 times darker is in the works. Those normal sized people who have been jammed into the ‘space efficient’ interior of the jet in a manner never […]

It’s “GO” Time: American to Sydney Departure Day Arrives & We Almost Blew It

In my last story, I discussed the process and reasoning for using miles for an economy ticket on an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER from Los Angeles to Sydney. In this story, I am going to share the actual flight experience and discuss...Show More Summary

Emirates A380s continue to eat the Australian market

The aircraft that sweeps up the most profitable passengers, the A380, will go double daily for Emirates between Perth and Dubai from 1 August. Emirates introduced the largest Airbus to the route in May last year, and currently uses a Boeing 777 to fly its second daily rotation to the Middle East hub with its […]

Qatar Airways’ CEO Has Sharp Words for Delta & American

Qatar Airways held a press conference on Tuesday to highlight the carrier's entry into the Los Angeles market, with His Excellency, Qatar Group CEO Akbar Al Baker, providing his insights into the new service, as well has having some choice words regarding what he views as an unwarranted attack on his airline by the three big US-based carriers. Show More Summary

MH370 search finds another shipwreck

A terrible thought arises from the latest MH370 search update, which has discovered a second shipwreck on the floor of the southern Indian Ocean five to six days sailing time SW of Fremantle. The wreck is believed to date back to around 1900. Everyone who was affected by that maritime tragedy is gone. Their yearning […]

Party at 40,000 Feet — Emirates Style

“Mr. Slutsken, would you and your wife please join us in the lounge at the back of the cabin?” asked the Purser, our flight’s senior cabin representative. She had a big smile on her face as she stood beside my business class seat in the Emirates A380 on our flight from Dubai (DXB) to Rome (FCO). Show More Summary

SingaporeAir could start Canberra contest with its flights

A shout out to Joe Aston on the Australian Financial Review for saying Singapore Airlines is about to announce flights to Wellington via Canberra. His information is believed to be good. It better be! Such an announcement has been anticipated for at least 20 years, and with a high visibility credible airline like Singapore Airlines […]

Flying American Down Under: Booking Economy by Using Miles

Less than a week after covering American Airlines' launch of their new Los Angeles-Sydney service, I found myself onboard Flight 73 on a last-minute holiday down under. The route featured American's flagship Boeing 777-300ER, with my personal-favorite business class seat. Show More Summary

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