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[Not So] Accessible On-board Lavatories – Flying Disabled

The last thing I wanted to do was break my wife’s arm, but that’s what happened as I tried to get her through the narrow door of the plane’s lavatory. It wasn’t intentional of course, but there is not enough room inside for a helper and a disabled person to be in the lavatory at the same time. Show More Summary

Why new PM Turnbull didn’t appoint an Aviation Minister

Opinion While it’s only day one of the Malcolm Turnbull cabinet in Australia, there are several things to note in relation to air, rail and road travel in this country and the public administration of air safety. One is that hopes that there may have been an appointment of a minister for aviation have been [...]

Is Concorde coming back as a restaurant, or a supersonic jet?

Plans to bring back Concorde sound more like a turning a dead supersonic jet into a tourist trap beside the Thames than putting it back into service in the stratosphere where it once belonged


I finally updated my personal logbook, sitting down with a small stack of journey logs, a calculator and a sunset/sunrise time database, to make entries for about two and a half years worth of flights. I've never got that far behind before. Show More Summary

Lufthansa Technik: Where Airplanes Go To Get A New Lease On Life

"We actually don't do that work here. For that kind of thing, we have to ship it out to Lufthansa Technik in Germany." If you talk to a great number of airline maintenance employees around the world, you'll probably hear that line a few times. Show More Summary

Under a low distant sun, Pluto shows off new marvels

The slow drip of data from the 14 July flypast of Pluto by NASA’s New Horizons space probe has now produced images of a many layered atmosphere over a complex glacial landscape. Scientists working on the data think that it shows a nitrogen cycle at work, in which it exists in liquid, solid and gaseous [...]

What can airlines learn from Uber – Presentation from #WLCAC

This week, I was invited by Terrapinn to deliver a presentation on the “Uberisation of airlines” at their World Aviation Festival in London. It wasn’t really about a self-service model that Uber is known for, but rather about how apps like Uber are shaping travellers’ habits and what airlines can do to keep up. Show More Summary

Xi Jinping ??? Boeing visit means a major deal is very close

When the big dots are connected it is clear Boeing is very close to sealing a key deal to set up a 737 completion and delivery facility in China. China’s President Xi Jingping??? is visiting Boeing in Seattle next week on 23 September, at the start of his first state visit to the US. Such [...]

Air New Zealand’s “Pleased to Seat You” Tour Lands in Vancouver

Air New Zealand is in the midst of refurbishing its Boeing 777-200ER fleet, and is showcasing the planes’ new Premium Economy and Economy Skycouch seats during a North American “Pleased to Seat You” tour. The seats are on display inShow More Summary

Papa Wilko

Much has happened in the past few months. My schedule has improved tremendously, I broke the 1,000 hour mark of jet time and my airline, like most others, has had to impose cuts and recently announced that my home base will close in a few months. Show More Summary

Timed out

This is another one of those cascade of incidents story and I know there have been a few of those recently. So I'll preface this one with the fact that I love my job in spite of all that gets in the way of a smooth trip.A few days ago, I signed-in for a two-day trip, excited to be gone for only a short while and to fly with a great captain. Show More Summary

A great loss

The day began with the news that Ted Kennedy had died.While not completely unexpected in light of his health condition, the news saddened me. My wife actually came home from work this morning with tears in her eyes.We both held Kennedy in the highest regard, even if he has been the subject of so much polemic. Show More Summary

The two-day from hell

I was ecstatic when my line award came out a few weeks ago.Finally, after months of pining after such schedules, I managed to hold a line with mostly two-day trips. While they tend to start early and finish quite late, they also afford me more nights in my own bed, which has become a luxury.Saturday morning began the wrong way. Show More Summary

The new reality?

LAX parking lot is home away from home for airline workers Buffeted by their industry's turbulence, airline employees save money by living part time in a motor home colony at LAX. By Dan Weikel July 20, 2009For about 15 days a month,...Show More Summary

Oh Captain, my Captain

My airline is chock full of wonderful people.For the most part, the captains I have flown with have been nothing short of exceptional: exemplary leaders as well as patient and gifted instructors who made me feel right at home when the airplane was still foreign to me. Show More Summary


"At least they're not furloughing, unlike the rest of the industry." I uttered these words a few days ago, in a nowadays very common company-bashing conversation with a captain. The following day, we heard the news that the company would furlough just under 100 pilots. Show More Summary

Back to school

They say a private pilot certificate is a license to learn. Any rating really is a portal into further education and learning.For weekend pilots, this can come through biennial flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks or new ratings. Show More Summary


I was driving home from the airport the other day, when I popped a CD into my car stereo that I hadn't listen to in a while. On it were a few Martin Sexton songs that brought back memories. Among them: my private pilot training, five years ago. Show More Summary

New Year's Eve...

The plan sounded perfect.My captain and I would join another captain with whom I'd flown before, take a cab into D.C. early in the afternoon and pub crawl. We'd visit all my old hangouts from when I had a real job there and get some real food for once. Show More Summary

A new arrival

But not of the aviation kind!In just about six months, our family will grow a little when Oliver or Fiona arrives. In the meantime, he or she is known as Fioliver. Since we found out a few weeks ago, things have been in overdrive. Renovation...Show More Summary

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