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Virgin Australia Y+ upgrade a sign of more Pacific flight changes

Virgin Australia has announced its new premium economy cabin for its 777-300ERs, which will form part of its responses to the new Qantas-American Airlines route initiatives between Australia and the US. The cabin becomes smaller, with only 24 seats apparently arranged across three rows of seats in a two by four by two format. and [...]

Is this the most important if least visual of Paris 2015 flying displays?

As the Paris Air Show 2015 ends Airbus has flown its all electric E-fan two seater for the 100th time, and in coming decades, this may prove the least photogenic yet most important aircraft to be shown at this salon in relation to the future of flight. More important perhaps than any Airbus or Boeing [...]

Venus and Jupiter putting on dazzling evening show

In the sky Even in the cities, Venus and Jupiter are coming together as two notably bright planets in the early night skies. By the end of this month they will come so visually close to each other they could both be covered by a five cent coin held at arms length. Away from city [...]

MH370 and the Maldivian sightings mystery

Dear MH370 watchers, we have a Maldivian renunciation of sightings of the missing jet courtesy of a climb down in today’s The Australian. If you just get the paywall, don’t worry, you can read what the author of the original exclusive published on 04 April this year is now retreating from with such alacrity by [...]

Hurricane Hunters, with their WC-130J and Gulfstream IV, Visit Northeast Florida

Hurricane Hunters have seen the unimaginable – Photo: NOAA As the summer season comes around, the climate in Florida changes from hot to humid. However, that’s not surprising. Neither is the extreme weather the Sunshine State receives from the massive rain storms that, often times, turn into tropical storms off the east coast. Recently, [...]Show More Summary

Never mind who really bought what at Paris, here’s the video winner

Boeing has followed up its stunning 787-9 pre-Paris  flying display video with a new YouTube Choose Your View sequel where viewers can switch between air to air, inside cockpit and view from inside looking out perspectives using constantly updating channels. Flying display videos will never be the same again. Whether you are just an armchair [...]

Flying on a Antonov An-12 for a Second Time. Even An-12’er.

This is the oldest An-12 still flying, which was recently repainted. EW-338TI is an An-12BP of RubyStar. Here it is in Vitebsk – Photo: Bernie Leighton | AirlineReporter But Bernie, you already flew on an Antonov An-12 last year! Do you really think I’d settle for one An-12? Come on now, who am I? [...]Show More Summary

Boeing gets hosed by big Wizz MoU for up to 200 Airbus A321s

Yes it’s a crude headline, but to be blunt, Boeing will be forced to get its head around changed demands for single aisle jets after losing a last minute decision at the Paris Air Show by European LCC Wizz to acquire as many as 200 Airbus A321 NEOs configured for 236 seats. Nothing could be [...]

‘Propstar’ confirmed: Five Jetstar Q300s for NZ regional flights

It’s official. As reported earlier, Jetstar is launching a turbo-prop operation in New Zealand to take on routes where the Air NZ presence is either vulnerable or overpriced. The flights will use an initial fleet of five former Qantaslink 50 seat Q300s, and are expected to operate to at least four regional destinations initially from [...]

Lunatic alert, NASA spots giant pyramid like form on Ceres

The NASA space probe Dawn has imaged a gigantic pyramid like feature rising perhaps as much as 4-8 kilometres above the surface of minor planet Ceres.  And no, it’s not an alien civilisation, but a lunatic magnet. The image, shown below, adds to the mystery of the bright dots already spotted on the surface of [...]

Coming to NZ, and maybe Tasmania ….. Propstar!

Let’s savor the prospect of what Jetstar is said to be about to do in New Zealand, and thus speculate on its doing the same thing in places like Tasmania.  Get ready for ….. Propstar! Qantas is reported in NZ to be ready to announced the use of surplus Qantaslink propjets to expand Jetstar NZ [...]

What Airlines Need to Know About Facebook’s Vision for Social Customer Service

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series on the future of Social Customer Service for airlines, and how is leading the way. Part 1 explored the reasons why has been a disappointment and has failed to capitalise on its head-start...Show More Summary

Garuda’s fleet ambitions made clearer in Paris

Not much that has happened at the Paris Air Show is directly relevant to the Australia, but Indonesia flag carrier Garuda is the exception. It has signed Memorandums of Understanding with Boeing for 60 jets, 30 787-9 Dreamliners and 30 additional 737-8 MAXs and a Letter of Intent with Airbus for 30 A350XWBs. (Model not [...]

RIP Twitter. Facebook is the Future of Social Customer Service.

Editor’s Note: This is a two-part series on the future of Social Customer Service for airlines. Part 2 will explore the innovative ways in which — and Messenger — will change the future of customer service.  It’s time to upend some common assumptions. Show More Summary

Visiting the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. Is this the ultimate airline lounge? Every major airline in the world tries to ensure that their hub lounges are the best that there can be. I am lucky enough to have visited a few of these in my life. From the Singapore Krisflyer Lounge to the [...]Show More Summary

Boeing keeping Mum on doing a MoM

Despite the stories coming out of the Paris Air Show about the Boeing MoM or Middle of the Market airliner, the situation concerning a slightly larger and longer flying replacement for its 757 line is one of complete indecisiveness and uncertainty. It has been that way for the most of the 10 plus years since [...]

Air Serbia: Shockingly Amazing Economy Experience — on a Turboprop!

A ray of hope in the darkness of European flying, sitting on the ground at Prague’s Ruzyne Airport – Photo: Bernie Leighton | AirlineReporter No matter where in the world, when you fly economy on a small turboprop, you likely are not going to have high expectations. This will just be some basic transportation [...]Show More Summary

Hold the phone, comet lander Philae may have been spotted

By coincidence, Philae the missing comet lander, may have been located, just as its first messages in seven months have been heard at mission control at the European Space Agency. On Friday the team charged with looking after the Rosetta spacecraft, in orbit alongside comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, and the tiny lander that was dropped onto its [...]

Comet lander phones home, but from where exactly?

Somewhere in a shady corner of this chaotic landscape on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko,  the tiny lander  Philae, has received enough sunlight to send signals to earth, breaking seven months of silence. In fact preliminary examinations of the packets of data received at its mission control centre in the European Space Agency say that it has been [...]

SpaceX, Tesla, and the death of the NBN and Big Coal

Opinion In some quarters, including the top levels of the Australian government and its opposition, the activities of American space and electric car entrepreneur Elon Musk would be seen as a deadly threat to the NBN and Big Coal. But there is nothing that can be done to prevent both being destroyed by ‘disruptive’ new [...]

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