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Vueling names planes after local heroes from around the world #storiesthatdeserveaplane

Lots of airlines have named planes in the past. Some name them on cities, some christen planes with names of spices, and some with their fans. But Vueling, the Spanish low cost carrier, has taken it a step further. The airline has launched...Show More Summary

Pilots and Birds

Pilots have sort of a love-hate relationship with birds. Some learned to fly out of a desire to be like the birds. I came grudgingly to appreciate avian skills while I was a student pilot learning to judge winds and momentum in the flare. Show More Summary

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day: Getting Youth Engaged With Aviation

Passion, dedication, and giving back to the community. These are the main things that really made Alaska Airlines Aviation Day shine. Since I have been running AirlineReporter, for almost eight years, I have met many people in the airline business and aviation. Show More Summary

Travelport creates video to highlight how it is redefining travel commerce

Travelport has rounded off an 18-month branding project by launching a new high-end B2B commercial entitled ‘We’re There’. The video portrays how Travelport is redefining travel commerce through innovative technology solutions, while...Show More Summary

An A-Lister’s Perspective on Southwest’s New Meridian Seats

I recently attended Southwest’s #SWAmediaDay and the unveiling of their new Houston Hobby international terminal. As an unabashed Southwest fan, and card-carrying A-Lister (Southwest’s version of elite frequent flyer), it was an excellent opportunity to get up-to-date on what’s going on behind the scenes at Southwest. Show More Summary

Flying on a Classic Grumman Albatross in Portland – With Wifi

“Do you have time this week for a flight in a 1952…” “Yes.” “What time do you have ava……” “I’ll make time available. Just grab me a seat!” That’s pretty much the conversation I had prior to the 2015 APEX Expo, where Global Eagle subsidiary...Show More Summary

Extra-Vehicular Activities

I was trying to find a clip of the coffee-ordering scene from the movie Pushing Tin. In the film it's a demonstration of how many pieces of data on different aircraft that an experienced controller can hold in his or her head simultaneously. Show More Summary

An Introduction to In-Flight Connectivity with Gogo

Like most business travelers, I have grown accustomed to looking for the familiar WiFi symbol while boarding a plane. Just a few years ago, in-flight connectivity was a luxury and something one could not depend on, whether through spotty...Show More Summary

Requiem For a Trijet Masterpiece – The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

I have always been a fan of all things esoteric, the unique, and perhaps even the underdog. Engineering oddities fascinated me from a young age; if it was different or somewhat outlandish, I was hooked. For that reason, it’s probably...Show More Summary

Inspiration for Peace Day: What Airline Marketing Can Learn From “McWhopper”

Burger King recently made international headlines when it offered “peace” to rival McDonald’s for a day on the 21st of September, on the occasion of Peace Day. It came out with full-page ads in major US newspapers, including the hometown newspaper of McDonalds Corporation. Show More Summary

Air Traffic Controllers Make Good Poker Players

The control tower at Changi Airport. There seems to be a trend developing in recent years in which professionals that have chosen other career paths are transitioning to the career of a professional poker player. These professionalsShow More Summary

Eight Ways American Carriers can Deliver Delightful Customer Service and Stay Ahead of Competition

Top airlines in the world are loved for their overall experience combining the hard product (seat quality, In-flight entertainment, amenities) with the soft product (on-board service, food etc.). But what makes a flight truly memorable for passengers is how he/she is taken care of during the flight, of which on-board service is a significant element. Show More Summary

Air NZ makes point about ski holidays with giant snowball fight

Air NZ has revived the roman catapult or trebuchet in its opening shot in the trans Tasman ski holiday contest that always breaks out at this time of year. Being a sucker for really good marketing, and New Zealand in general,  Plane Talking has broken its own rule about avoiding PR campaigns to draw attention [...]

Xenophon hits out at 2nd Sydney Airport ‘monopoly’ risks

One of the disturbing things about Sydney’s much needed second airport at Badgerys Creek is the unwillingness of the major parties to do anything to break the monopoly pricing situation that would arise if it becomes owned by the same interests as the existing airport. Last week in the Senate Nick Xenophon, the independent Senator [...]

Flight Review: Lufthansa First Class on the Boeing 747-8I

My ride to Newark — the first Boeing 747-8I (D-ABYA) to enter service commercially. Seen here from ground level! I have been lucky enough to fly a few different airlines in first class. I am referring though to international first class here, not domestic “first class.” An airline that I have been obsessed to [...]Show More Summary

Boeing posts a stunning curtain raiser to Paris Air Show

Got a few spare minutes?  Go here to see a superb YouTube of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner rehearsing all the right moves for next week’s Paris Air Show. The -9 is liveried for Vietnam Airlines, and by coincidence a similarly decorated Airbus A350-900 is also said to be part of the flying display  at the [...]

US crash inquiry video sets new standards in safety reporting

America’s air crash investigator, the NTSB, has released a YouTube video summary of its findings in a 2013 cargo jet crash at Birmingham, Alabama, which could be a major advance in getting safety messages better understood and acted upon. UPS flight 1354, operated by an Airbus A300,  crashed more than 1000 metres short of its [...]

ATSB admits failing to investigate serious ATC blackout in Melbourne

Earlier this week the chief commissioner of the ATSB, Martin Dolan, told a Senate Estimates hearing that he had decided not to investigate a three hour radar black out at Melbourne’s main airport at Tullamarine and the nearby smaller corporate and general aviation airport at Essendon. Instead Mr Dolan explained that the ATSB had taken [...]

Kenmore Air Makes a Splash with the Wild Orca Seaplane

The Wild Orca seaplane in all its glory. Fun fact: though the DHC-3 is nearly 2x as long as an adult male orca, a fully-grown orca will weigh nearly twice as much as this plane – Photo: Lee Zerrilla | AirlineReporter At a sun-filled event, Kenmore Air unveiled the Wild Orca seaplane, a 1954 [...]Show More Summary

Airline Sampler – Part 1: Intro + My First Flight on Virgin America

Airline Sampler, heck yes – Image: Great Circle Mapper “You’re crazy!” That’s the most common reaction I get from non-AvGeeks after describing in detail one of my typical “plane crazy” trips. Unlike a normal person, my travel tends to focus not on the destination, but the journey. That is, the airlines, airplanes, airports, and [...]Show More Summary

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