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Finishing the Job: Part 1 - Grain Elevators of the CN Rossburn Subdivision

On April 30th I set out on my last marathon Manitoba grain elevator trip. I had about two dozen elevators left to photograph, and this trip would get all but one of them. I did my planning and on the evening of April 29th, I was ready to go. Show More Summary

Night Train

Hurry up, girl I hear it coming Got a moon and a billion stars Sound of steel and old boxcars The thought of you is driving me insane Come on baby, let's go listen to the night train - "Night Train", Jason Aldean It's been a long time since I did any night train photography, but I did a bit Tuesday night. Show More Summary

Snowblind in Portage la Prairie

Snowblind I'm snowblind, can't live without youSo fine, I just can't get awayNow I'm snowblind, snowblind, snowblind - Styx (video)I felt a little snowblind yesterday when I was out railfanning. Tom Sajnovic was in town and we decided...Show More Summary

A Day Trip to Salzburg

After noodling around in Vienna for a few days, we took a day trip to Salzburg. Trains to Salzburg leave from the Wien Westbahnhof. This is a major train station, with trains to Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Moscow, Budapest, Bucharest, and Belgrade... Show More Summary

Circular Polarizers

I've written about circular polarizers before, but I wanted to revisit them one more time.In case you don't know what a circular polarizer is, it is a filter that screws onto the end of your lens to allow you to polarize the light coming into your lens. Show More Summary

Inside the Inglis Elevators

As part of my northwest Manitoba grain elevator trip, I visited the elevator row in Inglis, Manitoba. I wrote about the outsides of the elevators here and now I'm going to write about the interiors.Inglis has two elevators that are open to the public, the N.M. Show More Summary

The Claus Conspiracy

There's a rumour afoot that Santa Claus, that benevolent supplier of presents to children worldwide, doesn't just use his reindeer-powered sled to deliver presents. One man - Craig Waarheid - is convinced the jolly old elf gets help from a huge, diesel-powered entity.None other than... Show More Summary

Return to Kamloops

I was in Kamloops, British Columbia this week for work, so of course I did a little railfanning for a few evenings. Of course, it's October so the daylight hours are less, but you do what you can. June 20 I landed on Monday morning, after cruising over the lovely Rocky Mountains. Show More Summary

My Railfan Five Challenge

Eric Gagnon over at the excellent Trackside Treasure blog threw down the gauntlet and challenged myself and three other bloggers to share five photos from our railfan journeys.Unlike Eric, I haven't been a railfan for most of my life. Show More Summary

Call of the Northland

Thomas Blampied has released a new book, Call of the Northland. This book talks about the former Ontario Northlander passenger train and the author's journey on it.The Ontario Northlander was a passenger train that ran from Toronto, ON to Cochrane, ON by the Ontario Northland Railway. Show More Summary

A Spiritual Moment

This summer we drove from Winnipeg to Banff to spend a week in the Rockies. We stopped in the Regina area going west and going east, and I took the opportunity to go see some trains while we were there. This post is from July 14. WeShow More Summary

Two More Cuts

There were two more deep cuts recently in the "death of a thousand cuts" affecting rail service in northern New Brunswick.The first was the planned end of mining at Brunswick Mines (outside Bathurst) on May 1. Once the largest zinc mine in the world, it was in operation for 49 years. Show More Summary

VIA Rescues CN

On Thursday, March 7, CN had a small derailment in their Transcona yard in Winnipeg. The lead engine and first car of westbound CN 115 derailed while coming into the yard, blocking the CN Redditt subdivision at around 7 AM. The rest of the train blocked a busy street (Ravenhurst) and the east Perimeter Highway. Show More Summary

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

I was contacted by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for permission to use a video of mine to illustrate how much food they provided last year to help end world hunger. I agreed, and here it is.Visit their website to learn more about what they do.

Rail Train!

On Tuesday afternoon I was driving west along Wilkes Avenue when I spotted a train heading west as well. I could only see the rear but it seemed a little odd. As I caught up to it I saw that it was a rail train and it had two cabooses on the rear!I passed it at about mile 10 and kept going. Show More Summary

Meet Me In The Middle of the Day

Meet me in the middle of the dayLet me hear you say, everything's okayBring me southern kisses from your roomMeet me in the middle of the nightLet me hear you say, everything's all rightLet me smell the moon in your perfume -- Romeo's Tune, Steve ForbertHere's a meet that occurred in the middle of the (Thurs)day. Show More Summary

The Shot

Sometimes on a train-watching outing, I get some decent photographs but nothing really special. Sometimes I get nothing but duds. Occasionally... I get a shot I'm really pleased with... The Shot.On Saturday afternoon I went out with the kids to run a few errands and shoot a few trains. Show More Summary

More Snow in The Gorge

Most of the snow from the January 15th snow storm fell west of Bingen.  The result was I spent the day west of Bingen too!  Snow in the gorge has been pretty sparse lately so I wanted to take advantage.  Most of the morning I hung out around North Bonneville photographing Amtrak, several BNSF westbounds, and two [...]

HLCX 6200 Arrives

Several people went out on January 8 to shoot HLCX 6200 as part of train CN 406 en route to Saint John.First, Matt aka Saintjohnrailfan shot it in Rothesay near the station... using his tried-and-true Picture-in-Picture technique. Very...Show More Summary

Rothesay Station Revisited

Last week I was in the Saint John / St. George area for a quick trip, to give some training. I had a brief opportunity to do a different kind of training when I chased CN 406 in the evening of September 21. I drove from St. George to Saint John in the late afternoon, and had supper while 406 was in Island Yard. Show More Summary

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