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Human population grows by 200,000 per day. Yes, per day.

The least painful way to reduce population is through falling birth rates. In some places the birth rate is below the replacement rate. Those places also usually have excellent public transit.Good public transit makes urban living more comfortable. Show More Summary

Sunday Open Thread: How an Average Family in Tokyo Can Buy a New Home

Small lots with straightforward and flexible zoning allows a diversity of housing types, mixed with retail and offices, that are affordable to more people. The video creator made a correction on statistics but his point remains vali...

Why we decided to boycott United Airlines after #flight3411 – a message to the CEO, Oscar Munoz

Today, we have taken a decision as a company to boycott United Airlines. Our staff will not be flying United Airlines even if they offer the cheapest or most convenient option. We have decided to boycott United Airlines due to the way it treated a passenger on flight 3411. Show More Summary

Je Reve: Dreaming on the Air France 787-9 from London to Paris

As far as airline journalism gigs go, I hoped that this would be a beauty. And it did not disappoint. I missed an opportunity to visit the Air France (AF) CDG hub experience in November 2015 due to a lost passport. However, AF gave me...Show More Summary

The “Bandit” Sneaks into YVR – Cathay Pacific Begins A350 Service to Vancouver

Almost 35 years ago, Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) began its international expansion to North America, flying a Boeing 747-200 from Hong Kong (HKG) to Vancouver, BC (YVR). It was the first airline to fly nonstop between the two key Pacific...Show More Summary

Alaska Airlines – Virgin No More!

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Alaska Airlines. I feel that they provide consistent, friendly service while having a nice product. They are like your really great friend that you always look forward to hanging out with. Even though Alaska and I have a friendly relationship, they know I see other airlines from time-to-time. Show More Summary

VIA's Canada 150 Wrap Visits Winnipeg

Canada 150 This year is Canada's 150th birthday, thanks to the British North America Act passed on July 1, 1867 (fun fact: there were more Acts after that, mostly revisions to add more provinces and territories). VIA Rail is wrapping some of its locomotives and cars to commemorate the occasion. Show More Summary

Meet Me At Midnight

CN 2002 in Ste. Agathe, Manitoba The Plan I heard there was an early Sunday morning BNSF detour train (CN F306) running on the Letellier subdivision. Since Sunday morning is my fun day, and I'm not afraid to shoot at night, I went out...Show More Summary

SimpliFlying Airline Marketing Innovation Lab Singapore

The SimpliFlying Airline Marketing Innovation Lab enables the meeting of the best minds in airline marketing. We’ve held two global Labs – in Las Vegas in 2015 and London in 2016. Based on feedback from the past attendees, we believed...Show More Summary

OPINION: The New Air Canada Livery Makes Me Hate Myself!

NO! Okay. There. I said what we were all thinking as Canadian AvGeeks. I just can’t. I am not a fan of Air Canada’s new look. I want to understand the decisions behind this branding. Except, when I look at it I see nothing but bad things. Show More Summary

UW Bus-Rail Integration is More Important than Ever

As the One Center City project proposes removing SR 520 buses from Downtown Seattle, minor design flaws at UW Station will become all the more prominent, and the success of truncating buses at UW depends on fixing them. There is enormous promise for the concept. Route 545, for example, spends half its running time between International District […]

Why Tom Nealon as Southwest President is good news

Southwest recently announced the appointment of Tom Nealon as its new President, replacing Gary Kelly. While Tom is well known inside the airline, not many may be familiar with his style outside Southwest. I’d like to share an edited excerpt from my book SOAR, which us gives a glimpse inside Tom Nealon’s mind. Show More Summary

PHOTOS: Airbus Beluga XL Becoming a Reality

When living large is just not good enough, you need to live XL — Beluga XL that is! Airbus is in process of upgrading their “oversize cargo airlifter” and recently shared some photos of its progress. The new model will replace the five...Show More Summary

C-Tran Welcomes Vine, Washington’s 2nd True Bus Rapid Transit Line

Clark County and Vancouver, WA aren’t exactly known for transit. Often seen as the Republican yin to Portland’s yang, where the dream of the suburbs is alive, Vancouver gets a bad rap. Local Republicans (often led by the gleefully antagonistic Don Benton) have been exceptionally hostile to both Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and to extending MAX […]

Airline Marketing Campaigns We Loved in 2016

Every month SimpliFlying produces a premium Airline Marketing Benchmark Report, where we go over the best campaigns of the previous month. Here are some of our favourite airline marketing campaigns from 2016 that were featured in different...Show More Summary


What got in me is something more than envy.I should be above it I know, but I just can't let it go. - Jennifer Nettles, "Jealousy" This is "Confessions of a Train Geek", so I have something to confess: sometimes I am jealous of other...Show More Summary

Sounders Victory Parade Downtown Mid-Day Tuesday

Sound Wave, Sounders FC’s marching band, video by padge6108 In what is becoming a fun but disruptive tradition, Seattle will be holding a victory parade for another sportsball champion, the Seattle Sounders, who will take over a swath of north downtown mid-day Tuesday. We’ve heard that the march/parade route will begin at Westlake Park at […]

The SimpliFlying compulsory leave experiment – the results are in!

The work culture experiment In April this year, we kick-started the latest work experiment at SimpliFlying – compulsory one week of leave every seven weeks for all staff. Of course, the leaves had to be staggered, but the key was the staff had to be completely cut off from work. Show More Summary

Airline marketing on a high with the #mannequinchallenge

This November was probably the month of the Mannequin Challenge — a viral Internet trend of short videos of people remaining frozen in action with Rae Sremmurd’s song “Black Beatles” playing in the background. This challenge was taken...Show More Summary

3 Cheers for Brenda

TBM Cutterhead Lift 120516 30s from Sound Transit Video on Vimeo. Though Sound Transit’s Tunnel Boring Maching #1 (formerly ‘Brenda’) reached UW station in September, Sound Transit only retrieved the cutter head yesterday (because football). TBM #1 has been a true workhorse for Sound Transit, completing 6 of the 10 tunnel segments for University Link […]

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