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HARS Convair 440 shows some class as it reaches Dubbo: VIDEO

This was how you arrived in style at country towns in 1948 The post HARS Convair 440 shows some class as it reaches Dubbo: VIDEO appeared first on Plane Talking.

Something very special is on its way to Albion Park

Australia's restored Super Constellation and its preserved Qantas 747-400 are about to be joined by a rarely seen Convair 240 at Albion Park The post Something very special is on its way to Albion Park appeared first on Plane Talkin...

Sound Transit Previews Angle Lake Station

Sound Transit – Angle Lake Testing 30 second from Sound Transit Video on Vimeo. Wednesday afternoon Sound Transit (ST) gave media a short preview of Angle Lake Station. The 1.6 mile extension south of SeaTac Airport will open some time in late September (exact date to be announced soon), and the project is also running […]

100th Birthday Boeing Surprise: A Special Alaska Livery!

What do you get the company that already has all the cool toys? A special livery of course! Last week, Alaska Airlines unveiled their special Happy Birthday to You Boeing livery (it is really called the Celebration of Boeing). But this is not just any birthday... Show More Summary

News Roundup: Happy 40th

Puyallup parking garage negotiation not going well. Happy 40th Community Transit. Don’t pry open the ticket vending machines. Open House for Lander St. Bridge is coming. Sounder maintenance base will be in Lakewood. Logical critique of Seattle Times “war on cars” rhetoric is a category error, but KUOW argued it out anyway. Washington’s GOP platform […]

Counterpoint Opinion: Nine Reasons Why I Don’t Fly Southwest

A few weeks ago, my esteemed colleague JL Johnson penned a piece extolling the virtues of his favorite carrier, Southwest Airlines. He laid out nine reasons why Southwest was tops in his mind, and quite honestly I didn’t disagree with...Show More Summary

Are press releases still relevant in an airline crisis?

When it comes to an airline crisis, the importance of press releases to represent facts or the company’s stance seem to be dialling down in this hyper-connected world, and rightly so. Instead, we see CEOs stepping up to the frontline...Show More Summary

Finishing the Job: Part 1 - Grain Elevators of the CN Rossburn Subdivision

On April 30th I set out on my last marathon Manitoba grain elevator trip. I had about two dozen elevators left to photograph, and this trip would get all but one of them. I did my planning and on the evening of April 29th, I was ready to go. Show More Summary

All set for Australia’s finest family air show this weekend

The flying machines of the past were also loud, thrilling, and could turn on a threepenny bit, and you can see them come alive at Wings Over Illawarra this weekend

Visiting The Gogo Building: Gogo’s Downtown Chicago HQ

Being an aviation enthusiast means different things for different people. I like to consider myself an AvGeek generalist with interest in not only flights, plane spotting, and airline news, but also the behind-the-scenes of the industry. Show More Summary

Sunday Open Thread: KC Streetcar

Kansas City is on the MOVE with the KC Streetcar from KC Streetcar on Vimeo. Kansas City seems pretty excited for its first streetcar, opening on May 6.

How we re-designed work culture at SimpliFlying in the last six years (and our bold new experiment)

SimpliFlying has been truly global from the day it began its journey in 2009. Today, have a team of multiple nationalities based in Singapore, India, Spain, Canada and the UK. With such a difference in time zones and upbringing, howShow More Summary

Suggestion of the Week: Train Length Announcements

Video by Oran Pete Lorimer had an excellent suggestion in the thread about the arrival of peak 3-car trains last month: If Link is running a mix of three and two-car trains, people won’t want to wait at the location of the third car in case the next train doesn’t have one. Then they will […]

Visiting The Roasterie: A Coffee Company with a Passion for the DC-3

I'm an #AvGeek. I love specialty coffee, classic airplanes and my hometown of Kansas City. Let’s combine them all! Here at AirlineReporter we are a fan of all things aviation, including those on the fringe. Today we're taking a lookShow More Summary

Going for a Jetliner Joyride… Flying Air Canada with a Friend

Sometimes, when you are a true aviation enthusiast, you do things that some people would consider weird or unorthodox. Maybe you are wanting to fly just to experience a certain aircraft type. Or maybe it’s a Saturday evening and you want to catch up with a buddy you haven’t seen for a long time. Show More Summary

What are your #SightsOfSI?

Tourists don't know where to go when they get off the Staten Island Ferry, so let's make some posters for them! Here's one I made: And here's one Joby Jacob made: You can make your own! Find a picture of the sight on Flickr or Google Images, or create your own. Show More Summary

Re-thinking Content Marketing for Airlines

If content marketing seems the new buzzword these days, it’s because online social networks have renewed the cultural importance of storytelling. Superficial advertisements are passé. Exchange of ideas is crucial. Brands have discovered that donning a human face is the only way forward. Show More Summary

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