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News Roundup: Resolutely Pro-Housing

In response to growth, Chinese cities choose metros. Highway 99 tunnel in Seattle will open to traffic this fall ($), the state and contractors say. Morning Crank: Resolutely Pro-Housing. Here’s a PDF of PSRC’s funded 2017 Transportation Alternatives funding. Podcast ($): As Seattle faces an even worse traffic nightmare, do officials have a plan or […]

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Light Rail

Change is quickly coming to Bellevue as Sound Transit ramps up construction on the East Link Extension. Most recently crews on Monday night began work on the first elevated section of the 14-mile light rail extension, placing two girders that span 112th Avenue Northwest near the future Bellevue Downtown Station. These 117-foot precast girders are […]

Imagining a Post-Carbon Transportation System

A new exhibit presents a vision of a fossil-fuel-free mobility system in a city not designed around cars. As automobiles began taking over cities in the early 1900s, an exhibit at the 1939 New York World’s fair titled “Futurama”  gave visitors a glimpse of a city twenty years in the future where cars ruled the […]

The 2017 CP Holiday Train

Canadian Pacific Railway has run the Holiday Train since 1999, crossing Canada from east to west. The train collects funds and food for local food banks, and puts on a good show too!In the past I've photographed it in Winnipeg - at night...Show More Summary

AvGeeks Assemble! Loving Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2017

At the end of September we got to enjoy another amazing Aviation Geek Fest. If you follow the site, the name probably sounds familiar. It is a VIP-access event that allows AvGeeks to get together and experience some pretty cool things not typically open to the general public. Show More Summary

Can Sound Transit Make Room for a Homeless Shelter in Bellevue?

Bellevue is planning a permanent men’s homeless shelter in the city. After a proposed location in the Eastgate area drew controversy, the City considered two alternative locations including one near the planned Sound Transit Link maintenance facility in the Bel-Red area. Sound Transit has opposed this because it is within an area to be marketed […]

Inside Bellevue’s Future Light Rail Tunnel

Progressing 3.5 to 5 feet a day on average, crews working on the East Link light rail tunnel have completed 700 of the 2,000 feet of tunnel that will eventually connect the future East Main and Downtown Bellevue stations under 110th Ave. Due to the short tunnel length, approximately one-third of a mile, the tunnel […]

CN's Caboose Train

Five cabooses, one train - the CN Family Day train in Winnipeg CN has a "Family Day" every year where they invite families of CN employees and CN retirees to a local yard for tours, games, food and fun. Often a train ride is involved and that's where my interest lies!This year the organizers in Winnipeg did something different. Show More Summary

The Ontario Southland Railway Woodstock Job - Part 1

One item on my "bucket list" was checked off early in August when I finally saw the Ontario Southland Railway and part of its unique fleet of hard working diesel locomotives. A Brief History of the Ontario Southland Railway The Ontario Southland Railway was founded by Jeff Willsie, who is now the president of the company. Show More Summary

SimpliFlying launches the first ever Lab dedicated to the Americas

Last year, our Airline Marketing Innovation Lab in London brought together marketers from airlines across the world. Apart from unprecedented knowledge exchange, the Lab also threw up a crucial insight — each region offers different marketing challenges for airlines. Show More Summary

The Canada 150 Train Comes to Winnipeg

CP 1401 in Winnipeg The Canadian Pacific "Canada 150" train came to Winnipeg - and what a gorgeous train it was!You may recall I was planning the shoot a while ago. The train was scheduled to be on display in Winnipeg on August 4th from...Show More Summary

Queen of the Skies Review: Flying Upstairs on the Lufthansa 747-8 Intercontinental

I recently flew aboard two Lufthansa Boeing 747-8s. In doing so I was able to cross off a longstanding item on my AvGeek to-do list. Like most (all?) AvGeeks, I have long had a passion for the 747. Sure, there are plenty of great planes...Show More Summary

The epidemic of fake airline social media metrics

In our work on marketing strategy, airline social media metrics often come up in discussions. Though, we realize that once agencies take over the implementation of the strategy, most of the airline social media metrics used today border on irrelevance. Show More Summary

Sunday Open Thread: Tactical Urbanism

Transform Your City With Tactical Urbanism from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Three Passenger Trains in Northern Québec (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post by Al in Vancouver... enjoy!In June and July of 2017, I had the opportunity to ride three passenger trains in northern Québec. This guest post will focus on overall impressions and tips for railfans. Sept-Îles...Show More Summary

Rainbow Railfanning 'Round Rivers

On June 19th I was in the Carberry-Brandon area of Manitoba and had a free evening. I had seen some photos from a location just east of Rivers (the namesake of the CN Rivers subdivision) and I wanted to check it out.Little did I know how many rainbows I'd encounter around Rivers!Warning! This is going to be a long post, and very picture heavy. Show More Summary

Human population grows by 200,000 per day. Yes, per day.

The least painful way to reduce population is through falling birth rates. In some places the birth rate is below the replacement rate. Those places also usually have excellent public transit.Good public transit makes urban living more comfortable. Show More Summary

Sunday Open Thread: How an Average Family in Tokyo Can Buy a New Home

Small lots with straightforward and flexible zoning allows a diversity of housing types, mixed with retail and offices, that are affordable to more people. The video creator made a correction on statistics but his point remains vali...

Why we decided to boycott United Airlines after #flight3411 – a message to the CEO, Oscar Munoz

Today, we have taken a decision as a company to boycott United Airlines. Our staff will not be flying United Airlines even if they offer the cheapest or most convenient option. We have decided to boycott United Airlines due to the way it treated a passenger on flight 3411. Show More Summary

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