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Sustainability Software Translates LCA Results to Business Insights

PRé Sustainability has launched SimaPro Share & Collect, a web-based platform developed to facilitate fact-based sustainable decision making. With Share & Collect, life cycle assessment (LCA) results can be made accessible to a broader business audience and can easily be converted into valuable business insights, the company says. Show More Summary

Apple Partners with Cisco to Create “Fast Lane” for iOS Enterprise Customers

Apple and Cisco yesterday announced a partnership to help bring more iPhones and iPads to enterprise users. The partnership aims to help Apple iOS devices communicate more effectively on corporate networks where Cisco gear is used, and the two companies will work on technology to help workers with iPads and iPhones better exploit Cisco’s collaboration [...]

Tesla Smashes Consumer Reports Ratings System

The Tesla Model S P85D sedan has officially broken the Consumer Reports Rating System with the electric car performing better in the tests than any other car. Ever. According to Consumer Reports, the Tesla initially scored 103 — but the rating system doesn’t go past 100. So Consumer Reports had to change its scoring. The ratings […]

Smart Home Technology Update: Samsung SmartFridge Got Hacked, Three Other Smart Home Hub Devices Have High Risk of Being Hacked 

Smart Home Technology is the latest trend in easy living. All you need is an internet connection and you can control most of your appliances in just a few swipes and taps on your smartphones or tablets. Smart Home also has security features that can protect your home from burglars and other threats. But, let […]

Difficulty vs. Productivity vs. Rates, or Why Game Translators Should Charge More

Video games are not exactly one of the best paying fields of the translation industry. Many developers like to work with a single vendor for their multilingual localization needs, which means much of the work gets done through agencies, competing…

Industry Spotlight: Megaport CEO Denver Maddux

Three of the fastest evolving pieces of the infrastructure puzzle today are interconnection, cloud connectivity, and software-defined networking.  Australian-based Megaport lives at the bleeding edge of all three, and they recently announced plans to take their platform and business model into the major markets of North America and beyond.  With us today to tell us […]

Enter the Flexiwatt: A New Choice for Consumers and a Business Opportunity for Green Tech Innovators 

Most homeowners probably think they have three choices when it comes to electricity. Buy it from a power provider, generate it themselves, or avert its use altogether through energy efficiency.But the Rocky Mountain Institute has put forward a fourth choice. The flexiwatt. Source: Enter the Flexiwatt: A New Choice for Consumers and a Business Opportunity […]

Indonesia’s ore export ban a hard blow to China Nickel Resources

China Nickel Resources, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, had to admit publicly how badly it is suffering from  the Indonesian government’s sudden ban on all ore exports, including iron and nickel ore. The ban, started in January 2014, forced China Nickel Resources to halt operations at almost all of its core businesses, including […]

Licensing advanced reactors in the United States

On September 1-2 2015, the US DOE and US NRC jointly sponsored a workshop on advanced non-LWR [light water reactors]. Your intrepid reporter from Atomic Insights attended and managed to ask a few questions. The presentations are available here. Show More Summary

The internet of things, demystified

Last week Ralph Lauren rolled out a new shirt that uses built-in sensors to track your heart rate, energy output, stress levels and calories burned.The shirt can send that information to your iPhone or other connected device, which will use it to analyze what more you could be doing for your health, such as eating […]

How Apple HomeKit is going to homogenise smarthomes 

10 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Apple HomeKit is going to hit the mainstream with the release of iOS 9 – coming to an iPhone or iPad near you very soon – and it’s going to turn the smarthome segment on its head.Some people may refer to connected devices, connected appliances, smart appliances or home automation, but we use the umbrella […]

Memorable Resume Errors That Will Make You Laugh

CareerBuilder surveyed over 2,000 hiring managers and found that more than 70 percent of them only devote about five minutes or less to looking over an applicant's resume, while half spend less than two minutes. However, even with such short attention spans, 56 percent of hiring managers reported having caught applicants in major lies. Show More Summary

Mobile Malware Hack Highlights Need for Greater Supply Chain Security

G DATA uncovered issues with malware installed on phones while within the supply chain. This brings big questions about supply chain security.

Tips for a Skype Interview

Many companies utilize the latest video recording technology to conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates. A Skype interview helps save time, money and travel during the recruiting process, especially if a potential candidate lives out of town. Show More Summary

Why Diablo Canyon is Safe from Earthquake and Tsunami

Every once in a while NEI's media team has to call out a journalist for egregiously unbalanced coverage. Today is one such day. Jenner Deal, “reporting” for Business Insider, produced a wildly unbalanced video, replete with anti-nuclear...Show More Summary

2015 Reg Fees Set, Payment Deadline Announced, Fee Filer Open (for now)

Fire up your computer, free up some space on your credit cards and get your FRN information ready – you’ve got until SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 to get your reg fees paid … but don’t count on paying between 6:00 p.m., September 2 and 8:00 a.m., September 8. And we thought last year – when the … Continue Reading

Webroot launches IoT toolkit to protect connected home devices

13 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Webroot has launched a set of tools designed to protect IoT devices from online threats.The Internet of Things (IoT) and networked devices include smart thermostats, self-driving cars, home security system and home lighting, among others. Many of the IoT devices available on the market can be controlled through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets […]

You are Not Your Job

Office workers, executive assistants and office managers may feel like another "cog in the corporate wheel" as just another staffer in a large corporation. One way to stand out is to create a personal brand for your everyday work. This helps create value for your position while showing co-workers that the office cannot function without you. Show More Summary

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