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$859M Savings on Water, Energy Available with Performance Contracting

Western states’ public schools and governments can save $859 million annually by using performance contracting to implement water management and energy conservation measures, according to a market study by Western Resource Advocates and McKinstry. Show More Summary

Intel and Micron Produce Breakthrough Memory Technology – 3D Xpoint

Intel and Micron begin production on new class of non-volatile memory, creating the first new memory category in more than 25 years. Intel Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc. today unveiled 3D XPoint ™ technology, a non-volatileShow More Summary

Facebook Optimistic About the Future of

Facebook’s controversial project began one year ago in Zambia and at first blush it seems to be a success, bringing Internet access to millions of people heretofore unconnected and allowing mobile operators to expand their services to those who previously thought it was beyond the affordability barrier. Now has roughly 12 telecom partners [...]

Blunders to Avoid on a Conference Call

If you work remotely or have clients in far-away locations, conference calls are very valuable for helping everyone on your team stay connected. A simple conference call can bring everyone up to speed on a project and save your company thousands of dollars on domestic or international travel. Show More Summary

Strategies for a No-Fail Cover Letter

Writing a clear, concise and engaging cover letter is challenging for many professionals who are engulfed in an already stressful job search. However, you can create a no-fail letter that prompts hiring managers to invite you for an interview by following strategies that have impressed employers and secured jobs for many candidates. Show More Summary

Online video providers seek out ways to provide personalized content

The notion of personalized video content has become the latest buzzword in the OTT video space as users demand more content that suits their own viewing habits and interests.

New York mayors chime in on Verizon-CWA union negotiations, FiOS rollouts

A group of mayors in New York have joined the Communications Workers of America (CWA) in their current union labor negotiations with Verizon, while asking the telco to bring FiOS service to their communities.

Alcatel-Lucent prepares to complete Nokia merger, names interim management team as Combes departs

Alcatel-Lucent is moving ahead with its merger with Nokia, announcing that CEO Michel Combes will be leaving the company on Sept. 1. Meanwhile, the vendor reported that the Core Networking segment saw positive results in the second-quarter 2015.

AT&T designates Kentucky's 4-Star Industrial Park as 'Fiber Ready'

AT&T has designated 4-Star Industrial Park in Robards, Ky., as "Fiber Ready," illustrating that it is making progress with driving fiber into more commercial buildings to deliver IP-based Ethernet and cloud services.

Zayo wraps dark fiber route build between NYSE and Equinix NY5 data centers

Zayo has completed the buildout of a dark fiber route between the New York Stock Exchange data center facility at 1700 MacArthur Blvd in Mahwah, N.J., and Equinix's International Business Exchange data center at 800 Secaucus Road (NY5), enabling it to better respond to financial companies' desire for low-latency network services.

Cincinnati Bell adds 25K Fioptics addresses, sees increased sales to single-family homes

Cincinnati Bell continues to be aggressive in expanding in its fiber-to-the-home Fioptics business by passing more multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and single-family homes in its territory.

New breakthrough in energy-efficient smart windows

Researchers in the US are a step closer to commercialising smart windows that can selectively let in light and heat.The researchers in 2013 developed a smart glass that could switch between blocking light, heat or both using a small jolt of electricity. Now they have further refined the development with a new “cool mode” and […]

So much solar: Hawaii utilities tempt customers with new tool 

For many customers, integrating renewables is still something that seems out of reach. A lack of available information can be an obstacle to pulling the trigger on solar, and HEI is looking to change that. With their WattPlan program, the utility is looking to help inform customers. The program will let them estimate electric bill […]

How to improve IoT security

At ESC Santa Clara, Hugo Fiennes CEO and co-founder of Electric Imp spoke about safeguarding the IoT and the importance of considering security at the earliest design stages. This talk came on the heels of the announcement of the Jeep that was hacked  as a part of a project that will be presented at the […]

Charging ahead: Cadmus research helps clarify utility role in EV infrastructure 

The increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EV) by U.S. consumers has the potential to reduce energy costs, lower emissions, and increase energy security, but it also presents challenges for the nation’s existing infrastructure — and utilities. The growing popularity of EVs has sparked extensive debate regarding the proper planning and policies needed to account for […]


Climate change ‘urgent and growing threat’ to national security: Pentagon Rowan Scarborough, July 29, 2015 (Washington Times) “…[National Security Implications Of Climate-Related Risks And A Changing Climate from the Department of Defense]...Show More Summary

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