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Nationwide EAS Test Still Set for September 28

Just a quick reminder for all EAS participants. The second-ever nationwide test of the EAS system is still set for Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 2:20 p.m. (ET). This is a command-performance-all-hands-on-deck gig for all participants, so you should be sure that your EAS gear is ready to go and your staff has been alerted … Continue Reading

How to Know if That New Hire Will Work Out?

Hiring a new employee is a risky — not to mention expensive — process. When a new hire doesn't work out, your company must absorb the costs and start over. Although it's impossible to make a perfect decision every time, you can take steps to screen candidates and find the best possible fit. Show More Summary

Small Cells Seek Acceptance

Municipalities can demand different things of those wanting to deploy small cells.

Trouble Ahead for Low Income Texas Electricity Customers?

The LITE-UP Texas program that helped 700,000 Texas households in 2015 ended with this past August’s bill. LITE-UP Texas doled out hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance. The Star-Telegram reports that lawmakers occasionally tapped its funding source — called the System Benefit Fund — to prop up the state’s budget. But three years ago, […]

Elaine J. Hanford's Bulletin Boards: 1) Geosciences; 2) Enviro-Sciences - 26 September 2016

12 hours agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Elaine reports she has survived the first significant cold front with snow level down to 6500 feet....quickly replaced by brilliant sunshine, though there is no doubt that we have moved beyond the Autumnal Equinox! Would you be interested in receiving these Bulletin Boards via email directly from Elaine? Send an...

TODAY’S STUDY: The Future Of Offshore Wind Foreseen

The National Offshore Wind Strategy September 2016 (U.S. Departments of Energy and the Interior) Executive Summary Offshore wind energy holds the promise of significant environmental and economic benefits for the United States. It is an abundant, low-carbon, domestic energy resource. Show More Summary

QUICK NEWS, September 26: The Sonification Of Climate Change; Wind Is Red, White, And Green; The New Hybrid Solar-Storage Concept Module

The Sonification Of Climate Change The haunting song of climate change, in D minor Brian Kahn, September 25, 2016 (Grist) “…Music based on data has the potential to reveal new patterns to scientists…[Nik Sawe used a technique calledShow More Summary

Six-Figure Fine for Failing to Focus on Former Felonies

Many FCC forms completed on a “routine” basis may need extra attention. Anyone who fills in pretty much any FCC form should be familiar with the certifications required by those forms. Anyone who “signs” an FCC form (whether electronically or otherwise) must be familiar with them; more importantly, the signatory must be sure that the … Continue Reading

Future Personal Mobility Visions, Part 1: Car-Free Lifestyles

Personal mobility is one area that is likely to experience great changes over the coming decades. Many people think this change will come from the battery powered electric motor. Others go one step further and bet on autonomous driving technology. Show More Summary

What If The Oil Rebound Never Happens?

Oil prices are hovering in the mid-$40s per barrel, and the hopes of a rebound have once again been delayed. The IEA’s September Oil Market Report predicts that the supply/demand equation might not come into balance until next year, suggesting another year of low oil prices. But what if oil prices never rebound?

Are There Better Alternatives To The Clean Vehicle Rebate Projects?

The California state legislature recently approved the allocation of nearly $133 million to continue the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. This is an initiative that was launched in 2009 to create incentives for the purchase of clean energy vehicles like battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Chinese National Oil Companies: Giants Built on Shaky Foundations

Chinese state-owned enterprises, China’s national oil companies foremost among them, have incurred phenomenal debts – higher than the country’s total GDP. So far they have been bailed out by the government, but this just shifts the problem one level up, to China Inc as a whole, writes geophysicist (ex-Shell) Jilles van den Beukel.

China Comes Calling for CANDU

SNC-Lavalin has signed an agreement with two Chinese nuclear energy firms to develop, market and build an advanced CANDU type nuclear reactor. The Montreal, Canada, based engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin, which five years ago, bought AECL’s reactor division from the government, has a new joint venture with China National Nuclear Corp. Show More Summary

The Clean Power Plan: A Public Health Imperative

The Clean Power Plan – our nation’s first-ever standards to limit dangerous carbon pollution from power plants – will help us address the urgent threat of climate change and move toward a clean energy future. It also offers important public health benefits.

U.S. Elections are a Pivotal Moment for Climate Change

Dean Scott, the senior climate change reporter for Bloomberg, moderated a panel discussion this weekend at the 2016 conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists. The topic at hand was the upcoming U.S. elections and what it means for climate change policy, particularly if Donald Trump wins the presidency.

The Next Challenge: How to Build Healthy Cities

Many of today’s solutions to prevent or treat diseases are often patient-centered. We look at lifestyle changes like exercise or healthy eating. We consider innovative medicines or surgical procedures. But a new trend in addressing global health focuses on the cities in which we live. Show More Summary

Energy Shortages are Soaring Before Winter Even Sets In; Energy Efficient Technology Can Help

The Independent is predicting that even a ‘moderately cold winter’ will increase the likelihood of the National Grid needing to use backup plans to keep the lights on. Felix Chow, a Project Manager at Aurora Energy Research in Oxford...Show More Summary

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