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Thin, lightweight and flexible IoT beacon

FUJITSU Laboratories has developed a thin, light-weight and flexible IoT beacon that requires no battery replacement. The beacon weighs in at 3g, with a thickness of 2.5mm. With no maintenance required, and flexibility that allows for installation on round objects, corners and curves, the beacon will slash the time needed to install and operate the […]

Another Month, Another Spectrum Auction - But This Time, With a Couple of Twists

Coming soon: Innovative auction to dispose of innovative spectrum. The FCC has announced yet another spectrum auction. Ho-hum, right? WRONG – this isn’t like any previous auction. First, there’s the spectrum that’s up for bids. According to the FCC, bidders will be bidding on “newly-discovered” spectrum. Show More Summary

Infographic: UNWWAP-UNESCO Gets It Right About Safe Drinking Water Access and More!

3 hours agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Geographer extraordinaire Jennifer Veilleux informed me of this nifty infographic from UNESCO on global water. It shows information that you normally don't see. I especially like the part about 3 billion people not having access to drinking water that is REALLY SAFE (left panel). It used to be that we...

How to automate your house

Smart watches, smart phones and now smart homes – “smartness” seems to be the flavour of the season. Contrary to popular perception, smartening up your home might not cost a bomb. For all you know, you might have already taken the first step in making your home smart. You probably have a broadband connection at […]

Metro Networks Must be Optimized in Multiple Dimensions

By: Dave Brown, Product Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent From original TechZine Article Metro network transport platforms must be compact, scalable, and agile to conquer the specific challenges of this key portion of the transport network.Show More Summary

Dealing With a Bully Boss

Facing a bullying boss at work is a horrible experience for any professional, whether he is new to the industry or highly experienced. Consider some ways you can halt the onslaught of a bullying boss. Stay on Top of Your PerformanceShow More Summary

Partners: Intel Acquisition Of Altera Would Further Drive It Into IoT

If it’s true that Intel Corp. is in talks to buy Altera Corp. — as the Wall Street Journal reported Friday — partners say the move could significantly boost Intel’s Internet of Things lineup. Intel stocks climbed 6.4 percent, to $32, after reports that it would buy San Jose, Calif.-based Altera, which could weigh in […]

New Incentives from Federal Transportation Funding

Randal O'Toole The law authorizing federal highway and transit programs expires on May 31, and Congress is currently debating where the money will come from for a new transportation bill and where it should be spent. But a third question...Show More Summary

What Do Millenials Want?

The millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, represents the younger portion of the workforce who are ready to take over from retiring baby boomers by 2025. Although sociologists and the media sometimes generalize working millennials as being entitled and needy, these people simply want something different out of their working lives. Show More Summary

Ethernet Wins

Carrier Ethernet is the up-and-coming star of the Ethernet stable. Lots of good news coming out this week.

These Internet of Things Companies Are Transforming Your Future

10 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

At a recent Information Technology Industry Council Tech Showcase (ITIC) event in Washington, D.C., hundreds of politicos, government executives, industry magnates and Washington insiders huddled in the historic Carnegie Library to get...Show More Summary

Buyer Beware of the New Hello Barbie

Mattel's newest version of Hello Barbie just got smarter. The toymaker announced in February 2015 that the doll can talk to a child and have potentially intelligent conversations. The technology works by recording someone's voice, transmitting the conversation to a cloud-based computer service and responding appropriately. Show More Summary

These States Are Early Leaders in U.S. Energy Storage Market

Energy storage is a small market undergoing fierce growth. The U.S. installed 61.9 megawatts of storage in 2014, and 220 megawatts are predicted to be installed in 2015. But, like the solar industry, storage projects are clustered in states with incentives, or where markets are able to place a value on storage. read more

Verizon builds on-demand foundation for long-haul optical network

Verizon expects its recent move to begin upgrades on its long-haul optical network with Alcatel-Lucent's photonic equipment will set the stage for providing an automated on-demand environment from which it and its customers can provision wavelengths and bandwidth between key routes on the network.

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Freed of Enhanced NRC Oversight

Here’s a bit of good news, more than a bit for Nebraskans: In a letter Monday, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission informed the Omaha Public Power District that Fort Calhoun can return to routine oversight as of Wednesday, joining the 98 other U.S. Show More Summary

A Roadmap to Energy Efficiency in California

The California Public Utilities Commission released a draft document on energy efficiency that functions as a “10 year roadmap to activate market forces and transform California’s existing residential, commercial, and public building stock into high performing and energy efficient buildings.” read more

Verizon's McAdam: Lawmakers need to set new public communications policies

Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam has told leaders of the House and Senate Commerce committees that Republicans and Democrats need to join together to revamp what he says are "outdated and broken" telecom laws and regulatory processes.

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