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Does McAuliffe Deserve That Bad Grade on Climate and Energy?

Clean energy advocates who scrutinize Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s record see different things. Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition (VSEC) and other groups recently released a mid-season “report card” that gave McAuliffe a D-plus on climate and energy.

The Cost of a Bully Employee

Whether an office bully intimidates co-workers with emotional, mental or physical abuse, the result is detrimental to the organization. Even if you don't see it or aren't a direct target, bullying in the workplace could be costing your company a great deal of time and money. Show More Summary

A Slow Journey to LTE on Unlicensed Spectrum

Tests and trials can continue, but LTE-U/LAA won’t become a business until the FCC sets real rules and regulations.

What Is the State of Curbside Recycling?

The EPA has teamed up with the nonprofit The Recycling Partnership to look at trends and gaps in curbside recycling in the US. To this end, the The Recycling Partnership, whose members include P&G and Waste Management among other companies, will analyze 400 curbside programs. It will catalog information on 39 categories of recyclable materials, […]

Lighter, More Efficient Transmissions Using Structural Plastics

Automotive engineering consultancy Drive System Design (DSD) and global chemical company Solvay SA have teamed up to improve efficiency and reduce the weight of automotive transmissions through the increased use of structural plastics. Show More Summary

What You Need to Know About Leading Millennials

Millennials continue to take over the workplace as this youngest generation of employees starts to fill voids left by retiring baby boomers. As a business professional, your management style should try to reflect the attitudes and expectations of millennials at work. Show More Summary

Stakeholders Reach Consensus on “Best Practices” for Commercial UAS

Year-long multistakeholder process convened by NTIA produces voluntary standards for protecting privacy in drone use. As we reported last year, at the request of the President, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration...Show More Summary

Do Negative Climate Impacts on Food Production Lead to Violence?

Craig D. Idso Introducing their important work, Buhaug et al. (2015) note that earlier research suggests there is “a correlational pattern between climate anomalies and violent conflict” due to “drought-induced agricultural shocks and...Show More Summary

LED Sales Top 25% Of Market For First Time, More Growth To Come

I don’t normally write short pieces but I couldn’t resist after reading a May 16 press release from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which demonstrates in just two paragraphs and accompanying graphics how completely (and quickly) the lighting market is changing in the United States.

Southern States Lead Growth in Biomass Electricity Generation

Over the past five years, U.S. electricity generation from biomass across all sectors grew from 56 terawatthours (TWh) in 2010 to 64 TWh in 2015. Much of this growth occurred in southern states such as Virginia, Florida, and Georgia....Show More Summary

Hot New Solar Cell

A team of MIT researchers has for the first time demonstrated a device based on a method that enables solar cells to break through a theoretically predicted ceiling on how much sunlight they can convert into electricity.

Will Clean-Energy Desalination Be a Game-Changing Water Fix?

Desalination is typically an energy-intensive — and thus expensive — way to produce freshwater, which is one of the reason it has been slow to take off as a widespread solution to water shortages. This is what makes renewable energy-powered desalination so desirable, and will play a key role in the market’s growth, according to […]

Overcoming Career Liabilities in Your Resume and Job Search

A hiring manager may perceive someone as the perfect fit for a job, but the reality is that no one's perfect. That's okay, simply because everyone is human and everyone has weaknesses. Get around a few common career liabilities that come up in a job search by developing a strategy ahead of time to mitigate the damage your weaknesses may cause. Show More Summary

Hot Topics in Clean Energy this California Legislative Session

As the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, kids across the country are counting down the days until summer vacation. California state lawmakers, on the other hand, are rolling up their sleeves and building upon California’s strong foundation of clean energy leadership and momentum.

OPEC has Turned into a Battleground Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

The next OPEC meeting on the 2nd of June will act as little more than a forum for continued altercations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, writes Rakesh Upadhyay of Relations between the two countries have reached a new low. The smaller OPEC nations have little choice but to remain spectators.

Customer Power: Are You the Kind of Energy User Who Makes a Difference?

In the story of how energy is made and used to keep a country functioning, you don’t get a starring role. You are the passive receiver and consumer of electricity or gas in a tale dominated by governments, corporations and the media. We put the kettle on, we set the thermostat but we don’t take any heat for shaping or challenging the status quo.

Western China Makes Steps to Sustainable Building

China is increasing its efforts to make its buildings more sustainable with a new four-year program that kicked off following a two-day conference earlier this month in Chongqing. The conference brought together more than 250 participants...Show More Summary

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