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Digital Transition Deadline for LPTV/TV Translators Officially Suspended

Class A deadlines remain in effect. Last October, we wrote about FCC proposals looking toward the future of Low Power Television (LPTV) stations after the upcoming incentive spectrum auction and associated repacking the TV spectrum into a smaller number of channels. Show More Summary

Comcast Won’t Acquire Time Warner Cable

In tech news this week, the Comcast/Time Warner merger is off, Google announces wireless Project Fi and Facebook becomes more mobile.

Comcast to 'move on' after killing Time Warner Cable deal

Facing intense regulatory pressure, Comcast has killed its proposed acquisition of No. 2 MSO Time Warner Cable and will "move on," Chairman-CEO Brian Roberts said in a statement.

FCC rearranges wireline competition bureau staff

FCC Assistant Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB) Chief Matt DelNero will take over the top position within the bureau when current Bureau Chief Julie Veach leaves the post on May 22, the government agency said.

Verizon, Level 3 make nice with interconnection agreement

Verizon and Level 3 have agreed to make nice. The two potentially contentious telecom players have entered into a long-term bilateral interconnection agreement to ensure "that customers on the two networks can continue to exchange data in an effective and efficient matter," said a Verizon blog post by Libby Jacobson, director of digital communications.

Broadband goes local in Montana and New Mexico

The digital divide is being sliced in two Western states where a rural telecommunications provider, Nemont Telephone Cooperative of Scobey, Mont., and the city of Santa Fe, N.M., have taken it upon themselves to fill the gap between narrowband and broadband.

USTelecom goes to court over FCC Title II broadband reclassification stance

USTelecom has taken its position against the FCC's reclassification of broadband as a Title II telecommunications service to the next step, filing a "non-binding statement of issues" with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circu...

AT&T bond sale aimed at financing DirecTV acquisition

AT&T has completed the third largest corporate bond sale--$17.5 billion--to help pay for its DirecTV acquisition.

Friday Bytes: EdgeConneX, Windstream, Ritter, NewCloud, Frontier

Here's a roundup for this cold Friday here in the northeast.  I expect to be at the WAN Summit in NYC early next week, should anyone want to look me up there.... [visit site to read more]

Comcast Throws In the TWC Towel, What Next?

With regulators, senators, and all sorts of allies lining up against its proposed purchase of TW Cable, Comcast is said to be yielding the field of battle.  Reports say they may do it later today, deciding not to pursue what would be a difficult and probably fruitless trip through the courts.  So what happens next? […]

Google’s Lofty Plans for Delivering Internet Access to the Unconnected Billions

Facebook may have its drones set to deliver the Internet to the unconnected billions on our planet, but Google has its own lofty plans for global Internet service. Dubbed Project Loon, Google X, the company’s research and development arm, is in the process of establishing a global Internet network on the backs of specialized high-altitude [...]

The Time for IoT Security is Now (before it’s too late)

Here’s a scary thought: A next-gen cyber-terrorist hacks into an airplane from the ground, assumes control of the aircraft, and remotedly crashes it into the ground. While such a thing may sound like the plot of an action movie this was actually one of the possible scenarios detailed in a recent Government Accountability Office report [...]

What do the election manifestos mean for Internet policy?

Dave Abrahams, Head of Public Policy at Nominet, has done an analysis for us which he has put in a blog posting here.

Mobilink Offers Unlimited Social Media Access

Mobilink has launched Bonus on usage offer for youth that provides unlimited Social Media usage. Customers will have an unlimited access to WhatsApp and Facebook. Apart from providing unlimited access to these social networking mediums, the offer also includes free 20 MBs of 3G Internet. Show More Summary

NAB to FCC: Erase, Replace White Space Database

Citing raft of errors, NAB urges suspension, overhaul of database requirements The television white space (TVWS) database system, intended to increase the efficient use of TV spectrum, is a mess, according to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Show More Summary

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