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Interoute Crosses the Pacific

Interoute is adding network assets in parts of the world far beyond its usual European haunts. Today they revealed the opening of two diverse transpacific routes connecting Hong Kong to Los Angeles.... [visit site to read more]

UI Is a Big Challenge for Mobile Developers

Wrapping up this week in tech, mobile developers aren't moving as quickly as hoped, DOCSIS 3.1 to be certified and voice recognition use increasing.

Traditional signaling service takes the connected world back to the future

This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Robin Kent, Director of European Operations at Adax If you were to talk to your average mobile phone user, 4G LTE access and Over-The-Top (OTT) applications would be at the top of their list in terms of what they demand from their network operator and handset. We’ve heard for […]

BT begins G.Fast trials

BT has begun its trial of G.Fast technology in Cambridgeshire, with 2,000 Huntingdon homes and businesses accessing speeds of up to 330Mbit/s without the need to lay additional fibre. G.Fast uses existing copper cables to maintain speeds of up to 1Gbit/s as far as 400 metres from the cabinet, which is a much more cost-effective […]

The Rise of “Malvertising”

While I would guess that most of us are annoyed by the unending deluge of online advertising that floods our online experience every day, just imagine how much more annoyed you’d be if simply having that advertising displayed on your screen was enough to infect your computer with a host of malicious software. To put [...]

Fast Food May Hold the Key to the Mobile Payment Revolution

For several years the tech world has collectively wondered what it would take to really fuel the launch of the mobile payment revolution. Like any other consumer technology, mobile payments really won’t take off until it’s widely available, easy to use, and doesn’t alienate us from the payment solutions we’re all used to, but mobile [...]

What to Consider Before Making the Move to 802.11ac

Before an organization makes the jump to the new 802.11ac standard, there are a several important aspects to think through.

Metro Bytes: 123Net, Consolidated, Allied Fiber, Epsilon

As vacation season draws to a close, news in the sector should start to pick up in September.  Nevertheless, there's plenty going on if you look hard enough.  Here's a few more items from this week:... [visit site to read more]

Alcatel-Lucent to Help SAPL Stretch Up to Miami

The South America Pacific Link (SAPL) will soon reach into parts of the world not covered by its name.  Ocean Networks has now tapped Alcatel-Lucent to build an extension of the cable through the Caribbean and up to Miami.... [visit site to read more]

Facebook Announces Hybrid Virtual Assistant, M

Some lucky Bay Area Facebook users opening Messenger will be greeted my M, a new virtual assistant. Just as Apple did with Siri, M will prompt them to test it, giving some examples of what it can do: It can make a restaurant reservation, book a weekend getaway, or even find a birthday gift. But [...]

Microsoft’s Nokia smartphone blunder evidence that tech and mobile telecom just don’t mix

With the announcement that most of Microsoft’s Nokia related operations in Finland have been closed, this effectively draws to a close the failed marriage between the computing giant and the once great mobile superpower. Microsoft also confirmed that along with the closure of Nokia Oyj’s former handset product development unit in Salo,Finland, that 2,300 jobs [...]

A defence of the BBC

“If public-service broadcasting was a car industry, our ministers would be out championing it overseas, trying to win contracts, boasting of the British jobs that would bring. And if the BBC were a weapons system, half the cabinet would be on a plane to Saudi Arabia to tell them how brilliant it was. And yet, it’s […]

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